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)rawn for The Bee by George McManus
, I , ; . V I it:
CTIV7i -vik fl : a 1 IT.-.-' ' I v r
; ; ,
' UT ' It 0 'HE
i i rs- i - ..... y
Joe Bobblei Easy Grounder
Whioh Permit! Denver to
i Seore Only Eun. v" t
.lord, tb. ..
kelleher. as. t
Oekee, f. .......... 4
nuteher. If. ......... I
er, lb. ,.... t
Mitotan, Ik. 4
Cole, rf. ............ I
HHeotak, . t
HarrHigtpn, a.. ...... I
Maaeer, a. t
Kicking away ball garnet is getting
to be quite the thing among the (elect
circle of Pa Rourke't de luxe athletes.
Kewpie Kilduff did it Thursday and
yesterday Joe Burk broke einto to
ciety with a 'similar stunt. At a re
ault Omaha loat a nifty combat, 1 to 0.
Burg't cottty bungle occurred in the
fourth inning. After Lloyd bad rolled
out Kelleher caught a paai and Moot
ed to third on Rebel Oake'l ripping
tingle to right, .Hank Butcher pro
pelled a dinky grounder t. Burg and
Kelleher thould have been caurht ten
feet at the plate. But Burg rhuited it
up ana Kelleher acorea easily.
The Grizzltet tried to return - the
gift to the Rourkes in the seventh,
but our athletes wouldn't have it.
After Milter went out Krueser reefed
a tingle into right-center nd swiped
tecond. This sent Harrington up in
the air and he walked Forsythe and
Kilduff, filling the. tacks. Joe Burg
had a chance; to redeem himself at this
period, bat he footled again, knocking
an easy grounder to Kelleher, who cut
Krueger down at the plate with time
to spare. Bobby Marshall was sum
moned' to bat for O'Toole, but Bobby
proved to be a bum sniper and ground
ed to Lloyd, w ,jv
; OToola Hurls Well.
Barring Burg's miscue arid the fail
ure of the Rourkes to deliver injhe
pinch, it was a good ball game. All
four pitchers hurled good ball. Dur
ing his seven stanzas on the mound
O'Toole allowed but two hits and un
served better treatment. Harrington
allowed four hits in six frames. He
might have blown up as the game pro
gressed and (Jakes evidently had that
hunch for he yanked him and put in
Manser, who stopped the Rourkes in
their tracks. , - - V
Lata Rally Fails.
Both the Bears and Rourkes tried
to stage rallies in the ninth and the
ti . . . : . i. . tir:.i
Dears iioiuh ifut away wuu ic. . vvun
one down-Miller's faux pas gave
Oakes a life and Butcher singled jto
right A past to Dyer filled the bases
with two out But Shields hit to
Thompson, who threw Oakes out at
the plate, Krueger tried' to double
Shields at first, but was too late.
Butcher tried to come home When
Ernie threw to Miller, but Miller's re
turn to plate beat Hank there and the
1 umpa waved him out. :"
In the home half Krueger Opened
with a tingle to left and Forsythe
bunted him to tecond. - Kewpie K-il
duff tent a drive tailing into left field.
It looked tike two bases and a knotted
count.,. But Hank Butcher made
quick sprint over the greensward and
speared the pill. Burg was easy and
the rally was over.
The Rourkes and Bears will' resume
hostilities at 3:15 this aiternoon. ..
Boosters Gam Mettle,
Trimming Jozies,
Det Moines,, la., Aug. 11. Dei
Moinet flayers hit Sommera in the
pinchet in two jnnings and in another
a run wat scored on a hit, a wild pitch
and a wild throw, the locals winning
from St. Joseph, 3 to 1. Muster
pitched invincible ball, despite poor
support, .core: v. .,
Smith. If, 4
Knit. th. 4
ThrainMl, (,...., I
Miller, lb. 4
integer, a. t. 4
Forsythe. rf t
Kilduff, St. t-,
Bung, th. t
OTooto, p. S-
Marshall .., 1
IV Thompeaa, P a
Wright ef. ,.
Kutlna, lb. .
McCebe, lb. ,
Klrkhan, If.
Sullivan, ft. ,
Wlllleme, IB.
Puener, lk. . .
Jourdaa -. ...
Baere, o. ....
avramers, p. .
't Totals
i. 4 ;
O. A. E.
Hahn, rf. ...
Hunter, ot ,
Hartford, aa.
Heloaa. Ik. .
Jonas, lb. ...
Braan, 11 ...
Spahr, c. .,,
Ewoldt, Sk. ,
MuMMr p. .
........II t
. AB. B. H.
t S I
I 1
4 H It 1
' that Error Again
AB. B. H. O. A K.
.at l 4 ii n t
11 It t
Totals Wl ' t
Hattaa fM OToola la aavantk.
Danvar . '
Hlta .....t tflttll JJ
Runs .,.,.',,. t f a o
Hits ..t Ilium-
ana t t
klti KIMnff.' Haorilloa hlta:
, rontytna, nnrg. nuiiaa
ttraaaar. Doubla plarat Klldnff to
uin.. ihuh, m Ulllaa to Kraoaar. Hlta!
Off Harrington, 4 la oil ana ana-third ta-
alnaal aff Manaar, 1 in two ana oaja-tiuro
Innlnaat aff O'Toolo, t la aavan Inalntu an
C. Thomnaoa, t In two lanlnta. Rtrnak outi
llr O'Toolo, 1. ' Booaa aa hallal Off Haj
rinaton, 4 off Manaar, ll off'Toola, tl
off C. Thompooa, 1. laft aa koao.1 Doarar,
Si Aaaaha, I. Tlwal US. Catplnst Col-
tat and Millar,
smic up
And Defeat Sioux
Sioux City, la., Aug 11 The viar
itors hit Kelly hard today and by
bunching the blows won by a score of
11 to 4. Score:
Davoro, If .
Cochran, ah
Ooodwln, 2b
Snalo, of -.,
Dafato, oa ,.
Atlar, lb ,.
Honroo, rl .,
Allan, 0
Larthrop, p , .
Qllinora, If .
Witon, rf .
Mali,, lb , .
Lajaune, ot.
Connolly, lb
ftador, aa
Coonoy, lb .
Croaby, o ,
Kally. D ...
Hlnohman ;
,'Totala .
AB. R,
........ i t
........ t 1
t . f
........ Illl .
, , AH. R.
.....i. t
H. O.
H. O.
t 11
1 ' 1
Miller Holds Boston to One Hit
Up to Ninth and Then Three
Singlet Net Bun,
Boston, Aug. 11. After winning
the first game today, 2 to 1, Pitts
burgh lost to the Bravet in the sec
ond, 1-to 4. Miller held Boston to
one hit up to the ninth inning in the
opening contest, when three singles
netted a run. ' )
the Pirates hit Barnes freely, but
were able to score only once in the
ninth,' when, with . Tyler pitching,
Fischer, who had reached first on an
error, advanced to third on a fielder's
choice and an out, and acored on
Rice't passed ball. , Tyler pitched
again in the second game and was in
control all the way. He allowed but
two hits up to the ninth inning. An
error by Smith in that inning allowed
the visitors, the only score. Mamaux,
although holding Boston to five hits,
was wild The score:
AB H.O.A.B. 14 11 lH'Tllla.n I 4
H'h'an.rf t
Joh' 4
Frmr,2b I
McC' i
Flacher.0 I.
Mlli.r.p I
0 Barnra.p ,
- Tvlar.MV
Totals. II 11 It 10 IRIeo.o
, 'Connolly
4 9 1
4 11
4 11
I 1 10
I S 1
4 4 1
14 1
t S 1
10 1
0 4 4
1 0 0
' i Totals. II 4 It II I
Battad (or Blackburn In aljhth. - V
Plttaburah .... 4 4 0 4 4 4 1. 11
Boaton ........4 t I 4 4 I I I 11
Two-baa hit: Hlnchman. Stolon baaa:
oVhulto. Saorlflco hlta: Farmer, Konatchr.
Miller, Flachar. 'Doublo play: Bnrnea to
Blackburn to Konatchy. Baaaa on balla: Off
Miller, 2. Hlta and earned rune: Off Bamea,
10 hlta, lrun In aavan and ona-thlrd Innlnsa;
off Tyler, 1 hit, run In one and two-thlrda
tnnlnae: off Millar, 1 ran. Struck out: By
Miller, I; by Barnes, t. Umpires: Klem and
Bmalle. Score, eecond tamer
AB.H.O.A.E. AB.H.O.A.B. till OM'vllle.ea 14140 tilt I 1 0 I 0
Bch' 111 I 0Wllh t,rf 14140
H h an.rf '1 I t I A K A A
Joh' 11111 OK' t 0 10 0 0
r sill OBmllh.Sb ,41440 fill' O8'dt'aa,or 11400
Suhmldt,o 10 11 OB'kburn.o 4 110 0
oia aux.p isi. OTyler.p I 1 4 I 0
8rhults 1 0 0 0 0
Qtbaoa 1 0 0 0 4 1 11 I 1
Standing of Teams
W. L. Pet
Omaha 4011.441
Lincoln SO 41 .6111
Deo Molnee. .11 tl .400
Denver ....10 It .til
Sioux City.. 10 It .470
Wichita ....4HI .481
W. U Pet.
Brooklyn .. .St 16 .039
Boaton 60 10 .680
Phlla. 67 41.670
New Tork.,,61 41 .611
Chlcaso ....40 67.441
Plttaburrh ..41 64.417
Toledo 61 64.401
Columbus ..44 00.421
Milwaukee .'.IS 71.146
,11 4 11 IT 11
ToUlt . .......14 I I
. 'BatUd for Faanar la ninth.
St. Jooeph..... ,.0 t t I t 1 I t t I
100 Motneo...... 4 1,0 t t 1 1 t
Throo-baao hit: Wllltama. Two-baa hit:
4ne. Sacrlfloo hlu: McCabo. Fuanar,
Hartford, Breen (t, Spahr. Stolen baeea:
Hut'aba ll, Hartford. Lett on baeeo: SL
Joaevn. 4: Dee Molnea, 6 Struck out: By
atueeer, 4; by So in mora, 1. Baaee on balla:
Off Muaeer, 1: aff Summera, S. Hit by .
ptlrhed ball.' By Sommera (Hunter), Wild
, pltcnca: Muaaor. Komtnere. Doublo playa:.
Ewoldt to Jonoa, Sommera to Faaner. Time:
1.16. Utaptrea: Shannon and Camay. .
Cne Dollar fine, for Six Who
Break Traffic Regulations
Six violators of the traffic regula
tions wvre arraigned in police court
and fined $1 and costs each. One
other received a suspended fine of $5
and costs. . ;
Batted for Kelly In ninth.
Topeko I 1:4 0 1 0 J 1,411
Sluoa Clty,.t 4- I 0 t 0 I t' 11
Lart an baaee: Topeka. I: ISolii' City. t.
Vie baaa on errors: Topeka, i: Sloui City,
L Sacrlfloo hlta: Enale, Devoro. Two-baae
hlta: lJavoro (I), Wataon, Gllmoro (II,
Croaby, Bnale. Three-baao hlta: Lojeune
(I). Stolen baaee: Aejler. Connolly, Enda
(11, Cochran. Ooodwln. Doubla plays: Oll
more (unaealatad), Cochran to Allen to
Afler, Lathrop to Dafata to Asian, struck
out: By Kally, I; by Lathrop, I. Baaaa on
balla: Off Kelly, I: off Lathrop, 1.- Wild
pltohl Kelly. Hit by pitched ball: By La
throp (Mats), Time: 1:00, Vmplroa: Kane
and Mullen. : - . - . , .' .
Mph Powell Fights
, way mio tinais
4 Sioux City, la., Aug. 11. Ralph
Powelf of Omaha detested John Bar
ton of Sioux Falls, interstate tennit
champion, today in the temi-finalt of
the interstate tournament. The scores:
8-6, 2-6, 6-2, 3-6, 6-0. ,
. Kenneth Rerick of Primghsr defeated
Harold Oldham of Winner, S. D.
1 nil AO
scores ; u-tf, a-v, w-a. .
, Rerick and Powell meet tomorrow
in the finals.
Miller Tries for Two Hours
To Throw Daily of Lincoln
Joe Miller, pride of the ' packing
town wrestling tribe, fought vainly
for two. hours last evening at the
Eagles' hall in an effort to down
Owen Daily, lightweight wrestler of
Lincoln. The match was declared a
draw at the end of the two hours.
John Albert refereed. '
Miller it an employe at the Swift &
Cd. packing plant and hat a wide ac
quaintance in Omaha. A big crowd
of foltoweri of the wrestling game
attended tne matcn. ' ' ' V '
Today's Calendaftof Sports
! Rowtaj Aoatual rocatta at HtHnal Aa-
aaeiauea at ouowiaar uaramea el Dalath.
Staelna Cloaa of the MaJoaaajaara Vark
look oluk an retina at Montreal, rieaa at
tha Ntaaara Paclntr aaaorlatloa moatlaa at
Fort Brio. Openlat of tha llafforut - Park
eackey oiaa aaoouaor at Tofaala. ,
lloaoh Hhewe Anaoal ohaw ox?
ialaaa Kaoaoot elub at Newpeat.
. Vaohrlan Aaaaal roaatta af
Taakt oluk. loa Ialaad NeaBd. .
Teanle aoathara Poaaayhraata aha
hip toaraamoal at Bodford. Pa.
Swlmmlnr Natloaal : Amatoar ' Athletic
naloB SSO-yard ohaaiplot,ahlp for atea al
St. Louie. Nntlonal Amatoar Athletes aatoa
444-yard ohamptonahlp for- womea at f'hl
eaao. Weetorn Amatoar Ashlatte Bauoa
ahaaaplaaahlpa at at. Laala.
Hailar-Waltea Mohr re. mala raaaa.
tea raaada. at Braahlya. . '"oaa.
11 III I I '.
Batted for Mamaux tn ninth.
Batted for Johnston In ninth.
Plttabunh ....0 0 0 0 0 0 A 0
Boaton 1 1 t 0 0 1 0 0
Three-base hit! Blackburn. Stolen hu,
Maranvllle. Sacrifice hlta: Baan, Snodsraaa,
mranfiut. oaaee on nan: urr Mamaux 4.
Earned runa: Off Mamaux, 4. Struck out:
By Mamaux. 1: by Tyler. L Uutnlru.
and Emalla. .
New York Wlaa Both Oaaaoo.
New Tork. Aua. '11. New Tork art.rf
St. Louis today In both seotlona of a double
header, I to I, and I to I. In tha Srat
fame, Bailee, the former St. Louie hurler,
pitched hla -rat tame aaalnet hla former
teemmatee, rallevlnp Anderaon In tha second
Innln with the aocre a tit. Ha permitted
only four htte In aeven and two-thlrda
Inntnne. In the second tame Teareau held
tha vlaltors to torn hlta In a aavan Innlns
vamo. It waa called to allow St. Louie
to catch a train In time to slay tomorrow
at Cincinnati, Manager McOraw waa ordered
off the Sold In the flrat same by Umpire
Qulaley. Captain Doyle of tho Olanta
handled alxty-elsht consecutive chancea
cleanly at aeoond baaa before ho made an
airor today In tho aecood game. The score;
111S lBurns.rf I 0 I 0 0
0 OHeraog.Sb
i vr-rcner,aa
t ORarlden.o
t. 0Andaon,p
a voauee.p
4 4 Totals. at 0 17
Smith. ct
Lona.rr l
Corhan,as 4
B'echer.lf I
H'naby.tb I
Wl' I
O'naalea,0 4 t
M'dowa.p I
Butler 1
Beck 1
1 t
1 1
1 1
i ii
7 I
Totals. II 114 14 t "
Batted for Wlleon In ninth.
Batted for Meadows la ninth.
St. Loul 4 1 4 4 0 0 0 0 11
Now Tork ....I I 0 0 0 4 0 1 I
Two-baas hlta: Rarlden. Fletcher, Butler.
Three-Dane hits: Wlleon. Stolen baaee:
Smith, Miller. - Sacrifice fly: Burna.
Doubla playa: Doyle to Fletcher; Betael to
Miller, Baeea on balla: Off Anderaon, 1;
Meedowa, I, Hlta and' earned runa: Off
Andereon, 4 hits and I runa In one and one
third Inninge: off Bailee, 4 hlta and 1 run.
In aevon and twa-thlrda lnnlnga;off Mead
owa. I runa Struck out: By Anderson, 1;
by Sail... I; by Meadowa, I. Wild pitch:
Meadowa Pasted hall: Oonaalea Umplree:
Byron and Qulgley. Score eecond game;
Topeka 47 II .441 St. Loul 40 11.410
St. Joaeph..4IS0.412fClnclnnatl ..4111.170
W. L, Pct.l ' W. L. Pet.
Boston ... .01144.611 KanseeJClty. 06 46.6S1
Cleveland . .00 41 .601 Loulavlflo . .01 47 .171
Chicago ... .11 41 .600 Indianapolis. SI 41 .664
Detroit ... .60 61 .610 Minneapolis .ss s .sot
St. Loula...4S61.0lSt. Paul 6161.100
New Tork.. 66 60. 6141
Washington. 6t 61.4601
Phlla. ..,..10 01 .10
Denver, 1; Omaha, 0.
Topeka, 11; Sioux City, 4.
St. Joaeph, 1 : Dea Molnea, I.
Wlchtta-Llncoln; wat grounds.
Cincinnati, 1: Philadelphia I.
St. Louie. 1-0; New Tork, l-t.
Chicago, 1-1; Brooklyn. 1-4.
Plttabargh. 1-1: Boaton, 1-4.
Detroit. Si Chicago, 0.'
Cleveland, 4-1; St. Louis. 6-1.
No other games scheduled.
Indianapolis I; Minneapolis, 4.
Loulevlllr, 1: St. Paul, I.
Toledo. 11; Kanaaa City. I.
Columbua, l-S; Milwaukee, l-t.
Today's Games.
Denver at Omaha.
Topeka at Sioux City.
' St. Joeeph at Dea Molnea
Wichita at Lincoln. '
St. Louis at Ctnolnnatl. .
Chicago at Pittsburgh.
New fork at Philadelphia -
Boaton at Brooklyn. '
Detroit at Chicago.
Washington at Boaton.
'Philadelphia at New Tork two tames.
Cleveland at St. Louie.
reached third. Vmplro Rlgler asserted, that
a bleacherlte had touched the ball aa It
bounded toward the atand and that KIILIfer
was entitled to only a single. Dugey waa
sent back to third baaa and Stock to aecond.
Knetser then fanned Paskert and caueod
Cooper to force out KHltfer, ending the eon
teat. The score:
Oroh.tb -4 0 11 4 14 0 0 4 110 ON'hofMb 10 16 1
Offlth,rt 4 0 10 4 10 1,,
Chue.lh 4 111 OC'vath.rfl 110 0
Clarke, o 4 4 11 4 4 0 0 0
Nealclf 4 110 OLud' 4 t 10 0 0
L' I 14 1 4B'croft,aa I 1 t t 0
Flaher.aa 14 14 lKllllfer.o 4 114 0
Emmer.aa 0 4 0 0 ORIxey.o 110 10
Moaeley.p 10 0 1 0MctJ'lan.p 0 0 0 0 0
Knetaer.p s o o o o-uooa . e v o v
Winer, 1 1 0 0 0Duaev 0 0 4 0 0
'Stock 0 0 4 4 0
Totals. 14 10 17 11 lPaakart 1 0 0 0 0
" ., Totala.ll 11114 1
Batted for Moseley' tn ninth.
Batted for Rtxey In seventh.
Ran for Luderus In ninth. -
"Battad for Bancroft In ninth.
Batted for McQuillan In ninth.
Cincinnati ....- 10 10 14 0 11
Philadelphia . 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 01
Two-baae . hlta: Neale, Cravath, Luderus.
Three-base hit: Rounh. Stolen base: Rouah.
Sacrifice hit: Ntehoff. Double playa, Groh to
Loudon to Chaae, Chae to Flatter to Groh,
Flatter to Groh, Kllllfer to Bancroft Baaee
on balla: Off Moaeley, 1; off Knetser, 1; off
Rlsty, 1; off McQuillan, 1. Hlta and earned
runs: Off Moaely, 7 hits, 1 run In eight In
nings; off Knetser, I hlta, 0 run In one In
ning; off Rtxey, 7 htta, I runs In seven
Inntnge; off McQuillan, I hlta, 0 run In two
Innlnge, Struck Jut: By Moseley, ; by
Knetser, I; by Rlxey, 4: by McQuillan, I.
Umplrta: Harrison and Rlgler,
Brooklya Takes Double-Header.
Brooklyn, Aug. 11. Brooklyn defeated
Chicago today In both games of a double
header, t to 1 and 4 to 1, maktng It three
straight. Dell kept tho hlu scattered In the
first game. Brooklyn mads eleven hits off
Hendrlx, among which were a triple by
Sieuget a I
Knabo'e fielding saved. Vaughn In the sec
ond gatna until the ssvonth when Cutahaw's
single started a rally of five hlta and three
runs. Hy MVere made a home run off Pack
ard al tho eighth. Chlcaao'e run In tha aec
ond game waa due to Baler's single and
Zimmerman's triple. The score:
Zelder.lh till OJoh'on.of 4 0 2 0 0
Mann.rf 4 110 OMcC' 4 1111 '4114 OWheatlf I t I 0 4
Z' I 0 0-1 OC' I 4 t 1 0
lioll'ts.lf t 1 I 0 08t.ngsl.rt 14 10 0
Archer.o 10 10 OMo' I I I 1 0 l o s o suison.ea 4 s 4 I 0
S 0
First Bound of "Y"
Tennis is Finished
.,, - -.
Play in the first round of the annual
Young Men's Christian association
tennis tournament has been "com
pleted. Results were as follows:
Babe Crawford beat A, A. Remington,
4-1, 0-0.
Wllmer Beerkle beat C. Peterson, 4-1, 6-1.
M. Aaher beat J. Shaw, 0-1, 0-0.
L G. Griffith beat V. Moore, W. O.
Paul Wlthey beat J. B. McLean. 0-1, 0-0.
M. Frederick beat J. C. Halaey, 0-2, 1-0.
J. S. Alnacow beat C. I. Hlgby, 0-4, 0-4.
M. I. Dolphin beat T. Bender, 7-1, 0-1.
Two matches have been played in
the second round, with the following
results: !
Baugh beat ti. P. Edwards, 4-t, 0-0.
W. Beerkle beat C. Cheney, S-,1, 0-1,
Pairings for the remaining matches
in the second round are:
Kronatadt playa Leake. ,
Hunt playa Aaher.
Griffith plays Wlthey.
Frederick plays Alnacow.
Dolphin plays McQulddy.
Smlthef 0
Corhan.aa I
B'echer.lf I
H' I
Wllson.rf I I
G'naaleao 1
Betael,lb I
Wataon,p I
0 Burna, If 4 10 0 0
uiJoy.p.iQ i i l
(memo, 3 b 11110
nob'ton.rt 10 10 1 o
Mtrkls,lb t 0 10 1 0
lFt'char.N 1110
fUrldea.o $1111
lT'an&ii.p Jilt
ToUUsll mi Total. .V iiu
vmumu 9r rtmni to tWrmlt Mt.
laoula to eotck train..)
3tf L -
Nw York ... t f
TwA-baH hlU: Btweher. ThrM-bu hit:
KsHilTe t Homo run: Burno. 8toia boaoi:
Smltk, Robortoon. Dovl. DMrhr. K.ufr
Doublo plan: Toiroou, Pltchir to Utrkla.
""W W ,rW, (MM OR Mir I OIT T,
" on wotoon. 1. Farnd n,U! on
Wauoa, It Struck out: By Twroau. 4; by
aasawaatsx a, VHayilH. iUItJJ nQ UTTOO.
aoNrlmrtt Tftfcoo FImU CMimo.
' PhlldlBh(aa Au. 11 Cincinnati ah
th final Mm today, S to t, oithouirh for a
Urn It .tMtkd a though th Phi 1 1 lei had
pulled th vlPtory out of th flro hy a
nlnth-lnnini rN Witk on out In the nlrth
l)y on eond, jtnm Ti,.oek on first. Kill..
ler ni a onv 10 irt tll paot Nl
Iucjr d Block ouor4 m Klilifor
Heine Zimmerman
Will Be Put on Market
Chicago, Aug. 11. Specials today
from Brooklyn, where the Cuba are
playing, confirm reports that Heine
Zimmerman is to be put on the mar
ket. Manager Tinker is quoted as
saying Zimmerman it losing interest
in the game.
Baptist Girls to Play
Base Ball on Saturday
The Immanuel Baptist eirls' base
ball team will play the girls' team
from the Olivet Baptist church at
Ducky Holmes park, Thirty-first
street and Ames avenue, Saturday at
3:30 p. m. 1
ities: two teams played a game
two weeks ago, which resulted in a
tie. Both teams have been practic
ing hard and a good game is looked
for. ' :, ,-
Fred Junk's Car
Is First to Reach
Top of Pike's Peak
7 ;
Colorado Springs, Colo., Aug. 11
Fred Junk of Detroit," Mich.,, came
in first in the first group of four
cars in the motor races ' on Pike's
Peak this morning, making the twelve
and one-half miles of the course in
23:04.0. Roy Stentz, also of Detroit,
came in second in 23:29.9, 'and Henry
Jones of Kantaa City, Mo , was third
in 26:05.3
..The running of the second and fi
nal group of the first event in the
Pike's Peak automobile races failed
to lower the time made by contest
ants in the first group.. First, tecond'
and third places for this event were
therefore taken by Fred Junk,. Roy
Stentz, both of Detroit, Mich., and
Henry Jonet of Kansas City, Mo., re
spectively. The races today begin the auto
mobile events and are preliminary to
the main event, the race for the Pen
rose cup, scheduled for tomorrow.'
Prizes in the two events today are'
Event No. 1, first, $500; second, $250;
third, $150.
, Event No. 2: First, $500; second,
$350; third, $150.
List of Entries. '
Event No. 1, clase E. non-atock, open to
cars with piston dlaplacement of 230 cubic
Inches and under, starting In two groupa,
at flvo-mlnute Intervale:
Group 1 Chalmere, stents; Grant, Jones,
Chalmers, Junk; Ford, Knowlee.
Group 2 Maxwoll, Worthtngton; Saxon,
Wetmore; Ford, Peteraon; Ford, Henry;
ford, Spangler.
Event No. 2, claaa C. non-stock, for oara
with ptaton dlaplacement of 231 to 100 cubic
Inches: .
Group 1 Dueeenberg, Hughea: Delage.
Oldfleld; Hudaon,- Mulford; Meroer, Par
rtoh. Group 2 Deueenburg, Buxsana; Hudson,
. m liltlUAliV SUA
i - f '
Triple and a Double, Made in
Sixth Puts Chicago Men
Into the Lead.
Chicago, Aug. H. Harry Cove
leski allowed the White Sox six scat
tered hits today, while Cobb's triple,
which followed Vitt's double in the
sixth inning, gave Detroit one-run
lead, which Chicago could not over
take, and won 2 to 0.
The visitors added their second v
run in the seventh inning. Heitman
and Young singled and both ad
vanced on an infield out. Coeteski
then grounded to' Weaver, who threw
...;il r. Vta nlnfs nA IToitmsn BfnroiA
V,U IU .11. ptnvb SUM ,,tll.,.HIl BVV,U
The scorer
4 2 0 6 0JCIIna,rf 4 110 0
10 11 0W'aver,aa 4 1111
4 110 OEC'lins.ib 4 110 0
4 1 2 0 0T. ckson.lf 4 110 0
4 10 0 4 1 14 1 ft
4 114 0 4 1 2 0 0
4 14 1 OSchalK.C S 1 4 I 0
1 0 4 0 0McM ln.2b 2 0 10 0
4 0 0 1 OWolfs'g.p 2 0 0 2 0
V. K'l'ts 1 0 0 0 0
Totals. 82 7 27 17 OScottp 0 0 0 1 0
. Totals. 1S0 271j"l
Batted for Wolfganga In eighth,
Detroit ...... 0 0 .0 6 0 1 1 0 02
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 t 0 0' 00
Two-baae hlta; Jackson, Vltt. Three-baaa
hits: Crawford, Cobb. Sacrifice hlta: M0
Mullin, Bush, 2. Double play: Wolfgang to
E. Colltna to Ness. Bases on balls: Off -Wolfgang,
t. Hlta and earned runa: Oft
Wolfgang, 7 hlta and 1 run In eight In
nings; off 8cott, no hlta and no runs In
one Inning. Struck out: By Wolfgang, tl
by Coveleskl, 4; by bjcott, 1, Umpires!
Hlldebrand aftd Owens,
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and three auoceaalva doubles "by
W't' lilt tMyera.0
Hendrlx.p 10 11 lDell.p 4 I 1
ZWllaon 1 4 0 0 0
Totala.ll 11 17 16 X
0 1411 1 ,
Batted for Hendrlx la ninth.
Chicago ..4 t 1 t I 0 t 0 01
Brooklyn ......0 4 1 0 0 0 0 1 I
Two-baae hlta; Wheat (I). Olson (I).
Three-baao hit: Stengel. Stolen baee: Sten
gel, Saorlflco hlta: Zimmerman, Wortman.
Sacrifice fly: Cutahaw. Left on baaea: Chi
cago, I; Brooklyn, a Baaea on balla: Off
Hendrlx, 2: off Dell, 1. Earned runa: Off
Hendrlx. 2; off Dell, 0. Struck out: By
Hendrlx, 2; by Dell, I. Umplree: Eaaon and
O'Day. Score, second gamer
AB.H.O.A.E. ' AH H O A K
Zelder.rf loll OJoh'on.rf I 0 I 0 0
esse vMcuty.ib t 9 s l
Jvwneat,ir t
OC' 4
I I I I t t
i oato' a l a a l
as, ouiaon,as . s 1
I t I 0 OMeyerao I I
I 0M quard.p I 1 t I
P'ckaad.p Mill Totala.ll I II t S
-Moirua life,,
Archer 1 0 4 0 4 . , .
Totals . IT "tit Tl"t ..,.
' Batted tor Boaton la eighth. "
Batted tor Baler la ninth.
Chicago 0 t t 0 .f t 0
Brooklya t t t 0 0 t I t
Two-baa hlti Kelly. Thraa-haae hit: Elm
mermaa. Homo roa: Myers. Baaea ait belle:
Off Vaughn, 1 ; off Marnaard, I. Hlta and
earned runa; Off Vaughn, 7 hlta, l runs In
six and one-third Innlnge; off Beaton, 0 hit
In two-thlrda Inning; off Packard, 1 hit, 1
run la ana Inning; eft Marquard, 1 run.
8truCk out: By Vaughn, I; by Packard, 1;
by Marquard a.' Umpires: O'Day and
laaoa. V - -
Z' 4 11 4 4 1
Wlleon.o 14 1
Vaughn.p t t
4 1 11
14 0
1 0
I 1
- -let-l mm i r7aYr0Janl III I TVinilnlalliri if t--..,-. .---''-'.iha)'--raw14';saa) n In
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