Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 16, 1916, NEWS SECTION, Page 12, Image 12

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: l&sXf ; : THE OMAHA SUNDAY BEE: JULY 16, 1916.
travel 61,800 miles without stopping
average 25.5 miles per gallon of gasoline
ON July 1st 206 Saxon dealers in
all parts of the country, driving
stock model Saxon Sixes, staged
a 300-mile non-stop run to prove the re
markable gasoline economy of "Saxon
The winner averaged 34 2-3 miles per
gallon of gasoline. The grand average
for the 206 Saxon "Sixes" was 23.5
miles per gallon.
The total distance traveled was 61,800
miles more than twice around the
world nearly 20 times across the con
tinent During the entire 61,800 miles
not a single motor stopped running.
Men from a leading newspaper in each
of the 206 cities acted as official ob
servers, and their affidavits certify to
the correctness of the records.
Stop for a moment and picture to your
self this remarkable scene in its en
tirety. ' .:,
Don't think of just one Saxon "Six"
traveling 300 miles without stopping,
and averaging 23.5 miles per gallon.
Don't think of just one car "tuned to
the minute" for a gasoline test on a
measured gallon of gas over a specially
selected piece of roadway, all condi
tions ideal.
But think of 206 Saxon "Sixes," each
traveling 300 miles without stopping,
meeting every condition of road and
weather, running through -congested
city traffic, through mud, through deep
sand, through rock-strewn canyons,
over hills and mountains and average
country roads.
f And then the full significance of this
average of 23.5 miles per gallon of
: gasoline will strike you.
This country-wide Saxon "Six" test
proves what any Saxon owner could
do with his own car. Remember that
in most instances, each Saxon "Six"
carried five passengers.
Ask yourself' (if you would know just
how great an achievement this is) what
other car, of equal size and power at
less than $1,000, could match this
Yet, after all, the average of 23.5 miles
per gallon of gasoline is not the only
remarkable thing about this 61,800
mile run. '
For there is the fact that not a single
one of these 206 motors stopped run
ning once.
There is the fact that no mechanical
troubles occured.
There is the fact of the extraordinary
stability and strength of Saxon "Six"
that this run establishes.
In no other way could the pledge of
made to Saxon "Six" owners by the
Saxon Motor Car Corporation, be
proved more vividly, more clearly,
more impressivly than by this perform
ance of the car itself.
Here's What the Drivers Say About Saxon Six
(Lack a f Space PrphibiUiRephducing All the Report
OMAHA. NEB Mad 30O.mlL drive over No
brneka rwdi, pari of which war aandy and very
rouge, ia fifteen hour. Used 13 gallons ef ordl. '
aary (aaoliaai averaged 23 milea to aach gallon
of gasoline. Motor raa perfectly, not ana adjust-'
arant wai mada during lha anlira run. Noyes-
Killy Motor Co. G. W. Praiton, Baa, Observer.
Sub-dealer, L. P. Madsen of Council Bluffs, la., -
made ran averaging 26 milaa par haur over stiff .
grades. Average 19f4 milat to the gallon. R. W.
Mason of Missouri Vallay, la., araragad 22 34-53
milaa par gallon. Absolutely no motor, trouble in
either car. . ,
ATWOOD, KANS Averaged 25 S3-100 miles par
. gallon sf gasoline on 300-mile non-stop run. Used
ordinary low-test gasoline. Gas tank and car-'
, buretor drained bafor starting. Speedometer
carefully tasted for accuracy. SO miles of course
lay over new, soft, graded road. Dealer, E. E.
Howard. Obaarnr, F. D. Graason, Square Deal.
PROVIDENCE, R. I. Averaged 24 6-10 milea to
the fall) of gasoliaa on 300-mile non-stop run in
-atock model Saxon Six Saxon Motor Vehicle
Co. Obaarnr, Representative of Providence Bui
Jatm. ... I
- CINCINNATI, OHIO. Finished 300-mile non
".' atop raa la Saxon Six Standard modal in 12 hours
. - and 30 minutes with perfect score. Used 1 1 $t
fallens of gasoline and 2 quarts of oil. Averaged
26 1-10 milea to gallon of gasolina. Had no tiro
trouble! used ona-half gallon of water. Weather
.very hot Hellmaa Motor Car Co. Observer,. R. '
ZC. Crewthers, Commercial-Tribune.
DAYTON, OHIO. Finished 300-mile non-stop
; raa without any trouble. Used stock model Saxon
"Six, carrying 3 passengers, and two extra casings.
Averaged 23 miles per gallon of gasolina.
Used only one quart of oil. Borchors Automobile .
Co. Observer, Francis Powers, Daily News. -
SYRACUSE, N. Y Drove standard model Saxon
Six regularly equipped 300 milaa without stopping,
a 14 H gallons of gasoline, averaging 21 23-100
milaa par gallon. Saxon Six performed wonder-
fully Syracuse Motor Car Co. Observer, C. H.
JtaletakV Post-Standard. .
' COLUMBUS, OHIO. Completed 300-mile non
atop run without stopping motor and without the
slightest mechanical trouble or adjustments. At.
raged 29 9-10 miles par gallon of gasoline
' Ohio Saxea Meter Co. Observer, Geo. T. New
: kirk, Columbus Dispatch.
,i ., .' iii . j, i. .. ; .. :
PASADENA, CAL On 300-mile non-stop run,
t, went from Pasadena to San, Diega and return,
made detoure and mountain passes without shift
r ing gears) covered exactly- 300 miles an 10 gal-
Ions of gasoline. Used stock model Saxon Six .
"ragularly equipped. Car performed beautifully.
- r Dealer, Stanley S. Turner. Observer, Chas.
Moody, Star-New.
HASTINGS, NEB. Did not have a single bit ef
, mechanical trouble oa the entire 300-mile non
, atop run ia Saxon Six. Ona-half of course was
; ewer extremely rough road, newly made. Tern
. perature of 92 degrees prevailed, with high wind
' all the timet average, 23 mile per gallon ef gaso
line Stitt Motor Co. Observer, Walter Mc
Carthy, Tribune.
KANSAS CITY, MO la economy contest as to
gasolina mileage of regularly equipped standard .
model Saxon Six, wo covered 303 1-10 miles with '
out stopping, on 11 H gallons of gasolinet aver,
aged 26 69-100 miles par gallon. Bond Motor Co. "
Observer, F. Hinckle, Star. '')
TORONTO, ONT Slock modal Saxon Six mada
300-mile non-stop run over very rough , roads, .
carrying four passengers and regular equipment,
oa 12 H gallons of gasolina, averaging 24 miles"
per gallon. Saxon Sales Co. of Toronto. Ob
server, W. B. Hastings, Canadian Motorist. '
ST. LOUIS, MO Saxon Six 300-mile non-stop
run started at 7i20 and finished at 8i20 averaged
34 2-3 milea per gallon of gasoline. Frye Motor
Car Co. Observer, Allan Branin, Star. '
MINNEAPOLIS, MINN la Saxon Six 300-mile
aon-stop run, stock model regularly equipped car
averaged 33 96-100 milea to the gallon of gaso
lina. North wss tarn Automobile Co. Observer,
T. J. Hentschell, Tribunei Roy Camp, Daily Newei
J. R. Baker, Journal.
LINCOLN, NEB Mada 300-mlle aon-stop run In
stock model standard equipped Saxoa Six, ia 12
. hours, with aa avaraga of 18 miles per galloa of
gasoline. Had no trouble of any kind) finished in
fina shape) road condltiona very bad. Dealer,
Lord Auto Co. Observers, Mr. Doyle, Nebraska '
State Journal) Mr. Clark, Daily Star.
MEMPHIS, TENN Driving two-thirds of the
300-miia non-stop run over heavy, newly-worked,
country roads, Saxon Six averaged 21 1-10 milea
' par gallon of gasoline. Had no trouble of any kind.
Memphis Motor Car Co. . Observer, C. W. Miller,
Commercial Appeal. ,
GENEVA, N. Y Finished 300-mile non-stop run '
with stock model Saxon Six in 10 hours and 20
minutes, averaging 32 15-100 miles per gallon of
gasoline. The car ran perfectly. The 'newspaper
observer remarked that Saxon Six ran batter at
finish than at start, and suggested non-stop run
for 500 miles, and that Saxon Six could easily do
it in the daylight. Dealer, C. J. Allen. Observer,
R B. Halsted, Ruahvillo Chronicle. ,
GRAND RAPIDS,' MICH. Stock model Saxon
Six traveled 300 miles without stopping, on 10
gallons and 7 pints of gasolina, averaging 27 H '
miles per gallon, and 150 miles to the quart of oil.
Grand Rapids Saxon Co. Observer, P. Nickel,
Evening Press. v
SAN JOSE, CAL. Completed 300-mile ' non
ston run with stock model Saxon Six. exneriencin
' tin tmilMat nf a n v Lin.) h kl. . V '
- - - i . J -"! ,
average, 28 5-10 milea to gallon of gasoline. -Normandin-Campin
Co. Observer, C. P. Owen,
Mercury.- - .
SAN FRANCISCO, CAL Averaged 25 5 100
milea par gallon of gasoline on 300-mile Saxon
Six aon-stop run. Used standard equipped, stock
model Saxon Six, and finished the aourse in 12
hours, 1 minute and 3 seconds. Consumed 3 pints
of oil. Heavy rain and wind during 4 hours of the
run. Dealer, F. L. Dubroy. Observer, J. E. Boy
don, Chronicle.
Facts Proved by
300-Mile Non-Stop Run
Saxon Six can consistently aver
age over 20 miles to the gallon
of gasoline.
Saxon Six can consistently aver
age over 175 miles to the quart of
Saxon Six is so rugged and dur
able that it Can withstand the
hardest pounding of the rough
est reads..
Saxon Six can perform with an
equal degree of satisfaction in
any climate.
Saxon Six is possessed of power
sufficient to overcome the steep
est hills, or pull through the
- roughest going. o
Saxon Six is a steady performer
in any part of the country. "
Saxon Six is reliable, reliable, re
liable capable of steady day in
and day out service that satisfies
-which is the supreme virtue in.
any machine. ' " 'J
NEW CASTLE, 1ND. Finished 300-mile non-stop
rua in standard equipped stock model Saxon Six,,
averaging 24 milea per gallon of gasolina; time
consumed 10 hours and 30 minutes. Dealer, E.
R. Skinner. Observer, F. L. Smallay, Daily Times.
CHICAGO, ILL. On 300-mile non-stop gasoline
mileage test, in Saxon Six standard touring car,
drove 50 miles over Chicago boulevards and the
remainder on Indiana and Illinois country roads.
Had no mechanical trouble, hood was not raised
once. Gears shifted 3 times once to rescue motor-
ing party. Motor kept running every minute. Fin
ished run in 13 hours and 13 minutes flat. Aver
aged 24 miles per gallon of gasoline. Pulled
through 9 miles of mud up to hubs. Saxon Auto
Co. of Illinois. Observer, Ed. Westlake, Evening
CLEVELAND, OHIO. Entered stock model
Saxon Six regularly equipped in 300-mile non-stop
run from Cleveland to Niagara Falls over indif
ferent roads) averaged 27 milea per gallon of
gasoline, and consumed 2 quarts of oil. Car car
ried driver and three passengers. Loveland Com
pany. Observer, W. J. Salter, Cleveland News.
REDFIELD, S. DAK. Completed 300-mile non
stop run without a stop. Roads war in unusually
bad condition, yet Saxon Six gave an absolutely
perfect performance. Had no trouble whatsoever,
averaged 17 9-23 miles per gallon Blain Auto.
Co. Observer, E. B. Merriman, Journal.
FREEPORT, ILL Non-atop run over 300-mile
course in Saxon Six standard touring car aver
aged 26 9-10 miles per gallon of gasolina. Dealer,
C. H. Wright. Observer, Wm. Bunham, Daily
WATERLOO, IOWA Stock model Saxoa Six ran
305 miles, without stopping, over Iowa roads on
14 gallons of gas an average of 27 7-10 milea
per gallon. Had no trouble whatever. Campbell
Saxon Auto. Co. Observer, Frank Burk, Times
Tribune. LOUISVILLE, KY. 300-mile non-stop economy
test on stock model Saxoa Six went through on
achedule. Course lay over every road in this
vicinity. Hood not raised once. Consumed 12H
gallons of gasolina) averaging 24 miles to the gal
loa. Car finished in perfect shape. Congratulate
Saxon Motor Car Corporation on making a ear
that can perform so splendidly. Motor Sales Co.
Observer, Mr. Swearangen, Courier-Journal.
- - , '
LANCASTER, PA. Perfect performance charac
terized the 300-mile non-stop gasolina economy
teat mada here. Averaged 34 20-100 milea par gal
Ion of gasolina. Absolutely no adjustments mada
during entire trip. Newspaper representative oa
i trip aant word that the run convinced him abso
, lutely that the Saxon Six possesses the qualities
that make exceptional performance possible, and
offer the Saxoa owner a positive guarantee of
everyday ihigh standard service. Penn Auto Co.
i Observer, Harry E. Nelson, Intelligencer and
News Journal. . j .
' BUFFALO, N. Y Drove 307 miles ever Erie,
Niagara, Genesee and Cattaraugus county roads
:': without stopping, in atock model Saxon Six, av
eraging 25 7-10 milaa par gallon of gasoline.-
Loveland Company. Observer, Arthur Methler,
' Buffalo Times.- v
DES MOINES, IOWA. On Saxon Six nin1
300-mile non-atop gasoline economy run, left Des
Moines at 4:00 A. M., ran to Ames, Webster City,
Fort Dodge, Palmeroy, Rockwell City, Lake City,
Paton, Jefferson, Boone, and arrived back at the
sales room at 3:20 P. M. Had absolutely no trou
ble. Made no repairs) used ii gallon of water) 1 M
quarts of oil, and averaged 26 64-100 miles per
hour. Gasolina average was 22 2-10 miles per gal
lon of gasoline. Taylor Motor Co. Observer, A.
Brambarg, Register and Leader.
WAUKEGAN, ILL. Saxon Six stock model, reg
ular equipment, finished 300-mile non-stop run in
12 hours and 27 minutes, over rough country
roads. No adjustments or changes were made dur
ing entire trip, nor waa the motor stopped. Aver
aged 25 miles per gallon of gasoline, and used only
two quarts of oil. Lux Auto Sales Co. Observer,
Matt Smith, Daily Sun.
HOUSTON, TEXAS. Completed the grand 300
mile Saxon Six non-stop gasoline economy rua"
without any trouble whatsoever. Made no mechan
ical adjustments of any kind, and did not stop
motor once during trip. Averaged 20 1-100 mile
per gallon of gasolina. San Jacinto Motor Car
Co. Observer, J. F. Wright, Houston Post.
GREEN BAY, WIS Started the Saxon Six 300.
mile non-stop economy test run in a rain storm at
5:15 A. M-, and completed the run at 7:00 P. M.
The course lay over muddy country roads with
the exception of about B0 miles on city pavements.
Had no trouble of any kind with tha car or tirea
and tha motor waa running just as smoothly at
the finish aa at tha start, never missing once dur
ing the entire trip. Used one-half gallon of oil and
one quart of water, and averaged 20 miles to the
gallon of gasoline. Saxon Motor Sales Co. Ob
server, .A R. Bowers, Press-Gazette. .
YONKERS, N. Y Finished 300-mile non-stop
Saxon Six economy test run in standard model
Saxon Six regularly equipped in 13 hours and 10
minutes, maintaining an average speed of 22.8
miles per hour. Route was from Yonkers to Al
bany and return, including 20 miles on Broadway.
Averaged 23 milea per gallon of gasoline. Ward-'
Randall Co., Inc. Observer, Gerald Brady, Daily
PORTLAND, ORE. With stock model standard
Equipped Saxon Six, in 300-mile non-stop run, an
average waa mada of 27 2-11 ariloa per gallon of
gasolina. Moat of the time traveling was through
a heavy rain storm. Car stuck in mud seven min
utes. Motor did not stop. Road conditions terrible,
but car performed wonderfully. Saxon Motor
Sales Co. of Oregon. Observer, Stanley Werschkul,
Evening Telegram.
BLOSSBURG, PA Ran 301 6-100 miles on
15 Ja gallona of gasolina. Motor did not atop once
during trip. Drove stock model standard equipped
Saxon Six. Run lay over very hilly country. The
roads were in bad condition. Saxon Six gave a
marvelous performance, and attracted the atten-.
tion of crowds in every little town we passed
through. Car carried 3 passengers. Averaged
19 3-10 miles per gallon of gasoline. This is an
'1 unusual record for motoring in this part of tha
country. Dealer, H. H. Roberts. Observer, F. M.,
Trimble, Herald.
Saxon Six-$81S NO YES-KILLY MOTOR CO., Distributors, 2066-68 Farnam Street, Omaha. Saxon Roadster-$395