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State Department Says Its
Ruling Shall Hot Cover
Other Cases.
Washington, July 15. The State
department formally ruled today that
. the German submarine Deutschland ii
t a merchant vessel and entitled to
( treatment as such.
In announcing the ruling Acting
Secretary Polk aid it was not to be
taken, as a precedent and that any
similar cases arising in the future
would be dealt with on their merits.
"In view of the facts of this particu-
lar case,' said Mr. Polk, "there is no
t reason why the Deutschland should
be considered a war vessel." '.
' The department's action was based
" upon reports of nary and customs of
ficers who examined the submarine
v a: Baltimore and found 'that it was
unarmed and incapable of being con
' verted for warlike purposes without
' extensive structural changes. An ad
visory report from the neutrality
board, to which the case was referred
informally by Mr. Polk, held that the
.. vessel should be accorded all the
privileges of a peaceful commerce car
t rier. , .
Now that the status of the vessl has
been fixed, to far -at the American
government it concerned, every pos
' sible effort will be made to prevent
- newt of its movements in territorial
waten of the United States from
j reaching the allied warships which
, may be waiting oS the Virginia coast
Mrs. Marshall Visit! Ship.
Baltimore, Md., July IS. Mrt.
Thomas R. Marshall, wife of the vice
' president, visited the German subma
i nne Deutschland yesterday evening
and was shown through the vessel by
: Captain Hintch of the interned Ger-
man steamship Neckar, which is lying
alongside the submersible. Captain
Hinsch taid Mrs. Marshall wat the
. first woman to go below the deck
; tince the Deutschland arrived in
American waters. Captain Hintch
: said the temperature of the interior
of the submarine was about HO de
grees while Mrs. Marshall wat ex-
ploring it
Stevedores continued today to load
. the Deutschland't return cargo of
j crude rubber and nickel.
Water Users High
. . Up on Platte Must
Release the Flow
Lincoln,. Neb., July IS. (Special
Telegram.) State Engineer Johnson
hat issued an order to water users
above Kearney and North Platte to
i allow the water which they have been
; holding back to flow down to that
(farmers below with rightt may use it
Under normal condition! the Platte
- river inthat locality flow! about 600
.' cubic feet per second, but now it it
t perfectly dry, due to evaporation, the
i sanav, porout oea ana mo hoc uiai
I the water hat been held back.
1 It it estimated that the farmers, if
' the order it obeyed, will be the gain
.' era by about $90,000 wort of crops.
Engineer Johnson doer not think
that the government it holding water
back,.' ' ,
North Platte Man:
Joins British Army
North Platte, Neb., July 15. (Spe
I cial.) D. E. Ward, a machinist in the
, Union Pacific shops here, will leave
: North-Platte Monday for. New York
' from where he will tail for London to
' join a regiment forming to go to the
front Ward it a veteran of the Boer
war, having served through, the cam'
t pawn with Betheuen't mounted in'
I fantry, a South African regiment He
'- came to the United States ten yean
. ago; Ward hat three brotheri in the
, British service, two being lieutenants
i iii the Royal field artillery and a third
i a sergeant in an Australian infantry
', regiment : Mrs. Ward will accom-
, nanv her husband to London, where
the- will remain with relativea until
. I'.r. Ward't return. Ward it the see-
- ond North Platte man to go to the
British army, "Scotty" Irvine, another
s union r acitic employe, being at ores
. ent with the British expeditionary
v torce on the Mediterranean. '
Sharks Sighted in
Virginia Waters
' Newport News, Va., July 15. The
presence of sharks in Virginia waters
was reported here today by two
steamer captains, lactam A. H.
, Strong of the tteamer Californian re
ported today that he sighted a shark
. about tix or teven leet long in chest'
' peake Bay, off Ocean View, last eve'
: nine:. Captain Jensen of the Nor
wegian tteamer Mayella taw two of
. the monsters yesterday evening east
. oi tne wape Henry ugntsnip.
' ' EnreladM OtftelaJt lndlal.
Chiot; July II rour srnclala of tha
Florida Evarsiadat Land company war. In-
' dieted today by . faderal e raod Jury on
the charga of using tha mailt to 4fraud.
TMH Indletad ra: William A. Otli of
Colorado Bprtnn. Percy Hagarman of Colo-
rado Sprint, Harold J. Bryant of Chleaffd
ana miiiaai uiwanwoeQ 01 voioago. -, ...
and turns over three times after hitting dirt below track. Unper cut shows wrecked car;
lower cut shows Cable and his assistant, Harry McGraff, walking off after being helped
from under the car. 'i-5"L...,.4!w. - .,:
tflllllBUllfl l MU
If ; t " ,f '
(Con tinned From rage One.)
ond race the attendanti and mechani
cian! viewed the wrecked Pusun with
professional interest.
Mrt. Felix McShane wat in the
judget ttand when Fanrchi went over
the fence ana out wnen tne wis
told the driver wat Franchi, the ex
pressed herself in this manner: "I
wat lure It was Eddie (Rickenbacher).
You know I have teven photOKrapht
of Eddie, I taw him speeding around
just before the accident and I thought
sure it wat he. He it tucn a nara
driver. I asked him why he drived
to hard and he taid, 'Well, when you
go at 100 miles an hour and yon have
an accident it is just biff and you're
dead.' I thought it wat biff with Ed
die. You know he livet in Columbus,
O., hit mother told me the went to
tee him race once and that wat the
last time for her."
Jutt Shut Hit Eyet.
The soectator thought he would
find out how the Franchi thrill af
fected those sitting in the grandstand
opposite the point where the car left
the track and where it landed iuu leer
away. ,
Lee Metcalfe was directly opposite
when the machine stopped and went
to piecet. He taid he just shut his
eyes and it was all over. As a matter
of fact the whole affair was over in
less time than it takes to tell it And
the strange part of it was how
Franchi got out of the fray without
being dashed to instant death.
A few minutes after the Franchi ac
cident a cloud of dust below the east
turn wat the tignal for another
stretchintr of neckt. The ambulance
and fire wagon rushed along the dirt
track inside, the speedway and the
railbirdt inside the track fell back in
wavet. Gable in hit Burman Special
had tire complaint, tkidded onto the
ground and turned over three times
with driver and mechanician in the
At thu juncture a woman with
blanched face pushed her way through
the aisle at the bottom of the grand
stand and over to the track entranced
She wat restrained by a policeman
from crossing the track. : Felix Mc
Shane recognized the woman and in
duced her to be composed until the
details of the accident were received.
The woman was Mrs. Jack Gable, wife
oi ine man wno naa just turned over
three times, In a few minutes she
recognized through the grime of dust
and grease the outline other husband,
who was walking with hit mechanician
toward her. Uable hurried to his
wife's tide and placed hit arm ten
derly about her. She wat unable to
apetK. . v .
Will you let him race attaint was
asked of the frightened wife. ,
she merely looked at her husband,
as if satisfied that he was alive.
Gable taid that wat his eighth acci
dent. He flew wild in the car which
sent Bob Burman to his death. .
I. W. W. Threatens to
- Invade City of Lincoln
Lincoln, July 15. If the Lincoln
police do not drop their "Russian
ized" methods T. J. Thome, I. W. W.
leader of Kansas City, will "invade"
the city with 500 followers, according
to a letter received today by Chief of
folice Antles troni ihorne. "1 am
holding 500 men, who will leave at a
moments notice for your "Russian
ized' community," the letter reads.
County and city police forces have
been active in urging the L W. W.
members to move on through the city,
Kebnakana la WMhliurtsa.
Wuhtnfton July 14. (Speelal Telegram.)
Walter W. aoott and wife of Bealrloo are
at the Drtarall. H. F. Mann and wife of
Omaha; D. T. Norton and wife of Kearney,
and Mr. and Mra. Kobert U. Wolfe of Omaha
are In the olty, having oomo laet Bight after
attending tne sika' convention.
Dearer Mint Coinage.
Denver, Colo.. July IS. linage at the
Denver mint for the flecal year ending
June It, lait. totaled lt.lls.00t pleoee,
valued at ll.S4l.IS0, aeoordlng to flturea
made publlo today. This exceede any former
annual traduction, It wan atated.
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paw vt. t- liaiit"e:Q -
U if , Tat T r m ... 4 -. A-,
If v V'.
lJL . " J
Revolt Against Turkish Rule
, . . In Arabia Is Spreading
London, July 15. The revolt
against Turkish rule in Arabia it mak
ing progress, having resulted in the
comolete v.'ioinz out of all traces of
Turkish resistance at Mecca, accord
ing to a Reuter dispatch from Lairo
today. . . ,
After the fall of Mecca on June 13,
says the dispatch,' certain elements of
the narrison continued their resist
ance in forts near the city. In order
to avoid bloodshed the grand therif,
in command of the Arabian forces,
suspended attacks. The forts have
now surrendered, according to , to
day's advices, the captures of the
Arabians including twenty-eight of
ficers, 9S0 unwounded men,' 150
wounded, four guns and large quan
tities of material and munitions.
Since the proclamation of Arabian
independence the total captures from
the Turks include ten held guns, ten
mountain guns, fifteen machine guns,
100 ofheert. Z.5UU soldiers and liU
civil functionaries.
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French and,. British Flyers
Sweep Over Field at Height
of Few Hundred Feet.
Dompierre, Picardy, July 15. (Via
London.) A ttring of great balloons
you can count sixteen without
glasses is the first obvious thing that
a reporter sees on this front Next
his eyet wander to the uncountable
batteriet in action. Above them the
aerial telephone stations swing be
yond the trajectory of the German
gun fire.
On the German side, not a single
balloon is visible. Fifteen have been
burned in the air by a secret contriv
ance, known only to the allies, since
the offensive began. The German
artillery is 'blinded because the allies
have now obtained the mastery of the
air, according to the confident claims
of the British and French officer!. It
is true, that from this point of view, a
German aeroplane is rarely sighted,
while French aviators are constantly
on the wing.
A dramatic and startling novelty
has been presented by the allied avia
tors in this great offensive.
French and British airmen have
actually co-operated in the infantry
charges. They have swept over the
battle field at as low an altitude as
600 feet and some of the more daring
swooped over the struggling armies
at as low a heighth as 300 feet.
These airmen have Hgnalled to the
French artillery telephones the pre
cise position of the German guns and
the location ot the Uerman torces
waiting for the French assault. They
have taken great risks of being hit
by shells from their own guns, but, ac
cording to the officers, everyone es
caped, j
lhe trench have developed on a
great scale their aerial torpedoes,
which are charged with a higher ex
plosive than the large-calibered shells.
These torpedoes can be hurled half
a mile and fired with such rapidity
that a second will leave the ejector
while the first is still in the air.
Scarcely More Than Name.
The village of Dompierre is scarce
ly more than a name.. The resistance
made by the Germans here, as in all
the other villages in the neighborhood
seems to have been most tenacious.
In the cemetery the vaults were
used as ,bomb, proofs and the cement
and' iron 'railings around the graves
as barricades. The French concen
trated their gunfire on the cemetary
at Curlu for half an hour before the
obstinate defense of the Germans was
crushed. They used shrapnel shells,
which filled the air with curious
green, opalescent vapors.
Une ot the dramatic episodes oi
the fighting was the storming of a
cliff known as the Gendarme's Hat,
which formed the tide of an old
quarry. The Frenchmen reached the
top and halted in the sunlight, wav
ing their helmets and handkerchiefs
and cheering madly.
Reorganized, the defenses In the
occupied territory is a vas.trengjneei'
ing worx. ugnt iiem railways ate
thrown forward ot the newMihe,.num
erous solid roads are built. across the
country and the ring of haferijier on
metal can be heard in theffttstervals
of artillery fire. The whoje jepon
is busy 'with preparations forjholding
the newly won German ground and
for moving forward. The controlling
mind of all this is General Marie
Emile Fayolle, an elderly artillery
commander,- who had been 'retired
two years before the war began.
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