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Council Bluffs
Social Notes
The Council Bluffs Rowine asso-
ciation continue! to be the seat of
attraction and now thit the real sum
mer weather hai set in it hai be
come more popular than ever.
"Shooting the flajs down" ii ag-ain
practiced at the Council Bluff) Row
ing association at Lake Manawa and
is attracting more than usual atten
tion is a patriotic observance. At
sunset each evening the brass can
non mounted in front of the boat
club buildings is fired off, and
simultaneously the flags flutter
Mr. and Mrs. Wells Dowell and
Mr. McDonald of Woobine were at
the club Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Holman spent
last week at the club.
Mrs. George Flack of Omaha en
tertained twelve at luncheon at the
club Tuesday.
The Monday Night Dinner club
made reservations for dinner at the
boat club Monday evening.
The : cigar girls of the McCord
Brady company held their first an
al oicnic at the boat club iueiaay.
, Mr. and Mrs. J. s. wnite ot umi
ha entertained twenty at luncheon at
the hnat rluh cafe Thursday.
Ralph McCready and W. Dye, jr.,
ot Macedonia, ana c ranter, o.
B. Miller, Dr. VV. F. Stotler, L. W.
Drennen of Shenandoah, and W. W.
Creel of Northboro, la., made up two
parties at the club Sunday. They
came up in their automobiles.
Miss Anne Hombach invited guests
to dinner Monday evening in honor
of her brother, Dr. Walter P. Hom
bach of O'Neil, Neb., and Miss weiue
Allavie, who were married Tuesday
tnornine at 8 o'clock. Only the
members of the bridal party were in
rhirlarf in the list of Kuests.
Announcements have been received
Wit of the marriase of Miss (jeral
dine Margaret Vasady, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall frorrer Sharp,
and Mr. Garland Boswell, which took
place Saturday, June 24, at Umaha
Prof. Will O. Thickstun and fam
ily of Forsythe, Ga., were Sundav
guests at the home of Mr. Thickstun s
sister, Mrs. H. A. Ballenger. They
will spend a few weeks visiting
friends and relatives in Council Bluffs
and vicinity.
One of the prettiest of June wed-
dings took place Tuesday morning
church when the Kev. rattier r. r.
McManus united in marriage Dr.
Walter P. Hombach of O'Neil. Neb.,
and Miss Nelle Allavie, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Allavie. Unly the
relatives and a few intimate friends
were nrescnt. The bride was most
becoming in a beautiful gown of ivory
satin with trimmings of chantilly lace.
She wore a long tulle veil and car
ried a shower of bride's roses. She
was attended by her sister, Miss
Frances Allavie, who wore a gown
of pale yellow chiffon with hat to
match, and carried yellow roses. Dr.
Frank Hombach, brother of the
groom, was best man. Following the
ceremony a wedding breakfast was
served to the relatives at the home
of the bride's parents. A color
scheme of yellow and white was pret
tlly used In the decorations. Dr. and
Mrs. Hombach left shortly after the
ceremony for a trio to1 the northern
lakes and will be at home after July
10 at O'Neil, Neb. Dr. Hombach
was graduated two years ago from
Creignton Medical college and has
been practicing medicine in Nebras
ka. His bride is a graduat of St
Francis academy and has lived near
ly all her life in Council Bluffs. Both
young people have a large circle of
friends here. Out-of-town guests at
the wedding were Dr. and Mrs. Will
Hombach, Remsen, la.; John Allavie,
Chicago, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Waldman, Omaha.
Mr. Henry Diers of West Point.
Neb., and Miss Edith Hershey of In
dianola were married Tuesday morn
ing by the Relr. M. J. Rarick at the
parsonage of the Trinity Methodist
Knisconal church. 1 he bride has been
teaching at West Point, the wedding
being an outcome ot an acquaintance
begun at that time. Mr. Diers owns
a large farm near West Point and took
Ins bride there after the wedding.
Mr. Arthur W. Nelson and Miss
Etta Samuels, both of this city, were
married Monday by Dr. J. T. Jones at
the parsonage of the first Congrega
tional church. Mr. Nelson Is a sales
man for an Omaha firm. Mr. and Mrs.
Nelson went at once to housekeeping
at 1 wenty-fourth street and Ave
nue C,
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Gorham an
nounce the marriage of their daugh
ter, Ruth, to Mr. Urwin Berry of this
city, which took place Wednesday
morning in Des Moines at the hirst
Presbyterian church. Miss Gorham
lias been attending summer school at
Cedar halls. Mr, Berry It a member
of the Dodge Light Guards and it
was decided to be married sooner
than they had planned, in view of the
fact that the company will probably
be ordered to the border at an early
data, Mrs. Berry will continue her
summer work at Cedar Falls.
Mrs. C. Hoffman, 1014 Avenue A,
announces the engagement of her
rlaita-ht(r Sarah tn Mr Vfirhal Men
del of St. Joseph, Mo. The wedding
arrangements have not yet been made.
St, Paul's general guild met Mon
day afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Millars F. Rohrer, members of Oak
land avenue chapter acting as host
esses. The usual business meeting
was follew by a social time and re
freshments. The meeting of the EI Deen club
planned for July 5 has been post
poned until July 12, when the club will
le entertained at the home of Mrs.
George A. Siier.
The members of the F. W. W. C.
club were the guests of Mrs. H. L.
McFarland on Wednesday afternoon.
Ten members and a large number of
guests were present. Much work was
accomplished, a busy afternoon being
spent in sewing for the children of
the Creche. Mrs. McFarland, as
sisted by her daughters and Miss Cur
tis, served luncheon to her guests.
The club will meet the third Wednes
day In July with Mrs. Charles Craft
Mrs. Matt Tinley and Mrs. Emmett
Tinley went'to Dea Moines Tuesday
and will remain there for several dayt
If the Council Bluffs company is or
dered to the border this week, they
will remain in Des Moines until
lonel Tinley leaves. His sister, Mrs.
V. de Goicuria. who has been in
California, expects to reach Des
Moines, Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Hannan,
jr., entertained the "Juveniles" at an
informal dance in. the Hannan garage
Monday evening, the party being
panned as a farewell for Dr. E. A.
Promoting Card Party for the Old People
Merritt. who left at 2 o'clock Tues
day morning to report for duty at
Des Moines. In his honor, the deco
rations were all American flags and
during the evening Mr. George
Wright, on behalf of the Porcupine
club, oresented Dr. Merritt with a
handsome watch. Dancing was en
joyed until a late hour and a buttet
supper was served.
The Neighborly club held their
usual meeting at the home of Mrs.
J. M. Dollarhide in Haiel Dell. The
house was beautifully decorated with
garden flowers. The day was spent
with kensington work and music was
aln oninvrd. The club orize was
won bv Mrs. A. Royer. Luncheon
was served by the hostess, assisted by
Mr Ivan Ahles. Mr. Frank Dingman
and Miss Irma Magness. Twenty
guests were present. The next meet
ing will be held July 6 at the home
of Mrs. George usDorn.
Mrs. A. D. Laustrup gave a most
delightful party to about tnirty cnu
j..., m,l four favored erownups
on Wednesday afternoon in honor of
the birthdays ot ner o-year-om uaugn
tor and 7-vemr -old neDhew, who cele
brate on days not far apart. Various
games were enjoyed and a picnic
luncheon served on the lawn met
with high favor. Mrs. Laustrup was
assisted in entertaining by Mrs. v,
p I oii.rnin and Mrs. Fred Hamil
ton. In an attempt to pin the tail
on the donkey, Charles Chapman
nrnvtirl mmt successful and was
awarded the first oriee. Harold
Throop won the second prize and
Adeline Morse the third. In a post
card contest Ralph Throop won the
first prize.
The L. T. club was entertained at
a 1:30 luncheon Wednesday after
nun at the home of Mrs. C. S. Kyn
ett. In addition to the members two
Euests were present. The afternoon
was spent with kensington work.
TWaHav afternoon Mrs. C. C. Nor-
gaard entertained the members of the
club, the party being planned as a
farewell for her daughter, Mrs. Roy
Smith, who leaves Saturday for her
home In New York, and Mrs. J. F.
Spare, president of the club, who
leaves the same day to spend the sum
mer with relatives in the west.
Mr. and Mrs. Millard F. Rohrer
entertained fifteen guests at dinner
at the boat club on Wednesday even
ing, the occasion being a reunion of
Council Bluffs people who spent the
summer ot 1VI4 at Lane usaKis, Minn.
A pretty wedding took place Wed
nesday evening at 8 o'clock at the
of Mrs. Henrv Stirtz, 208 Lin
coin avenue, when her daughter, Miss
Emma Stirtz, was married to Mr.
Arthur W. Lorenz. The ceremony
was performed by Rev. H. O. Lorenz,
uncle of the groom. Only the rela
tives and a few intimate friends were
present. The house was attractively
decorated for the occasion, the
hridal nartv standing in front of
screen of palms and roses, yellow,
pink and white Deing usea. rrcceaing
the ceremony Miss Bernlce Lehman
of Des Moines sang "I Love You,"
and after the ceremony sang, "0, Per
fect Love." The wedding march was
nlaved as a oiano duet by Miss Daisy
Langhorst of Elmwood, Neb, and a
niece of the bride, Miss Marie Lor
enz, also of fclmwood. Ihe ring was
carried in a basket by Miss Dorothy
Stirtz, niece of the bride, in a fluffy
pink gown. Miss Ella Strits, sister of
the bride, was maid of honor and
wore a becoming gown of pale yel
low Georgette crepe over taffeta and
carried pink roses. Mr. Frank Lor
enz of Elmwood, Neb., was best man.
The bride wore a dainty gown ot
white crepe over taffeta, with pearl
trimminss. She wore a long tulle
veil becomingly arranged in cap form
and carried a shower bouquet of
bride's roses. Following the cere
mony a three-course wedding supper
was served in the dining room. As
sisting in the dining room were Cath
erine Lorenz and Theresa Stirtz,
nieces of the bride, and Mildred Lor
enz, Marie Winter and Ada Banker,
cousins of the groom, and Mrs. D. J.
Stirtz, sister of the bride. Mr. and
Mrs. Lorenz left on a late train for
a short wedding trip, refusing to make
known their destination. I hey will
be at home to their friends after July
IS at 208 Lincoln avenue. The bride's
!:olng-away gown was a suit of taffeta
n one of the new shades of blue and
her hat was white with pink wings.
Mr. Lorenz is with the Oldahy com
pany in Omaha.
The Misses Magdalene and Martha
Emig entertained prettily Wednesday
evening in honor of Miss Irene Coun
tryman, whose marriage to their
brother, Leo Emig, ia to take place in
July. The guests were a few inti
mate friends of the guest of honor,
fourteen being present. Miss Coun
tryman received a number of beauti
ful gifts.
Social Circles
Mr. George Marshall of Terre
-Haute, Ind., visited a few days at the
J. Marshall home.
Mrs. Gorton Roth left Saturday to
spend the Fourth with relatives in
Miss Hazel Mouser of Red Oak, la.,
is the guest of Mrs. J. H. Vick.
Mrs. R. Bruford has returned from
a three weeks' visit in southern Mis
souri. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Coulson are
visiting with relatives in Draper. S. D.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pickard have
returned to their home in Illinois after
an extended visit at the J. T. Pickard
Mrs. M. Singleton of Buhl, Idaho,
visited with her cousin, Mrs. A. B.
Prior, while on her way to Zanes
ville, O.
Mrs. E. J. Shields leaves this week
for a trip to Los Angeles, Cal.
Mrs. E. W. Norris and daughter of
Pueblo, Colo., spent Tuesday at the
C. L. Mather home.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. C. D. Nolan last Sunday.
Mrs. F. L. Bumpus will leave next
Wednesday to spend the summer in
Miss Gertrude Mattson returned on
Wednesday from a three weeks' visit
in Illinois.
Mrs. A. L. Strahle entertained at a
picnic party in Rivervlew park in
honor of Mrs. Russell Williams of
Mrs. P. A. Peterson entertained at
dinner Tuesday in honor of Mrs. J.
Lakin of Iowa. Covers were laid for
fourteen guests.
Mr. A. Martin Jones of Benson and
Miss Anita Stewart of Omaha and
Mr. Edward Lee of Omaha and Miss
Laura Coupal of Benson were married
during the last week.
Mrs. W. O. Talbot was hostess for
the Aufweidersehen club at her home
last Tuesday. Meadames A. E. Hen
ely, I. J. Buckley and J. J. Gleason
won prizes.
Mrs. C .A. Daniels of Simeon, Neb.;
Mrs. William Knicken of Carpenter,
S. D., and Mrs. L. Nelson of Huron,
S. D., were recent guests at the Ed
Rouse home.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Peckham are
entertaining at a house party in Key
stone park for Mr. and Mrs. Von
Kroge, Mr. R. Melchor and Miss Pearl
Barrick of Omaha.
Miss Christine Speeht and Mr. Rob
ert Rasmussen of Benson were quietly
married last Wednesday. Mr. and
Mrs. Rasmussen will reside in Morn
ingside. Mrs. C. Sawtelle entertained Thurs
day evening in honor of Misses Ellen
and Margaret Weeks, who are out-of-town
guests. Those present were:
Misses Helen Jorgenson, Madeline
and Irene Horton, Cora Jones,
Frankie Bullock, Anna Mingus, Fern
Pickard, Margaret Johnson and the
Misses Weeks.
Miss Jennie Hughes was surprised
at her home Wednesday evening.
xnose present were: Misses Mar
garet Zanton, Tosie Hoefler, Gladys
Young, Alice Flinn, Maud Van Horn,
Marian White. Fern Hassell, Marie
Lawson and Ida Hughes, and Messrs.
Willie Barr. Herbert Frierman. Har
old Kuttner, Louis Nordin, Clyde Van
Horn and Uiarles Llayton.
Social Gossip
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yates and
Miss Hyde of Omaha, were Sundav
visitors here.
Mr. Ham and family of Illinois de
parted Thursday for their future
home In Washington, after spending
two weeks visiting with his brother,
D. L. Ham and family, here.
F. P. Andrews of the Interurban is
taking a vacation at his home town
in Missouri.
Mrs. J. L. Stamp of Omaha and
Mrs. Joseph Sindelar of South Side,
were guests of the card party at Mrs.
R. T. Propst on Thursday.
Mrs. George Hoffman entertained
the Ladies' Card club last Thursday.
Mrs. Lowry of South Side visited
Mrs. Art Maran on Wednesday.
Roger Wellington, who has been
employed at the Stove Works for
some time, left last week for Pitts
field, Mass.
Charles De Forest departed Mon
day for a two weeks' vacation at his
home at Gothenburg, la.
Mis. Anna McCormick attened the
Conner-Henryy wedding at Sacred
v.onner-nenryy wenaing at aaci
Heart church In Omaha Wednesd;
Society Notes
Miss Mary Johnston has returned
home from Oberlin college. Philip
Johnston has accepted a position in
Cleveland, O., for the summer.
The Young People's Society Chris
tian Endeavor of the Dundee church
held a picnic at Elmwood park last
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dean of Hold
rege, Neb., were the guests last week
of Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Voss.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Cooley and
family leave this week on a motor
trip to Lake Geneva, where they will
spend the summer..
. Mrs. George Hoagland and her
guest, Mrs. Feck, have gone to Lake
Washington, Minn., to join Mr. Hoag
land for a few days.
Mrs. J. A. Sunderland has gone
to visit relatives in Ottumwa, la., for
a short time.
Mrs. E. O. Hamilton is the newly
elected president of the Mothers' club.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Orange of Chad
ron are the guests for a few days of
Mr. Orange's parents, and of Mr. and
Mrs. E. H. Westerfield.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J, Dodds, son and
daughter, have gone to Nevis, Minn.,
for the remainder of the summer.
Mrs. B. J. Jobst and daughter, Su
zanna, have joined Mr. Jobst and son
Herman, in Lincoln, for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Ellick of Spo
kane, Wash., have been the guests
of their mother, and sister, Mrs. J. L.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Crossman
left during the week for a trip to New
York City, by way of the Great lakes
At dinner at Happy Hollow last
Saturday Dr. and Mrs. Rodney W.
Bliss entertained the following physi
cians and their wives: Dr. and Mrs.
H. B. Lemere, A. D. Dunn, Palmer
Findley, C. W. Pollard, E. T. Man
ning and O. Schultz. '
Olive Walton has gone to spend
the month of July with her cousin,
Lillian Walton, at York, Neb.
Wayne Selby has returned from his
year's work at Cornell.
Dundee people having supper at
Happy Hollow Sunday evening were
O. P. Goodman, three; H. W. Mor
row, three, and J. E. George, two.
Ward Palmer is home from Chi
cago, visiting his mother, Mrs. A, H.
Senator and Mrs. Norris Brown en
tertained at a family dinner Tuesday
at Happy Hollow for Mr. Frank A.
Jones of Pasco, Wash., and Mr. R.
H. Bailey of Spokane, who were
married Wednesday to their daugh
ters, the Misses June and Lucile
Brown. Following the ceremony at
the home of the brides, the two cou
ples left for a tour of the west and
their new homes in Washington.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Schnorr have
arrived home from their wedding trip
and are in their own home at 5024
Davenport street.
Messrs. and Mesdames R. E. Cole
of Atkinson, Neb.; George Sumner
and Dr. and Mrs. H. B. Lemere were
guests at dinner Tuesday evening at
Happy Hollow of Dr. and Mrs. C W.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. George enter
tained at luncheon at the Country club
Tuesday for Mr. George's sister, Mrs.
Florence Edmundson of Galesburg,
111., and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stearns
and Mr. and Mrs. Klrby of the same
city. Other guests were Mr. and
Mrs. E. W. Miller, Mr, and Mrs. C.
C. George and Mr. and Mrs. Tunni
cliffe. Mr. and Mrs. W. Tyler Belt and
daughter, Dorothy, motored to Prior
lake, Minn., last week.
Miss Virginia Pixley has returned
from Fort Leavenworth, where she
was the guest of Miss Elizabeth
Mitchell and Captain and Mrs. Louis
Mr. and Mrs. Tunnicliffe enter
tained fifteen guests at Happy Hollow
at dinner Tuesday evening.
Mrs. W. J. Greene and daughter,
Kathryn, will spend the summer in
different Colorado resorts.
Twenty members of the Dundee
Woman's Bowling club met Wednes
day at Happy Hollow for luncheon
and the game.
Daisy Rich left Thursday with Mrs.
Edgar Scott and children for Clear
Dr. H. B. Lemere motored to Fre
mont Thursday to perform several
operations. He was accompanied by
Mrs. Lemere and son, Bosworth.
The Dundee Sunday school nirnlr
was neia inursaay at jymwood park,
Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Dndrli mir.
tained at dinner Tuesdav for Mr.
Matchett, when eighteen guests were
Dr. W. F. Milroy has returned from
his old home in New York, where he
went after the medical meetincr in
Detroit. Mrs. Milroy and daughter
are still there, and will later visit in
new xorK City and Baltimore.
Social Items
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jury Skelton
Sunday morninir a ann
H. T. Brisbin spent Sunday at Lou-
isviiic, xveo.
In honor of Mrs. Ernest Conant
of Los Angeles, Cal., Mrs. F. J. Bur
nett entertained at an afternoon party
Tuesday at Mrs. Burnett's summer
home in Florence. Twelve guests
were present.
Mrs. Rome Panthouser of Cass
well, Mo., arrived Thursday to visit
her sister, Mrs. J. B. Butter.
Miss Edna Potts, who has been
the Kuest of the Misses Nelva and
Vy Harrington the last week, left
Tuesday for her home in Pawnee
City, Neb.
Miss Mabel Anderson is spending
the summer in Berkeley, Cal.
Mrs. Garriett Jannssen entertained
the Ladies' Aid society of the Metho
dist church at her home on Thurs
day afternoon.
Dr. C. A. Sorenson and family are
spending a few days at the 'lakes
in Minnesota.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Taylor of Te
kamah, Neb., spent Sunday as the
guest of Mrs. Taylor's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. F. D. Leach.
Rev. Dr. Hench of Georgetown, O.,
was the guest Sunday of Mr. and
Mrs. R. H. Olmstead. In the morning
he preached in the Presbyterian
church in the place of Rev. J. B. But
ter, who was ill.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bree
den Tuesday a girl.
John Libentritt, a farmer living
north of town, was married in Omaha
Monday to Miss Theresa Heida.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Christenson
and son, Donald; David Sneed and
Edward Pilcher of Blair were guests
of E. L. Plata Tuesday.
Henry Anderson visited with rela
tives in Blair on Tuesday.
Mrs. Charles Palmateer of Te
kamah was the guest of her daugh
ter. Mrs. F. D. Leach. Sunday.
Miss Florence Anderson, who is
enjoying a vacation from her work,
has been spending the week in Iowa
visiting friends and relatives.
Willard Smith of Pawnee City,
Neb., was a guest of the Harringtons
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Baughman
spent Sunday in Fremont visiting
friends and relatives.
Miss Eleanor Morgan entertained
Sunday afternoon In honor of Miss
Hannah Jensen, Herman Grossman
and Dr. H. H. Avery.
George Gillen, who has been vis
iting friends in Minneapolis, Minn.,
the last week, returned home Monday
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