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International Ncwa SarYlce.
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Renew Hostilities at Wichita
Today After Which Swing
Around Southern Loop.
Still five games and a half in the
lead of the lowly Links from Lincoln,
the de luxe Rourkes yesterday after
noon blew the village to inaugurate a
long southern road trip by renewing
hostilities with the wild and woolly
Wolves at Wichita this afternoon.
Neither Lincoln or Omaha played
'yesterday, both tacking Monday's
. icheduled game onto Sabbath double
headers in an effort to get a few fans
The Monday cancel also enables the
Rourkes and Wolves to make a com
fortable trip to Wichita, at least as
comfortable as such a trip can be
made. They left yesterday afternoon
for Kansas City and made connections
out ot K.ay see last night.
Four games will be played at Wich
ita. From Wichita the Rourkes leap
to Denver, which is also dry, for four
games, including a double bill Sun
day. From Denver our heroes hike to
St. Joseph and frorn St. Joseph to To
peka from which village they return
The home series starts August 10
with Denver. Wichita, St. Joseph,
Topeka, Lincoln and Des Moines fol
low the Grizzlies in the order named.
After the long sojourn here the
Rourkes go to Lincoln for three
games and then return home to play
Sioux City three frays, including the
Labor day bargain matinee. After
Labor day the Rourkes go on the
road and stay there until the curtain
drops on September 24.
Sioux City Wins
From Topeka Kaws
Sioux City, la., July 24. Sioux
City took the final game from To
peka, 10 to 5, getting an even break
on the series. Sioux City completed
a sixteen days' stay at home with
twelve wins and four losses. The
AB. B. H. O. A. B.
re-or, If 4 2 2 3 0 0
' Cochran, 3b 4 1 2 0.3 1
Goodwin, 2b 4 0 0 3 1 0
Englo, cf 4 0 0 2 0 0
Sweltser, rf 4 0 0 1 0 0
Agler, lb 3 0 110 0
IJefatc, ss 3 1 1 2 2 0
A lion, c 4 0 1 S 1 0
Uurwell, p 3 1 1 0 1 0
'Monroe 1 0 0 0 0 0
Total! 34 I 2 14 I 1
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Ollmore, If 4 1 0 6 0 0
Watson, rf S 3 3 0 1 0
Hlnchman, 2b 5 1 2 2 1 0
Mets, lb 8 110 0 0
Connolly, cf I 1 1 2 0 0
Cooney, 88 4 2 1 -2 8 0
Hader. 3b 2 0 0 0 3 1
Crosby, c 4 1 3 0 0 0
Urover, p 4 0 2 6 0 0
Totals 27 10 13 21 0 0
Batted for Burwell In ninth.
Topeka 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 E
Sioux City ..0 0042 004 10
Left on bases: Sioux City. 7; Topeks, 4.
First base on errors: Sioux City, 1; To
peka, 1. Sacrifice hits: Defate, Rader. Two
base hits: Watson, Cooney, Mets, Aglsr,
Hlnchman (2), Crosby (2). Three-base hits:
Defate, Watson. Home run: Cochran.
Double play: Rader to Hlnchman to Mets.
Struck out: By Orover, 6; by Burwell, fi.
Bases on balls: Off Orover, 1; off Burwell,
3. L'mplrs: Mlllsr. Time: 1:60.
North Platte Takes
Revenge for Defeat
Xorth Platte, Neb.. Julv 24. (Spe
cial Telegram.) North Platte took a
thorough revenge this afternoon on
Lincoln Saratoga's for Sunday's shut
out, grabbing the game by 8 to 0
Brown was wild and the Boosters
nicked him for ten safeties while the
visitors were able to get to Walworth
for but one hit.
Walworth struck out eleven men.
Errorless ball by Boosters also aided
in Saratoga's downfall while three
errors by visitors were extremely
costly. The score:
Saratoga's 0 0000000 0 0 - 1 3
North Platte.... 1 10 10 12 1 2 10 0
Walworth and Maxey.
James W. Ratliff Makes
Hole in One at Miller
James W. Ratliff, 2223 Ohio street,
negotiated a hole on the Miller Park
links in a single stroke while playing
in a foursome match last Saturday.
The distance of the hole it 190 yards
and bogey la four. It if the first
time the hole baa ever been made in
Standing of Teams
..88 42 .473
..41 43 .441
..36 61 .401
.66 30 .636
W.UPet. W.L.Pct.
Omaha ... .SS SI .4t Brooklyn ...4132.100
Lincoln . . . . 60 87 .676Boaton 43 34.664
Des Moines 44 42 .612Phlla 44 36.660
Sioux City. .43 .484Chlcago 42 46.483
Denver . . . .41 48 .477New York. . .38 41 .481
Wichita . .. .40 47 .460Plttsburih
Topeka 38 47 .468 St. Louis
St. Joseph .33 62 .388Clnclnnatl
New York 61 86 .686 Kan. City
Boston 48 37 .670Indlanopolls 63 40.666
Cleveland ..48 36 .667Loulsvllle ..61 43.648
Waahlng'n .47 40 .640.Mlnneapolla 60 43 .638
Chicago ...48 40 .60IToledo 46 43 .611
Detroit ....(616.611131. Paul ...43 43.600
St. Louis . .88 48 .437Columbus ...36 62.402
Phi la 13-81 .237MI!wauke ..32 (1.344
Tssterday's Hesalts.
Topeka, 6: Sioux City, 10.
Denver, 7; Des Moines, 8.
Philadelphia, 1: Pittsburgh. 0.
Chicago, 3; Detroit, 2.
Indianapolis, 6; Toledo, 4.
Minneapolis, 7; Milwaukee, 6.
Columbus, 1; Louisville, I,
Games Today
Western League Lincoln at Denver, Des
Moines at St. Joseph, Sioux City at Topeka,
' Omaha at Wichita.
National League Philadelphia at Pitts
burgh, Cincinnati at New York, St, Louis at
Brooklyn, Chicago at Boston.
American League New York at Chicago,
Philadelphia at St, Louie, Waahington at
Detroit. Boston at Cloveland.
Visitors Tie the Score in Ninth
and Found Out Winnisg
Run in Last.
Des Moines, July 24. Des Moines
was unable to hit Third Baseman
Dyer, who relieved Gaut in the first
inning, and Denver won, 7 to 6, in
ten innings. The visitors tied the
score by hitting Musser hard in the
ninth and won on hits by Miller and
Oakes in the tenth. Meloan's and
Ewoldt's fine fielding featured.
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Miller, rf. 6 3 3 3 0 0
Ksllehsr, ss 6 2 1 3 1 1
Oakes, cf 4 0 3 2 0 0
Butcher. lf-3b. 4 1 2 8 4 1
Dyer, 8b-p 4 0 1 2 1 0
Shields, lb I 0 2 8 1 0
Lloyd, lb 2 0 1 1 5 0
Shestak. o ( 0 0 4 1 0
Oaut, p 0 0 0 0 0 0
Cole. If t 1 1 3 0 0
Totals 30 7 14 30 13 2
AB. R. II. O. A. E.
Hahn, rf. 1 2 0 2 1 0
Hunter, of. 4 2 1 0 0 0
Hartford, ss t 0 2 0 4 1
Meloan, If 4 1 1 6 1 0
Jones, lb 3 1 0 0 0 0
Claire, 2b 4 0 0 8 1 0
Woldt, 8b t 0 0 4 4 0
Spahr. c 3 0 1 4 8 0
Musser, p 8 0 0 0 0 0
Thomas, p 1 0 1 0 1 0
Totals 36 t 7 30 16 1
Denver 0 0 8 0 0 0 1 0 2 17
Des Moines 4 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 08
Two-base hits: Ksllehsr, Shields, Spahr,
Hartford. Sacrifice hits: Kelleher, Butcher,
Ewoldt. Stolen bases: Hartford, Jones. Left
on basee: Denver, 10; Des Molnss, 18.
Struck out: By Musser, 4: by Dyer, 8. Bases
on balls: Off Musser, (; off, Thomas, 1; off
Oaut, 4; off Dyer, 10. Hit by pitched ball:
By Musser, Dyer; ay daunt. Claire; by
Dyer, Claire. Hits and runs: Off Musser,
8 runs, 12 hits In sight and two-thirds In
nings; off Thomas. 1 run. 2 hits In one and
two-thirds Innings; off Oaut, 2 runs, 0 hit In
onet-hlrd Inning; off Dyer, 4 runs, 7 hits
In nine and two thirds Innings, Passed ball:
Shsetak.. Double plays: Hahn to Ewoldt,
Meloan to Ewoldt to Claire, Butcher to
Shields. Time: 2:48. Umpires: Carney and
Eustis and Loomis
Divide Double Bill
Apply Sloan's Liniment to the painful
part la all yon nsad. The pain goes at onoe.
Only 36c. All druggists. Advertisement.
.2 S 8
.6 11 0
Mackey ;
.10 10 8
. T 18 3
Loomis, Neb., July 24.
Telegram.) Eustis defeated
Saturday. Score:
Batteries: Eustis, Justus and
Loomis, Charleston and Denbo,
Loomis defeated Eustis Sunday,
Euetls ,
Battsrles: Eustis, Tlbbetts and
Loomis, Masks and Thorps.
Toledo Base Ball Club
Will Bar Pop Bottles
Toledo, O., July 24. The assault
on Umpire George Johnston at the
local American Association park yes
terday wil result in the elemination
of the pop- bottle, according to plans
under way by Manager Bresnahan
and other stockholders of the club, it
was announced last night.
A paper substitute will be used, it
wai said.
Johnston was knocked unconscious
by one of fifty or more bottles thrown
from the stands when the spectators
were dissatisfied with a decision
which meant defeat for the home
club. The arbiter left the hospital
this morning with several stitches in
the back of his head where the missile
found its mark.
A ran
Marin Plesttna, Aloph Ernst Charley Cut
ler and Tousiff Hussans claim to havs
earned victories over Strangler Lewis. Ples
tlna defsated Lewis at Lexington, Ky., a
ysar ago, but thsrs art no records of ths
other matches.
Sacrifice, Infield Out and a
Single by Collins Puts Orer
Sun That Does Business.
Detroit, July 24. In a hard fought
thirteen-inning game today, Detroit
lost to Chicago, 3 to 2. The Sox won
in the thirteenth when Coveleskie,
after Felsch had hit safely, hit Terry
with the ball. A sacrifice, an infield
out and a single by John Collins put
over the run that won. Both teams
fielded well, and the pitching was
good. Wolfgand was taken out in
favor of a pinch hitter. Schalk was
put out of the game in the ninth by
Umpire Dineen for objecting to a
called strike. Manager Jennings of
Detroit was notified of his indefinite
suspension for his argument with Um
pire Nallin in Sunday's game. The
score : ,
JC'llns.rf 6 3 3 0 0Vltt,8b (112 0
W'ver,8b (301 6 2 0 7 0
EC'ln,2ti 4 2(8 1 Burns, lb 3 0 22 0 0
J'ckson.lf 6 0 3 0 OCr'ford.rf 4 0 0 0 0
Ken, lb 0 10 0 S 0 8 0 0 0 2 3 0 OH'I'ann.ct 4 14 0 0
Schalk, o 8 111 0Young,3b 4 117 0
Lapp.c 0 0 2 0 0McKee,2b 10(20
Lynn.c 0 0 11 1 C'elskl.p (10(0 6 1 1 1 OBaker.e 0 0 10 0
Wolfg'g.p 4 10 2 1-K'naugh 1 0 0 0 0
Willis's, p 1 0 0 0 0
VonK'I's 1 0 0 0 0 Totals. 40 7 3816 0
Murphy 0 0 0 0 0
Totals. 46 12 36 18 I
'Batted for Wolfgang In the eleventh.
"Ran for Lapp In the eleventh.
Chicago 100000100000 13
Detroit 0000010100000 01
Summary: Two base hits: Weaver, Schalk,
Felsch, Wolfgang. Three base hit: E. Col
lins. Stolen bases: Schalk. 8aoriflce hits:
Weaver, E. Collins, Jackson, Lapp, Terry,
Burns, McKse. Sacrifice fly: Burns. Dou
ble plays: Terry, E. Collins and Ness.
sB seaon balls: off Wolfgang, 4; off Wil
liams, 3; off Coveleskie, 3. Hits and earned
runs: Off Wolfgang, 0 and 2 In 10 Innings;
off Williams, 1 and 0 In 8 Innings; off
Coveleskie, 8 runs. Hit by pitcher: By
Coveleskie, J, Collins, Wesver, Lynn. Struck
out: By Wolfgang, 8; by Williams 3; by
Coveleskie, 4. Umpires: Dineen and Nallin.
Seavey Hudson Is
Medalist in Miller
Park Title Event
Seavey Hudson was medalist in the
qualifying round of the tournament to
decide the championship of the Miller
Park Golf club. Hudson played the
eighteen holes in 71. Phil Kendall
turned in the next score, a 76, while
M. F. Dillon shot a 77.
Name. Score.!
Seavey Hudson.... 71
Phil Kendall 7C
M. F. Dillon 77
Chas. Thlessen . .
John McTaggart
Name. Score.
Oeo. Graham 841
W. J. HI. lop U
Frank Russell 84
7R. 8. Kerr 84
s Walter Dudley s,
Today' 8 SportCalendar
John MorrU 7STubbi 33
Art Taylor ,..7?,H. J. McCartny. . . .91
J. E. Merrln m iYW. B. Cronk 91
Chai. Dooley 81! John Schlndler 91
Ed Tracy I?!C. B. Gaunt iS
Sidney Chambers. . 9 1 Oeo. Peacock hd
E. R. Burke 12 J. B. Fradenberg, . . 96
B. J. Hatch SlVOrlffith 100
Pairings for the first round of
qualifyers are as follows:
Hudson plays Tracy.
Morris plays Graham.
Marrlam plays Russell.
Burke plays Dillon.
Kendall play Chambers.
Taylor plays Hishop.
Dooley plays Malcolm.
Hatch plays McTassart.
Cleveland Tries
Out Toopeka Man
Cleveland, 0 July 24,-The Cleve
land Americans defeated the New
York Nationals 3 to 2 in an exhibition
game, winning in the ninth on a pass
to Chapman and singles by Bradley
and Howard. Cleveland tried out a
new pitcher, Lambeth, late of Topeka.
He was hit hard but careless base
running hurt the Giants. Cleveland
was unable to find Benton but
bunched hits off Way, the Yale Uni
versity pitcher. Score:
Cleveland 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 18 7 1
New York I 1 1 I lit I t 3 0
Batteries: Lambeth snd Bradley; Daly,
Schupp, Way, Benton and Kooher.
American Association.
At Toledo R. H. B.
Indianapolis .... 03000000 38 7 6
Tolsdo 0 0 0 3 0 1 0 14 8 1
Batteries: lndlanaoplts, Roggs and Oos
stte; Toledo, Main and Wells.
At Milwaukee It. H. B.
Minneapolis 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 8-'-7 8 8
Mllwuakee 41108010 04 t 8
Batteries: Minneapolis, Bentley and Land;
Milwaukee, Bluejacket and Nllhosfsr,
At Louisville R. H. B.
Columbu I I I H I I I 81 0
Loulsvill Illlltll 10 I
Batteries: Columbus, Fllllnglm. Llngrsn
and Colamsn; Louisville, McOraynsr and
Only thrse schsdolsd.
Danish Vessel Shelled
By a German Submarine
London, July 24. According to a
Lloyds dispatch from Tynemouth. the
Danish motorship Samsoe has been
towed to that port in a waterlogged
condition after having been shelled
by a German submarine. The crew
was saved.
The Norwegian sailing vessel Bats
and the. Swedish sailing vessels Juno
and Ida are reported in Lloyd's ad
vices to have been set on fire and to
be in a sinking condition.
Central Ohio trap shooting tournament,
at Marlon, o.
llllnols Valley Clrenlt meeting opens at
Streator. 111.. Nebraska Speed association
meeting opens at Tekamah, Neb.
Jack Brltton against Johhny (Irlirilhs, 18
rounds, at Boston. Johnny O'Leary against
Khamas O'Brien, 10 rounds, al Rochester.
Panny Goodwin against Tommy (iary, 10
rounds al San Antonio.
Five Hits Resulting in five
Buns Right at Start Give
Home Team Lead.
Linooln Woman Breaks Field
Club Record and Easily Leads
in State Tournament.
Pittsburgh, July 25. Pittsburgh
defeated Philadelphia 9 to 1 here to
day. Mamaux allowed the visitors
only three hits. The Phillies used
three pitchers. Five hits off Damaree
in the first three innings resulted in
the Pirates making five runs and four
hits in the fifth inning off Mayer
who replaced him, gave them two
more. McQuillan went in to pitch
in the sixth after Gibson tripled. The
P'kert,cf 8 0 3 0 lBalrd,8b 6 3 10 0
Dugey,3b 3 113 4 3 4 0 0
Stock, 3b 4 0 3 8 OW' 3 8 8 0 0
Good.rf 10 11 OH'h'an.rf 3 0 0 0 3 4 0 1 0 0F'rmer,2b 4 110 0
Lud' 4 0 8 0 lC'stello.lf 8 12 0 0
B' 3 3 14 Uoh' 3 3 6 1 0
Burns.c 3 0 3 1' IMa'aux.p 8 10 3 0
Adams.o 10 3 10
De'aree.p 1 0 0 3 0 Totals. 31 14 37 6 0
Cooper 1 0 0 0 0
Mayer.p 0 0 13 0
McQ'en.p 10 0 10
Totals. 38 8 84 30 4
Hatted for Demiree In fourth.
Philadelphia 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 01
Pittsburgh 1 3 1 0 3 1 0 1
Summary Two base hits: Bslrd, Wsgnsr.
Thereabse hits: Fanner, Johnston, Gibson.
Stolen bases: Oood, Bsncroft, 8; Bslrd,
Carey, Farmer. Doubts play: Stock, Dugey
and Bancroft. Bases on balls: Off Ds
maree, 3; off Mayer, 1; off Mammaux, 6.
Hlta and earned runs: Off Demaree, 6 hits
and 4 runs In 3 Innings; off Mayer, 6 hits
snd 8 runs in 3 Innings; none out In 8th;
off McQulllen, 4 hits and 1 run In 8 Innings;
off Mammaux, 1 run. Balk: Mammaux.
Struck out: By Demaree, 8; by Mcgulllen,
1; by Mammaux, 8. Wild pitches: Demaree,
Mayer, McQulllen. Umpires: Klein snd
Honolulu Swimmers Have
New Records to Their Credit
Honolulu, July 24. Honolulu swim
mers today have three new world's
records to their credit, according to
officials who timed an exhibition meet
in the Young Men's Christian associa
tion tank here last night Duke Ka
hanamoku made the first of the new
marks when he negotiated the 100
yard dash in a 20-yard tank in 55 3-5
seconds, shattering his old record of
54 2-5. Another of the new records
was made in the five-hundred yard re
lay event, when a team comprised of
Kahanamoku, George Cunha, C. Lane,
H. Kruger and J. Kelii covered the
distance in 4:43 3-5. The first four
named also hung up a new time when
they made the 400-yard relay in 3:44
Must Report on Conditions
Of Militiamen at Border
Washington, July 24. The War
department has instructed army com
manders at the border to submit
weekly reports showing the physical
condition of their commands and de
scribing the treatment accorded the
men. The reports, it was announced
here today, will be published to meet
criticisms alleging mistreatment and
undue hardships suffered by militia
men. Notes from Beatrice.
Beatrice, Neb., July 24. (Special.)
Henry Williamson of this city
topped the market with a bunch ot
hogs at St. Joseph last week. He had
fifty-eight head, which averaged 299
pounds and brought $975. This is the
fourth time Mr. Williamson has
topped the market.
Rev. N. P. Patterson and family
left today spn an extended trip to
points in Canada and Alaska. They
will return by the way of Seattle and
San Francisco. They expect to be
absent until September 1.
Many farmers in Gage county have
finished threshing their wheat crop
and the yield in most cases is better
than at first supposed, Yields from
fifteen to fifty bushels to the acre
have been reported in Gage county
and the grain is of much better quality
than last year.
Storm Wrecks Camp.'
Douglas, Arlx., July 34. The Nsw Jersey
brigade camp is a mass of wreckage to
night, the result ot a storm which tors
through the company atrssts, ripping tents
from their moorings, lifting trams hospital
and oompany buildings bodily and throwing
thorn across the state highway Into the
big ditches between the csmp and ths
railrosd tracks.
Iron Ago Editor fJosst.
Asbury Park. N. J., July 84. Charles W.
H. KlrehoR, of Nsw York, who for twsnty
years was sdltor of Iron Ago, died at his
summer home here today. He had been a
special agent of the United States Osologlcsl
survey and president of the American Insti
tute of Mining Engineers.
Miss Louise Pound of Lincoln is
the medalist in the first Nebraska
Women's golf championship tourna
ment, which opened yesterday at the
Omaha Field club.
Miss Pound turned in a neat 90 for
her qualifying round, and was five
strokes lower than her nearest com
petitor, Mrs. "Dick" Stewart, of the
Omaha Country Club.
As a result of her performance she
is a strong favorite to win the tour
nament. Mrs. E. H. Sprague, who
has hitherto won almost every honor
in the local feminine golf world, is
considered her most formidable rival.
Mrs. Sprague turned in a 101 for the
qualifying round, but was somewhat
off her usual game, and is expected
to play much better golf in 'her
Sinks Long Putt
The golf displayed in the qualifying
round was of a high standard, and
better than that shown in any previ
ous local women's tournament. Miss
Pound's 90 is a feminine record for
the Field club course, and is a better
score than many masculine perform
ers of long experience register on the
Field Club links. Her golf was steady
rather than spectacular, although she
wound up her round by sinking a
fifty foot putt from the extreme cor
ner of the eighteenth green.
Miss Pound, in addition to being
a good golfer, is the best womaen ten
nis player in Nebraska, and played
well into the final rounds of the state
tournament at Lincoln laat year
against masculine competitors. She
is an instructor in the state university,
and has played in several big golf
and tennis tournaments. ,
. Other Low Scoras ,
Mrs. Walter G. Silver, runner-up to
Mrs. Sprague in the state tournament
last year, Mrs. "Dick" Stewart, Mrs.
John W. Aillson and Mrs. H. L.
Arnold, all of whom turned in low
scores yesterday, are considered
championship possibilities, but odds
are that either Mrs. Sprague or Miss
Pound will win in the finals.
The tournament is the largest in
point of entries of any ever, staged by
Nebraska women golfers. A state
association is to be organized this
week, and an attempt will be made to
interest women from all over the state
in the annual tournament. It is sug
gested that the tournament be held at
the same time as the state men's tour
nament, when the state event comes
to Omaha, the women playing upon
some other course than that taken by
the men.
Following the the scores of qualifi
ers for the championship flight:
Miss Louise Pound, Lincoln Coun
try club, 90.
Mrs. John T. Stewart, 2nd, Omaha
Country club, 95.
Mrs. John Tillson, Omaha Field
club, 97.
Mrs. Walter Silver, Happy Hollow
club, 100.
Mrs. H. L. Arnold, Omaha Filed
Mrs. E. H. Sprague, Country club,
Mrs. Karl A. Lininger, Omaha
Field club, 107.
Mrs. Howard Goodrich, Happy
Hollow, 109.
Mrs. B. O. Bruaington, Council
Bluffs Rowing association, 111.
Miss Mable Mclcher, Seymour
Lake, 106.
Mrs. C. J. Ziebarth, Prittiest Mile,
Mrs. F. J. Despecher, Council
Bluffs Rowing association, 115.
Mrs. C. M. Johnson, Fremont, 115.
Mrs. L. S. Wernher, Omaha Field
club, 115.
The drawings for the match play
are as follows:
Miss I.OU1SS round plays Mrs. Karl Lin
inger. Mr. F. J. Despechler plays Mrs. W. O.
Miss Mabel Mslcher plsys Mrs. W. H.
Mrs. K. O. Bruslngton plsys Mrs. J. W.
Mrs. C. N. Johnson plays Mrs. H. L.
Mrs. Leila Wsrnhsr plsys Mrs. K. H.
Mrs. Allen Parmer plays Mrs. S. B. Toung.
Mrs. J. T. fllewsrt plsys Mrs. Howard
Mrs. J. D. Ringer plays Mrs. A. M. Smith
Mrs. C. J. Msrriam plays Mrs. J. H. Par
rot!. Mrs John Beklns plays Mrs. C. M. John
Mrs. F. A. Ssffron plays Mrs. Prank Rus
sell. Mrs. W. W. Richardson plays Mrs. Rsy
Mrs. C. H. Ashton plays Mrs. A. 8. Mid
land. Mrs. Ernest Sweet plays Mrs. W. B. Tagg.
Mrs. B. 13. Branch plays Mrs. J. J. Uu
Mies Alleo UoKensIs plays Mrs. W. R.
Mrs. W. H. Wslksr plays Mrs. L. M. Lord.
Mrs. Charles Drsshlsr plays Mrs. Q. W.
Mrs. A. F. Mullsn plays Mrs. C. P. 8.
Mrs. 8. B. Mathssn plays Mrs. W. D.
Mrs. Charlss Orandsn plays Mrs. B. A.
Mrs. Fred Crane plays Mrs. C. H. Marlsy.
Mrs. C. B. Zlsbarth plays Mrs. W. I.
Articles Signed for Title Bout
of Twenty Rounds at Colo
rado Springs Labor Day.
Chicago, July 24. Freddie Welsh,
lightweight champion, and Charley
White of Chicago, signed articles
here today for a title bout of twenty
rounds to a decision, to take place
in Colorado Springs, Colo., Labor
day, September 4." The promoters
guaranteed a purse of $17,500 for the
The bout will be the first of twenty
rounds in which Welsh has taken
part since he defeated Willie Ritchie
for the world's title In London, July
7, 1914. He took the title oil a de
cision in that match and has agreed to
surrender it on a decision Labor day,
should Billy Roche of New York, se
lected as referee on the insistence of
Welch's manager, Harry Pollock, give
a verdict against him.
Welsh because of his concessions
as to the decision and his possession
of the title will take down $13,500 as
his share of the purse, with the op
tion of taking 50 per cent of the re
ceipts should they go above $27,000.
White's share is to be $4,000. Welsh
comes in also for 51 per cent of the
moving pictures receipts.
Edward Pitts of Denver, who repre
sented the Colorado promoters, said
he would build an open arena to seat
14,600 persons. He put up a $5,000
forfeit, Welsh put up $2,500 and
White $1,000.
The bout will be under Marquis
of Queensbury rules. The men agreed
to weigh in at 135 pounds at 9 a. m.
the day of the bout, or about five
hours before they are to enter the
ring. They agreed to begin training
at Colorado Springs two weeks bp
fore the day of the fight.
The bout will be the fourth meet
ing of Welsh and White. The cham
pion has had the better of. the en
counters so far, but White is hopeful
of winning over a long route. '
Three More Cases of .
Infantile Paralysis
In South Dakota
Mitchell, S. D July 24. (Special.)
Health officers this morning an
nounced the quarantining of three new
cases of infantile paralysis. Five
cases have thus far appeared in Mit
chell during the month of July. This
new evidence of the spreading of ths
scourge in this part of the country has
led the Board of Health to issue strict
orders as to quarantine, cleanliness of
u.nlt the. tVirhiitrlitiff nf rhilrlrott
to congregate at any public gathering
whatsoever. Up to yesterday it was
supposed that immediate danger from
the disease in this city had passed and
the ban laid upon the assembling of
children under 12 years of age, was
lifted. This morning the order was
renewed to churches, theaters, li
braries and other places oi public
meeting. ' " -w
Cases here have been particularly
violent. The first two were fatal after
a very short period cf sickness. . The
condition of the three quarantined
this morning is very critical. -
British Win In Africa." '
London, July 14. British troops operat
ing In ths eastern section of Qorman Hast
Africa have occupied Muhesa and
Amlnl and have captured the whole of ths
L'SHiibsra rallwsy, acnordlns to an of-IK-lat
.announcement mads hsre today.
' British Ship Is Sank. - '
London, .July 81. Lloy4. announces thf
sinking of the British steamship Wolf, 44t
tons gross.
SIGHTLY He sack alacMc
CLi'rrr, rassoBT a CO., ISO., Macsss
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will appreciate a cold bottle of
it is most refreshing.
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