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    iO A
Omaha Odd Fellows Seek Na
tional Convention of Order
For This City.
The SovfifiK" (Iraml I imIcc i ilif
Inilrpcmlam I'l.lrr ( 0.1. i I'rll.uv
at Omilia m WIT t. !H- c.mI .'I I.h jI ,i ilu- ,.i Jrr. the iVinmn. i
club ami i. it ami ooimtv i -. -m mi--n n
ers who Ium' "V" '.! nvi!
with fliifts t i If O'l'l 1-VIIi'h.
fonvftio m ninct mi. 1 jmnul
Cor.-.niunu ;tti.n .it t 'li.itt.iK.'.'k;.!. I .
p t rtl i lr r IS .V
l-'.Mir n'l'u-u.Mtn.- .-t tin- -t.itf
j NclltJU KM to 'I"'
S.M erf tgtt C'.r;.l !..!(! ni.-i-lini; .il
t !iAtt.i:i...(;.i "it'1 ' Mii.tli.i'" mil,iti.M'
l"hl IP It !!.!! will l.'ini.i!l Mt;iicl
y t. i.ui.1 M .i-t.i .im i.Hvilcr t.T
:S- .ir.icr ii' V'I't.i l.t
t ..! vl tin1 t .'inincri ial
ohi! t'u- i :t .ii-'l o.'iint I'liuuN
I'ct'it .l-Mili'.l Nr!t.i-k.i ilrlrnalr
who will i'.t!' tin itiu.ili.i ui l. mi
are: !'.-! M.i-tor.; J. I '. i
tiA'i-tl .I'M i- .1 : ; k l' I.i.m.l
Hainl; I'.i-t tii.iml r.itn.inli .1 V.
rittn..lil . '1 N . m k .ui.l .1 I' I '.u is ot
l.ilH.iln II "ill 1m' iiui'i'-mMi" ion
tliaml M.itn (ifcntliMt In iitt.ii.l
Tins lomnition will In mi! 4l'.HiHI
Msitors to Onulu tor tin- I'litnt
week," sai.l Mr. tiri'rnli.ii S.itm.l.n
"Krpresriit.itlv cs tioiu .ill i.irts ot tin
worl.i will lu' in attf ml.m.'f au.l .mi
the il.n I.mIhi s wulmi a t.i
ilitts ot tX) miles will semt thrir inn
tointcil tanks to compete lor the ruh
prizes prtereil. The National A-so. i.t
lion of liralltl Seeietaries ami the Na
tional Asoeiatioit oi Ta-t Pri'snU'iitO
ot the Aehekah asoeiatiotis will he
in session at the same time I he
fceosraplneal location o" Omaha
makes it a desirable convention eily."
W. O. W. Picnic.
The first annual picnic tjjiven hy
t'oinmercial camp. No. 47S. at
Manawa. last Thnrsila atternooti ami
evening, was a urtat success in every
way. A large representation oi the
membership was present, accom
panied hy their tamilies. and enjoyed
the program and other good things
which the committee had provided.
Omaha Seymour, No lti. will hold
its first rehearsal tor the fall season
Tuesday evening .septemhet at
Omaha Seymour hall. Sixteenth and
Capitol avenue. The new member
ship banquet mill be held October l'l
at the Hotel Home.
Hungarian 1'etofi No )".' promises
greater activity along the lines of in
creased membership. Joe Wolt, the
veteran deputy, has taken charge ot
that feature ot the work.
Kobin Hood No. ,0, Florence, will
meet in regular session Monday eve
ning for work.
A new camp is being organized by
Deputy Rounds, which promises to
take a place soon in the ranks with
the live, active and progressive camps
of the city. A name is to he con
sidered and the charter will be issued
during the month of August.
The new camp recently organized
under the name Kabaleska, No.
with headquarters at Twenty-seventh
and L streets, South Side, is making
great progress in increased member
ship. Stanley ITanecki, who per
fected the organization, promises to
more than double the membership by
January 1.
Lithuanian No. 444 will meet today
noon at Woodmen of the World hall,
5306 South Thirty-second street.
South Side, for initiation.
I Jk. fc -rf I It 1- I
f? fe
I .' fffej I llmiK .ni' the
I v 'iiiV ''' '" '
I Xi ' J& In.tii who
j I XjJSF .III. I who
II II h.i.l 1. 1 .1.. w.i
II .ne .ll.M" bad 111
"" ty (OtI 'hill 'thtee'tourt'!."'
U L V 7 .M ...ii
Sr z:x
1 1
Woodmen Circle.
The Dora Alexander Guards of
Grove No. 1, Woodmen Circle, are
heinsr coached by Captain Phillip
Risen, formerly captain of Druid
camp, Woodmen of the World, for
the exhibition drill to be Riven by
them at Plattsmouth, September 2,
Fraternal day of the Plattsmouth
home-coming week.
Mrs. Mary LaRocca of St. Paul,
Minn., supreme adviser of the Wood
men Circle, has been invited to give
the fraternal address on that occasion.
Important business is to be trans
acted at the regular session of Alpha
Grove, No. 2, Woodmen Circle, next
Tuesday night. Guardian Higley re
quests all sovereigns to attend. The
picnic at Riverview park last Thurs
day, given by the Welfare club of
Alpha Grove, was a great success.
Emma B. Manchester Grove No.
156 vil' give a social Thursday eve
ning, August 24, at their hall, Crounse
building, opposite postoft'ice, Six
teenth street and Capitol avenue.
Anni'timTinrnt Isa mt been m;tli'
C W It.iih i-s i tin- C Y l-'ran.-i".
ut. Co to the cited In- en
k;ik'I tin- M'rvii'cs oi ill uiin N
lU Ilrii, who will .ul iiN iile
lor tht" Kraim Aulo t'o
He ! U'n i ;i well know ti titut o on
tlir autoinobile row .unl has lu-i n foil
nccted with several ol tin- most mic
t eslul orKtniat ions in I lie automo
bile business, 1 1 is servu i s at e rt1
warded as a decided asset by l'rancis.
f litifn nr nn .-.ylt i
lH tut I ! II V iillil Iir'h 11
i.H.-rlM Tli- WW
h.ivhiK tin- woti
hitlft-.Mlrt HO'
mimlmr -if
I... Hud. tlir
niuth nmr
tlitt flKiiri',
Kl out if
ahliv Til" w lr l'unf In an
tiUf with cm h nun i men I
ant) tt !' riiH lust, luruk
tM lotital mthun.i ur
DtiMiKh I ht'y oft it no hnilii
The oirlxmn nr.- Mh.ipfil lk 11 nuiri's )ottl
imp iin.t iho i-Ik" H nil-riiil'riil y."
r silver thri'Hil! tm' tlilikn.t of ilu
Is I'ltni""! (tK)Hly nrnuml tin' lirlin c
hiun! Hinl floats tlnwn I lit' liiti k or in ti.,1
si :irf ritxhlon In frunt
Stmin-'li hut luil'itdM tn i he try viltol nit'
i mlTol.lf rt'tl In tfnltl In not Tin' lui In hit
worn well on lh' li'tf Mil" nf the liinl, tuxl
the vt'll In 1..KI.-.1 tiuttir t lu- uf tlin hut
unit tlit lti h Mift km. I hi lh h,i. k, I'li.-rrv
vilvel Hiif.flitn lilmis.-ti im worn with iho
hta over white HntMi nkliln hikI with
Mhitfl low Hhnrn ami fhirry ilk Iioho,
3.1 non mamlitrlti oiiits) ;trt n mid scahim
litnovullon. Thfy takf tlio plnoo of a Milt
coat ami n lusu-r n( Hit niiiiio timo Tin
roats ro trlmintt wllh it two-Inch baml
ttts of whlti' Unt il oil (h tn ii t out Hint
Ian on tho whit fouls, hih! arc cmliroUl'
oretl In t'hlnfao hlnl or floral jutttfrim. Thr'
ernhrolttry Is ilom In tho onlllnc work,
but howrt t'lioutih fulor ti ho very ut
tructlvfl. Th hutton are lartro tmlloi jpaii
huttonii. with loot's ot Ihe Uncn um.I
knatcad of hutlonholri.
Wife is Trying to Locate
W. C. Lloyd, Perhaps Here
Fannie M. Lloyd wrotr from Giranl,
Ala., to the city clerk to inquire
whether her husband, V. C. Lloyd,
is in Omaha. I
"1 am in a Rreat deal of trouble
and am trying to (inn my husband.
We have two children, ill. My hus
band is at perfect liberty and will
not be molested in any way if he will
return to, or will write t me. He
will hear news that will interest him?"
wrote Mrs. Lloyd.
Knowledge of Their Cars
Would Save Motorists Most
of tho Repair Money.
t mi.' tlui for
u ho realk under
i t tmilliple tli'l.iils ,
iKlloi ant i it' e ery
n 1 1 1 . Thev know
start il ami lop it. luit the
isi no! hir at' mt ttie pi oper
e mat htm . 'nl tlir other . . ,i dealer told ol a
had homjlt a -' c l ! til t at'
totall ienoianl ot the
I grease pla ' illipor
' i lllinniK. When he
- law i w itli a
1 1 K "i i he said lie had
iholllll the little thinn 'H'h as
lit i il ii at I. i-i wtir ai I a lined Ik Ion t lie
r.iv h it the l.n P.rv, ami that all he
to keep the tank full of
in men Mate that it pn-
oi e I ea! kno led;e
I applied il, more
of the repair luisi- ,
, improper In
i he most 1 1 1 m
rh;ik; to Motor I'nnt. Whii Ii 1
e strange, eoMidering that
l.eepin a tat otlcd and gt'eavrd is
i ne of the eait Nl ot the attentions ,
it require- I l.e inop.r i a lnechail- ;
in w Sin h ' in;- ai hili speed and high
tempt i at in e It Mitaiti many nib-'
blllK Mitl,io'. In order o keep these
-ii't.ii'rs iioin burning eaeh other, it
is neee ssarv to epar.lte (helll by a
tilm oi ml
Oiling Problems.
If the lubricating syMeni i in gond
k mhtion and the oil ot the right con
sistency, this protective film will be
automat ica 11 v provided. This applies
to all the surfaces, such as pistons.
cylinder .IU, crank shafts, rod pins,!
bearings, camshaft bearings, push j
rods, push rod guides, and even to tlie:
gears. The 'eeth of the meshing gears!
of course arc not spaced to nib
against each other, but to have sim-j
ply a rolling contact. However, it is
impossible to attain this degree of!
perfection in practice ami a certain '
amount of rubbing does lake place, i
t'ue to the fat t that the teeth can-!
r.ot be scientifically correct. '
The severest test of a lubricating oil '
is ton nd in lubricating the pistonn and
elmier walls, especialh at the upper!
end of the stroke. At the moment of
combustion the temperature is above
.1,(1(1(1 degrees Fareiihcit, and both j
pistons and cylinder walls arc exceed-
ingly hot; therefore it is necessary to
use an oil which will stand this teni-;
perature, neither vaporizing nor burn- j
infT !
If the oil is too thin or has a I
tendency to vaporize or hunt, these 1
high surfaces will be improperly lubri- '
cated, increased friction will result,
and finally the film of oil may disap-1
pear entirely, with the result that rub-!
bing between the two .surfaces will
occur and the parts shortly will be j
ruined. There also is a possibility,
when the piston becomes iieated that j
it will expand until it tills the cylinder
bore and becomes sealed.
Selecting Lubricant
If the oil is not clean, if it contains
grit or dirt of any sort, it will rapidly
wear away the metal parts, the grit
acting as an abrasive. Oil is liable to
contain not only grit and free carbon,
but also a certain amount of gasoline,
and in many cases water. The
gasoline thins the oil. making it in
capable of resisting the pressure be
tween the rubbing surfaces, and w'car
1 increases'. Water may form an enuit
1 sum ami produce t!:- same effect,
while tn winter there is always some
danger of the water freezing am!
producing a stoppage of the lubricat
ing system. As many men neglect to
fill the oil reservoir often enough, it
is a good plan to make a rule of doing
it every day. so that there will be very
little chance of the car lu-iiiR run tor
seeral days without adding oil.
The moment the sight teed show s
thai the oil is not circulating fast
enough the tt ouhle should be found
heiore the car is run anv further. Il
this is not done there is danger of the
surfaces going dry and becoming
burned out, and scored bearings will
be the result. Keep your oil tank
Idled and be sure the lubruatmg sys
tem is working properly. If you use
too little oil your ear will suffer; if
too much you are liable to "smoke"
and lay jourself open, in the cities,
at bast, to arrest.
Parts Neglected.
I he grtalesi abuse ol the lubricat
ing system, however, does not occur
in the motor, bt:t in the other parts
ot the car. The majority of owners
aie educated lo lubricating the motor,
but ihey often have ihe rest of the
car until it actually complains. A
great many drivers consider that so
long as the car lasts it will continue
f run and that it does not need atlen
tion of any sort whatsoever. Kxamin
tion ol the cars in garages in arioiis
part s o the count ry show s that
gi case cups, gear boxes and differ
enhals Lu k attention. In particular,
of course, is this true of gear boxes,
because they are inaccessible and it is
a disagreeable task to screw them
It is better to use too much grease
than too little Many of the parts
will apparently run indefinitely with
out it. and many owners will form
the impression that the grease cups
were put on merely for ornament, but
they will pay for their neglect in the
end, because the inattention will re
sult in the wearing out ot these parts
faster than they should. The spring
bolts, steering gear and connections
soon become loose and rattle dis
agreeably when they are not properly
supplied with grease. On the other
hand, when they are well lubricated
they should last almost indefinitely.
Wheel Bearings Need Attention.
When the gear box is tight it is
rarely necessary to add grease, but it
is not safe to assume that the grease
wilt last forever, and a good rule is
to inspect it once a month, for some
times the grease disappears more
rapidly, due to a small, unnoticed leak
or because the grease is of poor qual
ity. When the grease becomes very
low it is usually noticeable by a noise
in the gear box, while, on the other
hand, the gear box may hum if too
much lubrication is used.
The wheel bearings should be
greased every month or so, for, al
though they may run for a year with
out complaining, their life will be con
siderably shortened. It is better and
more satisfactory to use plenty of
grease on all these parts. The fact
that the steering gear uses very little
grease does not mean that it should
be neglected, and the grease cup that
is located on tho housing should be
frequently filled and screwed down.
Magneto and starting and lighting
generator bearings are invariably of
:he ball type and require very little
lubrication. With the former it is
sufficient to use two or three drops of
light oil, while the latter may require
grease or oil. The fact that the oil
holes may be somewhat difficult to
find is no reason for neglect and worn
or badly injured parts will result if
they are not lubricate.
Danger Signals.
To run the motor with a lack of oil
or with a cooling system out of com
mission is absolutely suicidal, and the
effect in both cases is usually the same
--scored pistons and cylinders. It is
Bellevue chapter, Xo. 7, Royal Arch
Masons, will give a picnic and dance
at Hanscom park Wednesday from A
o'clock in the afternoon till 11 o'clock!
in th evening. There will be races
and athletic contests. A picnic sup
per is to be served at 8 o'clock. Dan
cing in the pavilion will start at 8
o'clock. The members of the commit
tee in charge of the affair are George
W. Long, John T. Dysart, William S.
Rowe and W. F. Megeath.
Ancient Order of United Workmen.
Union Pacific lodge. No. 17, Ancient
Order of United Workmen, w ill hold
its annual outing at Riverview park
today. The Ancient Order of United
Workmen, Xo. 17, Military band, will
give a concert in the afternoon. There
will be two ball games between picked
teams. A mix.d card party will be
given in the lodge rooms Friday eve
ning. Six prizes are to be awarded.
Queen Mary lodge Xo. 219, will
hold their regular meeting Wednes
day afternoon at 2 o'clock. The presi
dent of the Sioux City lodge will be
Luncheon rases in tho beet models, hav
ing attached table fixtures or convertible
table cover, are Kood tor tluy trips. For
short etopa It doea not pay to construct
A very convenient overall apron mads ot
duk or denim has detachable aleeveti. It
la for the woman who runs her own car
and occasionally has to "get out and set
under" when Dot dressed for such an
A novelty In writing outfits la one hav
ing not only stamped and partly addressed
envelopes and poetaU, but a skeleton let
ter pad where one has to fill lo only the
blank spaces to complete such letter
as one might write en route.
Quite the latest note In dog baskets Is
the Introduction of the air mattress hav
ing a slip cover of linen or flannel as the
case may be. It Is much cooler and the
dog does not get the jar of the machine
as It does with the regular upholstered
Chatelaine pockets and belts are trav
eling conveniences women have always ap-pre-UtHt,
but as fashion retired them from
popularity In leather they are how made
A big touring car for five people
It is not difficult to distinguish definite difference be"een Saxon
"Six" and other cars of like price. It is perceptibly easier riding;
it clings more closely to the road ; runs more sweetly and quietly ;
accelerates faster; requires less gasoline to the mile; is sparing of
oil and easy on tires; develops a smoother power-flow; and is far
freer of repairs and adjustments. It is commonly conceded to be
the fine car of its price class.
It is very satisfying to feel the eager ease with which
Saxon "Six" leaps to full flight in response to the merest
pressure of the accelerator. It will go from a standing
start to 45 miles per hour in less than 24 seconds if you
demand it. And if you desire to just idle along, it will
run noiselessly at a mile and a half per hour on high.
The motor is of the light-weight, high-speed six-cylinder
type, of Saxon design, manufactured to Saxon specifica
tions by the Continental Motor Company. The price of
Saxon "Six" is $815, f. o. b. Detroit.
NoyeS-Killy Motor Co., Distributors
2066 Farnam Street, Omaha, Neb.
not safp to operate the car with the
water boiling, and as soon as the boil
itiff point is reached the cause ot the
trouble hhonld be found. If the circu
lation is Mopped the car, in no case.
luMiId be run. nor should it be when
the water U very far down in ihe radi
:iior. This is objectionable in pump
system, because a quantity of
water makes it impossible to keep the
motor cool, and in the thermo-syphon
system there i.s the added objection
that the circulation practically stops
a.-, soon as Hie water drops helmv t lie
upper connection to the radiator.
Lack of oil, and cooling dilhculties.
are usually indicted by knocks or
missing, and at the same lime an ap
preciable los of power. These danger
signals nni -t imt be overlooked, in
fact, a ki.ock of any sort i usually
serious and a thotough investigation
of tlte car should be made be tore an
attempt is made to proceed.
(July the best lubricants should be
purchased, and unless you are a spec
ialist on oils and greases it is best to
go to the man from whom you pur
chased oiir car or to oim- repair
it i.i n whom you know is capable of
giving you a competent opinion of
what lubricants to use, ot all gar
age or repair men are qualified to do
Factory Expert
Joins Chandler
Forces in Omaha
Announcement lia just been made
by the Omaha t handler t o. to tlte
effect they have engaged the services
of A. J. tiiddings of the Chandler fac
tory. liiddiugs is thoroughly versed in the
mechanical construction ot motor t ars,
having been put through the regular
routine ol the factory. i
N'orthrup and Holton of the Omaha
Chandler Co. regard him as a man
who will benefit their organization to
a great extent, as well as being a man
capable of rendering expert service to!
Chandler owners. j
Dr. F. J. Schleier Performs
Successful Caesarian Opera
tion on Mrs. S. R. Olson.
A successful Caesarian operation,
which saved the lives of both mother
and child, wi's .-rforiued at the Wise
Memorial hospital 'ed:iesdav by Dr.
1'. J. Schleier.
Mr- S R. ( Mson. 4SJ7 Pierce street,
is the mother upon whom t he unusual
operation was performed.
M i s. 'Isoii. w i' ;i .iIhu to give
bulb to tiie child was iuddenly
seized with convulsions and uremic
poison l'ic njdv chance to save the
baby's life and probably iliat of the
mother. w;s to operate as quickly as
possible ami remove the child.
Goes to the Hospital.
I r. Schleier immediately rushed
Mrs. ()ou to the hospital and per
fornn d the t aesiii ian operation in
stantly upon arrival there.
The operation was an immediate
smcesv The child is a boy and
.veiglu'd eight pounds iit birth. It is.
healthy, Mrmig and sturdy. Mrs. OI-
son rallied quickly after the operation
and is s;,ii to be absolutely out of ;
danger. ;
Caesarian operations are very un- 1
usual and it is still more unusual
whin both mother atid child survive.
Socialists to Hear
Dr. Ebbitt on Tuesday-
Omaha socialists are requested by i
officers ot their local society to at- j
tend a mass meeting to be held in the '
city council chamber next luesday
evening, when Dr. Kirhard Kbbitt of
Ireland will speak. The doctor ar
rived here 11 week ago, having been
deported by the British government
from Dublin.
The local branch of the socialist
parly will hold a tag day on Sep
tember JO for the benefit of the wid
ow s and orphans of Irishmen who
were victims of the recent rebellion.
Volunteers for the tag day are re
quested to telephone Douglas 7-178.
Exciting Movies
Cause Youths to
Steal, Say Mothers
Exciting motion pictures portray
ing the getaway of thieves aroused the
minds of a trio of youthful burglars
who appeared before Judge V. (i.
Sears in juvenile court, according to
the testimony of the mothers of (. liar
lev Hoffman, aged ; I. vie King, aged
12. and Harry Maslock. aged 11. The
bos frankly admitted 1 Judge Scais
that they had each broken into stores.
oneH'nteriug through a rear window,
while others had pilfered cigarettes,
candy ami cookies, t barley, a mere
handful of humanity, was paroled to
his parents, while I.yle King was com
mitted to the Riverview home until
school begins. He carries a suspended
sentence to the industrial school at
Kearney. The case against the Hav
lock lad was continued for a week to
enable Probation Officer Cus Miller
to further investigate testimony in
criminating other boys who are mem
bers of the same gang.
Johnny Duncan needs something
more than fresh air to cure him of
stealing from 10-eent stores and from
grocers' wagons, according to the ad
vice of Judge Sears when he paroled
him to his parents after a flock of
good promises tor future behavior.
Probation Officer Miller recom
mended that the boy be examined by
a specialist with a view of curing his
apparent desire to steal. "Me an' me
pal, Robert Anderson, hooked a musk
inelon from a wagon," was the sole
defense of the lad. Hob Anderson, a
bright-eyed lad of 10 years, was pa
roled to his mother.
five Passenger
A Road Car
of Wonderful Flexibility
and Consistency of Performance
at a Remarkable Price
Thirteen years' experience in the building of motor
cars, with the highly developed manufacturing efficiency
such experience gives, makes the price possible.
The Pullman Five Passenger is the roomiest car of its class.
Equipped with a husky, full-powered
motor and built on a chassis that stands
up stoutly under all conditions. C-H
Magnetic Gear Shift $125 extra.
bnei 82-H. P. four-cylinder motori
Bat a via ooa-rkfd tlrea on nil four
rrheelai cantlleTrr rrnr uprtngai
complete elertrle atnrtlnn; nnd light
ing; equipment 1 Dixie hlEh-tenainn
magnetoi honeycomb radlntori full
floating rear axle.
The Pullman Offers You
Price Dependability Roominess
Dealers Wanted--Immediate Deliveries
Omaha, Nebraska.
Sioux City, Iowa.