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Old Mansion of the Early Days
Given Over to be Boarding
Did the fate of old mansions ever
trike you as romantic? As I walked
down a certain street of Omaha the
other day I saw beautiful old brick
houses, the kind that instinctively
make one think of old-established
families, completely surrounded by
cheap modern houses running over
with ' tternly women and unkempt
' town has its quota of just
s ises. I like to imagine them
I oust have been in their prime.
:y must have bubbled over
and gayety. What stately
-th snowy hair and bobbing
t have presided at the pol
. rd in the paneled dining hall!
a great ball would be given
polished floors would be
r the dancers. The stately
'. the snowy hair would array
I m her crackling robes of silk,
tne , ung daughters would be
brushed and powdered and dressed
demurely. Then the great heavily
carved front door would swing back
and hacks and big old-fashioned car
riages would drive up to the porte
cochere with a grand flourish, there to
give up a stream of bustling berib
obned and frock-coated freight. .
Oh, the stories that these old hous
es could tell of people and plans.
What events they have seen ,or what!
skeletons lurk in their dim, dusty
closets. But here they are stranded
high and dry by the onrushing flood
of the busy city's life and society.
All over Omaha and any fairly old
city you can see these sad old
wrecks, suggesting volumes, of past
history, but moldering, milkweed and
vacant, too antiquated and misplaced
for the rich, too expensive and un
wholesome for the poor. r
Young Folks Take the Palm for
Keeping Wedding Plans Secret
The palm for two things planning
the most original wedding and being
the most secretive individuals in this
city undoubtedly belong to Mr.
Lumir Buresh and Miss Elizabeth
Doud, two of the most popular young
people in the college set, who were
married Saturday evening.
You certainly can tell them your
deepest secret for they know how
to keep secrets from parents, sisters
and brothers and dearest friends,
Of course all their friends knew
the young people were engaged and
that Mr. Buresh was building a lovely
little home in Minne l.usa addition
ior his bride. The cozy little place
was completed, it was being furnished
and the bride was preparing her wed
ding gown, so Mamma Doud and
Mamma Buresh thought it was time
to get their own new gowns ready
for the wedding, which they did.
Saturday evening, the younger Mr
Buresh invited his parents to come
with him and Miss ,Doud to inspect
the new home. . Attired as they were,
the parents- stepped into the waiting
machine and whirled .out to the new
little nest. , . ". rt..-.. .
While they 'were inspecting (the
lower floor, Miss Doud slipped up
stairs and donned her bridal gown
and just as she was descending the
staircase; a regular bride, the door
bell rang! and in walked the bride's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Doud and
her sister, Mary,- summoned on a
Similar mission W inspect the house,
and Dr. and Mr: David R. Kerr, old
friends of the family.
' Amid exclamations of astonish
ment, surprise and ; dismay (when
Mamma Doud and Mamma Buresh
bethought,.themselves of the beautiful
Wedding gowns in planning). Dr. Kerr
married the young people, who left
that same evening for a wedding trip
to Kansas City and Excelsior Springs.
The marriage is the culmination of
a romance started in high school days
wheitMr. Buresh was editor and Miss
Doud, assistant editor of the Regis
ter. Since then Miss Doud attended
the University of Nebraska and was
dn-the secretarial staff of the Young
Women' Christian association, while
Mr. Buresh attended the University
of . Michigan and is now associated
with his father, Vaclav Buresh, in the
Ppkrpk Publishing company.
Marion Towle since her return from
the east, will leave tomorrow evening
for her hone.
Tea for Miss Claser.
Miss Mildred Rubel was hostess at
tea this afternoon for her guest, Miss
Amy Glaser of St. Louis.
Farewell Party at Parish House.
Mrs. W. O. Henry was honor guest
at a large reception given this after
noon at the parish house of the First
Presbyterian church by the church
women. Dr. and Mrs. Henry will '
leave next luesday tor tneir new
home in Los Angeles.
Picnic Postponed.
On account of the death of Conrad
G. Fisher, whose .funeral will take
place Tuesday afternoon, the picnic
of V. S. Grant Women's Relief corps
which was to have been held Tues
day will be held a week from Tuesday.
Stork Special.
A soh was born this morning
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rees, jr,
Luncheon at the University Club.
The Misses Marion and Naomi
Towle entertained at luncheon at the
University tlub, today for Mr. George
Post of New' York, who is the guest
of Mr. Herbert Davis. Covers were
laid for ,
Naomi Towle,
Marlon Towle.
Mesera. -Wallace
Leonard Ooee.
Dr, Connell Gives
Advice to Swimmers
Health Commissioner Connell of
fers this word of advice to bathers at
public swimming places:
"Do not swallow the water. The
chances are there may be no ill ef
fects, but there is alway. a danger of
contamination. You run a risk when
you swalolw the waler when many
are in bathing. Put colon in your
ears before you enter the water, this
precaution protecting the ear drums
from irritation."
The increasing popularity of Mu
nicipal beach, Kiverview and Spring
lake swimming pools prompts the
health commissioner to give this mat
ter some thought. Particularly at
Riverview pool does his advice apply.
Dr. Connell is colecting a lot of
data on the subject of swimming pool
sanitation. Upon his suggestions the
pools at Riverview and Spring Lake
parks are cleaned and the water clari
fied by chlorine gas. The water is
replaced at intervals.
Mrs. N. M. Bassett and Mrs. J. R.
Freeland left Friday for Chicago and
a trip up the lakes.
Mrs. Despecher Catches
Huge Carp at Lake Manawa ;
A fourteen-pound German carp was
caught Sunday at Lake Manawa by
Mrs. Felix Despecher. Mrs. Despech'"
er was fishing from the deck of her
houseboat at the Council Bluffs Row-';
ing association. - Mrs. Desperher's
catch is thought to be the biggest -of
any kind captured from the waters
of Lake Manawa. ,
Retina Connell.
Gthel Andrewe of
Camden. N. J. ;
. Meeere.
Georve Post,
Herbert Davla,
At the Country Club.
The E. A. Wickham's of Council
Bluffs had a party of twelve at the.
Country club last evening,. Parties
of six dining together were with J.
T. Stewart, Henry Doorly and M. G.
Colpetzer. The D. A: Baurn's" had
seven guests. Other parties were the
guests of Barton Millard,. Dr...Lerdy
Crummer, H. J. "Connell, O.'T. East
man, J. T. Brady and A. A. McCord.
Joe Baker, aiid Mrs, W. H. Wheeler
have dinner reservations for six and
seven respectively at the club this
Mrs. George Prinz will entertain
fourteen at the club on Wednesday.
Mrs. Frank Lowrey'and Miss Helen
Lowrey of Norfolk."
Mr. Grant '"Peters celebrated his
birthday at dinner Saturday evening
with Mr. C. Nagle, Mr. W. M. Whar
ton, Mr. Al Hanson and Miss Fran
ces Conley.
, Others who entertained at Saturday
evening dinner at the club were: Mr,
R. B. Johnson, Miss Helen Howell,
Dr: L: A. Dermody, Mr. Al Lierk, Mr.
Charles Mullin and Mr. Mark Miller.
At Happy Hollow Club.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Wilcox "and
the Misses Berhice and Virginia Wil
cox had as their guests at supper yes
terday evening,- Mr. and Mrs. James
Gilmore and Mr. and Mrs. T .W. Al
len. Mr. George Michel had a party of
seven and A R. Wells and M. M.
Robertson each (had six. ..-
Those entertaining smalt parties it
Happy Hollow club Sunday evening
were: H. D. Brown and Lee Leslie
with five guests each; F. H. Garvin,
C. C. Sadler, R. W. Hayword, W, L
Selby, each with four; and J. F. Flack,
J. T. Brownlee, W. R, Watson, Joseph
Porter, W. R. Adair, W. H. Garratt,
H. G. Streight, E. Millard, G. W. Up
dike, W. C. Lyle, L. L. Hamlin, H.
N. Wood, C. S. Stebbins, E. L. Hol-
land, George Carter and R. Collar
with smaller numbers of guests.
W. C. Ramsey has dinner reserva
tions for six at the club this evening.
Luncheon reservations for tomor
row have been made by W. S. Peter
son and P. M. Garrett each for twelve
guests, and by B. R. Hastings for ten.
Miss Florence Dow has a matinee
reservation for seventeen tomorrow,
and Mrs. Don Lee for fourteen.
For the Tuesday evening dinner
dance F. J. Jumper has reserved places
for twelve guests, R. R. Evans for
eight, W. R. McFarland for ten, and
R. E. Sunderland for sixteen.
Mrs. G. M. Durkee entertained ten
at luncheon at Happy Hollow club
At Carter Lake Club.
. Mrs. F. I. Ellick had as her guests
Sunday Mr. G. C. Ellick, Mr. R. C.
Anstcad and Miss Margaret Leake of
Fremont. Miss Leake is Fremont's
best woman swimmer. She has dem
onstrated her ability during; her stay
with Mrs. Ellick by swimming across
Carter lake.
Flower and Jewell Alexander,
Clarke Cheney and Dr. and Mrs. C. F.
Patten supped together Sunday even
ing. Mrs. A. H. Schwarick entertained at
dinner Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bannon,
Miss Beulah Vaughn, Miss Margaret
Bannon, Mr. R. L. Acker, all of Sioux
City, and ;Mrs. J. Madigan.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Zipfel entertain
ed Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Schifferle and
Mr. W. H. Alouser of Jacksonville,
Mrs. H. F. Rowland and son,
George, of Wadena, la., are visiting
Mrs. Rowland's sister, Mrs. O. C. Ho
man, at the "Alcove."
Mrs. A. L: Meager has returned to
her home in Sioux City after a week
spent with Mrs. A. L. Sorenson.
Mr. Max E. Smith and family are
visiting at the W. F. Guild cottage
this week.
Mr. Gus Renz and family have taken
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Mitchell's cottage
for two weeks.
Sunday morning Mr. Carl Nagle
and Mr. Grant Peters entertained
twelve guests at breakfast after sail
ing and swimming.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Sorenson mo
tored to Atlantic, li., Sunday, to visit
Mrs. Sorenson's brother and sister,
Dr. fcd Mrs. Jones.
Mrs. Henry Hiller entertained at
luncheon and bridge Saturday. Her
guests were:
Meedamea - Meedamee
Charlee Klrachbaum, Fred Hadra.
Fred Adler, . Harry Unveraagt,
Victor Roaewater, ' N. P. Fell.
Nate Mantel,
Tu. tt-:. -I..,. j-
j iic uuiiai tan ciuu nau uinncr at
me tmu nouse aaturaay evening.
Twenty-eight members were present.
Mrs. C. M. Smith entertained at
dinner Mrs. Henry Allan, Mr. and
At the Field Club.
Miss Gertrude porter entertained
at 1 o'clock luncheon today at the
Field club for her house guest, Mi3S
Clare Louise Wright, of Chicago.
Pink Killarney roses and bachelors'
buttons were used in one large and
several small baskets on the tables.
Covers were, laid for sixteen guests.
Tomorrow evening Mrs. W. E. Shep
herd will entertain for Miss Wright.
The usual Sunday evening supper
crowd was seen at the Field club last
evening. About one f-hundred were
present. . " .
Today fifty women golfers ', had
luncheon at-the club house.
Mrs. E. A. Higgihs has a luncheon
reservation for four. Tuesday.
Enochs-Stafford Wedding.
Mr. J. H. Stafford of the South
Side announces the marriage of his
daughter, Mildred Lucile, to Harry
J. Enochs, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. B.
Enochs of Kansas City, Mo. The
marriage took place Saturday after
noon, July 22, at 4 o'clock at the home
of the bridegroom's parents, the Rev.
Harry Sheldon of the Congregational
church performing the ceremony.
After a wedding trip in the south the
young people will be at home with
Mr. Enochs' parents until the com
pletion of their own residence.
Mrs. Enochs is a graduate of Sa
cred Heart convent. The marriage
Comes as a great surprise to rela
tives and friends, because no one sus
pected that the purpose of Miss Staf
ford's recent visit to Kasas City was
her marriage to Mr. Enochs.
Notes of Interest.
Mr. and; Mrs. H. J. McCarthy are
stopping at; 'he Hotel Traymore in
Atlantic City for two weeks.
Mr. Leonard Goss of San Francisco
arrived Friday to visit his uncle and
aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Goss.
Miss Ethel Andrews of Camden, N.
J., who has been the guest of Miss
In and Out of the Bea Hive.
Mrs. E. N. Secord is spending the
remainder of the summer at Winni
peg, Manitoba. ' .
Mrs. Ralph W. Emerson returned
Sunday from a visit of two months
with friends ' in Boston and Provi
dence. R. I
Face Powder
(l Cr n Box,, Only)
Keepe Tha
Complexion Beautiful
bolt and velret7. Money back If not en.
tlrelypleaeed. Nadine la pure and harm
lata, Adherea until waehed off. Prevent!
eunbum and, feturn of diacoloratlona,
A million detichted ueere prove Ita value.
Wh, Pink, Brunette, White.
By TolUt Count,,, .r M.ll. SO,,
Natl al Toilet Omaanr. Parla, Tom.
Sold Br Leadlnf Toilet Counter! tn Omaka.
Families Vith Babies, Read-
Ptotturizmg KiJf tht Germs. Says President of Kantai State
Board of Health, and All Toronto' Milk
Must be Paitturised
1 1
A certain amount of reassurance I rlto. Topeko. Kaneaa. prefiient at
for parents foaitaf the tnrec'xued I Ntnsas estate Board of Health
epidemic of loifantle paralysis u mi"" "Tna,ntue
do rouno in pno loiravv-ins comrau j
riteeUon'te The Dally News from Mi
Charles K. Potter, Toronto, chan
meet Of the publicity Committee o
(ha International Milk Dealera' A
oclettlqos:- ,
v?'t View of'hei-Wiir eerlous -Aotlle
Walyeta etidethfb In New
York, I Thought thai iou mlsbt be.
Interested' In the fullovtnt statement
that I have Just received.
statement comes fre.nL Dr. Chae". UeM
peraJyiis la due to'I
specific virus caused e ntoroixj
uncovered oy f iexnei' la Ills
Heat of pasteurising would deetroy
microbes, therefore disease oan
not be spread by milk mat it pan
' teurlaed.' I
"In. view of the fact that Toron
to's milk Wply la pasteurised u
dr tor-law irotruUttn thetnatter,DI
thouiht that your Toronto readeW
might appreeUteJtho awurice'thai,
on mgrriBO a statement ttTee,"
Order from your grocer,
one of our drivers, or
Telephone Douglas 409.
ParenttShonld not Overlook
the warntnir and, likewise
the (rood news contained in
the clipping? 'from tht Toron
to News.
r From Alamtto Dairy it safer
than ordinary nw milk. If
you hava a baby yon owe it.
to the little one and to your
self to use tht safest milk
you tan buy. ( -
Afamito Perfect
Pasteurized Milk
' Does not endanger the lives
of the little onee by- carry
: Ing Infantile - Paralyaii to
Ask Your Doctor
. He Knows
i . ,
Shoe Sale
People who in the past have
attended these sales know ex
actly what they mean to them.
They know that every shoe
comes from the regular Drexel
stock and is a regular Drexel
quality throughout Naturally"
"at these greatly reduced prices
we cannot charge, deliver or
exchange any of these bar
gains. Get in early tomorrow
and see for yourself.
$1.00 Bargains
For Women
: 300 pairs Women's Patent
Colt, '.Gun Metal Pumps
and Oxfords; regular price
$3, $4, $6 and $6, go at $1
200 pairs Women's White
' Canvas and Nubuck High
and low' shoes ; regular price
$3, $4 and $5, go at 81
200 pairs Women's Ooze Calf
Oxfords and Pumps; regu
lar price $4 & S5, go at $1
200 pairs $4, $5 and 18 Pat
ent leather Oxfords, go at
Men's Black and Tan Rubber
Sole Oxfords, at 20 off.
1419 Farnam St.
Retail Merchants --Attention, Heaise!
Omaha's Wholesalers and Manufacturers
want you and your family as their guests dmv
ing the week of August 7 to 12. We want to
get acquainted with you. We want you to
know the vast resources of the Omaha market
better, too. It is always mutually beneficial
for wholesalers and retailers to know eachr
other personally, and so we hope to see all our
old friends, and many new ones here during
Market Week.
A market buying trip never was more imper- -ative
than this year. You know what, condi-
tions have been in the world of merchandised
the last few months and what they are now. , "
The country was never more prosperous-' "
there neyeriiwas a greater demand former?!'',
chandise. ; The question of supply; is serious;
but we have planned carefully to take1 care of
your requirements if you will buy. early.
You Should Come to Omaha During'
August 7 to August 12, 1916
Many Splendid Entertainments Planned
A Market Week without social diversions would be
very incomplete so we have planned a series of en
tertainments for you and your family which we believe
never were equalled by any other market in the west.
Brief ly they are as follows :
Two noon luncheons at Omaha's leading hotels. At
each of these a noted Eastern business man will analyze
conditions as they exist today, and as they probably
will develop for the next few months.
An evening dancing party at the Field club one of
Omaha's prettiest country clubs. Cool breezes, fine
refreshments and splendid music with a perfect dan
cing floor.
A novel entertainment at the Auditorium, including a
series of educational motion picture films of both the
cotton and woolen industries which will both educate
and delight you. A dance with light refreshments will
follow. ( I
An afternoon in big league baseball an opportunity to ...
see professional baseball at its best, and a. diversion"'-'
that every true "fan" will hail with delight.
You and your family will all enjoy these affairs so
arrange now to be our guests during Market Week.
This association has purchased a Republic Auto Deliv
ery Truck from Andrew Murphy & Sons, Omaha
agents, and will give it away, on Wednesday evening,
August 9.
This truck will carry 1,500 pounds,;and will make some
merchant a very happy ma:;;;erti"emb'er, there is not
one cent of expense involved, in this some retailer will
receive this truck absolutely free a gift of the asso
ciation. Competition is limited to retailers living outside of
Omaha, Council Bluffs and suburbs, and only one
member of a family is eligible to compete for this fine
gift. .
We want to see you and your family during Merchants' Market Week
Omaha Wholesalers' & Mfes Ass'n. ;
, i
! I