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One Hundred and Nin. My eight
Additional Trucks Are Or
dered for Mexican Service.
The i MoitM i .u i n,i,
hat received dii or tier ttom tin- .u
department tor .uhhn.uMl
Cluinless mot.M tiiul t.r mmuc
with tliCAtinv imj ibe Mri,.m tie:
This order burs- the ot tlu
make of truck yv v h.icil ! iltr ;.
frnmenf shut M.i.h Jt 1.1 7 1 r win
cles. ieptee'tttrn aw i -iiurnt t
more than $00iUKiO.
With till. tH lllnlni
equipment, the War tiruitiiient luv,
for the first tune, invoked the .(id ('
the new army hill, which hecame .t law
on June . l,Jlfv T!n slalulr jim
vides that in an emet pent. mil h .(
the preent one, nutuitaciurci hum
give pretednne ocv all then other
work to army orders. The I'
company has prepaid! special slicker-!
calling attention to tin new law and
these will be attached to erty piece
of correspondence, material renin m
tion and memorandum having to do
with the production of the llS feu
dally equipped trucks.
The truck division of the big uk
ard plant is being operated tciit
four hours daily and shipments ot
truck trains, t;onsistinn of lliii 1 v -itn er
vehicles each, are going foruan! as
rapidly as possible.
Officials of the company report
that outside cities are beginning to
produce volunteers for the companies
of drivers and mechanics to operate
and care for the Mucks in the army
service. The i hicago branch fur
nished twenty -five men for duty at
the border. Within two das, recent
ly, llVt drivers and mechanics were
started southward in Pullman vat's,
provided by the government, allached
to special trains carrying trucks.
Culls From the Wire
New Armored Cars
Equipped With Nobby' Tread Tire
''Vl' " "iSi? '' '" ymj"m" "t'&''Z" i
Here is one of the latest type of armored cars being made for service
on the Mrxiran Border.
The cars I'uuirtt three automatic machine rifles of the newest design,
on 1 heavily arnioreil body, equipped with wire cutting devices.
United States 'Nobby' Tread Tires have been specified for these
cant, became of the wonderful record made by Nobbies' in heavy
service with General Pershing's expedition.
Two Hundred and
Fifty Thousand
Visit Muny Parks
i her J30.U00 persons partook of ttie mcnts of the mmiicipul pla -KMMiuds
and beaches during July, ac
cording to attendance data compiled
by (.'. II. Knglish, superintendent of
recreation. Of thin number Hn.OOU
were reported by the playground su
pervisors, while IdO.WKI were reported
at the beaches. 1 lie tiguies at e as lot
low s ;
KIiiuwi,!. s.'j.i
Hunni mi 1 1
Ivnintif 14,:H.i
Milli'i' a.Mf
Hot1fw is, us;.
Worth Twenty
Four Billions
3,. IV
At Topolnbumpn. Mlro. hat I vtj rmvn
turned to tho t wnlrm to ktM-,i ihMnmlvet
from itarvtnK rid r ltlti niHlnlv iinii
flah. It 1 virtually tmpiwalM to buy fitful.
Mora thuti J.POP etvlllmiB have fiiroIlM for
th AtUntlr naval trtttnlm rnilnr whli-lt
wilt Kurt August If- and lum iintlt Si
tmtfr 13. Nlu baltltBhir hvo lipfii nit
isctod for tho trip.
All dancer of grnfrat IralnrtiPii ntrlko
on th Nallunnl tnthnn of MtkIi'd hwa
averlfd. nb a rmult of thn rri-i-nt announrr
nifnt by ih tllr-f Mn of ihIIwhh ihnl nil
fmptoyps had b- smr-ifd an cisht-liour
worklrtl day.
It ti rfpirtd at Th IUrua that M
Crttr. fpvrnor of tho National hank oi"
Antwerp, hat hcn dipor(M to i 'mutiny
for not having drrlarpd an amount of Buhl
In the vaults of the hank, which the Her
mans now havff arlsrd.
Chrl(a Unvlll of Puoblo, Colo,, nub-oon-lrctor
on tho Pike'a pf-ak automobUa hlgli
way, waa ttrurk by Hrhtnlnn on tho summit
of tho peak a rut tnatantly killed A number
of mtn worlitrta; wtlh a lotimrui tlou laiiK
on ih rrestf of tho mountain wore Injun-il
by-Uie boijr.
.''ReprMt'lttatlva Hammill of Nrw Jirnfy
naa Introduced a bill, hi the huat to pre vcnl
shipment of explotvt Inlo an iioeni
mental division without the written i-oimeiil
of the Boverntna; body of the division The
bill alao would make explosives at ti-rmlnuls
tr In transit subject to the law of the nui
and vovernmeiual subdlvlaUma in whit h thoy
arc located.
Ths members of the Norfolk (Va.l leaxue
base ball team declared s tttrlko and an
liouneed they would play no more KHinen
until back salaries are paid The club mati
afement. they declare. Is behind a mouth
tn salaries.
President "w'tlson has afrrpted the reslg
ration of Captain Vletwr Hhie mm chief
of the bureau of navigation Ho hun beeti
assigned to command the hutilrxhlii Toxut.
and will bo Bucceeded by 1'ommmnlor Leo
C, Palmer, now chief of staff under vice
Admiral Coffman of the Atlantic fleet
M winlii ii - ... .
Spt lug 1 ,ake
I'lcarvli-w . .
Thirl y fouthk an.l l.eae
PUvgrounds 3. 67 J
farter I.uko 116,60(1
Hlvervlew M4.06A
Spring Lake IN. 120
Pea. hen
Total attendance. 261.'J."ifi.
Mrs. John Hamming.
M t s. John I Ki m mi ii k - who moved
to ArliiiKlon, Neb . from ( lmaha just
a mouth aRo, died sutldenlx yester
day, after aw illness of only a week.
She is survived by her husband, a son,
Leonard, ami a daughter, Kloise.
Mrs. Hamming, as Miss (iertrude
Roberts, daughter of a prominent
grain man at Arlington, was a gradu
ate of the Tern Normal school and
was active in the Peru club.
The funeral will probably be held
at Arlington on Sunday.
General D. D. Wheeler.
General Daniel IV Wheeler died at
his home, "Whitehall," in Fredericks
burg, Va.. Thursday, of heart trouble,
at the age of General Wheeler
and his charming wite, who survives
him, lived in Omaha eighteen years
ago. when he was stationed here in
connection with the Department of
the Platte. 'loth ihe general and his
wife were well known here socially.
Washington, Aug. 5. - Value ot
manufactures in the Tinted .States
was $J41J4(j,JJJ.(K)U in l'M4, the census
bureau reported tudav in announcing
its preliminary statement ol
results ot the latest census ot manu
facturers. In the fne-ear period
from VW)t the date ot the previous
census. nu nut act tires increased
$.7471, 000 in value, or 17 J per
cent. I u the period since the l'14
census man ti I act ii re a ha e made
rapid increases, but no estimate ol
their value tor this v ear lia been
made, by tiie census bureau.
Increases were found in all items
except proprietors and firm members,
which decreased 3.1 per cent. Salaries
increased 37.2 per cent; capital J3,7.
Travel Through Omaha
Is Heavier Since the Rain
Police Officer Brown, on duty at
the L'nion station, says that the
rains have' caused an increase in the
local passenger business. He has
been on duty at the station for live
years and has grown to know the
ways of the travelers. He says:
"When the corn is beginning to look
dry you can tell that the farmers are
beginning to linger their dimes very
carefully, and they don't come in to
Omaha. After we had the rains the
first of the week you could see right
away that more people came to the
city and they looked more cheerful.
In the five years I have been on this
job I have never seen so much travel
ing as this summer. Everybody
seems to be going somewhere or
coining back."
In the Silent Drama
Mnae -Kathlvn Williams Is seen for the
lait lime at the Mumo In "The Valiants of
Ylrntnta." Tomorrow Viola 1 'ana. ths
ung Metro star, will be prraonted In "The
Flower nf No-Man's Land;" HIIIIo Burke in
"Gloria's Romance" In Iho chapter called
"Tho Fugitive WitnoeH."
Heat Kill Nearly I.OtMt. Hipp Marie Doro will he aeon at the Hipp
,,. , , , K, . , , . i , i l-t omen imuiy in omnion iirmmn, a
t ht.-aeo. AnK. 6 Umir m of lant week r,irin.mnt photo draniH. Tho rant lurlmtrs
extreme h-at .'Nliae.l nearly 1.00(1 Hthn Hi sm'h rllstlnBUlnhe,! arflntn s Theodore
Dil.-HKo. rtly lleallli CtiinmHsloner John IV J HniM i-ts, Thomas Molghan. Mary Mermh.
Kohertfon tola a ih slfUn's t niileri'iuo on , Horace R t'Rtpenter. Vera Me E vera and
how to .s.t IhMis from Iho heat. I Mrs. Lewis Mel'ord.
IN PLAIN SPEECH, that car is
best which will start quickest,
control easiest, ride smoothest and
run longest. To obtain this result, the
Packard Motor Car Company a
year ago created the twelve -cylinder
engine, and provided in the PACK
ARD TWIN SIX greater safety,
smoother action, longer wear with
the elegance of a really fine carriage.
By its-performance in the hands of
more than 7000 owners, this latest
Packard has made the twelve-cylinder
car the world's standard of automobile
sufficiency and value.
Ask the: man who owns one
Farnam and Fortieth Streets, Omaha
Petrograd Reports Important
Gains by Czar's Troops at
Two Points in East.
IVtriifciarl, Autf. 5, (Via London.)
kus-iian roupB have crossed the
river Sereili, outh nt the town ot
IUi-!y and in the region of J'eniaki
l'i li istopad y, and have consolidated
i he captured po.sitiuns, it was an
nounced today hy the Russian w ar
I he olluia! statement tolluws:
"South ot Mrody obstinate hunting
ij proceeding un the river Sereth.
Ihe enemy made several counter at
tack anamtt ur detachments, which
ciosed In the right hank in the re
gidii ui I'eniaki-Tchistopady. All
l hese counter attacks tailed and our
troop consolidated themselves, in the
captured positions.
"In the region tit the river Mialy
t hereniosh, southwest of Kuty (in
the I arpathians), the enemy launched
an attack with forces amounting to
nearly a division against our small in
tan try detach men ts occupying the
mountain passes and torced them a
short distance hack toward the north
east "Caucasian front; West of Kialkit
our detachments' again made an ad
vance of several kilometers. A
Tuikish attack in the region of Kygi
was repulsed."
Russians Driven I ck.
Berlin, Aug. X ( Via London.)
Russian detachments which pene
trated the (.ieiiuau positions across
the river Sereth. near Katyseye, were
forced to retreat, it was officially an
nounced in the statement given out
today by the Herman army headquar
ters. '.War Meidygory and Tchis
topady, the statement adds, the Rus
sians are making a stand on the
Southern bank of the river.
Record Swim Made
By Women of the
Carter Lake Club
Carter like swimming records were
broken Friday evening when Mrs
i I-'rank A. Pardun and Miss Kma Ha-
dra swam from the floating duck on
the bathing beach of Carter Lake club
: to the municipal beach and leturu
without resting.
Mrs. Pardun and Miss Hadra are
considered the two best women swim
mers of Carter Lake club and a large
crowd was there to see the start and
Leaving the dock at 7 o'clock, ac-
companied hy men In row boats, the
' swim of considerably over two miles
1 was made in the remarkable time of
one hour and ten minutes.
Miss Margaret Scott made the first
half of the swim hut came back via
row boat. Mrs. Parduri and Miss
Hadra did not stop at the half-way
point, but merely. touched the log
boundaries of municipal beach and
then turned and swam back, it was
the first time the feat has been ac
complished by women. The same two
swimmers swam to municipal beach
from Carter Lake club once before,
but never accomplished the round
They used the side stroke, the
"crawl" and the overhand, but never
any resting stroke like floating.
Two Killed in Grade
Crossing Accident
Green Bay, Wis., Aug. 5. Two per
sons were killed and five injured, one
seriously, when an automobile con
taining seven persons was struck by
a Kewaunee & Western freight train
Ntt Algoiua, Wis., early this afternoon.
Four Men, None Less Than
Fathom Long. Foreswear
Allegiance to Kings.
Hlue-eycd, brawny six-footers of
Willardcaiiue type yesterday forsook
Christian X, king of Denmark, (Jcorge
I V, ruler of Great Britain and Ireland,
Francis Joseph and Gustavus V of
oweacn to swear aiicgiancc iu un.
Star and Stripes, l' our of them, there
were, and at the head of the list was
James Arthur Tancock, dean of
' Trinity Cathedral, one of Omaha s
best known clergymen, who for nearly
twenty years has been serving
churches iu Canada and the United
in his declaration of intention to
become a citizen of the L'nited States,
Dean Tancock, who stands six feet
two and a half inches in his stocking
feet, declares he was born in Devon
shire, England, August 12, 1871, and
that he emigrated to the United
States from Ottawa, Canada, arriving
at Port Huron, July 2, 1900.
Intends to Become Citizen.
"I am not an anarchist, polygamist
or a believer in the practice of poly
gamy ami it is my intention iu good
faith to become a citizen of the United
States and permanently reside
therein," swore the pastor wheri he
signed the document that starts him
toward citizenship.
Princes and potentate, of foreign
sovereignty took a series of jolts from
former citizens of their realms in the
office of District Clerk Robert Smith
when these physlcial giants signed
IK'iin Jainf A. Tancock, Blx feet two anfl
tin.-tin If tui'h.i
liHluu l.ltiun Ityitli.rir. nil ftfrl.
.Iiiiioi. Iiruhl. .Ix f.'et four Intli.B.
A-l linger I'hrl.ll.u N!J..n, .IX reel "o
Native ol Sweden.
Oskar Kydherg is a native of
Manestad, Sweden, and resides at ,2S
North Thirty-tilth street. He landed
at Boston, May 7, 1914.
Janus Hruhl, aged ii, was born at 1
Kiss Szeben, Hungary, came to the '
United States from llaniburg, Ger-:
many, and now resides at 2404 Q
street-. South Omaha. He prefers re-l
publican rule to t lie domination of
Kiancis Joseph, emperor ot Austria'
and aposiolic king of Hungary.
Axel Roger Christian Neilsen,
aged 28, is associate editor of the
Danish Pioneer, was born at Fred
erica, Denmark, and came to I he
United States from Hamburg, arriv-1
ing at New York, June 11, 1911.
Christian X, king of Denmark no
longer has strings on Neilseu.
Sues Because He Has No
Screens on His House
A house without screens iu fly
time said house having been paid'
for when completed, yet beset by f
liens filed by material dealers and1
workmen proved the aggravating
combination that yesterdav culmi
nated in the filing of suit by Clif
ford I. Kucker against Jett . Bed
ford, Omaha pioneer, hdwm
Ucdiord and the real estate firm of
Jeff V. Bedford & Son. Kucker.
asks $7J3.."7, interest and costs of
action, which amount lie declares ho,
has been forced to pay twice in
order to save his home from sale'
under the decree following the fil
ing of liens.
The National Capital
Nattirda.v, August b, 1910.
The Hen-.
Srnator I.pwIb bits iff nrd th republic! it
parly on the Mexican Issue.
Pfhatn was rsimipil on ihlld labor hill..
Approved eonfirtnco report on military
academy hill.
Kxtendd war rlik Insurnnce law another
New Series
Model 75 B
A Week
Sales on the new series 75 B are now running over
$2,000,000.00 a week.
We could probably double that big figure if we could
produce the cars.
But even our great factories can turn out no more.
Capacity is now taxed to the limit.
To thoughtful people this should mean much.
It must signify in which car you get the most for the
least amount of money.
Never in the history of the entire industry has there
appeared a value to equal this one.
At the price, this new model is the world's most power
ful car; the world's most economical car; the world's easiest
riding car.
For these and many similar reasons it is the most
sought after car of the year.
Order yours today.
4 cylinder an bloc motor
4-inch tires, non-tldd rear
Cantilever rear apringa
Streamline body
635 31
$ PtuMntar Touring Car
Roadster $620
Electric starter
Electric lights
Switches on steering column
Magnetic apeedometer
Complete equipment
Willys-Overland, Inc., Omaha Branch
2043-47 Farnam St
Douglas 3290.
20th and Harney St.