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11 A
' FOR 50,755 CARS
er.lers Purchase This Number
of Machines for Nineteen
Seventeen Season.
New Packard Twin Six
Loiitraots calliiiR for the sale ot
50,755 Saxon motor cars during the
season of 1917 have been completed
in the last three weeks between the
Saxon Motor Car corporation and its
dealers throughout the country. 1'end
iiijj contracts which will be closed
within the next week will bring the
total to more than 00.01)0 cars, which
will be the company's maximum pro
duction for the coming year.
These figures were made public in
a statement issued by Harry V. Ford,
president and general manager of the
company. There is a monthly sched
ule of cars embodied in each con
tract which constiutes a definite order
against which the company can make
shipments, and it is believed that this
is a new feature in dealer contracts.
"The rapidity with which our sales
'sartment has closed up dealers'
contracts covering our maximum pro
duction for the coming year has been
a surprise even to me," said Mr. Ford.
"Our dealers began to pather at
!he factory on July 15 and in two
weeks' time the work was practically
over. There was a great crowd pres
ent, and their enthusiasm over the
Saxon line was so great that the
work of the sales department con
sisted for the most part in simply
laying out the territory and filling in
the contracts for signature.
"It is a fact that we did not 'lose'
a single dealer, but in a number of
instances we were able to strengthen
our previous connection. Other com
panies in the low-priced automobile
field have been putting in a number
I w vw 1
Ray McNamara Makes New
Time Between Spokawc unci
Seattle and Portland.
Tin !'ack;inl M otor t'.ir rotinun v
i has an in 'inuTil its seenm! sri it-s nt
! twelve-cylinder motor cars following
the delivery m the !;i-t eai of nearly
! 8,000 twin sixes and iheir sm resslnl
i operation in the hands of owners. The
I company aUo announces i hat, al
though the last season's oniput wa-
i nearly three times as atvnl a t liar
of the previous year, a further suh
ftantial in create in production will In
of branch distributing houes and we
were able tn sin up their previous
dealers to handle the Saxon line. This
ha j resulted in a prrat stronntbeninK
in Saxon dealer organization taking
in the. country over.
Drives Hup From
Omaha to Denver
In Thirty Hours
Word has been received from J
O. Alsworth, who purchased a Hnp
mobile from the I lupniobile company
of Nebraska to the etiect that he
made the trip from Omaha to Oenvcr
in twenty-nine hours
Alsworth assert that lie lias av
eraged fifteen to twenty miles per pill
ion of gasoline, depending on the road
nude in the next twelve month.
While price h.i continued to he a
sciondaiy ci Mi-iili i at ion. possession of
the in. it modem tacditie. coupled
with the ino( advanced methods, has
enabled the 1'ackard company to es
tablish new st.uiilaids of value as ap
plied to motor vehicles of the highest
tvpe. The work ot the engi
ueeimg! lu-. bren an impiTtant
iactor in arriving at this result,
Strubblc to Handle
Ross Car in Omaha
Announcement has just been made 1
by II. 11, ( annoii, district representa
tive tor the Koss Automobile com
pany ot Detroit. Mich., id the ap
pointment ot 1.. ' Strubblc of Lin
coln as disii duiter for ibis section.
Mrublde will locate his Omaha
branch at J4i5 Farnain street, which
locat ion is heui remodeled for the
new com t ru.
In speaking of Mrubble Cannon .as
serts thai lie i a live wire. Although
one ot the new generation of auto
mobile men. Strubhle has made an
excellent record in selling the llaynes
line at Lincoln. The Km.s.i people
look tor a very satisfactory showing
at Strubble's li.niiN.
! Kay l McNamara. piloting a Max
well c.u, recently made some
able tecoids on the western coast,
adding to the reputation ibis nukr
'has established (or all-around ft It
1 eienev.
He broke all speed records in u run
1 from Spokane to Seattle in n smck
! Maxwell r.idsler. The idansed tune
for this inn was eleven boms, fitlv
itve. minutes The Maxwell beltei ed
the train m hednlr b"!v. en tin m
: points bv nioic than an hour and w-
ered (he lornier automobile recoid bv
liv. bonis.
Mc amara averaged llurtv -1 wo
miles an hour icross the desert lands
ot eastern Washington 1 le noised
the dangerous ll lew it t Pass in the
Weuatchee mountains and the Sno
(pialmie Pass in the Cascades alter
midnight and arrived in Seattle eailv
in the morning.
Another Record Run.
Another record run for speed and
efficiency was hung up bv McNa
mara on a run from I'oi tland to
Spokane. The distance is -J-8 miles
and the elapsed tune was fit 1 ecu
hours and thirty-one minutes. I he
best previous record tor this 1 11 11
was made last May, when a m -tor
car did the distance in twenty boms
and thirty minutes
McNamai a atti ibutes the success
of both runs to tin- quirk accelera
tion, perfect cooling system, exeellenl
brakes and the Maxwell's abilii v to
stand a good hard beating over a
hazardous course.
j DMJffililli
I (jpModel 84S A A 6d 1Jr I
40 bonepowef M 1 4 Inch tires, Anto-Lite starting
llecve-valvo motor non-skid rear smUightiiig system
Electrical control buttons on steering column
114 inch wheelbaw
Roadster $1095
The Only Motor
That Improves With Use
The Willys-Knight motor appeals to every true
It is the only motor in the world that improves
with use.
The longer it runs, the smoother, sweeter and
more powerful it becomes.
All motors are more or less good for the first
three or four thousand miles. Then the
wear, tear and friction start their deadly
work and gradually eat their lives away.
But the sliding sleeves of the Willys-Knight
Motor get smoother and smoother and
smoother. Each 1000 miles you run add to
its economy and efficiency.
No Willys-Knight Motor has ever worn out
No carbon troubles, no pounding and banging,
practically no gear shifting. Just a gentle
operation that's as smooth as silk and as soft
No valve grinding. Carbon makes it run the
smoother the only motor in the world that
makes an advantage of carbon.
The Knight Motor is the power plant pre
ferred by Kings, Queens and royalty of
Europe. They all use it.
And now you can have the same thing at a
popular price.
No other car in the entire history of the, auto
mobile business ever attracted such inter
national attention. No other new car in the
same price class ever sold so rapidly.
Stop in and have a look at the Willys-Knight
motor. Drive it yourself and feel its won
derful power, pep and flexibility.
Once you own a Willys-Knight motored car,
you'll never be content to drive anything else.
Come in and see it at once.
Willys-Overland, Inc., Omaha Branch
2043-47 Famam St.
DougU 3290.
20th and Harney Sta.
Northwall Gets Big
Bonus for Largest
Pullman Sales
The T (i. Xorihwall company, dis
ti ih nter of the Pullman automobile
in this territory, received informa
tion that tin' company has been
awaided the bonus put up by the
nunutactiirei lor the latRest sales of
the 1'iilliuan in th I nited Stated cd
i he I'Jlo car Asmm.iM Secretary
Miller said t (wo othein in the east
i ece i t d a hoi nis. "t Hir iuci ease in
this lemtoiv," said Mr. Miller, "over
NIS was I (Mi prr cent. This, of course,
n n hub our termor v in Nebraska,
part oi Iowa and pait of South Da
"la We have a hi anch house in
Nouv t ii and aie doin a bin htisi
ness in Iowa" kef err inn to their
plans, Mi Mdlei said that his sell
niR oi r a :ii, it lot i w as st i oiier than
ever. lie has onleied space at the
sta'e t.o; in Lincoln and is asstued ot
i veiv nnnh lau;ei oniput ot cars it
the ta !oi v than last year.
Go Over Your Ignition,
Says the Haynes Agent
"The in it ion o! your autouiobde
should be i horounhly yone over a I
least once diriun the summer tour
ing season for anv shortcomings that
the season's 1 a vet may have de
velopi d, is ttie statement of Lbarles
Cole, manager Nebraska Havnes Auto
b-s company, who is the local dis
bntor for the Havnes "Light Six"
"It is K(d policy to Rive first aid
to the spark plus at least every 1.500
miles, since this inconspicuous part of
the ignition system is oftenest in
need oi attention After cleaning, the
naps bet wren their terminals should
be made just about the thickness of
thm dune in width.
Few Changes Made
In New Pathfinder
Tbr new srrie twin-six Pathfinder
is little chaiiKed from thr preceding
model. About the only outward in
dieation of a change, is the tilt of the
windshield. In the new model it is
tilted backward at a slight annle.
There are few changes in the body
of the car, the makers being justly
satisfied with the graceful liquid lines
which created such a furore of ad i
niti al ion among dealei s and owners
..111..- 1,:imu IU 1w i nlclt
! mil h the same, The Y tvpe overhead I
valve twin -six motor has not been '
changed in the least This motor de- i
velops 1(H) horse (lower ami owing to !
its construction and the twin-six ad !
i vauiawrs the car ran be throttled to :
'a ball mile pet hour pair and imine-
j diately avcelerale to a speed of 70 j
j miles per hour in high k't ;H tbr (
: time. Hecause of the wonderful i
! speed flexibility of the Pathfinder i
j motor, dealers all over the I'mled!
j Stales and in foreign countries have'
i been able to out demonstrate more
I expensive cats of foieigu and domes j
I tn make. The poise and balance of j
I a I lit unier, toget her with the casv
j t idlliK spl nigs and deep, lavish lip -
uoisuTiug, aie aimi'ines oi us rec
ogutcd long touring ease.
First of Allci Classic
Models Arrive in Omaha
( ai I haugstroui of the Slandard
Motor Car company is very much
(dated by the tact that the hrst ship
ment of Allen classii models have ar
rived They seem to equal the promise of
the fat lory in regard to beauty, and
mechanical construction, I hey are
finished in Spanish bnuvu with gold
t rimming creations over harmonious
color scheme,
Pelton Sells Cars
By Oil Painting in
Absence of Machine
An elaborate oil paint inn and a
score board which would make
Uooscvelt's .simplified sped ling take
the dust, tells the story of b'ranklin
sales which have been registered by
the II. Pelton organization since the
new pi an k tin model has been an
nounced. the oil painting takes the place
in a measine ,,f the demonstrate
which has not as yet arrived, but is
looked f'-r e.irh this week. It is the
..nlv evicri'M impulsion which the
salesmen have been able to hold be
fore the admiring prospect's eyes.
Vet they have s.ld eight nut of the
allotment l m-.k cars, which is all
Omaha has In en able lo secure for
the milling e,,s..ii
I In- much abbi cviafed score board
is arranged wiih the bdhiwing head
ing, which is as "clear as mud" unless
vou are good at i id. lie,; k-L-J-U-i
ot fill.
on ar e
mean to
od at riddles this
' are vou to be one
it "Sixty
Pemaih tins is arraug-
'tments for Sep
tember, (li tidier, November, Decem
ber, January and bebruary. After
caeh model is a spa e to be tilled
when the car is so hi. If you want
to know just what our chance is
lo gel a Pranktm and when you can
get it. you need ask no questions,
lust look over the score board, which
is linal and authentic.
Muny IVupIo Don't Know.
A nlUKKlih livr rnutu nu awful lnt of
miliary in kn It m-1 1 v un Dr Klng'n
Nw Mfft 1111(1. Only 3-')C Ail druigtiti
D3 I
"An Honest Car
at an Honest Price
and a Fair and Square
Deal to All"
IN presenting the prod
uct for the season of
1917 we experience
that peculiar thrill which
always follows the doing
of some one thing well.
"Pride of accomplish
ment," 'tis said, "i the
mainspring of human en
deavor," and we frankly
confess it to be the driving
force in the Marion-Hand-ley
The pleasing result in
this instance is a remark
able "Six" in two sizes
(which they said "could
not be built") pre-eminent
in appearance,
staunchness, and light
ness. A hand-made piece
of art; carrying 100 per
cent of actual structural
value plus an abundance
of tone, style, and little
niceties which discrimi
nating motorists appre
ciate. Therefore, this presen
tation is made with par
donable pride and com
plete confidence.
We cannot promise as
many this season as will
be wanted ; but each one
will be "a first-water gem"
and will carry to its ulti
mate owner that pleasing
sensation experienced on
ly through the ownership
and use of something
more than a mere vehicle
of conveyance.
Touring Car
Model A
F.O.B. Jack.on, Mich.
Touring Car
Model B
Brief Specification$
Model A
Motor Forim type, high pA, ti
cylinder, cant fn blor, with uppr half
of crank cane and cylinders integral;
8Mi-lnch bore, R-inrh atrnke a Pow
erful, aturdy and nilent motor actually
developing 4ft H. P. at 2000 R. P. M.
Cooling Centrifueal pump irlvea posi
tive water circulation through water
jacket! and hexajron hnneycomh radia
Ur in connection with a two-blade
aeroplane fan, belt-driven.
Ignition Wentinghonse.
Carburetor latest type Zenith with
water-Jacketed intake manifold and
adjustment on instrument board.
Electric Equipment Latest type Wet
inghouse, starting, lighting and Igni
tion. Two-unit system.
Clutrh Dry multiple steel disc, Multt
heHtoN lined: 11 dincn, of which 6 are
driving and 6 are driven. Discs S
Inches in diameter, made of saw tteel.
Transmission Selective sliding gears of
nickel steel; three speeds forward and
one reverse, direct on high; mounted
on four annular hall bearings.
Drive The latest development Hotch
kiss type, used almost exclusively by
foreign builders and now heing adopt
ed very rapidly by American mann
factureru of high-grade automobiles.
Rear Axle Floating type; Brown-Llpe
spiral bevel differential of the latest
type, carried on High Duty roller bear
inrt, with adjustable ball thrust to
take care of the side thrust; short
drive shaft carried on two 100 thrust
type annular bearings, which are ad
justable. Gear ratio, 4 5-12 to 1. 120 inches.
Gasoline Supply 16-gallon round steel
tank located at the rear of chaesua
with gasoline gauge on top of tank.
The gasoline ia conveyed from the
tnk to the carburetor by means of the
fnmoua Stewart-Warner Vacuum Sys
tem. UphoUtering Divan type, highest grade
long-grain, hriftht finish rtnl leather:
curled hair and double springs.
Springs Genuine imported Alloy Shef
field steel: front, semi-elliptic, 36 in
ches long and 2 inches wide; rear,
semi-elliptic, n? inches long and 2 in
ches wide: underslung from ri-ar axle:
very flexible, injuring low center of
gravity and extremely easy riding.
Body Very latest "boat" type, seven
passenger touring am, four -passenger
roadster, having concealed hinges and
being the latest type of bodv design;
made of heavy gaito-e sheet steel: large
and roomy, with ample leg room and
unusually comfortable auxiliary seats.
Top and Curtains Chase leather one-man
top nd quick detachable Collins cur
tains. When curtains are in place, at
tarhmen's on doors allow curtains to
open with the door, a feature readily
arrrcelated when curtains are con
stantly in place.
Tires B2x4-lnch utrnight aide, with non
skid on rear wheels.
Standard Equipment This Includes all
elect rlenl equipment, lamps, one-man
top, wlnd.hleld, Stewart-Warner speed
ometer driven from drive shaft, elep
trio vibrator horn, foot rail, robe rail,
foot accelerator, ne extra Firestone
rim, which is held in place by special
tire holder, tools, jack, pump and tire
repair outfit.
Prince Auto Co.
2421 Farnam St. Omaha, Neb.
Distributors for the Ed tire SUtw of Nebraska and Western Half of Iowa.
i l