Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 25, 1916, Page 10, Image 10

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    i r 10
pots. ' Balk ef IM stuff aold t ll.?tO
Ml. out, aa ra noted, offerings Included
nothing toppy, and eomathlng food might
have brought a HUlr more. It wag lijll
Before anything like a wee made.
. ml , .... i ... mm nf feerilna
toden,U Cattle BUPPly'' Belli Lh m offar, end while ther. aeeraeil to
uueieteai ff o, phtT of buyer, lor them lateness of the
pecker market, coupled witn mi u
aellera wanted more money for feeding atook.
mado tha market alow, no deala being com-,
pieced up to noon. A load or ao of breeding
Quotation, on sheep and iambs: kambi,
good to choice. lamb., fair to
good, l.!6ei.75; lamb.. ''" .
t.l: yearlings, good to oholee. I7.l0el0;
yearllnga, fair to good, I7.00O7.B0; year
ling., feed.ra, l.606 J.lll wether., fair to
cholo., it.I67.IO; ewe., good to olc.
17.O0B7.10; owe., fair to good, o.7Bt7.00,
awea. plain cull., ll.0Oeit.7S; ewes, feeders,
I4.ltat.0t; ewe., yearllnga. !7. 6051.76,
ewes, breeders. 3'. and up, ll.007.7l.
" nnvnlT Hip-her Hor Be-
" ef B
,t .. i ceipts light.
l ( Omaha. July !4. lilt.
ferss were;. Cattle. ,-Hogs. Sheep.
Slllmat. Monday 4.t00 J.tot MOO
t Bam. day la.t week. t.671 , l.SOl 14,720
llin. d.r week. .go. 4.711 J.10J .. J.ttj
aaM day week. ago. 4.MS - i.040 7.7;!
I are day laat year... 4.111 4,t:i
The following table ahow. tha recelpta of
allle. hog. nd .heap at the South Omaha
ihra'atock market ror tna yeax data, aa
c.ompared. with laat year ;
f lilt. .'. 111. inc. Pec.
aula .... 4i,10 . 111.161 11.167 ,
,'IOg. .....Mil, 111 1.7M.IU !1M1
here .....1.016,174 1,UI,44 Ul.ltt
( The following tabla . enow lh average
MceB of hog. at the Omaha live .tock mar
ket for the tart few day., with comp.rl.on..
New Wheat Sells Traction Un
der Saturday's.Prices, While
Corn Drops a Cent. "
(uly lt.i
;iy 11.!
i uly il.
fuiy u.i
July 14.
tuly 16.
t uly It.
July 17.
t iy It.
iuly 11.
I uly It.
fair 11.
i uly SI.
uly II
uly 14.
10 Tt
a ze
I 47
I 71;
I 6
I at
I it
I It
i 71
i n
1 13
t 10) I iij I 77 I lit t ii
Receipt and dtBpeetttoa L of lie stock, at
: .ka llnlnn Stock yarns, Omaha, - neb. far
V.watrly-foar houra endtttg at -I - o'oloak v
Jul' it, 1tlt.
t J 1- . BECBIPTS CARS.. -
.ut. ... j ... . .. - H'r.'.
- Cat-Sh'p.H'gs.Muls
?. m ft at. p. . i i .. ..
Wabash ..... 1 .. .. 1
Julon Pacific il li it ..
:3, ft N. W., east 11 "
31 ft N. W., we.t .... M il 1 1 i t
1 St. P. M. ft O i 1- '.. .
1 B. ft Q., eaat ........ .. 1 .. ..
2. a ft Q., waat .' i 11' ..
a R. t ft P.. weat ...... 1 I
S. R. I ft P., waat .... i .. 1
IlllnolaOntral I -e.
Shicago Ot We.t ...... i ""-I"
Haga Dim Higher With Cattla and
Hbeep Firm
Chicago. July l Cattie Receipt., II,
000; firm n.tlv. beef cattla, It.tOtjlO.tO;
weetern ateera. 7.70l.tO; atock.r. and
feedera. 16.0081. 00; cowa and helfera, 13.10
At 10; calve.. It.tOBll.tO.
Hoga Recelpu, 17.000; firm, 10c higher,
bulk, II.UBl.tS; light, ti.16B10.00; ml.ed.
It.oioio.oti. neavy, p.vwv..v, ....
It.OSBi.lO; plge. 7.S0Bt.lO.
Sheep Recelpla, 1.000; firm. wf".; awea ll.10B7.t0; lamb., It.iO
810.40. .
. (M. Lorn. Un Stock Market.
St. Uiula, July It. tattle
i.MO head; market, .te.dy; native beef
eteera.; yearnna
ea HA1 B. AA. cowa. I6.60vl.oo.
.tockera and feeder.. 11.1081.16; Te.aa and
r.ti.hAMA iaera. prune jnf
ling ataer. and heifer., t.76Bl.16; cow.
.d halfer.. IS.008t.fl0; prima aouth.rn
etaera. .li.M01i.Ni patlva calvoa. it.008
higher: plge and llghta, il.00l.i6; mlaed
and butchara, II.76B10M; good haay,
l. 10810.00; bulk of ..lea,
Hheep and Laraba Receipt., 1,400 head;
market ateady; yearllnga, it.008t.60:
breeding awea, 11.00810.60; alaughtered
awea, 16.007.16; aprlng lamb., 17.008
10.00. . ' ,
industrial Alcohol, a Stock of
War Baby family,' One of
Disturbing Elements.
Omaha, July 14, Uli.
Today, wheal recelpta were exceptionally
heavy and there we. an -excellent demand
for all grade, of thl. cereal. New wheat
old at a fraction under Saturday', prtcee.
but tho marl-el generally wae Quoted from
unchanged to a cent lower.
The top price paid for No, i hard wheat
wa. 11.14. but tha bulk aold at II.
and aavaral car. brought 11.14.
The bulk of the No. I hard aold from
11.01 ft to 11.11 H, a few cara of choice .ail
ing at 11.13.
Corn rocelifta were comparatively light
and there wa. a moderate demand for thla
cereal. Tha market wae a trifle weak and
ruled from o to lo lower.
Oata wera dull and ruled from a quarter
to a half cent lower. Tha caeh demand
for oata waa not very active and recelpta
ware oretty fght
Rye and barl.y wera quoted nominally
unchanged. ware: Wheat and flour equal
to 711,000 bu. corn, 41,001 bu.; oata, 117,00
Liverpool cloae! Wheat ateady to id
higher; oorn, unchanged to Hd lower.
Primary wheat recelpta were 1,611,000 bu.
and ahlpmenta llt.OOO mi., agalnet recelpta
of 1,117.000 bu. and ahlpmenta of 161,000 bu.
laat year.
Primary torn recelpta wera 017.00 bu.
and ahlpmenta 111,000 bu.. agalnet recelpta
of StMOO bu. and ahlpmenta of 401,000 bu.
laat year,
Primary oata recelpta were 1,111,000 no.
and Bhipmenta 180,000 bu., agalnet recelpta
tlMO bu. and Bhipmenta of 611,000 bu.
laat year, .
"" Wheat Corn.. Oata.
. Total receipt. ........1H II II I
i - ' Cattle. Sheep. Hog..
Merrl ft Co. ........ 176 161 111
wrft and company .. Ill
-udehy Packing Co. . .'. , ill I
Armour ft Co. Ill .1
twarti ft Co. ;,i ?
1 W. ' Murphy ........ I
Unrolo Packing Co. .... II .
Hunlnger ft Oliver " iT .
udahy from Country ... ...
Benton, Tanaant ft Lueh 11 1
Hill ft Son 101 '
r. B. Lawla ..........
I. B. Root ft Ca ,..).. ' It
J. H. Bulla Mr'
Roaenatock Brog. 101
P. C. Kallog ...v...... it .
Werlhelmer ft Degea .... 10
H. T. Hamilton 1st
Hlgglna 1
Huffman ............ 1
Rath : 11
Baker, Jonea ft Smith. .v,::, 4
Banner Broa II
Dennla ft Francl. 14 .
lenaan-ft LungraB HE '-
pthar Btlyen Ill '
I Total .............. ..I.ill 1,117 li.ooi
V vatlle Tha weak atarta out with a very
moderate run of cattla, appnulmately 4,000
head, or only about ne-half a. large aa
on laat Monday. -Reoetpta Included com
paratlvaly few desirable cattle elthar corn,
feda or ranger., and largely lor thl. reaaon
the .market waa rather alow, at-the open
ing,. Demand waa gerrdV however, end price
unevenly higher than tha claaa of laat weak,
anywhere from ateady to 10O16& higher.
Very good cornfed baavea brought 11.16 -and
very too yearllnga Tha waatarna
war iargaly on tha leader order and tha
boot and of tha graaaera war ot rathar com
mon quality aa a . rule.
i . Caw. and keifar wera In limited gupply
and active demand at prtcee fully 10lto
higher than the.eloaa of laat weak. Carve.
bulla, taga, etc. wera a loo a little atronger,
t Stock cattle and feeding - ateera were
cleaned p pretty wall laat week and aa
affvrhrga thla morning ware dt limited pro
portion.; th. market waa active-and prleaa
.lOQlle higher for anything deelrable.
V Quotation, on cattloi Oood to ebotoa
Vaavaa,; fair to good beevea,
It ltd SO; common to fair beevea, tl.tO
I.N; good to choloe yaarllnga. lt.ltOlt.t0i
fair to good yaarllnga II loot to; common
to fair yaarllnga, 17. 1181. 60; (cod to choloe
kellera.!.!; good to okaloa aaw.
It.7l7.7l; fair t. good oowa,;
oommea to fair oowa. il; sood t
akotc taadera, 7.lii.0ii fair to good
faadara, I7.0087.IO;- oommon lo fair feed
era, 11.4087.00; good to choloe atoekera,
- I7.4II.00; atock helfera. il.lt8l.7S; Block
I oowa,; atock aalvaa. Il.7t8l.l0;
(veal CAlveaVll.WBU.7ti beef bulla, jtage.
at... i.i7.Ml Bologaa bulla. Il.608t.60.
I Bapraaantatlva aalea: . ., . , -
Diaane anv naita jur-o.
, Kaaaaa City Uh Stock
Kanaaa City. July 14. Cattle Recelpta.
0011, higher. Prime ted eteere, li.SOB
10,60; dreed beef .Men, i7.lS8l.16; weet
ern atoerB, IS.60BI.16; atocker. and fead
r., 1.7687,74; bull., 16.1687.00; calve.,
Hoga Receipts 1.100; higher. Bulk,
lt.6Otfl.70; heavy, It.708t.l0; packer, and
butchara,; light I.1C8I.I0; plga, .
Sheep Reoelpl.. ' 4,700; ateady, Lamba,
Ii68 Ol.lOi yearllnga, 17. 608!. 00; wethere,
l,ltl 17.0087.60; awea. 10.6087.00.
l.l . - - '. ... - J
nt. JOOepO uvo rnooa maraoa.
It Joooph, . July it. Cattla Receipt.,
I baa hamd: market ateady;. ateera, it.soD
t.7t; now. and helfera, H.ltBt.00; calvaa,
I ee AAB.1 1 AA .
Hoaa HOCeiBlB, e.evv nvau, -
I higher; lop, 11.70; bulk ol aalea, li.iov
lt.40. . . - ; - ' .
ShaoB nd Lambo naceipta, !, aeaa;
I market ateady; lamba. l,S0 10.00. .
' City Uto Stock Market. -Mona
city. July It. Cattle Receipt.,
I.ioo headi market 10c higher; native
I ateera, I.SOBv.oo; cowa ana aeiiere, ee.euw
I 7.i0; cannera,; atocnera anq
I feeder., S.iqe7.7S; bulla, BtaiB, etc., It.II
' ...
. vaoep .ana lamwr-.
r. Vn Stock In Sight.
RecelpU of live etock at tha five prin
cipal weetern market, yaatarday: .
. Cattla. Hog.. Sheep
Omaha ...... ...... 4,000 4,600 1,001
St. LrfiuU .......... 6,100 i,100 1.401
Chloago .,,.17,000 11,000 1,001
Kanaaa City i.tO 11,000 . 4,701
Sioux City 1.40 M0
ST. . Av. Pr. ,- No.
I 1. ....... til II 71 II..
I. ....... Ill I 10 14..
I - .' . HEIFERS.
I i. ....... ii l 7i - I..
17........ ill 10 1.,
S l... . is I - l..
I - . . a-EBTDBRS. I
., til i ii n........ Mi to
.. T47 ii II. I 401 10
.. Ill 1 , II HI I 10
..111! 14
' Hoga Today'a receipt, of hog. war tha
- lighteet of tha year for a Monday, and tha
- emallcet for any day alnoa March, Only
nine cara, or about 4.100 head, ehowad up,
which la over 1.000 lighter than laat weak,
2.S0 entailer than two week, ago and a
shortage of nearly 1,000 head aa compared
with tha correa pending Monday of- laat
lyaar. '
f Stronger price ware the-rule at all mar-
kta today, and with aa moderate a local
l run buyere had to Day a full 1810c ad-
ana gooo
Craa Iamae-e Report. Send tha Car
r Muck lllgbar.
Chicago, July it. Crop damage report,
oarrlad wheat Drioea aharoly upgrade today
after aelbacka hut reaulted from cooler
waathar northwest and from enlarged rural
ahlpmenta In the weat and aouthwaat The
market oloaed atrong, i1eIMi net higher
with September at 11.11 and December
at 11.16. Corn flnlehed Ho on to ho up,
and oata gained a ahada to Ho. In pro
vlelona there wa ft net- advanoa ot 108
17H-0. v, ,
it waa evident at tha wlndup of kual-
aeaa today that tha injury to oropa In the
aprlng wheat region waa being taken .more
eerlouely by tha trade In geosral than had
'previously been the case. Tha lnvaelon of
Manitoba by blao kruat waa authoritatively
confirmed, and there wera definite advices
that fields In tha Dakota, which a weak ago
aeemed only slightly Infected wera now
aimnet ruined. A leading exuart aent word
from Bradley, S. D that tha loaa In South
Dakota, waa much greater than waa gen
erally knows and that tha crop In North
Dakota was also badly damaged. Moot of
tha time In th. earlier part of tha aeeelon,
however, tha fact that cooler waathar pre
vailed In tha northwest tended somewhat
a aiiav fears regarding black met Heav-
iiv tncreaaad arrivals of Baw winter wheat
....1140 If 'ft I at Kansas City, St Louis and Omaha ware
"" V . ' . u ...MiinB hv tha baara.
Wheat These sales were reported today:
. 1 hard winter: 1 car, ll.ltvi; l ear,
It. No. I hard winter: I cars, 1114; II
cars, II Ho; 1 Oar. il.liH. No.
hard winter: 1 car (new), 11.144;
care. li nt. No. 4 hard winter: 1 cars, 11.01;
cars. 11.07: a car., il.oeuj a cara,;
car. il.OSu.: I cars. 11.01: 1 cara 11.04: 1
car, II 01. Sample hard winter: 1 car, II. 06; i
ear., 11.04; l car, II. oi; l car, ll.ojuj;
can, 11.01 1-7 car, 11.01. No. I aprlng: 1
oar. 11.11: No. 4 mixed: 1 car, tl.Oltt.
Corn No. 1 white: 1 car. 77 tic no,
white: 1 cara, 77Ko. No. I white: 7 can,
77c No. white: 1 car, 76c; I cars, 71 c.
No. 1 yellow: 1 car. 7Mte. No. i yellow: 1
car, 71 Vic No. I yellow: 1 car, 78 It a; I
can, 7le. No. 4 yellow: 1 car,' 7lo. No. I
yellow: I oar, 7loj 1 car, 77o. no, y.l
lowi 1 ear, ITVic Sample yellow! 1 car,
7lp. No. i mixed: 1 ear, 7le; 1 ear. 77 He.
No. 4 mixed: 1 car, 77o. No. I mixed: 1 car.
ttc No, mixed: 1 ear, itujot i car,
Oata Standard: I cara, lie No. I white:
can, llo; can, lIMjc. No. a wnita:
can, lie Sampla; 7 can, 17c: I can,
iitto; 1 can, ISMc ,
umana t;aen rneea wneai: no. e
turkey, $1. 1281.144: No. I hard, 11.01
II; NO. 1 hard, 9l.0lui.a; .ample,
1.14W: No. 1 anrlng. 11.1181.11.
Corn: No. 1 white, 77877 (io; No. i white.
76SB77c; No. I white, 76K7mo; No.
white 768'a0 no... wmie, -fiyoiBc;
Sample white: No. 1 yellow, 7tl471Ho;
No. I yellow. 77S07IC-, No. 4 yellow, 778
7lol i No. i, yellow, 77877HC Sample yel
low: No. 1 mixed, 77 071c; No. I mixed,
7ii877Vio; No. I mixed, 7ltt77e; No. 4
mixed, 7l48;!(tc; No. I mixed, 7614
7IHc. Sample mixed: 118 lltt,
Oata: No. l wnite, ib8b?o; etanaara,
IIViBilltcr No. I while, 17H81IC
yiarley: No. ,; matting, aivsio;
rejected, I08ile.
Bye; No, I, litrieo. -
Boll Have TJwa Way la Wheat Pit Corn
Price Ta,
Omaha, July It. till.
Tha wheat market was very hulllah. both
the September and December options ad
vancing about I cents.
Wheat tndlng waa quite active aunng
the -entire seaelon and wa very -heavy
around the does. -
Tha oorn market was also atrong, Sep
tember closing tto higher and December
about Sao higher.
There was a raatr amount oi waning in
corn, but the oala market waa rather dull.
September oata advanced 140 and th Da
oember declined about tie.
Omaha closing price on future for thla
f i...
' II. . V
vane. Hhlbning call was broad,
Ulghta and batchers, which, censlderlng rrj,ol4uol No .4 yellow . lIHOIlc.
-lha amallBmM of tha aunnlv. wera fairly Y Jr. V .. ... A
.iu wen muoh attention by the bean.
la the laat hour tha temporary optlmlam
regarding black rust virtually disappeared
In the wheat pit, Late reporta, aapsooially
from -North Dakota were advene to the
eelllng aide. At Kansal, N. D the peet In
aa advanced stage wae found to hove dt
.Umb an all head atalkc and there waa
aald to be only one eection of the etata
that aid net send In bad reports me aorta.
wmI aornar around Mlnot
Dry hot weather In the corn belt brought
about higher prlcee for deferred deliveries
of corn. Enlarged recelpta hero though
made the July option ralatively weak. Oat.
averaged higher with wheat and oorn.
Nevertheleas, on the bulge, tne selling waa
Indulged la by some OI tna laroar wwa.
uuh.r nrleaa on hogs lad to an ad
vance In provisions. Paoken wen active
buyere, chiefly ot lard.
hi..vo Cask Prlcee Whatt No. I red. ttl.ltV. No, i red, new. 11.1181.10;
No.' I hard, new, Jl.ll : No. 3
hard. new. il.ll. torn: no. . yeuow,
war .
I Open. I High. Low. Close, I Bat
Sept 111 UH 1114 lllH 112H
Dec. 116-rl SllSllt'J llBli "6H
C?et - TSH ".'h H "HI,".
Dao. II. 11 IIM il UH
Sept il IIH H UH il
Dec. I 41 41 40H 40H 41
Chicago oloelng prlcee, furnished The Bee
by Logan ft Bryan, atock and grain broken,
111 South Sixteenth etreet:
Art.. Ii Open. High, ILow.l Close. Sat.'
tha smallaeas or tne supply, wan tairiy whllc 41841 Ho; atandard. 4i41Hc
numeioua, mm nauny on aarir ivnu H . . Mw 70. No. 1, nominal. Bar-
IB 10 advance.
-The early packer blda shewed little Or lie
advance, but aellen all held for enarpiy
ley. 13 9 76c Seeds: Tlmotny,; ciover,
17.0081400. Provisions: Pork, I36.oovif.lo
aellen all held far snsrpiy ,7." . ..h- en teu.etiit.siu.
higher price, and buyen r.m..ll. raised " ai - v
their hands, until, when movement started,
valuca wen tn about the aame notches aa
ehlppen had paid that la, 1910c higher
than at the eloae of laat week. In fact,
packer buyen, who found good hogs nther
scarce by the time they got etarted, thought
the market waa nearer lOo higher than any
thing alee. The cloee waa as usual, a little
dulH- there being a few scattering bunches
of not overly desirable stun left in the
after everything elee wu cleaned up,
meat of the offerings had starlsd ecalewi
aar ahortly after I oclock.
. Some of the advance ehewn by the ar
erage could be -attributed to Improvement
la quality, for; coaaldarlng the else of the
run, good ewot aere much more plentiful
-Than they wen Saturday, when quality waa
Booref even than uaual. Moat of the paek
KX lteg aold at -i. while shlppera
-bought a good many at a epned of ft. 409
,4i, eavenl loada reaching the latter figure
which waa tha top.. Todays reaction car-
aii.uanalla Oral Market.
i Mln'naauollc July it. Wheat, July,
l.iiHi September, il.ii. Caah: Nc 1 hard,
II. 1281. aa: HO. t noruiein,"
I ..!..,. II SJB1.17.
riour Fancy patente, II.IOl other
gradea unchanged, -Barley
6)7C -. V
Rye 11811c. '
BRAN 117.60 911.00. ; .V 'i
Corn No. I yellow, 139140.
Oata No. I whits. IIH9!i-
riaxaeed il.ilH91.00H.
Kaaaaa City General Market.
ITaneaa CitV. July 14, Wheat N.
hard, IJ.liVi91.Ul No. I rad, 11.1191"
July, 11-16; September, il.l!j voce
r'.ill!.No.' . I mixed. lOBIOUc: Nc
white 1091 if I No. I yellow, HBHc, July,
0c: September, 71 He; uecember, e,c
afblta. BtU.843c: No. r
nea Mia aenara, puma in., i. - . j IBeBtic.
..- a..HH. , h.if af laetlbtlxaa, .seytvc.
at any time during the latter half of le" ,Ju",'l,rJCre.'mery, lie;
wT l hey wan laot Tudey and Wln "SZviriirul 11 He
gay. a'hlch were high daya of rVa weak.
atapj HUBieuTv
Kc Av.' Sh. Pr. .'
3I..-11' I 1
Ji..soi- 10 ft
66.. 116 ii II
I4..IS1 ... i ii
II. .111 ... i 10
Poultry Hans, ltoi roosters, lOHo; ore
era, lie
Uverpeol Orala Market,
Liverpool, July 14. Wheat Spot Nc
..rJ, ,fl. Id: Na. I. Ill Id.
Corn ttpot Amorican mixed, new, lie Id.
eiA.,h. winter natenla. 47c
Hope 1 London: feetfte coast 14 lie9
It 16c ., ... - .
' Evaporated Apples and Dried Frail
New York, July 14. Slvapo rated applee
Dull, rency, ivtttoi cnoica, e-aervn
PPrunea5uleU, California Ma to 40s.
IHc; Oregon.. 7910c .
Aprlcota Dull; cnoice 1I913HOS I
.k.i unite: tencr. HH911Hc;
Peachea Dullj. holco, Ic; extra choice,
I Hot fancy, 7c.
Ualalna Plrrai loose muocatels, I9IH
choice to fancy aeeded. T9iei soeaieae, i
9l0c.(ii . ,.. ,' .
Xiy".- Metal Market.'
New ' York. July 14. Metale Exchange lead at 11.11 aaked. Rpelter, nrm
" :T "T..T"7r.V" K..t at. Loul. delivery. II.4IH810.
vase on uuk weaaa cioea, ana eanr npuria - - . - ... cnM,, na
.i .ii. k. -a . n. IcoDoor. rm eleclnlytlo. 111.00817.00.
V Nc At.
1 14.11
i 4.. It!
' II.. I7f
'. 1I..I1
' I, .in
- Sheep Compared -' with ' recent Mendayc
sheep and lamb recelpla wen only fair. Ar
rive la counted out about thlrty-thne ran.
or 1,104 bead, being 1.001 ehort of a weak
ago, and allghtly entailer. than two weeks
ago. although nearly twice aa large aa for
the rorreepondtng day or laat year.
- Unite a few eld eheep and yearlings were
offered, - but demand continues good, am)
everything aold by mldforenoon. If any
thing, - prices looked atnnger on paper, but
quality waa better than laat week all anund,
and moat tndera oallad the market eteady.
Ooed range ewaa that wsn a little weighty
brought 17.44, while a feai real desirable
wether made 17.1.- ead a deck or ao of
'range yearllnga touched Met.-. Three can
of yearllnga and vethen mixed landed at
tl.41. ... . -i
In new or tna gtrengin in pncee at cni
-inri1 tukftd hl.h moD.T for (heir No. S. 3.00OS0.i No. 1 fouilt.rno io
.Hi, n4 their first offer wr. U ar
vbr. keiMr than hurt wtwh'r eteM.
When, ft ton towards rnltltiay, th llinbi
1 rHnlly itdirtaMl lt tnon, thm wr Almottt
t m auuir optntoM n th markst u thr
ver 4rftdra In th barn. On papar priewtj
r jut itAy with lat iratii' cltwt. bat
tfttftUtr of the offerings wu tt fto $od,
' ).r Wtc no ml deiirablo lafnlM her, and
' roiwldarififf the 1m of aorta avert one raited
."." mw atroiicar, white aaiiw trad era thought
m0 wen u much m a dim higher In
lTk: No. S. Ill.TIS2t.IB. Tin, quiet
.gart affarad at I3I.IQ.
A JjOBQOn ; tipoi Cppjr, erj , uvtll area.
til , atevYlralvtli. C) 11. 8 Dot tin. flll
fura. Al-I tUad, MT 16a. 0pHr. (It,
Dn (4da MarluH.
New York, July 14, Dry good markets
war Innueiwea ravoraoir toaajr ay in
Mifted final Mttlement f tha pro
long! atrtk or garment worKera. (.-ouon
vnntia ahnwed Increaatd nctiviti. Jobber
report! good Uad. , .
New York, Joly Th girationa of
United State InduatrUl alcohol, one of
the more upeculatiT eerul-war laaue, wa
the une tiling- feature of toduy'a market.
A-cohol opanedy with the balanco of the
Kit at a Mltght grain,' but won developed
acute weaknei, which Increaited with the
progrew of the setwlon. The itock made
an extreme declin of lOto 106, wiping
out much of laet wek'a 17-polnt rscovery.
There waa an absence of new, offlclal
or semi-official to account for the heavy
liquidation, but rumor associated the se
vere reversal with some unexpected ob
MtniMft in thd negotiations for a large con
tract with the French government. Males
of alcohol amounted to 37,000 shares, mak
ing It next to United State meet, tne
most active feature of the day. .
Steel for a tim was the market' uheet
anchor on It rls of 1.4 to 7, it best
price In something like a fortnight. Buy
ing of teel, which later surrendered It
gain and a small fraction besides, was
npiil4t(l noon th atatement which will
follow tomorrow's quarterly meeting of lh
Other strong feature of the forenoon
Included the motors, especially Maxwells,
the shipping group. Independent steel and
Iron issue, sugars and tobaccos. Among the
later Iigtt and My ere mad an advance of
134 with 15 for Q. W. Holme.
Pressure wa most often directed against
th Mexicans, some of the more conspicuous
munitions, notably Baldwin, Crucible and
Wtlnghoue, a well a xruiwer anu
mlcelaneou issues. Ball gava promls
of strength, but fi. n moderate of
ferings In the final hour, when quotations
were at lowet levels. Total sale of stock
amounted to 430,00 share.
Oeneral news, asm irom m unceriiu7
annriinei th railway- labor problem, was
tMintv nnnatruetlva. Southern Pacific
ported an Increase of $1,332,000 In June
operating income, and weetern line showed
heavy tonnage gains over last year.
Bonds wer Irregular with atock chiefly
In consequence of heavy offering of inter
national war Issue as slight concessions.
twa.. ..I. tiBr v alius. 12.2500.000.
K United BUteg bonds wer unchanged on
Number of leading sale and quotations
on the market were;
b.1ai Hltrh. Low. Close.
Am. Beet Sugar.. 4,300 91 8IH H
American Can 1.800
Am. Car A Found. 4,100
American Loco 10,800
Am. Smelt Ret. 00
Landi and Money of Late Paul
Boob, Sarpy County Farm
er, at Stake. .
Am. Huara Ref
Am. Tel. Tel...
Am. Zinc, L. ft 8. . .
Anaconda Copper..
Baldwin Loco
Baltimore ft Ohio..
Brook. Rapid Tr...
Butte ft Sup. Cop.
Cat. Petroleum....
Canadian Pacific..
Central Leather...
Cheeapeake Z Ohio.
C, M. ft St. Paul..
Chicago ft North...
C, R. I. Z P. By...
Chlno Copper
Colorado T. ft I...
Corn Prod. Ref....
Crucible Steol
Dietitian' Security.
General Blectrlc...
Ot. North, pfd....
(It. North. Ore ctfe
Illinois Central -. .
Inter. Con. Corp.. 1,000
Inaplratlon Copper. ......
Inter, liar., N. J
Int. M. H. pfd. ctts 11,100
K. C. Southern'.
Kenneoott Copper. . .... ,
Louis, ft Nash
Max. Petroleum... 11,100
Miami Copper..... 100
11.. K. ft Tex. pfd. ......
Missouri raiuc.... s.ivv
Montana Power
National Lead
Nevada Copper....
N. Y, Central
N. T., N. H. ft H..I
Norfo k ft West...
Northern Pacific..
Pacific Mali
Pacific Tel. ft Tel..
Pennsylvania .....
Hay con. copper. .
Rep. Iron ft steel..
Shat Alia. Copper.
Southern Pacific . .
Southern Railway.
Studebaker Co. ....
Tenneasee Conner..
Texae Company.,..
union Pacific
Union Paolflc pfd
66 S 66
il 6Vi
I6K 16.
it sttt
UK lt
79ta 71
10414 1041
7114 7114
H l
nt. ei
10 17114 17714 -177
700 ii 644 64
700 61 tt 10 Vi 0
4. 70S 1701 16HU 16i
1,200 1111 11 (4 11
II il
II 41
li 47
40 IIOj KUj 107
100 101H 103 1U3
600 II If 6014 60(4
600 11711 117 124
1,000 lilt 111 111 a
..... ..... ..... 1.
4,10 it. 111 II1
1,70 11 IIH 11
1,10 71 li 17 7
1.000 41 4614 45
400 iih mi I6U
700 1 I7H II;4
oo nit uti nii
121)4 126 14
II 1414
1 111 10
,li 167 167
Ind. Alcohol. (7,400 IliK 106H 106t
. Steel 17,60 17(4
u 8. 8teel nfd.... 1.100 lis : lll ll'tK
Utah Copper 1.100 77 71)4 li a
wabaan pfd o . it
Weetern unlcn 73
Weetlngh. Eltctrle. I.1C0 61)4 Clti ilk
Total sales tor tne oay, t.o.vvu snares.
Quota tlone a( th Day ob.ib
Comnodltle '
New TOrk.' July 14. riour Firm: spring
patents. l.4i6.ll; winter patents. 16.160; winter stralgnta, st.i6tDb.oo.
Wheat sgot strong; No. 1 'durum.
II Hit! No. I hard, 11.14: No. 1 northern
Duluih. 11.41: No. 1 northern. Manitoba,
11.11 f. o. b. New Tork.
t:orn spot, oaey; no. l yeuow. bo e. l.
(. New Tork.
Oata Spot, ateady: standard. 47447io.
Hay Steady: prime, 11.36: No. 1, 11.10:
No. ,1. gl 061.10: No. I. l0i7Vie; ship
ping1, 7ilio. .
Hope Btaanyi state oommon to onoice, iii,
lllc: 1114, lOtc: pacific tout, HI 6, 11
14c;, 1114, lOlic. '
Hliiaa Steady; Bogota,' ilVjOI3H: cen
tral America, 11, .
Leather Firm: hemlock flrat. 1701 aao-
onda, lie.
Pork Firm; mess. 117.0:7.10; family.
Ilt.ootsqi.6e: short clear. Il6.ooei7.00.
Beef Quiet; meae, I1I.00O1I.60; family,
Lard Firm: middle weet, 9ix.ooeyi!.io. .
Tallow Eaay: rlly. 7 tic, nominal; coun
try aoeclal. Itattte; special, lite asked.
woo steaay: aomeatio 1 aa unio.
Rice Steady; fancy head, IVilte; Blue
so. tueittc
Molaaaee Steady: New Orleans open Rot
tie, 40t50c.
' Otnaba Hay Market. :
Omaha. Neb,, July 14. Hay Receipts
llehl: market firmer tinder good grade.
Upland prairie: Choice, 110.10; No. 1. II.O0
OlO.Ov; NO. B. ei.vweye.vv; no. e, ...vvir
1.00. Midland prairie: No. 1, It.i0ei.00;
No. I. I7.00el.0e. Lowland pratrle: Choice,
17.00; No. 1, II.Ni No i, I4.00ei.00; No.
a. 6100 44.10.'.
Aiiaua e.t.vvt .v. ,. e.-w". .ua.u
11.00: No. 1, No. 1. n 0001.00,
Straw Oat, (I.tO; wheat, 11.00.
.New York Money Market.
New Tork, July 14. Money On call,
steady: high, IM. per cent; low, IV. per
cent: ruling rate. 114 per cent: last loan.
11 per cent; closing bid. 1)4 per cent) of
fered it 1U oar cent.
Time Loans Steady; sixty days, I lie
1 per oent; ninety days, !04 per oent
six months, 404)4 per cent. '
Mercantile Paoer 44.4)4 nor cent
Sterling Exchange Sixty-day blltsj
14.71)4: demand. S4.70: cables. I4.7SW..
Silver Bar, 1314c; Mexican dollars, 4114c.
Bonds oovsrnment, eteady; railroad,. lr
U. I. ref. le reg. ItUL. ft N. on. 4... 1414
do coupon IllfM. K. ft T. 1st 4s 7414
U. 8. Is, re.. ,100 'Mo. P. con. Is. .101
do coupon.... ;100 Mont. Power la.. I7t
U. S. 4a, reg...l0ll,N. Y. C. deb. te.ll!
do coupon. .,..110 T. C. 4)4a414..1074
"Am. smelt. BS..1V? r. x., r. it. ot
Am. Tel. ft Tel. H. cv. Is 11IX
cvl 4H. 10S), No. Pacific 4s... tilt
Anglo-Frsnch 6a lilt do is II
Atchison gen. to 13 'Ore. 8. L. ref. 4s. il S
Bait, ft Ohio 4a tOUjPac. T. ft T. 6s..l00tt
Beth. St. ref. ia.l001aPenn. con. 414a.. 10444
Cent, Psclflo 1st IIH do gen 4MjS...101Uj
Che. ft O 0. 4Vj. 16 Reading gen la. lift
C, B. ft Q., i. 4s I748t. U ft San F.
C ,M. ft St. P. rrf. 4a 1114
cv. is 10616 cv la.. 10!
C. R. I. ft P. Ry do rr. 4a 10 li
' ret. 4s 73HHo. Railway la.. 10114
Col. ft S. r. 4 Ha. II Union Pas. ts... 7Vt
ft R. Q. a ea 7S . do cv. 4S rsa
Brie gen. 4a.... Tt "u. b. nuooer se.ius
Oen. Electric 6s.104VjU. a Steel 6a. ...lot
OL No. 1st 4 Its. Itttwest. union 4tts s
111. Pen. ref. 4a. SR W. Etec. cv, ls.114
Int. M. M. 4U.106 C. ft R. O. 6 70
K. C. So. ret. 6s 81 Mj 'Bid.
Be hilifehintf Ca OMAHA.
eja it;.
Vi i-: '
- o , I 1 1'
An estate containing 3,331 acres of
Sarpy county farming land and sev
eral thousand dollars, besides totalling
ing value tomething more than $125,
000, are at stake in a trial in which
Julianne Bogb Pope, heir of the late
Paul Boob, well known Sarpy county
farmer, is endeavoring to have her
former guardian, James R. Wilson
reinstated, and to receive the property
said to have been wrongfully taken
from her. The case is to come uo
Thursday in the court of Judge Les
lie at Fapillion, and includes charges
reflecting on tne conduct ot certain
Omaha lawyers.
Attorney W. K. ratriclc ot soutn
Omaha is chamoionintr Mrs. Boob.
"Paul Boob died ten or twelve
years ago after an eventful and sue.
cessful life," says Mr. Patrick, relating
the story. "He left an estate contain
ing! 1.288 acres of Sarov county land
valued at approximately .$125,000, as
well as $1H,UU0 or U.UUU personal
property. Mrs. Julianne Boob , inher
ited a widow's share of the estate,
along with three sons, two daughters
and tour grandchildren.
Mrs. Boob Remarries.
"Subseauentlv Mrs. Julianne Boob
remarried, this time to inaries A.
Pope, and through the dominating in.
fluence of her new husband squan
dered a large part of her inheritance,,
until the court appointed a guardian
on the ground that she was incompe
tent Seven years ago tne court
granted the request and since then
Clerk James R. Wilson has officiated
uardian. ,
everal attentats were made by
Mr. and Mrs. Pope to secure the dis
charse of the suardian. but unsuc
cessful until June 19 last. Her ap
plications were handled Dy Attorney
Charles Hoover and Attorneys
Murphy and Winters of the South
Side, who later withdrew, seeing the
hopelessness of the case. Last win
ter the case was taken up Dy an
Omaha attorney, Herman G. Boesche.
"According to the testimony of in-,
vtstigators, Boesche first went to the
guardian and suggested that to avoid
trouble with the i"ope tamiiy it wouio
be best that he withdraw as guardian.
A fee of first $1,000. and then $1,500,
was promised in lieu of such action,
but Mr. Wilson empnancauy reiuseu.
Attorney Boesche next interviewed
Attorneys Anthony E. Langdon and
E. S. Nickersort of Sarpy county, rep
resenting the heirs, and promised that
if they would, withdraw from the fight
in court they would receive; a fee of
15 per. cent of the entire estate' im
mediately on the receipt of the resig
nation of Guardian Wilson.
- Refers to Recent Suit
On Tune 19. last, a successful suit
was brought in the court of Sarpy
county. Judge George A. Day presid
ing, by which the guardian was re
tired, and after the court session the
tire estate of Mrs. Pope except eighty
or ninety acres of land in her own
name was deeded over to Enos T.
Hughes, Gretna, as trustee. The deed
included the shares that would have
gone to the children of Mrs. Boob by
death of their mother.
"By sundown that night Attorney
Boesche .had succeeded, ht' deeding
over to himself every share of prop
erty that Mrs.. Pope had left through
the new trustee. The consideration
was "$1 love and affection," recorded
on the books of Sarpy county today,
In the few days that toiioweo Attor
ney Boesche also applied to and ob
tained from W. H. Thomas of Omaha
a loan for $4,500 on the estate.
Charles A. Pope received $2,000 of
this, which he immediately invested
in the Chesapeake cate .ot umana,
terming the new corporation the 'Em
pire Cafe Company,' with Charles A.
rope, Sam Joe, a uunaman uie
former owner and Arthur Pope, a
son, as proprietors."
Local t facte and Bonds.
Onatatlona furnlahed by Bume. Brink .r ft
Co., 441-61 Oman National bank building,
Omaha, Nab.:
stocks uiu. asaeo.
Am. Smelt. Bee. Co. pfd. "A" ills "
Beatrice creamery Co. prd II loo
Deere ft Co. pfd 10 II
Fair"! Cream. Co. i pet. g'rant'd. 11)4 JOOti
Falr't Cream. Co. I pet. pfd.. .10114. 104
Oooch Mill, ft Ele. Co. 7 pet. pfd. Ill, 100
Cudahy Packing Ca. 7 pet pfd.. 104 106
Lincoln t. at t. com. I pet
Lincoln Tr. Co. pet. pfd 14 t7
Kansas City Ry. ft LI pfd 60 61
Omaha ft C. B. Ry. ft B. pfd.. 14 66
Omaha ft C. B. St. Ky. pfd 71 71
Peters Mill Co. pfd It 100
Sioux City Stock Yds. pfd 88 )4 0
Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey.621 ,636
Swift ft Company 11314 1141,
union stock xaraa e pet atocn.. vavs ivi
Argentine Nation Gold discount
notes April, 1017 To Net its
American Foreign Securities Co.,
6 pet. gold notes. 1910 7 9!
Armour ft Co. 414s. 1080 13)4 93K
HOOttt'St. IjOUIS ca. 1V3I 1UV
Benson. Nebraska Sch'l Sa, 146.107 107.15
Fremont Neb.. S pet paving
bonds, 1936.... 1024 101.13
la. Portl'd Ce't Co. s. 1IK-I024 100
Imp. Jap. Oov't 414 2d aer., 1024 74 71
Kanaaa City Railway Co. notea.. 100)4 100H
Kanaaa City Railway let ia, 1144 II 08
Lincoln Tr. Co. 6a. 1131 II H 15
Montreal Tr'way 0 pet notes. 1917.984. II
Omaha Oas 6a, 1017 94 90
Omaha ft C. B. St. Ry. 6a. Mil. il 97
Pacific O. ft Elec. 6s, 1919 91 92
Sulxberger ft Sons Co. 6.. 1941. 9914 10014
City of York. Neb. O. I. 6s. 1120.101 )6j 1021a
mostly switching from September to later
months. Final prlees were 1 point higher '
to 2 points lower, nearby positions showing
most losses. September Bold at 1.39c and
December from 8.57c to 8.66c, and March
from 1.71c to 1.74c. Sale.. 37,000 bags;..
July, 8,21c; August, 8.33e: September.
I 37c; October. 8.42c; November, i.tSc; De
cember, 1.66c; January I. tic; February, -i
tec; March. !.74t;; April, l.7ic; May.
I.I6c; June UOc. Spot, stsady; Rio Js,
ilse; Santos, No. t. lOlec. Offeru from
Santos were a trifle firmer, with ia quoted
10 H-lOtJ'llC cost ana ireixnt. woaon
credits. The official caoiea reponea par
tial decllnea of DO reis in in. primary mar
kets and Rio exchange l-ld lower.
Cotton Market.
New Tork, July 14. Cotton Future,
opened steady; July, 11.97c: October, 13.01c;
December, 13.26c; January, 13.27o; March.
Cotton futures closed steady. July, 23.07a;
October, 13.14c: December, 13.30c; January,
13.36c; March, 13.49. 1
Spot cotton, quiet; Middling upland,
13.15c: no Bali's.
Liverpool, July t. Cotton Spot nn
changed; good middling, 8.13d: middling,
7. 91d; low middling, 7. lid. Bales, 1,000
Coffee Market.
New York, July 24. Coffee The market
for future, waa somewhat irregular and
after opening steady at a net advance of
2 to 4 potnte, gradually sold off under local
realising and an absence or outside support.
being very narrow all day, with
London Stock Market. '
London, July 24. Canadian Pacific and
United State. Steel developed atrength In
the American section of the stock market
today, but the rest of the list closed quiet
after limited trading.
Silver Bar, I0)d per ounce.
Money 414 per cent.
Dlacount Ratea Short bills. 14 014 per,
cent; three months' bills, !6H06 per eenC
' Bank Clearings.
Omaha, July It. Bank clearings for
Omaha today were 13,650.013.90 and for tha
correaponding day laat year 12,567,141.11.
Cotton Market
New York, July 24. The cotton market
advanced over a doxen points from early
low levels and closed 12 to 17 polnta net
tradOjUtigher with the tone very ateady.
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