Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 21, 1916, SCHOOL SECTION, Image 9

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The Omaha Daily Bee
VOL. XL VI. NO. 58.
nkws of s :hooi S mA ( OI I KG
, ni.'Inilli'B. An n. '' in.. "i.r itul fii rnlllnrif
with notntlon iir- required for admission
Students Cannot Take It
Though Except in Connection
With Collegiate Work.
th notntlon ;u
' i'wo liomn eredit
I II. History of MiiRle This .'ourne Hlmn to
! frtiiilllfrl:'.e th.' :ud nln vi1h Hit- iiihIii
I'piM'hs nf mimical lit- ol.'i'iii'-m as record-d
in th wurltn nf rompi'M-rs down to tlm In--KtntiliiK
i'f Hi.' iiiti.'ti-iilli t'l-ntiiry. Ancient
;i!iU uiwlleval niusi. will lie briefly sketched.
Inn ureater enihHtd.H will b la led on t he.
l-erlnil bet:! n ti hit with 1 'a b ft rlna and eiidlim
Willi Ib-eth.lM-tl It iS Ullit.'ll to til.' tie. ,s
of i litis" who ili'ntre an und-THtandlnK nf
mimic hh ii i-urt .if liln-nil culture No W''
vlous UniuvlciUe of music Is ie((ulrel
hiHti u. tii.n ,ll l ejiirle.l on by means m"
li'diir--;; an. I Iet hooKa. a ml tli.-fn- will lie
HUIM'l''iiH'Hti il bv c.iiliitei.'.I ii.idlnu ami by
tnuMlial ilhjrttnitlon.s Two liourit credit.
At the last meeting of the board of
regents a committee consisting of
Chancellor Avery and Regents Haller
and Miller was authorized to com
plete arrangemetns for musical in
struction in the University of Ne
braska. When the School of Fine Arts was
reorganized some years ago, music,
as well as painting and dramatics was
included in the charter of organiza
tion . Special courses in I lie latter
subjects, leading to the degree of
Bachelor of Fin1 Arts were organized
at once. The faculties also passed a
similar course in music, but the re
gents delayed its adoption because
the ways and means of providing
musical instruction proved to be dif
ficult. Theary and History.
After very careful consideration it
as been decided to establish a de
partment of the theory and history
of music, the courses of which shall
be open to all students of the College
of Arts and Sciences. Instruction in
applied music (piano, organ, violin
and voice) is to be provided by ac
crediting private teachers, an ade
quate number of whom are available
in Lincoln to assure the success of the
plan. All teachers so accredited will
be nominated to the board of regents
by the committee on music of the
School of Fine Arts. Standards sim
ilar to those that apply in regular uni
versity appointments will govern the
Instruction In nppl1d mtmlc wilt b iflvwn
frmn two polntn of view. Any student In the
I'oll-ije of Arts and Seiences may receive
er-'dit tor eifrht credit houra of aprlled
iniiMr, in' maximum ior any one aemt'tiu'r
Extensive Rntii;r if Murtien Offer! by a
School of IIIli StiimlnnlH,
IWtniilnK S- iiteinb-r :. 1 mm;.. iilii tc Con-e.)ilt-ti
a.adiny. at IhiHtn.tjt.. .V b , will
llpell f"f Whill prom1s"S to "' tH' Ill.'St RUt -
i-essful 111 Its lilMnry
Tills i'hiui I.reiiire4 f..r ri. Ileitis It Is
H.'. le.Ut' ft tu th.' I'hlM'A'ilty ,,f N-'blUrtk.l
ami l.i llio fall. -die n:iS.'rsi. Th-- noi mal
.i.iirsi- i.t apiit'iviil 1; tin- state r-'aid .if -lletillon
to liliint lia.'li.'lor uf -d'H t ien i.'.
uree; nor ni. 1 1 school diplomas; pi .'fesslomil
life ceriln.M'n; all u-r-id.-r. .-f - iiy. M;iie Hiid
e..mentary Mm te cei i vi. a i--.
t ouis-' in .inim. r. .1, pr-fiirutory. pri
mary, niiisb . nrl. t..m. si h' s. i.n. ail uml-i
i iuiipi-tent Instructors itf off. Ted. An ejt
(iislv.' i'ni.iis olTc i eery fit ci lit y for out.
dour HjirlS and i'VT'-i.-e s" es.tflltlal to tllf
health Of til' MU'lflll..
I.oretto t'ntlcRf. roll. WebtM.
, P( I.oiils.
the ep.'H
lott'' this Year 'I'll-' iiislltntii'ii in uinb-r j
llKj dir.-t tl-.ii "of th- Siter;, of l.orHlu of j
Keiitio kv It ts b'liited in on.- of the nmsl ,
heautiful Hiiburbs or M ioius. ami is i-m-vi
Th" regular c urs. a offered nr.- the rol -Ii
Ke, the academic and the preparatory.
Three distinct cuurst-js an- pursued In the
.iiileBe lepartnint Ifadins to the il'ijr-ejt
of ' A. I).." "H S" ami "H. I-" Four years
-of hiirh school work pr"pare th" Ktud.'iH
for the college coUIboh leading to thosu de-
Special cniir!ei are Riven In music, art.
oral t-.preH.shn, the laiiyuaRes, household
econnniicH and the commtT. tal course The
iNiiifOTvatoiy of mush offers emirsfs in
piano, violin, harp, pipe organ, th-ory. hnr-
i:.ony. counter point, nmmry m niusi. , iiiuhi
f.niiia and anals
bumble work.
choral HingtiiK and t-n'
K Hit
ho wlili to nefinlizfl In munic
ii, Hi.- university will enroll In th- uperiat
niusi. al courf' In the School of Flno Arts.
In this rours approxlmfl tely one-half of the
(stud.-iil's time will b. devoted to music and
on -naif to colleKlate RuhJ.'rtu
N" student who Id resistere.l for Iapr thtn
twlve hours of work can receive rredlt for
mufllc and liis eredlt for music will lapse If
he fails to make pussliiK grades in a mini
mum of twelve hours for any one temeiter.
Not Miwlc Only.
The university will not offer franfr
musirnl course leadinff to the de(fre of
Kachlor of Muple. Thin Biher of activity
1 i . ferr.'d to conK-rvatorlti, for the unl-
rslty plans a co-ordination of musical and
ll- Kiat" instruction.
Instruction in the theory and htntory of
rnusii' will fe tn cnarRii in naooi .jacon
binder, who has ben uipolnt'd with the
a:i ; of assistant proirssor. p or tne year
I5iri-19fi th-se (wo cuursefi wlil be offered
In this department:
d'-als with the fundamental principles of
melofly, harmony n nit rnyinm. i noroue-n
cverelses In ear traininn and dictations, the
ability to ihlilt tnuHically will be dev.'lopcd
i ; stuuy oi nninio'i win if vaint-u
ihrouirh triads and their inversions, seventh
ni nt I) chords, non-narmonic tones, ana
jiiinplc mo.lula lions, and will include the
harmonizing of both given basses and given
Kj nodical foIleR.
Many of t he most auccpssf til women of
the rountry attest to the fl'icessful opora
llon for more than forty years of
college, at Fuller, Mo. This year the school
will open bet t t equipped than ever to
pursue its purpose of pieparliiK women for
life, according to the atatemenLa of Its presi
dent, John Jama.
Synodbal college is a distinctive rolleo
for (ftrls. The hlwhest aim of the school
! the development of character and the
Impartation of rulture, Th faculty Is com
pOHed of '"A. B." and A. M." graduates from
th- leading Institutions of the country,
teachers qualified In scholarship and Chris
tian character and -influence. Splul
courses are provided iniano. voice, violin,
art, domestic art, domestic science, oratory
and physical culture. All student activities,
literary, social and aostheic, are encouraged
under proper limitations..
nr. m. c. a." school.
Th Younir Mn's Christian association of
Omaha day and night s-h'iuls ojmn Monday,
H'-ptemb-r 11, offerltiK day ionises in
nesi, banking, civil service, sa If smnris)iii.
ahorthand, typewritiiiK. ctimbim d busin- ss
and shorthand. The nifrht nchitnl offirs in
struction in arohli-ctural drawing, mechan
ical drawing, shop sk etching, electricity,
spell I n business, KtiKlish, correspondence.
pnnmanship, arithmet I. , commercial law.
Uernian, public Bpi-aklnR. sal-smanshlp,
showcard writ I up. shorthand, typewriting.
bookkceplnR. Spanish, vok-a culture and
alght readlnff.
In addition to the courses named above
there will be a special school for foreigners
Students Can Take Any Studies
Under Best Faculty and
The V'niversity of NebrasUa, at
Lincoln, opens for the first semester
on Wednesday September IX O'her
dates of entry arc fiven as the second
semester about February ajid the
summer session usualh the first full
week in June,
The I'liiversity of Nebraska in
eludes the following colleges anil
The graduate college, a four-year
course hading to master of arts and
doctor of philosophy degrees; the
College of Arts ami Sciences, a four
year cidirse leading to the degree of
bachelor or arts; the I cue hers col- j
lege, a four-course leading to the j
teachers' college diploma; the Cob!
lege nf Agriculture, lour years to'
bachelor of science degree; College of!
Law, three years to bachelor of laws
degree; College of Medicine, four
years in Omaha leading to doclor of
medicine degrees; College of Phar-1
macy, two ears to bachelor of science j
in pharmacy; graduate School of Fdu-j
cation, the School of Commerce, the
School of Fine Arts, all leading to the!
degrees of their respective class. Inj
addition there is the Teachers' college I
high school, the School of Agricul-1
ture. the summer session and uni
versity extension work.
The Nebraska experiment station,,
the Nebraska School of Agriculture :
at Curtis and the experimental sub
stations at North J'latte. Valentine
and Scottsbluff are also in charge of
the board of regents.
Hhuttuck School.
ShaMuck school at Fairbault. Minn, was I
established in IKst; and now boasts sUlfen
lulldniHS on 1!W acres of ground. I'nlilc
n.Hiiy s. hoots of Its kind, Shattuck school
ia not run for. profit. Fv-ry runt paid goes
for th. -ducallon nf th boy
Shattuck schnr prepares boys for col
lege. It-cent graduates ar- in Yale, Har
vnrd. Princeton, West Point and twenty
s. von other colleges. In addition to the
picpuratorv for coll-Ke work thnre a rn thor
ough ses for business life ; physical
iialnlng for every boy fi.ur coaches, gym
nasium, swimming pool, outdoor and
track and it has a wide reputation fur clean
sport. In addition there g military drill
under a regular army officer and II l r.iic.
an an honor school by the War department.
Collcgfi n ml Aciulemy tit IhibiHiie htch
,1'ohxeiM'M Many d iiiitngCH.
Mount St Joseph s i ,,!). K- and A. :.d.'in v.
nt l'ubuiiue, la., ciidu. toil b Hie Hisirm
of i ha lit. V, II V M epori to v ivi' a
1iii'l;.'U' nlteinb .1 Oi-
of the fall .-:in In S.-pt-nt.. . l.
.client fa. Illlles have been pi'.nl.b.i l-r (lie
o.hioallim uf joiiutt woiueu I'nlki;.- cuv-x
of four e;ns. leading to bin i' a u re ,i f e d-
1 A l.nrge Mllltiiry Acadrmy I mier the
reel ion of tclibUliop Irctiiml.
Th- Coli-Ke or SI TbeiioiM. a I a I h.
'inUlhuv ni.Klemy. tirdei the dh'.'ii..n heland, at St Paul, Minn, i
' mtuiicet It- fall l-rin ..p.'olnu enilv In S
timber M Thou...-, (h tunic. I ah an b.
I I I In the 1" oiled Still, s W a I .! pa
i liii-fit The cohih-h ..rf. ie.l me . .lb Kb
, ' i null, 'i i.i 1, aciid-liilc, pi . pa 1 1. t'H' . I a I .-'
and fflltOoua tiainlon
em s
f . . , i r
.Mills -li
f music,
it ho
a- h-is' ai..l sop.-1 . Main
lug ouises III Si hool music. !e.. l i.f tin
aits and m b'tn e, norinal and 1 eini 11. 1. I.i I
1 oiirses, pfeparalory depn 1 1 men t
Th en in pus "f Mm, lit SI .1 idi's 1 'ol
l.-Kf and ,. int. on i- .01- of lb- Lnnnf In
tlin c. .until, .'.tiii'' I'dng flfn fi - i' r.s
I Hrect rail toad cotinect bn s It h 1 iin.Oi...
Stoux i"1ty and flloiix I'i.IIh ni;Me 11 ea;u
..f access A vear-h. clt Hiii b. s -ui 1,1 ,,n
wrlt-s to the slsl-i slip.': tot
IIKI.I.IA'I V. (OI.I.M.i:.
A long IMuhllslicil Nchoul Willi a ICeeonl of
(rent Actomiilislitiicnl.
"I'dnentl-n -,...11-. : ,iv the r-gis-trnr
..f ll.d;.-Mie celte--. at lie!i-u.-. N-b .
ill Hltllnliln Ini; Ol- op-'lllllg of the fall lenn
,,ml tlic stat. -nn nt Is pioved bv (he f.i' l lh,.t
,"1 per cent of l tc L'l.l.'.9 names In (he 1 'J 1
Who's W bo In Ain-il. a" ai II-k- 'ii-o
l uitb-r th- I'm. I Is " tied that eighteen ft
the tW"iil s. v 11 presidents of th- I'lilti.l
Slates have he.-tt MUd-iits 111 Alnei'iian ml
1-g-s. and tin n hat- 1 n rraihia(-s
Itelt.-Vll- .'-dl.'i;- ofl-.S sOldb'S hi -ligl
c-eiing. laW. me.ll'lto Ilnal 1
lb- S' b nce, music, alt .Mid epl'
d"p;irtineiit Is pf.-sid-.l o -r 1 experts
whoso reputations guarantee. I Hi- .liHia. d'i
of their work H-ll.-vu- credits are act'-plcl
anwhie. mi that stnd-ms lalung pr.paia
i,nv work can gain a.iiiuttan. - int.. the best
loliegea tind unhersltl-s in th" land.
Forest 1'iirU.
1-i.i-csf Park .-ol I-,.-, of St. I.-uls
..pens Its JIM v -sixth year In early S-;.t inb
Oei-tHi. -at. 9 front For-st Park admii 1 W
lealey, Smith, Mt. Holyoke, Chicago and
stat- univcrsitlea.
the had ?f.O Ht.t.l.'i
tat. s. H ri or.1 that 1
II. (a n 111 h broken 1
I'llltncr Collet.
K Walking, ptesbl-iil of Pnlm-r r.d
let;- utid Mu'-b . '..iiHervatoiy nt Albany. Mo,
..nni.llll'es the f(,l opfltlllg ..f Hint . Iloul
for . 111 h S-pleinl'-i' Palmer . oll.-g- I a
.. ..hi. at Ion a 1 Inst Itutli.ii. ofT-i Im; 'i .in h
Mid I. ..Ill coll-gtllte Hl.d full ptepainl'.rv Th" school !. a new KMiimodiui.
..nd wlrl- bull Tb- .Minospbe r th-
In. ol Is st t nil) "hi 1st Ian .u.d il...te 1 ,
". -Ib-iil .ippxitunlllcj, f,.r iind-uis of lliul
l-d HllS
1 tLtunarn icjiraut
NordsUiaii - Carter,
'oli'p. r..;tlt vpar. Kt- I
nln, nd Junior Colleir.. rw"''
rhool. Ocrllficale ,.lmll "l!;!l1
Biim Violin, Axt. UvmiiiSium. M a m I
International Academy
of Music
1S02 Farnam St. Omaha
Knoxvillci, lllinoii,
Th Rev. C. W. Leffingwell, D. D.,
LL. D., Rector and Founder.
Miai . P. Howard. Principal.
43th year. Si. Mary's irirls have the
eomforls and advantage of the most
modern city school wilh the freedom and
opportunities of a country entate -h icen
uinely happy gir) life amid a ijuiet home
mfluenre. Three years beyond Ilmh School
work. I'rartical two yenrs course in Home
KronomieB and Applied Housekeeping.
Art School.
Exceptional advantage in Voice,
Organ. Piano, French. Spanish.
Abundant outdoor life. 40 ncren. Ten
nin, basket hall, cross-country walks, etc.
Sargent method of I'hyaical Culture.
Gymnasium, bowling, swimming poo,
.lancing, fencing. Observatory. Students
from 1!0 states and coiintnei.
For Little Girl. In its own estate of 12
acres. Modern fireproof building. Family
limited to 2b. For catalogue addreii.
Miis E. P. HOWARD,
Founder and Principal.
Military Academy
Where Boys Do Things
VVtMitwiirlh lift- sniisfics tho natural cravinirp 1
healthful huyhiM.'i. Kach day is full tf act ivil it-s.
Scholastic win k is maU' "live" and mt nrcst inir by
mt'ii in .-ympalliy with hoyhooii Tln-oni's uf study arj
madt1 personal and practical in field manfuvers, fine, stir
naline;, field telegraph, teleplumes, bridge building, liikus,
camping, fie.
PJeases the Boy
Satisfies the Parent
Here is the oldest Military Schonl west of the Mississippi
and tlif lart-st in the Missouri Rhcr 'alley. Hoys art!
sueceasfully prepared y i 'ulli-c, I'nivcrsity. Technical
Scho'ds and Business. It is rated an "Honor School" by
U. S. (iovernment, the highest ratine; ".i'n-
Scltolaafic Honors
The School has hili Academic standard?) and ii
noted for scholastic honors, (iraduates are admitted
without evaniination to the Icadine: cidleires and
I'niversilies. Hoys who have lost interest in study respond to Went
wurth life. Individual instruttiuii by men teachers.
Athletic System
Reaches every boy. Unique, practical, effective. Supervised out
door life results in mental vigor and ambition. Physical fitness makes
mental and moral strength. Self control is characteristic of Ve:u
wurth graduates. Fur catalog address
The Secretary, 1850 Washington Ave.
(43 Miles from Kansas City.)
Viy UVhen Your Are Em
ployed. N.o Position, No Pay.
Twetitj-flrs j(r of prealtga 'lutmlrttls t
jntrrnt'-ful atudentu tn.w In Ui3 lliiuW .1
flftj-two rallminl. and nn Intimate (trQimlul
jiion Rlth th lendliii mlllrond t-ffki.t! rnafiN
ui to do so much nure for yuu Uaa the otliei
Our studrtiU copy fronr a prrilar Wuhtil
It R. wire nd ure ttiuti unlfi.d ho City g
dlrwt fn'm the nrltnol to petlt'nitH
lUUroad fart paid.
Wrltt for catalogue. Adde,
Chillicolte Telegrapfijr Colfet
277 TrTing ATe.t adlllfotlie, fo.
Public Srhool. Music.
AN.NA B. CAIK.S8, President,
HI. Umla.
The Young Men's Christian Association
Day Commercial Courses
Beginning Monday, September It
Business, Bunking, Civil Service, Salesmanship, Elementary
English, Shorthand, Typewriting, Combined Business and Shorthand.
Thirty Night School Subjects Ask for Catalog.
Y. M. C. A. Schools. Omaha, Nebraska.
-v !
i 2 '?"-r J : '4 i
YOT'R HOY mut he properly educated nd developed. The NEBRASKA MIL
ITARY ACADF.MY ilne.l is a hfhool close at home, where you can send him and be
sure Hint lie r- ts whnt you want him to have. This SCHOOL understands boys and
deals with them individually. Prepares for college Hnd busmen s. For information,
talk to our patiktns. viit the school, phone or write for catalogue. Address,
Lincoln, Nebraska.
( Lincoln Business College
Established 32 Years
A strictly high grade school, offering thorough and com
plete courses in all commercial branches.
A Summer Normal Course
for training commercial teachers provides a splendid
opportunity to enter the great new field. More calls than
we can supply. New classes begin this week. Call or
write for catalogue.
14th and P Streets. Lincoln, Nebraska.
Those who reach the ton do not stand and
look up. They make the start, and then climb,
climb, climb! In the business world the start is
business training. The modern employer is too
busy to train you you must bring the training
with you.
You Should Start Today Your Prepara
tion to Obtain a Business Education.
H. B.
Boyles College Fall Term
opens Sept. 5. Make your start
today get Boyles College
Year Book, which treats
every phase of business train
ing. Boyles Training gives
you the ability to get the job
to get the good position at
the start. U givus you the
ability to hold down the job to get a still better one.
Boyles Training tenches you
shorthand, stenutypy, touch
typewriting, b o o k k eepinc,
telegraphy or Civil Service
preparation for (.iovernment
mail carrier, railway postal
clerk, bookkeeper or steno
grapher, and promises to
place ynu in a position
after you have fiihed your
Send today for FREE 128-page Year Book.
H. B. Boyles, President, 1801 Harney St.
Omaha, Neb.
"An Accredited Commercial School
F' I? C C TI T Sill I I IT Iff Eighteen (18) different courses from which to select your work. Large illustrated catalog mailed free, giv-
XV Hi 1 VI J m l VxVJUJLii-iVSjLi ing full particulars. Fall term open September 5th. Address W. H. CLEMMONS, Fremont, Nebraska.