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priej jiiy news
It "Temuood'o for Sporting God."
Boo Boot Print It Now Boocea Ptmo.
Lighting Flituroa Burgeal-Grand.o Co.
Hull Karat W"U Diamond. 75 Edholro
Jewelrr Peddler Fined O. P. Will
iam' of Kansas City. Ma, wu lined
$7.60 for selling Jewelry without
Last Pet Show The last pet show
of the season will be held Thursday
afternoon at Miller park, beginning at
z o clock.
"Tortavn moTls rroaTam." elasl.
fled section today. It appears In The
Bee exclusively. Find out what the
various moving- picture tneaiers oner.
Take Chemist's Place During the
absence of City Chemist Crowley.
Dairy Inspector Bossie and Gas Com
missioner Butler are making milk
tests In the city hall laboratory.
VI iilner Draw Sine Paul Walner.
(SI a South Sixteenth street, charged
with cruelty to animals for driving a
horse with harness sores on Its back,
was arrested by Officer Francl and
lined 17.60 In police court.
Grocer in Bankruptcy Court A pe
tition to have Isidore M. Wintroub. a
crocer. declared a bankrupt was nieo
by McCord Brady & Co., Marsh &
Marsn ana me h. j. ttugnes company.
Their claims amount to over 11,100.
Continue on Pavinr City Commls
sioner Jardlne states that the paving
on North Twenty-fourth street will be
he fears there will be cessation of pav
ing work In the event of a railroad
Morrison Castle Arrivee Morrison
K. Castle, son of Fred A. Castle, pro
firletor of the Castle hotel, has arrived
n Omaha to assume the managership
of the hotel. Mr. Castle was asso
niatad with his father in the manage.
jnent of the Iler-Qrand hotel for sev
eral vears. but has since been con
nected with the Milwaukee railroad in
Break Into Show Case That show
eases are to look into and not break
Into, was a rule of International war
fare that some Individual failed to ob
serve In locating his fall supply of
apparel. He not only looked in, but
oroke me snow case 01 uco
Allen, 203 South Fifteenth street, and
then violated its neutrality Dy con.
flacating tour suits.
Messenger Boy-Collides With Anto
Charles S. Bear, American District
Telegraph company messenger boy,
collided with an auto driven by James
Una, wanoo, at ruteentn ana now.
ard streets at noon. The boy sus
tained bruises and lacerations. After
receiving medical attention at the
hands of Sr. Barney Kuiakoisicy, ne
was taken home. s
Two - Apply fop Divorce Sylvia
Proctor has tiled avf etltlon asking du
vorce from Fred, an assistant city en
gineer, alleging extreme cruelty. She
inks iiun ouo uo anftiuvu eu
alimony and the custody of the son,
Wayne. nii.a 11 years. May Bian
chard .,h!j -tiled divorce proceedings
,-ainst Thomas on the grounds of
nonsupnort. , .
Increase Capital Stock Amend
rneme tr-ntii les of incorporation of
t'n Mountain Timber company, In-
4-!-ct;mK the caDital stock to Sl.oUO,
0 Ou have been tiled. Robert Z. Drake
Is- Dresident. Tom I Roberts, secre
tary and E. C. Strode, R. Y. Appleby
and it. j. Tate, directora Tne Kyan
Jawolry company has increased its
( stock to izeo.uoo. ueorge w.
Kyan Is president and Herbert W,
lljan, secretary.
Juvenile Authorities Take
Charge of Suspected Boys
About 10 o'clock, three boys, Bennie
Seaire, 16 years old, who said his
home was 2205 South Fiftenth street;
Morris Futrra, 935 North Iwenty
aeventh street, 14 years old, and a 13-year-old
negro boy, Percival Round
tree, 1125 North Nineteenth street,
were arrested, charged with robbing
a drunken man at Twelfth and Doug
las streets. They got $8 from their
victim's pockets, it was said, and had
ipent 50 cents before they were ar
rested. Officers of National Butchers
Compliment Local Association
John A. Kotal and" Emil Priebe,
retary, respectively, of the United
Master Batchers of America, wrote to
it tj v i : j . ... r i
v, r. nunc), prcsiacm oi luc umina
Retail Butchers' association, express
ing; appreciation for hospitality shown
visitors on the occasion of the recent
meeting of the national association in
Omaha. '
Nurses to Examine Pupils
At Central High School
The superintendent of schools de
tailed two nurses to Central High
school for examination of pupils as
they register during the week. This
will advance the medical inspection
work an appreciable degree and
leave these two nurses free to attend
grade schools next week.
Messer Returned to Omaha
To Face Charge of Holdup
Miles Messer, arrested in Chicago
on the charge of having held up
Clarence Busse, cashier of the Calu
met restaurant, last week, was
brought to Omaha last night by De
tective Rooney, Messer is being held
in jail.
Charles W. Shook, Not Dr.
C. F. Shook, Seeks Divorce
Dr. Charles F. Shook, an Omaha
physician, is not the Shook who last
week filed a petition for divorce from
his wife with the clerk of the district
court. Charles W. Shook is seeking
a divorce, not Charles F. Shook.
Woman Will Recover From
Bichloride Mercury Dose
Mrs. Minnie Brunner, 2532 North
Eighteenth street, is in a hospital
suffering from the effects of a dose
of bichloride of mercury, which she
says she took by mistake for medi
cine. She will live.
Movement ot Ocean steamera.
Port. Arrived. q Sailed.
LONDON Anadanta
LIVERPOOL-. .Tmcauia Philadelphia.
Obituary Notes j
North Nineteenth avenue, who died in
the Methodist hospital and whose
funeral is held -this afternoon, leaves
beside the husband two children, a
boy 3 years old and a baby girl of 10
days. AH of her immediate family
are In Edinburgh, Scotland. Two
brothers are in the English army, one
being a lieutenant Several of her
relatives have been seriously wounded.
Mrs. Hows was prominent in the
Gaelic movement in Scotland and for
two years In succession received a
gold medal for singing the best Gaelic
Indoeao sloop.
Taka Dr. Belli PlnorTar-Honey for that
harking night eougb; It etopa (he cough
and you sleep. i!tc. All druEglsta. Adv.
"In the Days of RealSport"
v- C"fiC i-N I
Thieves About to Steal Sugar
Drop Their Loot and
Frightened thieves in the act of
making away with two 100-pound
sacks of sugar from the second floor
of the pickle factory of H. Thiessen,
3101 Soith Twenty-fourth street,
dropped their prizes at the doorway
and made their escape. The sacks
were found untouched in the morning
by owners.
The place of Peter Ault, at 5524
South Thirtieth street, was broken
into some time Monday night and
$3.50 taken " from the cash register.
Entrance was gained by pushing on
the rear door' until the prop gave
way. Sneak thieves also broke into
the room of W. H. Held, 2311 N
street at 6:30 yesterday morning and
stole two blue serge suits. Held was
able to give the police a description
of the size of the trousers, but not
the coats.
Webster Alston, 2720 Drexel street,
reported the loss of a silved watch,
valued at $10, from his room at the
address given. The theft was sup
posed to have occurred Monday after
noon. Baptist Program Sunday.
Members of the Trinity Baptist
church at Twenty-fifth and H streets,
will be participants of a sermon
hour of special interest Sunday morn
ing and evening. In the morning
Rev. Mr. Holler, pastor, will deliver
a sermon to children on life facts,
using chemicals as illustrations. The
sermon is one of the minister's most
interesting. .
A sacred concert will be given in
the eveninff at 7:30 o'clock. The
choir will sing, accompanied by a vic-
trola, to be m charge ot Liyoe t-irus
Masters. Such stars as Rodeheaver,
Caruso, John McCormack, Alma
Gluck, Evan Williams and Louise
Homer will be heard on the machine.
Rev. Mr. Holler will give a brief his
tory of each hymn as it is played.
Trinity Delegates Leave.
Delegates from the Trinity Bap
tist church, five, in number, left last
evening at 6 o'clock for Tekamah,
where they will attend the conference
of the Omaha Baptist association,
which will be held today and Thurs
day. Those who attended from the
local church are: kcv. unanes r.
Holler. Dr. Andrew English, Miss
Anna Myers, Mis Hope Hibbard and
Miss Gladys Wright.
Negro Escapes Arrest.
"Yo' hono,' I don' want t' be
pinched as a vag," James Hadley
almost tearfully implored of Justice
of the Peace George Collins in the
latter's court yesterday. "I kaint
help a' done gone hurt ma a'arm. I
done wanted to work, but dem bosses
wouldn't let ma. Sec if you kaint
collec' ma money for ma and I be
so much oblige."
So a lame negro, who had been
in the South Side for a few days,
burst out to Judge Collins. He said
he had been working at a local pack-
Nervous Period
ical Headaches
Thli tronh.6 eommonlr aalld "airst h.
ache, (.aid to be due to the retention of
urea. In the system. Often It It stated that
e poor condition of the blood Is ayise of
these headaches, or that It la ft nervous
condition; and in certain casei, no doubt
this is true. -
Where treatment it demanded, tt li more
for the pain than anything else, and Dr.
A. V. Bohellscbmldt of Louisville, has
found anii-kamnla tablets to give prompt
and satisfactory relief. "Best should be
Insisted upon." ha says, "and the patient
should go to bad, darken the room, and all
the attendant and family should be as
quiet as possible. An emetic will some
times shorten the attack. The bowels should
be kentonen with "Aotoirta"! e,hrr.hrh nrt
a thorough rub-down with a coarse towel,
unen give graxeiut renei. two antl-kamnia
tablets when the first signs appear, will
usually prevent the attack. During an at
tack, one tablet every hour or two will
shorten the attack and relieve the usual
nausea and vomttinsTM Thau tahiAta
be obtained at all druggists Ask for a-K
Tooa hsadachea, neuralgia and all palaa,
insr plant, but sustained blood poison
ing of one foot so he couldn't work
any more. Ine company owed him
$3.37, but refused to pay until payday,
which was several days off.
Tailor Under Arrest.
John Share, tailor, father o? the
two tots who were burned to death
in an explosion in the upstairs of
a building; at Twenty-sixth and N
streets several months ago, is under
arrest, charged with petit larceny. At
his little shop at 2514 Q street, he
is accused by a customer of having
taken valuables in a pair of trousers
left for mending and pressing. Share
denies having any knowledge of the
articles lost.
Mad Dog Shot
Fred Hafflce, a carpenter living at
5421 South Thirty-third avenue, shot
and killed a mad dog which bit his
young son Tuesday night and is
thought to have bitten one or two
other youngsters on West Q street.
Haffke was bruised by the teeth of
the brute, which snapped at him when
he fired the shot
Magte City fteaslp
' Furnished room for rent, 363! 8. 3d.
Phone B. 1331.
1 The J. P. 8. elub will mtt with Mrs.
gvvrstt Church hi U. ilT J street, Thursday
Jo Fonfara. Fortieth and t strests, was
arrested at, I o'clock yeatorday, charged
with abusing bts family at their noma.
Cemmlsrilonar Kusfl oalA ttia flouth fltda
police station a visit last evening. He earn,
unannsuutim nta euaiuvag wm not nia
, "Th Grip of Evil" shown at the Besn
tonight. Thar Is also a big Vltagraph fea
ture In addition entltlad "The Wandering
Horde." Double bill at Basse tonight.
The Keno club will hold Ita annual plento
at Valley, Neb., Sunday, September S. About
twenty -five couple are expected to attend.
The trip will be made la automobiles.
A request has been sent out by members
of South Side camp. No. 1096, that an
Important meeting- wilt be held Thursday
evening. A stag social will form the program
of the evening.
The Knights and Ladles of Security. OnVt
council. No. 1332. will hold a watermelon
social at the Moose hall. Twenty-fifth and
M streets, Friday, September 1, The enter
tainment will be free.
Mr. and Mrs. ' A. R. Thrapp and son,
George, motored into the South Side Mon
day evening after a ten daya' visit with
relatives at Wymore, Neb. A family re
union was held at that town.
J. Howard, Seventeenth and St. Mary's
avenue, will have to answer for the triple
charge of speeding, absence of tall light and
violation of road rules this morning in police
ctiort. Motorcycle Offloer Bert Hlatt ar
rested the man.
Sons and Daughters of Jeru
salem Have Elaborate Cere
monies in City.
H.rry R. Graham, supreme grind
kins of the Fraternal Order of the
Sons and Daughters of Jerusalem,
presided yesterday when the supreme
grand session of the order was opened
at Eighteenth and Webster streets.
He was assisted by Mrs. hosie Cavens,
supreme grand queen, of Kansas City,
Mo. The church was dedicated, com
mittees were named and the supreme
grand king made his annual report,
showing a great increase in member
ship, and more financial standing.
Among the features ef the day were
the presentation of the photos of Son
James R. Gordon, the father and
founder, and Son H. R. Graham by
Eureka Middle West, and of Daugh
ter Nellie Robinson and Daughter
Irene Faulkner, being received by
Rev. H. Mayfield in behalf of the
S. G. K. The presentation of the of
ficial pillow was made by Bethsheba
council, No. 12.
The asylum, or children's depart
ment, was called to order by S. G. Q.
M. Irene Faulkner. Remarks were
made in this session by Son G. W.
Hibbler, Linie McCathurn, S. G. V.
Q. M Rosa Cavens, S. G. Q.. and
Mother Carrie McDonald. The fol
lowing officers were present:
Sllia Johnaon. 8. O. V. K-. Omaha; Carrl.
McDonald. CI. V. Q. Kanaaa City. Mo ;
Colon.l T. B. J. Roolnaon, 8. Q. 8., Kanaaa
City, Mo. ; Ooorgla Wood, 8. O. T.. Kanaaa
city. Mo.; Lillian B. Smith. 8. O. Kan
xaa City, Mo.; Alberta Ballow, 8. O. A. R.
Omaha; B.v. H. Mayfl.ld. 8. 0. K. P., Kan
aaa City, Mo.; N.lli. Roblnaon, 8. O. H. r..;
Rlrhard Toung, 8. O. M.. Kanaaa City. Mo.;
Myrtto Malone, S. Q. ft. 8.; Julia Rn.,
8 O. I,. 8.; William Wooloy, 8. O. t. O.i
Rlehard Gray. 8. O. O. O.i Jonnlo Malon.
8. O. R. C B. ; Faulln. Harblno, . O. L.
O. B. ; NpIIIo Roblnaon, 8, O. O.. Omaha;
C. M. Johnaon, 8. a. -C. Omaha; Jennla
Woods, 8. O. O. ; Amanda rtarta, 8. F. B.
Board of Attendance Pollco Washington,
Nelllo r.rhlna, Annlo Graham, Fred.rlrk
Early, Gordon. ?. B. Psarvoa, Salll
Last evening the order assembled
at the church and marched in where
the annual sermon was preached by
Rev. ,W. T. Osborn of Omaha. St.
Elmo Drill Team of Kansas City
entertained the large audience. Col.
1. B. J. Robinson in command
Child Severely Injured
While Sliding Upon Porch
Little Marion Arnold, 7 years of
age, was playing and enjoying life
yesterday afternoon on the front
porch of his home, 812 South Eight
eenth street. One of his amusements
was to slide down the balustrade of
the porch-steps, but about 3 o'clock
while on a flying trip a hammock
hook fastened to the balustrade
caught him, and impaled him on its
sharp point. He hung in torture for
some minutes before neighbors who
came to the rescue could release him.
He was taken to St. Joseph's hosDitat.
The injury is serious but ia not ex
pected to De tatal.
Burglars Rob1 Houses
While Families Are Away
Mrs. Walter B. Graham, 301 North
Thirty-third street, reported to the
police that during her ten days' ab
sence from home some one had enter
ed the house and stolen a considerable
amount of silver tabtewear, jewelry
and a revolver, to a total of about
A similar entry was made at the
home of W. M. Long, 2926 Charles
street, where thieves stole a small
quantity of jewelry while the family
was on a vacation.
Insist Upon Goods Displayed
On Sidewalks Be Covered
A delegation of retail grocers and
meat market men called upon City
Commissioner Kugel to request en
forcement of a city ordinance which
requires that perishable goods dis
played on sidewalks shall be properly
covered to avoid contamination. The
health department will be directed to
enforce this regulation.
At noon today, refresh the mouth and
cleanse the teeth with ,
Dental Cream
A Standard Ethical Dtntlfrict
Sand 2e stamp for a (snsrous satnpla sf alttaar Dr. Lyon's
Parfoct Dental Cioam or Tooth Powdsr.
I. W. Lyon Sobs, Iac,S77 W. 27th St, N. Y. City
Everybody Is Invited to Compete in the
Commercial Club's What and Why Contest.
1 $150 GOLD I
For the Best Suggestions Sent in on
WHAT Factories Will Best Succeed in Omaha.
& WHY the Factories Will Succeed Here.
5 150 Commercial Club 1st Pme $25 Omaha Bee Prif $25 World- i
Herald Prize $26 Omaha News Prize Ten Prizei of $2.50 each, i
jj Somebody Ii Going to Get Thii Money Why Not You?
s Write out your suggestions (they need not be long) and mail 5
them with your nama and address to "What and Why Committee, s
E Commercial Club of Omaha. Contest closes September 6. s
Conqueror ot Russians on Many
Fields Succeeds Von Falken
hayn as Man in Charge.
London, Aug. 30. Field Marshs!
von Hindenburg, who was recently
given the command of all the German
forces on the Russian front, has now
been appointed chief of the German
general staff in succession to Gencrsl
von Falkenhayn, d.'sm'std by 'I"
Berlin, Aug. 30. (Via London.)
The emperor has dismissed Genersl j
brich von falkenhayn and appointed
Field Marshal von Hindenburg chief
of the general staff.
Copenhagen, Denmark, Aug. 30.
(Via London.) The Kitasuas News
agency published a dispatch giving
the olticial announcement ot Ueneral
iiArt 1Ts11ms bhh's lavMisil ku tit 1
emperor as chief of the general staff
and the appointment of Field Marshal
von Hindenburg to the post. General
von Ludenorf, Von Hindenburg's
chief of staff, the dispatch addi, has
been appointed first quartermaster
general. The recent appointment of Von
Hindenburg to the supreme command
of the German armies on the Rus
sisn front came when Roumania was
considered on the verge of a decision
and German newspapers indicated
that it had a political bearing. Ger
many was credited with the belief that
the prestige of Von Hindenburg
would favorably impress Roumania.
As chief of staff Von Hindenburg
doubtless will be withdrawn from
the cast to Berlin.
flnpwef. Bnrapea.
lttk eaa Capitol,
OMASA. . . . XsaiAIXA,
State Trade Specially Invited
Rooms, $1.00 and Sl.AO
With Bntl), $1.00 and Up
Cafe the Very Best
Popular Prices
High Altituaa. trm tnm Hay Ftnr.
Oppa.ll. Hot.1. Capacity 140.
Tarns Moderate.
Smnrlw ' Hal. toll Couraa S040 para..
Motsrlatt' But RUl.tlng C.ntar g, MM.
BmUu 01 lie I ISO tnttwtr, Ns Vark,
AIM MapUwoo. N. R
Wan In Omaha Stop at
Hotel Howard
Thraa Block. Iron DopoL
Restaurant in Connection
1002 'Howard St. Com.r 10th.
T.I. Dougla. U68.
Your Baby is
in Danger From
Cow's Milk
Do you know that in
Washington, the Govern
ment of the United States
has a Public Health Serv
Ice, that is working; day in
and day out to find out the
best way to keep your
baby well?
And this National Government Public Health Service says:
"On. r.a.on that oaeh lunmii .... th .l.ught.r of ttia Innocnt. to
b.oou.0 mils, orStnorilr nar.atad,l abooluuly unfit lor human uaa"
In th face of those words can any mother who lovos hot baby give
him row cow's milk hill of tough indigestible curd? Cow's milk brings
umm.r complaint, the droad scourge that takoa so many bablaa from
thair mothers' arms each summer. ...
Nurse your baby aa long as you can, of course. If you can't, wean
him on a food as bee from aickness aa mother's milk iu.lf
(A couplet food-not t milk modifier)
Sanrf thm aeapewi be Mtnpfe cm
(imiif. Ar 13 lWne) ntf m how
Hth'$ nU him lUppr
NoetM't ( cife, btcauta n hand
touehti It anil It dMtfi't aour, Ntl'a
It aafa bacauM It contain Juat tha rtht
mouDt of prottlda and aarbohpdrata
your baby ntdatolu. 14 aturdy bed?
and an aetlva brain. Cow mtla la tb
baafa ef NaatleWbut eow'a mill from
aanltarjr dairlta purtntd, with tha ealf
nMd medintd and tha baby a nda
added. It cemaa to you In ft powder
padi ad In an al Might can. You add
only fresh watar and boil.
tava your baby from tha tarror at
nestU s food company.
04 WaolwwthBUi.tNawYork
Plaaaa eand m FUSS your boob tad
trial package.
Atlantic, Iowa.
Now addition to Atlantic Hotel will be
opened by fleptrnher 1'. European plan.
Room modernly equipped. Cafe and bar
ber ahop in connection. Pioneer hotel
keeper of Atlantic, Iowa.
GEORGE F. LANG, Pyopriator.
atv Heiu7RohIff Comnanys
Y I 2567"69 Lewenworth St.
J fj II hon Do"!1 678
If ffl Prompt deliveries to any
VI I JfjilV V part of greater Omaha
I f R J) Mail orders by freight or
J l express to any point
"IIMIIM 1 11 1
tp if fil ajet gjgi asviiRtvtts ' rtj2r
100 Pure
Armour's Grape Juice carries
the famous Oval Label Armour's
guarantee of absolute purity. This
is nature's own beverage, undiluted, .
nnfermented and unsweetened save
for the natural sugar of the grape. Per
fect cktrificatlon by the exclusive Armour
Grape Juice is the great summer drink for all No
other beverage has so large a variety of uses. Armours, because
of its purity, ts the ideal drink for children, invalids and old
people as well as for the strong and vigorous.
Order Armour's In the Family Case of six one-pint bottles.
laeafc far tha dealer rW
Rofat. Burtutz
Mm., f'hniie li.
WIltflUHoo, 8tU nntl 4), 11,
18th unit sIltn-Ma
Ornish.. Neb. IV.
(vm ft ' mr