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Candidate Making Good on
Stamp and Voters Flock
ing to Him. v
(Prom a Staff Correspondent)
Lincoln, Aug.- 10. (Special.)
Things took mighty favorable tor the
election of Charles E, Hughes, ac
cording' to Congressman C. F. Keavis,
the First district representative from
Nebraska in congress.
Congressman Reavis came to Lin
coin today.
"In mv opinion." said the congress'
man, "Mr. Hughes will carry New
York state by iW.WU. borne ot my
colleagues in Washington make it
stronger than that and one of them
made, a bet the other day of $100 that
he would not .have less than 250,000
majority over Wilson. The east is
very strong for 'Hughes and is get-
g more so every day. I hey do not
take to the Wilson policies very well,
Makes Good on Platform.
"Hughes is making good as a cam
paigner," continued Mr. Reavis.
'There is a punch to his utterances
that convince people and consequent
ly the more speeches he makes the
stronger the people are for him. I
am sorry he will not be in Nebraska.
I took the matter lip with him per
sonally and also with the committee,
but they appear to think Nebraska is
in the republican column, as it prob
ably is, and that Mr. Hughes can put
in his time to better advantage in
other states.'
"Wilson's Mexican policy looks to
me very weak. Our boys nave been
called down to the border and nobody
appears to know how long they will
stay there. They were called for
the purpose of patroling the line to
keep the Mexican outlaws from com
ing across. Just as soon as they are
taken away the same old situation will
prevail, and it appears to me that if
the present policy is continued it
means an indefinite stay for the sol
dier boys. It looks to me a great
deal like turning the hose on the
smoke to put the fire out, instead of
turnuig'the water on the fire and put
ting uiu we maze iisen.
As to Farm Loan Bank.
Regarding the chances for landing
a iarm man oanK in fNeorasKa, con
gressman Reavis said that if Omaha
and iLncoln would unite upon one
place or the other there was little
doubt but one would land the bank,
but wtih the two forces contending
against each other it spoiled the
chances for both of them. However,
just at present he believed that I.inl
coin had the best show for landing
me insiuuuon.
The congressman is home for the
short recess the house is taking and
will return to Washington tomorrow
to be on deck when the house con
venes again Tuesday. He thinks the
final adjournment will come Septem
ber L He left this afternoon for his
home in Falls City.
Merrill Commander
Of Platte Valley Vets
Central City, Neb., Aug. 10. (Spe
cial Telegram.) The nineteenth an
nual ri,nmn nt thm Pla.fa V.ll... TV-
...... . , . . iMit q. 1 1 ji dis
trict Reunion association, Grand Army
KepuDiic, is oemg field here this week.
About a hundred and fifty veterans
are encamped. There is also a large
attendance of ladies of the Women's
Relief corps.
Tka u i .t -
and widows of old soldiers are the'
'tlPStS this VH, ri h I mn.rnl fU..
mmerrial rlnh anil ,r Kini,
tertai'nrrl at rti rhstan,9 ...kfl. 1
- ........... 11 n.ii la
run in connection with the reunion.
Among those who have delivered
addresses this week are Judge A. L.
Sutton, John L. Kennedy, Congress
man TV V Srrnhens W P U7,....,
6. A. Thomas, Edgar Howard, Wil
lis t. Keea, rrot. uemmons, and
At . the annual business meeting,
which was held this morning, a
patriotic address was delivered by J.
C. Martin.
The following officers were elected:
Commander, M. G. Merrill, Central
City; quartermaster, J. G. Holden,
Central City; senior vice commander,
Alfred Brown; junior vice com
mander, A. Miller Fullerton; chap
lain, W. D. Gibson, Central City;
executive committee, A. T. Unks, Cen
tral City; C. T. Ryan, Grand Island;
T. G. Davis, Pilger; G. H. Caswell,
Fullerton; Mont Bond, Osceola; J. G.
Bush, Marquette; J.' H. Stackrider,
David City; M. E. Phillips, St. Ed
ward, Joe Anthony, St. Paul; W. -H.
Rood, North Loup.
Soldiers' Home Notes
Grand Island, Neb., Aug. (.(Special.)
Anderson Adams, the home carpenter, has
children in Omaha for the next twenty
Mra. Riorden baa returned from Lincoln,
where she was called to the bedside of
her mother, two weeks ago.
Miss Lllleth Waggenor Is at present visit
ing with her father and mother. Dr. and
Mrs, Waggenor in the West hospital. For
the past nine weeks she has been attend
ing tho state university at Lincoln, prepara
tory to a year's work as superintendent ot
schools at Hamburg, la.
Stearns Haws, who has been stek for
some time, Is not doing ma well as his
Trlenda had hoped for.
Vr. and Mrs. J. D. Ellsworth and two
sons of Washington are visiting with Mr.
Hewitt, a houae member, who resides on
the outside. They have been on a five
months' auto trip through Missouri, Illi
nois and Iowa, and are now on their return
noma. i
Cured Her Children of Colds.
"During the past, winter I had oc
casion ' to give Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy to my two children, who
were at the time suffering ft m se
vere colds. It proved to be the very
medicine they needed" writes Mrs.
Myron J. Piclcard. Memphis, -N. Y.
Obtainable everywhere. Adv.
Peel Off Your Freckles
To remove freckles, blotches or any com
plexion difficulty, the beat thing to do la to
remove tht skin itself. This la easily and
fmlessly doae by tho application of er-
ilnary mercoltted wax. The trie tmi aw
the defective outer skin, a utti urk
gradually bringing the second layer of
trfln to view. The new skin is beautifully
oft, clear, white and young looking. Just
procure an ounce of mercollxed wax at any
drug store and. use like oold cream, Adv.
Getts the Best Quarter Section ot
Indian Reservation for 25 Cents
Spokane, Wash., Aug. 10. It cost
George Lennon of this 'city just 25
cents to be awarded the best quarter
section of land on the diminished Col
ville Indian reservation, in the draw
ing recently held here by the govern
ment. The name of Lennon, a young la
borer, was drawn first from a list of
90,140 names. He gets his- choice of
160 acres of land from a total of ap
proximately 350,000 acres thrown open
to settlement
The lucky young man was employed
on a construction crew at Sandpotnt,
Idaho, when notified of his good for-,
tune. Immediately he boarded a train
for Spokane. En route he was a celeb
rity, the man of the hour, for the last
great land drawing has been a live
topic in the northwest for many
months. People came from all cor
ners of the United States to try their
luck. .
"I registered some time ago, and
then forgot about it, so I was very
much surprised when told that my
name was the first one drawn," said
Lennon. "I shall look over the reser
vation thoroughly and locate on the
best qtiarter section available."
rive thousand live hundred names
were drawn, and among these are to
be distributed about 1,500 pieces of
land. The drawing of the first num
bers was a dramatic affair. The
theater in which the drawing took
place was crowded, and thousands
were turned away. The names of the
tens of thousands who had registered
were heaped on the stage, and four
little Spokane girls picked at random
the winners of Uncle Sam's gifts of
The Colville reservation is less than
fifty miles from Spokane. It extends
from the Columbia river on the east
and south to the Okanoffan river on
the west. - It is about seventy miles
east and west and forty miles north
and south. The elevation varies from
1,000 to 6,000 feet.
Youth Held on Charge
Of Burning Postoff ice
Burwell. Neb.. Aug. 10. (Special.)
Tuesday afternoon the Blake post-
office, located about twenty miles
north of Burwell, was burned to the
ground and all mail and other con-
tan. a .nmnl.t. v f1C, rnV'M .
Th nnctmi.trpQa was rrmnnraruv
away trom tne nouse to lane ainner
to the haying hands in the neia a
fjtu, mil, awiv whn were hurrvintr
to get their haying done, and while
away someone Droke into tne nouse
and set fire to it from the inside.
Ci.u.;nn lA tr. a vminor larl whn
had recently been yorking in that
neighborhood ana wno neia a grunge
against the owner of the house.
C..n.ti imt maH fnr him and he was
caught and brought to Burwell and
has made tull contession to county
Attorney Laverty, and is. now- in jail
awaiting the action of the court.
Monev in Bank Assessable
At Residence of the Owner
(From a suit Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Aug. 10. (Special.)
Whether money on deposit in a DanK
is taxable in tile county in which the
bank is located or in the county and
state in which the depositor resides,
has been Out uo tathe attorney gen
eral's, office and Assistant Attorney
General Ayers holds that the money
is assessable tp the place where the
depositor holds his residence.
News Notes of Auburn, i
Auburn, Neb., Aug. 10. (Special.)
Harvey Starry, prominent citizen
and fruitgrower, died at his home
near Brownville, in Nemaha county.
He is survived by a wife and several
The eighteenth annual assembly of
the Auburn Chautauqua, held at the
city park, is now in session.
Mrs. Fred Mack.
Stanton, Neb., Aug. 10. (Special.)
Mrs, Fred Mack, one of Stanton
county's pioneer settlers, died last
Sunday at her home in East Stanton.
Mrs. Mack was the widow of Fred
Mack, who for a number of years was
Alkali Makes Soap
Bad for Washing Hair
Most soaps and prepared shampoos
contain too much alkali, which is very
injurious, as it dries the scalp and
makes the hair brittle.
The best thing to use is just plain
mulsified cocoanut oil, for this is pure
and entirely greaseless. It's very
cheap and beats the most expensive
soaps or anything else to pieces. You
can get this at any drug store, and a
few ounces will last the whole family
for months.
Simply moisten the hair with water
and rub it in, about a teaspoonful is
all that is required. , It makes an
abundance of rich, creamy lather,
cleanses thoroughly and rinses out
easily. The hair dries quickly and
evenly, and is soft, fresh looking.
bright, fluffy, wavy and easy to han
dle. Besides, it loosens and takes
out every particle of dust, dirt and
dandruff. Advertisement
Danclne; la hard-on the feet. After one
stepping and tangoing, your feet ache and
burn, they are tender and Inflamed, and a
good night's sleep Is generally out of the
question, no matter how tired you may be.
A society gfrl who Is a confirmed lover of
dancing has found a way to enjoy all .the
dancing she wants without the attendant
foot troubles. Here ts her secret;. She buys
a package of Wa-Ne-Ta at the drug-store
for a quarter. When she gets home she
bathes her feet a few minutes In warm wat
er In which have been dissolved two or three
tablets of this wonderful preparation. Then
she goes to bed and sleeps like a healthy
baby. Wa-Ne-Ta takes all the soreness,
burning, sweaty unpleasantness from -the
feet and leaves tnem 0001 ana comfortable
Wai-Ne-Ta added to the bath water Is
cleansing and purifying, removing Impurities
and banishing body odors. If your druggist
hasn't Wa-Ne-Ta, send us 10 cents to cover
Dacklna and snipping cnarges ana wo win
send you a sample package to your address
prepaid, L. C. Landon Co., South Bend, Ind.
Removes Hairy Growths
Without Pain or Bother
, (Modes of Today.) '
It is not necessary to use a painful
process to remove hairy growths, for
with a little tie la tone handy you can
keep the skin entirely free from these
beauty destroyers. To remove hair.
make a stilt paste with ft little pow
dered delatone and water. Spread this
on the hairy surface and in about 2
minutes rub off, wash the skin and
the hairs are gone. To guard against
disappointment, be careful to get real
delatone. Advertisement. -
county surveyor of Stanton county.
Funeral services were held in the
German Evangelical church.
M. F. Winslow.
Beaver City. Neb., Aug. 10. (Spe
cial Telegram.) The funeral of M.
F. Winslow was held here , today.
conducted bv the Odd Fellows. Mr.
Winslow was a pioneer of the Beavef
valley, moving to hurlington, Colo.,
a few years ago, where he died Sun
day of paralysis.,
Pool and Smith Stick
' By Equalization Ship
(From a Start- Correspondent)
"Lincoln, Aug.' 10. (Special.) The
state board of equalization Is about
through hearing protests from county
boards against the raises proposed by
tne Doara ior tne, respective cuuuuca.
The board will now take these mat
ters up, but it is not probable there
will be much change trom tne ongi
nal valuations.
The two most disappointed mem
bers of the board lust now are sec
retary of State Pool and Auditor
Smith. Both are members of the Ne
braska State Press association and
both had reserved places for the ex
cursion which is now in the north
west pan- 01 ine siaic laKing in me
sisrhts. However, thev have stuck on
the job and tried to. forget their
troubles. Their failure to go was a
disappointment to the band, for both
are great musicians. Pool is an ex
pert oh the sweeylette, while Smith
plays a jgraphopbone beautifully. ,
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
i a ar ai ri
I A small sum week-
ly m monthly makes
you the owner of a
splendid Diamond or
other articla of high
grade jewelry.
278 Diamond
Ring-, 14k solid
gold, LoftU "Per
fection" tIA
mounting. . . tr
$1 a Week.
No. 4 Men's Dia
mond Ring, 6 prong
tooth mounting, C
14k solid Bold.."
$1.65 a Week
Optn Dmiy THIS p. m. Sttardtyt Till $:30
Call or write for illustrated catalog No.
90S. Phone Douglas 1444 and salesman
will call with any article you desire.
A for and 6et r
. J6 kg Rtdpt Book Frtt '
Sain Proves Welcome, Though
It Reduces Crowd at
Tractor Display.
Fremont, Neb., Aug. 10. (Special
Telegram.) While the crowd was
not so large at the tractor grounds
today, the proportion of farmers who
were interested in the work of the
iron horses was much larger than
than yesterday, when the banner
crowd was out and tractor men did
a good business.
Early this morning a big crowd of
farmers was in the field watchiim the
private demonstrations. Although
the rain of Wednesday night cut
down the attendance, which was esti
mated at from 15,000 to 20,000, the
moisture was welcomed by tractor
men, who'! sweltered in the dust
Wednesday. A big crowd is looked
for tomorrow, the closing day.
Henry Ford and son, Edsel, who
have been in attendance at the meet
during the week, left , Wednesday
night for Detroit.
This evening tractor men were
guests of the Commercial club at a
fish bakeat one of the amusement
Judge Sutton to Speak at Dunbar.
Dunbar. fvjVK Ar in rC.;.l
Judge A. L. Sutton, republican can-
aiaate tor governor, will be the ora
tor of the day here at Dunbar on
August 22, when Dunbar's annual
picnic takes place. A big program
has been prepared and a crowd from
3.000 to 5,000 always attends these
picnics. ,
The Dunbar live-day chautauqua
closed here this week. Rig crowds
attended and the local committee has
a good balance in the bank for next
year. A. Weiler of the Farmer's
bank here, is president of the chau
tauqua association.
North Platte Water
Supply Contaminated
North Platte, Neb., Aug. 10. (Spe
cial.) North Platte's water supply is
still unfit for use by the residents of
the city, and although every effort is
being made to locate and remdy the
cause of contamination the source of
the impurities that are going through
the city mains has not as yet been
found. It is thought possible that the
reopening of old wells may have
caused the trouble, and eight of the
older wells among the total of thirty
used to supply the city with water,
have been closed down. It is hoped
that this may somewhat alleviate the
trouble, but still further investigation
is being made.
The board of health has issued an
order forbidding restaurants and other
public places to serve city water with
out first boiling it, attaching a penalty
of a fine of $100 to the order. No
violations of this ordinance has so
far been reported.
Mission Feast at Stanton.
Stanton, Neb., Aug. 10. (Special.)
Next Sunday the St. John's German
Lutheran church of Stanton will hold
its annual mission feast in the city
i park, in West Stanton. Great prepa
rations are being made to accommo
date a large crowd. Preaching serv
ices will be held in the forenoon and
Mirk Hadrlu Dim U CotutlpnUon.
On. do.. Dr. Klni'i Naur Lit. Pill, and
your U'k headache I. fori.. U.t a 2l-cnt
bottle and b. convinced. AH drurglata. '
Government Figures Crop Suf
ficient to Permit Good
Export Trade.
Washington, Aug. 10. This year's
wheat crop will be sufficient for the
needs of home consumption and
there will be enough left to meet
normal export requirements. That
is the view of government officials,
who said today the rise in wheat
prices and a corresponding increase
m the price of flour, following the
government's last report, indicating a
crop about two-thirds the size of last
year's, was the result of the market
adjusting itself from a crop of ab
normal proportions to one of much
smaller size.
Experts of the department of asri-1
culture calculate 620,000.000 bushels i
of wheat will he required for home i
consumption-this year. A crop of
654,000,000 bushels, as forecast from'
August 1 conditions, would leave
34,000,000 bushels of this year's crop
available for export. In addition
there was an unusually large carry
over of old wheat from last year's
Wtih the carry-over of old wheat
and the surplus of this year's esti
mated crop, officials , believe the
United States will have at least 150,
000,000 bushels available for export.
In normal years the export of
wheat, including - flour, averages
about 125,000,000 bushels. In the
first year of the European war 3.U.
000,000 bushels were exported, and
last ear the total was about 250,
000,000 bushels.
To Lydia L Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound
Washington Park, III. "I am th
mother of four children and have suf
fered with femala
trouble, backache,
nervous spells and
the blues. My chil
dren's loud talking
and romping would
make me eo nervous
I could just tear
everything to pieces
and I would ache all
over and feel so sick
that I would not
want anyone to talk
to mi at times. Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound and Liver Pills re
stored me to health and I want to thank
you for the good they have done me, I
have had quite a bit of trouble and
worry but it does not affect my youth
ful looks. My friends scy ' Why do yon
look so young and well T ' I owe it all
to the Lydia E. Pinkham remedies."
Mrs. Robt. Stopiel, Moore Avenue,
Washington Park, Illinois.
We wish every woman who suffers
from female troubles, nervousness,
backache or the blues could see the let
ters written by women made well by Ly
dia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
If you have any symptom about which
you would like to know write to the
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn,
Mass., for helpful advice given free of
charge. - ... - - '
Any Watch Repaired $1
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Optical i. Watch
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, . .'"'".v. until
Rant I
Lowest Prion.
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Pieces, scallop and lace edges;
slightly soiled. An excel- 1Qj
lent value for Friday, each UC
Boys' Waists
All desirable colors, as black sat
eens, blue chambrays, blue and
white stripes and light patterns.
Military collar style; very suitable
for school wear. All ages 1 A
from 6 to 16 years ...... 1C
Boys' Suits Most of them have
2 pairs of psnts. These suits are
exceptional values in medium
weights and dark mixtures. Very
suitable for 'school .v 0 AC
wear Wti.VD
Rug Specials
69 Congoleum Art Rugs, regular
price, $6.00, sale price . . .$3,98
Rag Rugs. f.-,
24x36, worth 66c, at . . . . . .394
Rubber Door Mats, size 14x26.
Regular price 76c, sale price 494
Brunei, Ramnanta, 1 to 2-yard
lengths. Special Friday, each 794