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Brief City News
"Townwnd'i for Sporting Gooda."
Ha Root Trinl It Naw Deacon Frew.
Lighting Flit lire HiirKeM-Oranden To.
Half Karat White lilumoiida $7fr Edholm
Kwp Your Money Aim valuables In tha
American tfnf Impost i Vaults, ZIK Homh
17th St., Hffe HMg. Hova rent ll 00 for
I months. 0H-n from 9 a, in. to 6 p. fn.
'Today's Movie migrtiiii,' elnssl
fled section tuday. It appears In Th
Bee exclusively. Find out what the
various moving picture theaters offer.
Reimor to Speak Arthur E. Uol
mer, candidate for president on the
socialist labor party ticket, will hold
street meetings at Fifteenth and Poiir
las streets Sundny and Monday eveii
lntrs. He will peak on the labor ques
tion. Howell n Busy Traveler Orneral
Manager Howell of the municipal wa
ter plant has returned from Ohie;iKo,
whither he journeyed on a political
errand. Mr. Howell Is a busy traveler
these days. He was in ChUaK on Au
gust 8 and Uneoln on August 12.
Dlrint' latch Any Fish -"Jim"
Nickerson, deputy Cnited States mar
shal, has returned from his vacation,
spent chiefly In South Sioux City and
Dakota City, Neb. The most exilthiK
thing he has to relate is that he was
In swimming one day with Pepuly
Marshal Morgan. "I didn't catch any
fish or do anything else worth brag
ging about." says the truthful James.
Patriek Henry Club Resume The
meetings of the Patrick Henry Non
partisan club have been resumed after
vacation during the hot weather, and
its meeting was held last night, all
officers being present except Vice
President John M- McGowan. who In
ill at his horn The members de
cided to change the name from t he
Patrick Henry Nonpartisan cluh to
that of the Patrick Henry Patriotic
To Prefer Charges
Against Castleman
and Coutts, Editors
The Central Labor union ilclcsates
learned last evening that they liail not
been able to get rid of David CouUs
and William Castleman, publishers of
the Unionist, a labor paper, wh'.m
they publicly censured for making
charges of graft against the officers
of the Central Labor body. At he
meeting two weeks ago they passed a
resolution asking the unions sending
Coutts and Castleman as delegates to
withdraw them.
Last night a communication was
brought before the body, in which the
stonecutters refused to withdraw
Coutts as a delegate. After a stormy
debate, in which charges of railroad
ing and gag rule were passed the or
ganization decided that the only way
in which they could rid themselves of
the offending members was to offer
them a trial before a committee of
the organization and the secretary,
John Polian, was directed to prefer
charges against Coutts and Castle
man, based on the articles which ap
peared in the Unionist, charging graft
m connection with the Labor day pro
gram. Program of Grand
Circuit Is Cut Short
Columbus. 0., Aug. 19. Withdraw
als took half the scheduled events of
yesterday's Grand circuit racing nl
and getaway program was limited to
the 2:18 pace, won by Mi'fs Rejected
in straight heats and the 2:15 trot that
Lindsey won in a five-heat contest
with Baby Doll.
2:1R rlass; parlne. 3 In p; purse, Jl.DOO:
MIks Rejected, ro. m.. by IMrert WVIl
(Valentine) 1 1 1
ArtmlrnlPeweyIl.,blk.ll (Snow)...: 1
Rayo De. Dm. eh. g (Durfee) :i 3 4
Also started; Prestfllte, blk. in. (Mennn
al'l); John A, 11.. eh. h. (Henyun). lljth
niald. lir. m. (Hedrtek).
Time: S-.K5U. Will, t:'i.
2:K elans; trotting. 3 In 5; purse. S 1,000 :
Lindsey, b. K., by Todd Maek
(MeDonald) 1 - 1 1
Babv Doll, b. m., by Tom Smith
(liurfee I : 1 1 I
Jeanette Speed, blk. m. (I'ox) . .2 " : - -
Also started: Pittsburgh, eh g. (Wishart);
Slfiter Strong, b. m. t Valentine! ; Onward
Allerton. b. g. (Edman); Uum prop, blk. g
Time; S:19S4, :!, !:0'4. J:1H. llMS.
Dozen Relatives of Omaha
Man Killed by the Turks
A faint echo of the relation between
the Turks and Syrians at the present
time has just reached Omaha, since
it touched very closely the family oi
J. I. Taminosian, 4912 Chicago street,
a Syrian family, residents of Omaha
for eighteen years. Mr. Taminosian
was celebrating the birthday of his
son, Harold Gifford Taminosian, aged
3, when he received a letter from Jits
nephew, M. G. Taminosian of Fori
Myers, Fla. The letter contained a
post card from a niece in captivity
near Antioch, Syria. The post card
contained information of the death of
nearly a dozen close relatives.
Militiamen at the Front
Cannot Act as Correspondents
Columbus. N. M., Aug. 19. Militia
men belonging to the commands en
camped here are toroituicn to act as
press correspondents by orders from
General Pershing, received here tO-
A number of the Massachusetts and
Mexico euardstnen wno are
newspapermen in civil life and had
heen actinir as correspondents for
bnme naners and other publications
s affected bv the new rule, which
takes effect at once.
Proutv Scaie of Rates
To Be Heard October 2
From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Aug. 19. (Special.) Oc
tober 2, in the city of Des Moines, lias
been decided as the time and place
when the Interstate Commerce com
mission will hear the case involving
the Proutv scale freight uise which
has caused so much controversy in
the middle west.
Juvenile Authorities Take
Children From Their Mother
Juvenile authorities yesterday
caused the arrest of Mrs. C. M.
Perkins, 1609 California street, whom
they charged with keeping a dis
orderly house and permitting her twin
14-year-old children to remain there.
The children will be cared for at
the Detention home.
Negroes Robbing Drunken
Man Taken by Police
Detectives Dunn and Kennelly,
sauntering along Tenth street, near
Douglas, saw two negroes robbing a
drunken man. At their approach the
negroes fled, but were caught after
a short chase. Meanwhile the victim
wandered away.
Assert TLty Are Still Unable to 1
Discover the Cause of In
fantile Paralysis.
Washington. Aug. .. With a
warning that unless me;tures nre
found tor its suppression, the infantile
paralysis epidemic may atlvatu'e next
summer to tates nut now apprecia
bly affected, the national conferete
of health officers adjourned today,
after adopting recommendation fr
control of the piapue and naming a
standing eommiitei to study its
C o-nperat ion aim nt; federal, state
and local health authorities toward
curiiiiiR the epidemic was emphasized
as imperative in resulutions adopted,
and regulations were recommended
to control travel from epidemic om-s.
of children lo years of ape and under
hy issuance of uniform travel per
mits and notifications of their des
tinations, hut without an interstate
Members of Committee.
The Mainline eommiltce appointed
consists of Surgeons C. II. l.avinder
and Wade Kmst f the public health
service; Dr. T. J). Tuttle, Washing
ton state; Or. 0. St. Clair Drake. Illi
nois, and lr. Oscar Dowling. Louis
iana. They will collect and distribute
information regarding the disease A
comni'ttee recommending uniform
method of exchange of epidemic in
formation was also adopted.
Representatives of railroads have
requested a special conference with
public health service olhcials to dis
cuss co-operation in regulating 'lie
travel of children. Such a meeting
probably will be arranged within Pie
next two weeks.
Something Expected Soon.
important discoveries concerning
infantile paralysis by surgeons of the
United States public health service,
expected to revolutionize medical
knowledge of the disease, probably
will be announced soon, it was learnt d
here tonight.
Surprising progress has been made
at the government laboratories and
by government research and field
workers, it was said, but before an
announcement is made of the cause
of the disease or a specific for it the
physicians propose to be in a nosition
where no doubt can be thrown on their
Must Be an America to Take
Long Look Ahead, Says Hughes
San Francisco, C at., Aug. 10.- of our prosperity in conserving worn-
Speaking of preparedness Mr. Hughes i and children. We must endeavor
s 111 u.i r it uiuiniini . nn i ti .1, i ihtiii
"I desire that we should take no
narrow view. We live in a very crit
ical period. There is a new world in
process of formation. Out of the 1 rest. V
great r.uropean conflict will issue a perennia
new r.urope, but there must be in a
ery true sense a new America to
meet the exigencies of thai time. It
must be an America that has tound ideals
it sell ; it in us l be an America that u hit h
takes a long look ahead not content
with the prospect of a few years, cen
a ileeade or a score ot ve.ivs, but an
Pretender to Throne
Of Serbia Waiter
On a Dining Car
(Onrrpspnndpnrft nf Th AasoctatM Press 1
Vienna, Aug. 5. One of the illegiti
mate sons oi t lie late King Milan
of Serbia, known as the Christich
brothers, who have been pretenders
to the Serbian throne, is now a waiter
in a dining car running between
Vienna and Budapest, according to
an alleged discovery of a newspaper
man who formerly knew the ( hnstich
When King Milan died he entrusted
one of these boys, whose mother was
til e beautiful Artemesia, to his lite
long friend, Cuunt Eugen Zichy of
Budapest. The latter for years treat
ed him as an own son. supplied him
plentifully with all material things;
and then died without remembering
him in his will or without making any
provision for him. 1 bus falling sud
denlv from comparative anluence to
poverty, the man dropped out ot sight
completely. His present discoverer.
who was making a trip from Budapest
to tenua. ;md who knew the Christ
ich brothers in the old days when
Count Zichy was alive, was surprised
to find that the waiter wdlo served
him so noiselessly and competently
was no other than one ot the Lhnst
ich bovs. The latter with some re
luctance told him that he had tried
to make a living in one of the state
ministries, but had failed because he
possessed no qualification; had tried
the stage hut had been ruled off by
the police because he had billed hint
self as a prince; and finally had turned
to waiting-on-table, because he knew
of nothing else he could do efficiently
The forciioimi is of interest particu
larlv because of a story from Rome
recently copied in this country to the
effect that one of these illegitimate
sons of the late Milan had been
nroclaimed King of Serbia at Hel
grade, by the Austrian and German
authorities. The Vienna correspon
,l..nt annenrs to dij-nosc of that re
port from Rome, for the other ofilie
Christich brothers was recently' re
ported by a London newspaper to be
in London, employed as a ladies' tail
or in a large department store at a
nlarv of Jla a week. In January ot
last vear, he applied to Sir Thomas
Liptrin tor passage to Serbia on board
the vacht Erin, saying lie was desirous
in fisrht for bis country, but Mr I horn
as refused his ropiest, and so far as
known be is still in England.
King Milan was ruler of Serbia from
188.2 to W. Hi nly legitimate
nn was Alexander, who. wuh hi:
fiiiri-n Draza. was assassinated
IW.i, but stories of Milan's irregular
offspring by Artemesia Christich. who
was the wife of the private secretary
ot King Milan, ami wno was mc
cause ot (Jueen .Natalies divorce
from her husband, have been given
full credence. 1 here has. however
;,lwav( been considerable mystery
about the subsequent career of these
two sons. Milenke and George. It
is not known from the dispatches
which of them is in London and
which in Vienna, but it seems appar
ent that neither of them have been
proclaimed King oi Serbia by the oi
cupying forces of Teutons at Bel
grade. Omaha Visitors in Capital
Are Shown the Sights
(From a Htafl Correspondent.)
Washington, Aug. 18. -(Special Tel
egram.) V. C). Shackleford, lay in
spector of the Bureau of Animal In
dustry, and Mrs. Frank Cunningham
and daughter of Omaha, were escorted
through the capitol today by Con
gressman Lobeck. Mr. Shackleford,
who has been in attendance on the
convention of the Bureau of Animal
Industry employes held in New York
this week, is en route home. Omaha
was selected as the place for the con
vention next year.
Attempt co Kill
President Plaza
Result of Hanging
man and man, aided by wise laws,
"We cannot atlord m lookinu into
the future to tail to take account of
the causes of discontent and ot un
do not need to have a
agitation in thn counti y.
Ml that is needed is a firm sense of
co-oneiatioti and ol icali.Uion in out
practical, industrial hie. of those ! to death for murder
human hud herhood upon . Juan Maudrini. who
constitutional M'Meiu i
" l lierr ts a new spit it. I believe,
abroad in the land. llieie i a dis-
America planning lor the twentieth position to take account ot nist unev-
' e must con mtv e the verv bases I
ances and to provide reason. ihle
Wants Marriage to
Advertised Bride
Annuled by Court
Charging that he was married to
Ada Stevens Kobison through fraud
on the part of his man itnonuil-paper
bride and her sister and brothor-in-
, Sydney Kobison, a fanner of
Corning. Kan., I'fiday hied an appli
cation asking that the marriage be :ul
nuled. The couple were married 'u-
gust 7, utter Kobison had made a
rapid-fire proposal and marriage. Less
ihan four davs after the marriage lie
appealed to Deputy Coutuv Attornev
Kay J. Abbott for relief, alleging that
his wife is subject to attacks of an
hereditary disease and that she is the
mother of a 15-month-old babe.
Northwest Improvers Vote
Against New Light Plant
The Northwest Improvement club
voted down a proposition which was
put before it to endorse the recent
action of the United Improvers, in
which they asked the city commis
sioners to put it to a vote of the peo
ple this fall whether bonds should
be voted to build a new electric
light plant or to buy the plant of the
Omaha Electric Light and tower
J he question of street railway ex
tension was also taken up, as was also
the matter of the sewer problem,
which is quite vexing.
Tells Judge What
Cop Said and Gets
(CormiXMKUncj nf Th .Wnrla tx! Prt
llufuoA Aires. AiKemina. July S.
It has developed that the attempt
mailt' to assassinate President de la
l'laa while he was review inn the eon
lenary celebration from I he bah on v
of (iovr rnment Mouse, tin July ), at.
reported hy cable, had root in the
president's recent rrttiat to loniniutc
the sentence ot two men condemned
The assassin,
beheved to be
ot unsound mind, declare that he be
; lieved the execution of the two men
wa- "a leal crime," which lie felt
i called upon to avenge. They were the
I first executions in the Argentine for
more than fifteen years, and with this
I exception President de ia Plaa had
I hiinst'tt always refused to siRn death
I sentences, but he refused to interfere
in tluse two cases because he deemed
; the murder a wilful one.
The execution has already prompted
opponents to capital pnimln
St. Louis Credit Men to Make Fight
For Central Credit Clearing House
M. I .uuis, Mo., Aug. W. (Special
Telegram.)- St. Louis delegates to
the annual convention of the Retail
Credit Men's association at Omaha,
Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday,
will depart over the nurliiiRton to
morrow evening, a special coach hav
in been ennaned for the trip. In the
St Louis j arty will he I). J. Wood
lock, president of the association,
credit man lor Nuents; V. T Sny
der, of ScriiKKS, andervoort & Har
ney; I'. I Jackson of Lanious and
Hair; William A pel of tiieenfield. h
Would Stop Soldiers'
Families Following
A. Copeland of Sleeri, Krank Oicks ol
Browning, King & Co., Frank Hol
land of Lammert Furniture Lompany.
K. F. Niemoeller of the Associated
Retailers, A. Allian of Kleins and A.
J. Kru- of the credit bureau of St.
Louis. Efforts arc being made to
establish a central clearing house for
credit information in order to elim
inate the undesirable customers and
the St. Louis delegates will stage a
fight to have the clearing house In
eatcd in St. Louis. Several of the M.
Louis delegates are on the program
for addresses on timely topic .
' lack of funds to return. The families
! also take up much needed room in the
; boats coming over."
Thpm tn PnntinPTit 1 Fire Fr0m Engine Spark Burns
inem 10 U0ntinent( Centra Coa company Barn
J'M4 t as
ail on a 1
I olouel Uccge Bingham was at the
police station esterdav afternoon, in
muring tor an employe at his country
place, one (ieoige llouiuei
telai street, who was m .
charg" ot petty larceny
licoige, it seems, is a victim of cir
cumstances and ignorant ot Ameinan
ways Yeshrdav afternoon Mrs.
Kli7abetli lii.uis'las, who was unable
to give her addiess, was stricken with
insanity while coming into Omaha on
: 1 iiion Pacific ttain. One manifesta
tion of the insanity was the throwing
of her suitcase out of the train. When
the tram reached the I'nion station
she was put in charge of Special Of
ficer Pipkin and marched back alon
the track to find her suitcase.
M ea nt mi'- t ieorge had tpnt work
and was wending Ins way homeward,
in broken Knglish he told the court
that he was looking over the suitcase
ptvparaiory to packing it back in,
when Officer Pipkin arrived. Pink in
struck him. he says, and used lan
guage which when he repeated it to
the judge brought down the fires of
wrath and a $50 fine from Judge
Foster, (ieoige is probahly still won
dering what is the trouble. I le was
asked to tell what happened and when
he did so it made the judge angry.
Colonel Bingham g';es (ieoige a
good character and does not believe
that he would stoop to petty larceny.
(Vrrriiorn1rn. b itf Th ARMni'lfttrd I'rf) )
London, July .11. --Too many fami
lies of Canadian soldiers have fol
lowed the husbands and fathers from
A spark from a passing engine set
fiie to a barn belonging to the ( en
tial Coal and Coke company at Four
teenth and Webster streets early this
morning, totally destroying it. The
damage is estimated at $2,000.
capital ouimlimcnt t
SnnlOil Wltll CI TinP introduce m congress a hill to aludish
OUdKLU V Villi a 1 1UU, ca()jtai punishment altogether
; i h(. attempt to kill the president i
of the newly elected radical candidate, Dominion to F.ngland and efforts
lr. Irigoyer, created a great senna-i are now being made to prevent any
tion in the ranital. A ureal unlitar more nf them from enmimr l.aJv
parade, which was one of the euhmnat-; Driimmond announced at a meeting ! f!nl1 Q PmTTl tllP WlVP
inn features ot the week's celebration. ! of th Canadian U1 .ori-ti, I vUilO i. 1 Ulii IUC Wiiu
here. "
"At one time," she said, "the sol- ! Tii nnnh nuiiy to ih Am-nran tn-
diers' families were uranted a kind' ,1,ry 1,1 r"K"r'1 miration of th
Bee Want Ads produce results.
w as Mist concluding m Iron! ol the
( iovcrutiicnt Utilise, where stands had
been erected for the accommodation
oi spectator s. On a balcony over 1
looking these Mauds appeared the
president with the Brazilian amhas- 1
sador. Dr. liarhosa, on his right, and1
the Bolivian ambassador. Dr. Villa
zon, on his lelt. with various minis- I
ters of state also in the party. Sud
denly a man standing on the pavement
drew a revolver and fired, shouting'
"Down with ihe autocrat!" The bul ,
let sti in k the w all just behind the
I le paused for a moment, then calmly
remarked "The man has onlv tired a
blank card nine." In the meantime
people in the streets fell upon the
assassin and Hied to Ivnch linn, but
soldiers rescued him and earned him
oil to prison.
Mr inn! Mr i'IitIh r.iulf-t nf Omnliu
vl-lt"! nt tti- I'Hn liintH- UV.l,Hmlny
in advance used to be paid for pas
sages to Fngland, where wives and
children could be nearer their hus
bands and fathers training and fight
ing in France.
"It has been found that the fami
lies are often practically stranded
over here. The man is wounded or
invalided out and sent directly back
to Canada by the government while
the wife and family remain here for
I will ln ion f to Washington In th coiim
nr n fw nayn.
Applications fnr appointment ah MfoniJ
llfulrniiiil I" th arm v havn flooded tha
nffli'e itf th nilliitaiit tcrn-rnl In Waflhlnif
T no ftlnr II imii" known thnl the lervlr
virtually In wit limit of flrm of t hat rank
unit must I'btHln t hem promptly from rtvtl
Herr von TlnMorkl, president of the Cier
man FVmd lUirulntlon bnarii, 1n an Inter
view with a Hungarian .Imirnn lint, atnteil
that negotlatlona are program-Inn between
Berlin and Hudapeat with a vlw to Indue
Urn. V
nt ih
;i1 itml Mr. ti nd
tvrf unt.-rtiilin'il
Mal. Sunday.
D. 1669
on easy Payments
Rote Bldg,
Horse Rjwer
From This Power
Almost 34 horse-power from this reg
ular stock Maxwell engine!
34 actual, brake horse-power!
' Proved by an accurate dynamometer
test, made in the Maxwell laboratories
August 10, 1916.
There has been a lot of talk about
horse-power, and we just want to let
Maxwell owners and prospective owners
know that in respect to horse-power, as
in most other respects, the Maxwell
leads by a comfortable margin. Not
that we attach such great importance to
horse-power. We don't We never have.
Horse-power abundant horse-power
is only one of many superior features,
of the Maxwell.
We are selling motor cars complete
motor cars not engines or horse-power.
Horse-power is a matter that is second
ary to motor efficiency and economy.
A giant has no advantage if he does not
apply, or wrongly applies, his strength.
Maxwell cars have horse-power all
you want or need probably more per
pound of car weight than any other
automobile in the world.
But we don't make any loud cry
about it.
Because we have more than horse
power to sell you.
Because you are, and should be, inter
ested in results, the net effectiveness of
We challenge competitive tests. We
invite comparison.
Because we absolutely know that no"
car of its class or weight can surpass
the Maxwell on speedways, on rough
roads, through sand or mud, anywhere.
And because we know, and you will
know, that, everything considered, the
Maxwell is the World's Greatest Motor
Car Value!
2216-18 Farnam St., Omaha.
Phone Douglas 853.