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Oarleton Marlay Ties Window
Weights Around Neck and
Leaps Into Carter Lake.
Carleton C. Marlay, a lawyer who
livtd at the Loyal hotel, committed
luicide Friday night bydrowning him
self in Carter lake. ;Hi body was
found in the morning in five feet
of water with two window weights
tied 10 his ueck. His clothing was
on the bank about forty feet from
the spot where the body was found
Marlay had been drinking heavilj
and was in debt at the hotel. He was
last seen there Friday morning, when
he left early for a walk which he had
been in the habit of taking at this
flme every day.
Wat In Asylum.
About eight months ago he was
, confined in the asylum for inebriacy
at Norfolk and later took part in the
investigation made of the institution.
He came to Omaha early in the
year and had been staying at the
Loyal ever since his arrival.
The body was identified by 1. D.
Alktre, clerk at the Loyal. M. J. Milli
gan, 1618 Manderson street, discov
ered the suicide.
Marlay was a graduate of the Uni
versity of Nebraska and had lived in
Lincoln, where his wife, who has
brought suit for divorce, lives with lfl-var-ald son. lohn. A
brother, P. H. Marlay, a banker of
Mason Uty, is m-Los Angeies anu
has been notified.
;, U.S. Will Inquire of
Germany How Subsea
Commander Punished
Washington. ' July 1. The State
department is preparing to make a
formal inauiry ot tne uerman gov
ernment as to what punishment was
inflirtcd unon the submarine com'
mander who torpedoed the channel
steamer Sussex. An informal in-
ouirv through Ambessador Gerard
ha brought no resoonse.
1 In admitting that the Sussex was
attacked by mistake, uermany an
nounced that the submarine com'
. mander had been "appropriately pun
ished" and promised reparation. Then
followed the exchanse of notes which
resulted in the abandonment of what
the United States denounced as il
legal and inhuman "methods of sub
marine warfare.
Mr. Gerard was instructed to ask
-- informally how the officer responsible
for the Sussex tragedy had been dealt
v.with, but no steps toward tmal dis
: oosition of the case were taken pend
I mg a demonstration by time that' the
J promise of a change in practices
would be carried out.
Britons Use Million
t .. Shells Each Day
I' I British Headquarters in France
: 9 fVia London). July 1. The fourth
day of the British bombardment of
! the German position sees no lessening
ot tne volume oi lire, wnicn continues
a one the whole line without cessa
' tion dav and nisht. cutting barbed
1 wire entanglements, demolishing first
and second lines of German trenches
and raining curtains of fire on the
roada and communicating trencnet.
Considerably more than a million of
shells a day are being expended, and
there seems to be no limit to the'sup
ply of them. British infantry actions
have been limited thus far to raids
under cover of . artillery and trench
mortar fire. The new type of British
mortar it capable of such rapid fire
that it can place six shots in the air
. a..i!i.ti liaua fmwjtr1 ll i rr K I .
ab vine, nuiwi p.wrvu
serviceable, both in cutting of wire
and the smashing ot trenches.
Last night the sky from twenty to
thirty miles to the rear toward the
Mit was brilliant, as if with the glare
of the aurora borealis, from dusk to
dawn. This was the only illumina
tion along the roads for the movement
of troops and automobiles, none of
. which carried lights.
Motorcycle Drwer Injured
As Wheel Strikes Ambulance
Patrick Williams, 1516 North Sev
enteenth street, was severely bruised
c and shaken up, and his left ankle
- ' suffered a compound fracture when
' he drove hit motorcycle out from be-
hind a street car at the corner of Sev
enteenth and Cass streets about 5:30
yesterday afternoon and collided with
a Brailey & Dorrance automobile
driven by W. H. Rogers.
He was attended by Drs. Kulakof
sky and Boler and was taken to St.
Joseph's hospital. Witnesses say that
. neither the mortorcycle nor the auto
mobile were traveling at a high rate
ox speed.
Washington Affairs
Ths Har Mil t appropriate tt.ftflO.OAO for
rallaf of dcpnlnt famtlloi of National
.. Ouardaman callail Into tha federal iprvlct
waa favorably raDorUtd to tha houn today
and will ba Ukan up for paaaace tomorrow.
Tha fortification appropriation bill, ena
f tha admlntat ration a three biff defrnaa
manures, waa paaaed by the aanata and sent
1 U tha houaa for conference. Ita tout had
baan raducad from $34,344,000 aa It pawed
tha houaa to IH.lOO.Ooe.
Additions totallni 9H,tst,tot hava bean
tread on tentatively by tha aenata military
aommlttea to tha 11 81,000, 000 army appro
priatlon bill aa It pasted the houaa. idem-
bara of tha committee aald that anDrnnrit.
tlona made neeeasary by moblllaatlon of the
' National Ouard and army regulation mlfht
run in acare(ve up u 27,uuo,goo.
Tha naval bill, carrying tha Increased
. butldlnf program agreed en by tha navat
commit too. waa reported to the aenete. it
carries aa appropriation of lUMit.Ml for
i HIT and contemplatea a total expenditure of
' &M,llft,IT for construction during the next
three years. Tha amount appropriated for
new eonainiciion in hit is uo.TZf.iftv.
For eomDlatlon of construction authorised
laat year $3Mtl,l)Y Is appropriated and
36f.0 la added for building a Neff sub-
anw aa an experiment.
Da via tad Marwrh Wte.
City, Mo.. July I. Miss Mar
(uartta Pavta of at Paul, Minn, and Mlaa
IrvUff Murphy of New Orleans, tha south
am ehampjon. won through their acml-finals
la tha Great Plains tennla tounsamsBt lor
paid over Bill Ure'a counter Friday, and still they flocked in
yesterday to get under the wire ahead of the penalty for
being late. City taxes were delinquent after Saturday.
Vk A v L A 1 Wr
V ti r i i4 'cr ,
"'; I ; Deaf Mute Defies
V yPf Father and Will Wed
r .,r -t? Girl of His Choice
. v I
1 MAMi& &JwA,' Vi 1
saaar.MaiiiMa ' ' lmmmmmmmmmmmlimlM
"Little Goats," New
Bandit Crew Laying
Old Mexico Waste
San Francisco. July 1. Twenty-
nine American refugees from Colima
and Guadalajara, Mexico, among them
women and children, who fled from
their homes to the west coast, arrived
here today. A new bandit leader who
calls himself "General Chibo," Chibo
meaning goat, has arisen and is terror
izing the territory inland from the
west coast, the refugees said. He calls
his company of bandits chibetas, which
means little goats, wnp, led oy tneir
"General Chibo," are seizing every
thing they can find in the war-devastated
James Montgomery, 90 years old,
arrived destitute, but his pity was not
for himself, but for twenty pigs he left
behind. "They will starve now," he
Duma Passes Tight
Prohibition Measure
Petroerad fvia London). July 1
The duma today passed the bill
permanently prohibiting the sale of
drink containing more than one and
one-half per cent of alcohol. The
measure must be passed by the upper
house and signed by the emperor De
fore becomin . law. This includes
light wines and beer. ,
Anreement Is Reached .
With Respect to Rate Case
Lincoln, July I. (Special.) .
agreement has been reached between
the state and the Missouri Pacific
Railway company regarding hearings
in the controversy over tne eniorce
ment of the 2-cent passenger law and
the railroad will file the case with the
referee, T. H. Gains of Omaha, not
later than July 20, and the state will
be given until October 15 to reply.
Mexicans Seize Half
Million in Bullion
From the Americans
Washington, July 1. The State
department was officially advised to
day that gold and silver bullion belong
ing to Americans and seized by local
Mexican authorities at Manzillo to
taled nearly $500,000. The seizures
were reported to have begun before
the Garrizal incident. 'A protest al
ready has been made to General Car
ran za.
Reports of continued seizures in
various parts of Mexico reached the
State department during the day. In
most cases the property taken had
been left behind by Americans fleeing
the country. There have been no indi
cations that the local authorities acted
on instruction! from Mexico City, but
no reply has been received to the rep
resentations made several days ago to
General Carranza.
Pierre Saloons Close
To Conform With Vote
Pierre, S. D., July 1. (Special tel
egram.) The lights went out in the
saloon section of this city tonight at
9 o'clock on the dry vote of the soring
election. There was no special dis
turbance up to the time of closing,
but the thirstily inclined were busy
"stockng up" for the long thirst ahead
of them.
Many Want to Join T. R.
Division in Event of War
Oyster Bay, N. Y., July 1. Ap
plications for enlistment in a pro
posed volunteer army division, which
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt is pre
paring to organize, if there is a ca41
for volunteers, are very numerous, ac
cording to tne colonel's secretary,
Walter J. Hays.
Speaker of National Promi
nence May Attend Ratifica
tion Gathering.
"Take out thatmarriage license and
you'll never darken the doors of our
home again I Leave it, and you can
come back I"
That was the ultimatum Charles
H. Mullen faced his deaf mute son,
Robert, yesterday in the marriage
license clerk's office.
Young Mullen, who is 26 years old,
is assistant to Louis Bostwick, pho
tographer. The marriage license clerk had al
ready made out the necessary paper,
naming Miss Edith L. Davis, also a
mute, as the bride.
Mullen thought for a moment and
lrnU.fl at his father, as the latter
stood trembling, waiting for his an
The voune fellow did not answer,
Instead, he reached into his pocket
and produced $2, which he tossed to
the clerk as he picked up tne license
and walked away, without even look
ing at his parent.
Blast Blows Hole !
In Roof of Coach
Oakland, Cal July 1. An explo
sion in the smoking car of Southern
Pacific train No. '5 on its arrival here
from Ogden, Utah, blew a big hole
in the steel roof and caused slight in
juries to eight passengers.
F. T. Marquis of San Francisco,
who was in the car, said there was a
distinct odor of burned gunpowder
after the explosion. The shock was
very violent and a sheet of the steel
roofing of the car was blown high in
the air and fell more than 100 feet
from where the train was standing.
Rockefellers Spend Over
Three Millions for Relief
New York, July 1 More than
$3,000,000 was appropriated by the
war relief commission to the Rocke
feller foundation during the six
months ended today, the first half
year of the commission's existence,
and of this amount more than $2,000,
000 already has been expended. The
figures are contained, in the report of
the foundation made public today.
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German Submarine
At Baltimore Under
Chesapeake Waters
New York, July 1. The Trans
Atlantic Trust company of this city,
which has been recognized here as an
unofficial financial agent of the Aus
trian and German governments, an
nounced today in a half-page adver
tisement in the Hungarian Daily
Amerikai Magyar Nepszava that the
German submarine so frequently re
ported as being on the way here from
Hamburg reached Baltimore Thurs
day doming, and is now concealed
somewhere nearby, presumably under
the waters of Chesapeake bay.
The advertisement says the subma
rine will leave for Europe with
money orders for Germany and
The McKinley club is preparing for
a big ratification meeting to be held
at the Hotel Rome in the next few
weeks. It may be that some speaker
of national prominence will be pres
ent, although it is likely that just Ne
braska men will be asked to speak.
A novel feature of the affair will be
some original campaign songs, and,
especially, one dedicated to Mr.
Hughes by a quartet which is being
organized by Joe Marrow, bailiff in
the district court. It is the purpose
of the committee in charge to nave all
the candidates for federal, state and
county offices invited to the meeting,
which will be in the nature of a recep
tion, as well as a ratification for the
nominees of the party.
The McKinley club is preparing to
organize Hughes and Fairbanks clubs
throughout the city and state, working
in connection with the National Re
publican league, of which John Hays
Hammond is president.
It will be ot interest to Omaha peo
ple to know that Mr. Hammond, who
is now one of the most famous min
ing engineers in the world, started
in the business at the Omaha smelter
several years ago. Talking with Mr.
Byrne, president of the McKinley
club, at the national republican con
vention in Chicago a few weeks ago,
Mr. Hammond remarked this fact,
stating that he had a very warm spot
in his heart for Omaha. Mr. Ham
mond promised to try to arrange his
affair's so that he could speak here
before the McKinley club later in the
United HtotM OU Production.
Waahlngton, Juljr 1. Petroleum produc
tion in the United State, the feologlctl
eurvey announced tonight, probably will be
the greatest of any year in tbe country'i
history. The quantity marketed for the
nrst half of the year was 140,000,000 bar
rels, which, though leas than tbe amount
marketed In the first half of 1916, was
greater than half of the total amount mar
keted throughout the whole of last year.
Treasurer's Office Swamped as
Tardy Ones Try to Slip
Under the Wire.
The city and county treasurer's
office was swamped with humanity
yesterday. It was the last day to pay
taxes before the expiration of the
period before delinquency, and own
ers of property were eager to avoid
paying an additional 10 per cent for
being late.
Friday the receipts from the
city, county and water amounted to
$573,951.95. Disbursements to city
and school, county and Water board
amounted to $757,09276, making the
total business for the day amount to
On account of the big crowd the
office remained open all day Satur
day, instead of closing at noon, as is
the custom.
Total funds on hand are:
City and school 13,143,86.37
County SS6.137.22 ,f
Water board l,02,30i. " 4
The first Mexican war was the only
war in which the United States forces (
ever invaded an enemy's country, oc-
cupied its capital and held its terri- ft sf
tory by right of conquest.
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