Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 16, 1916, Page 5, Image 5

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LEAVES $1,000 TO
Hugh Murphy in His Will Also
Bemembers Nurses and
Other Employes.
"Being a journeyman bricklayer
and, once a bricklayer, always a brick
layer to a bricklayer, I hereby give
and bequeath to Bricklayers Union
No. 1 of Nebraska the sum of $1,000
to be used and expended in such man
ner as said union sees proper." reads
the will of Hugh Murphy, pioneer
paving contractor, just filed for pro
The estate comprises property of
estimated value of more than $100,
Mr. Murphy orders $2,000 paid to
Wary I. trance, Jx9 tort street,
Omaha, his stenographer.
Among the other bequests are the
for the removal of the body ot
his mother from the old cemetery at
Eluin, III., to the new cemetery at
Elgin, $1,200. The grave is to be
marked with a marble monument and
inscribed with the identical markings
on the old monument. i
To Mrs. Marv Barr. a sister, 2652
North California avenue, Chicago,
To Richard Murphy, a brother, 54
South Broadwav. Denver. $5,000.
To Miss Anna Barnay of Omaha,
for faithful service as nurse during
his illness, $1,000.
To Dominic Anemy, 857 South
Twenty-eighth street, Omaha, $1,000
for faithful services.
To Roy M Hutton, 2710 Bristol
street, Omaha, another taitntul em
nlnve. S1.000.
To Vernon N. Short, 1113 Pacific
street, for constant and loyal serv
ires. 11.000.
To Carrie A. Kolarik, another
nurse. $1,000.
To R. C. Yant, Louisville, Neb.,
Abraham L. Reed is made executor
and is instructed to provide a home
for the remainder of their days for
George Duncan, Mr. Murphy s vet
eran foreman, and his wife. A be-
nuest of $1,600 is provided for the
nurchase of a desirable home for
. The remainder of the estate goes in
'Tindivided fifth parts to the widow,
Ellen, and his four children, Mary,
Richard, Helen and Hugh.
Tolin C. Brodie and W. H. Herd
man are witnesses of the will, whjch
is dated March 14, lyio.
Autoists Fined for
Me Violations
The followine violators of traffic
rules appeared before Judge Foster
this morning and were fined:
William Bayer, 2014 North Twenty
sixth street, pleaded guilty to running
a truck on the boulevards ana paia $1
and costs.
Robert Rasmussen, Benson, passed
a street car on the wrong side ot tne
street and was fined $1 and costs.
L. D. Willis, 1119 City National
Bank building, violated the parking
rules and paid $1 and costs.
C. O. Lind. 4910 Douzlas street,
passed a car on the wrong side of the
street; $1.
The followine were fined $2.50. with
sentence suspended, -for speeding: H.
Hudson, 2862 Farnam, and George
Coaley, 291 Nicholas street.
Garland Latta. 1722 St. Mary's ave-
nue, who speeded on Farnam street
and did not stop when signaled, was
lined $13 and costs, with sentence
Omaha Minister Preaches in Some
Historic Churches While on Vacation
f Mayor Jim Shakes
Hands With Prexy
"Yes, I shook hands with President
Wilson and he remarked he was glad
I called," said Mayor Dahlman upon
his return from the east.
"I told the boys down at Washing
ton," he added, "that Omaha would
be the logical and proper place to
hold the federal bank hearing in
this territory. Mr. McAdoo told me
before I left he would wire me on
the subject.
The mayor says Congressman Lo
beck knows every nook and corner
of the national capital.
"It is a real comfort to go siuht
seeing with Lobeck," declared J'ayor
Sent to Jail for
Abusing Family
"i Dan Shea, 3008 Sprague street, got
' ' a thirty days' sentence to the work-
;S, house because his wile and tour
children have been unable to live with
Kim nt lat Mre mfa ur9c afvi&fA
to advertise in the city newspapers
warning saloonkeepers to retuse to
sell liquor to him. I he court awarded
the wife $20, which Shea possessed
H when he was arrested.
Police and Firemen
May Now Go Coatless
City Commissioner Jardine secured
the adoption of a resolution by the
city council permitting policemen and
firemen to work without their coats
in hot weather.
The resolution asks business men
of the city to popularize this coatless
Omaha to Try for Meeting of
Bohemian Catholic Turners
In 1919 Omaha wants the national
meeting of the Bohemian Catholic
Turners' association.
The meeting this year is to be held
in Milwaukee the fore part of Septem
ber. Some eighty Turners from Ne
braska will attend in Milwaukee. No
less than twenty arc expected to go
from Omaha. Charles M. Fixa of
Omaha is to head the Nebraska dete
ction. Mr. rixa and other local Bo-
.emians have been fn conference with
E. V. Parrish of the bureau of pub
licity with regard to the campaign
they will make at Milwaukee to land
the next convention for Omaha. The
association meets every three years.!
Rev. L. Groh, pastor of St. Mark's
Lutheran church, preached in two
very old and historic churches dur
ing a five weeks' trip to Pennsylvania,
from which he has just returned.
One of these was an old church in
Schaefferstown, Pa. Schaefferstown
is a little place, seven miles from a
railroad. Some of the houses are
built of logs. Sonic of the people have
lived there ninety years and have
never traveled ten miles away.
The church was established in 1740.
Dr. Groh attended there when he was
a child. In the early days they had
a little bell on each contribution
basket and if any parishioner was
asleep when the collection was taken
up the bell was rung until he awoke.
Dr. Groh also preached for some of
his former members at the old
Swamp church. This congregation
was organized by Rev. Harry Mel
chior Muhlenburg very early in the
eighteenth century and his church
records, written partly in Latin, are
still extant. Rev. Dr. Muhlenburg
was one of the foremost patriots in
the American colonies.
The church is not very far from
Valley Forge and was used as a hos
pital during the Revolutionary war
Dr. Groh preached also at the old
St. John's church, Boyertown, Pa.,
where he was pastor for twenty-five'
years, with a membership of over
Major Thomas L. Rhoades, United
States army, now in charge of the
United States hospital at Colon, and
one of Dr. Groh's confirmants dur
ing his pastorate, was home on a
vacation. Dr. Rhoades is a surgeon
in the army and operated on William
H. Taft in the Philippines and after
wards became Taft's military aide fol
lowing the death of Archie Butts on
the Titanic.
0. W. Hull Says There is Short
age of Both Cement and
Small Towns Fear
Bandit Who Held
Up Florence Bank
Complaints from the vicinity of
Springfield that houses were being
broken into by a man suspected of be
ing the gentlemanly bandit who held
up and robbed the Florence bank,
sent deputy sheriffs scurrying to the
Reports are being received at the
sheriff's office from towns through
out the surrounding territory telling
of the believed activities of the "Gen
tleman Bandit" in innumerable local
ities. Post cards giving the description of
the robber have been sent to all of
ficers and other interested parties in
Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado,
Nebraska and the Dakotas from the
sheriff's office.
Milwaukee May Name
Crack Train Ak-Sar-Ben
Another effort is to be made to have
the Milwaukee's crack train between
Omaha and Chicago named the "Ak-Sar-Ben
About a year ago the attention of
the officials in Chicago was drawn to
the fact that of all the names for the
Omaha-Chicago night train, that of
Ak-Sar-Beu would be the most ap
propriate. Local Milwaukee men argue that
the other crack trains of the system
the Pioneer Limited, Southwest Limi
ted, Olympian, Columbian are ex
pressive of the territories they trav'
Seeley, Who Has Supplied U. S.
Army and Navy, Called to Omaha.
F. H. Seeley of Chicago and Phila
delphia, the noted truss expert, will
be at the Paxton Hotel and will re
main in Omaha this Monday, Tues
day and Wednesday only, August 14,
15 and 16. Mr. Seeley say?: "The
Spermatic Shield as supplied V the
United States Government will not
only retain any case of rupture per
fectly, but contracts the opening in
it days on the average case. This
instrument received the only award
in England and in Spain, producing
results without surgery, injections,
medical treatments or prescriptions.
Mr. Seeley has documents from the
United States Government, Washing
ton. D. C. for inspection. All charity
Cases without charge, or if any in
terested call, he will be glad to show
same without charge or fit them if
desired. Business demands prevent
stopping at any other place in this
P. S. Every statement in this ad
vertisement has been verified before
the Federal and State Courts. F. H.
if he asks you
to try a can of
He wants todo
you a favor
brands to rec
ommend from
erse, and that it would also be the
case with the train between Chicago
and the Nebraska metropolis.
Eugene Duval, general western
agent of the road, is planning to take
the matter up with the Chicagoans.
Cannot Tell Red from Green
And Would Join the Navy
The most color blind, or the color
blindest man that Lieutenant VV. W.
Waddell of the navy recruiting sta
tion ever saw applied for enlistment.
He had absolutely no sense of color.
Given a skein of bright red yarn and
told to select other skeins of the same
color from a basket, he picked yellow,
green, brown and purple ones, but
none that matched the red one. He
was Harry Beam of Birmingham, Ala.,
and, of course, he didn't get into the
"There's another alibi," declared
City Commissioner Hummel when C.
V. Hull appeared before the city,
council to explain the paving situation
from the standpoint of a material man.
Mr. Hummel opened up the paving
situation anew and announced he
would give the contractor in Miller
park district just one more week in
which to show signs of life.
Mr. Hull explained there is a short
age of cement and crushed stone, due
largely to lack of railroad equipment
at this time. He said a stone mill at
Lake View, la., broke down and new
machinery could not be secured for
repairs, thus causing a delay,
i Commissioners Hummel and Jar
dine were appointed as a special com
mittee to "see what can be done to
arouse the paving contractors."
"It is high time that the city coun
cil takes some notice of irresponsible
paving contractors and in the future
invite bids from contractors out of the
city to compete with these local men
who are favoring their contracts out
side of this city and slighting thelrJ
wont nere, was anotner statement by
Commissioner Hummel.
Commissioner Jardine announced
that the contractor on North Twenty
fourth street actually had moved a
concrete mixer to this job.
Dr. King's New Life Fills.
Regular bowel movement li essential to
your health. Take Dr. King's New Life
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druggists. Advertisement.
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Phone Tyler 1000 and you will receive the same
courteous service as though you were delivering your
Want-Ad to The Bee in person.
July Smashes All
Sales-Records For
Our Wonderful Year
Tire dealers this July sold to car owners more
United States Tires than in any previous month of
this year our sales-records to dealers prove this.
And this is the year of astounding and record
breaking sales increases for United States Tires.
Such great sales growth proves two things,
that car owners who have used
United States Tires continue to use
that car owners who have been
using other tires are now largely
buying United States Tires.
Have you joined this gigantic army of wise
motor car owners?
ited Stat esTorigs:
'Nobby' 'Chain' 'Usco' 'Royal Cord' 'Plain1
Insist that your tire dealer supply
you with United States Tires and
see the difference.