Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 31, 1916, STATE FAIR SECTION, Image 19

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1 Street
The Famous sEt?I
Lincoln, Nebraska
I State Fair Visitors Welcome
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$fc A Scene in the Residence
SwV Section Looking Eist
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Lincoln Carnegie ZiZyAry
nection is seen in the smaller homes the donor, although they perhaps
Lincoln adds a family a day to its
population, that is, it adds an aver
age of four persons daily to its list
of contented people.
Lincoln is primarily a city of
homes. Neither commercial striving
nor the pursuit after learning has
broken the home atmosphere there.
This atmosphere is' apparent to the
stranger within the gates at the cap
ital city. Visitors there never", go
back home without having noticed
mat, and without having been re
cipients of attentions, .there they
would expect to nna in a city ot Hos
pitality. . Socially Lincoln is a great de
mocracy, there ar tin atratae thr
The circle starts with the affairs of
state, made possible by the location
of the capital there, and' they' continue
in little eddies beyond that, taking
in here and there practically every
family of the city.
The churches contribute splendidly
lo the social life. In number and ef
fort they comprise an unusually large
part of the city's affairs, and they
reach out in their week-day activities
in such a way as to give their mem
bers the widest opportunities for
advancement along social lines.
The young people's societies form
an adjunct of importance in this con
nection and under the1 leadership of
some of the most interesting young
people's workers in the country carry
on the work with good results. The
Young Mens' Christiaa . Association
and the Young Women' Christian
Association aid in tin's line and with
their spacious buildings at their com
mand to draw young folks to them
give impetus to the movement.
Fraternal organizations stand high,
too, in the list. The Kits with a large
and well-arranged club, building lead
in the affairs at present.. The Masons
have been somewhat handicapped by
cramped quarters, but , the erection
of a huge elaborately equipped temple
at Fifteenth and L streets forecasts
a time here when the wearers of the
square and compass and all their re-
vjatives ana tne ladies ot the Eastern
Star, will be well taken care of in this
rospect. - -.- '
Other lodges, although ; having no
buildings of their own, make up rfor
the defect by the frequency; 'and suc
cess with which they give social affairs.
The growth of college fraternities ":
from year to year, naturally raking :
into membership a nuriibcr of men
who make Lincoln their home,' has
left alumni organizations of many of
tnem ana tnis is also true with the
sororities. All of these alumni or
ganizations maintain a lively exist
ence despite their separation from
active college affairs.
The Country club fills .a place
the social life which was vacant for
many years. It has grown percent'
ibly during the past few years and
is now one of the most popular
places in or about Lincoln during
the summer months, and late spring
' ana eariy iau. 1 ne country cluo has
extended its grounds and its facili
ties considerably since it began its
existence, and now accommodates sev
eral hundred at its home.
During the university year, of
course, Lincoln is more alive socially
than during vacation. Affairs of
that institution, while mostly removed
from the world numbers of Lincoln
people travel in, is still reached by
V-iany hundreds, yes thousands of
them, and there is a happy blending
of the town and the gown in most
of them. Former students and grad
uates of the big institution live in
Lincoln and suburbs and never get
for enough away from their alma
mater to forget to contribute to the
college and semi-college functions
for which it is responsible.
The air of culture is felt about the
city, too, in the social fabric. An
unusual number of culture clubs have
been organized among the women of
the city and the men, too, have
branched out into this realm with ap
parent success.
In close proximity to the state his
torical society's museum and records,
and to the gigantic state library and
to all the facilities of the university,
including the members of the faculty
there, the clubs have had a wealth of
material to draw upon in their dis
cussions and studies. The results are
seen in a myriad of ways.
Real encouragement in these lines
have been offered by the university
faculty members, too, it might be
written here. They have lent help
ing hands wherever they could in the
organization of clubs for intellectual
benefit, and they have taken enough
interest in them from time to time to
assure the members of live subjects
,..... . a: :
The homes of Lincoln are a true
index of the spirit which is fostered
within. They are concrete examples
of the. home spirit for which Lin
coln is noted, and of which it is
prouder of than of any other feature
which denotes its character.
It is said of the city that an un
usually large percentage of the people
there own their own homes and that
no American city over 25,000 popula
tion can snow a better record in
this respect.
The. homes are not only built to
correspond to the ideas of their own
ers, but they have definite, tasty
architectural lines, which they adhere
to in a most happy manner. The
straight, uninviting lines, for in
stance, which can be too frequently
found in the homes of some of the
larger cities of the country are ab
sent in Lincoln. The same idea to
economize is there doubtless, but the
people fail to call it economy to sac
rifice some of the outside beauty for
a few dollars.
The good taste is seen not alone in
the homes of great cost. A oreoon-
derantly splendid spirit in this con
of the city. The bungalow halm, il
such it be, has caught Lincoln with
a rush and thousands of those iR-at.
well arranged, good looking smaller
homes have gone up there in the last
There has been an especially large
movement toward the city during the
last three years to make room for
the outside movement. The bunga
low has been pursuing the prairie re
lentlessly in and about the capital
city, and threatens not to let up in
the pursuit until many more of them
dot the land surrounding the city.
During the last few years public
attention has been given to making
the streets more beautiful and to
providing parks for the city on a
scale never before attempted there.
The idea has been to give to the
people who may not have in
their home settings as much of
nature as they want something they
have been compelled to pass up in
that respect. Antelope park is the
greatest of these, and this with its
additions of the last year has become
a lovely place for people of all classes.
Among those who have iriven this
attention is one of our own bankers,
Thomas Auld of the Corn Exchange
National bank, who was for several
years a resident of the capital city..
Mr. Auld gave a considerable tract
to the city and already thousands of
children and men and women who
jhave frolicked upon it have thanked
hadii t even a passing acquaintance
with him and'wouldnt have known
him if he had come up and swung one
ot the kiddies back and forth.
Lincoln is essentially a city of
homes and is rapidly becoming a city,
too, of beautiful streets and beautiful
buildings, but the changes that have
been made are naught to the ones
F.laborate plans are being shown that are likely to be made within the
now for the erection of a new union
station at Lincoln, one that will have
something of architectural beautv
' about it and which will be a credit to
the city. There are plans also dis
cussed by many of the improvement
clubs having the backing of a unani
mous citizenship which might result
some day in a changed location for
the state capitol ana which contem
plate, a Pennsylvania avenue in the
Capital City.
The proposal is to have the capitol
building located at the east end of Q
street on a small hillock at Twenty
seventh street, and to have it face the
west, with business blocks built all
the way from the Union depot at
Eighth street.
in some places there will probably
be numerous little street parks built
up and such additional beautihers as
electrolier lighting systems and the
like will be added. Another accom
panying plan contemplates the build
ing of a great roadway from Antelope
park down to Twentieth and O
streets down the path now followed
by the Rock Island road. This, of
course, would be possible if that road
availed itself of the Union depot
project and changed" its course
through Lincoln. -
next decade. The civic spirit is at
work in a most commendable way.
It will accomplish more things in the
future than it has in the past. And
one of these davs when future scribes
pen lines for state fair editions of
Omaha papers they will have so much
to touch upon that no kind-neartea
managing editor will think of limit
ing them to 1,200 words.
E. R. Deputy Co.
When you see "Deputy" on a hat
it means something. This company
started out in business in a small
way ten years ago in Lincoln. Now
there is not a town in the state but
what the Deputy hat goes into. Be
sides they keep seven .saic.ncn
the road and have extended their
business into other states.
ine company s sales rooms are
situated at 227'31 North Ninth street,
and besides handling hats, handles a
general line of furnishing goods for
gentlemen. 1 he comnanv enmlovs
large number of employes and is one
ot the substantial tirms which has
helped to put Lincoln on the map as
a wno'csaie town.
i ii 1 MkjSfwm
1 1 I
t'OUK ami
In this beautiful valve-in-head touring car every
Buick engineering and manufacturing prin
ciple is carried to the utmost
This is the second season for this Buick model, and in that
time it has established itself as "The IDEAL MOTOR CAR"
In finish and appointments this
Buick is equal to the costliest cars.
The finish is durable, and is baked
on in what is perhaps the largest
and most complete enameling
plant in the motor car industry.
Equipped with the most powerful
motor built, beautiful in design and
finish, strong and durable as only
Buick methods can make a motor
car, this model appeals instantly
to the most critical purchaser.
The motorist who wants the unfailing power supplied only by the
perfected Valve-in-Head motor, who wants a car for which rough roads
and steep hills hold no terrors; and which is durable, economical and
efficient, will find exactly what he is looking for in the Buick.
Nebraska Buick Auto Co.
H. E. SIDLES, Gen'l Mgr.
Sioux City
I iiiiiiii'iiiiiiiiiiliJliJililuJl ii m m
&SO to felUiiO
I lllll
The finest exclusive Ladies'
Ready - to - Wear Store in Ne
braska bids you welcome.
All the very newest of the sea
son in fine tailored suits, coats,
street dresses, evening gowns,
skirts, waists, silk petticoats,
kimonos and millinery you
will find here.
0 ...
1117 L Street
Lincoln, Neb.
IP" ' " '71
The Nebraska Sanitarium i
The BVitem of curative methodi lined at thii inatitutinn ia tha
development of nearly fifty years of experience and reiearch by a
large number of physicians and scientists. The institution IS ona of
s more than eighty allied sanitariums employing all the curative meth-
ods under the term "Physiological Therapeutics." The institution Is
founded upon the broad principles of training the individual baok to
The broken-in-health body needs a real service. Not a nenrirn 5
S that forces the body into temporary activity only to suffer a relapse,
a but one that Is regenerative and reconstructive in its fundamental 5
buoiAbwi, niiu vue cuctb vi which i permanent.
s The Nebraska Sanitarium is a rest retreat, combining many of s
s the advantages of a vocational resort with Just such service, under the S i
s supervision of competent physicians and nurses, and equipped to use
E every modern means employed in the restoration of health.
HEALTH Is the One Essential and Rest j
Under Proper Conditions Is the Road i
to Health.
Rest restores the weakened vitality and lengthens life. It fits
one's body for service. Sleep and quiet are important agencies in
the upbuilding process, but we must go further; the tired body needs
s revitalizing by special massage, electrical treatments, and invigorating
s baths scientifically given. Pure and wholesome' foods, air that is
full of bracing ozone, home-like surroundings that add to one's peace
of mind and comfort all these are necessary to give complete rest
to the body and restore it to its normal condition.
A tired mind goes with a tired body, and so, many times, it seems
S harder to leave your present surroundings, even for the sake of acquir-
ing a physically better body and more active mind.
There is no mystery about what a littlo rest of this kind will do.
The only mystery lies in the fact that people will continue to be
weary and suffer, forcing their bodies unnaturally and harmfully
s with stimulating medicines and neglecting the opportunities that
s nature has provided for them: for health and hflnnln. bm tit. 5
heritage of every human being of some more fully than others, but e
of all more than they realize, if they will only seek it
Above all, remember that vou will find here nn iimnk... 5
depression, but. on the contrary, a nervadinir anirit. nf hunuanf uanni
g ness resulting from returning health and vigor.
Write us for any special information you 1
may desire. We want to be of service to you. I
Individuals suffering from diseases of a con- I
tagious character are not received.
The Nebraska Sanitarium I
i !
i :I
I i
.5 l
s ' K
i ?