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xoctety Notes -:- Personal Gossip -;- Entertainments -:- Club Doinqs
1 '
Being: the Harrowing Facts In
Connection With a Woman
Journalist's Experience.
There wai a iociety editor who
dwelt in a town hard by the Missouri
river, laboring on a great home and
fireside companion, otherwise
"metropolitan disseminator of the
dav's muck." Take your choice.
Once ,in the course of the day's
labor, (he confided to the thousands
of readers of the columns, how some
charming matrons of society had gone
on a lark, substituting summer widow,
ers and bachelors as companion-play,
fellows, instead of their husbands.
It so chanced the very same even-
two gay Lotharios called on the said
s. e. and invited her to go automo
biling which ,as the evening was very
warm, she consented to ao.
"Ho, ho, hoi" laughed they, and
the ringleader of the widowers quoth:
"We have a ereat scheme. The
bes way to suppress publication of
one's larks is to take the scribe with
you. Being 'particeps criminis,' the
incident is closed."
Which is why this story was writ
ten. Summer widowers needn't de.
velop such a strong sense of security.
At the Field Club.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Flitton
will have as their dinner guests at
the Fie d club this evening Mr. and
Mrs. Will G. Carpenter, Mrs. Harry
. rerKtns oi oan rrancisw aim miss
Esther Reitze of Denver.
Today the weekly bridge luncheon
and tournament occupied the women
cf the F eld club. Mrs. t. A. Shot-
well entertained at luncheon for Miss
Kathleen Carrigg of New Vork, who
is spending the summer with her sis
ter, Mrs. E. C. Abbott, and Dr. Ab
bott Yellow Coreopsis was used on
the table and the place cards were
blue birds. The party played bridge
during the afternoon.
'Mrs. w. n. waiKer enteriainea
seven at the luncheon today. Parties
of four were entertained by Mrs. R.
M. Jones, Mrs. n. M. Ooulding, Miss
E. K. Wilson and Miss treda Lange.
Mrs. Virginia Lyball and Mrs. C. J.
Merriam also had guests at luncheon.
Events to Come;
Adah Kensington, 0. E. S will
have its annual picnic at Riverview
park Thursday, beginning at 10
o ciock in ine morning, nuv giogk
a big basket dinner will be served
in family fashion.
Miss i.iildred Rubel will rve a tea
at her home next Monday afternoon
for her rfuest, Miss Amy Glaaer, of
St. Louis.
Miss Mildred Butler, just recently
removed to Kansas City, returned yes
terday to be the guest, until Friday,
of Miss Davis and Miss Meliora
Davis. Miss Butler played in the golf
tournament at the Country club yes
terday, and Wednesday evening will
be honor guest at a dinner to be
given by Mr. and Mrs. Will Burns.
Mr. and Mrs. Burns had planned the
affair prior to the departure of the
Butler family, but a trip to California
postponed the dinner.
To the Lake Region.
Mr. H. D. Neely has left for his
island in Rainy lake, on the Canadian
border, to spend the summer. Mrs.
Neelv will ioin him there about the
fcrst ot August.
Mrs. rrea uenone ana aaugniers,
Misses Alice and Leone, left yester
day for Clear Lake, la., where they
will spend two weeks.
Weddinar Announcement.
One of the weddings of interest to
manv ot the vounsrer set ot tne soutn
Side was that which took place Sun
day when Miss Margaret fahields ot
Omaha and Mr. Clement Fitzgerald
were married at Valley, Neb. The
marriage at this time comes as a
surprise to friends of the couple.
Miss Edith L. Davis, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Davis, and
Robert W. Mullen were married on
Saturday evening by Rev. W. O.
Tones. Mr. and Mrs. Mullen are
both graduates of Nebraska School
for Deaf and will make their home
in Omaha.
At Happy Hollow Club.
Mrs. C. G. McDonald entertained
a party at the matinee dansant at
Happy Hollow club this afternoon in
honor of her daughter, Charlotte's,
tenth birthday. Two baskets of ver
benas adorned the tables and favors
and birthday cake carried out the col
ors, pink and white. Those present
Gertrude Carpenter,
Alice Leslie,
Jane McConneU,
Jane Blxler.
Virginia Pleree,
Mary Flnler,
Florence .Manler.
Ruth Sumner,
Charlotte Smith.
Roy Austin,
Phelan Shirley,
Jack Porter,
Hush Smith,
Harley Moorhead,
Milton Barlow, -John
James McMulten.
Cat Mrs. McAllaster has been here
for some time and Mr. McAllaster ar
rived last evening. They will be here
about two weeks more.
Mrs. George G.- Guinter entertained
sixteen young womei. at the matinee
dansant at Happy Hollow this after
noon in honor of Miss Dorothy Chai
ns of St. Joseph, who, with her moth
er, Mrs. Will Challis, has been the
guest of Mrs. George W. Shields for
the last two weeks. Mrs. Challis and
her daughter leave tomorrow for their
At the regular dinner this evening,
Dr. and Mrs. E. L. Bridges will en
tertain for their guest, Mrs. E. D.
Putnam of Sioux Falls, S. D. Dr.
and Mrs. Palmer Findley and Dr. and
Mrs. G. A. Young will complete the
On Thursday Mrs. Bridges will
have a luncheon party at the club for
Mrs. Putnam. Covers will be laid
for twelve.
W. F. Dawson has a dinner reser
vation at the club this evening.
Social Gossip,
Mrs. J. de Forest Richards left
Monday on a short trip to Denver,
expecti- g to return by I-riday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Welter, are
planning a motor trip to Lake Oko
boji, when Miss Alice Jaquith and Mr.
Elias Vail of 1'oughkeepsie, N. Y., will
accompany them. Mr. Vail is a guest
of Mrs. A. B. Jacquith, his wedding
to Miss Alice being scheduled for the
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie E. Troup of New
York have arrived to be the guests
of Judge and Mrs. A. C. Troup. A
number of parties are being planned
for Mrs. Troup during her stay here.
Box Party at Brandeia.
Miss Henrietta Lund will entertain
at a box party at the Brandeis thea
ter this evening in honor of the
Misses Katherine Taeser and Marcel.
la Costello of Davenport, la., who are
the guests of Miss Florence Noonan.
Mrs. T. F. Noonan will chaperon the
party. Other guests will be:
Misses Misses
Marie Brown. Henrietta Wadsworth
Claire McKenna. Elisabeth Bradford,
Coletta Connors. Eana Rohrs.
Gertrude Moran, Vera Jewell.
Marguerite Buggy,
AND THEY SURELY DID HAVE A GOOD TIME A clutter of "Jewel." from the Jew
elry department at the Burgess-Naah Employees' Picnic. From left to right: Mist Alma
Schack, Mia Minnie Kneeter, Miss Grace Reif f, Mrs. May Minor and Miss Elizabeth Kroner.
f Ll
At the Country Club.
H. w. Binder ot Council Bluffs has
reservation for six uruests at the
Country Club this evening.
Dorothy Sherman,
Ruth Carpenter,
nn MoconnalL. .
Jean Jewell,
Elisabeth McDonald,
Martha Dox,
Jcanle Noble,
Margaret .Harrtman,
Josephine Elllck,
Charlotte McDonald,
Hobby Hall,
Jack Kimball,
1,'ranct Martin.
pxander Austin,
nobby Elllck,
Charles McOrew,
Jack Martin.
Charles Dox,
Miss Grace Braun will entertain
her winter club at 4 o'clock tea at
Happy Hollow club today. A color
scheme of pink, and white will be
carried out in rosebuds. Twelve
guests have been included in the in
vitations. ' '
Mr. and Mrs. A. G, Edwards are en
tertaining at the dinner-dance at
Happy Hollow this evening for their
daughter and her husband, Mr. and
Mrs. Turner McAllaster of Oakland,
CC Eyestrain
JpJ Relieved
with Um proptr ttts, I will examine
your ayei and fit the proper glaeeet. I
guarantee eatiefaction in every caae. If
you have not the ready caah ye ean ar
rang to make It In payment.
or. j i, McCarthy
till Woodmen el the World Bulle'hig.
Mtb aad Faruam Sta.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Mr. and Mrs. William Robinson of
Omaha are visiting relatives in
Franklin, Neb.
Mrs. C. J. Mollner and Miss Mary
Kline left Saturday for Estes Park, to
be gone three weeks.
Kev. and Mrs. t. W. Leavitt and
children of Omaha are visiting friends
and relatives in tr. nklin, Neb.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Pred and daughters
motored to Chicago, leaving Sunday
morning. They will be gone two
Miss Grace Doolittle arrived home
Saturday from Pasadena, Cal., to
spend the summer with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. K r. Doolittle.
Dr. and Mrs. F. S. Mel'., ger left
today on a motor trip to Burlington,
la. from there they will take the
boat to St. Paul, Minn., to be gone
about two weeks.
lr. and Mrs. F. T. Lovenng will
leave Friday night for Hampton
Beach, N. H., where they will sepnd
he balance of the summer, returning
to Omaha about September 1.
Mrs. Harry E. Perkins, who has
been visiting her sister, Mrs. W. G.
Carpenter, and Mr. Carpenter, for six
weeks, expects to return to her home
in San f rancisco next week.
Mrs. W. H. Walker left Friday for
two months' trip to Pocatello, Idaho,
and California.
Miss Dorothy Cams of Lincoln,
who has spent the last month in
Omaha visiting Miss Mary Taylor and
Miss Adelaide Vance, returned to her
home yesterday.
Miss Bess Ritchie, who has been
visiting Mrs. J. B. Owen, left for her
home in Madison, Wis., today.
Miss Annabel Dunning of Duluth,
who has been the guest of Mrs. Myles
MacFayden for the last two weeks,
returned to her home Monday.
Miss Carita Herzog of Sioux City
arrived today to visit her aunt, Mrs.
M. Jacobsen and Miss Annabel Roths
child for about six weeks.
Miss Ida Feinberg of Chicago is
visiting her cousin, Miss Sylvia Levy.
She came Sunday evening and expects
to be in Omaha two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Squires have
been called to Iowa City by the death
of Mr. Squires' mother, Mrs. J. E.
Maher. Two weeks ago Mr. and Mrs.
Squires went to Iowa City because of
Mrs. Maher's illness, but her condi
tion was such that they were able to
return to Omaha.
Little Bobbie's Pa
Missus White was oaver to our
house last nke & she brot her littel
boy with her, his naini is Waldemar
& he thinks he is smart. His ma
thinks he is smart, too.
My darling Waldemar. she sed to
pa & ma, has about him the silent air
of one who is one day to becum grate
in the counsels ot the nashun.
That's good, sed pa, the nashun
needs sumbody. I am gitting old.
My little son is a dreamer, sed
Missus White. Sometimes I think he
senses vishuns that are not for the
or-dinary eye.
He looks it, sed pa. is it good tor
his stummick to have them vishuns?
He newer thinks about his stum
mick, sed Missus White. He is not
a wurldly boy.
Wen the old stummick goes Hack
on one, sed pa, it doesnt ask one
whether one is wurldly or not. I
ought to know, pa sed, I used to be
abel to give my stummick a pritty raw
deal. But now I have to treet it like
a primy donny or it will kick.
Then I asked Waldemar to cum out
in the yard & play catch with me &
he cairn out but he cuddent catch a
ball & he threw like a gurl.
I am having a perfeckly ripping
time, he sed to me, what?
I didn't say anything, I sed.
You are an odd boy, what? he sed.
I dident sav a word. I toald him.
Then I asked him if he wanted to
DUt on the boxing gluvs with me &
he sed If you doant tell mother I will
do so with grate zest, he sed to me.
So I got my gluvs & whisseld for
Skinny Dugan to cum & see the fun.
I wont hit you vary hard, I sed to
You better, he sed, I am going to
hit you as hard as 1 can. 1 hen he
hit me on the noas three (3) times
befoar I cud git up my hand to stop
him & wen I got my hand up he hit
me four (4) times in the stummick.
The Bee's Fund for
Free Milk and Ice
A contribution to The Bee's fund
may save the life of some baby a
baby who otherwise may not be alive
and well in September.
Many famish every summer for
want of cooling ice and fresh, pure
A dime or a dollar from you may
save a life and give you a feeling
of satisfaction that is priceless.
Scores of helpless little ones are be
ing nurtured by the nurses through
The Bee's fund. Still more will be
helped during the hot weather, if
YUU contnbute.
EVERY CENT goes to buy milk
or ice.
Previously acknowledged S31S.45
William R. Patrick S.00
Mrs. Mabel Parkinson 2.00
B. E. Wlnkelman 6.00
J. C. Dauaherty 1.00
Total S328.45
Corset-materials of the Nemo quality
are high and scarce. We had to increase
prices or decrease quality; and the
NEMOSTANDARD will never be lowered.
Nemo Corsets are the acknowledged
world's standard for' ,
Do you realize that every Nemo it an
EXTRA VALUE simply at a corset, and
that you never Pay a penny extra for the
exclusive Nemo HYGIENIC features, which
All Figures Sold Everywhere-$3.50, $4 and $5.
Tk, Nesw Hniesk-FatlJse lartitrle, Kr Terk
Then he stopped and sed We shall
call that the end of the first round,
We shall call it the end of the fite,
I sed. You hit like lorn Sharkey.
I am vary profishunt in the manly
art of self defens, he sed. My big
brother beleeves in pre paredness. I
shall be very glad to give instruk
sliuns. ' ; .
So I got all the kids together & we
eleck-ted Waldemar president &
treashurer & boxing master of our
club. & he made a speech.
Wen we went in the house I toald
pa and ma about it & pa sed Well,
well, so he is clevver, is he. It ree-
minds me of my boyhood days, pa
sed, wen I was president of every
thing & the idol of all the kids.
A-hem. d ma.
Ye. ed pa. mv childhood was full
of glory, but I used to be nice to the
humbel littel boys, too.
A-hem, sed ma. Unst a hecro, al
ways a heero. I was certainly a for
tunate maiden to attrack yure wunder-
tul attenshun. A-hem.
Jardine Wants $5,000 More
For Prison Labor Fund
City Commissioner Jardine h
asked the city council to set aside
$5,000 more for the prison labor fund.
An ordinance on the subject has been I
introduced and will be discussed next
Monday morning.
Pat M'Govern Will Bring
Home Bride from Kansas
Pat McGovern, the genial informa
tion official at the postoffice and Cen
turion club magnate of the South
Side, has gone to Paota, Kan., where
he will be married in Holy Trinity
church to Miss Susan Agnes Finn.
They will make their home in Omaha.
Trj Moan's I.lalmeat For KheiimaUira.
If you have rheumatism, lutnbaco, . get
a 26c bottle of Sloan's Liniment. It kills
Ihe pain. All druiflats Advertisement.
NO better way to satisfy an
enthusiastic appetite than
with Uneeda Biscuit, A delight
ful food, as appetizing as it is
nourishing and wholesome. Per
fect baking, perfect protection,
they come to you with oven
Shop in THE BEE Before You Shop in the Stores
Experienced Advertisers Always Use THE BEE
i it i
In Kilpatrick's Cool Basement
: Sale of Low Shoes
$15 the Price
Quality for Quality,
Style for Style
The best value we have
yet seen.
.11 i i
i dren.vmat ao vou want
for dinner tonight -Macaronj,
We dont care, mamma, justso
ei la. o
ASK lor ana wt
tHEHIGHEJT quality
36 hgt RkI Book free
Not in Our Time Have We Seen
Such Values
You'll malt a mistaka
If jou don't coma arljr
Yon mar nam look
upon Its like again.
Gold Dollars for Fifty Cents
Yes, better than that, for some of the shoes
were priced previously at $5 and even $6
Baking Powder
Passed by the Board of Censors
1st The manufacturer with the
rigid tests of the laboratory and
2nd The wholesale grocer with
his high standing and desire to
handle only reliable goods.
3rd The retail grocer who desires
to handle only those brands he
knows will please his customers.
4th-The food officials with their
rigid laws for the purity and
wholesomeness of food products.
5th And most important, you,
the housewife with your desire
for purity, efficiency and per
fect satisfaction.
5 Ounces for
(More than s pound and
a half for a quarter)
s sa o v:
Shop in THE BEE Before You Shop in the Stores
Then you'll point to it and call for it by
name. Those who have tried Cottage
Milk prefer it no wonder. It isthemSk
without that pronounced cooked taste,
Cottage Milk is just fresh, pure, clean
cows' milk, with part of the moisture
removed and nothing whatever added
it is simply the purest, richest milk
StejfiliMd , Unawtetaux!
makea friends with the first can. Use it tor cot
fee, on breakfast foods, in cooking, fordes3erta
in any way you would use bottle milk or cream.
Cottage Milk is twice as rich as bottle milk.'
Try a can today your grocer hat it, and
5c and 1 Oca can
I ,rs
8 SA