Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 31, 1916, STATE FAIR SECTION, Image 12

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Lincoln and environs contain a col
legiate atmosphere because, in addi
tion to the r-.ajor institution, the
State university, there are located
j:ner schools around it which are of
distinct importance in their fields.
Most of these schools are denomi
national. They are located where
the student! can have the utmost for
their expenditures in school life; they
are different from the university, but
they fill a niche in life which makes
them indispensable.
f At University Place is situated
'Wesleyan university. This is a
Methodist institution of upward of
000 students. It is one of the most
thorough institutions the big church
lias in the Country, and its faculty is
one of the most zealous and capable
of any in the employ of the parent
The institution has a large campus
and fosters athletics in a way that
attracts hundreds of manly young
men to it. It seized all of the state
collegiate athletic prizes worth hav
ing last year, among the secondary
schools of Nebraska, ana araboea
some of the honors from a number
of the best out-of-the-state institu
tions of its class.
Its basket ball team even defeated
tle fast ' Cornhusker quintet last
season and thereby achieved some'
thing which Coach Kline had been
seeking ever 'since he came to the
. school.
Social life at Wesleyan is developed
upon a most commendable plane,
too. Young men and young women
have their societies which give regu
lar functions and which bring to the
student just enough of this side of
life to inviRorate them and yet which
are not carried to an extreme in any
. sense. .
Strangers who do not enter these
societies are provided, tor in church
and faculty functions of various kinds
and every student who enters this
school is made to feel that he is an
entit,. He is kept track of. kept in
.touch with and the ministrations are
. to his social self as well as to his
mental, moral and physical comfort.
1 herein lies the sucecss of the a
nominational school a number of the
faculty members of Wesleyan feel,
They devote much time to a study of
their students and to touching them
where the points of contact are most
in need of sensitiveness.
Corner University.
At Bethany, about three miles east
of Lincoln, the Church of Christ
years aeo located Cotner university.
The school is one of the best in the
west in this denomination and has
been growing - from year, to. year
steadily m a way to encourage some
ot its oldest friends, i
The institution makes men and
women. It ia the modest insistence
of the faculty members that an over
whelmingly , large number of their
graduates, and of those who attend
the institution, make broad-minded,
splendid men and women when they
get out into the world.
That claim. has never been. dit
proved, and it is the hope of the. fac
ulty to see that such men and women
are sent out that it never will be.
In addition to the academic
courses which it offers, the institu
tion gives a theological course which
nreDarea Dastora foe its charges and
which has developed numbers of
those who are now filling pulpits over
the state. The number is not large
that goea out each year, but they are
well prepared and alt of them have
entered into their work in a way that
justified the faith which their instruc
tors bad in them. j.
Union Collect. - ' '
At Collesre View, four and a half
miles southeast of Lincoln, the A4-
ventists have an institution. It
Union college, and its students are
drawn from dozen or more states
west of the Mississippi river. Al
though distinctly a church school
academic courses are given by it and
alnnff with the men who enter the
ministry are graduated those who
follow some of the other vocations in
the employ of the denomination.
A sanitarium is operated in connec
lion with the college and nurses are
educated there. The same board has
charge of the two institutions. The
i-nlltn ia run on highly creditable
lines and the aim of the faculty, from
the heffinmns. has been to pot the In
stitution on the same plane with
mhrr institutions of this character.
An increased enrollment from year
to year testifies as to the efficiency
of the school and its operation from
the standpoint of the church members
The site of Union college was fixed
near this city after a dozen citiea of
the west and south had contended
vigorously for the honor. Various
actiivtiea of the Adventist denomina
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j Wesleyan
! University
Many Schools Are
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I w I y
tion are connected with the college
and are located at College View.
Nebraska School of Business.
Under the direction of President T.
A. Blakeslee the Nebraska School of
Business has taken high ranking in its
field in this state. The institution has
been enrolling students steadily dur-
t the last few month sand there are
indications that the present location
will be sorely overtaxed by the time
the fall terms opens. The institu
tion is located in the new Gas and
Electric company building at Four
teenth and O atreet and is well
equipped for every part ot the work
which it is undertaking. The rec
ord of its students in the business
field has been of the best and the
instructors have endeavored to im
prove it even though they have had
a high mark to aim at from its in
ception. The Lincoln Business' College.
This institution is one of the oldest
west of the Mississippi river and its
students are found in all lines of
business in the west. The Lincoln
Business college is located at the
northwest corner of Fourteenth and
P streets in one of the best arranged
buildings for this purpose in the coun
try. '. , ,
The faculty contains some of the
Card-Adams Motor
v Company
The Card-Adams Motor company,
which has recently moved into its fine
quarters at 1640 O street in Lincoln,
near the Seventeenth and O street
road to the state fair grounds, is
finely situated to handle the exten
sive trade which has been coming to
the firm in the past year, necessi
tating its moving to its new quarters.
The company handles the well
known Chandler car and covera a
territory comprising Nebraska, South
Dakota and western lows, and nas
branches in Omaha and Des Moines,
from which points it is able to give
quick deliveries and handle, the busi
ness in good shape.
The business here is in charge of
W. S. Adams and a large office
force; the Omaha business is handled
by the Omaha Chandler company at
2520 Farnam, and is in charge of
A. D. Northrup' and Gus Bolton,
while the Lincoln retail end is looked
after by the Kimball Sales company
at Lincoln, which does an astonishing
business in Lancaster county and this
part of the state.
Nebraska Buick Auto
Automobiles come and automobiles
go, but It appears to be that the re
liable Buick holds its place with the
people as the reliable car from which
stood service can be had. The de
mand for the Buick six-cylinder cars
during the present year, when over
66,000 were built and placed on the
market forced the factory to make
new arrangements for 1917, and con
sequently they expect to furnish the
1917 trade nearly 100,000 cars, if not
more than that.
The light four-cylinder car has
given such great satisfaction that the
company will put out about 60,000
of that model. H. E. Sidles, general
manager for the Nebraska company,
ssys that the demand in this state
and Iowa next year will be double
that ot the present year.
f or t he
1112-14 0 Street
Lincoln, .Nebraska.
Located In and Around Lincoln
Conner Univ-eMiry
best-known commercial instructors in
the west and the heads of each de
partment have been selected with an
especial view to their fitness for the
careful work which must be given
by teachers of this class. The school
has graduated more students who are
now occupying places in the business
world than most any other institu
tion of its kind. There are very few
which lead it, in the belief of compe
tent judges, and those connected with
it insist that its record resulted from
the care which has always been taken
with all the students enrolled with it
University School of Music-
Across from the state university,
at the corner of Eleventh and R
streets, the university school of mu
sic has stood ever since its organiza
tion. The institution . began to de
velop and have a place in the musical
institutions of the west when Willard
Kimball came here to take charge of
it. He came from Grinnell, Ia., here
and his success in the Hawkeye in
stitution has been more than dupli
cated here.
Mr. Kimball has had on the rolls
of his institution representatives of
some of the best-known families of
the state, and although it has been a
select list to respond to has not failed
to bring forth most sincere praise
August Molzer,
Violin Teacher
The Molser Violin 'school of Lin
coln. Neb., took up quarters in its
new location, 1213 O atreet, where,
in addition to spacious studios, it will
have a recital hall large enough to
seat 250 people.
Seven years ago, August Molzer,
a pupil of the famous Sevcik, started
in the
The Beatrice Cream Separ
ator is the one high grade separ
ator selling at a reasonable price.
. The Beatrice gets all the
cream, whether the milk is warm
or cold.
The Beatrice is the lightest
running separator on the market.
.It will
of price.
rOv fit U
'ft; & - ;
Qte&v&&$m& mf I
of the schol has been selected with
great care by Mr. Kimball personally
and in the list of instructors are
found some of the best artists obtain
able at this distance from the great
musical centers of the country.
the school with the idea of establish
ing an institution where the violin
should be the sole consideration.
That he has succeeded is proven by
the fact that constantly increasing
patronage made it necessary for him
to locate in larger quarters. A gradu
ate from Molzer is taught the Sevcik
method of technique by one of the
pupils of its originator, who trained
such celebrities as Kubelik, Kocian
and Marie Hall. Mr. Molzer is the
only certified exponent of the Sevcik
method in Nebraska. I
A Square Meal and
' a Square Deal
Our prices during Fair Week will
be the same as at any other time, so
will the quality of food served on
our tables. It is our policy at all
times to serve only the best foods
All dishes and glasswear are
washed and scalded. Seats for 100
Acroai th. Straat North fraa Miliar A Patau.
Dairy Lunch Room
Roberta Sanitary Dairy Company,
1238 O St Lincoln, N.b.
wear longer and give
satisfaction regardless
; i
The Lindell Lincoln, Neb.
tT "' ' " 'iin-.i.''ii...iimn
D l . tlM
Kates. $U0
, R.W.
nil m
See Our Nearest Agent or Write Us.
The Best Exhibit
of modern business training methods to be found
can be Been by calling at our building and inspecting our work.
You will miss something worth while if you do not see it. The
thorough-going and painstaking manner in which young men
and women are prepared to hold the responsible places of busi
ness life is worthy of your closest investigation.
t Visitors are always welcome. Ex-students and friends are
especially urged to call.
Opening Dates, September 4 and September II. .
Lincoln Business College
Lincoln' Accredited Commercial School.
14th and P SU. Lincoln, Nob.
First Corner Eut of Y. M. C. A.
Plattner-Yale Manufacturing Co.
Windmills, Iron Pumps,
Hay Tools
Hay Tools
Iron Pipe, Brass Goods, Pipe Fittings, Hose, Belting,
Well and Pump Supplies.
Lincoln's New Implement and Pump Plant
TI ii It?6'
;j ,t- ,J I l iM1,
Without Bath Sensibly Priced Cafe
With Bath New Lunch Room
JOHNSTON, Owner and Manager
The Beatrice Cream Separ
ator can be cleaned, sterilized
and dried in two minutes with
the patented Beatrice Washer.
The washer was awarded
highest honors at the Panama
Pacific exposition in 1915. Dairy
authorities pronounced it the
greatest invention since the in
vention of the cream separator
A Beatrice washer given ab
solutely free with each separator.
Pump Jacks, Wood Tanks,
for the Barn
for the Field