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Eater at Osaka poatoffiee aa aecond-class matter.
BrOerrl .
Mr month Pr '
Dalle anil Sunder Me ?!
Daily without Sandav 4(e..
( Evening; and Snadar. 40e.,
Evening- withoat Sunday.. i.Jie..
Sunday Boa only ""
Sunday Boa only i.... V..'V
Daily and Sunday Bo, thro yaan in adnnoa, 1-J-fund
nniie f .hum of adareea or irregularity la 09-
liary to Omaha Boa. Circulation Department,
Remit by draft, ini or poaul ordar. Only t-citt atamM
taken In payment of amall acaounta. Person! eheeXs.
cept on Omaha and oaatorn exchange, not'.aooaptad.
Omaaa Tha Boa Building.
South Omaha 221 4 N etreet.
Couaeil atluffa 14 North Mara atraat.
Lincoln 624 Littla landing.
Chicago am People's Gaa Building.
Now York Room 404, 284 Fifth annua.
St Louia 603 New Bank of Commerce,
Washington 721 Fourteenth atraat. M. W.
Addraae oommunieatlona relating to newi and editorial
" matter to Omaha Bee, Editorial Department.
57,957 Daily Sunday 52,877
Dwlght Williams, circulation manager of Tha Bs
Publlahing company, being duly sworn, aaya that the
average circulation for the month of June, Hie. waa
7,67 daily and 42,877 Sunday.
DW1GHT WILLIAMS, Circulation Manager.
Subaerlbed in my preaanoa and ewora te before ma
Ihia Id day of July,
ROBERT HUNTER. Notary Public
"Zepi," U-Boati uid "Big Business."
Captain Kocnig of the Deutsehland evidently
appreciates the humor of hi achievement, and ii
not above joking us a little in his jovial German
way. But he is not altogether "spoofing" in his
prophecy that a fleet of freight-carrying Zeppelins
is to supplement , the U-boat in reviving com
merce with Germany. That such a proceeding is
possible is beyond doubt; that it is probable is
equally admissible. Long before the war broke
out Count Zeppelin had very definite plans for
crossing from Germany to the United States, and
the air-fleet might have been regularly established
ere this had not Mars had immediate use for the
equipment of Mercury. It was not impossible
then, and is feasible now, and with the stimulus
of-VPTr and the pressure. of "big business" to ani
mate them, the Germans may really bring to pass
that vision of Tennyson, who !
Saw the heavens filled with commerce,
Argosies of magic sails,
Pilots of the purple twilight,
Dropping down with costly bales.
It is only a question of fuel for power pur
poses. This is a detail the German scientists and
mechanics will attend to. They have accomp
lished other things of equal difficulty, and even in
their sternest hour of bloody conflict may become
the pioneers for the day when travel will be over
head. At least, the world will welcome the adap
tation of the aircraft to the purposes of peace.
Subscribers leaving th city Umporarllv
should have Tha Bn nailed to them. Ad
dress will be) chars;! ai oftaa aa raquaetad.
Having cleaned up the Armenians, .the Turks
are now jumping on the unarmed Syrians.
As a sample of democratic preparedness, the
riot of famished guardsmen at Cleveland will hold
their attention for awhile. V '
' The most hopeful sign of the European" war
is the sagging of the stock market quotations on
American munitions plants '
More adequate preparedness in the Postoffice
department to handle the mail of the soldiers on
the border would also be' appreciated, .
Mayor "Jim" wants it understood that he is an
artist at rope throwing and language slinging,
rcgaruicss OI ma aumiy ip tiuaiiiy aa an art irmii
While medical science stands baffled before in
fantile paralysis, it behooves parento-to exercise
extreme care and cleanliness in safeguarding their
young. '" . ' ' '.
. Castro, the Villa pV, Venezuela" is reported
headed for the United States. Wonder what's
his grievance against the democratic school
master? . ' "'. V " k ;.. '. ,
. In the olden days the city council used to take
an adjournment for the summer without in the
slightest interfering with the' conduct of munici
pal affairs.5 'Nuf sed. . V
Qualified approval of the Nebraska supreme
court commission by the federal court does not
insure a perfect title, but it servea to moderate
an embarrassment of work.
';-8s ) .'. - n :, -
The only way left for the Germans to excel
their own achievement in sending their submarine
across the Atlantic is to send over another and
let it land at San Francisco. ,v
"Hitchcock, Fanning & Co." will take posses
lion of the Omaha postoffice August 1, but the
event will be lacking unless all members of the
firm stand is the receiving line. . .
The railroads have not yet given even plaus
ible excuse for their discrimination against Omaha
in summer excursion rates. Their attitude seems
to be merely, "What are you going to do about
it?" v
That is certainly the "irony of (ate" for those
- Iowa militiamen snswering 'the summons (or
service u Mexico only to be Incapacitated by
lightning, before getting out of the mobilization
camp. - - : . ' ' . , ;
The man who penned the song, "I Didn't
Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier" has given his son
permission to enlist in the California militia. An
other mollycoddle converted by the pressure, of
Iowa's democratic keynoter doubtless carries
a large stock of good intentions. His claim that
good roads are possible without increasing taxa
tion suggests large contributions from- his pile
of justly celebrated paving material.
The Houston Post condemns the assertion of
, southern politicians that the rich north will bear
the greater share of the preparedness cost, and
the sice of bill does not concern the south. Texas,
the Post asserts, will pay its share of the cost
through indirect taxation. So will every northern
state, and the bulk of the income taxes at the
same time. While the south is in the saddle, the
north-getsjt coming and going.
Peopfe and Events.
- i
Dr. Cook of Polar fame is browsing about the
Chautausrua circuit of Nebraska, discoursing on
Arctic life and drawing moderate sustenance from
the box omce.
From an Industrial Worker of the World
leader to a college forum, spans the latest leap
of Frank Tannenbaum, erstwhile raider of New
York churches, now a summer school student at
Columbia. .
- . Wisconsin guardsmen now fear the worst. Or.
ders forbids them taking their mascots to the
southern border, and a handpicked collection of
goats, eagles, owlt, parrots, dogs and cats must
remain at home. A variety of personally-conducted
oaths supplement the oath taken when the
boys were mustered in. ?' " " '"
Later returns show that the champion girl
kisser of 'Pennsylvania .whose recor d of 971
guardsmen swacked wihout a recess, startled the
social fabric of the Kenstone state, performed the
ooeraWon under an assumed name. Her real
name is Emma Hughe, not Mary Hainsey, as
first given. The favored, guardsmen contend the
name is of no consequence. The kisses were the
real thing.
, There is more truth than imagination in the
claim of a Maine angler that Ash. can reason.
Many follower of thenscatorial game have had
similar hunches, the latest being Dick O'Neill of
Courtland, Kan. Dick fastened his fishing pole
to a stake and was loading a small rifle when a
fish of unknown size closed in on the bait and
pulled the line rapidly through the reel. The line
became tangled in the gun and discharged it,
"ding the bullet into the fisherman's leg. Hav
i r, put its enemy out of business, the fish sent up
a iw duddics oi joy ana vanished. .
Yes, But Who Will Oo Bond?
Anticipating the platform-makers in the
forthcoming state conventions, The Lincoln Star,
which usually speaks by the card for the demo
cratic machine, insists that while the "dry
amendment should not be made a party issue,
"the democratic platform ought to declare, and
undoubtedly will declare, that whatever the de
cree of the people in regard to this issue may be,
it should be, and will be, carried out to the letter
by the party entrusted with executive and legis
lative power." And then, after more of the same
kind, it says: "That is the essence of democracy
which keeps faith with the people. It ought not
to be necessary for any party to promise that its
candidates will obey the expressed and recorded
will of the people but in this particular instance
it seems quite imperative that democrats shall
do this."
Perhaps it ought not to be necessary, but the
Star knows, and that is the reason for its demand,
that the candidates nominated on the democratic
state ticket are under suspicion, the discredit hav
ing been attached to them by the campaign made
by Mr, Bryan against their nomination. For very
good reasons, born of experience, democratic
pledges do not pass current at par, either in state
or nation. Realizing this when he wrote the
Baltimore platform, Mr. Bryan added the solemn
assurance, "Our pledges are made to be kept when
in office as welt as relied upon during the cam
paign," But, even that has not prevented the
flagrant repudiation of most of the platform prom
ises on, which democrats rode into power. The
coming democratic state platform might repeat
this phrase and still not allay popular distrust.
Before banks fork over cash in exchange for
promises to pay, they require indorsements or
collateral security and when democratic promises
are handed out this year, Nebraska voters will be
apt to ask: "Where is the bond to guarantee re
demption?". '
Thought Nugget For the Day.
Nobler than a ship safely ending a long voy
age, and sublimer. than the setting sun, is the
old age of a just ana Wna ana w eiui "
St Swithin's Day Today.
c.t Swithin'i dav is observed as a festival in
honor of St Swithin, Bishop of Winchester, in
England, from 852 to 862. He was not canonized
by the church but only in popular tradition. The
weather rhyme runs, in one of many variants, as
St. Swithin's day, if thou aost rain
For forty days it will remain;
, St. Swithin's day, if thou be fair,
For forty days, 'twilt rain nae mair.
One Year Ago Today in the) War.
Italian assault in the Dolomites repelled.
Britiah and French captured large town in
central Kamerun.
Russia admitted Teutonic gains in nortnern
drive on Warsaw.
Allies seized two lines of Turkish intrencn-
ments in alt-day battle. ,
Germany formally admitted that the damage
to the American merchant ship Nebraskan was
caused by German submarine.
This Day in Omaha Thirty Years Ago.
The funeral of Miss Maggie Brodertck took
place from the residence of her parents on South
Eleventh street. The remains were borne to St
Philomena's, where requiem high mass was
chanted by Rev. F. Carroll. The juvenile choir
under Miss Fannie Arnold, rendered the choral
work, while the pallbearers were: I. I. Nichol, C.
J. Smyth, J. T. Moriarity and T. F. Brennan.
B. R. Ball, of the firm of Ball & Van Brump,
has just returned from Chicago, accompanied by
his niece, Miss Kittie Ball.
The G. G. G., a woman's club of this city, gave
a reception at the home of the Misses Dohaney
in honor of the coming marriage ot miss Biancne
Oliver to Mr. W. L. Welsh.
The Second infantry band, now stationed at
Fort Omaha, favored The Bee with a serenade,
Oil Inspection Fee.
The referee in the oil inspection fee case has
made a recommendation to the court that should
bejrery satisfactory to the Standard Oil company,
bdt is not likely to meet public approval, ine
case appears to hinge on whether the fee collected
is in excess of the cost of the service rendered.
Under the Nebraska constitution public revenue
is to be raised by direct taxation, but of late
years the fees collected by public officers have
appreciably supplemented the"1 income, and af
forded opportunity to reduce the direct levy by
that much. These fees were fixed, for the, most
part, at a time when the service was not so fre
quently called for. In the case of oil inspection,
the consumption of oil In Nebraska has increased
to such an extent that the fees collected far more
than pay the cost of the service. This is equally
true of other work for which fees are collected
by public officers. In Douglas county each officer
of record turns into the treasury a considerable
balance after paying all expenses of hta office,
None will contend that the fee for registering
automobiles is not much larger than the cost of
doing the work, purposely made so that the sur
plus may be used for road improvement , With
these examples, it is plain that if the recommenda
tion of the referee in the oil case is adopted by
the courts as the law, the entire fee system will
have to undergo an overhauling and readjust
,ment, and a much larger sum of money be col
lected by direct taxation.
Democracy and the Other Kind.
One sprightly young German sailor will go
back with the Deutsehland carrying a notion of
the difference between American democracy and
Germany autocracy. Whether he will apply it
as it should be is a matter for him to decide, but
the probabilities are strong in favor of its get
ting home. This young man, in a spirit of fun,
asked and received permission to sit in the preii
dent's chair at the head of the cabinet table. This
act in itself doesn't mean a great deal to an
American citizen, anyone of whom may be called
upon to fill that chair officially. To a youngster
from a land where government comes from above,
the experience must have some appeal. He should
get from it a sense of higher valuation of his in
dividual life than he could possibly Imbibe at
home, and a better conception of the privileges of
free citizenship. It is not likely he will reach
this conclusion all at once, but (his memory will
always carry the picture of himself sitting in the
seat of the executive head of a great people, and
in time he will realize that that head is not there
by birth, but is chosen by the suffrages of that
people. This germ of freedom ought to bring
fruit that will ripen in one more naturalized citi
zen of the United States.
The deadlock between the city and street
railway company produces this peculiar situation
that the company is able to make extensions
outside of the city, but notInside of the municipal
boundaries. There should be some way of reach
ing an adjustment that will not affect the fran
chise question on one side or the other.
- The country no doubt will enjoy the news
that the National Woman's party has tossed its
hat into the political ring. The operation lends
a -touch of color to the collection and disposes of
headwear distinctly out of date. V
: Congress hangs out the sign of an early finish.
The generaPdam bill holds the right of way.
which was heartily appreciated. The band num
bers twenty-three members ana is unaer tne
leadership of A. Wiedemeyer.
C. H. Brainard, who has been steward a(the
Huhhell House in Sioux Citv. Ia.. has arrived in
Omaha to assume the management of the Canfield
Today in History. "
1696 French and Indians captured the fort at
Pemaquid, Me. I
1788 Governor St. Llair estabiisnea civil
government in the new northwest territory.
1IW7 larltsts aeteatea near "Valencia y torces
of the aueen of Spain.
1849 Re-establishment of the temporal auv.
thorities of the pope proclaimed at Kome. -
1870 f ranee resolvea upon war witn rrussia.
1890 Twenty-fifth anniversary of the Salva
tion Army celebrated in London. "
1893 German Reichstag passed the army bill,
fixing the peace effective at 479,220 men for two
iy M hranctsco Larbajai succeeded rortino
Diaz as president of Mexico.
This Is the Day We Celebrate.
Attorney C. W. Delamatre is celebrating his
fifty-sixth birthday today. He was born in Kim
ball, U and educated in the Unto state univer
sity and the Cincinnati law school. He came to
Omaha in 1886. ' -
Lucien Stephens was born July 15, 1861, at
Rockport, Mo., and was educated in the Omaha
public schools and Du Fauw university.
Gwyer H. Yates, assistant cashier United
States National bank, is just 31 years old. He
was born in Omaha and started in the banking
business with the Nebraska National bank, going
to his present position in 1WS.
William Winter, celebrated dramatic critic
and author, born at Gloucester, Mass.; eighty
years, ago today.
Franklin K. Lane, secretary of the interior in
President Wilson's cabinet, born in Prince Ed
ward Island, fifty-two years ago today.
Baron Northcliffe, noted British newspaper
and magazine publisher, born near Dublin, fifty
one years ago today.
Mme. Schumann-Heink, celebrated operatic
and concert singer, born near Prague, Bohemia,
fifty-four years ago today.
- Marie Tempest, one of the best known act
resses of the English-speaking stage, born in Lon
don titty years ago today.
Bishop Leo Haid, abbot, of the celebrated
Benedictine abbey at Belmont, N. C, born at
Latrobe, Pa., sixty-seven years ago today,
v Dr. Benjamin Ide .Wheeler, nresident of the
University of California, born at Randolph, Mass.,
sixty-two years ago today.
Melbourne Inman. English chamnion billiard
player, born at Twickenham, England, thirty-eight
years ago today.
Where They AH Are Now.
Lyman Bryson, member of The Bee staff a
few years ago, is now teaching journalism in the
University of Michigan. He is writing short
stories, several of which have appeared in Mc-
Cure's and Scribner'a magazines. He is about
to have a book of his poems published. ,
A. L. Gale, formerly of the Darlow Advertis
ing agency and at one time president of the
Omaha Ad club, is now with the Taylor-Critch-field
Advertising company of Chicago, one of the
largest in the world.
Arthur L. Welsh, formerly in the Union Pa
cific ticket office here, then traveling auditor for
the Northwestern and for three years ticket seller
at the Union station, is now city ticket agent for
the Canadian Pacific at Portland, Ore.
C. H. Walworth, who resided in Omaha for
many years and who some five year ago sold out
his holdings and moved to Florida, is about to
return to Nebraska. He has written to friends
here that he has disposed of his Florida property
and that he has heard again the call of Nebraska,
adding that this section of the United States is
good enough for him. .
Timely Jottings and Reminders.
-Milwaukee is to hold a big preparedness
parade today.
.Today is the date fixed for the inauguration
of the new plan of clearing for member banks in
the Federal Reserve system.
Vessels of the United States navy are sched
uled to leave Boston, Newport, New York, Hamp
ton Roads, Portland, Ore., and other points today
wun ine viavai jnuiiia oi uic various states oouna
on the summer oractice cruise.
Thousands of stockholders, officials and em
ployes of the Calumet & Hecla Mining company,
including a distinguished party from Boston, will
trather today at Calumet Mich., for a celebration
of the fiftieth anniversary of the beginning of
worK in tne Aircnigan copper mines.
Story-ette of the Day.
Jim Smith was notoriously slow pay. He
owed quite a bill at the grocery for pork. One
day, as his credit was becoming strained, he
walked calmly into the grocery and said: "Mr.
Black, I want to pay you for the pork I. have
had. and I want some more."
"Certainty," said the delighted proprietor, as he
nastenea to wait on nis customer.
Taking the package of pork, Jim Smith started
to go. i .
Watt a minute, said the proprietor. "I
thought you wanted to pay for the pork."
"I do, remarked Jim, as he resumed his home
ward way, "but I can't." The Christian Herald.
Haaaaa far Haighea.
vhh.., K.h Jul la. To the Editor
of Tha Bee: Following up action of tha
progreealve atate committee at Lincoln yea
terday, I hare lseuad the following announce
in MMimltlon of tha sreat iaauea, stata
and national. Involved la the election of the
preeent year, and believing Uat ueaa w
boat be farthered by the rallying of pro
preaaivea, republieana and good eltiaena gen
erally around the leaderehip ol Judge But
ton for governor of Nebraaka and Charlea
K. Hughee for preaident, t withdraw irom
tha nroereaalva candidacy for governor.
heartily indoraing Judge Sutton lnatead.
A firm adherent, now aa ever, of the
prinelplaa and peraonallty of Theodora Roooe
volt, I have for tea or mora yeara nan
eeereelr leea confidence tn and admiration
for Charlea E. Hughe aa a great, reliable
national leader. During the number or
yeara In the early atagee of Mr. Hughea'
great Mew York atate career, I waa much in
that atate In a bualneea capacity, and in tha
atata houae and leglalative halla at Albany,
and laid the foundatlona than of my preeent
cpnUdcnee tn Mr. Hughea and familiarity
with hie great, unswerving publie aerrieea
Aa a native at Kanaaa, born In the Sere
John Brown abolition daya, I waa fired by
that early elvil war environment with an
interne Amerieaniam myaelf, and would ac
cept nothing elae now In a preaidential can
didate. My knowledge of Mr. Hughe aatla
fi me entirely that hie Amerieaniam ia of
leright aort.
Nebraaka will go. dry thia fall, and tha
only way to get a dry governor unquali
fiedly pledged to Initiate and entoree dry
legialatton from the a tart, an and aeoond in
Importance only to the adoption of the anti-
liquor amendment itaelf, wUl be to center
tha dry vote upon and eleet Judge 8utton.
Progreaalvo Nomine for Governor.
Warning the Beexe Wanner.
Omaha, July J4. To the Editor of Tha
Bee: The municipal bathing beach at Carter
lake la one of the commendable featurea of
thia great inland city. It reflect! the big
heartedneaa of tha aatuta eitr father in
eotting aside a place for recreation where
the weary toilers at tha end of a weltering
day can refreah themeelvoa In th cooling
depth of the eparkling lake.
But in opit of the good intent' of our
well meaning eltiaena thia atill remains a
world In which privilege la often miaoon
atrued into a licenae for the vteioue nnd
the vulgar. Juat aa the wholeaome fun ia
atartlng, some jynx boba up, turna off the
unahine and apoila tha whole thing. The
jynx at Carter lake ia tha one-piece bathing
eult donned by a few doaen daring women
evidently attempting' to epread-eagle around
tha eonventione that prevent them from poa
Ing entirely nude before th publie gaae.
The world ha not yet advanced to that
atage of perfection when aemi-nude poeing
of the fair aex at th beachea can be eonaid
erad anything hut vulgar. Vulgarity ia ignor
ane of aociety eonventione and in thia in
etanee a perverae vulgarity which nauaeatee
and disguata anyone who will atop to rata
the ehallow mindedneaa that perauadea a fe
male to poae in publie aa September Morn.
Aa the majority of theae would-b nyada
don't know the Auatralian crawl from a
barbed wire fane, ft la fair to esaume that a
ahort akirt would nut; intrfr with their
aquatfe pleaeur.
On th other hand, if th one-piece auit la
worn for the edification of the he-hangera-on
at the beach, let ua haaten to remind the
nymphe that theae beach warmera are men
in name only. Th real, red-blooded regu
lar fellow la too buay apiaahing to reeetv
any divine inspiration and the beach warmer
who enjoya himaelf ogling the women ia
tn lazieat, weakeat, moat ineonaequential
rodent out of captivity It la impoaaible to
engender pure admiration in hia mind. The
higheat inspiration he haa ia a aniveling
deaire to exchange inainuating remarka that
fall far ahort of the compliment Bought by
the apritely mcrmaide and also a few ancient
tub-ahaped female monsters of the deep.
W were reared near the largest' bathing
beach In the world, and while there were
no rule that required a fair bather to eover
herself with - a full length linaer woolaey
petticoat, there were adequate regulations
that made the vulgar impoaaible and elimi
nated the he-hanger-on. Viaitora never mis
took the beach for a reincarnation of th
Gardvn of Eden, and huabande didn't have
to wear a bandage over their eyes when
bathing with friend wife.
Pernapa Omaha will iaaue adequate restric
tions. We trust the good mayor will look
Into tha matter and alao not take too long
a look. LYNN GLYMAN.
per for about thirty degreea the two point
era are Ave degreea apart one can locate
Arcturua, and thirty degree farther, con
tinuing the curve, ia Spica.
Spiea ia not nearly so bright aa "Arcturua,
fairest of the BtarB," but la one of th
fifteen first magnitude stars viaible in th
northern hemisphere.
Dnb, Aqulla and Vera ar all in th
constellation. Th Swan, An tares, Arcturua
and Splea are th six first magnitud star
Bow viaibl at a awaonablo hour.
It may ba interaating to know that th
light w receive from Deneb, the atar at the
top of the Northern Croea, left that star
about tha time of the Spaniels Armada.
From Areturo light requires 106 year to
roach na, from Antaree, ISS, from Vega, 20
and from Altair only IS year.
Arcturua la quite a acoreher, moving
through space at the rate of two or three
hundred miles per aecond, and he gives on
thoueand tlmaa aa mueh light aa tha Bun.
His extreme distance ia all that aav ns
from thia tremendoua light.
If the aun were as far away aa Arcturua.
ha would bo teleaeope atar.
Aaasatae City Employee.
To th Editor of Th Beet Aa a taxpayer I
would not any anything against any city
employe having a reasonable vacation, for It
la conceded that vaeatlona are wia and
nceeaaary, but tha limit of reoaon seems to
have been reached In the case of th city
gaa eommlaaioner, who haa juat returned,
after an abaenee alnce June It, whn h
left on th epecial train for tha democratie
national convention at St. Louia. Several
time I called at th, gaa commissioner's
offie for information and waa unable to find
that official in. He waa gone, I am told,
nearly five week, for which time the city
paid him more than 1200. No bueineaa in
atitution. would - stand for BUch methode.
Why not apply Asacy to the affaire of
tha eltyf It ia time to annly the affleianev
teat toveraI city hall departments, and
the gaa oommiaeloner'a office ia juat aa good
aa any place for a a tart. Why la th gaa
commissioner auch a privileged character.
anyway f Ia thia a eample of th wia and
economical government the mayor promised
th taxpayers whan h sought their votve?
Th gaa aommlaaionar' oflle. let It b r-
membered, la directly under the mayor. W
trust that tha gaa commissioner may be able
to complete th year without any more va
eatlona. ' COUNT VERITAS.
5 tare and Croupe f Star.
Omaha, July 14. To tha Editor of Th
Bee: Although Orion, the moat beautiful
of all tha eonetetlatione, left ua long ago,
and Venue and Saturn hav become morning
J stars, rising about 4 a. m., then ar still
om, beautiful stare and eonatellationa to
ba seen by any one willing ta ."look, up, not
own." i
A littla "looking up" will well repay any
one, especially now that the subject of
astronomy is "coming into its own"' one
mora, on account ot the wonderful stride
th aeienee haa mad in neent yeara.
In the northwest aky ta th Big Dippr,
or Great Bear, aa it waa known by the
ancients, perhapa because th hear waa tha
only animal alwaya to b found in th cold
region of th north.
Th seven atare of tha dipper bear no re
semblance, ot course, to a bear or any- other
quadruped, but ay joining to It a lot of stray
stars and uaing aom imagination, a fairly
good hobby-horse bear can be mad out.
' It swings around th Polar atar o
every twenty-four hours with its faithful
"pointers" conatantly allowing tha traveler
the location of th North atar.
I June the dipper ia to the left of Polaris
tha North Star September fl he will be
directly underneath. December IS, to , th
right and Marsh 11. exactly above, t
Shakeapaar apeake uf tolling th tim by
"Charles' Wain," th nam th dipper ia
known by in England.
Tha Little Dipper la anally located, aa tha
North or Polar atar I ta tha and of
handle. t . V
- In th northeast, opposite th dipper. Is
Cassiopeia, a big letter W don in fire bril
liant atar.
In th east ia th three-cornered coastal
la tion, Cygnua tha swan sometimes called
the Northern Crooa, formed by th three first
Bsagnitud stars, Deneb, Aqulla and Vega.
Tha Northern Croae la a beautiful group of
stars inside of this throe-elded figure. De
ne, th star at tha left of the triangle), la
at th top ( th eroea; three lose bright
atar form tha arm and another one. In line
with Deneb, ia at tha foot. This group ilea
in tha Milky War. which is aompoaad of
billion of stars auns Ilk our own.
In th south is Scorpio, with its beautiful
red star Antaree Anti-Mare,
Overhead 1 beautiful Arcturua, which
shone down upoa Job Ma yeara age. By
following th aurve of th handle of th dip-
But MHle bit of a -flea can walk all ovr
him with perfect aafeiy.." Waatiington Star.
JLaouy Jeanneiio, u , niiun ,uvui
eon to become my eon-tn-law, do you aup
Doae he wiU be willing to work and up-
port your"
Jeannetie on, aau, now can ne, wo-,,
k- -MMtun to do nothlnsr but think of me
all the time T Puck.
'Pi, what't the tmendsj honorable?"
'That's the kind of DOloxy. eon. that
makes the man to whom you offer It want to
buy a drink.;' ptrmlncham Age-Herald.
She (tearfully) Tou eald If I'd marry
you, you'd be humbly grateful, and now
He dourly) Well?
She You're grambly hateful! -Judge.
"Ia that dog dangerous, 7"
"Sometime. There Isn't another dog In
the aetttement who dares come near blm.
"Here's an attractlTe advertisement for
summer boardere."
"What does It say?"
" 'Act as If you owned the earth at our
place and we'll act as If we were going to
give it to you.' "Birmingham Age-Herald.
Avoirdupois I'll bet you Ave plunks that
I can run around that track In less than a
minute. Haa anyone got a stop watch?
Wit Tou don't want a stop watch. Heyl
Who's got a calendar ? The American Boy.
"WhaX have you decided to do with your
summer vacation."
"Something absolutely original. I'm go
ing to stay at home and spend the time try
ine ts. nsv un no me ot the debts I ac
cumulated during the winter." Washington
" J
The Store of the Town
Browning, King & Company
Just Glance Over the Extraordinary Values 1
Listed Below and Come Early !-
$5.00 quality. $3.453 for $10.00
$6.50 quality. $4.35-i3 for $12.50
$7.50 quality $5-00 3 for $14.00
$10.00 quality $6.653 for .$19.00
$1.50 quality 95 3 for $ 2-75
$2.00 quality $1.45 3 for $ 4-25
$2.50 quality. ...... .$1.653 for $ 4.75
$3.00 quality $1.953 for $ 5.75
$3.50 quality $2.353 for $ 6.75
.. $1.00 quality 65t 2 for $ 1.25
$1.50, quality 95f 3 for $ 2 75
$2.00 quality $1.353 for $ 4.00
$4.00 silk $2 85 3 for $ 8.00
50c quality.. 35t 3 for $ 1-00
$1.00 quality r . 65C 2 for $ 1.25
- $1.50 quality 95f 2 for $ 1.75
$2.00 quality $1.353 for $ 4-00
$2.50 quality $1.653 for $ 4.75
25c quality 20f 3 for 50
35c quality. 25t 5 'or $x 1.00
50c quality 353 for $ x1.00
$1.00 quality. t65tf 2 for $ 1.25
$1.50 quality $1.15
$2.00 quality, $1.45
$2.50 quality $1-85
$3.00-quality. $2.15
Browning, King & Company
, , GeOyT. Wilson, Mgr.
Specially desirable
office for a Real
Estate firm with a
rental business.
At the head of the stairs on the first floor, oppo
site The Bee business office. This would make
it especially convenient for people who want
to deal with a real estate firm having houses for
; It is almost as good as a ground floor location,
and the rent is very reasonable, indeed.
- Price, per month. .. .$30.00
It carries with it all the advantages of service in
Apply to Building Superintendent, Room 103.
MIV al al
urea ana
i x X.-V -v-v
i i t l 1 l HI
V X -W VVflt at'XI
tnd dw iyttm eomplcnlv ml of fari it'a
. a lar aiio lh bJood il (nil of poison mni
subject to complicated msuaias uim
BAiaona are maaoven.
r ... .1 .L- L! I J
e a, as. win un i
aw Ufa tad vitality M IM blood oy I
vgetabl nty.
UM ts.S.e. ai any oraf fiaT.