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White House Says Deal for
Group East of Porto Rico
is Practically Completed.
Washington, July 25. Official an
nouncement was made at the White
House today that negotiations have
practically been completed for the
purchase of the Danish West Indies
by the United States from Denmark
for $25,000,000.
A treaty closing the transaction
probably will be signed today and sent
immediately to the senate.
While details of the treaty were not
given out it is understood that the
United States would come into com
plete possession of the islands. Word
has been received from Denmark that
- the treaty is practically certain of be
ing ratified by the Danish Parliament.
Chairman Stone of the senate for
eign relations committee saw Presi
dent Wilson today, but said after
wards he had not discussed the pur
chase of the Danish West Indies and
knew nothing of the question. It is
understood that the government hopes
the treaty will be ratified during the
present session of congress.
The three islands of the Danish
West Indies, St. Croix, St. Thomas
and St. John, lie due east of Porto
Rico and their value to the United
States is strategic from a military
point of view. The harbors of St
Thomas and St Croix are of first im
portance to the American navy and
Sl Thomas itself lies in the lane of
shipping from Europe to the Panama
canal. Important German and French
and English mail companies have
coaling stations there,
i The acquisition of the islands by
the United States has been the sub
ject of unsuccessful diplomatic ne
gotiations since the civil war.
. (CoattaMi rrma Faf Om.)
in November.' He said that the large
number in attendance and the en
thusiasm shown was an Inspiration
which indicated the victory which
was sure to coma. He said it was
-Important that the republican party
should have charge of the govern
ment during the reconstruction
period which is sure to come at the
cfose of the European war.
Judge Sutton said he was strong
for state-wide prohibition, and it
made no difference to him whether
he was talking in Custer or Douglas
county he should advocate state-wide
He advocated a state reformatory
for young offenders instead of put
ting them fn the penitentiary with
the old-timers.
John L. Kennedy, candidate for the
united states senate, received a spien
did ovation when called to the plat
form. He said it seemed good for
brethren to dwell together in unity.
"Our little differences of four years
ago have not weakened the republican
oartv. but have strengthened it. The
democratic party is trying to build
up a great navy.- continued Mr. Ken
nedy, "but the republican party will
build up a great merchant marine,
which will fly the American flag and
place our merchant ships upon the
high teas.
Assets and Liabilities.
"The republican party knows the
difference between assets and liabili
ties,'' said Mr. Kennedy. He chal
lenged any friend of the administra
tion to show one act ot the admin'
istration during the three years' con
troversr with Mexico that had been
beneficial to either the United States
or Mexico. . " r '
Messages were read from Con
gressman C. r. Keavis and National
Committeeman R. B. Howell. Both
assured the convention that the re
publican party had made no mistake
in the " selection of Charles E.
Hughes as the standard bearer of the
party, and the latter censured the
democratic party bitterly for Its
handling of the Mexican situation.
W E. Andrews of Hastings was
called to ' the platform. Ten years
no Mr. Andrews presided at tne
last nominating convention of the
republican party, and in' reviewing
that episode he said it seemed good
to once more face a republican con
vention in Nebraska. As solicitor of
the United States treasury during two
of the three years of the democratic
administration he gave that party a
caustic acorinc for the methods used
in handling the business of -the
country. . f ' ". . . '
George Seymour of . Elgin and
others addressed the convention,
awaiting the report of the resolutions
Ben S., Baker of Omaha and W.
P. Warner of Dakota Uty, candi
dates for congress, - addressed the
convention as did also ex-Governor
Aldrich and Mr. Devoe, candidate
for attorney general.
When Chairman Pollard finally re
ported the resolutions, they were
unanimously adooted and adjuorn-
raent followed after announcing the
meeting of the state committee.
t - v.. rt
1UWI wan
Shenandoah, la., July 25. (Special
Telegram.) O. H. Frank, 63, a leader ilm Mftin arv4 thre. firms
as Page county treasurer, was repre-
T . i- . i i:t... i qoc ni
scniauvc in mc icRiaiaiuic m
later mayor of Shenandoah, died at
1 1 o'clock this morning after a year's
illness. He is survived by his wife
and live cnimren.
Just Apply ThU Paste
and the Hairs Will Vanish
(Boudoir Secreta.)
The judicious use of a delaton
paste insures any woman a .clear,
hairiest akin. To prepare the paste,
mix little of the powdered delatone
with soma water, then apply to the
: objectionable hairs for 2 or 3 min
utes. When the paste is removed, and
: the akin washed, every trace of hair
; will have vanished. No pain attends
the use of the delaton and it will
not mar the most sensitive skis, but
tq insure result, see that you get
real delatone Advertisement
' '
Platform Adopted by Nebraska Republicans
The united republicans of Nebraska.
in delegate convention assembled af
firm our faith in the principles of our
party and pledge our allegiance to its
cause in state and nation.
At this great epoch in the history
of our country we hold it to be the
duty of all good citizens to stand
firmly for the common welfare,
acknowledging fealty to no country
other than the United States and pay
ing homage to no flag but the Stars
and Stripes. The republican party
has a proud record in preserving the
nation s honor under Lincoln, Grant
and McKinley; it will undertake as
heavy responsibilities with confidence
under the leadership of Chariest E.
Hughes. On the strength of his oast
record we draw inspiration from the
leadership of our presidential stand
ard bearer and find in his high ideals
and conscientious devotion to duty
the best guarantee of a capable, cour
ageous, unselfish, far-seekinar and
patriotic chief executive. Such as our
nation needs now more than ever before.
We endorse in its entirety the na
tional platform of the republican
party adopted at Chicago and espe
cially approve the planks on Ameri
canism, preparedness and protection.
We believe the direct primary law
to be a sound principle of govern
ment. We are not insensible, how
ever, to the imperfections which have
developed in the oractieal oneratmn
of the present law, and we recom
mend that the law be amended in such
form as will make it more in atcnH
with representative government and
more responsive to public will.
We favor action by the next legis
lature, giving the voters of the state
an opportunity to pass upon the ques
tion of holding a convention to revise
our present constitution.
We join in the demand far nn
roads and pledge our best efforts for
road improvement The first essential
step is the creation of a state high
way commision with power to out
line a system of state roads and to
secure their construction and proper
maintenance and also to insure cor
relation of trie roads under jurisdic
tion of local authoritk.. Nehraakt
should promptly qualify for its quota
of the national gods roads appropria
tions, and see to it that all state
and national funds expended for road
improvements are applied for the
benefit of the whole state and so ex
pended as to secure full value return
without waste, graft or favoritism.
At a part of the god roads program
we favor elimination of toll bridges,
so that the use of the highways from
one end of the state to the other
shall be free to all.
We favor the develooment and ex
tension of a department of journal
ism in our state university into a com
prehensive school, which will afford
greater opportunities to vouna- men
and women for efficient training in a
profession of great importance to the
welfare ot the public.
We tavor the establishment of state
custodial farms for minor offenders,
which shall provide a variety of em
ployment and teratment calculated to
reclaim the wards of the state and to
restore them to society.
While recognizing the soundness of
the expression, of the republican na
tional plaform on he subject ;of regu
lation ot transportation, we call at
tention to the fact that federal con
trol is only contemplated therein,
after auch legislation or amendment
to the constitution of the United
States is enacted as may be necessary
for broadening hte scope and increas-
Republican Press
Association Starts
With Good Swing
Lincoln. July 25. (Special.! Aus-
picions for the republican campaign
is the organisation today of the Ne
braska Republican frees association
by ninety.-lour republican editors of
which more than fifty were present
in person. The purpose as stated in
the constitution is. to secure co-op
erative effort for republican success
in state and nation" and the plan out
lined contemplates more team work
and activity. The officers with execu
tive committeeman from each con
gressional district, all unanimously
chosen are:
President Victor Rosewater of
The Omaha Bee.
Vice President Will Owen Jones,
Lincoln Journal.
Treasurer A. FY Buechler, Grand
Island Independent
I. H. Sweet, Nebraska City Press.
Vac Buresh, Omaha Pokrok Zapadu.
N. A. Huse, Norfolk News..
Clark Perkins, Aurora Republican.
Adam Breed, Hastings Tribune.
W. W. Haskell, Ord Quit.
T lira Public.
1 "I have been using Chamberlain's
Tablet for indigestion for the past
six months, and it affords me pleas
ure to aay I have never used a rem
edy that did me so much good."
Mra. C. E. Riley, niton,' N. Y. Cham
berlain's Tablets art obtainable
everywhere. Advertisement
Chlaac. Bor DIm of Leeajew.
Chlcaso, Jul? U. William A. Vim, (d
IS, Ie dad at hl horn hare today aa the
reault of lockjaw from wound, aald to have
ban Incurred whan ho wu truck down
with a pair of heavy sraaa aheara at the
Saddle and Cycle club about a wek aao.
Nlrholea Moga, a sardonar, haa boon ord,d
hald to lha grand Jury o. oliargaa of man
lajjshtor. Ulray died yeetyday.
ing the efficiency of the Interstate
Comerce commission. We are proud
of the work accomplished by the
Nebraska state railway commission
under an amendment to our consti
tution and laws enacted by republi
can legislatures. We endorse the sen
timent of our candidate for president
uttered while a member of the su
preme court of the United States,
that in the absence of federal action
the states have a right to excercise
authority over transportaion whithin
their borders so long as they do not
unnecessarily interfere with inter
state commerce.
The world war, with its immeas
urable cost in life and treasure has
emphasized the nece'ssity of maintain
ing order in the world through a de
termination of international contro
versies by an appeal to reason instead
of by an appeal to arms. To this end
ye propose that immediately upon the
conclusion ot the present war, the
United States take the initiative by
inviting the other great powers to join
with our country in the establishment
of a league of nations pledged to
maintain peace by requiring, through
use of their joint economic and mili
tary forces, the submission of their
non-justiciable controversies to an in
ternational council of conciliation for
recommendation and of their justici
able controversies to a world court for
determination, before they resort to
We believe the time has come when
the state as such should enter upon
New Republican
State Committee
Chairman C. C. McNish of
Vice Chairman E. D. Beach of
District, name and address:
First, E. O. Lewis, Falls City.
Second, E. M. Pollard, Nehawka.
Third, Alex Laverty, Ashland.
Fourth, A. W. Jefferis,
M. L. Learned,
P. J. Martin,
Harry S. Byrne,
Amos Thomas, Omaha.
Fifth, John F. White. Blair.
Sixth, E. A. Wiitse, Pender.
Seventh, J. L. Dennis, Osmond.
Eighth, S. H. Morton, Hartington.
Ninth, George W. Williams, Al
bion. Tenth, C. A. Smith, Tilden.
Eleventh, H. C. Beebe, Osceola.
Twelfth, William Husenetter, Lin
wood. Thirteenth, E. D. Beach,
A. M. Trimbel, Lincoln.
Fourteenth, R. R. Kyd, Beatrice.
Fifteenth, Roy Steele, Fairbury.
Sixteenth, C J. Watson, Fairmont.
Seventeenth, Clark Perkins,
Eighteenth, A. E. Cady jr, Grand
Ninteenth, Adam Breede, Hastings.
Twentieth, H. E. Goodrich, Nel
son. Twenty-first R. H. Rankin, Cam
bridge. Twenty-second, F. L. Carice, Min-den.
Twenty-third, A. R. Humphrey,
Broken now.
Twenty-fourth, O. O. Snyder,
Twenty-fifth, W. V. Hoagland,
North Platte.
Twenty-sixth, A. Gatusha, McCook.
Twenty-seventh, E. T. Westerfield,
Scotts Bluff.
Twenty-eighth, Woodruff Ball,
a constructive policy looking towards
the development of agriculture in
all its branches. We favor liberal ap
propriations for the maintenance of
our state experiment stations to the
end that the many perplexing farm
problems may be solved.
The republican party stands unquali
fiedly for carrying into effect the will
of the people as expressed at the polls
for the enforcement of law both con
stitutional and statutory in accordance
with their true intent. In case of
amendments to our constitution we
favor the enactment of all needed leg
islation to accomplish their intended
We oppose partisan politics in the
conduct of state institutions and of
fices, and favor high standards of effi
ciency, with appointments made on the
basis of qualifications rather than as
political rewards.
We condemn the present demo
cratic administration for its weak and
vacillating policies, particularly for its
failure to protect American rights on
the high seas and in Mexico. In do
mestic as well as in foreign affairs
we have paid, and are now paying,
the penalties of war without enjoying
the respect and influence for good
which come to nations that are not
"too proud to fight"
While we deeply deplore the per
versity of human nature which makes
the display of force sometimes nec
essary, we firmly believe that a cour
ageous stand by President Wilson at
the beginning of his administration,
if consistently maintained, would have
saved us much humiliation and dis
tress in the unavenged loss of Ameri
can Uvea and property during the past
three years.
We condemn the attentat of a cer
tain democratic employe to foist him
self upon the people of the state by
the submission ot a constitutional
amendment at the coming election.
which contemplates as its principal
object the extenson of his term in
We view with alarm the unparal
leled spectacle of a governor and a
banking board surrendering them
selves to the tender meries of a dem
ocratic politican, making our banking
system a plaything ot politics, and
the granting or refusing to grant char
ters tor the organization of state
banks to depend upon politics.
We tavor the adoption ot such pol
icy by the state of Nebraska as will
encourage the development of our
water power, subject to such regula
tion as will preserve the rights ot the
people to efficient service at reason
able rates.
With justifiable confidence we com
mend to the voters of the state the
candidates of our party in both nation
and state, and congratulate the coun
try on the fact that the division in our
ranks which four years ago opened
the way for demecratic success no
longer exists. We extend the very
hand of fellowship to all citizens re
gardless of former political affilia
tions to co-operate with us in the elec
tion of our national and state tickets.
Captain Koenig Says Delay in
Start Not Due to Any Cause
for Alarm.
I awawaaaaaaawawa
Globe-Democrat Is
Up to Two Cents
St. Louis, July 25. The St. Louis
Globe-Democrat tomorrow will announce-
an increase in the price of its
to 2 cents, effective August 1. The
high cost of print paper is given as
the cause of the increase.
Baltimore, Md., July 25. "Circum
stances, conditions over which we
have no control, are keeping us in
Baltimore. There is no cause for
alarm from any source. At the proper
time we will get away; there is a time
for everything."
Thus did Captain Paul Koenig, com
mander of the German submarine
Deutschland, explain his presence in
Baltimore today, when asked what
is delaying the sailing.
It was said today on good author
ity that Count von Bernstorff, the
German ambassador, and Prince von
Hatzfeldt of the embassy staff will
come to Baltimore tomorrow evening
to be entertained with Captain Koe
nig at the home of Carl A. Leuderitz,
the German consul at Baltimore.
Many Craft Watch for Subsea.
Norfolk, Va., July 25. All kinds of
small craft are being made ready here
and in Hampton Roads to take the
trail of the German submarine mer
chantman Deutschland when it comes
down from Baltimore for its dash to
sea. Imaginations have been fired
by the presence of allied cruisers off
the Virginia capes awaiting the reap
pearance of the Deutschland and ru
mors that a flotilla of armed German
submarines is on the way to attack
the British and French patrols when
their freight carrying sister starts out.
One British cruiser was in sight
off the capes today and several other
allied ships are said to be about twen
ty miles out
Die Fasluon Genter oPflie Middle Wesl I8fo
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