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Loss Estimated at Seventy
Thousand Dollars Takes
Hastings, Neb., Aug. 21. (Special
Telegram.) In less than an hour the
Hastings Milling company building,
with the exception of the office and
one steel grain tank, iVs completely
destroyed by fire, involving a loss es
timated at about $70,000. Some dam
age was done to the property of the
J. H. Yost Lumber company, south
of the mills ,and two freight cars on
the St. Joseph & Grand Island tracks,
to the north, were nearly destroyed
by the flames.
The fire was discovered in the'en
gine room, near the center of the main
building of the mill. In less than ten
minutes the flames had swept through
the mill and were rapidly spreading
to the grain storage bins at the south.
The millins company property, in
cluding the machinery, was valued at
about $32,000. There were 15,000
bushels of wheat in the west elevator
and about 10.000 in the east. On the
local market today this grain was
valued at about $35,000.
The damage from shrinkage in the
wheat in the steel storage tank, east
of the elevators, is estimated at $2,500.
There were approximately 20.000
bushels of wheat stored in this tank.
The E. Stockham Grain company
leased the elevators and storage tank
and is prepared to meet the entire
loss. The company is bonded and
carries a state license under the Ne
braska warehouse law, passed by the
last legislature. All wheat stored with
the company is insured and guaran
teed by the state. Eight thousand gal
lons of fuel oil was consumed. The
principal owners of the mill are: J.
C. Hedge and C. E. Dirismore.
Fire Does Big Damage
At Epworth Assembly
(From a-Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Aug. 21. (Special.) The
Epworth park assembly grounds were
hard hit by a fire last night, which
destroyed several buildings and
ruined a large number of shade trees
inthe husiness section of the assembly
grounds. ihree restaurants ana
stands, the grocery store and other
smaller buildings were totally de
stroyed and the contents which had
not yet been moved since the assem
bly closed a couple of weeks ago, were
totally destroyed.
Start to Remove Depot.
Columbus, Neb., Aug. 21. (Special
Telegram ) Work was started this
morning on removing the Burlington
depot to its new location, where it
will be used as a freight depot. As
soon as this work is completed, the
construction of the new 20,000 pas
senger depot will be started.
Notes from Beatrice
And Gage County
Beatrice, Neb., Aug. 21. (Special.)
Sheriff Acton has called a meeting
of automobile owners of Gage county
to be held at the court house next
Thursday, August 24, for -he purpose
of organizing an association to pro
tect auto owners against thieves.
Gage county has escaped pretty well
so far from this class of men and the
association" will be formed to assist
other counties in the state in the
Anderson and E. E. Ab
bott Saturday finished appraising all
the lands in Gage county of the late
Colonel John W. Bookwalter. He
owned forty quarter sections in this
county. They will make their report
to C. L. Brewster and Judge Haz
lett, the appraisers, in a few days.
Joseph Isley and Miss Fern Shipp,
both of Firth, were married at the
court-house yesterday by County
Judge Walden. They will make their
home on a farm near Firth.
W. W. Scott, G. T. Reynolds. J. C
Emery and F. W. Mumford of the
fair association, are making plans to
go to Omaha to attend the circuit
races there, for the purpose of getting
a number of horsemen to come to
Beatrice during the county fair races.
Hamilton County Sunday
Schools to Have Big Day
Aurora, Neb., Aug. 21. (Special.)
The churches of Hamilton county
are making great preparations for the
annual Sunday school convention,
which will be held in Aurora Wednes
day, August 23. L. C. Oberlies of
Lincoln will be the principal speaker
of the day, although an extensive pro
gram has been prepared. A great pic
nic dinner will be spread in Streeter
park. In the morning there will be
a Sunday school parade through the
streets. Organizations will march to
gether and many prizes have been an
nounced and will be distributed at the
close of the day.
Aurora Fair Will Have
Fine Line of Exhibits
Aurora, Neb., Aug. 21. (Special.)
The possibility of an exhibit of trac
tors at the county fair is exciting con
siderable interest among the farmres
of the county. Many attended the
tractor show at Fremont and some
purchased tractors there. W. J. Far
ley is trying to get some of the lead
ing machines exhibited here. The
county fair begins August 28 and the
exhibits this year will be the best in
many years. Never has there been
better crops from which to secure the
agricultural exhibits. The racing
program of the fair will be excellent.
Wymore Residents Hurt ,
When Motor Cars Colide
Beatrice, Neb., Aug. 21. (Special
Telegram.) Mr. and Mrs. C. J.
Werner and daughter, Alice, Mrs.
Blaine Kinley and daughter, Mrs.
George Wcftcott, all residents of
Wymore, were cut and bruised4n an
automobile accident one mile west
of Western, while en route home,
when their car crashed into another
State Banking Board Finds
Total in Nebraska Nearly
Forty-Eight Millions.
(Prom a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Aug. 21. (Special.) Ac
cording to the statement of the State
Banking board, there are 72 building
and loan associations doing business
in this state, and the assets of these
associations have increased during the
past year from $41,660,870.53 to $47,
917,847.08, since the last report a year
ago. This is an increase of $6,256,
976,55. The increase in loans amounted to
$5,055,664.95; in stock, $5,725,809.52;
cash, $574,566.99 and the reserve fund,
The report in full follows:
First mortrage loans S4Z,467,3S3.S1
Loans In the process of fore
closure til. 489.74
Loans on stock or paos book
security , B4B,f26.70
Other real estate 86M57.33
Real estate sold on contract.. 267,844 M
Htut and municipal securities. 29y.032.2n
Cash 2,819,014.78
Delinquent interest, fines 149.9H4.37
Furniture and fixtures 32.E84. 84
Taxes psld 16.764. 17
Other assets 23.443.64
Tax certificates 2,972.37
Certificates on deposit 282.782.61
Total ... 147, 917. 847.08
x Liabilities.
Runnlnr stick and dividends. . 43.133.413.C4
Paid-up stock and dividends.. 2,094.884.84
Due shareholders on Incomplete
loans 1.001,341.03
Reserve fund 1,117, 01!. 06
Undivided profits 466.434.12
Unearned premiums 47. 90
Other liabilities S7,2.I5
Matured stock 40.61 4. 4S
Bills payable 7,670.00
ToUl 147,917.847.08
Cash on hand last report I 2,20,1,55.05
Dues, (running stock) 12.032. 64. 18
Paid-up stock 3,912,623.80
Mortgsge psymonts 7,066,492.39
Stock loan payments 686,966.21
Real estate sales 172,982.67
Interest 2,838,128 43
Premium 109.756.34
Fines 12.829.18
Rents 16.191.62
Memebrshlp and transfer tees.. (6,086.00
Rents and office building re-
oelpts 29,970.62
Other receipts Id detail B43.356.vl
Ta certificates 3.182.19
Certificates of deposit 261,806.60
Incomplete loans 247,604.11
Bills payable 23,096.00
Total 130,326,200.27
Mortgage loans 112,288.321.37
Stock loans 1 654,537.88
Withdrawals, running stock and
and dividend 8,987.471.86
Withdrawals, paid-up stock.. 2,490,399.19
Withdrawal dividend on paid
up stock 634,340.92
Salaries 234.289.86
Commissions 88.917.17
Other expenses 172,141.38
Real estato aooount 630,440.62
Cash on hand 2.841.221.52
Other disbursements In detail.. 450,206.05
Tax certificates 6,086.88
Matured stock 202,095.78
Certlflcatea of deposit 276.690.01
Bills payable 26,069.77
Incomplete loans 393,964.01
Total $30226,200.27
Do Something for Your Cold.
At the first sign of a cough or cold take
Dr. Bell's Plne-Tar-Honey. You won't suf
fer long. 25c. Sold by all druggists. Adv.
Workman May Die From
Most Peculiar Accident.
Beatrice, Neb., Aug. 21. (Special
Telegram.) Alex Fears, a member of
a bridge gang working near here,
was shot and probably fatally
wounded when he struck the branch
of a tree where he had left his rifle
hanging at campcausing it to be dis
charged. The ball passed through his
right shoulder and lung. Fears home
is at Fairbury.
Herman Loseke.
Columbus, Neb., Aug. 21. (Special
Telegram.) Herman Loseke. aged
76, died at his home in this city this
morning after an illness of four
months. Mr. Loseke was born in Old
enbtish, Germany, and came o Amer
ica in 1858, settling on a farm twelve
miles northeast of Columbus, living
there until four years ago, when he
moved into the city. He leaves a wife,
four sons and five daughters and two
brothers to mourn his loss. Funeral
services will be held Wednesday
morning at 10:30 o'clock at the Ger
man Lutheran church. Interment will
take place in the Loseke Creek Lu
theran cemetery.
Bishop B. York.
York, Neb., Aug. 21. (Special.)
Bishop B. York died Saturday even
ing, aged 67. He moved his family
to York county in 1882. In the early
settlement of this county he shipped
horses to Lincoln from Illinois and
sold them here several years before
there was a railroad built to York.
Funeral services will be held at the
residence, 601 Platte avenue, Tuesday
afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Frank Workentirie.
McColl Junction, Neb., Aug. 21.
(Special.) Frank Workentine of this
village died very suddenly Saturday
nioring of heart failure. He was 50
years old.
York, Neb., Aug. 21. (Special.)
Word has been received here that S.
V. Phipps and Mrs. J. Prohaska were
married in Colorado Springs last
How to Beautify a
Summer Soiled Face
It's really a ilmpl matter to renovat
a face foiled by tun, winds or dirt. Ordi
nary mercollzfd wax. used like cold craam,
will transform the worst old complexion Into
one of snowy whiteness and velvety soft
ness. It literally paWs off the outer veil of
surface kin, but so gently, gradually, there's
no discomfort. The worp-out skin comes
off, not in patches, but evenly, in tiny par
ticles, leaving no evidence of the treatment.
The younger, healthier underakln forming
the new complexion Is one of captivating
loveliness. One ounce of mercollied
wax, to be had at any drug store. Is enough
to remove any tanned, reddened, pimpled,
freckled or blotchy akin. Apply before re
tiring, washing It off mornings.
Many skins wrinkle easily with every wind
that blows, with heat, worry, etc. An ex
cellent wrinkle remover, because It tightens
the sktn and strengthens relaxed muscles.
Is a w.inh lotion made as follows: Powdered
HRxollte, t oss,, dissolved In witch hanel,
pt. This gives Immediate results, -Adv.
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and See the
Self - Starting
The Remington Self Starter
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per cent, to the speed of the typist
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It does this by .cutting out all
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fuss in setting the carriage. No
matter where the line begins, the
carriage practically sets itself. All
the operator does is WRITE.
The Self Starter is a Remington
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writer has it or anything like it.
A demonstration will prove to you
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TJie Self Starter adds to the
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: 201 S. NineteenthStreet, Omaha, Neb. JCllP
Recruits to Guard
Go to Fort Crook
(Prom Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Aug. 21. (Special.) Gen
eral Hall went to Omaha this after
noon, where he will confer with Cap
tain Palmer at Fort Crook regarding
the establishment of a recruiting
camp at that place.
It is the intention of the officers
to recruit as fast as possible and
make Fort Crook the mecca to which
all recruits shall be sent and drilled
preparatory to being sent to Nebras
ka regiments on the. border.
Persistent Advertising Is the Road
to Success.
Youths of Seventeen Are
Called by the Kaiser
Paris, Aug. 21. The Intransigeant
publishes under reserve a dispatch '.
from Lausanne to the effect that Ger- f
many has ordered all youths of 17 to
report immediately to recruiting bu- u tj
reaus. This class in normal years,
would be called to the colors in 1919.
Splendid anm
mer sorrica and
substantial say
ings male shop
ping here a
Naw fall atylas
ara arriving
daily. A fascin
ating panorama.
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larged on the Main Floor and in the Basement, giving better facilities for the
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thoroughly put our house in order, we shall have an interesting story to tell
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ir ready 10:00 P.M.)
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19 ta Q Tal. S. 1740. ,
ft j
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