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TELLS OF SEA HORSEa Woman Seeks High Place
in Woman s Relief Corps Roster
Weird Combination of Horse's
Head and the Body of a
Washington. Aug. W -The inter
esting little fisli known as (lie sci
horse, or hippocampus, whu'li lias at
traded much attention on account ot
its curious form ami no less
habits from tune is .lis
Cussed hy !r i'harle K I jsiinan of
the American Museum of Natural
History, in one of the SrnitK.nii.iii
anual report papers u-t is-ne.l
Occuniis plrntitnllv in the Medilet
ranean. the tvpical species as ell
known to the ancieiil-. and hwiiik to
the wide disttihution of the remaining
thirty-odd sprites composing the
genu's, sea hotsts have now hr.ome
famahat ohiects in inot laigr
mints ot the woil.l l'hr appeal to
he a iseitd comhnutton ot a h.-tses
head ami a hodv or tail of a i.itrr-
ndlar ll has hern said that it
....l.t r.rt.i Mere .lltaclu'd
base of a chess knight the sea hoi
would he well imitated
We owe to the late l'r I hfnlnre
X. Gill, associate in .-oologif the
I'nited States National iimseunl. a
fine account of the hie InjAory of the
hippocampus, puhhshed in the pro
ceedings of the 1 m'cM Slates Na
tional museum n (J5. The move
ments. feeding anl hreediiiR hahiis
of these creatures are all extremely
curious, and at i well described by
Pr. full:
Generally at Kelt.
The most frequent position assumed
is a state of rest, will) the tail wound
arourd the stem of a plant or other
substance, and the body carried nearly
.or quite erect but notwithstand
ing the apparent rigidity of its cm-rass-like
body armor, almost everv
other attitude consistent with such
form can he assumed. The body
can he thrown outward or downward
t various angles, the tail being wound
around a plant in. a double coil. Once
in a while one eve may roll tow aid
the observer, while the other may
he passive or look backward or even
in the opposite direction. The liltle
fish can move its eyes independently
of each other, and in entirely difier
ent wavs. A comical effect is pro
duced by the manner in which these
fishes peer at some objects, reminding
one of a very near-sighted person.
Releasing ilscll from its support
it can progress slowh, still in a ver
tical position, its tail curved inward,
its dorsal fin rapidly undulating, re
minding one of a screw propeller, and
' with its pectoral fins vibrating in bar
tnonv. i
Incased as it is in an almost in
flexible coat of mail, progression can
not be effected by lateral flexion o
the body as in ordinary fishes, and
with the flexion in a vertical direc
tion, is limited.
Has Gas Bladder.
With such limited powers of pro
gression a nice adjustment of organs
is necessary. One method is said to
use an air bladder, comparatively
large and always distended by a
quantity of gas so exactly in harmony
with the specific gravity of the body
that this entire body is a hydrostatic
apparatus of extreme sensibility.
A proof of this is that if a single bub
ble of gas no larger than the head
of a verv small pin be extracted,
the fish immediately loses its equili
brium and sinks to the bottom, on
which it must crawl until the wound
has been cicatriied and a new supply
of gas secreted bv the internal mem
brane of the bladder. It is well
known that the eggs of hippocampus
are taken care of by the male in an
abdominal sac or pouch. , ,
The name hippocampus is derived
from the Creek wrils, hippos, signi
fying horse, and kamnos or kampe. a
caterpillar. And, in (act, the head is
shaped and the neck arched like
those of a horse, while the body or
tail resembles a caterpillar.
Not Good for Food.
One sixteenth century writer
states that: Its sire does not exceed
a finger's length; it has a tough and
rugose skin, and neither man nor fish
of other kind esteem it as food. In
color it is sometimes dark; in other
cases white. It bears a small fin, a
little elevated along the back, and
another small one on the neck, where
it joins the head. The mouth is small
and tubiform. Dead or dried speci
mens have the tail coiled inward, ike
that of a chameleon; it is furnished
with small, blunt prickles, and is of
quadrangular section. The spinous
projections arise from transverse
folds which cross the fail.
Certain authors profess that the
ashes of hippocampus, when commin
gled with liquid pitch, til o or 01
or sweet majoram. cure baldness and
pain in the sides. An application of
oil of roses into which the live ani
mal has been dipped and killed is an
efficacious remedy for chills and
Medicinal Properties.
Dr Eastman mentions alleged
medicinal properties of hippocampus,
gravely set fofth by Matthioli. BeW
Lndelet. Gtsner and others. Aris
totle does not mention the hippo
campus, and this word was used by
the poets of classical antiquity as the
name of a sea monster, half horse
and half fish, on which sea divinities
ami n" , u.i.1.. t ne character
'ode It is piuui,ij .
hat 'conventionalized representations
)f the creature vy-'
ind otner ancrcni v , .
A curious confusion of this odd
fish with some otner species uuu
vear. ago,- when its identity was
mixed with the remora or sucking
fish, also known as Jf ::"
Wich Cove to ships and he I h em
'.hips w'ere aground, although the
wind ana waves 4"
Campus with the Uike 'reversus.
Wid to have a cap attached to its
'head with which it captured other fish
ind tortoise, and was therefore used
by the natives, reported by Columbus,
for catching other fish. It also was
. once called "sea dragon, or zy-
death," and again, from the Latin,
"eouus maris," "horse of the sea on
account of the fact that these
creatures were all supposed to die in
the air or at least suffer when out of
Iowa Vails, la., Auk. W.-ftie mid -
I'M v ill jirrk tlu rlf I'tiiMi tt M rv
Kstrrlta K. Hopper ot this ity as tu
Hutu! trraMirrr ol the Woman's Re
lict (. Oips A tllC I'OlMltlfl HI
l Ainpinrnt 111 kanis l ily. For thirty
uMis Miv i'lopprr ha li'rn Mi tivf in
the cotps uork in this Matt and lus
tilli-ti the (viluo ot dcpai tnii-nt prcsi
!cnt ami ilqurtinrnt treasurer u ith
n to Ihm srlt and to tin ilcpart-
; incut Iii uiiiik tin' election nt Mrs
! IMopprr tlir Women's Keliel K trs in
lnw.i know that she i-, anipl jiulitird
; in t'vetx tu till the position amt
; the niiil-vM-st is i iititlni t.i the ot
tier, as it will hnnji thr hae ol sup
.plus neairr the t''1 'K1 M'h n al n-titrr ot
the departments am! rijuahr the hm
den it tieinht tate Mis I'lopper was
a tan Ik late for this poMtion at the
national i on rut ion in Wasliinnhm,
l. I , hut withdrew, leaving no oppo
sition tiM the present tieasiirrr, who
has tilled the position tne (einis. Mrs
I'loppt-r is a hiiMtu ss woman ot many
eai s rxpeneiu e ami her ipialitK".!
tions eoiipled with her Iouk servue in
the department eorps make her an
ideal candidate tor the position which
the Pcpartnient of Iowa will seek to
till at the coining convent ion.
is Going On
in Society Circles
Sri ; f
tCnntinurd frnm I'Mg Two.)
leave the first d the week fur Hoill
der, t'ido.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 11. Fell have
rtiltneil triun'a trip tu Kstes park and
t idniadd SpnilKs.
Mr. anil Mrs. Henry I'ierpont and
i-hiMnn rellinieil Tiiesd.i' fruin two
weeks at the O-4-Har ranch with
Mr C. W. lloldrene and Mrs. Koh-.
eit llollistcr. who plan to remain at
the i audi till September.
Mr. ami Mrs II. 11. Ver Mchrcn
leave today tor a trip to ltuifalo via
the Kteat lakes, returning about Sep
tember 1. They will be accom
panied by Mrs. Ver Mehren's sister,
Mi-. Kemp.
Summer Sojourners Return.
Mrs ictor Caldwell has returned
from Trior lake.
Mrs. Kdith Wagoner returned this
eek from the east.
Mrs. S. I). Markalow and Miss llar-
kalmv returned Friday from Estes
Dr. I ierre Moriartv is home from
a month's outing at Spider lake, Wis
Mrs. Taul Hoaglaml and children
came home Friday from Lake Jelfer
son, Minn. i
Mr. and Mrs. N. 11. Loomis and
family are expected home from Dome
lake today.
Mrs. Frank H. lohnson and dauch-
ter, Jeauette, returned Saturday from
Alexandria, Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Burgess have
returned from California, where they
spent the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. letferis and
family ami Dr. and Mrs. Wherry and
family have returned from Madison
Mrs. John F. Flack arrived home
Sunday from Fistes Park, where she
was at Klkhorn Lodge for several
Mr. and Mrs. John A. McShane
will be home Friday from Atlantic
City, where they have been for six
Sam Burns returned Tuesday from
Salter's Point, Mass., where Mrs.
Burns and the children will remain
until September.
Mrs. r. A. Nash, with her niece
and nephew, Miss Grace and Charles
Allison, will be back today from two
weeks at the Stanley hotel in lCstes
Mrs. Victor White and Miss Louise
White returned last week from six
weeks in the east, the last two or
three weeks spent at Swampscott,
Miss Hazel Frances Morrison will
return the first of the week after a
six months' visit in California and the
north coast states. She is a sister of
Mrs. Emery O Peterson.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Connell ar
rived home Thursday from the east,
where they spent a month at At
lantic City and then visited New
York and Washington on their way
Mrs. R. V. Breckenridge arrived
home Sunday film Dome lake and
a trip through the Yellowstone. Her
son, Warren, who accompanied her.
stopped in North Dakota and is ex
pected within a day or two.
Mrs. A. C. Powell is expected home
today from La Jolla, Cal., where she
has spent the summer. Her daughter-in-law,
Mrs. Charles Powell, who
was with her, has gone to Sheridan,
Wyo., where her parents have had
her children during her absence. Mr.
Powell has joined her there for two
hrotlier, Mr. Harry Jordan, who sail
September d tor Honolulu.
Mrs. (ieorne V. J)oane, jr., left
Tuesday t'ttr two weeks' visi at
Hempstead, L. I.
Miss Louise McPherson h ex
pected from Maryland in Octoher to
visit friends here.
Mrs Bertha S. Hyde leaves today
for I .os Angeles, ( al., for a six-weeks'
visit with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Huek have re
turned from their wedding trip and
are at the I olhert.
Dr. H. Connell and his sous,
Robert and Herbert, returned Tues
day from Wyoming.
Mr. and Mrs. ti. A. Mcllroy and
Mr. Joseph (Jiiinhy arc the week-end
guests of Mr. John I.avelle.
Jude and Mrs. V. A. Redick and
Mrs. Charles Kminte arrived home
Wednesday bv motor from Minneapo
lis. Mr. and Mrs. John V. Battin will
leave Monday for a trip through
Micbipan, Wisconsin and down the
Cireat Lakes.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C George re
turned this week from several weeks
in the east, most of the time at Nan
tucket Island.
Charles L. Saunders and his neph
ew, William Henry Harrison, have
returned from a five weeks' hunting
trip in the Big Horn country,
of Council Bluffs left Monday for
Pultith and will also visit her niece,
.Mrs. Donald McKcrren, at Hoope
ston, 111.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Hall and son,
Robert, left Thursday for Minneapo
lis and Duluth and from the latter
place will take the boat for Buffalo
and thence to Sorel, Canada, to visit
Mrs. Hall's father.
Mrs. Klizaheth Stewart Wildman
Mrs. J. H. Van Dusen returned Sat
urday from Minneapolis and Chicago,
her daughter, Helen, remaining in
Chicago visiting friends for another
month. Mrs. Van Dusen's son, Har
old, is here for two weeks from Holy
oke, Colo., where lie is engaged in the
banking business.
Women Are
Doing in the World
The Benson woman's club has been
recognized by the city council in so
far that the mayor has appointed two
members on the Welfare hoard, Mrs.
C A. Tracy for a five-year and Mrs.
Dr. Loechuer for a four-year term.
The program committee has decided
on a miscellaneous program for the
coming year and the year books are
in the hands of the printer. The
opening meeting will be held Sep
tember 14 in a room in the new city
The Methodist Woman's Foreign
Missionary society of Benson will
meet Wednesday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. J. C. Campbell, when
the yearly opening of the "mite box
es" will take place.
Social Gossip.
Mrs. John Monroe and Miss Elder
are at Palm Beach. Cal.
Judge and Mrs.. J. J. Sullivan will
be home today from Atlantic City.
Mrs. Martha Heth went to Colfax
Springs Friday for a week or ten
Kir. and Mrs. C S. Montgomery
have just returned from an extended
lake trip.
Mrs. R. C Moore will spend the
winter in California, leaving next
month with Mrs. J. J. Dickey and her
The Business Women's council
will be addressed by the Rev. A. J.
McClung. pastor of the Benson Pres
byterian church, at the noonday
meeting in the courthouse Tuesday.
The King's Daughters of the Central
I'nited Presbyterian church will serve
luncheon between the hours of 11 and
2 o clock.
George A. Custer, Woman's Relief
Corps, will have its monthly Sunshine
rlub meeting Tuesday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Emma Owynne.
Frances Willard branch, Woman's
Christian Temperance Union, will
hold its annual picnic Wednesday at
noon at Hanscom park. Election of
officers will take place during the af
ternoon. (
The Omaha Woman's Christian
Temperance Union meets Wednesday
at 2:30 o'clock in the Y'oung Men's
Christian association to appoint local
superintendents and delegates to the
Douglas county temperance meeting
in South Side, September 5.
At Carter Lake.
Mrs. H. F. Simpson won high score
at the meet of the Carter Lake club
woman's bowling club Friday morn
ing. A luncheon followed the bowling.
Social Items
iaPwi ,iRw
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-ram SpacUlUU"
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Dr. W. H. Knollenberg
Chiropractic Specialist. 1
Miss Mary Jansseu, who has been
attcndiiiK the Epwurth Icaitue assem
bly at l.liHnln, has returned home.
Mi . and Mrs. tieoryc Sin t, who
have been visiting at Lake Okoboji,
returned home the lu st of the week.
Mrs. tilrin Morcan. Mrs. John Pet
ers, hi, Mrs. tieoiKe and Mis.s
Jennie Dial, who have been spending
Muni' time at Valley camping anil
fishing, rellinieil home Monday.
I . . Ncthau.iy, Arthur Dial and
Miss Itl.inche Taylur visited at Val
ley Snnda).
Mr. and Mrs. I arl Peterson, Mr.
and Mrs. l I'. Wall. Dr. and Mrs. C.
A. Surenson, Mr-. Dudley Dodson,
Mr. J. I'. Peterson anil Mr. A. J.
t base visile'! .it Valley Sunday,
being gut'-... ..f me b'h'rence women.
wiio have been camping there for
some tune past. Mrs. J. P. Peterson
caught the fish that was served at the
big fish dinner. Later Mr. ("lifiord
Kierle, Miss Esther Dugher. Dr. II.
II. Avery, Miss Dolly Morgan, Mr.
Irving Allison and Mr. and Mrs. J. It.
Drishon and family came out.
Walter Pettigrew of Seattle, Wash.,
had been the guest of Mr. L. T. Amis
the last week.
Mis.s Kli.abeth PlaU of Beatrice.
Neb., is spending some time here the
guest of tier father. K. L. Platz and
sister, Mrs. . L". Itenton.
Mr. and Mrs. James Itreneman.
Miss Mculah itreneman, James Myers
and Mrs. tieorge Cole spent Sunday.
Monday anil Tuesday at 7'ecumseh
visiting friends.
Mrs. M. E. Ilerskind entertained
a small party of her friends at her
home on Saturday evening in honor
of her birthday anniversary at cards.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. F
T. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Orlie Wilson,
Mr. Koy liatimhach and Mr. and Mrs.
M. K. Herskind.
Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Johnson and
family, who moved to Holvoke. Colo..
about a year ago to make their home
on a farm, have sold out and returned
to Florence. They made the trip here
hy automobile, stopping at several
places to visit friends and relatives.
Mrs. Maude Whistler of Atkinson,
Neb., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
R. A. Golding for a fortnight.
Miss Ott of Jefferson City, Mo., was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. L. E.
Steyer Friday.
Mrs. T. '. Ilerskind and son, Roy,
departed Monday for Hutchinson,
Minn., where they will spend a month
visiting friends and relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Olmsfed will
entertain the Keystone class of hoys
and the Sunshine class of girls of the
Presbyterian church at a campiing
party at Arlington this week.
Mrs. Ellen Brough entertained at
dinner on Monday evening in honor
of Mrs. John Augustine and son of
Stewartsville, Mo.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Allis
Thursday, a boy.
Mr. Kalph Bailey of Briggs station
and Miss Marie Cook of Kennard
were married at the Presbyterian
church by Rev. J. B. Butter on
Wednesday afternoon. They will
make their home in Florence.
Miss Hortense Beouschlein of
Seattle, Wash., has been the guest of
Miss Jean Butter the last week. Miss
Beouschlein and Miss Butter were
classmates at college at Dillon, Mont.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Price left Tues
day for a two weeks' trip to Colorado.
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Fox entertained
at their home Sunday in honor of a
number of out-of-town guests. The
following were present at the lunch
eon: Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Spangler.
Walnut, la.; Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Spangler. Walnut, la.; Mr. and Mrs.
G. G. Hines, Blair. Xeb.; Mr. and Mrs.
S. C. Cafferty, Valley, Neb.; Miss
Imogene Spangler, Miss Hazel
Spangler, Miss Rena Fox, Messrs.
Robert Spangler, Bert Caffery, John
Hauzlik and Glen Fox.
The following officers of the Ladies
Aid society of the Methodist church
were elected at the meeting held the
first of the week: Mrs. Hayden.
president; Mrs. Davis, first vice presi
dent; Mrs. Foster, second vice presi
dent; Mrs. Janssen, chaplain; Mrs.
Gayman, secretary; Mrs. Kleever.
treasurer; Mrs. Taylor, chairman of
committee; Mrs. Dr. Chiles, chairman
and secretary of visiting committee.
"Clown Hair to Be Erected Here is
Or.e of 24 Ringling Canvas Palaces
A wonderful house is soon to be
erected here. It will be built of can
vas and the roof will be held sky
ward by big red and blue poles as
large as trees in the woods. At the
very top of one of these poles will be
a flag bearing the words, "Clown
Hall." It's the traveling home of the
Kingling Brothers1 army of jesters.
Besides that which is made of can
vas. there is still another "Clown
Hall." This second home is located
at the circus winter quarters in Bar
ahoo. Wis. Here it is that the funny
chaps gather after the big show has
completed its tour, to plan their
grotesque costume, rehearse a world
of comicalities, rig up big wooden
cannons, air-ships and whatnot, and
to think out new frolics and jokes of
every kind. Could the thousands
upon thousands of children who
laugh with these Merry Andrews
from April until November but creep
up to the windows of the snow-covered
"Hall" in llaraboo on a Decem
ber day and peek inside, they would
surely think that they had discovered
old Santy's work shop. For they
would see big and little men busily
engaged making all sorts of gaily
painted carls and wagons, queer look
ing guns that shoot nothing more
dangerous than water, and no end of
laughable masks and faces. Ami
nearby, in big buildings frescoed with
icicles, hut kept very warm within,
they would catch glimpses of spotted
ponies and Shellands. blinking mon
keys, knowing dogs, shaggy bears and
even baby elephants going round and
round in big. broad rings or mounted
on stages all very attentive tu their
score of trainers and making ready
for the long journey which always
begins in the springtime. This tour
has now begun and clowns and ani
mals and all the rest of the wonders
of Spaugleland will be here when the
circus comes to Omaha at Twenty
first and Paul streets, on Monday,
August 2H.
Social Circles
A large number from Benson went
to Bellevue to attend the Woodmen
picnic held Saturday.
Dr. S. R. Butler left on Thursdav
for her home in Superior, Neb., after
a visit at the home of her son, Sidney
Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Musk returned
Sunday night from a visit in Des
Moines, la.
Dr. and Mrs. Loechner have re
turned from a motor trip to the Da
kotas. Mrs. Walter Snell will be hostess
for the Presbyterian Ladies' Aid so
ciety next Wednesday afternoon.
Messrs. Paul and Joe Roth and Miss
Lucy Roth, of Tekamah, Net., were
guests on Tuesday at the Gorton Roth
Mr. and Mrs. Westcott and family,
of Plattsmouth, were guests last Sun
day at the E. A. McGlasson home.
Mrs. R. Rurford and daughter left
on Wednesday to visit relatives in
southern Missouri.
Miss Esther Larsen entertained at
dinner on Sunday evening in honor of
Mrs. A. J. Stanley, of Los Angeles.
Mrs. J. T. Pickard was hostess for
the Tri-city Birthday club at her home
last Thursday. Covers were laid for
! twelve guests.
! Mr. and Mrs. J. Gehrig entertained
1 at luncheon Sunday evening for four
, guests of Omaha and Benson.
Mr. George Stoltenbure was winner
of both prizes awarded at the Rifle
club contest held here on last Thurs
day. Mrs. Nels Peterson was pleasantly
surprised last Sunday evening by a
crowd of Missouri Valley friends who
came in honor ol her birthday anni-1
Mr.'and Mrs. V. R. Shelley and :
Mrs. E. A. Mason have returned from :
an auto trip to Wessington, S. D., to
visit with Mrs. Mason's sister.
The annual outing of the Masonic
lodge was held Saturday, a week, at
Elmwood park, with a supper in the
Miss Anna Plott returned home on
Wednesday from a trio to Kansas
! City.
Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Farnsworth
gave a house party at their home
when the guests were Rev. Angell of
Valentine, Miss Ada Irwin of Garri
son. Ia.; Dr. and Mrs. A. H. Farns
worth of Meridan, la.; Victor Malm
ston of Victor, S. D.; Mrs. George
Childs, Omaha; Mrs. Harold Farns
worth. Page, Net)., and Mr. and Mrs.
Carl Malniston of Richfield, Utah.
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. F"ase of Papil
lion, Mrs. F. W. Monninger of Nor
folk, Ms. and Mrs. Henry Crost of
Omaha and Mr. and Mrs. F, E. Cald
well of St. Cloud. Fla., were recent
guests at a dinner given by Mrs. J.
Rev. C. A. Johnson and Mrs. John- j
son of Ogden, la., who is considering'
the call extended by the Atigustina
Lutheran church, was a guest at the
B. M. Samuelson home last Sunday.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
FYed Kesser on last Thursday.
Miss Madeline Morton returned
home Saturday from Shenandoah. Ia.,
accompanied hy Miss Reta Birkhimer.
The Methodist Sunday school held
its annual picnic at Kiverview, and
the Presbyterian at Elmwood parks
last Saturday.
Mr. Koy Kaiser, who grew to man
hood in this place, was married last
Wednesday to Miss Marie Iltsck of
Bennington. Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser will
reside in Benson.
Mr. Nov Wolfe of I.ewellyn. Neb
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Paul of Omaha
and Mr. and Mrs. Huntington of
Council Bluffs were recent guests at
the I'". C. Hodder home.
Miss Bertha Wilson of Raymond.
Neb., made a short visit in this place
last week.
Mrs. John Appleby anTt daughter,
Mrs. Gaines, have returned home
from a trip to Colorado.
Mrs. O. S. Hoffman of Callaway,
Neb., returned to her home last
j week after a visit at the J. S. Marshall
: home.
Mrs. George Iradale is spending a
few davs visiting in Sioux City.
Mr. H. Herr of P.loomington, III.,
is visiting at the home of his daugh
ter, Mrs. J. T. Pickard.
Organized Waiters
Refuse to Serve
Lunch for Hughes
San Francisco, Aug. 19. Union
waiters refused today to serve a
luncheon given to Charles F.. Hughes,
republican presidential candidate, at
the San Francisco Commercial club
because the club exhibits in its win
dows an open shop card as part of
a fight being made here by the Cham
ber of Commerce upon the closed
shop. For the Hughes luncheon a
request was sent by the dub manage
ment to the waiters' union asking
for sixty-five waiters after the union
officials had protested to Francis X.
Keesling, chairman of the republican
state central committee, against din
ing the candidate in an open shop
The Waiters' association backed up
the action of the local waiters and
pickets were sent to the Commercial
club entrance to warn union waiters
away. Culinary workers struck sev
eral weeks ago for shorter hours and
the Restaurant Men's association im
mediately declared an open shop re-
gimc. v.
One of the large downtown open
shop cafes locked its doors over the
lunch hour and sent its entire crew
to the relief of the Hughes luncheon.
Nick Carter's Dad Can
Now Stroll Up Broadway
"Now dad can see Broadway." Such
was the remark of Paul (Nick) Car
ter, leading pitcher for the Indian
apolis American association club,
when informed he had been sold to
the Chicago Nationals. Carter said
his father, who lives in a small Geor
gia town, had long had a desire to
see the bright lights of New York,
and added that he would have his
father with him the first time he goes
to New York with the Cubs.
Many foresighted people
mostly women are al-
ready getting out their
Fall clothes and having
them cleaned, altered or
s repaired.
It will pay you to con- 5;
suit us before buying any E i
new Fall clothes. Pos- 5'
sibly we can make the old S:
ones do another season, s
Come in and talk it 1;
over. Ei
I The I
1 Pantorium
S "Good Cleaners and Dyers"
1513-15-17 JONES ST.
Pknn. nn,,.l.. QUI
j Branch Office, 2016 Farn.m St. 1
South Side, 4708 S. 24th St.
Phone So. 1283.
N. B W. P..l p...
one war on all out-of-town or- 5
Chicago School of
Civics and Philanthropy
General Tratnlna In Social Work. Special
,-oursp for Pla v around and KecrenUnn
V orkers and Public Health Nurses. Term
oi'tMia Of I. .' Address UEAN, lia&J Michl-fc-n
Ae., Chkttii
This Oiler Sells Pianos!
9 I
' c
Better Than a Discount!
Pianos Now
There is no more op
portune time for you to
purchase a piano than
during this great $2 for
$1 offer. Our stock of
new pianos is complete,
thus affording you a
wide selection. Our
regular low prices pre
vail and our exception
ally easy terms, togeth
er with our $2 for $1
offer, means that you
can buy a new piano at
the price usually asked
for used ones.
Prices range from $225
to $750 and upon terms to
suit erery purse as low as
$1 per week.
Your First Payment Is
of Double Value Dur
ing This Sale
During this great $2 for $1
offer your first payment be
comes of double value. No
matter what you pay down
up to and including $25 we
will credit you for double that
amount upon our books.
You pay $ 5 down, we credit you $10
You pay $10 down, we credit you $20
You pay $25 down, we credit you $50
In order that following pay
ments will not work a hardship
upon any one we are inauguar
ating the easiest payment plan
possible you may pay as low
as $1 per week.
New Pianos and
Players to Select
Your choice of any
of the following new
Pianos and Players dur
ing our $2 for $1 offer:
Kranich & Bach
Bush & Lane
Cable Nelson
Brambach Grand
Hospe Grand
Kranich & Bach
Apollo Player
Hospe Player
and many others
Free Stool,
Free Scarf,
Free Drayage,
No Extra
DURING THE COMING WEEK many people will
take advantage of this offer so come early and
make your selection. Our most expensive pianos,
our medium priced pianos and our cheapest pianos are
included in this sale. Whether you own a piano now
or expect to own a piano some day, this sale will inter
est you.
For the conven
ience of Out-of-Town
we will mail illus
trations, descrip
tions and terms
of any or all of
the Pianos.
1513 Douglas St.
Telephone Douglas 188