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Brief City News
TswaMBd' for Bportlnf Goods."
HT Root Prtat It New Beacon Pre.
Eleetrta Fa. S7.SQ BurffaM-Grmden Ce.
Half Karat Whit Diamond! SIS Edholm.
"Today'a Movie Program," classi
fied section today. It appears In The
Bee exclusively. Find out what the
various moving; picture theaters offer.
Don't ApoloRiie for your office lo
cation. An office in The Bee building
the building that la known to all
needs no apology.
Gets Big Judgment J. A. Kroon
secured a Judgment of 110,266
against David C. Dodds, who, with
the defunct Ralston Furniture com
ipany, signed a promissory note to
Sunday School Picnic The Diets
Memorial M. B. church will hold its
annual Sunday school plcnlo at film
wood park Saturday afternoon. Spe
cial cars will leave the church for the
park at 1:10.
Macomber to 8rk The United
Chrlstaln league Is to hold Its third
meeting at the North Presbyterian
church, Twenty-fourth and Wirt
street, next Sunday evening at 8
o'clock. Judge Macomber and other
Bpeaan-era win wui dm uio uiccuug.
Lane In Kay See C. J. Lane, gen
eral freight agent of the Union Pa
cific, is In Kansas City, where he was
summoned to testify In the Missouri
river rate case, which Is now under
Investigation by the Interstate Com-
Buys Canadian Cattle W. C. Fleury
or omana ana Herman, nod., ten over
the Rock Island for Toronto, Ont,
where he recently bought a large con
eltnment of registered shorthorn cat
tle. While In Toronto, Mr. Fleury
will make arrangements for tneir snip
ment to his ranch at Herman.,
Complainant Is Fined Lena May
M. colored, had Eliza Mayfleld. also
colored, haled Into police court for
an assault with a knife said to have
taken place at 2631 want street. Tne
hearing developed that Lena was the
iu that should have been on trial.
and she was lined $25 and costs. Ellis
was discharged.
Railroad Stock
Dividends Drop
Chleaaro. Auar. 3. Dividends were
declared on a smaller percentage ' of
railway ttocks in 1915- than during any
year since 1904 and the average rate
nf dividend was the lowest since 1905,
says the Railway Age Gazette today,
in analyzing the statistics ot tne in
terstate Commerce commission for the
fiscal year ending June 30, 1916.
Dividend were declared on 60.45
. r - . i: :i
stocks and the average rate declared
O h . mn,r Q3V8 The
highest average rate of dividend, 5.4.5
per cent, was acciarcu uuuug im
on 67.65 per cent of all the railway
stock, which was the highest per
centage of stock on which dividend
was declared , during the last eleven
years. ' .
In the Silent Drama
ava -a -w.A I.MAffnW Vl A ft ftr I It T
j.rano a "uecj . - ----- -
at the Strand is the Mm debut of Juntj
Caprice in "Caprice of the Mountains." This
ltttto mis h" never been either In plcturee
or on the stae before, .but she more than
make good, thanka to careful direction and
excellent supporting 4 cast ; and 'Wonderful
photography. ,
Hipp "Common Ground," a Jetie L. Laaky
production, nae avmn oiociru . -m
photoplay In which Marie Doro will be een
at the Hipp todar and tomorrow.- Thla
drama wu written especially for the itar
by Marian Fairfax and produced under the
direction of William C. DeMlUe.
Bmpreae The atory of "Paaturea Green,"
m two-act American Mutual drama, with
Alfred Voaburgh and Vivian Rtch, to be
een at the Em pres. theater tor the last,
day of the week, is one of romance, ad
venture and unexpected situation put Into
a distinctly unique and worth while photo
play by Carl M. LeVlneas.
Hinajt A romance of the south, called
Th Valiant of Virginia," Is the feature for
today and Saturday. Kathlyn Williams, the
Sellg 'tar, carries the stellar role. The com-,
Romance. '
Stoekade for Writing Article.
Coiumbua. N. M., Aug. I. Hugh Clark, a
rrttit of the Second Massachusetts Infan
try, was placed in the stockade tonight for
writing and sending to a home newspaper an
article in ne acousea nis company of
ficers of neglecting the men.' , v 1
New High School Building Is
Attracting Considerable
The new South Central school
building that is being rushed to com
pletion on the old school lot t
Twenyt-fifth and M streets, opposite
engine house No. 5. is attracting at
tention. The peculiar U shape of the
building is drawing compliments.
Everyone seems to want to know who
the designer of the new shaped school
building is.
Superintendent of Buildings Finlay--son.
the d signer, has spent much
time on the grounds directing the.
construction work. A gam ot about
twenyt-fivemen are at work and it
is hoped that the work will be com
pleted before the opening of the fall
school term, teptemrer 1.
Assistant Superintendent of Build
in ks W. Watson, is directing . men
on other South Side public school
buildings. Remodeling, painting and
varnishing constitute tne, most ot im
Drovements bein made on ou. build
inns. The Daintins of the interior
of the big auditorium wili be post
poned until aiier ihe school has
opened, the reason being that there is
more than en nigh work at the pres
ent time. The roofing will be re
placed before the opening of the
school term, however.
Kids Are Entertained.
Superintendent Patrick Sheehy of
the Cudahy packing plant was there
in all the glory of his genial spirit
when soma Z0U boistrous and nun
firrv "settle .nent' kids arrived at the
plant a little after noon and proceded
to gorge themselves of any edibles
North Side women resoonded D-
ciouslv to the task of narshalling the
children to the plant. Miss Morgan,
who is in charge of the settlement,
watched o;er the entire visit The
settlement will be maintained up un
til the first week in Seotember when
school opes at .he West Side build
ing where headquarters i.:e.
Hogs Still Surprise.
Hoe values droDoed another nickel
yesterday, according to a review of
the market. 1 he Day s run an.-antea
to a few ' jndreu less thsn vesterdav,
but held .t at the high figure o' 13,-
500 head. Highest prices ot the day
were around while packers
bought the larger part of their sup
o!v at $8.25.
Much iaterest is manifest as to
whether the market will hold as well
during the rest of ihe month as it has
the first 'our days. All records of
previous years for the same days
nave been broken and stockmen differ
as to whether the supply can hold
Auto Hits Boy.
A speeding automobile, whose num
ber the police say is Neb. 25528,
struck and knocked to the pavement
Charles Willuhn, 14-year-old school
boy living at Twenty-seventh and I
streets, while the latter was turning
the corner at Twenty-fifth and 1
streets on his bicycle at 9:10 o'clock.
The automobile drove right ahead,
leaving the boy.-;in the. street. A wo
man was driving the machine.
Methodists Hold Conference.
The quarterly conference of of
ficials of the Grace Methodist church
was held last evening at the church
at Twenty-fifth and E streets. The
financial committee reported finances
of the institution in good condition.
Dr, U. G. Brown, district superinten
dent, presided.
Two Fined $25.
I. Perelman, 4927 South Twenty
sixth street, was brought into court
this, morning by License Inspector
Tony Hoffman, who charged that the
man had been operating a pawn shop
without a license. Charles Kiseman,
assistant license inspector, appeared
also as a witness and Perelman was
fined $25 and costs.
Because Camicl Vlamuieh, Bel
gian, took a notion to declare war
on the world last evening at 7:45
o'clock, he was fined $25 and costs
by Judge Reed. Burt Spierman, 5126
South Fortieth street, testified that
Vlamineh, armed with a 22-caliber
rifle and a box of cartridges, had
lodged himself in a bunch of weeds
at Forty-secon i and Q streets and
began shooting at anything and
everything that hove in sight. One
of the bullets penetrated a window in
the Spierman home and the latter
called in officers. .
Any ata.
Many a man that swelter now In how
clothes would be enjoying I hn hot day In
one of our Palm Heart! eiilta if they sot
null. It they know the difference.
There' lota of nice, Reasonable sooda going
cheap here how. Let ua enow you.
Mafic Oty GoailB.
Brown Park Mineral Sprlns allower
hatha. 60c, day and night.
Trunks to and from depot. 69c Call
Rapid Auto Exp. So. 3153. '
Mrs. Anna Bourne, representative of the
Associated Charltlaa In th South Side, Is
on her vacation. She la to ba sons on
week and a north stde member of th
charities Is lllllns her place. ' - 1
Principal Edmund Huwalt or' the South
High school. Is expected to arrive m the
South side to make bis permanent residence
here. His contract with the city schools
opened August 1. It In announced that be
would arrive In the city thla morning.
The lawn social given by a Sunday school
class of the Grace Methodist church was
well attended last evening. The cburoh
lawn was crowded to capacity.
Rev. Albert N. Porter, pastor of the
Unttajl Presbyterian church, will preach
the vesper service sermon to congregation
of South Side churchea Sunday evening at
,the First rh-tstlan church at Twenty-fifth
and H street.
Mrs. -A. tl. Carlson, 1708 H street. 1
spending the summer with relative at
Hroadwater, Neb. She has been gone a
month and will stay ui.'.ll September 1
Strike of New York
, Garment Workers
Has Been Settled
New York, Aug. 3. The garment
workers' stri". which has virtually
paralyzed the women's suit and cloak
industry in this city for nearly four
months, was settled tonight at a gen
eral meeting of the strike committee.
The announcement was made after
the result of balloting at twenty-nine
halls, at which strikers were assenv
bled, had been determined. The vote "
was taken on the question of ratifying
the amended agreement drawn up two
weeks ago between representatives of
the strikers and manufacturers, the
original terms of which previously
had been rejected by the strikers. :
Mexican Hnipers Hhoot at (J Hard.
Douglas. Arls., Aug. S. Mexican snipers,
lying In ths brush snout two miles wsat of,'
Agua Prleta and several hundred yarda '
south of the International boundary are re
ported to have fired a number of shot at
member of the border patrol of the Second
Montana Infantry Tuesday night.
Bee Want Ads produce results.
Dr. Frank F. Burhorn
The Chiropractor
414-418 Row BIdf., Phone D. 5347.
I make ft ipectaltr In adjuitins the
huh of acutt and chronic disease!. In
vtatigatlon ?oit nothing, and meant
na)th and happinctf. Chiropractic dealt
directly with the cauee of ill health.
We, sell 125,000 items, in drugs, chemicals, perfumes, toilet
articles, paints, varnishes, cigars and mineral water. Ask us
for the article that is "new" or "rare." We probably have it.
That is where we save you time. Get our price, that is where
we save you money.
Mineral Waters
Our stores have been for more
than 25 years headquarters for
Mineral Water. We obtain these
direct from the Springs or from
5-gallon Jug Excelsior Springs
Crystal Llthla Water $2.00
5-gal. Jug Waukesha Water, $2.00
5-gal. Jug Excelsior Springs Salt
Sea Water, for $2.25
5-gal. Jug Colfax Water. ... $2.00
Case of 50 qts. Ballardvale Water
tor $8.00
Case of 60 qts. Manltou Water
for $8.00
Case of 50 qts. Excelsior Springs
Sulpho-Sallne or Regent " Water,
for $8.00
Case of 50 qts. Kalak Water. .$12
Case of 50 qts. Hauterlve French
Vichy Water, for ..-$10
Free delivery of full cases, do
ens or single 'bottles.
Standard Cigars by the Box
Cigars by the box our specialty.
Standard brands In prime condition.
Box of 50 Flor de Murat Londres,
for.... $2.90
Box of 25 10c Cubanoids. . . .$1.60
Box of 50 La Haroa, every Satur
day for $2.50
Box of 60 Manila Media Regalias,
for $1.25
Box of 100 Bine Point Tobies
(Stogies) for $1.65
Box ot 26 Reynaldo, 15c site
for $2.50
Box of 50 El Paxos .-.$5.50
Box of 60 Tom Moore C. 0.. .$3.00
Box of 60 Robert Burns C. Keg.,
for... $3.00
Bor of 50 Henry Ueorge. . . .11.65
Box of 60 10c Roi-Tan $3.00
Box of 25 I6c Kelp 12.75
Box of 26 Carmens $1.25
Box of 25 Cuba Roma $1.25
Box of 60 Black and White. .$2.50
Box of 50 Yankee Consul .... 1 1 .65
Box of 50 El Teano........$4,00
Box of 25 Lady Curzon $2.00
Box of 50 Koyal Sovereign Brevas,
for $375
The Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.
Omaha's Leading Prescription Stores.
; Corner 16th and Dodge.
. Corner 16th ' i Harney.
. - Beautiful New Store Corner 19th and Farnam.
Corner 24th and Farnam.
iNsfof ur 8tore w'' close Saturday evening at 6 o'clock.
!llOlC Please do your shopping early in the Day.
Burgess-Mash Company:
Friday, August 4, 1916. , '
Women's White Felt Hats,
Usually to $2.98, for $1.00
"bvibykJoyIs stork
Phone Douglas 137.
THERE are ten different styles all clean, new goods,
just the sort of hat you want for present season wear.
The regular price was to $2.98, Saturday at $1.00.
Bur-Nah C Meb Floor. ..
Here's a Clearaway of BLOUSES
That Is of Great Importance
TWO big groups of dainty summery blouses, in a great
range of styles offered Saturday at decided price re
ductions. ,
Voile and Batiste BLOUSES That
Were $5 and $5.95, Now at $3,50
Including hand embroidered, lace and organdie trim
med, made with long sleeves. The colors are rose, pink,
blue and lavender, also white. .
Voile and Batiste BLOUSES That
Were $6.50, Now at $4.95
Beautiful new creations with jabot, lace and organdie
trimmings, long sleeves, rose, white and yellow. Very
Special. . ' tWf .ss-Nash Co. Sacond Floor.
The Final Mark "Down on
Women's French Kid Pumps
SATURDAY will reach the final mark-down on -all.
women's fine French kid pumps and colonials in our
stock. The offering includes , the new:
shades of gray, ivory, champagne,
brown and bronze.
Women's $6 Pumps $3.45
Mouse brown and cham
pagne kid pumps, were ,
$.00, Saturday, pair, .... ..
All the $7.00, $8.00 and
pumps, Saturday at $4.85.
Choice of all ffO 1 C I Choice of all 49 CC I Choice of all till1,
the $4 pumps, vO.lO the $5 ptjmps, fiO.VO the f 6 pumps, Vt'tO
Burs s-Nssh Co. nScond Floor. i
Women's Pure Thread Silk
Hose Were $3, Saturday $1.50
1 1 11 i i ii
For Saturday -A Final Clearaway of
Suits and Dresses
HERE'S your one great opportunity disregarding all former prices we have
placed reductions upon reduction, making values far beyond the most en-
musiasuc anticipation. ... . .
That Were to $19.50
THE accepted hot weather suitf of Palm Beach or Silver
Bloom cloth, several styles, all sizes, every one hew this
Final Clearaway Price for Saturday is $5.00.
EXTRA fine quality, black pure thread, all silk hose of the famous
"Onyx" dye, full fashioned, full regular made, were $3, for $1,50
Woman's 7Se to f 1.00 Ho., 59c
Black pure thread silk hoBe in "Burson" seamless, were 75c to
$1.00, Saturday at 59. Burii-Nh Co. Main Flo.r.
Clearaway of Women's Silk
Underwear Saturday 3 Groups
INCLUDING Venetian and Italian Silk Vests, Bloomers i
and Union Suits.
Silk Underwear to $2.98, at $1.50
Low neck and sleeveless silk vests, crotcheted or band
tops, plain or embroidered, also knee length bloomers.
Silk Underwear to $4.50, at $1.95
Low neck and sleeveless vests, band tops, hand em
broidered, also silk union suits, in plain and envelope
chemise, '
, Silk Underwear to $8.00, at $2.50
Low neck and sleeveless union suits, novelty styles,
lace insertions, tango union suits, bloomers, brocaded, etc.
BurgsNash Co Main Floor.
Special for Saturday From
The August Furniture Sale
$6.50 Steel Bed, $4.45
White enamel finish,' with continuous two-'
inch posts and five filling
rods in head and foot board,
was $6.50, Saturday sale
price, $4.45
This Maga
zine rack, '.
Solid oak, in
the popular
fumed finish,
has 4 shelves
and is substantially built. August sale price, $1.55.
$12.50 Reed Rocker, $8.45
Woven of best imported reed and finished in a rich nut
brown. A large comfortable chair with loose cushion, tap
estry Beat, $8.45. Burisss-Nash C ThW Floor.
That Were to $19.50
ONE big group, including dresses of voiles, linens and other
summery materials in a wide variety of attractive styles.
Were to $19.50, in the Clearaway Saturday, at $5.00.
Burfoas-Nasa. Cs. 5ecsad Flow. v..
Cabinet of Writ
ing Paper at 29 c
Including 48 sheets of paper
i. and 48 envelopes, white linen
finished, a big 60c box for 29f
.. Bur fees -Nash Ca Mala FWoe.
AUTOMATIC refrigerator, nat
ural finish, mineral wool in
sulated, . white enameled food
chamber with three adjustable
shelves, Ice capacity 76 .rounds,
132.60 value, $22.50.
Ice capacity 180 pounds, 188.00
value, 3i.5o. r
Ice capacity 160 pounds, 144.60
value, 835.00. '' "' , .' '
Illinois fop icing type refrig
erators, .white enameled food
chamber, Ice capacity 86 , lbs.j
$16.60 value, $11.50.
Ice capacity 116 lbs., $21.60
value, $15.00.
Ic Cheats - 4
Were $6.96, now $4.50 -;
Were $7.96, now 95.95 aV
Were $9.60, now $7.50 ,'
' Hammock
Made of heavy-cotton fabric with
wide pillow, full sixe
were iz.ze, 'now
Were $2.75, now
Were $3.60, now
Were $6.00, now
Garden Hos
K-inch, 6-ply guaranteed gar
den hose, complete with coupling,
special at $3.95.
Molded garden hose, Goodyear
make, K-inch size, best for long
service, 15c value, per foot, 12
Sternau Holdfast Bath Spray, 39c
Complete with tubing, metal
and rubber ends, fits any faucet
and an ideal spray.
Burs MS.Naeh Co. Dawn Stair. Star..
Filial Clearaway of Women's
Wash Skirts at 1-2 Price
THE size range is incomplete, ,but there are many styles
to choose from.
Styles for sport, street and general wear, fashioned
with fancy pockets, in gabardines, linens, pique, palm
beach, Rajahs and Busier stripes, , Y' X. -.
$2.95 Skirts, now.. $1.48
$3.95 Skirts, now.. $1.98
$5.00 Skirts, now.. $2.50
Burg a-Nih C.o SttwtJ Floor.
$ 5.95 Skirts, now. . $2.98
$ 7.50,Skirts, now.. $3.75
$10.00 Skirts, now.'. $5.00
August Sale of FURS
Affording Savings of 15 to 25
Under Present. Market Prices
THE practical nature of this sale' is at once apparent to shrewd
women. It's really not only economy, but the very best sort of an
investment to buy your furs now and share-in the extraordinary savings.
Back of Evory Pi.e. of Fur Sold Is the Burg sn-Nua GuarantM (.
Quality, Authwntisity of Stylo anl Thoroughly Satisfactory Waar. .
Furs Stored Till November 1st
We will carefully store the furs you select during this sale until
November 1st upon receipt of 26 per cent ot their value. Thus you
may secure first choice from our large stock, have the advantage of
th low prices without making the full payment until they are actually
needed. , v
Hudson Sear Coats, $85.00 to 8 400.00
Marmot Fur Coats, $69.50
Water Mink Coats, $75.00 to $115.00
Silver Pointed Fox Sets, $100.00 to $150.00 '
Cross Fox Sets, $100.00 to $175.00
, Red Fox Sets, $35.00 to $80.00
Black Fox Muffs, $15.00 to $45.00 - ,
,..' Blue Fox Muffs, $45.00 to $65.00 1
Black Lynx Muffs, 918.50 to $50.00
Black Fox. Neck Pieces, $12.50 to $40.00 '
White Fox Neck Pieces, $35.00 to $40.00
Bed Fox Neck Pieces, $10.00 to $50.00
BurgMS-Nush Co. Scwiel PI r.
A Remarkable Clearaway :of
Women's and Misses' "
Coats, Suits, Dresses and Skirts
It's our policy to not carry over merchandise from one season to an
other, and in order to effect a decisive clearaway we offer what we believe
are the season's most remarkable values in ready-to-wear.
"Nine groups:
Women's Coate
That War to $10.00,
Now at
Women's Suit
That War to $15.00,
' Now at
Women's Silk
That W.ra to $19.60,
Now at
Women's Serge
and Silk Dresses
That War. to $15.00,
Now at ,
Women's Palm
Beach Suits .
That War to $15.00,
Now at ,
Women's Palm
Beach Skirts
That Ware to $6.00,
Now at -
Women's Wash
That War to $6.00,
Now at
Misses' Wash
That Were to $3.00,
ow at
Girls' Wash
That W.r. to $1.00,
Now at e
?'" $
t It
1 1
. jut