Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 16, 1916, Page 8, Image 8

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International News Service.
Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
AEnt "voo coinq
1 ' I " r-N ' r IN FEELIN- (
J Ma,vic .Ji 101 r-w i-ftj - THINK. J
i i - i i-ii-wj't. i-ir ii i i i f ii i i i iii ii . ar t iii i i i i
mSfer I DON'T FEEL r.,QT ni,TF AO? HT iTJS THAT Sou HDS t j
Swell:, iST 001 0F STV mcyer&occi -ood ' . yjf
- V
Wolves Contribute Enron in
Opener, While Bourkes
Bobble in Second.
Omaha and Wichita cut a double
bill fifty-fifty yesterday afternoon, the
Rourkei nabbing the first event, 12 to
8, and the hostile tribe from Kansas
capturing. the second one, 5 to 2. In
the meantime Lincoln walluped the
Grizzlies and gained half a game on
our athletes.
' Both of the combats were wild and
wooly affairs and it would take a mas
ter to describe them.
The first game was a see-saw affair
in which the Rourkes took the lead
several times and then tried to thrust
the game back upon the Wolves. Lou
North . started for Omaha and after
hurling four nifty rounds, blew up in
the fifth and started to blow again in
the eighth, at which time Manager
Marty derricked him and summoned
O'Toole to the rescue. O'Toole pro
ceeded to fill the bases by walking
two men and Marty sent out 'the 5.
O. S. for Otto Merz to prepare, but
O'Toole steadied and came home
with the bacon.
Krueger gave the Rourkes a good
start in the opening stanza of the first
game by clouting the pill .over the left
field fence for a home run with the
runway cluttered up with two of Pa's
great athletes. A triple by Burg in
the seventh also helped and errors by
the Wolves intermingled with Rourke
hits did the rest.
Miller Oeti On.
Ray Miller went to bat five times
in the first game and-got on every
time. He hit once, got a life on an
error once and walked three timet.
He scored four runs.
The second game was sad. , Harry
Krause pitched nice ball, but his pals
kicked the game away for him.
The Rourkes and Wolves tangle
tgain this afternoon. There will only
be one game and It will start it 3:15.
Savages Don Batting
Togs; Boosters Lose
Det Moines, Aug. TS. Topeka
scored two runs in the first Inning on
Baker's wildness and costly error,
increased its lead on two clean hits
in the fifth and in the eighth after
Des Moines had tied the score, won
the game on three successive doubles,
following a pass. Score:
AB. B H. O. A. .
Cochran. Sb. 8 1 I J J
Monro, rf 8 I t J t
Goodwin. ID... I 8 J I
Bnyje. ef.-l I 1 1 t
Agler. lb.... S I I I t
Sh.v.r. rf.-ef I t t 1 t
, p. ......... ft i i v o
Mall. P
0 I I
Touts. ...........II I t ST II I
AB. . H. O, A. B.
Hnhn ,rf Itlit
hunter, of 4 14 11
Hartford i t 111 4 0
Helen, tb 4 4 til I
Jones, lb.. I t t 11 t I
Breen. . U I 1 1 1 t I
Hpahr. e II 1 I I I
Ewoldt,- lb 4 1 I 1 I I
Baker, p I I t I 0 0
Hlgglnbotham, p.... I 1 1 t I t
Xllleen. p 1 t tit I
Total II i ii II II 1
Batted for Cochran In- alxth. '
Topeka 1 t 1 I t t 0 I
Das Holnea....t t I I t t t t I I
Two-base hits: Lathrop (1), Pefata.
After, Breen. Sacrifice hit: Shaver. Stolen
bases: Cochran, (loodwln. Left on bases:
Topeka, 19: Dee Molnea, I. Struck out: By
Baker, t: by Hlgglnbotham, I; by Kllleen.
3: by Lathrop, 4; by Hal), 1. Baaea on
balls: Oft Baker, I: oft Hlgglnbotham, ;
off Kllleen. 1: off Lalhrop, 4: oft Hall, 1.
Hits and earned rum: Oft Baker, 1 run no
hits tn one and two-thlrda Innlnra; off
Majrgtnoothem. I rune, 6 hita In seven and
one-lhlrd Innings; off Kllleen, no runa, 1
hit lit one Inning: off Lathrop, 4 runa, 11
hita In eight and one-third Innings: off Hall,
1 run. no hits In ona-thlrd lnnlna. Wild
pitch: Hlgglnbotham. Double play: Hunter
lo niniofo. lime, ;w. umpires: nnan
neo and Carey.
Great Western Meet
Starts in Burlington
Burlington, la, Aug. IS. The Great
eWstern race meeting opened in our'
lington today. The racing is under
the three-heat, every heat a race plan,
Pacing, 1:01 clam, purs lltl:
Bhipmaater IMatthewa) 1 I I
Colleen (Thomas) ,. .....I 1 1
Miss New.ore (Brltt) 4 I I
Time: 1:IIK.
Three-year-old paca, puna IIOOl -
C 1. U. (Ream) ' t 1 1
Charles Simmon (Doggett) ........ t I I
Walter Leng (Kelly) I I I
Tim: 8:14.
Four and ana-half furlongs, running: Lady
Hickory won. Time: il.
81a furlongs, running: Jeoquln woa, Tlaae:
till. .... .
' " Dysentery in Alabama. '
"My little four-year-old boy had
severe attack of dysentery. We gave
him Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and believe it
saved his life," says Wm. H. Stub
ling1, Carbon Hill, Ala. Obtainable
everywhere. Advertisement,
All. R. H. 0. A. ,B.
Smith, If S t 1 S t t
Krng, tb t S I S 1 t
Thompson, cf S t S 8 t 0
Miller. Ib I 4 1 S t t
krueger, a t II 4 t
Jonythe, rt 4 1 1 1 t.t
Kllduff, sa 4 S 1 S I
llurg. Sb 4 t t S 1 t
North, p 4 t t t S
O'Toole, p t t S 1 t
Totals SS It II II II 4
AH. K. H. O. A. ,E.
r, rf S I t 1 1 t
Kappa, Ik 4 1 7 1 1
Coy, If S t 1 1 S 1
firay, 4 t t 1 1 t
Brltton, lb 4 t 1 t 1 S as S ) t 1 1 1
Jaeheon, of S 1 1 It S
Hannah, Ib t 1 1 S t S
Craig, p t t S t t
Griffith , 1 1 t t t
Koaitwr, p S S 1 S 1 t
Total. 14 S t tS S
Forsyth out, hit br halted ball.
(Irlfflth batted for Craig la fifth.
Buna S S 1 t 1 t I S It
Hita S I 1 S 1 t I 1 IS
Runa t t t t S I 1 I I 4
Hit 1 t S 4 t I 1 4
Horn mm Krueger. Three-base hit!
Burg. Tws-buae hltal Nmlth, Krug, Brltton,
Foi. Saerlfle kite! Krueger (I), Kllduff.
Htolen bases: Fei (t). tills! Off North, 1 In
seven Innings off O'Toole, 1 In two Innings
off Craig, S In four Innings I off Koefttner,
s In four Innings. Klruck out: By North, Si
by Craig, 8 1 by Koeetnor, I. Ranee an balls I
Off North, Si off O'Toole, Si off Craig, Si
off Keestner, I. Wild pi tehee I Keoelner, t.
rawed ball! K merer. Hit by pitched boll:
roreylha. Double playl Krug la Miller. Left
on baaeet Omaha, Si Wlehlta, t. Tlmai tils.
and Colgate. Soar, second
AB. R. H. O. A. .r,.
Fax, rt I t 1 t t t
Kappa, lb I 1 I It I t
Cay. If ISt .8 t t
Grlfnth, e 4 t t t 1 t
Hrtttan, 4 X 1 t 4 t
Lltseht. as S 1 I 1 a
Jaeksoa, of I t S 1 1 S
Orlffln, p 8 t t S 1 t
Totals IS t 81 IS t
AB. R. H. o. A. .PL
Smith, If 4 1 8 S t
.... a i l i i l
Thompson, at 4 1 1 t t t
siuier, in,,,,, a p i a t t
Marshall 8 t S t I
Forsyth, rf 8 1 S S S
Kllduff, a 8 S S S 8 1
Barg, 8b 8 8 ' 1 1 t
Krause, p 8 t 1 t 1 1
Krueger It t S S t
Oaakell, p t S S S
Tetab 88 8 I It 1 I
Batted tar Urease la atitb.
Runa 1 S t S 4 S 06
Hita .....1 1 1 I 8 t t-4
Run t 8 t 1 S 8 8
Hit 1 I 8 8 t 1 t
Tws-bae hits: Uterbl, Foray tho. Thomp
son, Krug, Miller, Smith. Kecrtflee kite I
Rappa (I), Jackson. Stales baaeet Llteehl,
Miller. Hltal Oft Krause, S la el Innlngei
ft Oaakell, t In one inning. Mtruck out)
By Hrauae, f. Baaoa an ballel Off Orlffln,
1 1 aft K reuse, 8. Hit by pitched ball I Krug.
Wild pltcbe.1 Orlffln (I). Left on baaeet
Wlehlta, ti Omaha, I. Timet list, Uaaptreat
tetania and Miller.
Sioux Scalp Josies
In Record Contest
Sioux City, la., Aug. 15. "Bugs"
Grover held St. Joseph to two hits
today, Sioux City won, S to 0. The
game was played in one hour and
nineteen minutes, a new season rec
ord for the Western league. Score:
AB. R. H. O. A. B.
Pittsburgh Win First Oame in
First, and Second in the
Ninth Inning.
Wright, cf, Ib
Jourdan, lb,.,.
Klrklebeam, If..
Sullivan, rf
McClelland, lb..
Keating, aa
Beers, 6
Rohrer, p
Wllllami, lb..,.
Sommers .....
Totals II .1 8 84 I I
AB, R. H. O. A. B.
Oilman, If J 11 I 0 0
Wataon, rf I , t I 1 I 4
Mela, lb ..4 1 1 1 I I
Lejeune, cf 4 0 1 4 t- 4
Connolly, Ib 4 11110
Rsder, as IIIII!
Cooner, Ib 4 I 1 I I I
Croiby, c... I l l I 0 J
rover, b I 1 1 1 t .0
Totals... II I "l IJ "l "t
Batted for Rohrer In ninth.
St Joseph.... ItltlOII t I
Sloua City.... 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 t I
Left on bases: Bloiig City. I; St. Joseph,
2. First base on errora: 8loux Clly, 1.
Sacrlftce tide: Qllmore. Two-baaa hit Le
jeune, Radar.' Three-base ntteConnolly.
Htolen bases: Wataon (I). Double playe:
Cooney to Kader to Meta, Struck out: By
Grover, I: by Rohrer, 4. Basra on balla:
Grover, I; nobrer, 8. umpire: Kane. Time:
Aaterleaa Aaaaelattan,
At Minneapolis, R.H.fl.
Toledo I 6 t t t I I 00 ( 1
Minneapolis ....I I 4 t 1 0 1 1 I It 4
Batteries: Bedlent, Bailey and Sweeney;
Tingling and Owen. .
At Milwaukee R.H.E.
Louisville I 1 I t I I I t 41 I I
Milwaukee ......I I I t t 1 I I t 11 1
Batteries: Stroud, Schauer and Billings;
Shackleford and Dllhoofer.
At St. Paul R.H.B.
Columbus t t t t t t t t t t I 1
SL Paul ...1 t 1 t t I t 4 t , I 1
Batteries: O surge and LaLenget Douglas
and Mayer.
At Kanra City R.K.B.
Indlanapolla ....I t t t t I I 1 t I It 1
Kanaaa City ....I t I t I I 1 t 14 I 4
Battertea: Aldrldge and Schang; Humph
ries. Crutcher and Berry. Hargrava.
Stamford, Neb., Aug. - II. (Special.!
Haatlnga Atbletlca defeated Bloomtngton
Saturday, I to I. The feature of the game
was the pitching of Lefty Luby, who atruck
out eighteen men. Loren of Ifestlnge atarred
at the bal by gathering four hita out of
fir times at bat:
St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 15. Good
pitching by Harmon and Cooper en
abled Pittsbugh to win both gamei
from St. Louis today, 1 to 0 and 2 to
1. Harmon held the locals to tix
hits in the first, and Cooper allowed
but three in the second. Pittsburgh
won the first game in the first inning
on two bases on balls, Meadow's er
ror and Hinchmsn's single.
In the second game Pittsburgh got
a run in the sixth on a hit batsman,
an out, and Cooper's single. St. Louis
tied the score in the eighth. Betzel
walked, took third when Snyder bat
ting for Ooak, singles and scored on
Corhan I out.
The visitors won in the ninth. After
two were out. Baird singled, took
second when Ames threw wild to
first, and went to third when Beck
dropped Hornsby's throw. He scored
when Carey singled to center. The
ABH.O.A.E. AB.H.O.A.E. 4 0 0 1 4 0 10 0 1 4 4 0 4 1110
Sch' 14 10 OB'scher.lf 4 1110
H'h'an.rf 4 110 OH' 4 1 II 4 0
Joh' 4 013 0 OWllion.rf 40 0 1 0
F'rmer.ib 4 114 110 4 0
McC'ty.Sfl 10 11 OBnydeu 117 0 0
Hchmldt.o 4 0 11 IBeliel.Tb 8 0 I 1 U
Harmon,p 10 0 1 OM'dows.p I 0 0 I 1
Butler 1 0 4 0 0
Total!. II I IT 14 lAmes,p 0 0 0 1 0
Lous 1 t I 0 0
Totals. Ill 171! 1
Batted for Meadows In eighth.
Batted for Beck In ninth.
Pittsburgh ....10000000 01
St. Loula ....0 4 t t I 0 t t 0 0
Two-baae hits: Farmer. Horneby. Sacri
fice hits: MuCarty: Doubla playa. Corhan
to Betael to Horneby. Baaea on balle: Off
Harmon, 1; off Meadowe, I: off Ames, I.
Hit and earned runa: Oft Harmon, I hita
and no runa In nine Innings; off Meadowi,
4 hits and 1 run In eight Innings; off Amee,
1 hit and no runa In one Inning. Hit by
pitcher: Carey by Meadowa. struck out:
By Harmon, 4: Meadowe, I; by Ames, 1.
Wild pitch: Harmon. Umpire: Orth and
Qulgley. Score second game:
AB.H.O.A.B. . ABH.O.A.B. 1114 Long,rf I 0 1 0 0 110 0 ot-'orhan.aa 4 4 18 0
Schulle, If 4 I 1 0 OBeeoher.lf 4 0 0 0 0
H'hm'n.rf 114 0 OH J 1 11 1 1
J' 4 1 11 t oWllion.ct 10 10 0
rra' I 1 I I 0'Buller 1 0 0 0 0
M'C'thy.e 10 14 0 t 0 0 0
Flecher.o 4 0 11 O'Brottem 0 0 0 0 0
Cooper.p 4 111 4 0 10 1
Oonaalea.0 4 0 4 1 0
Totala.,11 10 17 II 1 1 I I 0
Doak.p 1 0 0 4 0
Snyder 110 0 0
Miller 0 0 0 0 0
Amee,p I I t t 1
Totals.. II I IT It 4
Batted for Wlleon In aeventh.
Retted for Smith In eighth.
Balled for Beck In eighth.
Betted for Snyder In eighth.
Pittsburgh ....0 0 I t 0 1 t 0 11
St. Loula .,..0 0000001 01
Two-base hlte: Betsel.4 Stolen bases:
Carey (I), Horneby (I), Brottem. Saorl
ttce hits: Bchults, Farmer, Wilson. Bases
on balla: O: Cooper, I; off Ooak, 4, Hlte
and earned runs: Oft Cooper, I hita and
1 run, In nine Innlnge: off Doak, I hit and
1 run In eight Innlnge; off Amee, I hlte
no runa In one Inning. Hit , by pitched
ball: McCarthy by Doak. Struk out: By
Cooper, I; by Doak, I. Umpire: Qulgley
and Orth. ,
Clou Sweep for Philadelphia.
Philadelphia. Aug. II. A baaa on ball to
Byrne, Cravath'a single and a double ataal
by these player gave Philadelphia the only
run of today's game with New Tork and
enabled the home team to make a clean
weep of the aerlee of four contests The
vleltora got only one man aa far aa seoond
baae and none to third baee. The acore:
AB.H.O.A.B. AB.H.O.A.B. 114 0 OP' 4 110 0
Doyle,lb 4 0 11 O.N' 4 0 0 1 0 4 0 11 OByrne.Sb 1 t 1 0 0
Rob't'n.rf 1110 OC'vath.rf 114 4 0 10 11 OWhlt'd.lf 1 t 1 0 0 I 1 11 0 ol.ud' I til 0 0
Fl 10 14 SB'rroft.aa 14 4 10
Kooher.o till 0E Burne.c I I I 1 0
T'ereau,p I 0 0 I lDe'area.p 1 I 0 I I
Lobert 1 0 0 0 0
Total. II 111 I I
Totala.ll l:li I ,
ogBtted for Teareau In ninth. ,
New Tork.,...0 0 0 0 0 0 0 t 00
Philadelphia .1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1
Stolen baaea: Roherteon. Byrne, Cravath.
Baaea on balle: Off Teareau, 1: off Demaree,
1. Flrat baee on errors: hPlladelphia, I.
Struck out: By Teereau, 1; by Demarre, I.
Earned run: Off Teereau, 1. Umpire: O'Day
apd Bason.
, Ho tea Buachee Hita and Win.
Brooklyn, Aug. 14. Boeton won tta third
game today of the aerlee of four with
Brooklyn, 4 to 1, by bunching hita on Mar
quard. Rudolph waa oonetantly In trouble,
but had reserv strength and brilliant sup
port. Brooklyn won fifteen and loot all game
during tta home atay, which ended today.
The core:
M'vllte. till OJoh' 41100
S'dg'ee.rf lilt OMcC' I 1 11 0 0
Wllh't.rt I I t 0 4 14 10
T'geeier.o 1110 OCh.w.Jb 118 4 0
Magee.lf 4 1 I t 0Stenjel.rf I t t I 0
K' 4 111 t OMo' 4 8 8 1 4
Bmlth.tb III OOleon.aa 41444 I I I I tMeyeiao 4 I I I I
B'keurn,c till 0M qusrd.p 81481
Colllne.rf 1 I I I I'Myera 1 I I I
R dolph.p IIIII,
Fltspat'k I t I I I ToUla.lllllIll I
' Totala.ll 10 II It I
Ran for Blackburn In seventh.
' Batted tor Merquard In ninth. '
Beaton t 1 t t t I 1 1 t 4
Brooklyn t t t t 1 t t I 41
Two-baa hita: Konetrhy IS), Maranvllla.
Threo-beae hlla: Blackburn, Konetrhy,
Johnaton, Wheal. Stolen baeee: Bnougraee,
Smith. Saorlflce hits: Smith, Marquard. Sac
rifice fllee: Bgan. Maranvllla. Bnsee on
balla: Off Memuard. 1; oft Rudolph, 1.
Rarned rune: Off Rudolph, I: off Mer
quard. e 4. Struck out: By Rudolph, I; by
Marquaro. I..Umplrtai lem and Byron.
Standing of Teams
timana ,,..ngn.ui
Lincoln . ...43 .(mi
Dea Molne tl 14 .411
Denver ....St II .477
Sloug City.. II 14 .471!
Topeka 10 61 .411;
Brooklyn ...43 17.130
Boeton 61 40 .092
Phlla 60 42.111
New Tork. ..61 II .SIB
Pittsburgh. .40 66 .466
Chicago ....46 40 .414
Wichita . ...60 61 ,46!8t. Loula.... 47 64 .423
9t. Joseph... 43 41 ,410Clnclnnatl ..4311.317
Boeton 63 46 .688:
Cleveland ..62 41.6641
Chicago ....62 41.661
St. Lout ., .64 62 .686
Detroit ..,.60 63.681
New Tork.. 67 62 .623,
Washington 62 61 .481
Phlla 1118.2101
Kaneaa City.. 61 41 .616
Loulevllle ..66 41 .670
Indlanapolla 66 41 .170
Toledo 66 64.600
Mlnneapolla 67 67 .600
St. Paul ....66 61 .600
Columbua ..44 64.407
Milwaukee ..31 76 312
l'eeterdey'e Beealta.
Wlehlta, 1-8, Omaha, 12-1; aecond eight
8. Joaaph. 0, Sioux City, I,
Topeka, I, Dei Molne, 6,
Denver, 8, Lincoln, 4.
Pittsburgh, 1-2, St. Loula, 0-1.
Chicago-Cincinnati rain.
New Tork, 0, Philadelphia, 1.
Boeton, .4, Brooklyn, 1.
Waahlngton, 0, Boeton, 1.
Philadelphia, 1, New Tork, t.
Toledo, 0, Mloneapolla, I.
Loulevllle, 1, Milwaukee, 4.
Columbua, 1, St. Paul, 6.
Indlanapolla, I, Kanaaa City, 4.
Today's Oauaw.
)Wotrn League Wichita at Omaha, St.
Joseph at Slouz City, Topeka at Da Molnea,
Denver at Lincoln.
National League Pittsburgh at St. Loula.
Amerloan League Detroit at Waehlngton,
St. Loula at Philadelphia, Cleveland at New
York, Chicago at Boeton.
Halla and Ford Both in Fine
Form, Former Having;
Lincoln, Neb, Aug. IS. After
spotting Denver to two runs in the
first inning, Lincoln tied the Bears
and finally passed them in the
seventh, when two hits and a walk
yielded two runs. Both pitchers were
in rare form. Score:
For Twelve Innings the Oame
- Goes Scoreless, It Being
a Pitching Duel.
Aa R. H. O. A. E.
Miller, rf. 4 1 3 1 0 0
Kellehar. IS 4 0 1 8 I 0
Oaltee, of 4 1 1 0 t t
Colt, If I t t 1 0
Dyer, lb 4 0 1 0 1 0
Shield, lb 1 t 0 18 0 0
Lloyd. 8b 8 t t 1 4 t
Bheetak, o 8 t 0 1 1 0
Ford, p.... I 0 0 0 T 0
Totals 11 8 I 14 II 0
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Carlisle, If 1 1 0 0 0 0
Smith. 8 0 1110
Thomeeon, of 4 I 0 1 0 0
Lober, rf. 1 1 0 3 0
Moree, Ib 1110 10
Hunter, lb II 1 II 0 0
Lattlmor, lb 1 t 0 3 4 0
Johnson e I 0 I 1 1 0
Balla. V I 0 0 1 l 1
Tools II 4 t IT II 1
Denver. I t t t t 0 t 0 01
Lincoln. tttlltSt 4
an ele . Saltla V Mil tab
'JWODUf BllaJ. Olilivaa, ul
DoubU play: Halla to Johnson to Hunter;
Cole to BUeaiaR. Btoien oaae: ww.
rirtctj bits; Smith, Mono, Huner Lloyd.
Struck out: By Ford, 1. BaM on balla:
Off Halla. t; off Ford, 4. Left en baaea:
Lincoln, 1; Dnvr, t. Umpire: Andaraono
and Kckman. Time: 1:11.
Plestina Matched
With Christensen
Dl..,.. no nt rtmaKa and Har-
41 i lit A 4ta.sita v -
old Christensen, who professes to be
the champion ot JuenmarK ana wnw
ikrn,un Kv In t Krtrher
at Fremont, have been matched to
. i r u- 4U. Tl'avko a( ti
wrcsiic in wniaiia n" iti
frt 24. The bout will take place at
the Brandeis theater.
Plestina, who deserted r-mii
ft V. r"l:r.rt ataM a f tU ITIftllthS
XVItKlin. V-lllVtaajvy tiaaaves.
eooantlu mirt tn Omaha to
make his home here, and this will be
his first match since oecoming a citi
zen of this thriving city. He has
o.:j tA tM.lfo maicrife with Stechcr.
U ItVJ IU MltmSVI. dlt-. ,- w '
Strangler Lewis, Earl Caddock and
several other ot tne xop-noicncra, uui
i .i. (-tmA tn malci connec
tions. Finally he secured the match
with Christensen.
The match will occur the inursaay
-:Rht i.trint th rrat Western cir
cuit races, when, it is believed a large
-ii u - :. ra4
crowa win uc iu viun.
Helbreok Dsfonta FroaUer.
.W a .. 4 I OnUl.l .Hrll.
brook defeated Frontier on the home lot
Saturday afternoon by a ecore of It to t.
. .b. a.-eA nmaael thai hehaVW lilt-
xne leaiur, wi !''-
Unc of the Holbrook team. Delbert Lucky.
the nmra oaaeman, p w -.. v
fenoa for a three-bater. Batteriee: Hol
Kmni. MrnonneU and Kranlnaer; Frontier
Fula and Cowlea.
Jeha r. SU tleka Better.
nt nth... K&n.. Aust. is, -Th condition of
John P. St. John, former overnor of Kan
aaa and at one time presidential nominee
on the prohibition ticket, waa Improved to
day. Hit phyelclana held out hope for hta
Dam aad Urn Plant Go.
Aehevllle. N. C Au. 15. 'A teterram
from Lake Toxaway confirmed the deetruo
ttnti nt the entire dam and the wreck. na
of the llt.OOt eleotrlcal plant below. The
dam fell In fifteen inlnutea attar the flrat
opening waa noticed. -
oston, Bug. 15. "Babe" Ruth came
out the victor in a thirteen-inning
pitching duel with Walter Johnson to
day, the Boston Americans defeating
Washington in the latter's final ap
pearance at Fenway park this season,
1 to 0. For twelve innings Johnson
held the Red Sox to four widely scat
tered hits. The thirteenth was his un
doing, the champions getting three
hits in, this inning, netting them the
gnme's enly run.
Barry led off with a drive which
caromed off Johnson's hand when he
attempted to stop it and went for a
hit. Lewis struck out and Hoblitzel
Hied to Milan. Walker singled to
center, Barry making third on the
play. Gardner connected for his third
hit of the day with a single to center
and Barry scored.
Three fast double plays by Boston
in the last four innings prevented
Washington from scoring. The score:
Morgan, !p I 0 1 4'OHooper.rf 4 0 4 1 0
Milan, cf Silt S 8 S 1 1
Ko.ter.8b 4 10 1 OLewle.lf S 1 1 0 0
Rlce.rf 8 1 t t lH'bl'a'l.lh 4 010 2 0
Moeller.rf 8 0 10 S I T 0 0
Shanko,lf 4 1 4 0 0O'dner,8b 4 8-140
W'U' S 2 14 1 2 0 I 1 1
Aln. m h o 4 2 7 0 OJ'viin.s 0 0 2 2 1
' 4 0 11 OThomaa.o 4 0 14 0
I'n''n,p 4 0 8 1 ORuth.p 4 0 14 0
nnorien i v o o u
Totala.,41 I'll II 1
Total.. 4?. til 20 I
Batted for Scott In ninth.
Two out when winning run scored.
Washington ..0 00000000000 00
Boston t 00000040400 11
Two-base hltal Barry. Alnamlth. Three-
base hit: Gardner. Stolen baae: Milan. Sao
rlflce hita: Shank. Morgan, Hoblltaet, Mo
Bride, Scott, Hooper, Thorn.. Double play:
Thomaa to Scott, Janvrln to Barry to
Thomas, Hoblltset to Janvrln. Baae on
halla: Off Johnson, a: on Hutu, I. Hit
and earned runa: Oft Johnson, 7 hits 1 run
In twelve and two-thlrda Innlnge: oft Ruth,
I hita, t run In thirteen Innings- Balk:
Ruth. Struck out: By Johnaon. 1: by Ruth,
1. Passed ball: Alnamlth. Umpire: Nallln
and Lilneeo.
. It' an Evaa Break.
New Tork. Aug. IS. New Tork won an
even break In tta aerlea with Philadelphia
hero today, the Tankeea taking tho last
game, 4 to 1. New Tork hit Wllllama, a
young collegian, hard, Pecktnpaugh and
Plpp making home runa. which were re
eponalbla for five rune. Shawkey, a former
Athletic, held Philadelphia, to four hits, ona
a acratch. Soore:
Wttt, 4 0 4 1 4 114 0
Walah.rf 4 14 1 OHlgh.lf 1110 0
Strunk.lf 4 110 OP'k'p'h, 1118 0 4 111 4 1 11 0 0
MTInnla,lh 4 0 4 0 OAr'g' 18 14 1
M'EI'ee.lh 4 118 0Oed.on.2b 4 8 18 0 1 0 t 0 OMIIler.rf 4 4 8 0 0
Haley.o I I 4 S IN'm'k'r.o 114 0 0
Wlll'map 8 0 1 t OSh'koy.p 8 8 I 1 0
Total. .184 14 ll"t Total II 11 17 11 1
Philadelphia ..OtttOlOO 11
New Tork 0 t 8. t 1 0 1 t 4
Two-baae hit: Strunk, 2. Home run:
Plpp. Pecktnpaugh. Stolen baaea: High. Ma
gee, Lajole. Double playa: Lajole, Witt
and Mclnnla. Baae on balla: Off Shawkey,
1; off Wllllama, I. Earned ran.: Off Wil
liam,!; off Shawkey, 1. Struck out: By
Shawkey, 4: by Wllllama, 1. Paaaed balla:
Haley.. Umplrea: Evana and O'Loughlln.
Will Frame Jlules
To Govern Amateurs
Indianapolis, Aug. 15. Delegates
from Pittsburgh, Louisville, Cleve
land, Lincoln, Neb., St. Paul and De
troit, svere present today when the
special meeting of the National Ama
teur Base Ball association was, called
to order,
The purpose of the meeting was to
draft rules to govern the champion
ship games to be played in the fall,
and to decide th place where the
games shall be played. It was sug
gested that local teams play in foreign
cities until the final deciding game,
but no definite action was taken.
Houston, Tex., has asked for the en
tire championship series.
The cities of Tacoma, Wash.; Los
Angeles, Sacramento, Cal., and Du
luth, Minn., sent word they would not
participate in the series because of
the expense, but will continue mem
bers of the association.
Church Defeats Heath
On the Lake Forest
Tennis Courts
Lake Forest, 111., Aug. IS. George
M. Church, Tenafly, N. J., success
fully defended his holding of the
western lawn tennis challenge bowl
today by smashing a straight set vic
tory over Heath Byford, Chicago, the
challenger, 6-4, 6-0, 6-1.
The southern pair won in a thrilling
five-set match, the opening of the na
tional series today, 4-6, 4-6, 6-1, 6-4,
6-4. It was a case of to many errors
on the part of Trafford Jayne, paired
with Seiforde Stellwager, Minneap
olis, as holder of the northwest title.
Nat Emerson's placing won many
points for the south.
McLoughlin and Dawson had
everything their way in beating Jack
Cannon, Kansas City, and A. I. Lin
dauer, Chicago, the Missouri Valley
holders. The score was 6-3, 6-3, 6-1.
The eastern team won a default
from the middle Atlantic champions,
George Breck and Conrad B. Doyle
of Washington.
Hayes and Burdick kept Chicago
in the series by beating Bradley
Hogue and George Wright, Dallas,
Tex., 6-2, 6-2, 6-3.
Shenandoah Races Put Over
For Day Because of Riin
Shenandoah, la., Aug. IS. (Spe
cial Telegram.) A muddy track pre
vented carrying out the race program
at the opening day of the thirty-sec-ind
annual Shenandoah farTand stock
show, but tomorrow promises a full
card with large crowds. More corn
fed cattle, more fine horses, more fine
hogs fill the stables than in any pre
vious vears. Moral hall has an agri
cultural and domestic display that is
up to standard. The pike furnishes
plenty of amusement features.
Council Bluffs Imperials, coming
from behind in the fifth inning and
scoring two men on Butler's home
run in the fifth, defeated Red Oak,
8 to 5, in an interesting game today.
Batteries: Red Oak, Erickson and
Wrad; Imperials, League and Achatz.
The base ball series has Shenan
doah Red Sox and Maryville Feds as
other entries. ,
Katherine Stimson, aviatrix, wilt
make her first flight tomorrow and
again Thursday afternoon and night
Joe Wood la Sold.
Norfolk, Va., Aug. 16. Announcement of
the sale of Pitcher Joe Wood to the De
troit American league club was made to
night by the officials of the Portsmouth
Virginia lesguo club. Wood will report at
the end of the Virginia league season.
Jay Ell Mack and Mirthful
Each Take Straight Heats
in Races Entered.
Columbus, O., Aug. 15. Two Murphy-driven
horses started this after
noon as favorites in the Grand Cir
cuit racing events and each won in
straight heats. Jay Ell Mack battled
with Diumeter for the Civic Center
pacing stake, being forced to cut his
record to 2:03 1-4 to keep ahead in
the middle heat. Mirthful was the
other Murphy wmner, she having no
trouble in leading all the time in each
of the three heats.
Ben Gregor took the card's other
race, the 2:13 trot in straight heats,
and in so doing prevented first choice
from sweeping the program. Allie
Watts and Lindsey were in higher
favor than the Tennessee gelding. All
the contending was done by Allie
Watts who made a break at the turn
in the first heat, but trotted steadily
in each of the last two miles.
The summaries:
Civic Center stake. 2:12 pacerl, three In
five, puree, 13,000:
Jay Ell Mack (Murphy) 1 1 1
Plumeter (Grady) 2 2 2
Toung Todd (Cox) 3 S 3
Time: 2:06H. 2:0!U. 2:03H.
Trotting. 2:01 class, three In five, pur
Mirthful (Murphy) 1 1 1
Deroche (Oeere) 2 2 2
Zombro Clay (Valentine) 4 6 8
Time: 2:0t, 2:0, 2:09V
Trotting, 2:13 class, three In five, purse,
Ben Gregor (Whitehead) 1 1 1
Allie Watt (Edm.n) 2 2 2
Llndaey ((McDonald) 4 3 4
Time: 2:01, 2:0S1i, 2:0Vi.
Berwin Team Wins from
Ravenna in Fourteenth
Berwyn, Neb., Aug. IS. (Special.)
Berwyn defeated Ravenna in a fast
and exciting thirteen-inning game
Sunday, 6 to 5. Bergett and Yeast
were both in good form; the batting
of Ellingston and Hill and fielding
of Cooper were features. A special
train was run from Ravenna here.
Ravenna ....0000202 1 00000 S 10 2
Berwyn 0 0 0 0 2 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 14 11 2
Struck out: By Teast, 14: by Burgett, 13.
Batteries: Ravenna, Teast, Llnderkamp
and Dalley; Berwyn, Burgett and Cries.
Umplrea: Dunn and O'Nell.
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