Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 06, 1916, NEWS SECTION, Page 9, Image 9

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9 A
Beautiful New Auto B uilt in Omaha
ui iimuiiv oviu.
Sales Manager Eueschaw Be-'
"lleves U. S. Business Will
Be Even Better After War.
"I ytirss I'm all opliimM -ill iikIm,'1
.inl Salo Manager Uucsciuw tit the
Iw " Molur (. ar ccmpan , "ant) I sup
'"'o a Bruin hauKt'r would rlincouiil
my enthusiasm. H 11 1 wlicn 1 hear
thai question so often propounded J
iuu adays. 'What will business he
alter the war doses?' I cau't hut ex
claim, 'Betterl'
"Of course I know we arc now
enjoying in fact, reveling in prosper
ity that is abnormal, hut for the life
o me I can't see why that prosper
ity should not he permanent.
"It is possible, you know, to keep
the money after we have made it.
"And though I try, because good
business sense dictates that all should
look to the dark as well as to the
bright sirle so as to anticipate any
slump that may come, I feel that
this is one of the times when we
need not expect rain just because
we've had a prolonged period of
bright sunshine.
"I am told that 'the pendulum
must swinK to tlie other extreme,'
and all that sort of thing, hut no
rule would be a rule without an ex
ception to prove it. and surely the
world cataclysm through which other
countries are now passing is an ex
ception to all rules. I
Income in Billions. i
"Kurope has poured more than
three billions of dollars into the, :
purses of the American people in
llie last twelve months, and since all
of the. munitions contracts are for
three years, will continue to pour
it fcir some time yet.
"That money is here and there's
no reason why it should not stay
here. Europe is in dire necessity for
certain things we could make and
sell, and she is paying us for them.
There. is nothing Kurope tinkes that
we must h;ue, therefore there is no
valid rcas' ii why that money should
go back.
"Summing it up in a word, I'd ex
press it this way: We have enjoyed
five years' demand in , one year's
lime, that has resulted in empty
shelves. And empty shelves is the
best possible preface to prosperity.
Those shelves must be filled again.
..That.. demand must be supplied
"Wiiy, we have actually been en
joying a period of want in this coun
tryask milady if she hasn't had to
accept qualities of material and colors
tint in norma! times she would not
have tolerated,
"The close of the war will mean,
(hit her needs are going to be sup
plied, and that means a distribution of
Pay Up Debts.
"Meantime many who are in debt
have paid their bills and can now
make a fresh start. Various concerns
lave discharged their obligations and
retired their bonds. This gives them
a clean slate. The only sufferers in
: his case(are those who can no longer
clip the coupons no longer draw in
terest from those bonds. But, on the
other hand, these latter have gotten
the coin and are now prospects for
the purchase of more bonds.
"Could any business man imagine
anything more beneficent than a con
dition which would take the obsolete
articles off his shelves and at full
nrice? Yet that is precisely what has
happened. Anyone who has had any
thing to sell has' sold it and realized
"Our locomotive works and rail-
nay equipment companies have been
so busy the last two years building
quipment that our own railroads
have had to get ilong with obsolete
.-quipment. Meantime the extra traf
iic has worn that equipment out at an
ibnormal rate. All this must be re-
Has Purchased W, E. Foshier's
Interest in the Foshier Motor Co,
supplied. I'nr many yt'.u t I'nie
locomotive woiUs and the build
ers will be replacing the w or n -out
rolling stock of this count ry, on
which, meantime, the railroads have
cashed in.
"Money was never ,o cheap as
now, and this must and will u'we en
couragement to building and develop- 1
ment in all lines Konds lor any
legitimate luismos will find a ready
market, and the sale of bonds always
means development.
"Transportation has hern revolu
tionized by building of good roads
and by the automobile; people are
moving out into the fresh ait and
that movement lias just started.
"1-or the next m to ten years vr'11
be busy building fcood roads, be
cause we have tinally got the lever
and learned the efficiency of good
"This is the first time the Amer
ican public has taken the building of
good roads seriously. It will mean
a vast expenditure of money and the
distribution of wealth for sevei al
years to come.
Travel Given Impetus.
"Traveling in America has re
ceived a tremendous impetus as a
result of the enforced absence from
Kurope of many of our weathy
people. Hereafter, instead of raving
over the wonders of the European
continent, they'll be writing their for
eign friends to come over here and
see some real wonders. And so the
millions that formerly went to Ku
rope in the tourist season, are being
sown all over America.
"As I said in the beginning. I guess
I'm an optimist u right, but in that
I'm not different from the average
American. Why shouldn't we be op
timistic? We not only have the rich
est country in the world, but a coun
try whose resources are as yet unde
veloped, hardly touched, in fact. And
we have the only peaceful country
;n the world the only country in the
world to which people of all climes
may come and find a haven of rest,
of prosperity and of good will.
"And the war wasiCt necessary.
though it has helped, to make pros
perity. That was oui anyway.'
Asks Damages Because
Hit by Brick and Mortar
Bricks and mortar falling from the
First National Hank building on to
the unprotected bead of Edward John
son have caused injuries to his brain,
resulted in intermittent headaches and
nervousness sufficient to justify t In
payment of $10,000 damages by the
contractors. . .cording to his suit filed
in the Douglas county court Satur
day. Johnson, a teamster, usserts that
while delivering packages in the alley
between Sixteenth and seventeenth,'
Farnam and Harney, that he fell vic
tim to the accidental assault from
the upper stories of thes tructure. The
contractors, Lanquist & Ilisley com
pany, and the Ocean Accident and
Guarantee corporation are made the
i Some Laugh at the
! Low Priced Car Till
It Gives 'Em a Laugh
"It's grtting so now that you can't
tell much about an automobile by
looking at the price tag. Even c
women have to admit that, and, as
you know, their standards are often
marked by the dollar sign," says W.
G. Killy, manager Noyes-Killy Motor
company, dealer in Saon motor cars,
in speaking of the auto price lists of
the year.
"I)id you ever take home a new suit
of clothe ami be avkeri the first thing
as t" how much it cost, then have it
appraised according to its selling
price? Well, the man who tries to do
that with an automobile gets badly
fooled or splendidly buncoed, for be
gets a (piality car oftentimes at a price
that would be catalogued as cheap in
comparison with other makes.
' There are a lot who do it, how
ever, and they sneer at the low-priced
car until it passes them on some mud
dy road or until they are able to buy
Preparedness and
Obligatory Training
I "The extent to which the prepared-
i ness movement in this country has
developed," says Alfred O. Dunk,
president of the Detroiter Motor Car
company, Detroit., M ieh., "has ex
" eeeded the fondest expectations of
its foremost exponents.
"Popular senriment has surely been
1 crystallizing in this direction, as
! shown by the monster preparedness
' parades, participated in even by the
lair sex, maneuvers at Plattsburg
and other training camps, the in
1 crease voted for the standing army
: and for a navy second only to Great
"Congress has simply carefully fol
lowed the trend of great public sen
i timent in this respect.
'This condition is all the more re
markable when one considers that
the I'nited States is not at war."
Many People Don't Knnw.
A sluggish liver causes tin nwful Int of
misery to t.oei It active upo Dr. King's
New Life Pitts. Only 25c. Alt druggist?.
2R.74R more paid Want Ads first nix
months 19 Hi than tn Bam period ol 1915
nearly 1,0(0 more ach week. Why men
tion results with this kind of evidence?
National Touring Week
To Be Great Holiday
There is no one quite so ready to
lake a holiday as the motorist. He
dotes on holidays. This malady
thrives because it is so easy to slip
into a duster and a pair of goggles
step on the accelerator and "There's
nobody home" until Monday morn
ing. Uf course, one can't travel the en
tire length of the Lincoln or Dixie
highways, even if he devoted the
whole week to it. But you can gel
on to these great highways with very
little difficulty and keep going for a
couple of days and still get back in
good time.
I Powell Finds All Factories
Being Pushed to the Limit
I Clarke G. Powell of the Powell
Supply company made a short eastern
J trip last week to hasten deliveries on
! a number of important lines. He re-
ports all the factories as working to
j the limit of their facilities, but was
unsuccessful in getting through sev
I eral large shipments of much-wanted
1 materials.
One of the largest automobile i
transfers which has taken place imi
-ome tunc has been the pmclusc of.
l;oshiei 's intrtest in the bosh
r t Motoi comp.iiix by ii- 1'
Tower, whit up mini j. I w.i
secretary and tre.isut i i ot the Stew
art-T'oder Motor company of
Mr Joseph t ier.p,iehei . who tor
sntm tunc has hern a.ssncutcd with
Mi bushier, will still retain his m
1 crest in the concern, and t he tit m
will now be know n as the l"oo.'ev
Cerspachci Motor nunpain . I hev
have taken over the tease ol the hmld
mg torinerlv occupied t the bushiei
Motor company, -VI I ..'JU I 'ai nam ;
street, and will continue handling tin
Path finder and Port automobiles.
These are well know n cars. The
Pathfinder has just completed a tup,
across the continent from San Piego
to New York on hiph t;i .n . having
the first and second geai scale. 1 up
under the American Automobile as
sociation, and, after arriving in New ,
York on August 1. made a speed of'
better than oO miles per hour on the
Sheepshead Hay track, m accordance!
with rules drawn up with that asso- :
ciation and the Pathfinder Motor
companx .
The Port will hi thei small car.
Tt has made a temarkable record
for itself thioiiKhout the middle wcm
for the past two years. A iccoid
Dusmess win he done in this tem-
tory on the Port for the l'M7 mmmhi. i
Mr. loozer will he aetixe in the
new business, he bein president and
treasurer, and Joseph ( km spacher w
continue as secretary and cuei al
tJS Ml
idly a dozen or more time until it
patts. Automobile engineers have de
vised machines to do this with their
axles, springs, crankshafts, valves and
the very frame ot the car itself. 1 hrse
machines, giant in size, are veritable
marvels of human ingenuity. In their
huge, jaws t hey will seize a crank
shaft and twist and twist and twist
until it falls apart. Gauge and dials
on the machine record this twisting
and tlie strength and toughness of tin
part tested."
IVr.sistent Advertising is the Road
i Smcess
The enormous increase in
our sales (about 10,000
cars sold in July) is large
ly due to the good words
spoken by Maxwell owners
YOU can get the most reliable information about
any car by asking the people who own cars of
that make.
Ask Maxwell owners. If you don't know any of
them, we will give you their names and addresses.
There are more than 250,000 Maxwell cars in use
in the United States.
The satisfaction of this army of owners is responsible
for the tremendous asset of good will behind the Max
well car and the Maxwell Company.
We are satisfied to rest our case with any Maxwell
B-ftttn&ar Touring Car, $595 3-pammger Ctbriolel, $865
l-ptrnvfr Rotdmttr - 580 6-pfBenfrr Town Car. 915
.panr Sadtn, $985
C. W. Francis Auto Co.,
2216-18 Farnam St., Omaha.
Phon Douglas RB3.
Willys Booster
For Touring Week
In view of its nfcw series. .Model 75
B, and its various other models, espe-
cially adapted for country drix mg.
the Willys-Overland company of To
ledo, O.. has entered most enthusias
tically into the preparation lor na
tional touring week from Augusi o
to 1J. Its army of dealers through
out the I'nited States have taken lndd 1
of the suggestion for a tin I ion-w ide
week of touring with their customary
vim and zeal and t ) erland owners I
everywhere are being furnished with
all available touring information j
. j
New Franklin is !
400 Pounds Lighter
For the past year, nothing has di
rected more attention to the real
meaning of light weight in automobile
construction than the high price of
To what extent the Franklin com
pany has progressed in relation to this
single item, is shown by a 40t)-pound
reduction in weight in their series f)
car just announced.
Assured Crops Are
Bringing in Orders:
Manager A. I . llaffner of the K. R.
Wilson Automobile company believes j
the state xvil! haxe a sure rrop this j
season from the size of orders given J
for future shipments of autos, which
have been increased 4' If) per cent. K.
V.. Zimmerman, the popular insurance
man, says he is in favor of service
and he bought his new Sludebaker for
that one lartor, alter having inspected
the Stmlebaker service department.
Huge Machines Are
Used to Test Cars
"Motor ear manufacturers are build
ing, 'Safety hirst,' right into their
cars these days, and science is work
ing hand in hand with them in their
efforts," said W. E. Foshier, local
Dort distributor.
"The tests that are applied to every
part of the car are wonderful and par
ticularly the machines that make
them; and yet the principles used are
simple at bottom. For instance, if
you want to break a piece of iron
wire you bend it back and forth rap-
Ufl KH
R in in M
With Our Exclusive
Double-Cable-Base Construction
Built for Hard Service
DWribvtad br
Zwiebel Bros.
2518 Farnam St.
Western Automobile Supply Co.,
1920-22 Farnam St.
Factorial! Cudahy, Wlaoonaln
Mfra. of Paderal Aulomohlla Tlrea, Tubal and iundriaa, Motorcycta, Blerola
and Carrlaaa Tiraa, Rubbar Hiela, Haraa shoa Pada, Kubbir Matting aod
Maehanlcal Rubbar Oooda
2& Won Away From
A Higher Price
Owners Who Will Have No Other Car
11,000 Ownen Rate Hupmobile Efficiency 99
HERE is a itartling
glimpse of what is
going on below the
surface in automobile buy
ing. Our service system statistics
show that 24 210 per cent
' of Hupmobile sales are
made to men and women
; who have used higher priced
: cars.
We knew we were winning
away great numbers who
: had previously paid more.
; We have known it for years.
' The Hupmobile has always
held its sales on a quality
But these statistics were a
: gratifying surprise even to
us. Consider what they
Hupmobile Market
Goes On Growing
The multi-cylinder car has
never presented its claims
more aggressively than it is
presenting them now. Mil
lions of dollars have been
expended in emphasizing
these six, eight and twelve
cylinder claims in the past
three or four years.
The Hupmobile stands out
distinctly as an exponent of
the older, simple, four-cylinder
Its market goes on steadily
growing, and 24 210 per
cent of that market is com
ing to us from the field of
higher price.
Our extensive system of
service enables us to ana
lyze sales more accurately
than other cars can.
We are in almost continuous
contact with our owners.
We know that 24 210 per
cent of these owners are
coming from the higher
priced source. We know
that 50 810 per cent of
Hupmobile owners will have
no other car. But we know,
in addition, something still
more important to you.
11,000 Owners Say:
99 Efficient
We know exactly what
11.000 owners think of
every phase of Hupmobile
construction. We know ex
actly what they think of
Hupmobile performance.
We know what they think
of its lugging power, its nim
bleness, its flexibility, its
get-away, its high-gear effi
ciency. We have their opinions of
every unit in the car their
complaints, their criticisms,
their favorable comments.
And these 11,000 opinions,
tabulated and reduced to a
percentage basis, register a
rating of 99r for all-around
Hupmobile efficiency.
No such thing as this has
ever been made possible by
any other car.
It is clinching, convincing
and conclusive.
Performance That
Matches Any
It proves that Hupmobile
owners know that the Hup
mobile daily outdoes cars
that have more cylinders, or
cost more money.
In pulling power, and quick
get-away, they see nothing
ft. lrarlfa,rlar
under a multi-cylinder nama
that they do not have.
In flexibility, they find them
selves relieved of gear-shift--
ing to en amazing extent.
And they know they are
getting in the Hupmobile
service system more than
any other car offers: expert
inspection, adjustment and
care each month for eight
months, by trained Hupmo
bile experts at Hupmobile
service stations. A service
they pay for with coupons
supplied free of cost.
The least you can do is to
have a demonstration of Hup
mobile performance.
H Ifatr far larru
Standard Hupmobile Performance
GOES to ipm! of 25
mile an hour, from
ttand in 10 toe on da,
TTirottl to mftn'i wftDt
ing pftc, on high gear,
without backing or jerking.
Pick up, without gear
c h n g , Inttantlj and
Climb tho ftTcrtfe low
goar htll, on high gear.
Pull through land and
mud, on high gftr
Dtrvelop great pulling
power on high gaar.
Registers a minimum of vi
bration, at any ipoed, on
any gear.
Hupmobile Co. of Nebraska
FACTORY BRANCH 2054 Farnam St.,
fl A