Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 23, 1916, NEWS SECTION, Page 11, Image 11

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est hy King People at Sheeps
h lead Bay Track Brings Out
Staying Qualities. ....
' A unique test was recently staged
by the King Motor car company at
heepshead Bay track. The test was
Made with a stock car. The object
Va to run continuously until some
part of the car broke down or 10,000
mrtes had been covered, or two weeks'
time had elapsed.
Elmer Rosengren of the Nebraska
. Storage Battery company calls atten
tion to the fact that one of the acces
sories on the car, which consisted en
tirely of . standard equipment, was a
Willard storage battery used in con-
ntirm Wiili th atartinor tiahtinw mnA
ignition system.
1 During the entire two weeks' run
the tngine was not stopped and the
car itself was only stopped in order
to replenish oil, gasoline, water and
tires. Lights were left burning almost
continuously. The headlights and an
additional spotlight furnished illumi
nation at night for the car to be guid
ed around the track.
Engine Never Stopi.
If the storage battery had refused
to perform its functions properly the
engine would have stopped and the
test wuold have been ruined. But
nothing of the kind happened. Oc
casionally a gravity reading was taken
and water was added three times.
While this addition of water was un
necessary, it was a means of playing
safe and making sure of battery per
formance. After the test was completed one
of ; the battery cells was torn down
and inspected. This was done in the
presence of S. E. Edwards, chairman
of the test, and also a member of the
American Automobile association
contest committee, as well as Messrs.
Shipper and Eisner of the same com
mittee. The battery proved to be in
.perfect condition. Plates and separa
tors were unharmed by the long run,
which covered 10,850 miles during the
two weeks.
. The average speed was nearly forty
. miles per hour. A test of this kind
is equivalent to the amount of driving
done by the average car owner in two
years' time. '
Dr. BcU't Plne-Tar-Honey.
'far your oold and bronchial cough OH
Vf; BU'i Plne-Tsr-Honr. It out tho
phtofm, relieves congMtlon. Only Km. All
Packard Cars Are
Chosen for Wilson
A rather unusual compliment was
paid to a Detroit automobile this week
on the occasion of President Wil
son's visit to Detroit in connection
with the world's salesmanship con
gress. "
"The arrangements for the presi
dential parade were made by a com
mittee consisting largely of automo
bile manufacturers, who decided
unanimously that the Packard was the
logical choice of cars to convey the
presidential party and members of
the reception committee, t This deci
sion was reached without any sug
gestion from the Packard company
and resulted in five "twin sixes" being
placed at the head of the parade. The
incident has some significance as
showing the broad-minded spirit of
the Detroit automobile men.
Ryan Will Handle
Boss Car in Omaha
Arrangements were made thi week
.for the distribution of the Ross
"eight", in the Omaha territory. This
car will be handled by the Ryan Mo
tor company of Lincoln, Neb., who
at the present time have a salesroom
at 2520 Farnam street.
The Ross eight is the creation of
a man named Ross, who has been as
sociated in an engineering capacity
with numerous automobile manufac
turing concerns. It is Mr. Ross' idea
of the kind of a car he would build
for his personal use.
D. C Bothwell, who has been in
charge of the Ryan Motor ear inter
ests in Omaha since early this year,
will direct the sales of the Ross in
this section.
Allen Car Crosses
Nebraska "On High"
R. M. Dale of the German-American
Life Insurance company started
out last Saturday with a .brand new
Allen car for a trip to Denver and
Cheyenne. Writing from Chappell,
Neb., he states that he arrived there
in fine shape 484 miles and never
had to shift out of high gear once.
Mr. Dale is spending a few days
at Chappell, and will continue his
journey from there on to Denver and
Pelton Visits White '
And Franklin Factories
H. Pelton spent last week visiting
the White and Franklin factories. The
Franklin people are just putting a new
model on the market which gives fa
vorable promise of a large increase in
'The principal changes include a
change in the body lines and the ad
dition of several refinements.
gfegfo 0f.j;r. 35E5
THE nw-style beauty of Saxon "Six"
will delight you. So will its fea
ture attractions. And so will its
equipment. But look below these re
finements. In the hidden parts you
will find further worth. After months
of use and miles of travel it is the
sub-surface quality that will win your
deepest admiration.
When can we give you a demonstration to
prove the true worth of this splendid "Six?"
2066-68 Farnam Street, Omaha.
BUY-Instead oi Being
Sold a Car
There is a big difference. In the first
instance you get what TOU want, and in
the second you take what somebody else
thinks you ought to have.
You're the man who pays for the ear,
and who is going to run it. You know
what you intend doing with it, and what
conditions it must meet. So, look into
it for yourself, have it demonstrated, and
be sure it does meet the conditions in
every way.
METZ Cars are bought, not sold. They
so completely fill every demand of the
light car prospect they operate so easily
" and surely under all road conditions
they are so economical in the cormumption
of oil and gasolines their upkeep cost is
almost nothing and they give heavy car
riding comfort, at light car cost.
Look into a METZ-flttidy the METZ
. test the METZ and apply the METZ IN
ACTION directly to your own needs.
That's the way to find out how thor
oughly the METZ satisfies in every way.
Call us on the 'phone for a demonstra
tion, or write for catalogue showing both
Roadster and Touring Car but do one or
the other today.
2056 Farnam Street Omaba, Nebraska
Phone DooflUa 6187 (
General Motors Company Will
Hare Another Solid Block
. for Factory. '
Announcement has been made by
Fred W. Warner, Pontiac, Mich., gen
eral manager of the Oakland Motor
Car company, that plans for a large
addition to the plant had been ap
proved' and building operation on
an extensive scale will begin as soon
as the buildigs on the old Studebaker
site have been removed.
In addition to the four acres com
prised in the Studebaker site, recently
bought by the General Motors com
pany, President Durant authorized the
purchase of eleven additional parcels,
which will give the company another
solid block, extending from Oakland
Avenue north to Howard street. Con
tracts for the work will call for com
pletion of the additional buildings by
October 1.
The new buildings will be occupied
by a machine shop and additional as
sembly departments; which the Oak
land company is compelled to add in
order to bring the output up to a
point, which will approach the de
mand for their new models, particu
larly the six-cylinder car, which has
? roved to be one of the sensational
eatures of the year in motordom.
July 1, the Oakland company had
contracts for 'the sale and delivery of
several thousand cars over and above
the total output of the fiscal year,
with agencies and branch managers
insistently demanding a larger appor
tionment In view of the fact that the
present plant has been worked to ca
pacity without supplying the trade it
became evident that a large addition
to its output would have to be ac
complished immediately if the new
business offered was to be accepted
and the disappointment of agents and
customers was to be avoided.
King Makes a Good
Kirnto Kansas City
At 2:30 Friday morning a King
"eight," piloted by W. L. Killy of
the Noyes-Killy Motor company, with
A. H. Ellis as observer, left Omaha
for Kansas City, Mo, the object of
the run being to demonstrate the effi
ciency of the motor in a non-stop
run; also to determine the gasoline
and oil consumption.
The King eight was routed over the
river road, which is known to be
Shock Absorber
Ford Cars
"Recognized as the Best"
100,000 Ford owners testify to the
superiority of the HASSLER.
I f B Persetef font
tD fully Guaraoutd
Hundreds of corporations, firms and
municipalities are using five to fifty
sets each on their entire fleets of
Ford cars.
112 So. 10th Street,
Phone Doug. 602.
very hilly most of the way. With this
thought m mind Killy determined not
only to keep the motor running but
to negotiate all the hills on high gear.
The following telegram trom W. I-.
Killy, dated Inei hotel, Kansas City,
Mo., July 2, outlines the result of
the trip:
"Left our salesroom 2:.10, arrived
here 12:30. Made perfect score, never
any doubt about making everything
on high. Car in perfect condition,
never raised the hood from the time
we left Omaha. Stopped thirty min
utes for breakfast and fifteen to
change tires on account at puncturt,
but motor never stopped miimina
roads rough, a trifle aver eleven miles
to gallon of gasoline; two quart oil.
A. H. Ellis, observer."
An Unparalleled Victefr
About a month ago we announced to the world our newest value the $635 Overland.
In twenty-four hours and from every state in the Union we had received more orders
than we could fill In several weeks.
So we immediately increased the .production filled the orders and notified our
dealers not to push the model too hard as we were going night and day to catch
up with orders.
Before the end of the first week orders were pouring in so rapidly that we decided to '
again increase the production so that there would be no disappointments.
. i"'k
But still bales of business continued to flood the factory.
Now we are shipping 500 of the new cars every single day and are fairly breaking our
backs to keep pace with the great demand that now looks as if it never would
cease. ';.;'.
We anticipated a great success, but we did not look for such a dally avalanche ,
of definite shipping orders. .-;
Such is public opinion the strongest force, the greatest asset, in the world.
Never before has any automobile enjoyed such an unparalleled victory.
Step in and see this extraordinary car yourself today. "
Willis-Overland, Inc., Omaha Branch
2043-47 Farnam St
Douglas 3290
The Willys-Overland Company,
"MtelnU.S..M ;
20th and Harney Sts.
Toledo, Ohio
K r Itf
Ak Foe a Demoutndoa WSST" .M&!S -',1, J ? lit
mm tmr MaehtlrMinon-aUtU ElMtrl. .tartar A S- - V
QUALITY in construction, design,
finish, appearancea really high
class motor car that is your first
and last impression of the Maxwell.
In first cost it is several hundred
dollars less than any other car offering
the same quality and advantages.
In operation the cost of gasoline
and tires is so low it means the utmost
This combination should make you
consider the Maxwell should mean
that you will buy it if you really want
value. Let us prove these statements.
Touring Car 595; Roadster S580; Cabriolet 1865; Town Car S91S; Sedan 1985.
. Fully equipped, including electric starter and lights. All prices f. o. ft. Detroit
2216-18 Farnam Street, Omaha. Phone Douglas 853.