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'uiBnt It Turpi Out They Were
in Engaged " in the Innocent
P&stime of Shopping.1
,5 By MELLIFICIA September 1.
woura you neiirvc mat ionic ui
Omaha's mod prominent women
could successfully ' conceal their
whereabouts from their families and
friends for several hours:" That is
what at least four of our best-known
women did without trying to do it at
all. They were not at home, their
husbands missed them, their maids
"J knew that they would not be at home
, " for luncheon, and yet where they were
I a no one knew Friends knew that they
I : : were lunching together, but where
I ! and with whom they were having
'luncheon they had no idea.
Ml t sought for them as the parents
(fidid for the little boy "who wouldn't
ij say his prayers," but in vain. Fumor
. . 'had it that the members of the "Oris-
i : inai Cooking Club" were to have one
r of their little luncheons that noon.
S But the hostess was unknown.
, The solution of this little mystery
j( is that these same society women
awre simply doing a little innocent
.shopping downtown and had lunch-
I -eon together, with the result that they
3 were "lost" for the time being.
t At the Field Club. " '
Foursome parties wilt be enter
I jtained at the Field club Saturday
'evening by J..L. Hyatt, Sam Rey
g-noWs and J. C. Hartnett.
' i airs. G. C. Cunningham entertained
I ja' children's party at the closing mail-
irtjnee danc of the season at ahe Field
. club. ' ' f ,
! j Miss Virginia Dyball entertained
1 the Neversew club at the matinee
t snce at the Field club today. The
ipelub members ana their guests were
. WWII Mil
vwrrsifM Warn.
UtMn Boekwelt.
;' 4?atherlne BmaMrk.
' ;ere MrASame.
IglWlha Wldener.
Helen WeM. ,
i Warjerle Ootid,
Doiethr Canaan,
' Owendellu MeCoy.
Uorotny Gray. .
eadBirthday Party. .
I , i Mrs. C F. Cavanaugli entertained
I "tat a birthday oartV Tuesday evening
A$ot her sister, Uiss Myrtle Judge. The
j 'evening was spent in dancing and
Those present were:
Tin I In Mrawiwk.
v el
Katharine lan01n. '
Irene Blun.
ilerme Hvroveneok.
Veronlne MetlnldrU-h,
; tMarfaret Loaning,
1l 'la Oreea,
' . !A . ft.rrv.
cHtMartaret Mrovenovk, Milan Uouthert)',
if .Barbara Augustine, Mary fiue..n.
Ms'lam cea,
,n(.r,.ri MeMlllan.
, JilH ltuBell. ,
. i Smn.
'. Walter Brunlns.
: .frhoroae aumkAll,
elti.nlT MnvilMk.
JfrMV Hynea.
Martha Vl'eltim,
Merueila Noon,
Wj'rtle Judfe. '
SYaiik Hmilh.
Thomea Vat; .
Arthur Ofl,
I'Some. FIIKserele,
Uevd Wlllteine.
Kreliela elurpll)'.
I lifflnei Kdimiiid.
I y rlannon.
Kdward Kaller,
;'"fli rinler.
lir-hn flrotl.
Ueea. Hlstlli.
Vtooert Keller,'
"At Happy Hollow Club. '
; ' Mrs. A. G. Edwards was ine mfm
fber of a Dutch treat party of eight
jvwho took luncheon at the club today
viand spent the afternoon playing whist'
I Reservations have been made for
. i. . c -. I : .1. .1 i...
"the Saturday evening dinner-dance by
'lames Williamson, by J. H. Kushton
' for eight guests and by George 'A.
i .Roberts for ten guests,
Miss Luella Petersen entertained at
i " luncheon today for Miss Marguerite
iiKlingbeil. who is a bride-to-be. Pink
roses were used on the table. The
Mace card were hand-painted kew
i kjiies, draped with miniature bridal
i 3Tveil and carrying bridal bouquets,
it 'overs were laid for twelve. The aft-
ernoon was spent in playing bridge.
j Betrothal Announcement. j
f :! Mr. and. Mrs. Charles Mock of MU
;t waukee, Wis., announce the eugage
t tinent of their daughter Florence to
' Mr. Frederic Rosenstock of Omaha.
Miss Mock ha been a very popular
Visitor here as the guest of her aunt
, and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fell
i 'heimer,
'Social Gossip. ;.
; Mrs. Charles T. Kountae and Mrs.
, V. T. Stewart, II. returned last eve
's iiing from Clear Water Lake, Minn..
.1 jwhere Mrs. Kountze motored with
" Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Sweattof Minne
., jtota, on their return from a visit in
Omaha, to bring Miss Elinor home.
' ' Mrs. Joseph Barker and family have
: eturned from spending the summer al
2; pialter't Points South Datmottth.
k jrfass. : .
?' JTea Postponed,
,,4 On account of the delay In the
, e)arrival of Mis Frances Paine of Ab
erdeen, Wash., who comes this even
- ,jng to be the guest of Miss Marjorie
T.Foote, the tea which Miss Ruth Sla
1 ' haugh was to have given today in her
. ' !honor and in honor of Mrs. Frank
I Cooper of Kansas City, was cancelled.
"Miss Slabaugh may entertain later for
leveral visiting young women.
f ,- - "
I and Out of the Be Hive.
f. Miss Irene Dyball has returned
iprom a trip to Nevada, j
j Mis Alice Virginia Davis is c.-
i npecteo home Sunday trom a motor
; rip through New England.
, Jj Mr. and Mr. Henry Con returned
; , I imrsday from spending their vaca
tion at Pella. Mason City, Arnold's
(jjPark and ttt Okoboji, la.
hi Miss Stella Abraham will leave
September 1J to enter the State uni
versity at Lincoln.' She has been a
. .teacher of German at Vinton school.
1 M Miss Martha Friedman, who has
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. Weiss,
leave Saturday for Chicago, where
he will be joined by her brother and
, o on to New York. Miss Friedman
irill return in time to take up her
nitudies at Hunter college.
i Mrs. David Newman and daughter,
"isther, returned yesterday from De
; roit Chicago and Iowa points, Mr.
i lewman having gone on to ,New
i i"ork. ' -
li Mrs. Isidor Newman left this
! norning for New York to attend the
: redding of her niece, Miss Ruth
iarks, and Mr. Philip Glick. which
nil take place at the Waldorf-Astoria
! ext week.
?i Miss Pauline Greenebaum of Chi
cago is visiting her sister, Mrs. Will
arx. Mrs. Marx will give an Or
neum party, followed by supper at
ie Henshaw for her tomorrow even
1. which will include ten guest.
Timely Fashion Hint
Handsome in the extreme is this
lovely embroidered net collar. It
come high in the neck and falls be
low on the shoulders. Long points
fasten in a V in front. This model
Love vs. Friendship
Several week agp 1 wrote an arti
cle on this subject. One of my read
ers, a member of the medical profes
sion, has written me so sanely and
sincerely in reply to my article that 1
want to quote from liis letter and
again to point out some of the quali
ties which make for love which shall
be lasting and worth while.
All of us remember the beautiful
lines from the Psalms. "Except the
Lord build the house, they labor in
vain that build it." '
Nothing that is built on foundations
of sand can last when the storm of
life beat upon it. A love that is not
.based on strong foundations can not
weather time and stress;
Most of the tragedies of marriage
are due to weak foundations. When
the builders of life hurry too fast and
do not test the foundation on which
they build, they practically invite fail
ure: '.-T l "
My correspondent. J. J. VV sayfin
liart: . "Thej love, than lasts is the love
of the minds, and souls of men and
women whose thoughts run on par
allel lined, whose aims and objects of
life are co-operative and whose
characters are companionable. A love
that fades is a love based on jealousy,
on appreciation of things that are only
of a temporary' nature and on a com
bination of two objects whose very
atoms lack the property of union."
Doesn't this sound sane and sensi
ble? A wild flare of feeling a tem
porary infatuation, an attraction that
can be analysed into the fact that
some little trick of personality ap
peals isn't much on which to base
a life partnership, is it? .
Youth plunges headlong into in
fatuations which it imagines arc go
ing to be permaiieut-and youth lets
impulse and instinct and a desire for
companionship and sympathy mort
gage its whole future.
If friendship is to be based on
congeniality and all of, us know that
it hs--how much more must a lifelong
friendship have congeniality on which
to build? Marriage can not be a suc
cess unless in addiiiotMo love (in its
?;enerally accepted meaning) it has a
oundation of honest liking, whole
some respect, mutual interest and
broad toleration of points of differ
ence. , . , ". .
As a matter uf fact love in its gen
erally accepted sense isn't love al all!
Real" love ought to include these qual
ities of liking and-understanding and
respect. ,
An emotional attraction a sort of
chemical affinity an instinctive ap
peal are all needed to. make up love,
but they are not love itself; instead
lliev are but one of its parts.
When a man and woman are not
congenial, when they do not enjoy
discussing such impersonal things as
politic and current events, when they
do not respect each other's work and
ambitions, they have no right to mar
ry. Marriage is a life partnership.
Love is a wonderful big thing not
a series of selfish demands on the be
loved's personality and time, but a
series of unselfish adjustments to the
beloved's personality and time. Real
love gives, while infatuation asks.
Real love seeks understanding, while
the love of the moment demands that
it he understood.
Not on shifting uncertaimie. .not
on petty trivialties and not on tur
bulent emotion can you build a real
love. Instead, it has to be based' on
life's big realities, which are honest
and stable and for all time.
Marriage must be a mating of souls
which are in tune and of minds which
understand. The physical can be sa
cred and beautiful only when the
mental and the spiritual give it life
and color and poetry. The love that
lasts thinks and aspire and under
stands in addition to feeling, u
Foods and Their Value
An egg becomes a complete food
if rice i added to it. -
Dried fig are more nourishing than
an equal weight of bread.; . , ,
Half a pint of milk and half a pound
of date form perfect meal.
There is no greater stimulating
restorative than a tumbler of hot
milk. ' r-'
Old age is rarely attained by the
excessive feeder. -Moderation and
mastication are factor in long living.
Tea, coffee and cocoa all owe their
wss one of those shown at a recent
neckwear exhibit participated in by
about twenty manufacturers, each of
whom submitted five models. The
object of the exhibit was to standard-
lie neckwear styles. ,
" An interesting ttifr i in store for
Miss Evelyn Morton, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Richard S. Horton, who
sails from New York today on the
steamship Bulia for May agues, Porto
Rico, to viait an uncle who icside on
the island. Miss Horton, who is one
of this year's graduates at the Omaha
High school, visited in Pittsburgh and
New York prior to her departure for
Porto Rico. ' - .
stimulating and refreshing effects to
an active principle contained in them
all the drug caffeine, or one of. ita,
allies. , - - .
The value of vegetables lies in their
mineral salts. Vegetable ahould be
steamed, not boiled, or the salts are
lost. .!' -
We Are Showing
Felt or Beaver
' Velour
Fine Quality. '
Snappy, but dressy
shape Used for any
occasion. Very exclu
sive. Shawn only by us.
$6 and $7.50
Pleasure to Show You.
511 S. 16th St ,
Her Grand Building.
--. ' i
4 V, ""I
i ami as iiina.i " - -.innmTr-i'irt.rni'' rntnsiT if---rv-""rT mi
Shrimp Salad
At this season of the year fruit and
vegetables are plentiful, and heavy
i food and much meat should be avoid
! ed, and fresh fruit and vegetables
should be served at every mea!.
Salads are essential. . They should
very seldom be served with heavy
mayonnaise, as the plain French
dressing, properly seasoned, is more
digestible during hot weather. This
is a new one which is especially de
licious: '
Shrimp Salad Shell one cup of
At What Age Should
a Woman or Man Marry?
' Some person seem to be able to
work themselves into quite, a health
ful glow over the suggestion that
one of our candidates for a certain
high office hot long ago proposed to
marry at the ripe old age of 80, ro
"Why so hot, my little sir?" What
difference does age make if two peo
ple, who are at least old enough to
know their own minds, propose to
clasp hands and slide down the re
mainder of life's hill together? Per
sonally, it give me joy to know that
even extreme old age has ita com
pensations, Who was it said, "Marry early. And
if opportunity permits, often?"
Age cannot wither the hope of mar
riage in some gentle hearts, nor cus
tom stale its infinite variety.
With the lady in question, mar
riage has evidently become a hah't,
like having cold Sunday night sup
pers, or boiled dinners Monday, 01
any other little household rut. And
by so doing, this little custom of
taking a fresh husband every time
one drooped and died, ahe has held
her mind in a marriageable and plas
tic state.
There lies the crux of the whole
matter. You are neither too old nor
too young to marry if your mind is
in that adaptable phase which will
enable you to glide gently around
your partner sharp corners without
dislocating his life-long habit of want
ing a large cup of coffee with his
. . , y THE s
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, rriiif n i M rrf nr r- -if nr - gi r nr n'nif - -ilfrfii -TrtglflLW
cooked shrimp, and quarter two me
dium sized tomatoes and one lemon.
Have ready a cup of French salad
dressing and one lettuce washed and
shaken dry in a cloth. Place a layer
of lettuce leaves on the dish, then
tome dressing with a few shrimp
among it. Use the tomato and lemon
quarters as a garnish, and, if anv
dressing remains, it can be poured
over all. : , -
(Tuesday A Porch Luncheon.)
dinner, while you prefer to sip a!
demi-tasse after the dessert, or it ne
will defer to yoifr preference for your
own brand of religion instead of
adopting that of your in-laws.
Persons of cast-iron habits in daily
life or even adamant mental attitudes,
should never marry, no matter what
their age. I have seen young girls
of 18 so narrow-minded and set in
their opiniona that they wesepredes
tined old maids in, thought even if
they married a dozen times. I have
also aeen old ladies of'60 whose men
tal plane was so youthful that I did
not wonder that men still wanted to
marry them.
Did you ever see a boy with a nar
row ' forehead and green eyes set
close together without knowing that
at AO he would be a deacon and pass
the plate in church and make his wife
scald the tea leave twice?
Did you ever aee a fat, roly-poly
boy with thin, light hair and a genius
for making friends, that you did not
know he would grow into a commer
cial traveler and bring his wife a box
of candy when he had stayed out too
Did you ever aee a perfectly selfish
young girl, who thought of nothing
but silk stockings and how to, keep
her complexion, that ybu couldn't see
the patient way her Husband would
have t sew on his own buttons and
set the table Sunday nights, while the
neighbors would always be buttoning
her children's pinafores?.;
Age has nothing to do with a per
son's right to marry. I heard the
other day of ait old lady who was
going into incoherent raptures over
the birth of her thirty-second grand
child. What a born grandmother that
woman was I Site probably had a
genius for home-making.
Three-quart Coffee
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Tips on Fashions
Rllk jaraar banded with fur If still la
hish favor. .
Plaid stlk walita. with hlh coliara, Bra
amona tha advanced autumn walat modala.
Soma it th new coata for motortn ara
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tha walat line. -
Ball fringe la uaed aa an tdrlng (or aklrta
&nd tunica, ueualiv In tha aama color aa
the matarlal of tha frock, .
Wool atocklnta ar not a wlll-o'-tha-wlaa
Any mora. Tha Indlcatloaa point atronslr
to thalr naa next winter. Already thay ara
warn on the solf linka. ofun la bright col
ore. Tha. moat faahlonable Jawelry of tha mo
ment te tha ao-called eoatuma Jewelry and
while jewelera report a falling off In tha
demand for hlgh-prlcad pearla.and ruhtaa,
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cuffed trousers truly wonderful showing. For Saturday we offer as a special
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ERTAINLY. " Sister "
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ri.A Jl H M tit aX II
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WHuldn't It ha atranae If at thia late date
I women ahould evolve a really lntereetlng
reformed dreasT There has oeen taia
droaa reform for woman for yeare and year,
but never have any reeulta at all perma
nent or far-reaching been attained. Now
the talk has coma up again.
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