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Brief City News
Toentseiid'e far Sporting Goods."
Have Boot Flint It New Beacon Proas.
Kleatrie Fnni 9tM Burtess-arandan Co
Half Karat White Diamond! 7 Edholm.
Building Business for years ahead
Is always safe, when loeated In The
Bee Building, the building that Is
known to all.
Withdraws Charge!) Charles Moll
ahan withdrew charges he filed last
week with the city clerk against Po
liceman William J. Turner.
Petition In Bankruptcy Earl P.
Brown, a live stock buyer at the stock
yards, filed a petition in bankruptcy.
Liabilities, $4,861; assets, 1361.
"Today's Movie Program," classi
fied section today. It appears In The
Bee exclusively. Find out what the
various moving picture theaters offer.
Teacher Confined to Home Miss
Maude E. Shipherd, teacher in the
public schools, is at the home of her
brother. Dr. o. D. Shipherd, 345
North Forty-first street, suffering from
injuries received recently In a street
car accident.
To Sell Old File Instructions have
.come to the local postofflce from
Washington directing that old files
and records be gathered and sold be
cause of the present high price of old
paper and also to help relieve the
shortage in paper.
Names New Mall Clerks Postmas
ter Charles E. Fanning made his first
appointment of new clerks for the
postofflce since his own appointment.
These clerks will serve as substitutes
until vacancies on the regular list oc
cur. The appointments are made
from the list of thoBe who have passed
the civil service examination for mail
Make Trip in Flivver
To Advertise the Navy
Medical Inspector Osick and Chief
Yeoman Stoner of the local navy re
cruiting office hive been authorized
by the Navy department to go on an
extensive advertising tour through the
They will embark in Stoner's fliwer
and cover much of the state as far
west as Grand Island in a six weeks'
tour. They will put up signs and
distribute "literature" about the navy.
They will carry a tent which they will
set up in different towns and stir the
sea-going desire in the hearts of in
numerable youth by appearing in their
nice blue uniforms. The government
gives them a per diem allowance and
pays the John D. Rockefeller bill.
Greeks Organize to Fight
The Prohibition Move
The Greek Personal Liberty league,
a fraternal and benevolent order,
which will also serve to solidify the
action of the Greeks of Omaha and
, Nebraska in opposition to the pro
hibition movement, will be organized
at the bakery of P. Cokos, 521 South
Thirteenth street.
It is estimated that there are about
1,500 Greeks in Omaha and perhaps
twice as many more in Nebraska and
outside of Omaha. L. J. Piatti will
be the honorary president and organ
izing officer.
Morris Thinks Smith Fire
Was Caused by Tramps
Fire Warden Morris made this
statement relative to the fire in the
stables of the Smith Bros.' Brick
company last Saturday night: I
have made an investigation which
leads me to believe that tramps
caused the fire. This place is quite
a rendezvous for hoboes. I know
there were rumors that the fire was
of incendiary origin, but I have found
no evidence to substantiate tnat
Yegqmen Try to Crack Safe
In Lumber Yard Office
Burglars entered the office of the
Bullard. Hoagland & Benedict Lum
ber company, Twentieth and Izard
streets, and tried to force the safe.
They knocked the combination
handle off. but evidently gave it up as
a bad job or were frightened away.
Nothing was taken.
Uncle Sam Will Pay for
Registered Mail Lost
The postoffice will pay for damaged
roods in registered, insured and C. O.
D. package, as well as paying for lost
or destroyed goods as heretofore, ac
cording to a new order received here.
Culinary Hints .
Golden Ball Fritters.
Put one cun of boiling water in a
saucepan add one tablespoonful of
butter. While it is boiline hot add all
at once a cupful of sifted flour and stir
briskly till it is a smooth dough, lake
from the fire and add one by one three
or four eggs, beating each one in well
before adding the next. Stand till
cold. Heat a pot xf lard or crisco
to boiling and drop in by the tea
spoonful the dough and fry to a
golden brown. Ihe putts should be
hollow inside and very light. Drain
a moment on paper and serve on a
napkin and dust with a little powdered
Macedoine of Vegetables in Aspic.
Four ounces tomatoes, twelve
ounces cooked butter beans, two hard
boiled eggs, one pint aspic jelly. Skin
tomatoes and slice. Skin butter beans.
Rub the yolks of eggs through the
sieve and cut the white into dice. Put
a little jelly into a plain mould and
when set decorate with white and
yolk of egg. Put in a little more jelly
to set the decoration and then the
rest of the vegetables in layers. Fill
up the mould with the rest of the
jelly and leave until set. Turn out
and serve on lettuce leaves with any
preterred salad dressing.
Mrs. Frances Ann Juelg died Sun
day morning at her home, 3J29 Ames
avenue, of tuberculosis. Mrs. Juelg
was 29 years old. She was born at
West Point, Neb. She is survived by
her husband Funeral services will
be held at 2 o'clock Tuesday after
noon from Jackson's chapel, with Rev.
F. W. Leavitt officiating. Interment
will be in Forest Lawn cemetery.
If You Are a Sick Woman
Can vou afford to doubt such over
whelming evidence as that of the let
ters constantly being published in the
daily press, showing how Lydia fc..
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, that
good old-fashioned remedy made
from roots and herbs, restores suffer
ing women to health and strength?
' Thousands of women suffered just as
you are suffering and in letters over
their own signatures state they have
been made well by Lydia E. Pink
ham'; Vegetable Compound. Why
don't ou try it? All druggists. Adv.
General Joffre Honors American
Women Through Chicago Artist
US W i i.
farmers Rejoice at Downpour!
Which Insures the Corn
Miss Grace Gassette. a well known
Chicago artist, has the honor of be
ing the first American woman to
be presented to General Joffre, the
leader of the French armies, at his
headquarters. Learning that Miss
Gassette was In the war zone, in
trducing a new surgical bandage,
General Joffre invited her to pay him
a visit at his headquarters. lie told
her that he was especially glad "to
take the opportunity of expressing
r ranee s gratitude tor the pesonal
services rendered by American
women to the French cause." He
also complimented the work of the
American ambulance.
Own film scevtci.
Miss Gassette numbers hosts of
Omaha women among her friends and
visited Mrs. John Bourke here about
three or four yeasr ago, At that time
she painted portraits of Mrs. John
N, Baldwin, Mrs, Howard Baldrige,
a small daughler of Dr. and Mrs. J.
E. Summers, David Baum and one
of Mrs, Bourke's daughters, Mrs.
Baldwin, who is summering In the
east, writes her daughter, Mrs.
Arthur Guiou, that she is not at all
surprised at the honors heaped upon
Miss Gassette for her work. "She
is such a clever woman and so tire
less in her willingness to work,"
writes Mrs. Baldwin.
Teacher Who Weds Wants to Get
On the Pension Roll for Teachers
Is Former Principal Lulu Hunt of
the Miller Park school entitled to a
pension for long service as teacher
in the Omaha schools?
The former principal wants to
The Board of Education says she
is not. The former principal did not
stop to argue the matter with mem
bers of the board. Oh, no. She was
busy with other matters. When she
resigned in the spring, she resigned
upon the request of Cupid, for she
was married a few weeks later.
But in spite of the fact that she
married and went to Massachusetts
to live, she did not give up the idea
of getting a pension from the Omaha
Board of Education.
She engaged an attorney to look
into the legal phases of the matter,
and this is quietly going on at the
present time.
A teacher in the Omaha schools is
generally understood to be entitled to
a pension when she has taught thirty
five years.
Extra time is allowed those who
teach in the summer schools.
Soldiers of the regular army count
service in the Philippines and Alaska
as double time when recording years
of service looking toward getting a re
tirement pension.
Well, some such system is under
stood to obtain in the school teaching
service in Omaha with regard to serv
ice in teaching in summer school.
"I taught five summers when I
didn't really care to do so, just to help
me on the required time to get the
pension allowance," said Miss Hunt
betore she lett umaha. And now
they are trying to keep me from the
Miss Hunt believed she had ade
quate precedent for her claim for a
pension, but the board said "No."
She quoted Former Superintendent
Davidson as saying that summer
school should count toward the pen
sion claim, and declared she had met
all the requirements as Davidson had
set them down years ago.
"Nothing doingsaidhgboard.
Clifton is Promoted to
Division Freight Agent
Two promotions and the creation
of a new office on the Union Pacific
system will result from an order is
sued by General Freight Agent C. J.
Fffective August 15, W. D. Clifton,
traveling freight agent, with head
quarters in Omaha, will become di
vision freight agent at Cheyenne, to
handle the rapidly growing business
at that point.
Mr. Clifton has been with the Over
land system since 1886, working up
from the bottom to his present posi
tion. He will be succeeded as traveling
freight agent by W. W. Drummy, a
clerk in the freight rate department
and popular about headquarters.
Jury Finds Carrier Shot
z Dempsey in Self-Defense
The coroner's inquest over the body
of Jack Dempsey, who was shot last
Wednesday in a row with Walter
Carrier at the Reno hotel and who
died Friday at St. Joseph's hospital,
found that Carrier shot in self-defense
and recommended his release.
According to Carrier's story, which
was supported by other lodgers at the
hotel, Dempsey started the row
Wednesday evening and had been one
of a gang who beat up Carrier sev
eral days before.
Harry Root and Big Jeff
Land Sixteen-Pound Pick
The largest pickerel caught around
Madison lake section this year was
hooked by Harry J. Root last Friday
at Saber lake, eighteen miles from
Madison lake. The pickerel weighed
sixteen pounds. A. W. Jefferis, an
Omaha attorney, was with Root at
the time.
Mayor Duhlman la expected home from
the eut Tuewlay morning.
City Cterk O'Connor and wife have re
turned from a week at Clear J,aki, la,
Miss Claudia Harrla. secretary In the
homeicfkem' bureau at Burlington homl
quarter, haa raiurnert from a vacation iient
In YeHoYYfltone National perk. Rho waa ac
companied by Miaa Clara Peter.
Rev. C. W. Savidge to Auction
Off Old House of Hope
Rev. C. W. Savidge has his new
House of Hope just this side of Flor
ence about completed, so he has de
cided to auction off the old place on
Twenty-seventh avenue, just north of
Cuming. The auction to the highest
bidder will be held Saturday noon, at
which time lunch will be served. This
house is one of the old landmarks
of that end of town, standing on top
of a high hill and being surmounted
with a cupola, from which the sur
rounding country may be viewed in
every direction.'
Are You a Summer Sneezer?
If you are, you will be particularly
interested in this book, juit publiihed
Its PrTention and Cure
Well-Known Specialist in Chlldren'a Dla
eaaeei Pediatrician to the Philadelphia
General Hoapltall Profeeeor Emeritus of
Pediatrics, Medko-Chirurf leal Collefe,
etc., etc.
This book comes to you with the back
ing of authority behind it. It represents
the results of years of study and the
treatment of thousands of cases by the
country's foremost experts. If you are a
sufferer from hay-fever, or If you have a
family, children being especially liable to
this distressing malady, you should get
this book at once and learn how to re
lieve the unpleasant symptoms and to
trevent their recurrence. You need no
onger dread vacation time and can go
to the mountains or into the country
with impunity. Every doctor and nurse
should own a eopy.
Svo, Cloth, 344 pages, lJSl
by mall, $1J7
354 Fourth Ave., N. Y.
Nearly all Nebraska has been soaked
with rain in the last forty-eight hours, j
according to weather bureau reports. ,
Auburn had 3.10 inches, Fairmont 2.4(1,
Lincoln, 2.19, Holdredge 1.87, Grand
Island 1.63, Fairbury 1.49 and so on.
At many places the rain was still
falling at 7 a. m when the above
figures were made.
The rainfall in Omaha up to noon
Monday was .35 of an inch when it
The coolness prevails all over the
state. The maximum reached yester
day in Nebraska was only 79 degrees,
that being at (.oiunmus. umana s
maximum was 77 and the minimum
63 degrees.
A feature ot Suiuiay s weainer
was that in Kansas they had heat
ranging from 100 to 104 degrees and
at Argyle, Minn., they had frost.
Start Saturday Night.
Reoorts to the railroad headquar
ters in Omaha told of the best gen
eral rain of the year in Nebraska,
in that hardly a section of the, state
was slighted by the showers, which
started Saturday night and have kept
up spasmodically since that time.
The rains were of vast benefit to
the corn, especially in the southern
and southwestern portions of the
state, where there was a crying need
of moisture. In other sections, how
ever, although assuredly no harm was
done, the rami were not neeaea so
All divisions on the Northwestern
in Nebraska reported beneficial show
ers, the precipitation reports showing
from a half inch to an inch and a half
of moisture. Northwestern officials
averred that J. Pluv's visit was ex
ceedingly welcome to corn growers.
Likewise, the reports of good, soak
ing showers from points on the Union
Pacific were general. In the southern
part of the state, where a substantial
rain found a double welcome, the
showers were so heavy that the road
bed along some stretches of track was
made soft, resulting in the Kansas
City train into Omaha being an hour
Reports from the Omaha, Lincoln,
Wymore and McCook divisions on
the Burlington, a territory taking in
the main portions of the state, indi
cated a general rainfall, ranging from
one-fourth to an inch and a half, and
causing great joy among the farmers.
Ad Eaay, Pleasant Laxative.
One or two Dr. Kings New Lite Pills at
night Insurea a free and easy movement of
the bowels, tic. All druggists. Adv.
Taxi Driver Sues
Another for $5,000
When J. Howard Shinn, chauffeur,
extended a helping hand tq Morton
Ehrenmch, tasicab driver, when
rcnreich's car was stranded without
gasoline on the Dodge road, near the
Kosenfi'ld peony farm, (rouble arose
over the settlement. Suit for $5,000
filed against Shinn was the result of
the fracas.
One dollar for three gallons of gas
oline started trouble.
Ehrcnreich declares that alter de
mands were made on him for pay
ment for the gasoline he said: "If
you have nerve ciiouk!) to charge me
$1 for lliree gallons of gasoline I have
nerve enough to pay it." He was
afterward approached for the loan of
Iwo-bits by the friendly taxi driver,
according io his complaint.
t'hysical injuries, along with em
barrassment, caused before his live
passengers justify the payment of
$5,000 by Shinn, according to the
complaint. The trouble arose at -;30
on the morning of August 12. Attor
ney Wayne E. Sawtell is represent
ing Ehrcnreich.
Playgrounds to Work
On Schedule This Week
The following schedule of special
events has been arranged for the pub
lic playgrounds this week. Similar
events in other playgrounds will be
announced next week.
Dates of events in the playgrounds
in the next three weeks:
Tuesday 8 p. in., pel show. Rprlng Lake
perk; S p. m., vlctrola concert, Mandan
Wednesday I p. m., lantern parade,
tMearvlew playground.
Thursday I p. m., doll show, Kout.tse
park: 4 p. m., pushmoblle rontest, Hanscom
park; 8 p. in., lantern parade, Mprlng Lake
Haturdny R p. nv, lantern parade, Fonts
nolle park; S p. in., lantern parade, Miller
Humlay 2:8ft p. m., doll show, Mandan
park; also a trip to the Houas of Hope with
a quilt, Mandan park: 3 p. m., pet show,
Cleiirvlew playground: 4 p. m., pushmoblle
,-onlesl, Hprlng Lake park! 8 p, m., lantern
pnradi', Klmwoofl park.
C. R. Weir Fires Several
Shots at Burglar, Misses
With complete disregard for glow
ing lights which proved inhabitants
of the house were still awake, a dar
ing burglar attempted to gain en
trance to the home of C. R. Weir in
Glen park, Benson, Sunday about
midnight. The prowler first tried to
force a window, but failed. A few
minutes later he tried to pick the
lock on the front door. This time
Mr. Weir's attention was attracted by
members of the household, who were
downstairs and, securing his revolver,
he gave pursuit, hut the man escaped
Several shots were fired, but went
Spot Light Ordinance
Recommended for Passage
City Commissioner Kugel's auto- '
mobile spotlight ordinance has been
recommended for passage by the city
council committee of the whole. The
ordinance will be brought up in reg
ular way Tuesday morning.
This measure prohibits the use ol
these spotlights on paved streets or
boulevards within the limits of the
city. Mr. Kugel said he made a care
ful investigation of the subject and in
convinced there is need of this legis
lation. . -
I ncse spoillgnis nave no place in a
civilized community," remarked j. E.
George, who attended the council
meeting. , ' T.
Face Powder
(At Crn Box Only)
Keep The
Complexion Beautiful
Soft and vslvaty. Monty baek If not tn
tlrly plMMd. Nidln li pure and harm
laaa. Adherta until waihad off. Prevent!
aunburn and return of diaoolorationa.
A million delighted uaera provt Ita value.
Tlntai Fleeh, Pink, Brunette, White.
v By Ttiht Ceanfert or Mail, 50c.
National Toilet Compear, Parla, Tens.
old br lead Ins toilet couatera tn Omaha.
1 &L6eft
jiii uicajtuviviiict Vevvci nig i f JO. ''IrWxi'nTW irrTf tri
An txchurvt Amur JiMmPaUnt mppliid 'fir ffhk'PWl flit
The aristocrat of Armour' enormous ham p 'm''vuji$X!i:hoiM II
production. Buy a ivAofo Stat Ham. I iIStMw'Vvl
When you buy, look for the famous Oval JI' ''fw&VS ill
on th Stockinet Covering. Thj Stockinet la the ij 'My;iyg?s;!.Hi2fflWS Jfcf"'
Juice-retaining knit protector which keeps the meat JltX,'iVj,l
to twnly tender and succulent J''tat!z)KV&vrtiMS
Try one of these tomorrow:" f''qffi)M&''mtw'v '
8tar Ham, boiled, sliced, erved eold; 'l'iSirSSUm'vS Lll I II I
Bur Ham, baked, sliced, terred hot with apple rings. W.ja IttJiji-ntSffiitf&tt"
Star Bacon Is of th. tarn Ugh quality Star Ham. fjOWJCTS.
armourcommny M L-j jiammi
Robt. Budats, Mir., 1Mb. aim Jonee Sta., Pbeee D. 10SS, TyfflS!tt5talS-s Laalila Nb, w I. wiiviwsoB wth nd o. y'- l74- piasar JlhjslsjieairesaT
There is But One
Genuine Aspirin
Counterfeits and substi
tutes may be ineffective,
and even harmful. Refuse
them. Protect yourself by
demanding Bayer .
Tablets of Aspirin.
Th genuine bare "Th
Bayer Cross ".on (vary
package and on tvery
"Tie Bayer Creit ,
Taut l.naranleA RAY
Pacini Boms of 12, Battle
Of 24 and Bottles of 100
The trade-mirk "Aspirin" (See.
V. & Fat OHiea) b a fuaruteo
that the moooscetlcaeidester ol
alioyllcaoid in these tablet! 1 ol
the rcUiUi Direr nanotacture.
f If
36 hff Rtdpr Book Fret
I se-sea, H V saKaA I BBMsm I I - VJH IB 'Tit laTT aV mT rA B HWXTf a.QI.I faf W W
i I S- . I SrZ3-' 'va X. r AiAwil
National Park
is the mccca of the heat-oppressed
and scenery-loving American.
It is cool there now and has been all summer. .
Take the family with you. Treat the wife and
children to a real vacation out where the cool, x
bracing mountain air invigorates, builda up
stimulates new life and energy. Hundreds of
Omahana have visited the panorama of grandeur
this summer. It is a short, delightful trip via the
Th Scenic Bi Thumpton Cenjen Route
Leave Omaha tonight Eat mountain trout for
supper in the Park tomorrow in view of Long's
Peak, 14,265 feet high.
including meals.
Accommodations vary from the most modest inns
Hotel rates $12 a week up,
to the sumptuous class. f
mfr includes railroad
DJ and auto fares
Omaha to Estes Park and return
Three daily trains to Denver. Only double
tracked line Omaha to Colorado. Only line pro
tected by automatic safety signals all the way. .
For complete information and illustrated book
lets including reprint of the Government Rocky
Mountain National Park book mail coupon-
phone or call.
Phono Douglas 4000.
1324 Farnant St., Omaha.
f send bio
f re o de
S let "Colorado lor
yy the Tourist" and a
X reprint ol the Gorern-
nent Rnekv aaoaataia
Natiosal Park book.
iiiiiiiifliinnniiiiM ,