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Entered at Omaha pootoffiee aa oond-eli matter.
. i : Br Carrier By Mall
pr month. per year
Daily and Sunder "a
Daily without Sunday atie 4.00
Evening and 8unday 40e , 1.00
Keening without Sunday ....He 4.00
8unday Bc only 20e f.OS
Daily and Sunday Baa, thraa yeara in advance, 911
Bend notice of change of addyaia or irregularity in
livery to Omaha Baa, Circulation Department
Remit by draft, express or postal order. Onlyt-eent atampa
taken In payment of amalt aceounta. Paraonal cheeks,
except on Omaha and eaatern exchange, aot aeeeptad.
Omaha The Boa Building.
South Omaha 2811 N atraat.
Council Bluff a 14 North Main atraat
Lincoln 624 Little Bnildlni.
Chicago ill People'e Gas Bofldlng.
New York Room 80S, 284 Fifth avenue.
St. Louie SOI Now Bank of Commerce.
Washington 72t Fourteenth atreet, N. W.
Addresa communications relating; to newa and editorial
natter to Omaha Baa, Keltorlal Department
57,569 Daily Sunday 52,382
Dwight Wllliama, circulation manager of The Bea
Publishing Company, being duly aworn, aaya that the
average circulation for the month of July, 1911, waa
S7,e aauy naa ox.zaz nunaay.
DWIOHT WILLIAMS. Circulation Manager.
Subscribed in my presence and aworn to before ma
this Id day of August. 1019.
ROBERT HUNTER, Notary Public.
Subscribers leaving tha city temporarily
should bav Tha Baa mailed ta than. Ad.
dress will ba changed as flea aa -required.
The premier card of arbitration leemi lost in
the railroad shuffle.
Medical inspection Of school children at the
Start makes for safety.
However, as long ai the home team hits the
sphere, opposition to strikes cannot be unanimous.
Ai a means of making and unmaking military
reputations, the European war blots out all former
records. ,
No matter how much care is exercised in a
labor war, the innocent spectator is bound to get
the brick..
Now watch European war news slide from.
the front to the inside pages. Home events over
shadow all else.
Now comes the merry, season when the con
gressman sallies forth with the glad hind to in
spect the fruitage of. hii spring seeds.
If both sides of the labor controversy could
count the cost in sdvsnce, less disposition to don
the trappings of war would be shown. , ,
Four years of Morehesd cost tht taxpayers
113,680,000, compared with $9,200,000 for the pre
ceding four years. A matter of $4,400,000 spans
the difference between democratic professions and
Germany follows Britain, Russia and Austris
in swapping generals while" "crossing the stream."
As things look at the present time, General Joffr
stands the beat chance of holding his commanding
poat from start to finish.
The Berlin editor who sdvisM friends of Ger
many to comer' the American grain market
sgiinst the allies shows timely sympathy for
the .routed bulla. The suggestion indicates a
Jceener appetite for bear meat than beef.
The country is steadily advancing to the point
where safety and self-protection will require
licensing of auto drivers after testing their com
petency to operate machinery. Too many persons
drive autos who '.are better trained for go-Carts.
Nebraska's State Fair.
The Bee this morning gives considerable
space to the Lincoln and the Nebraska State
fair, which opens its annual exposition on Mon
day next. The State fair has long since passed
the mere exhibition stage, and has become a real
exposition, at which the best of all that is con
nected directly or indirectly with the agricultural
industry is placed on display under such condi
tions as not only show its merits and advantages,
but give opportunity for critical and technical
comparison. Results as well as methods and means
are thus contrasted, and the careful investigator
finds that display is more than ever educational
in its every aspect In this way the fair is
serving the end for which it was instituted. The
management, realizing its obligation, has wisely
provided for entertainment and amusement as well
as education, and the pleasure seeker will find
much to meet his desires on the grounds. The
Nebraska fair has steadily increased in importance
ana scope year after year,tiU it has reached a
point commensurate with the greatness of the
state. As it has grown, so have the people corrie
to realize its value, and the support it has had has
been encouragingly liberal. The outlook for the
present year is for a greater display in all depart
ments that ever before, and the experts prophesy
a new mark in State fair history.
How It Affects the Public.
The ordinary routine of life is already thrown
Into confusion by the impending strike of the
railroad men. Preparations being hurriedly made
to meet the emergency show how serious will be
the full effect of the disturbance to social order
that will follow when the threatened interruption
of transportation is realized. Inconvenience will
certainly be entailed and perhaps suffering, and
many makeshifts must perforce be adopted that
life may go on as nearly as possible in its ordinary
Above all considerations,. the great mass of
the people will not be able to understand why
combinations of men should have the cower to
inus upset sll order, and to disarrange the whole
movement of commerce and industry. Opinion
will divide ss to which side of the strife has the
greater show of right, but it will be unanimous
on the one point, that some method should be
deviled to prevent either from venting its dis
pleasure on the bystander, which in this instance
is the public that depends on the continuous ooer-
stion of the rsilroads.
No function of law as it stands can prevent
the strike; invoking the equity power of the
court is likely to be as futile as was Canute's
order to the tide. Congress is slready considering
me prooiem, out this holds no hope for oerma-
nent relief through any legislation so hurriedlv
made into law as would be necessary to meet the
present situation. It is not out of reason, though,
to expect that some way can be found to limit and
restrict both managers and men in their capacity
as public servants, to the end that they will not
again be able to lay the whole people at a dis
advantage. Reason mult rule, and' not the will
one or the other of the factions into which the
railroad service is st present divided.
Thought Nugget for the Day.
A good deed done is not a thing completed;
a good deed done is nothing less than an endless
series of good deeds set in motion. T. W. Hand
ford. One Year Ago Today in the War.
Russians claimed to have, captured 7,000 pris
oners near Lutsk.
Alphonse Pegoud, noted French aviator, killed
in midair duel with German aviator.
Forty Rritish and allied merchantmen and six
neutrals, reported sunk in the war zone during
This Day in Omaha Thirty Years Ago.
A meeting of the young men in the city who
are interested in getting up a Mardi oras testtvai
during fair week will be held in the rooms of the
board ot trade in the exposition building.
Alex Charlton and Mrs. Lizzie Perkins,
teacher in the Cass school, were married at the
home of the bride's parents. They will take up
their residence at Vfli California.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Connor have left for
a trip to Ireland where they will visit their birth'
places, Waterford and Tipperary.
Passengers on the B. & M. were treated to
an unusual sight, which was nothing less than
"Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown"
of Greece. With alien armies on three aides of
the nation and fleet in front, King Constantine
has precious little chance to ''draw the draperies
of his couch about him and lie down to pleas
ant dreams.
' The inglorious fate of the cruiser, Memphis
tends to strengthen the Jack Tar superstition of
the 'hoodoo ship." The San Diego accident,
which put the cruiser in the hoodoo class, was
due to carelessness, but (acts are useless" against
rooted superstition.
" The Commissioners on . uniform state taws
have voted unanimous approval of the Tofreni
system of lsnd registration, which reminds us
that we have the Torren law placed on the Ne
braska statute books by our last leslslaturS. hut
no one, so far si we know, has taken advantage
People and Events
David Warfield is credited with being Amer
ica's richest actor.
Th two eldest daughters of the czar of Rus
sia are said to be among the belt educated f
Euronean royalties, w
Charles Bassett, 86 years old and a candidate
for mayor of New Decatur, Ala., is believed to b
the oldest man who ever ran for public office in
the south, ...
Georges Clenienceau, former premier and for
many years one of the most conspicuous figures
in French public life, will celebrste his 75th birth
day next month. .
' Emperor Francis Joseph of Austris has often
' been described ss "the most industrious msn in
the realm.' Summer and winter, he is invariably
at his desk by 5 o'clock in the morning.
Henry Lamm, republican nominee for gover
nor of Missouri, is an Ohioan, who studied snd
graduated at the University of Michigan, and be
gan practice of the law st Sedalia in 1872.
- Vance C McCormick, the new chairman of the
Democratic national committee, waa captain of
the Yale foot ball team in 1892, in which year
the Eli gridironers were never scored against
Judge Samuel Stabufy, who is prominently
mentioned tor the democratic nomination for
fovernor of New York, is a great-grandson of
shop Sesbury, the first Protestant Episcopal
bishop of America. .
The first regular employment! of Charles W.
Fairbanks, now republican nominee for vice presi
dent, after he graduated from Ohio Wesleyan uni
versity, waa that of a newspaper reporter during
the campaign betwten Grant snd Greeley.
United States Senator Henry Cabot Lodge of
Massachusetts, who bss announced his candidacy
for renomination in the primaries next month,
has served longer in the tipper house of tha na
tional congress than has any other of its present
members, with the single exception of Senator
Galunger of New Hampshire.
The Law and the Strike.
A restraining order Issued by one of the iuda-ea
of the Douglas county district court against the
conductors' brotherhood is likely to bring on the
first real test of the anti-injunction section of the
Clayton law. This forbids the issuance of a re
straining order or injunction without a hearing-.
and is primarily intended to limit the' power of
judges to make exparte orders in labor disputes.
i ne case in point presents no feature that is un
familiar; A member of the conductors' brother.
hood asks that the organization be restrained
from calling a strike, setting up that his personal
rignts and interests are placed in jeopardy, that
he must either give up his employment or forfeit
nil membership in the organization, neither of
which he cares to do.
In the famou Taff Vale case, from the English
courts, it was held that the Railway Servants'
union had no power to coerce a member, nor could
it use funds collected from him to prosecute a
strike, for Itself or for another organization, with
out his consent. The effect of this decision is to
deprive the union of all its potency, so long as s
single member can be found who objects to the
tourse of the majority. Following the Taff Vale
decision,, the English courts also forbade exoen
diture of union funds to maintain in Parliament
members elected to represent trade unions. Par
liament enacted laws which relieves the unions
from tht conditions established bv the courts.
The Clayton lw aims to relieve the orcaniza-
tions of'workingmen in the United States from
a situation thst has grown but of the use of the
equity function of the court. It forbids the
issuance of ex parte restraining orders, snd also
declarei that "human labor is not s commodity
or article of commerce." It will be interesting to
follow this Douglas county case to its conclusion.
Von Hindenberg Chief of Staff.
The elevation of Field Marshal von Hinden
berg to be chief of staff of the German army is
but snother step in the remarkable progress of a
man who was slated for the discard but a few
yean ago. It is related that Von Hindenberg
was marked for permanent retirement before the
war broke out, and was retained in service only
after he had made a personal appeal to the em
peror. The old general and his East Prussian
lakes were a standing jest among the younger
members of the great war machine, but events
have proved him to be the bulwark of Germany
against the Russian invasion. Without Von Hin
denberg and tha swamps into which he directed
the first incursion of the Cossacks, the whole
story of the present war had been different. His
defense of Prussia, and his subsequent onslaught
that drove tha Russians back into their own soil
ar? the most notable achievements of Germany in
the war so far. On neither front has another
commander accomplished as definite results aa has
Von Hindenberg, who has well earned his pro
motion. '
the fording, by about twenty head of cattle, of
the Missouri river a short distance above Platts-
mouth. An old settler on the train remarked
that he had never seen the water of the Missouri
so low that it could be waded by a herd of ram-
oiing cows.
Norvin Green, oresident of the Western Union
Telegraph company, has authorized Manager j. j.
Dickey of the Western Union office here to send
tree messages of relief to the sufferers by the
recent eartnquaice at inaneston.
ihe trie Clothing house is the stvle of the
new clothing house which is just opening at 320
norm oixieentn.
The jury in the case of the attemeted break
ing of the will made by Heinrich Alpen brought
m vcruici oy wnicn ine win was made to stand,
Bv it. Mr. AlDen s housekeeoer. Anna Rrtiehn
gets $500 jn cash and is privileged to pick out the
best cow on the place to take with her as her own.
This Dsy in History.
. 1776 William Livingston was chosen first
state governor of New Jersey.
' 1846 Boston Daily Herald first issued.
1852 Samuel D. Hubbard of Connecticut was
appointed postmaster general.
. 1864 Democratic national convention noml.
nated General George B. McClellan for nreairlent.
1868 A submarine telegraph, connecting Eng-
iaiiu ana ucnmarK, was completed.
1871 Louis Adolphe Thiers was elected presi
dent of the French republic.
1876 Abdul Hamid II was proclaimed sultan
of Turkey in place of Murad V, deposed.
1886 Forty-one lives lost and $5,000,000 in
property destroyed by an earthquake at Charles
ton, S. C.
1894 Great fire raged among flower boats on
Canton river in China; 1,000 natives perished.
1896 Fresh outbreak of the rebellion against
Spanish rule in the Philippines.
1898 Colonel Henry of the French army com
mitted suicide after confessing that he forged a
letter to secure the conviction of Captain Dreyfus.
1903 King Edward VII of England visited
Emperor Francis Joseph at Vienna.
1907 Analo-R
the control of Asia was signed.
1910 Colonel Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed
the "New Nationalism" at Osawatomje. .
The reorgantatlon of the St Louis & San
Francisco railroad brought to the Missouri state
treasury a total of $276,000 in fees for a new char
ter. Much criticism has been vented on indi
viduals Who flock like vultures around a bank
rupt concern, but their pickings are ss small
change beside the reach of a great commonwealth
for the bones.
. . i : ; 7
Truly these are melancholy days for congress
men. With fences sadly in need of renaira and
dangerous questions holding them in the Wash.
Ington spotlight, political prospects taka on ahades
ot gloom that "harrow up the soul." The joy-
ride of yesterday msy became a funeral tomorrow.
The Day We Celebrate. '7 T
Emperor Yoshihito of Japan born thirty-seven
years ago today. ,
Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands bora
thirty-six years ago today.
Rt. Rev. Alfred M, Randolph, Episcopal bishop
of southern Virginia, born at Winchester, Va.,
eighty years ago today.
, Brigadier General Anson Mills, U. S. A., re
tired, born in Boone county, Indiana, eighty-two
years ago today.
Rt. Rev. John G. Murray, Episcopal bishop of
Maryland, born at Lonaconing, Md., fifty-nine
years ago today. , . ... ,
i Fi.ran E PJ'f n,u' representative in congress
of the First Michigan district, oom in Venango
county, Pennsylvania, fifty-one years ago today.
Rev. John A. W. Haas, president of Muhlen
burg college, born in Philadelphia, fifty-four years
ago today.
Nathan Haskell Dole, well-known author, born
at Chelsea, Mass., sixty-four years ago today.
Bombardier Wells, noted English heavyweight
today ndon' twny-i'ne years ago
Timely Jottings snd Reminders.
Dr. Alfredo Boquerizo Moreno takes office
today as president of Ecuador. '
, Today is the 36th birthday of Queen Wilhel
mina of Holland and the 37th birthday of the
Emperor of Japan.
Charles W. Fairbanks it to be formally notified
at Indianaoo ha tnrlav f t,i. "
publican candidate for vice president.
i ueoaore .nooievelt is scheduled to
speak todav at Lewiatnn Vf. i k.i..i .
republican ticket in that state. - ' ,nB
Governor Frank B. Willi. tA l .
tZj'Af0' the min candidates for"
governor of Ohm trUA.,A .
Ohio state fair toifay. ,p" "
.o. f pk mee,l.nof the American Confer
at """"tical Faculties is to open in
Philadelphia today for a three-day aession
summer sneezer" frnm .n - ,l.
country will assemble today at Bethlehem, N. H
NrJ,ffi?m f the an?u?' invention the
National Hay Fever assoc at on.
A Maae.1 - ... OLf C SliVCrS iriC
t dav association convention in Chicago
-j .
The federal farm loan board, created under the
new rural cred its aw. u . i...-
today at St. Paul. Minn.
The annual aession of the Pacific German Con
ference of the Methodist Enisron,! S,
open .today at Rosalia. Wash. ,i,h nt.uZ
Hughes presiding. '
Storyetta of the Day.
"I sorter hate to tell
town. ani-S- X y ,0t in trouble in
Dod-burn the triflin' varmint I" grumbled Jack
If he's been atea n' anvthin. i-ii r :i Ii .. '
off'n him, confound-7' ' " " mat
He got into a fight and shot four menl"
. ,?.htJ?u.r. me.n hy? Well. I'll burdinal
. ...u. ...a mat Doy would do us proud some
?2y ZU'PJ ,em-". ay. Slack, he was only
Wants Information.
Omaha, Aug. 28. To the Editor of
The Bee: I waa somewhat aurorlsed,
and I believe many other will be, to
earn inrougn your columns mat me
organization wnicn originally com
prlaed the Trades Union Liberty
league, such aa ber bottlers, brewery
workmen, cooks and waiters, brewery
drivers, bartenders, coopers, cigar
makers and stationary engineers, have
no connection with tne liquor trarric.
Surely the Trade Union Liberty
league does no expect to deceive any
one Dy aucn a disclaimer.
President Trades Unionist Anti-Booze
League ot Nebraska.
No' Lowering of Taxation.
Lincoln, Aug. 27. To the Editor of
rne nee: i.ei no one d aeceivea oy
the false alarms blown by the state
house bugles that taxes of the peo
ple of Nebraska are to be reduced for
the current year or the blennium.
Just the contrary will occur. Why?
Because the asseefted valuation of
property In Nebraaka la increased by
$20,000,000 or about one-twenty-fourth
and the local levies or rates
for county, city and school! will be
higher throughout the state. The re
duction of aeven-tentha of a mill in
the levy for state purposes aa every
well-informed taxpayer knows, the
smallest Item In his total tax Is a
"mere drop In the bucket." This "sop
thrown to Cerberus" will deceive only
the superficial and the unwary minor
ity, but the remaining great majority
of wide-awake taxpayers and men of
affairs will take swift vengeance on
the administration responsible for
higher taxes.
That local rates will be Increased
much more than state taxes will be
decreased is well illustrated In the
case of Lancaster county and Lin
coln especially. This county's as
sessed valuation is nearly $2,000,000
greater than In 1915 or one-twelfth
higher. To bring the matter home
to the taxpayer we will giva a few
figures. The poor man's castle, which
waa assessed in lew at $1,200, will
now be valued at $1,300 for pur
poses of taxation; I. e., he will pay
one-twelfth more taxes on the home
which he ia in all probability acquir
ing on the installment plan by means
of his hard-earned aavlngs.
The foregoing conclusion that
taxes will be at least one-twelfth
higher is baaed on the assumption
that local rates or levies will remain
the same aa In 1816. In Lincoln the
Increase In achool taxes will prob
ably be so much aa to more than off
set any possible decrease due to a
lowering of the county levy, which
has been predicted. .
uur benevolent board ol assess
ment (and lnequalisatton) IS com
posed of disciples of Colbert whose
first principle of taxation was to sluck
as many feathers from the goose as
is consistent wttn tne least amount of
squawk. Such attempts to apply the
methods of France's "anclen regime"
to our state will reproduce the Euro
pean conditions of 1783 in Nebraska
and sweep the schemers on the board
of assessment; namely, Morehead,
Beckman, Hall and Smith, from the
stage of public affairs. '
Edith (el(hlns) Oh. dear! Tom 'hasn't
proposed yet.
atarle Well, what can you expect- of a
chap who never rune hie auto over ten
mllea an hour? Boston Tranacrlpt.
"I hope you are not accumulating a lot
of eolled dlBhes for your wife to wash when
aha returna from her vacation."
'Wope, Z use wooden dishes. Nothing a
wash; and they serve the next morning to
start the Are.'' Louisville Courier Journal.
ftlMW AceoMfMiy HiMN
ADwUSAMS SlPtfwiu. rV
"Miss Julia la very anrrr with me be
cause r kleeed her last night"
"Nonsense, man; ahe'a only pretending to
be angry."
"No; ahe'a mad clear through. And yet
1 apologised Immediately; told her I had
mistaken her for her nrettv vnunff .l.f.r
In the dark." Baltimore American.
"What do vou understand hv aunrln for
rlghteouaneaa' eake?" questioned the Sun
day school teacher.
"Please, miss, It means bavin to come
to Sunday -achool," anawered little Jack.
"Mrs. Cllnnlck thlnka a neat deal of her
You ve aot the wronr nrnnnNlttnn M.v.
It 'for' Instead of 'of.' " Brownlne'a Maaa-
"I have aolved the crowded ear nrnhl.m."
exclaimed the Jubilant atreet railway man.
now t
We'll put a phonograph In each car and
keep It playing The ' Star Spangled Ban
ner.' Then everybody!! have to stand up.'
Waabington Star.
"Sea that man over there? He la's bom
haatlo mutt, a windjammer nonentity, a
falee alarm and an ancumbranoa ot tha
"Would you mind writing alt that Sows
for me-"
"Why In the world"
"He'a my husband and I ahould Ilka to
use it on btm aome time." Brooklyn Cltl
sen. When the atudenta In Austria flgbt their
famoua duela "
"You've got It wrong. It's in Germany
the students are such duellets."
"I know what I'm talking about. Iane
Austria the dual empire ?" BalUmore American.
Alfred Tsnnysoit.
Temri, Idle tears. I know not what thy
Ttara from the depth of soma dlvlna da
Mia in tha heart and father to tha ayaa,
In looking on the happy autumn flelda.
And thlnhinf of tha daya that ara no mora.
Freah ai tba first beam glittering on -ft Mil,
That brings our friends up from tha under
Sad as the last which reddens orer on
That sinks with all wa love below tha
verge ;
So sad, ao fresh, the days that an no more.
Ah, sad and strange aa In dark gumma
The earliest pipe of half-awakened birds
To dying eara. when unto dvlnv avaa
Tha casement alowly grows a glimmering
So sad, ao strange, tha daya that ara no
Dear as remembered klssea after death.
And sweat aa those by hopeless fancy
On lips that ara for others; deep aa love.
Deep aa first love, and wild with all regret;
O death In Ufa, the daya that ara no mora.
621 Resid ents of Nebraska
during the past year.
1000 Rooms. 700 with Bath.
A cuisine which has made
the Astor New York's leading
Banqueting place.
Single Rooms, without bath, fcjx ta fpm
uoueic . . .
Single Rooms, wfth bath,
i axo to 4ots
3 .00 to &o
4-oo to 7
Parlor, Bedroom and bath, S'ioxo 144
At Btosdway, 44th to 45th Sto-ets the center of New York's sodsj1
and business activities. In close proximity to all railway teraunsls.
years old last annerwerry I" Kansas City
; How a Bear Really Hugs. "
l "HS hags like a bearl" How many who have
heard the expression know how a real bear's hug
feels? Mrs. Ida B. Parker of San Francisco speaks
from experience, having received an involuntary
embrace from a bear roaming at liberty in a local
business house. ' And she didn't like it a little bit.
Indeed she thinks it is horrible and has entered'
suit for $20,000 damages "to her person and ner
vous system."
Preparedness for Peace and War.
Nebraska City. Neb.. Autr. 26. To
the Editor ot The Bee: Any pre
paredness program should contem
plate making good cltlsens and cro-
ducera (or peaceful times at the same
time and from the same material that
provides good efficient aoldlera and
defenders when needed. This means
education for civil life accompanied
by military education and tralntnc.
Therefore, devise a plan for both un
der government control and at gov
ernment expense. In brief:
rroviae rovernment schools In each
and every state and territory and
make every boy native born or of
naturalised parents at the afte of 17
a military ward of the government for
tne lour yeara 17 10 si, inclusive, and
obliged to attend the government
school for the full four years term,
where they should receive Complete
military training and such high school
and academic training as each one Is
capable of assimilating, the choice of
agricultural instruction, business
courses, classical, manual, mechanical
training being open. At- the end of
the four years free to return to civil
Hie, uui neia aa nrst military reserve
tor ten -years, secona reserve ten
more, or enlistment for regular army
service If they so desired and were
This Is the idea aa short as I can
state it. It means that when the gov
ernment or people ask for military
service ana training they pay the man
himself by giving him ao education
aa an equivalent for it, and what
could make for greater national life
and efficiency than an educated and
military trained citlsenshlp? Ten or
twenty years of such policy and no
nation on earth could oppose us In
either military or material progress.
Such a course making attendance at
these national colleges obligatory on
all, rich or poor, would also teach
true democracy in life, and equality.
The obstacles are, of course, "cus
tom," "present conceptions" and no
end of questions. But it could be done
If we wanted to do It bad enough.
And the expense would be largely a
shifting of state and private expense
to government shoulders. These things
are all detail. If we only adopt the
Idea that this nation will give all it
youth an efficient, practical education
for life's purposes in return for mili
tary training and service If needed,
there need be no fear for our fu
ture. With such a reserve, in Ave
yeara there would be no need for
large standing army and Our army In
place of being a burden would be co
workers and producers. We no doubt
need to be prepared for all contingen
cies, need aoldlera and something will
no doubt be done. Let us get "trained
soldiers" and "trained citizens" at one
and the same time.
Detroit Free Press : Tha Rockefeller tn
etltut la disturbed by tha oreient kith
Srtae of monkeys. The, human variety,
thouth. is always plentiful and moat of
them are cheap.
Boatoll Tranacrlpt: The democratic party
will permit "hlg business" to build up
abroad, by co-operation, all the trade H can,
thus sustaining tha cherished Jefferaonlan
tradition, "Foreignera Srst."
Chicago Herald: Two moat aglla mem- '
bare ot the dancing masters' convention ara
8 and 71 years of age. They aay dancing
fcapt them young. Perhapa that'a why
ballet queens ara uaually grandmothers.
St Louis Globe-Democrat: Any bumble
ettiten who haa lost IS7S In a real estate
deal, or moo "atartlng" a weakly newa
paper, can have a follow feeling with tha
lata J. P. Morgan, tha Inventory of whoso
state ahawa Orer 7,M0,00 in worthless
Pittsburgh Dispatch : The fellow who pen
ciled that 'footnote" on his arttHela! leg,
ant through the parcel post, and who waa
compelled to pay I2.SI .latter postage, naa
given wholesome warning to other Jokers
So write foot-notca and love-notes wh tra
he who runs may aot read.
Brooklyn Eagle i That General Penhtng's
camp ' sanitary and all right It the eon
ol I . tit, Mr. Thomas Darlington, , who
ought to know. Meanwhile, the militiamen
thia aide of tha border have - a lower oiek
rata than tho regulara. Texae may soon
hope to ee boomed aa a aummt
The claims of ataxic will ba deferred.
A product of choice American
barley malt and carefully selected im
ported hops. Brewed and bottled in
a modern brewery under the most
sanitary conditions. Cannot be sur
passed in quality. Its taste is most
pleasant. No beverage is more re
freshing or satisfying, especially on a
hot day.
Save Coupons and Get Premiums
Phone Douglas 1889 and
have a case sent home.
Luxus Mercantile Co.
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sentials to tbe wall being of
the bumaa race since crea
tion. Naturally, health b
sought by everyone thous
ands suffering from blood
maladies, art giving thanks
to the wonderful results ob
tained tbreagk S. 8. 8.
and health are bound by
strong band of security
when S. S. S. is permitted
to assist nature ia restoring
strength and vigor to the
over worked and polaoned
blood, with its strengthen
ing vegetable qualities. .
Persistence is the cardinal vir
tue in advertising; no matter
how good advertising may be
in other respects, it must be
run frequently and constant
ly to be really successful.