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.-HflDDUNJNf.C m
Enthusiastic Meeting of Young
Republicans for Election
of Officers.
President Henry J. Beal.
Secretary John C. Schultz.
Treasurer Alviu Johnson.
These were eleclei! to office at the
meeting of the Young Men's Hughes
ami Fairbanks' club held in the pfficc
of The Hee, South Side, last evening.
The gathering was one of the most
enthusiastic of political meetings held
in several years. Representative
members from each of the prAincts
of the South Side were present with
the work of the coining presidential
campaign solely at heart.
A constitution was adopted, the
principal articles providing for the
total exclusion of the prohibition is
' sue, the election of an executive coni-
V niitt..o tn lib,. v.i.itt;.- rh-jftn. rtf ( h
resolutions of campaign procedure
throughout the tall and winter.
tiny C. Kidiloo presided through
out the session until after the election
of officers and in clear cut language
directed the proceedings, reviewing
what had already been accomplished
and what was in order for the organi
zation. Henry J. Heal, labor worker
and rising young attorney, who was
elected to the presidency, took the
chair and with a few brief remarks
pledged himself to attend diligently
to the progress of the institution.
The executive committee was
elected by the board of governors to
include the president, secretary and
treasurer and also two other ap
pointed members, (Juy C Kidiloo and
Max Targicwki. The executive com
mittee was by motion instructed to
look after the selection of permanent
headquarters. For the present the
club will maintain headquarters in" the
office of The Hee.
President Heal took under advise
ment the appointment of a committee
of three men who will look after the
campaign program, the literature con
tributed by the republican national
and state committees and the debat
ing team which will represent the
club should there be a necessity for
fmblic debate on platform planks.
S The attendance lat rvenina u-a
large. Members of the board of gov
ernors who attested to the adoption
of the constitution last evening arc;
John MiirfM Max TarKfVr'wskl
pauy and attempt to persuade them to
consider the installation of a street
car line on Thirty-sixth Mreet south
from tj street to the county line.
Pet Show at Morton Park.
The pet show held at Morton park,
Forty -fourth and V streets. Friday
afternoon was more of a Micces than
even the promoters had expected.
There wire KM pets tn the show. The
animals included several Shetland po
nies, a ram and several babv pigs. The
boys and girls had much pleasure
watching the pets, Manv older folks
visited the show.
Dean Tancock of Trinity cathedral,
on behalf ot the Humane Meiet
talked to the boys and girl-, on tlie
care of pels and he received close
Morton pat k is a new recreation
center tor the boys and girls or the
southwest corner of (ireah r Omaha.
i ommissiouer Hummel hope?, to
make more improvements in this park
next spring.
Chiiri'li Notice.
(.race M-tho.ltM R.v .1 Wi.H-r M.trns
will Kpoak Sumiiiv ni.TniTin -mi 1 Sni
Spiers of Ut'llKUMi:" nltlfl .-M .-, s .is
for thrt diiy. Sunday, August Imh mm
inurtion am) rvcp( l.m nf im mti.-m
I'THIrrt I'rPMltVU'rlllli. fnni.T Tv
unl II. Alhort N.. IWmr. 1'
it 11, Sitl.luith NChil at 9 1 : . .Inn
Vi'unt: I'.-nplf'ji rhrlmi:in iitilun ;ii ;.pr;ivir
in., twin W filn.s-l,i ..'n;tiK itt iimi.. I
S;ttb;ith ni'hiiiil pi.nlf S.ttut.i.iv al i:iiiuvoo.t
park, l.'avlrm th.- chun h m l p m
Th. R.-v li Allit-r will .o np tl;.' pu).
pit Num. ay tnortilhK at tl ,o llu- Kirst
I'lirlHtlan .'hun h. Tuvnly third and I
m tropin; Nutid.iy srhiml at , !i I,'.. ClirlMiiin
I'ml.'.ivrtr Ml pravi-r n lln Wed ncsdav
:it 7 : iili.)ml, iinirnltiK, "I'liiliultiK ( h In
and II
Guy Kiddoo
l.imis I Kilnzcl
Hnry Meal
Karl I,ee
Alvfn Johnson
(.'. W. Carlson
T.r-o Kowalsld
Fr-d MiMik
Kdvvard Ilnmpal
John S'hultz
I'aul Ileia
These men represent every na
tionality, packing house and residence
district of the South Side.
Hog Men Go South.
Definite assurance by President F.
G. Steck of the Kansas City Hog
Salesmen's association received at the
last hour yesterday that there would
be no "kangaroo court" when the
Omaha delegation arrives in the Mis
souri town to be entertained this
morning served to increase the en
rollment. At the last minute last
evening Bert Anderson, chairman of
arrangements, announced that there
will he a least forty-three local men
tn the delegation.
The delegation boarded Pullmans
in tie Burlington yards at 10:30
ocIock last evening. Ihe tram let!
at 1 1 o'clock.
There were forty-three men in the
party, representing banks, hog com
mission firms and other agencies of
the stock yards, including the Union
Stock Yards company and the Live
" Accused of Taking Car.
Caught taking a valuable touring
car which had been standing before
the Rockaway restaurant at 2314 N
street yesterday noon, two young
men, Ed Burns, chauffeur, 1616 Chi
cago street, and A. V. Chambers, 2605
L street, South, Side, are under arrest
awaiting trial on a serious charge.
They were' arrested a Quarter block
from where they had taken the car,
at the corner of Twenty-fourth and X
strets. Fred Parks, a boy who saw
the men drive r.way with the machine
notified a policeman, who immediate
ly made the arrest.
Another touring car was recovered
by the South Side police earlier in
the morning on the O street viaduct.
The thieves had just lett the machine
and were making their getaway when
the police arrived- They escaped.
Fd Gibbons, a switchman, was ar
rested late in the afternoon by the
nctl irn ciicnrtpfl nf lia vintr -Union ail
automobile from in front of the Ex
change building at the stock yards.
He is being held awaiting investiga
tion. Detective to Make Trio.
Meeting old-time cowpnncners of
western Nebraska, the boy who were
former pals, Eddie Fleming, detective
on the South Side, who was for
merly a Colorado cowpunchcr aim a
frionA Pltnor Wtnn of tho Vnrtll
Side, will start on a 1,000-mile auto
mobile trip this afternoon, going by
way of the Lincoln highway. The
nliimate destination is Spencer, near
which town Detective Fleming has a
ranch. The Indian reservation at
Niobrara will be visited and old ac
quaintances. Lithuanian Will Talk.
1 he Lithuanians of the South side
Imc arranged for A. V. Bulola to de
liver peechr tonight and tomorrow
at New Settlers' hall. Mr. Bulota is
an attorney ot recognized standing in
Kuia and will tell of the war condi
tions and make a plea Tor funds and
clothing for war victims.
Held as Fugitives.
Brady Bell and Germain Craig, two
negroes wanted by the sheriff of
Outline. Okl., on a charge of shoot
ing to kill, were arrested by detec-;
tives at Twenty-eighth and Q streets j
yesterday. One of the men had sev-j
i t r.l buckshot scars on his back, show-'
iup where be had received a full i
charge of shot from n shotgun. They
were booked as fugitives from ju-.-tice
and are awaiting the coming of
the Oklahoma sheriff.
Want Car Line.
Members of the West Side Boost-I
' i lub met W edni'Mlav eve
ning and appoinred a committee of
three. IV C. Caldwell, B. F. Marsh!!
ami K. G. S. Collins, to go before
the board of directors ot the Omaha
& Council Blu.'fs Street Railway coui-
Twoniv -fifth
Hidl.-r. I'h.H'
s- lmol at : I . . timi'tititK worship
wnhiK i n diirlni; Aukumi , Mih.P''l.
Sund:iv ntornm:, Kn di-sh-lliu iim " Miss
Klor.Mim Puid.-y id Si. .I.isopli. Mo . w til
fll'B lL ill'1 ninnilliK rrvfr.
!liili' City HiNt.
At lhi hi. in.- .f K.'v OhiirW'H V Hulh-r,
Uii7 Si. nth Tw.-ntV'S.Tiiin) Mrr.-t. i-anlor id
T-mit Ma pi 1st .hiinh. linv Million, y mid
Miss Tilth-mi- llnss.-O. nv.i i. ii im i I-l.'
of th.' west Mh w.r' liiarilid l:i.l 'l'n.da
Barneston Founder
Dead After Eighty
Seven Years in State
Hcatri.-c. Xfl.. Aur. I". - I Special
Tili Kram.) - 1;. M. Harm's, (nundi'r of
the town ni' lUiniesInn, tliU rfimity,
and wIki eoiidtu'tril an Indian trailing
point on the Otoe reservation in an
early day, died this morning at his
home at Barneston. ayed W years.
He leaves a widow and live children.
Mrs. Barnes is the oldest person
jorn in the state- heitiK horn at
Bellcvuc- Nel)., eighty-seven years
Aged Columbus Man
On Way to Soldiers' Home
Columbus. N'eh., Aug. 1').- (Special
Telegram. 1 Edward Clark, the aged
man who disappeared Tuesday after
noon, was found at Valley last night,
where he asked for something to eat
at a hotel. The landlord, knowing of
his disappearance, notified the sheriff
here, anil Karl Clark went to that
place this morning and returned with
him this afternoon. Clark said he
was on his way to the Soldiers' home
at Leavenworth, Kan.
Improvers Take Steps
Against Wayside Resort
The Northwest Federation .of Im
provement clubs at their meeting last
night appointed a committee com
oosed of II. C. Timme and E. Vance,
to confer with Sheriff McS' ane about
the closing of r.n objectionable resort
just outside the city limits, at Forty
eighth and Redmond.,
The place has been in operation for
a long time, but Sheriff McShane has
never molested it, improvers say.
Dresher Bros.' Summer Fur
Prices Make Lively Sell
ing Season Out of
Summer Period.
jf hi
Kish, Dresher's Expert Fur
rier, Lowers Fur Making,
Altering and Repairing
Prices If Work Is
Done at Once.
If you had in your employ a group
of high-priced workers you would
want to keep them fairly busy,
wouldn't you?
Well, that's the case at the Fur
Making, Repairing and Altering De
partment at Dresher Brothers' Mam
moth Cleaning and Dyeing Plant at
2211-2217 Farnam street, Omaha.
You see, Dreshers have a group
of fur workers under the able super
vision of Mr. Kish, an acknowledged
fur expert, and all of these people
must be paid salaries, even though
the fur business is never at its best
in the summer season.
For that reason Dresher Brothers,
through Mr. Kish, will reduce prices
heavily on any piece of fur made to
order here during the present hot
season. The same applies to re
pair and alteration work. Dreshers
are willing to lower the prices now so
as to firmly entrench themselves
when the actual cold wearing season
is on.
And the ladies of Omaha should
know for a certainty that Mr. Kish
will make up positively stunning fur
pieces for them he knows how
and he has at his disposal as fine a
lot of furs as has even been gather
ed together.
The same with repairing and re
modeling Mr. Kish knows how
and Dreshers' reputation backs that
of Kish. Uring in your furs and
have them gone over; be assured
that the work will be stylish, snappy
and thorough nil the way through.
And, by the way, even though late
in the season, many are still sending
in furs to be stored in Dreshers' Cold
Storage Vault, the most perfectly
equipped and scientifically planned
of any in the United States. No
moths; no fire or burglar danger;
absolute safety at all stages of the
Phone Tyler 34S or leave work at
the plant, 2211-2217 Farnam street,
at Dresher The Tailors, IMS Farnam
street, or the Dresher branch in the
Brandeis Store, or the Burgess-Xash
Co. Dresher branch.
Those living nut of Omaha have
the stimi1 facilities accorded them,
for Dreshers pay express or parcel
post charges one way on any sized
bundle to any point in America. j
Sunday, August 20, 1916.
Telephone Douglas 137.
A Store Just Full of Good Things!
- 1
Monday Yards and Yards of
New Silks, 95c
PKon.K often think of 11
store as u fold business in
stitution, whose sole object in
life is to make money.
People often forget that a
(rood, well-mamieil store has
ideals just as important for it
to maintain as the ideal of
It is this store's ideal to give
itself to the public to he its
servant in the procurement,
from the best sources in the
world, of almost every article
needed of a personal nature or
for home comfort and house
f u rnislmitf.
To adhere to the principle of
offering at al! times reliable
merchandise, priced just us ad
vantageously in your behalf as
pood solid business management
can possibly create.
To progress along the lines of
better merchandise, better
ideas, better values, better ser
vice than ever before.
A I'Tl'MN is just around the
corner! The first of the new
fashions for the coming season tire
here and more are coming every
Loose swinging lines distinguishes
n gown of navy blue serge and
black satin combination. A smart
touch is given by the rows of sou
tache braid wending its way
around the belt and tabs. A final
touch is the white satin collar and
cuffs. (Second Kloor.)
A blouse of unusual charm is in
(Jeorgette crepe wilh bands of
black satin joined by hand fagot
ing. Cape collar, deep pointed
cuffs, accordion pleated, jabot and
black satin inserts, finish the story
of this exquisite creation. (Second
To complete the charm of the fall
costume is a new hoot. Simple in
cut, graceful and smart in line. It
is made of black French kid. plain
toe. leather I.ouis Cuban heel, and
measures H inches from top to
.'oumI. (Second Floor. )
Two Hats of the Hour
Chapeau "Jockey"
Is just one of the new
mushroom and poke effects
that is enjoying so much pop
ularity. The charmingness
of these models lies in their
"chic" and youthful lines.
Made of silk velvet in rich
shades of purple, corbeau
and black.
Chapeau "Napoleon"
With the conflict raging
abroad it is not surprising to
find styles with the military
touch. This "hat that turns
away from the face" is fash
ioned of Lyons or Panne vel
vet in jet black or inky purple.
Autumn models priced from $5.00 to $15.00.
Burgesi-NaBh Co. Second Floor.
Girts' TUB DRESSES $1.95
Formerly Priced to $3.50
MOTHERS will be interested in this sale of dresses for the young
daughters 6 to 14 years. Made of very fine striped voiles,
daintily trimmed. Ribbon sashea, pockets, belts and pretty collars
are all pretty features of these dresses. Colors of pink, blue, green,
etc. This is an unusual value, considering the fact that school time
is nearly here, when a plentiful suppfy of dresses will be necessary
lor the little miss. Positively values up to $j.50, in
one big group, at
Bui'geBB-NaBh Co. Main Floor.
Including Silks That Were $1.50 and $1.95
Women's thoughts will center on our silk section Monday, when we offer one
big group of new, fashionable silks at a very substantial saving. A special pur
chase of regular $1.50 and $1.95 silks, made months ago, makes this sale possible.
Silks in every hue imaginable, plain and fancy, figured, striped and plaid ef
fects all silks that have received fashion's stamp of approval for autumn's even
ing and street dresses. A sale that comes in plenty of time to have the new gown
made before cool weather.
Just as an idea of the silks included :
Plain Chiffon Taffeta,
Figured Charmeuse,
Pretty Crepe de Chines,
Plain and Fancy Poplins,
Widths from 36 to 42 inches.
Canton Crepes in blues, labra
dor, olive green, navy, black,
marine blue, old rose, taupe,
36-inch Black Messalines.
n-...i-N..h Co. Main Floor.
August Sale of FURS
Presents Savings of 15 to 25
BETWKEN the impatient yell of the trapper, as he urges his
team onward, and your own admiring comment upon the fin
ished sets and coats lien the drama of the North.
"Beautiful," you say, as you stroke your hand on the downy
texture of the furs displayed in our department, and you will he
just as quick to applaud the special savings, which average 15 to
25'i during this sale. For your convenience, we have arranged
to store the furs you purchase until November 1, if so desired,
upon the receipt of 25 of the value of the furs.
Individual Fur Sets
Silver Pointed Fox Sets, $100 to $150.
Cross Fox Sets, at $100 to $175.
Natural Mink Sets, at $75 to $250.
Ermine Sets, at $50 to $210.
Red Fox Sets, at $35 to $80.
Black Fox Sets, at $30 to $85.
Silver Wolf Sets, at $75.
Hudson Bay Sable Sets, at $120 to $200.
Fur Mui'fs
Bl.clc Fox Muff., at $15 to $45.
Blue Fox Muffi, .t $43 to $65.
Red Fox Muff., t $8.50 lo $45.
Natural Mink Muff., at $35 to $75.
Jap Mink Muff., at $12.50 to $35.
Water Mink Muff., at $6.50 to $15.
Fur Neck Pieces
Burge..-N..h Co. Second Floor.
Black Fox Neck Piece., at $12.50 to $40.
White Fox Neck Piece., at $35 to $40.
Blue Fox Neck Pieces, at $45 to $60.
Red Fox Neck Pieces, at $10 to $50.
Natural Mink Neck Piece., at $15 to $50.
Jap Mink Neck Pieces, $10 to $30.
Water Mink Neck Pieces, at $5 to $12.50.
Women's Silk Union Suits
Were to $3.50 Monday $1.95
ONE big group of exquisite Venetian
silk union suits, low neck, sleeveless,
with crocheted tops. A splendid oppor
tunity to secure silk union suits, formerly
priced to $3.50, choice.
Monday, at, suit
Burgg..-Nh Co,
S pecial , at Pair. 85c
PURE thread ingrain silk, in black and
colors. You will recognize them as
one of the most widely advertised makes
of silk hose, and which, under usual con
ditions, retail to $2 a pair, at 85c a pair.
Burfs.-Ne.h Co. Main Fleer.
The Fourth Week of the Furniture Sale
Brings Values of the Most Unusual Sort
EVERY detail of the furniture featured in this August Sale is in strict accord
ance with the Burgess-Nash quality. Furniture that will prove its worth in
the wear and its "stand-up after wear" qualities. The saving possibilities are 15
to 50 per cent under regular.
Telephone Stand i
W constructed of
solid oak fumed
finish, stool
slides un
der table
when not
in use
August sale
price, $3.45
Main Floor.
25c Bates' Crepes for Children's t yjjf
1S9 School Clothes, Monday, lV2c fezt?
""illl ll ili t ill I pieces at
'tit ill Si a I I savings of
f i If 11 111 the s a m e
l!i p3 3 S"Jl proportions
August sale
This Library
Table, $5.95
Craftsman library table, made
of solid oak in fumed finish, top
is 26x42 inches, August sale price,
"Duofold" Bed at $18.95
A solid oak frame in choice of
fumed or golden finish, uphol
stered in best quality brown fab
ricord, guaranteed spring con
struction, sale price, $18.95.
Burge..-Na.h Co. Third Floor.
This Tea Wagon, $6.95
Splendidly constructed of ab
solutely solid mahogany. r-mov-able
glass tray and artillery
wheels, sale price, $6.95.
Oak Rocker, $6.95
Well made, upholstered in srn
uine leather, spring scat, solid oak
frame, fumed finish. An excep
I tional value Monday at $6.95.
at 25 Per Cent Off the Regular Price
NEW STOCK arriving every day Must have inore room is the reason for this unusual
sale Monday.
Choice Monday of any machine in our stock of Standard make machines at 25 per
cent less than the regular prices quoted. Including such makes as Standard, Paragon,
Howe, Wizard, Cleveland, Clarke's Rotary and Automatic. As an idea:
$16.50 Sewing Machines, $12.50
$25.00 Sewing Machines, $18.75
$18.00 Sewing Machines, $13.50
$39.00 Sewing Machines, $29.25
$47.50 Sewing Machines, $35.63
We are exclusive airenls fur the Standard Rotarv
machines wilh the latest sit-straight design lock and
chain stitch attachment.
Terms of $1.00 a Week.
None sold to agents no C. 0. V. "r mail orders accepted.
! IBKSSSa. 1
ATES' Crepes medium and laree plaids, also plain colors. Just
the thine lor children s school clothes, 25c values, at, yd., IZHc.
Zephyr Ginghams, 10c
27 and 32-inch zephyr ginghams, fancy stripes, checks and plain
shades, fust colors, on sale at, yard, 10c.
Tissue Ginghams, I2V2C
Beautiful woven tissue ginghams, in all the wanted colorings,
on sale Monday at yard, 121c.
Striped Suitings, 7Vjc
Kaney striped suiting, .14 inches wide, regularly worth 25c a
yard, 50 bolts will be Bold quickly at 7e yard.
Burfett-Naah Co. Down Stair, Storo.
K reamer hand-made boilers, made of extra
heavy tin with heavy copper Bottom, No. 8
size, $2.25 value..- J1.69
All copper wash boiler made of heavy material-large
No. 9 size, $4.1)8 value.. $3.98
Clothes pin apron, made of heavy duck, two
packets. 25c value 19c
Willow c lothes hamper, wood bottom with willow cover, round shape,
extra well made, $1.98 value, Monday special, at $1.59
Willow clothes hamper, extra large size, with wood bottom and wil
low cover, square shape, extra special $3.50
Hand vacuum washers, complete with handle, slightly imperfect,
while they last, 39c value 19c
Galvanized iron wush tubs, guaranteed, 98c value 75c
Galvanized iron water pails, 10-quart size, first quality, special, 19c
Wood bottom clothes baskets, oval shape, $1.25 value 98c
Hemingway ironing boards, covered with heavy asbestos pad, easy
to operate, stands very rigid, $2.00 value $1.69
Rulltnan vacuum wash machines, galvanized tub, guaranteed to op
erate easily, former price $10.00, now at $5.93
O ( edar oil mop, triangle shape, 7oc value. . . .59c
O'Cedar polish, 50c size 36c
Soap saver wash board, family size 29c
Wringers --Horseshoe brand, every one warranted
hardwood frame clothes wringers, 10-inch roller,
warranted for one year; extra special $2.98
Clothes wringers, 11-inch ball bearing rollers, en
closed gears, warranted for 3 years, special, $3.98
Soaps for Wash Day
Diamond "C" yellow laundry 1 White Borax Naphtha soap,
soap, 10 bars 24c 13 bars for 10c
Gold Dust Washing Pow- 1 Old Dutch Cleanser, per
der, large package. 17c can 7c
Light House Cleanser, 3 ! Ivory Soap, large size. 31
cans for 10c 1 bars for 23r
Burgi-Nh Co. Down-5tair Store
Burgess-Nash Company:
Burgeit-Naih Co. Down Stuta Store.
"EVIRYBODYll store"