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tieaim mnis r asnions oman s v otk : ousetioia oyw
Jv$t What to Do tJ
When Man's Love 1
is Growing Gold
It is not until a man realizes that
lie is tired of a girl, and never real
ly was in love with her, that he also
realizes how foolishly he has acted.
It' amazes him to find that he has
gone so far as to be considered the
fiancee'of the maid, whose whole at
tention has been given him for a long
time for many of these affair re
sult in an "understanding" that is the
equivalent of a proposal.
Then, not knowing how to get out
of the tangle in which he has become
entangled, he falls back upon the
unmanly. - '
Then, not knowing how to get out
of the tangle in -which he has become,
enmeshed, he falls back upon the un- o
manly metnod ot neglecting tne girl
he has hitherto courted and flattered.
True, this is little more foolish than
the former recklessness of his eon
duct, but it causes a good deal of suf
fering to a woman who has loved in
nocently and too .well,' and is de-
servinsr of better treatment,
Having got no real reason to give
for his coldness, except the bold
statement that he has made a mis
take, he shirks the issue. He knows
that if he tells the truth he has to
account for many statements that
seem to prove the contrary.
A man's methods are often coward
ly in dealing with the woman for
whom he has ceased to care,. He
tries to force her to break with him
by giving her ample groundsfor com
plaint, but a woman is usually too
generous and too loving to take ?d?
vantage of his devices. Her cry is:
"Why are you so changed?"
She cannot understand why- the
lover who has left her with a fond
good-by can go away and put her
out of his mind. She writes him
frank open letters, the pleading, im
ploring ones, begging all the time
that he will tell her what she has
done to vex him. He cannot tell her
without putting all the blame on him
self, without showing that he has not
acted a manly part. But even if lie
could and is not disposed to, his con
duct should show her that his . love
is dying. The signs are.. unmistak
able. ,
Is there a woman who, being thus
treated, does not know the truth at
When One's'in Love Ask Nothing
It is supposed to be a doubtful
question when one gets engaged. I
don't necessarily mean that I am
speaking from personal experience
as to whether it is wiser, for either
tide to give too many little confessions
about their their past life (assuming,
of course, that one or the other, or
both, of them have a past). Though
why it should cause such extensive
heart-burnings I never can quite un
derstand. ' '
Were love and marriage an ordinary
prosaic sort of business arrangement
whereby you sat down and carefully
weighed up the pros and cons, it
would be another matter quite irre
spective of the fact that if you did so
Beautify the Complexion
;. ' m TIN DAYS
Nadinola CREAM
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tan, frecUIes, pimples,
liver spots, etc. Extreme
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Leaves the itin clear, soft, healthy.
Two sixes, 50c. and $1.00. By toilet
counter or mail.
8old by lesdfnt toilet emitters fai Omaha.
What to Do for Eczema
' Greasy selves and ointments should not
' bo applied if food elear ekln Is wanted.
From ear dranist lor ISe or 11.00 for
, oxtrm terse else, ret bottle of soma. When
f applied as directed, It effectively removes
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'It. as w believe nothing- you have ever
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Zemo, Cleveland.
rot one person in a hundred and fjfty
would probably ever risk it.
You would then want to know all
-out the deal you were contemplating
and you would proceed to estimate
the chances of your future happiness
through the light of his or her past
side-slips. -
But it is, I believe, the custom
among those who marry-and give in
marriage to be concerned principally
with the fastness of their respective
partners, cherishing a beautiful be
lief where the said oartners are al
leged on the highest authority to have
exceeded all (need limits in years past
with unfailing regularity) that under
,, . . vi. .. .t .1.-
ineir own guiuance ui tuuioii, mc gc
of miracles is not past.
And after alt is said and done this
seems to be the most reasonable view
to take of the situation. Provided
always that the promise to keep to
the rails in the future is supported by
a reasonable amount of probabili
that this will be carried into effect,
cannot see how it can'possibly benefit
orshould be in. any way obligatory on
the other party to dig up little past
Of, this should hold good for
both sides or not at all.
Tile mischief of it usually lies in the
fact that two people of the tame cali
ber practically never unite. The type
of man who could give Don Juah
ninety in a hundred and a beating gen
erally marries an innocent, trusting
little is-year-oid tiling (always sup'
posing that the combination exists
nowadays) who knows as much about
life as a pig does of prayer book.
Frankly, then, I don't favor the
confession idea unless it be what I
call general confession. By which
mean, don't either of vou make out
that you have been a plaster saint
when you have been as torrid as the
next letter to K. Nine times but of
ten she won't like you any the better
for it, and ninety-nine times out of a
hundred she won t believe you.
But that is as far as the confession
shall go. It is an awful mistake to
go into individual cases. She may
uossibly, and maybe conversely, think
that by dwelling on them you have
still lingering regrets on the subject,
"Peach-Bbssoms" a ByjmmMey
Copyright, 1914, Interna tlratl Nwt Service.
BUltetJ Milk
- DiratJbU
The) powder dissolves
Rich Milk, Malted grain extract In powder.
For Infanta, Invalid and growing children.
', Par smtrltioSMrpbaiUiaf the whole body.
-) Invigorates cursing mothers, and the wed.
Needs no cooking Keep ft on
The Original Food-Drink for all ages.
More nourishing than tea, coffee, etc.
la the) home, oral Hotels and Cafes.
Substitute con YOU Sam Prlcei
iliMJH 'JUSV.V y
Maintaining Your
Vitality At Par '
' during the Summer months isn't so, .
. hard a job, if you only qfop to figure it out '
It's largely a matter of keeping cool. And you
know, without stopping to figure out, there's just s .
one sane way of keeping ,cool and staying on .
the job. That is getting an Electric Fan.
Put an Electric Fan
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near your desk, where you can get a
v constant, cooling current otair -not a draft
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how much better you feel at 5 P. M. how much .
, V easier the work has gone. It's done you more
. ' good than a week-end in the country! .Try it
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' Harden Bros. Store, 16th and Dodge Ste, D-2600
. Miltea Rogers V Sons Co, 1515 Harney St., D-124 .
Mid-Weal Eloe. Co, 1207 Harney St, D-4S8 ,
Nebraska CycU Co, 15th and Harney Ste., D-1862
- ' Omaha EUctrieal Worhs, 1214 Harney St, D-1181 x
: Orchard Wilhelm Carpal Co, 414 S. 16th Si, D-313
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. . . Thewdt Lnhr, Flatiron Bldg, D-2275 ' ' , ' ' '
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t Wolfe Eloetrie Co, 1810 Farnam St, T-1414 .
Electric Light &
Power Co.
- r n
THERE is a space In life and the seasons when they who live only
to see and understand and marvel, hear whispers of what is to be I
orach, it is a whiSDer and a oromise of richer I
naps it is the taking shape for a day of the spirit of the delicious
' colored pink and white blossom is the babyhood of the rose-and-gold
peach. It is a whisper and a promise of richer form and color.
reality. The old gray rocks wait for the short hour of spring suit-
bloom. And they lament its quick going. "If you were gray and
homely like us you would last until Doomsday!" they say.
"If you," mourns the grim, rocky-faced man who lives but to see
and marvel, as he watches the brief space of peach-blossom time in a
little maid's life, "if you were hoary and ugly as I am you would go on
so for a good hundred years !" V ;
" In the hurrying, breathless instant when spring comes and is gone
almost before we have lboked into her shy eyes, the girl of 14, a slim
little branch of a figure, clear-eyed, flower-lipped, ((raws down the
spray of peach-blossom and holds it 'gainst her face, and the two are
one, with that beauty transparent and fairy-like ttiat is passing even
while you see it! . ,
, The grim, rocky-faced man, who sees and marvels, grumbles, "A
peach is a splendor and a gift of the gods, but ,1 would keep its flower
ing longer" with me I" NELL BRINKLEY. -
Marie Antoinette
Broadway, 66th and 67th Sts.
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SITUATED In th moit m.
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em, in rnvtry detail, absolutely
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tore ehopa and . theater.
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' ' Grand Central Depot. ,
Rooms With Bath,
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taaeilit l-Hel Oelt Coem eoe rw4i
Motorists' Beet Baotatlac Oontor la MU
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tmk. eleo Mep'wwod. N. H.
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same route,
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Household Hints
Wash a potato, wipe dry and put
it in your breadpan. It will keep the
bread fresh for days.
Always rinse black stockings in
blue water, and they will Veep a good
color right on to the end.
To make ironwork proof against
rust, heat it until it is almost red hot
and then brush it over with linseed
oil. This makes a varnish which, un
like ordinary paint or enamel, does
not chip off. '
To tighten . cane-bottomed chairs
wash the chair in a strong solution
of soda and water and let it get
thoroughly dry. When dry it will be
found that the cane has shrunk and
the seat tightened.
To make a good furniture polish
scrape two ounces of beeswax into a
pot or jar, add as much spirits of tur
pentine as will moisten the whole and
the eighth part of an ounce of resin.
Dissolve all this to the consistency
of paste and add as much Indian red
as will deepen the color to a dark
mahogany. Stir all well together.-.
: V,
the hecinnitur? She Hties. hut sTfcw
will not admit it, Yet ail the timeTJ .
from the moment when the first
doubt arose in , her mind, she has , 1 j.
known it. .
There is only one thing- to do -when
a man's love is dead and that '
is to let him go. To "win back his
love" is next to an impossibility. It
is a pathetic sight to see two people,
one madly in love with the other, aud i V
the other unable to. reciprocate. And,
yet "try to fogret" is the only advice ,
that can be offered. -
A Man shows it plainly enough
when he has ceased to love. 'Ap
pointments cease to be sacred, he
cannot summon up courage to write
letters, he is moody and silent, and
shows in his manner all that his ton
gue refuses to say.
If he can get an excuse to go of?
somewhere away from his fiancee, he
endeavors to bring her to an under
standing of his views by preserving '
a strict silence. --
Should she not , see things as he
wishes her to, she may be angry
with him, and he will see this pre
text to bring about a rupture between
them. -
Anything to save him from confess
ing that he has not acted well. Usual
ly the disappointments of women are i
the outcome of man's infatuation and -false
promises. . :
Were a woman not so honest and
so blind in her love, she would see
to i
tn r
through many, of the protestations
of affection made by man, and know
his vows tor what tney are wortn.
The silliest thing a woman can do
is to cling to the man who wants
have done, with her, and to try to
bring hira around to reciprocate her
affections., v
If he is a sentimentalist he may
be influenced, and vow that he really
does love her just to please her. But
this will not alter his affections. Ha
will shirk the marriage and put it
off. Should he go so far as the altar.
she is no better off, for doubtless,
after marriage, he will state plainly
that he does not care for her, and
that he only married her because she"
worried him into it Certainly men
have queer ways and should be
brought to took about their misde
meanors. , : , v - .
It is not wise to surmise that a
man's love is dead and treat him ac
cordingly. Be sure of it. Bring him
to the point of saying so. It will
pay you to do this, much as you may
regret the parting, for a man in love
can be gentleness itself, while he who
loves not can be cruel as the grave.
, Fruit salads are steadily growing in
favor and nothing is more healthful
or delicious than a judicious mixture
of fruits with a delicate dressing.
The following recipe it new, and
makes temtping salad: Take three
apples, chopped fine, the sliced pulp
of one grapefruit six canned pears,
cut into email squares, three stalks
of celery, half a cup of chopped wal-
srX j
h thicHJf f
M Of
nut meats. Mix well toeeth
range in a pile on platter with
mayonnaise dressing.
Dressing-rTwo three-fourthi
cup ot thick mayonnaise, add two ta
blespoonsful of lemon juice, await
spooniui ot paprika pepper, pourTI.Vt
dressiug on, the salad,, using a pastryA
iudc witn plain found -pipe to decoe
rate the top. ..-. ,
(Tomorrow Little Neck Clamaji