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Brief City News
TowDMBd for Sporting Good.
How ftoot Print it Ntw Bemcon Pr.
Ughttmc ntnr Burieu-Granden Co.
Hulf Karat Whit IHamonda S7iV- Ed holm
m Hin Hoar tf pvfiisT. inr nnu-r
BlsIdabs, la an office in the Bee build-
Anir thA hinltllnir that la known to all.
Today's Movie rrofftum" classi-
various moving'picture theaters offer.
' Auxiliary to Give Dance The La
a.i m 0 a.aja,iija-i jr
Hundreds of Children Take
Part in Various Play
ground Activities.
o William McKlnley
lodge No. 681, I. O. O. B.. will give a
dance at the Hanscom park pavilion
Tuesday evening.
Federal Kmployra to Picnic The
federal employes In Omaha will hold
a picnic at Krug park, September 10.
' It is intended to Becure an orator to
coai, .... h vnpAjoires now before
congress on retirements and pensions
jj tor federal employes.
tlnn at Work Irvin
Hughes, assistant ticket agent for the
Northwestern, is nome irum n v..
tinn anent out on the Sherman hill,
f In Wyoming, where he was timekeeper
in a rraval Dit. He enjoyed his vaca
tion hugely, the only objectionable
feature being the facilities for taking
baths. In order to bathe, Mr. Hughes
was forced to pull the chain of a rail
road water tank, and thus get his
shower bath.
T,nnmla Rank With First Story N.
H. Loomls, general solicitor for the
Union Pacific, is back from his vaca-
Jkicn spent at Dome Lake. His family
Loomls Is regaling his associates
around the haadauarters building with
stories of catching trout, asserting
that there was not a day while he was
at the rake that he did not catch trout.
They averaged around three pounds
each, with some of the big ones weigh
ing tour and five pounos,
Safety First Train Coming The
government's Safety First train that
haa heen tnurlnff the country since
early in August, will reach Nebraska
Tuesday, coming in from Denver over
the Union Pacific. It was at Denver
Ratiirdav and was visited by 16,000
people. It will be at Sidney Tuesday
and Tuesday night, coming into u
ha uvlilnv and remaining until Satur
day. It Is probable that the train will
be parked near tne union station,
Aired Connie Wed Gray hairs
nrnvad no harrier to Cunid's darts,
DeAlton W. Calvin, a veteran of 61
vears. from Kansas City, appeared be
fore Marriage License Clerk Herbert
H. Stubbendort bright ana early Mon
rtav morning. Daid his S2 and secured
the permit to ed his sweetheart of
72, Susan R. Trlbble of Red Oak, la.
The aired couDle Journeyed to the resi
dence of the Rev. Mr. Cobbey of the
First Christian church for the nuptial
Following Sham Life
Saving Stunt, Guard
n n nr
rescues rour men
After the guards at Municipal
beach had staged a sham life-saving
stunt under the direction of Dr. Wil
liam teary, yesterday afternoon, four
men were taken from the water when
they got out beyond their depth and
cried for help.
The prearranged "rescue was
known onlv to Dr. Leary and the
Mrnwnino- man " Fred' Nichols.
Nichols swam out a considerable
distance and then gave a demonstra
tion nf the aeceDted kind in the case
of drowning men. He gave several
lusty calls for "helpl" which caught
the attention of the large crowd at
the beach.
The guards then rushed to the
rescue and brought him to shore. It
was only after he had been "resus
citated" that the frightened bather
,. "let in" on the fact that the
affair had been staged for their
A 'ew minutes later the guards
were called upon really to earn their
salaries. The four men who swam
out too far and found they couldn't
get back unassisted let out a series ot
'eavm mV save- me'a." in tones that
... i
save me s, save me s, in tones mat
wnnlrl have shamed an Apache In
dian. Thev were rescued without
tffirnltv. '
Ir. the neighborhood of 4,500 people
visited the beach aunaay.
Uvrrct Unlrl TVioif Pofa
While Mayor Talks
Three boys at the Clearview play
ground pet show yesterday afternoon
were somewhat perturbed lest their
pet calves held ..l leash should
break awav while Mayor Dahlman
was addressing the exhibitors and at
tendants. But the boys held fast to
their charces and made (rood.
"Abraham Lincoln was riding ilong
on horseback," said the mayor, "and
he dismounted to replace jn a nest a
baby bird which had fallen to the
ground. He was kind to animals and
birds and I want you to follow his
example." The youngsters cheered
the mavor. Mrs. Dahlman attended
the show and was interested in sixty
five nets broueht bv the children.
boy proudly exhibited twenty-three
tinv chicks. The three calves, how
ever, furnished the most amusement.
The mavor told the children a few
stories of his early ranch life and of
how he lived with animals tor many
vears before he moved to Omaha,
- "Show me a boy or a girl who is
kind to animals and I will show you
a good boy or girl," added the mayor
in arting. He was introduced by
Superintendent English of the play
grounds. m
Police Fill Jail.
In Saturday's Work
The day ending at 7 o'clock Sunday
morning police headquarters showed
155 arrests, not including automobil-
ists who are allowed to report on their
honor. From early indications the
Sunday clean-up will bring in as many
more at least. 1 lie jail would be un
ahle to contain the whole- crowd i
many did not have friends to furnish
The capacity of the city jail is abput
180 if the inmates are packed in care
fullv. If the women prisoners are
transferred to the matron's room this
number can be exceeded somewhat.
The bulk jf the Saturday catch in
cluded eight keepers of disorderly
houses - and eiKhty-seven inmates.
Included in the Sunday -list were
eight Mexicans held for investigation
m connection with a murder ot a juex
ican laborer Sunday morning.
Dr. King's New Discovery.
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use over 4ft yeara.N Guaranteed. Sold by
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The mayor and Mrs. Dahlman went
to Spring Lake playgrounds yesterday
where they witnessed a pushmobile
race. Mrs. Dahlman became so inter
ested tha she helped a boy who was
in trouble over his machine. The win
ners were:
First, Stephan Vail, 2316 E street
James Boyd, 3927 South Twenty
Second, John Johnanek. 3121 South
Sixteenth street; Albert Ethofer, 1523
Third, Frank Ethofer, 1523 Canton;
Leslie Callahan, 1'05 Ontario.
Fourth. Willie Ulovec, 1724 Canton;
Ray Little, 1907 Castelar.
There were seven pushmobiies in
the race. The mayor was official
starter ,
At the Doll Show.
Seventv-five airls took their dolls
to the doll show at Mandan park play
grounds. The following girls dressed
themselves to represent Indian, Cana
dian, Quaker, dancing and flower
dolls: Ethel Sullivan, Anna Rhodes,
Arline Helm, Elizabeth Trucha,
Verna Lowe, Mary McCarthy, Kutli
Madison, Christine White, Madge
Gillisnie and Affnes Sorenson. They
were led by Ethel and Irma Callahan,
small girls, in the parade. The show
was given under the direction oi
Supervisor Altstadt of the play
grounds and was appreciated by a
larire fathering of children and
It was a gala day tor tne sown ame
playgrounds, with three events of spe
cial interest.
New Serbian Church.
Under the auspices of St. Nicholas
lodge, No. 149, a fund was started
yesterday for the establishment of a
Serbian orthodox church and school
at Thirtieth and S streets, at which
location three lots have been pur
chased. The property cost $3,000 and
it is expected to raise $5,000 for the
building. Yesterday $1,000 was sub
scribed. Rev. George Milosavilevil
of Kansas City spent the day hen
and offered words of counsel and en
couragement to his countrymen o.'
whom there is quite a colony on the
South Side. Member of St. Nicholas
lodge, some in uniform, marched to
the site of the church and school an-'
then back to the hall at Twenty-sixth
and N streets, where a social time
was enjoyed.
The new church and school organi
zation will be conducted by the lodge
of which Peter Plechas is president.
Mr. Plechas said he expects there will
be 600 men, women and children in
the new religious and educational or
ganization. Work on the building
will be started during the early fall.
In his address to the Serbians here
Rew Milosavilevic urged South Side
Serbians to take advantage of their
educational opportunities and he
praised the free institutions of this
country. He complimented his peo
ple for having a capable group of men
in charge of the governmental affairs
of Greater Omaha. He left for Kan
sas City on an evening train.
A dance was held at the hall in the
evening, after the serious attairs ot
the day had been disposed of.
Magle City Gossip.
Announcement Henry J. Beal. attorney-
at-law, Murphy block. Phone South 206.
Wanted Boy who doee not go to school;
must be 16 years old or more. Apply at,
Bee office, 8outh Omaha. 2918 N street.
Rev. R. L. Wheeler conducted the funeral
services of Mrs. Mary A. Btephan at Flor
ence Sunday afternoon. Mlas Laura Peter
son of South Side sang.
"The Fortune Hunter" Is the big six-reel
society pktura for the Besse tonight. Ethel
Clayton Is tha featured one.
Charles A. Musselman, state secretary of
the Young Men's t'hrlstlsn aunrlalion spoke
last evening in the Wheeler Mvmorlal Tree
byterlan church. Lynn Beckett of Omaha
waa the soloist.
Leonard, 2-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Kahn of Sarpy county, died Bunder
morning at a hospital. The funeral will be
Tuesday afternoon. The Infant wae stricken
with bowel trouble and died suddenly.
Now ready for occupancy. Beautiful oak
finished bungalow, strictly modern; corner
lot, on Twenty-first and Q streets. Nothing
nicer In South Omaha, "Look It over." Rea
sonable payments Kasy terms. Will sell
for house ronetructlon coat. Bee L. C. Qlbson,
opposite poetofrtce.
Miss Rosie Baptist, Native
Teacher, Relates Perscu
tions of Christians.
Many Pioneers
Attend Funeral of
B. E, B, Kennedy
Many of the oldest pioneers of
Omaha and Douglas county ar.i other
friends gathered at the residence of
the late B. E. B. Kennedy, 2212 South
Twenty-ninth street, Sunday after
noon at S o'clock, for the funeral
services of this aged pioneer.
The regular Episcopal funeral serv
ices were observed, Rev. Robert S.
Flockhart, assistant rector of All
Saints Episcopal church, officiating.
The pallbearers were:' Arthur
Wakeley, W. J. Connell, Judge A. C.
Troup, Isaac Congdon, Guy Read,
and Edward Simeral. Interment in
Forest Lawn cemetery, following the
services at the home, was private.
Cltlleos' Training ramp to Open.
Ren Francisco. Cat. Aug. 20 Orders pro.
vldlna for the establishment of a cltlxena'
training camp, to be conducted under the nf the United States army at Fort
Douglas, Utah, reached the headquarters
nf the western deoartment here today.
Simultaneously It wss announced that the
camp would open Monday, August si.
The horrors of the Turkish perse-1
cutions of Christians in Armenia dur
ing the present war were told by an
eye-witness yesterday morning at
Immanuel Baptist church. Miss
Rosie Baptist, a native of Armenia
and a teacher in that country, de
picted the horrible things done by the
barbarous Turks.
"They have nearly wiped out our
nation, she said. "I was in Switzer
land when I heard of the serious iUV
ness of my mother. I tried to reach
her, but was unable to do so. Then
came word that my father was in the
hospital. The Turks came and
dragged him out into the street and
killed him.
"In one house the Turks came and
killed all the people except one baby,
A Turk went to the cradle where the
baby was cooing, and the little one
reached up and took hold of his little
finger. Shaking off the hold of the
little hand, he grasped the babe by
the head, lifted it up and with" one
blow severed the head from the body.
"Ten women were taken and their
eyes gouged out. Then these mon
sters rubbed salt in the raw flesh to
increase the torture.
"They took one old woman, placed
a bottle filled with powder on her
head, set a fuse to it and blew her
head off.
"Of all the little countries that have
suffered Belgium, Poland, Serbia
i and Armenia the one that has suf
i fered by far the worst is Armenia.
I The others lave been persecuted by
I enemies, but not by barbarian en
! emies as Armenia has been. They
haven't been tortured simply for the
brutal pleasure of seeing tliem sutler.
"What makes it worse is that the
Koran teaches the Turks that it is
pleasing to God for them to kill the
Christians, and that they will gain re
ward according to the number of
Christians they kill.
"The other little countries are fight
ing for their national existence, but
Armenia is struggling also for its na
tional faith. Hundreds of thousands
have died rather than gave up their
"And in spite of the awful persecu
tion that has brought our loved ones
to terrible deaths, we try to do as
Christ did on the cross. We try to
forgive them, 'for they know not
what they do.'"
Pioneer Omahan Celebrates
Birthday Anniversary
Henry Lehmami, a pioneer Oma
han, who came here in 1867 and who
has been ensased in the wall paper,
decorating and painting business for
fifty-three years, celebrated his sixty
eighth birthday anniversary yester
day. He is a senior member of the
firm of Henry Lehmann and Sons,
He served an apprenticeship in Kiel,
Germany, when he was a young man.
Elderly Man Is Hit by
Auto and Sprains Wrist
William Hunt, Eighteenth and
Miami streets, an elderly man, was
run into by an automobile on South
Fifteenth street. The machine was
not traveling at a very high rate o'
speed and the only injury he re
ceived was a slightly sprained wrist,
which Police Surgeon Meyers treated
Sunday morning.
Commander-in-Chief of India
Will Vacate His Office
by Order.
London, Aug. 21. The war office
tonight announced that General Sir
Beauchamp Duff has been summoned
home to give evidence before the
Mesopotamia commission and will
vacate his office as commander-in-chief
in India, being succeeded by
Li-utenant General Sir Charles Car
micliacl Monro.
land American league club to the Port
land club of the Pacific Coast league, It
was announced today by Secretary Black
wood of the Cleveland olub. Howard foes
to Portland as part of the deal whereby
the Indians will secure Louis Oulstl. first
baseman of the Coast league team. Cleve
land haa already eent several players to
Portland for OutsU, Including Pitcher Ha
german, Loudermllk and Kelly, Outfielders ,
Wllle and Southworth and Infielder Evans.
It Is understood that Cleveland also paid
a cash consideration.
Face Powder
(fti Cn
General Duff has been chief com
mander in India since 1913. He is 61
years old. Lieutenant General Monro
has been commander of the first army,
succeeding General Sir Douglas Hatg
when the latter was made commander
in chief of the British forces in France
and Belgium. General Munro was
commander of the British expedition
to the Dardanelles in 1915, succeeding.
General Sir Ian Hamilton.
Howard flolfl to Tortland.
Boston, Muss.. Aug. Jl Ivan Howard,
utility lutlelder, he o'-en so'.d by the Cleve-
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Movie Actresses
and Their Hair
Did It ever occur to you that every
movie actress you have seen has love
ly hair, while the most popular count
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tarred dv your
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