Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 08, 1916, Page 7, Image 7

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Parasols and
Women'! pure silk Taffeta para-'
tola, In handsome plain colon
and combinations of color, also
fetching Chin China and Sport
parasols, with smart cord wrist
lets. Values to 15.00, at,
each .... $1.98 and 93.50
Children's parasols. In cotton,
pongees, and silks, at, 19 up
to $2.00 each. -
Women's and men's umbrellas,
in suit case style, In American
tafetta covers. Regular $1.60
values. Very' special at. ..98
3BIg Saving andTatisfacfion in July Clearing Sales
II. M Red Rubber Beth Sprays.
Red f ilav.a f nr hnuuvarh
13.00 Weilinerton Pemh Rvptn- ruanntMd
I years 82.00
Tie Dust No Garment Base... 404
si. eg box Le Trefle er Asurea Powder
60c box Madam Ieebell'e Face Powder
DJer Kiss Powder with Satin Satchet Bag free.
T5o jar Pompelan Massage Cream
too Jar Pompelan Night Cream
60a tube Pebeco Tooth Paete
60c jar Pond'a Vanishing Cream
no Ideal Cold or Vanishing Cream.. 1
9.7i jar ttoruck's Malted Milk....: aa.TB
tic bottle Listerlne. Lambert's. . . 194
Ho jar Mentholatum ........14
J 5c can Sani-Flush or Tolleteer. . .'. ,.,.194,
i qi. raraiine uu tor nouse uiiiqinf. ... ... , js
ivc jap ash nr rumuiivt ooay. ............ ..t
10 hare Iam nil and Buttermilk at daatfle '
Soap St
Four 10c bare Peroxide Soap ..254
tOo bottle Sloaa'e Liniment ................. 35
A new and oomplete line o( Fancy Bathing Cava,
from ...... ......354 to .Sl3s
July Clearance Sale of Summer
Crepe da Chine Envelope and Gowns, Satin and Crepe
de Chine. Worth to 16.00, at S2.98
Ladles' dainty Lace and Smb. Skirts, Envelope
Chemise, dainty Lace and Emb. yoke. Worth to 12.60,
at J.....89 and $1.50
Ladles' drawers and corset covers and Chemise. Reg- -
ular 75c value, at, Saturday. . . .' ; 35
Ladles' Corset Covers and Drawers. Worth to 36c,
at 15
Ladles' Fine Lisle Union Suits, crocheted yokes. Worth
76c, at .,t ...35 and 49
Ladles' Fine Lisle Vests, crocheted yokes. Worth
60c, at . ....19
Ladles' $1.60 811k Lisle Vests, at , 69
Children's Princess Slips, dainty lace and emb.
trimmed, at 69 and 81.25
Children's Muslin Drawers, dainty lace and embroidery
trimmed. Worth EOc, at ............12H and 25
Shoes for the Whole Family
You'll Find the Combination of High Quality, Goc d
Style and Low Price Here Most Gratifying
Men's f 2.50 Gun Metal Button and Blucher Shoes.
Welt soles
' Men's Gun Metal Button or Blucher and Vld Kid Xace or
Congress Shoes. $3.50 values
The Harden Special for Men. All new, nifty
styles ..................
Women s6 trap Pumps, Kid or Patent leather. All styles and
sties, lip froi
Women's Kid i-Strap Supper, turn soles, all (i mr
sites ;.. e)l.9
Misses' and Children's White Canvass Mary Jane Pumps, with tff AA
rubber soles eJl.UW
Child's and Infanta Kid and Patent Mary Jane " rM An ijr-
Pumps, up to size I 71eUIJ")C
Boys' Shoes, Button or Blucher, sites, 1 to 5. Values up d bp
to $2.25 .i)l.le3
Store Open Saturday Till 9 P. M.
We will close at 5 p. m. on other days
during the Summer months.
Splendid Opportunity
Our Entire Stock oi Straw and
Panama Hats
Are on sale at prices that cannot be equaled
in the city. Your choice of any Panama in
our entire stock. Value to ,, fffj (JP
$10.00, at $detJ9
All Panamas that sold to "Jft J F
"$5.00, at .; $Ut1o
A large assortment of Men's Silk and Pop
lin Hats; just the thing for 0Q HZn
motoring and sports, at JyC'ltfL
Glove Offerings
811k Gloves In two clasp style,
In white, either plain ot beauti
fully embroidered backs. Every
pair perfect Very special, at,
pair 59 an 79
Women's very heavy ' quality
pure 811k Gloves, In two-button
length, either plain or beauti
fully embroidered backs, at per
pair,..; 81.00
Women's 12 ' and '. 16-button
length pure Tricot or Milanese
Silk Gloves. Every pair perfect,
either black or white, at, per
pair 39 and 69
'. 7iJ
j j j rrtr rrrrrr" - "'
Big Clearance on Hosiery Saturday
Women's Pure Silk Hose, in plain and fancy colors, regular
$1.50 values
and outsize1, in all silk and silk with lisle tops,
Women's $1.00 Silk Hose, in black and white,
Women's AH Silk Fiber Hose, with flare top, high
spliced heel and double sole, all wanted colors.
Women's Fiber Boot Hose, all colors, 3So quality,
at.. ..'...j......
Children's and Misses' Mercerized Lisle Hose, in
black, white and colors, 23o quality;
Infants' and Children's Half Hose, in plain and
fancy striped tops, special at 12VH; and. .........
Children' Kay Hose, black and white, .
25 nd...., ."
$i.i9 m,
89c rip)
23c JfilV
20c fpW
Saturday We Add the Women's and Children
n Summer Dresses
c7 . :-VJv:,Y-:. P
II - . I sasT" - .. ',"111.. I II I M V
In Our Great
d July Qearance
Hundreds o! Pretty
Tub Dresses . . . .
.Women's, Miss! and . Juniors', in the
season's most favored styles' and colors,
, dresses worth $3.00 and $3.50, at $1.60.
Summer Dresses $50
Worth $15.00 and $18.00......... I T"
A wonderfully broad assortment of de
signs in Voiles, Linens, Lawns, Tub Novel
ties, Striped Silks, etc., designs suitable for
all occasions. .
Summer Dresses $
Worth tip to $26.00, at. . . .
,: ' An immense ahowing of elegant Summer Dresses in fine
f'Bhantong Sport Drosses, Dainty Voile an j Cool linen Dresses."
Truly marvelous values at sale price. , ,
3O0 Beautiful Silk Dresses
200 Pretty Summer Coats
At Just Hall Price
175 Fine Cloth Suits
At Just Halt Price
Summer Sldrt
100 Women's and Misses' (ft A AF
Taffeta Silk Skirts, worth Ifl.vHa
$7.50, Saturday. ...... . . V"9V v
Lot of classy, stripe Shanhmg 8Mrts,
many shades,:
worth $10.00,
all ;rizes, lP A A
Special Sale of Blouses
for Saturday
One lot of Georgettes, Crepe de Chines,
Samples and broken lots in all the new
styles and shades. Worth ft ff A A
to 18, Saturday. . .
A new lot of Lingeries and Georgettes
for Saturday's selling. The very latest
styles, ' all the newest : shades.
nS.:.'......$3.98 to $10
Also a new lot of large size Blouses, in
Georgettes and Lingeries for Saturday.
Children's While Dresses
Hundreds of them for your selection, all
sizes, 4 to 14 years, made to sell to $5.00.
All at one price Saturday,
only ,
10 Dozen Children's Dresses
Made to sell to $250, in good assortment of
pretty Summer styles, all sizes, , Qui
.while they, last Saturday Otf C
Over 100 Pretty Coats .
on Sale at Just Half.
Clothing Bargains You'll Appreciate
Your Choice of Any Men's or
Young Men's Suit In Stock
Hart Schaffner
And Other High Grade Makes (Plain Blues and Blacks ,
Ezoepted). :
$25.00, $30.00 and $35.00" Suits,
all Spring and Summer 1916
merchandise, in choicest styles, ,
fabriCB and patterns, plenty of
the snappy "VARSITY FIFTY-
FIVE'' models for the dressy
young fellows, and more omet
styles for older men. r ........ .
Get That Summer Suit Saturday
, We have on sale 400 Men's and Young Men's Palm
Beach and Mohair Coat and Trdusers, made by Hart
Schaffner & Marx .and other high-grade makes, at a
price that barely covers the cost of the material. These
coat and trousers are iust the thing for an ajs-s.
outing or vacation all sizes, 34 to 50 chest Aflftf
measure. Regular $10.00 Suits. V
One lot of Silk Suits, coat and pants, cPt
very finely tailored and a neat, cool out-'S"! SO
fit. Suits formerly sold for $25.00.'., . . JLM- ;
Don't Forget That the Boy Wants Cool Clothes
Bofs' Pabn Beach and Kool Cloth Suits in Norfolk style coats, kniokerbocker trousers. ' These
suits are all nicely tailored and perfect fitting. They come in sizes 8 to 16 years. 0M Af?
Worth to 7.50, at.... i ....... i ......... . . . , flatlu
Boys' Washable Pants in khaki, linen and Palm Beach fabrics,
sizes 6 to 18 years, at, Saturday.
Boys' Washable Suits in a very large assortment of colors and ,
styles, all colors guaranteed, sizes 2Vi to'8 years....
Boys' odd Knickers in neat mixtures And all wool serges, sizes '
6 to 18 years, at, Saturday. ,.
i ii wm mv
:Ji'r- mm
50c and $1.00
79c to $2.50
$1 and $1.50
We have everything yon may;
need, in Dependable Luggage,
and our pricings make it pay
. you to buy here.
Trunks in all styles and sizes
; and splendid, durable qualities
"at prices from. .$6.00 to $30.
Suit Cases of all kinds, in Fiber
Matting, Rattan and all kinds
of leather, at. .. .85e to $20
. Matting and Fiber Cases for
lunch, rtc, at. ........ ..,45
Matting Bags, at ...... . .29
For Tour Auto Trip or Picnio
have a Fitted Auto Kit. All
sizes, for 2, 4 or 6 persons. Spe
cial values . $4.50 to $12.50.
Clearance Specials That pi
Interest Every Visitor to Oar
Corset Department Saturday
M40 Brocade Lace Front Corsets, In pink or
ffttta, nleely trimmed with emb. Alio has tongue
la front to keep the flesh from protruding -through
the laces." Special, at.......... 82.49
Keep Cool by Wearing a Hot Corset We have
them In Tfaraer's Bust-Proof med. bust, med.
length hip. All sixes, at ..-81.00
75e Brassier In front or back fastening, or ban
delets, nicely trimmed. All sizes, at ....... .49
$1.00 Crepe De Chine Camisoles, In pink or
white. Special, at .........694
Boys' Wssh Hurts, Middy and Oliver Twist styles,
I to 7 yeara, at.... 88 and 69
Something for the children to play in 60c and
75c Rompers, all colors and styles; I months to (
years. Don't miss these, at 254
Boys' Blouse Waists, Sport styles. All the newest
patterns, 6. tq 14 years, at .504
Bitjlt tjMlltr. wnblnod with ssvtnjr prtoe, bwIim -MttsM
mf jmmr jmramer Wmmm UnirMan hf h
UtMSJXSMSlW wra sarssMsiv
Whlta MotmtAln rfrln ra
ter. 'th Oban with th
TaUtM M.0
Garland u raa, hjirh
Oarlutd vma ranffM. low
avn .. W.4
mall srplint tdothM ba-
kata W
Medium wpttnt stothM a-
lArr apllat elathaa baa-
ku .. ,...
U-lneh towal ban, nlokal
platad .....Ifio
Charrr ttonara .Wo ard 7lc
Ho. i tin, ooppsjr-bottom
bollar ; $1.10
,'Ko. I tin.'' oeppar-bottom
bollar li te
U-Foot elotbaa polai ,.2ftc
1-OaIIoa garbag cans.
vanlaad .. .. 59
Gallon tarbac tmn. tat-
Tanlasxl ..
14-Uallon varbaga
gairaniiaa t .am
Oaaar tnou dnatUaa nraap-
Ing oompotmd tor car-
?i? .."...TSaw s;
Vroit eana, par doaan..36si
Floor ahlna duatlnaa mopa,
fit any alia mop atkk,
at .. , la
Raad ahloa duatleis
. mopa , ., l
Shoa brnah and doMMr.lM
IS paper picnic plataa..lte
Round Waaltrn washing
machln ..
ll-Ual. garbaga cans, gal-
Tanlsad . . . $l.tS
I4'ial. garbage eaaa, gal
. TanliatT 91.50
llOal. garbag-a can a, gat-,
ranlsed . . , l.t
IT and ll-qt. gray- diah-
! Brealttafl
With the greatest Clearance
Sale of Millinery ever known
to Omaha in our famous, al
ways busy Millinery Dept.
A clearance of 300 exquisite Summer Trim
med Hats, Italian Leghorns, White Milans,
etc., trimmed with the newest of new mate
rials ior Summer wear. Values to $12.00,
$15.00, $18!00, $20.00, 'at only
Just three dozen fine Felt
Hats, values
$3.98, SATUB"
Blazer striped linen Sport
Hats, $2.50 val- fs7
ues, for SAT- KP
A Great Underpricing ot Men's Furnishings in July
Clearance bales batoraay
Men's Soft Cuff Shirts at a low price. Popular makes, a
luch as Monarch, States and Hayden Special. This
Mason's styles, fancy and plain whits shirts that have
sold for I1.C0, Saturday 85
Men's Soft Cuff $1.50 Arrow Shirts, all sites to 17,
Saturday 81.15
Men's $1.60 Tub Silk Front Shirts, with matched
bodies and silk turn-back cuffs. Saturday... ..954
H price on Men's Sterling Union Suits. For Instance,
(3.00 suits ...$1.50
Men's tl.SO Fine Lisle Union Suits, Ecrue or white,
sleeves, ankle length; sizes to 46. Saturday .954
Men's 60c Underwear, Shirts and Drawers. AH sties to
it. Fine quality Ecru Balbrlggan Drawers; are rein
forced in seat; shirts long or short sleeves. Satur
day 39
Men's 11.60 Pajamas, In plain or fancy colors. Spe
cial 81.15
Men s 11.00 fancy trimmed Night Shirts, full size bodies,
all sizes neckband. Special
Men's 1-plece Bathing Suits, in plain or
fancy border. Special, at. .....$1.00
Men's and Boys' Sport Shirts, in fancy
colors and plain white. Sizes from 13 to
17. Special . 65
Men's 17c Wash Neckwear, In white or
neat colors, 13. or 2 for...... 25
Men's 26c Mercerized Socks, in whits
or colors, 18, or 3 for........ .50
Buying Groceries Here Means Not Only 25 to 50
Saving on Table Expenses, But the Very Best of
. Everything at the Lowest Prices
l-lb. bar Diamond H Flour, made
from tha bait ealaotad No. 1
wheat .... S1.25
It bars Laundry Qaaan Soap.. 254
I Iba. the beat bulk Laundry
Starch ....1.254
I Iba Beat Rolled White Braakfaat
Oatmeal 254
l-lb. can Was, Oreen or Uma
Seens .... , . . . .TH
ls-oa. cans Oondanard Ml)k...TH
jDa. vnoieo japan Hloe..,.
4 lba. Fanoy Head Rice. . . . . .
. I cans Im Lu Scourlns Powder.
Skinner's Famous Macaroni, Ver
micelli or Bpaghettl, made In
Omaha,, packag-e Tliet
s-lb. can Hominy, Sour Kraut or
Baked Beana 7Vie)
, 25)
l-lb. caaa Alaaka Salmon. .8
n. .:. corn naKes. pica..
Teaet Foam, package
ll-os. cane rfallfornla Rlne
Olives 10
t bot. Stuffed or Plain Olives, zRa
I bottles Pickles, assorted 2Se)
Fresh Crisp Ofnffersnapa, lb..7Vie)
Soda Crackers, lb 7'-,
1 lb. Hcrshey's Cocoa .,.2Ke
Golden Santos Coffee, lb. . . . . .204
The Beet Tea Slftlnrs, lb..i2y4
The Peoples' Favarlta Better, Kaa
and Caeeee Department.
or bulk, lb.
The Best Creamery Butter.
No. 1 Country Creamarv. lb.
Fancy Full Cream. Young America!
Wleconaln or Brick Cheese.
per lb.
Fancy Queen unvea, qt.. S54
Domestle Swiss Cheese, lb., 804
and .... 40
Fancy .New Potatoes, 15 lbs. to .
peck .' 80
Jibs, new Wai or Oreen Beans. 10
large Oreen peppers.. 54
( bunches Oreen Onions 54
4 bunches Fresh Beets, Turnips or-
Carrots 54
6 hunches Fresh Leaf Lettuce.. 5
Homegrown Cauliflower, head. R
e ouncnea jrreen raraiey. ...... .
Fancy Ripe Tomatoes, lb.. ..TV
I bunches Fresh Radishes f
Lrae. Julcv Lemons, doa 2fl
California Plums, basket, 854-454 '
' Berries at All Kind, at Lowest .
. . Market Fries. -
, .op
lowest Prices on Sanitary Meats In 0v
v , . Mammoth Market ,
Fresh Pork Loins (whole or balf).....;,.13H
Fresh Boars Ribs
Steer Round Steak . ..
Bteer Pot Roast;,
Pork Shoulder Roast
Homemade Sausage . ,
lbs. Best Leaf Lard
....... ...18H
. ...11-15W
... la.H
Best Grade Hams
Lean Bacon
Cooked Ham.,..,.
Jellied Ox Tongue
Frankforts . ... . ..
Minced Ham .....
Cooked Pork Loin
. Fresh Dressed Chickens at lVbolesale Prlees.