Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 03, 1916, NEWS SECTION, Page 10, Image 10

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Overland Branch Manager
Oires Definition for Beat
Automobile Service. ;
. 'Tli best definition of service, as
applied to ray automoble business, is
the making of satisfied nseres," said
J. R. Jamison, branch manager of the
Willys-Overland company, incorpo
rated. Tht average car owner de-
'mand nothing more than courteous
treatment from the man of whom he
purchases bis machine, and if his
nced.9 are taken care of. quickly and
Economically he will in almost every
case continue to favor the dealer with
his patronage. ! . ;
"In many respects automobile serv
ice is no different from that of hotel
service. A hotel may boast of the
best chef in the world, but if the serv
ice is poor the guests will soon be
come dissatisfied and the chances are
.that the next lime those people visit
the. town they will select a different
place. The relations - between car
owner and dealer are very much the
same. The owner will continue' to
do business with a dealer as long as
he receives proper treatment at his
hands, but if trie dealer's interest in
his customer ends with the sale of a
car he has little chance of selling him
again when the time rolls around for
the owner to invest in a new machine,
"That is why It is good business
policy for the. dealer to pay strict at
tention to the wants of the car own
er. And if a' stranger drops in the
salesroom to inquire about some me
chanical, feature of the car you are
handling;1 make him feel before he
leaves that it is a pleasure for you to
render such . service., A little atten
tion and courtesy on your, part may
mean the aate of a car later on. .
"The same treatment should be ac
corded the car owner when he drives
in or any, needed repairs or replace
ments. See that his . wants are taken
care of promptly and efficiently and
that he is charged only a fair price 'for
-the service rendered. By doing so
you will make of him a 'friend for
) --,
Packard Expert to ; , ! .
" Make Business Trip ;
v To South America
Fred Cardway; who for many years
has been interested in promoting
business intercourse between nations
both in Europe and America; will
leave eirly in Septembsr for an ex
tended tour of South America, i. His
visit to the principal countries of the
southern continent wilkpe in the in
terest of the Packard; Motor ... Car
company. v ... ; ' ',
- He will salt from New York -for
Rio de Janeiro, taking with .him a
twin-six motor carriage and. a Pack
ard chainless truck. An expert
driver and mechanic wlfr accompany
him. - In South America overland
travel will be the rule wherever prac
ticable,' ''". .'
.' Mr. Cardway carries letters of in
troduction from the highest United
States government officials to fed
eral officials in the several countries
be plans to visit. He is possessed
of an excellent command of the va
rious languages needed in establish
ing friendly foreign telations.
. Speaking of his trip, he ssidt "Trade
relations between North and South
America are daily becoming closer
and more friendly. . The United States
Department of Foreign and pomestic
Commerce, in connection with' the
! i. MMnw.hi;.u:M. ..u
in the way of pointing out trade op
portunities to local manufacturers.''
: This information, supplemented bv
personal investigation; is expected to
give us the accurate knowledge we
"need.- , . ' .- '
So many applicants, ' for Packard
dealerships in South America have
written letters to the factory during
the last six months that Mr. Cardway
will make it one, of his chief duties
to sret' acbuainted 'with 'these appli
cants, and thus make it possible to
select tnose Desi equipped 10 oecome
Packard dealers.-. ; . .. ; :. ,
Stock Cole Eight - ,
Breaks Eecord in
Pacific Coast Run
After covering a route from the
edge of the Pacific to a mle into the
sky, and combating , almost every
conceivaoie son 01 roan conditions,
two Lone Beach, Cat., men . drove
into the camp at Pine Crest, in the
San Bernardino mountains, on a recent
Sunday morning , after smashng
many mountain road records. Driv
ing a stock Cole Eght, the two pilos
H. B. Palms and H, Hi Hunter.. cov
ered the nnety-five miles from Long
Beach to (he mountain camp, in .the
time of three hours and three , and
one-half minutes.. , ,- 'v ' i
Reduced. to minutes, their time for
the performance was &S'i minutes
over a route- of 947 miles long, or an
average over both mountain and val
ley ro of a mile every time the
second hand of the watch ticked to
sixty twice. "". .-- - ,
Commenting on the showing of the
Cole Eia-ht. Mr, Palms ssid: "I con
sider this particular performance of
the Cole Eight as being without a par
in the southland. It was not our per
formance the credit belongs to .the
iiar, because of its splendid record for
both endurance and speed. The tar
used on the trip Was simply a stock
car, the kind that you ad . John
Jones buy when you walk into our
alesroom and decide' to let a Cole
take you home. On the' whole trip
we never used , low gear, making the
iwavy grades ot the switchback on
Mermediate or high.
t Sreen Makes Lona Trio
In His New Automobile
, A, G. Green, who purchased a Paige
-38 from the Murphy-O'Brien Auto
company, nas lust returned from
trip to New York, covering a distance
! 2,600 miles. Went through Iowa
mud. 'Michixsn sand. He averaged
ourteen miles to the gallon and did
uot have a minute s trouble the en
lire distance. This is what he asserts
was a very fair test for the car and he
is a very proud owner,
The Standard of Value and Qualify
The New Series Fairfield ''Six-46"
Breaks All Our Records
'. We have been gelling motor cars at retail
. a gopd many years. For years it has
been our business to KNOW motor
cars of all makes, all prices, all styles
" and all, kinds. It has been our busi
1 " ness to KNOW the advantages, the
appeal, the popularity of every Ameri-can-made
motor car, whether we were
selling i or our competitor was sell-
." ;:;''- ing it... ;,:: y .; , .. . r-- -"x , ... K ; ,
; And we want to go on record right now
by saying frankly, and sincerely,' that
, never in our business experience. have
we encountered a motor car that so
' " quickly and completely established
itself in this city as has the New Series
' Fairfield "Six-46" in the few days that
; ' we have had it on exhibition. :
We want to say right now that never have
we known a motor car of any class, or
price, or make, so quickly and com
pletely to captivate every man; woman
' or child who has seen it. "
We have not only been gratified. ' We have
been utterly amazed at the reception
' ' given this car right here in our show
rooms. ';;":.' ,
- ' For us it has been an absolutely unique
': experience in years of motor car selling.
We believed the factory's . assurance
. - that the Supreme Cat of the year was
' coming.. But we were not prepared for
. the magnificent value and quality we ;
: ..found. ,
i And yet,'it 1st? t so very remarkablethis
f instantaneous recognition ..of:. the Six;
. i , .Supreme-rafter you have seen the car, '
- - . . ridden in it, driven it; gone all over it
from,motometer to tire-carrier, as we
have done and hundreds of amazed
buyers have done. :
" Here is what they have all done without
our urging." They have looked first at
' ' the long; rangy, roomy seven-passen-,'
. ger car andits beautiful lines; at the --
exquisite new color scheme; at the
new smartness and distinction of the
whole car. (V ' ' " " - 1
They have looked Inside the car into the '
, big, roomy tonneau with its luxurious'
new upholstery of -plaited hand-buffed
French leather. They have looked Into
the driver's deep compartment with
its mahogany instrument board, with
all the pedals and levers in full nickel.
Then they looked at the new over-sized
tires, the motor-driven tire pump, the
motometer, the score of features
- that mean ease and comfort and safety
to motorists.
Then they again still incredulous
asked the price $1375.-
After that they generally followed our
advice. That advice was to go away
and compare the New Series Fairfield
"Six-46" with other-motor cars any
other motor cars cars costing $1800 or
7 $2000, cars of any price whatever..
' f. , - . - ' ,-.
-Then invariably they have come back to
- us voluntarily and said : " You
haven't overstated it a bit. This New
T Series Fairfield is, without question.
,the most completely equipped motor
. , car 'on the, American market abso
lutely irrespective of price."
Then they have bought the New Series
Fairfield. We haven't had to "sell"
them. They have bought the cars
, themselves, because they had them
1 selves removed every vestige of doubt
as to the . impressive superiority of
this car oven any other car within
': this price-fiela. , ; . ,
We want to say, in' conclusion, that this-
overuvhelrfiing demand for the -New .
Series Fairfield will probably embarass .
, V f the, factory , as well as ourselves. In '
5 the past we have been forced to disap
point patrons. Paige cars are always
" overtOldThatlCOnditibn now will be
more acute than ever with this pew'
. a. f 1 rr a. .
a5counajng- YWe....,OB acipry .xs
. ' working night- and day. ? But some
'purchasers will be disappointed, we
. fear. We urge you to place your
order NOW. -
In any event, come,' see and convince
- yourself before you consider any other
motor car on the American market.
It means not only : dollar-saving, but
a new experience in motoring satis
. faction. '
$1378 f . o. b. Detroit
$1090 f. o. K Detroit
.-a--v oee raige cxnwn at imcom oiaie rair
Murphy-O'Brien Auto Co.
1814-16-18 Farnam St. Omaha, Neb.
Phone Tyler 123 -.
Plge DcUuat, Motor Car Co;
1 Detroit, Michigan
. m. f Inhl'iiil V' - .
' . . limn ti r i ,- - iVHtWav
imMS;---'-'-'"-'" -