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Gwd Things for the Table Offerings of the Market Household Hints
Rain Makes Vegetables
Much More Plentiful
The gardens and orchards and berry
patches are showing that they, too,
appreciated the coming of the rain
as much as human beings. They have
responded to thi moisture by produc
ing good things to eat in abundance
and of a quality that is good to the
- Tomatoes have been particularly
responsive. Friend Tomato was due
to arrive in abundance from the local
fields two or three weeks ago. But
what could he do with such hot.
weather? He simply couldn't de
velop. But an inch of the well known
gentle rain gave him a boost and he
rapidly assumed a large girth and a
rosy appearance that fitted him for
the market and the table. Tomatoes
are now fairly abundant and plenty
Watermelons continue to flock to
the Omaha market in goodly numbers
and they are long fellows of ample
girth. Sweet and juicy they are, to suit
the most fastidious.- ' " -.
Cantaloupes are as plentiful as ever
and excellent specimens 'may be led
captive to your table at the small
price of a dime, 10 cents.
If you really have to have honey
dew melons you can have 'em, too,
at a slightly higher price.
Apples are fairly abundant, though
this is an "off" year for them. Around
this part of the country many of the
orchards have none at all, but many
are coming in from other localities.
Peaches, apricots and plums are
fairly abundant. Peaches will not be
very plentiful thia summer.
Wild plums art also on the market
and a few wild grapes, which are
principally useful in the making of
Some very nice blueberries or huck
leberries, as they call them back east,
are on hand.
Cucumbers, which are supposed to
be "cool," are so plentiful that they
bring only about a nickel for three of
Sweet corn is abundant and getting
more so every day. Most of the other
member? of the vegetable family are
on hand and more plentiful than ever
because of the rain. - .
Frozen Desserts v
Maple Sherbet, l '
One quart milk, one tablespoonfut
mapleine, two cupfuls sujar. v
Mix sugar and mapleine together,
then milk. Strain and freeze as usual.
Grape Ice.
One "'uart water, two cupfuls grape,
mire, two cupfuls sugar. . ; . -, '
Make syrup by boiling sugar and
water together for fifteen minutes
and cool. Add grape juice and strain.
Freeze. . . - . . . :?'':.
"Omaha Industrial Plan," as It
; Is Called, Is Being
. Pushed to Limit.
Live Stock Receipts'
Make Great Gains
Cattle receipts on the Omaha mar
ket for the first seven months of
this year are already 94,703 head in
the lead of the receipts of the first
seven months of lasr year.
This means 3,158 cars in the lead.
The total receipts of cattle thus .far
have been 656,764. .
The hog receipts for the seven
months are already 211,370 in the lead
of. the receipts of the first seven
months of last year. The total hog
receipts to date are 2,062.958.
Licenses for July Show 7,
Total Twenty-Five Hundred
The report of the city license in
spector for July shows that 179
licenses, totaling $2,504, were issued.
- Cough and Colds Are Dangeaoaa.
Internal ;throat and cheat troubles" 'pro
duce Inflammation. To redo -inflammation,
loosen cough, destroy cold ferms, use
Dr. King's New Discovery. All druggists.,"
Wb Expect a Carload of Oklahoma 'Watermelons Saturday, at
Practically every melon we ever handled has been ripe, so we
still recommend that you buy them NOT GUARANTEED, same as
we do, and get the low price. , . '
i-dcd in ' 1U.PFR LB.
Another - Car of Lemons for
our Omaha and Lincoln Stores.
Dozen.. 24t. 28 and 34c?
jfost all the stores have,
these sizes. I
A Good Time to Buy Flour-
Economy Brand, 48-lb. sack
for ...v...$1.30
24-lb. sack 68
Thrifty Habit, 48-lb. sack
for i .81.40
24-lb. sack : 73t
Cherry and Orange Phdsphate
50 drinks frm a bottle ..lOtt
Peanut Butter MacLareni per
lb., at '..,..11
Vt Oil Sardines .4
three for . . 10
Best Red Salmon, 1-lb. can, 18
Cold Pop, bottle, s , 3
Cider Vinegar, large- bottje-v . 7
Per gallon , i 19
Picnic Salad Dressing, per bot
tle, at , ,..-9
Sweet Split Pickles, dozen?,, 12
Tip Brand Cocoai -lb. can,. 18
Freedom Coffee, fine for serving
"iced,,". per lb ......!. 24
Fruit Jars Lacquered ' caps
Pintsi "per dozen 40
Quarts,-per dozen 44
Romember we have 300 prices
at any of
gallon, dozen. 165
With zinc caps, 4 dozen higher:
Heavy Jar Rings, dozen ..... 5?
Mason Zinc Caps, doz 23
Mason Lacquered Caps, doz. 15
California Wrapped Peaches, 70,
to 80 size, per box 94
Drinket The popular beverage,
25c size for ; .20
Ice Tea, lb...... 23
Baking Soda, 1-lb. - pkg. . . , .5
Tip Baking Powder, 25c size can
for : .-.10
K. C. Baking Powder, 25-oz. can
for v.... 18
Milk Higher Soon Cottage or
Elkhorh, case 48 of large cans
for $3.83
case of 72 small cans $2.72
lower than other Omaha Grocers,
No. 40 Just Opened 4001 Cuming Street. Phone , Walnut 720.
For tome time we have been dissatisfied with our
buttermilk and did not feel that it was up to the
standard of Alamito products and the ideals of this com
pany.' Buttermilk, as ordinarily churned from the aver
age' sour, milk received for market butter, has absolutely
Vll butter-fat taken out and has a tendency to be rather
sour and bitter. Some days it is nice and at other times
not, and we could not control it, so we have taken it off
the market and it goes back to the farmers for hog feed.
After much investigation and searching we were able
to make arrangements for a special milk to churn io get
a high-class buttermilk, and we are now marketing this
buttermilk under the brand-
Locust Lane .
Country Style :
At fountains and cafes watch
the cp of the bottle from which
your buttermilk is served.:
. - . - -
Physicians please notice that the '
milk from which this buttermilk
is churned has been pasteurized.
1916 Milk Fed Spring Chickens. ; .". . .24c
1916 Genuine Lamb Legs, per lb. 16c
Steer Pot Boast, lb ... .
Young. Veal Roast, lb...
Young Veal Chops,' lb..
Pir Pork Butts, lb....
...... 14V,e
Pic Pork Roast, lb IIYic
Portsrhouso Steaks, per lb. 4. .... .17VsC
Scan Ribs, lb.. c
Mail Orders Filled at Abm Prices.
Extra Lean Regular -Rams, lb. . .TTe
Sugar Cured, Hams, lb 12Ve
Extra Lean. Breakfast Bacon, lb..l',
Sugar Cured Baeon. ....... .16e
Frame S to t a. m.. Lamb Cbeae, lb. , .Sa
Frees to 10 p. m. Park Chops, Ib.'.lte
1610 Harnay Street.
Phono Dona-tag 2793.'
Five thousand letters to inrtuce in
dustries to locate in Omaha have
been sent from the office of the Com
mercial club within the last three
weeks, as the first gun of the new
"Omaha Industrial Han."
The first assault has drawn an
answering fire from hundreds of prc.s
pects, a good number of which are al
ready considering Omaha as a point
for relocation of their main plant or
for the establishment ot a branch fac
tory. "'''.'
The second feature of the campaign
that of following up the prospects
with letters and charts is now under
nay. Within the next three weeks,
5,000 more letters will be addressed
and sent. - ' ' t-
"More new industries for Omaha,"
is the slogan of the industrial com
mittee, which is launching its cam.
paign along new and original lines
The directors feel that the Omaha
plan, which is tlte result of six
months' preparations, wilt bring far
greater results than any previous in
dustrial campaign in, Omaha. There
are-now 550 manufacturing plants in
Omaha, It is expected that this num
ber will be increased to 1,000 within
two years.
Try New Plan,
Derision to give Omaha the bene
fit of an absolutely new plan to at
tract' factories was reached after the
industrial committee became con
vinced that the plan that has been
followed for five or six years was not
modern enough to meet requirement.
The chief objection to the old plan
was that nearly every other city em
ployed it. The new plan is original.
It i used in Omaha and nowhere else.
The men who conceived the "Oma
ha Industrial Plan" decline to discuss
its intimate feature, realizing that
general publicity would put the plan
in the hands of every Commercial
organization in the country to make
use ol. The executive committee of
the club has ample faith in the sys
tem, (putting several thousand dollars
into a fund to be used in furthering
the plan. Paul W. Kuhns, chairman
of the industrial comnvttee; Randall
K. Brown, chairman of the executive
committee, and Commissioner Manley
arc supervising the campaign.
The importance of having everyone
in this entire section pulling lor
Omaha as an industrial city is a fea
ture that the committee in charge
does not overlook. To this end, the
people of Omaha and vicinity will be
urged, as one feature of the cam
paign, to tell what, in their opinion,
car. best be made in Omaha and why
such factories will mott readily suc
ceed h?re. Data and charts are now
being made, showing more conclu
sively than by random i.rgument why
Omaha is a desirable place for the
manufacture of a great variety of
commodities to serve -the people of
this vast trade territory,
Mother's Daily Party for Her Children
ACH, afternoon the, children
should be given a generous por-
This delicious Food - Delicacy
tides children over the between
meal hunger period.
You should, however, for the
children's sake, serve them
Th Special Ico Cream for Tomorrow Sunday is
Your dealer appreciate an advance order. It enables him to anticipate hit needa.
47 Copyright IMS. S. S. ft B., Inc. . . .
..v ItMirir jfdh n -mt334$Jl
Tha housewife who gam pun,
home-baked broad make tha homo
meal a delight and a pleasure to all.
She shows true motherly pride by giv
ing to her family the most wholesome
and atrengthening of foods.
All foods consist substantially of
fata, carbohydrates (starches and sug
ars,) and proteins (white of egg, gluten,
lean meats etc). These three substan
ces sustain, operate, and repair the
i body, these are the average
percentages contained m esvaa repra ,
aentative staple foods, as shown by U,
S. Department of Agriculture Bulletin
Fata Carbohydrates Protein
Wheetfloar 1.0 - 78.1 11.4
Potatoes 0.1
Beef, sirloin 16.1
Butter 85.0
Milk 4.0
Salt codfish 0.4
Eggs M
8.0 33
. . 13.1
Note the high percentages of proteins and car
bohydrates in wheat flour. The butter spread
on bread and the shortening used in making
' biscuits, supply the fat that makes these flour
foods the balanced ration.
What is it the hen-pecked husband most craves?
What is it the inmates of our prisons wait for?
Omaha is Largest
Wheat Market in
. The Country Friday
Omaha led the entire United States
in wheat receipts. This excepts no
wheat market, either primary or sec
ondary. Only one market in the world led
Omaha, and that was Winnipeg, Can
ada. There were on the Omaha market
399 cart of wheat. Kansas City had
277 and Minneapolis 274.
- Prices held up well under the large
run of wheat, some of the best grades
of Nebraska wheat selling as high as
$1.29J per bushel.
Breaks Into Saloon, Mixes a.
Drink and Takes Nothing
A burglar gained entrance to the sa
loon of Gust Rommsteadt, Thirteenth
and Leavenworth streets, during the
nia-ht and after concocting an assort
ment of mixed drinks on the bar left
withbut taking anything, although
there was $10 in the cash register.
Ask for and Get
fitt Cant QranuUtad.
S lbs. bst CoffM $1.00
Coffee Special, lb ...30c
Teaa for Icing. pr lb. ...... .BOc l 60c
Sugar sold with $1,00 order of other
SOS N. 16th St., Phone Doug. 2446.
1916 Milk Fed Spring Chickens.
1916 Genuine Lamb Legs, per lb ... .
. ; 23c
Steer Pot Roast, lb It Via
Youni Vsal Roast, lb...,. II We
Young Veel Cbops, lb MVte
Pis I'ork Butts, lb 13c
Pur Pork Roast, lb U",c
Porterhouse Stsaks, per lb ........ 1 7 Vte
Spare Ribs, lb. 8V.e
Extra' Lean Regular Hams, lb 17Ve
Sugar Cured Hams,' lb lS'.c
Extra. lan Rreekfast Bacon, lb. .10c
Sugar .Cured Baeon ISc
From I to ft p. as., Lamb Chopa, lb. , .Be
From ft to 10 p. m. Pork Cbops, lb. .12c
113 Soath 16tk St. , Phona Douglas 2307.
OuiLr only sugges
tion is that you
make fresh- coffee. Don't
use coffee that has stood
in the grounds and become
A little experimenting "will show you which
you like better; your iced Butter-Nut Cof
fee served with cream or without
jk I
1 i
Cooling, Delicious. Refreshing
$T 100 Pure
Sf , T , .
jV Armour's Ornnn Tiiice carries
the famous Oval Label Armour's
guarantee of absolute purity. This
is nature's own beverage, undiluted.
nnfermented and unsweetened save
for the natural sugar of the grape. Per- fee tha ei.aier wh feet ckvification by the exclusive Armour
aW.tku-Miabi.,1, proces8-
Grape Juice is the great summer drink for ali No
other beverage has so large a variety of uses. Armour's, because
of its purity, is the ideal drink for children, invalids and old
people as well as for the strong and vigorous.
Order Armour's in the Family Case of six one-pint bottles.
Robe, nudats, Mgr., lath and Jones
Nt., Phone P. lOAA, Omaha, Neb.) W.
l wuainson, xvm anu w, sei. no. new.
- ..-..i.-yf
; m0
; 'sil.
I I ' ' i I 1,'. .
-. 11 1 ,'' v,' " 1 , v
m ..:ai -anriCl-
,","llk M W M AMI las IST.J laJ ! ,
t. - jn m urn .u i 'i ,i k . ri una - vx m m m m larx -
' " . . .
J. i . )
behind the DougK
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