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Land Might Have Existed.
Stella's Playground Association Got Big Lift from This Stunt
Washington, June 24. Concerning
the fact that the great continent of
Atlantis may once have existed, Mon
sieur Pierre Termier of the French
Academy of Sciences remarks in a
recently published separate of the
Smithsonian annual report:
"No affirmation is yet permissible
but it seems more and more evident
that' a vast region, continental or
made of great islands, has collapsed
vest o the Pillars of Hercules, other
wise call the Strait of Gibraltar, and
that its collapse occurred in the not
far distant past. In any event, the
question of Atlantis is placed anew
before men qt science.
To many minds Atlantis has been
a fabled country, a part of the inter
esting mythology of the eastern
world, an inexhaustible subject for
poets from the days of r lato on, but
now M. Termier says:
"It may be,, indeed, that the poets
were once more-right. After a long
period ot disdaintul inditterence, ob
tpruo hniv in th last four VMM ri
ence is returning to the study of At- Ladies of the Research club at
lantis. How many naturalists, geolo- Stella, Neb., who took part in stunt
gists, zoologists, or botanists, are night entertainment" at the opera
asking one another today whether house for the benefit of the Play
Plato has not transmitted to us, with grounds association. Art, music, ht
slight amplification, a page from ac- erature, history, cooking, etc.. were
tual history of mankind." represented. The picture shows the
p tul c:,i,.r,;,r, .mi,Uf ; scene in a tableau where motner-
which M. Termier quotes a part' of "i?, b" TJ"1 "m 'ufi!
Plato's dialogue "Timaeus' or "Con- of all," Mrs. Esburn Wheeler is
v,,Tr. th. fiwin fart, crowning Mrs. E. C. Roberts, and the
1 m iU -;
Waukegan, 111., June 24 The' state
having rested the defense tomorrow
will move that Judge Donnelly take
the csre of William H. Orpet, charged
with the murder of Marian Laniherl
from the jurv and discharge the de
fendant on (he ground that the state
has not established a case.
children are Dwight
and Darlene
lution to Give Pmident Eight
to Draft
cernine Nature," the following facts.
as stated by an old Egyptian priest,
are secured:
Kings of Great Power.
Athens was destroyed by a sin
gularly powerful army which came
from an island larger than Libya, and
even Asia, lving in the Atlantic ocean
bevond the strait called the Pillars
of Hercules, and from them to the jjemben of Lower House Pass EesO'
entire continent which surruunus uic
interior sea. In the Island of Atlantis
reamed kings of amazing power, hav
ing under their domain several other
islands also, and some parts of the
continent, as well as Libya as far east
ni, l?ivint anA T7nrnnA as far as tli
Tyrrhenian sea. All this power was Washington, June 24. Legislative
once united to subjugate Athens, but approval of President Wilson's use
tne mnemans stoppcu uic invasion o the National Guard in the Mexi
and restored all the nations living on . . ... ,.
that side (east) of the Pillars of Her- n ensis wa. voted almost unan-
cules to independence. Later, with imously by the house today in adopt-
great earthquakes and inundations, lng a resolution declaring the exist
in a single day and one fatal night, ence 0f an emergency and giving the
all wno naa oeen warriors against .. , . . , . c i
Athens were swallowed up, and the president a free hand to draft as fed
Island of Atlantis disappeared be- eral soldiers all guardsmen willing to
neath the sea. I take the required oath. The sen-
The author says that the above nar- ate is exDected to concur tomorrow.
rative has not at all the coloring of One million dollars would be ap-
a fable, but an exactness almost scien- propriated by the resolution to aid
tific. It mav be thoueht that the di-MrrnHrnt families of the guardsmen
mensions of the Island of Atlantis are s0 drafted. Distribution of the fund
sliehtlv exaggerated here, but we will h. If ft tn the War deoartment,
must remember that the Egyptian wjth the restriction that no family
priest did not know the immensity should receive more than S50 a
of Asia. . month.
In another dialogue, concerning lust Two Vot No.
"Tin,,..!." piatrf n..rrihM h fa. Only two representatives, a socia-
mous island- .- list and a democrat, voted against the
Roberts. Others in the picture, from
left to right, are Mrs. R. E. Tomlin
son, Mrs. I. L. Callison, Mrs. Ralph
A. Clark, Mrs. I. A. McDowell, Miss
Eunice Haskins, Mrs. C. L. Johnson,
Mrs. M. L. Hays, Mrs. II. L. Hogrefe,
Mrs. E. L Whitehead, as "Father
Time;" Mrs. Gene Plasters, Mrs. A.
J. Baldwin, Mrs. J. H. Brey and Miss
Helen Baldwin.
Several years ago the Research club
told by Tradition.
"According to Egyptian tradition a
resolution. ' During the debate pre
ceding its adoption several republi-
common , war arose 9,000 years ago can., attacked the administration's
, .. j.- -j i Mexican policy, and insisted that
between the nations on this side of Pre,ident Wilson should have in-
the Pillars of Hercules and the na- formed congress of the emergency
tions coming irom Deyona. un one ,nt,arl nf exoectinsr it to act on its
side it was Athens: on the other the I , initiotlv. Nn one attemoted to
kings of Atlantis. We have already ,jeny however, that an emergency
saiu mai lino laidim wa nad arisen ana, .Kepuoucan i-caucr
Asia and Africa, but that it became Mann former Speaker Cannon and
submerged following an earthquake, otners declared that in reality a state
and that its place is no longer met .c txsts
wun except as a aaiiu uoi yvui.i aiyys Chairman Hay ot tne military corn
navigators and renders the sea lm- mjttee luthor of the resolution, told
passable." the house that it was presented by
Plato also develops the Egyptian the administration as a measure nec
tradition of the fabulous origin of At- e5sary m the present situation and
lantis, fallen to the share of Neptune nut a declaration that a state ol
and on which this god placed his ten r op wa. t0 be contemplated.
mortal children. He describes the . .
cradle of the Atlantic race as a fertile Authority to Draft
plain located near the sea and open- As introduced the resolution merely
ing into the central part of the island, authorized the president to draft
About it a circle of mountains pro- dsmen "when it sees such an
tect theplain from the icy blasts of .xi8t. which demands the
the north; in these superb mountains f th' , f in addition to the
there are numerous villages, rich and , mv"
populous. In the plain there is a
magnificent citv. the palaces and tern
pies of which are constructed from
An amendment making it declare
that in the opinion of congress such
tine flrllMI HAW ,11 3
stones of three colors drawn from the d b R'epresenUtive Hay W
yHL T lut3;k'LZi self, and was adopted unanimously.
After consultation with Mr. Mann,
Mr. Hay also changed the language
of the resolution so that the period
of service for which guardsmen could
be drafted would be limited to tnree
there are mines yielding all the metals
useful to man, and finally, the shores
of the island rise perpendicularly and
commanding above the tumultuous
sea. We mav smile in reading, but
th. ffenirranhic description of the
:. ? . r. , . . r . ... I v.ara
island is not o. tne sort wnici, one---".. . ,ie, of ds.
jokes aoout ana targets, in.s e-1--. . . . BreDared by
scription tames well wun wnat we v; -. Win Aft.r
would imagine today of a great land B BSS? d bate' Z
sorinetime. which is The endowment pnation m it and when the amend-
of these islands: a land formed from
a basement of ancient rocks bearing,
with some fragments ot whitish cal
careous terranes, extinct volcanic
resolution had been taken it was sent
over to the senate, where it arrived
just as adjournment was being taken.
It was referred to the military com
mittee with- the announcement that
unanimous consent would be asked
to consider it tomorrow.
A proposal to authorise the presi
dent to draft members of the naval
militia in time of emergency also "was
introduced in the house today.
Text of Resolution.
The text of the Hay resolution as
adopted follows:
fteiolved by th nenat and hoon ot
repreftntatlv of th United Stutei of
American congress assembled, that In the
opinion of the congress of the United States
an emergency now exists, wmcn aemanas
the use of troops In addition to the regu
lar army of the United States and that
the president be and hereby la authorised
to draft Into the military servloe of the
United State, under the provision of Sec
tion one hundred and eleven or tne na
tional defense act approved June third, nine
teen hundred and sixteen, bo far as the pro
visions of said aectlon may be applicable
and not Inconsistent with the terms hereof,
any or all members of the National Guard
and of the organised militia of the several
qta'fs, territories and the District of
Columbia, and any and all member of the
National Guard and organised militia r
itervea to serve for the period of the emer
gency not exceeding three years unless
sooner discharged.
Section 2. The sum of It ,000, 000 Is hereby
appropriated out of any money In the treas
ury -not otherwise appropriated 10 oe .ex-
pended under direction of the secretary of
war and under such rules and regulations
as he may .prescribe ,for the purpose of
maintaining, at a. cost 'of hot more than
50 a njonor the family of each enlisted
man of the National Guard called or
drafted Into the service of the United
States until his discharge therefrom, which
family during the term of aervlce of said
enlisted men haa not other Income except
his pay adequate for the support of said
family; and the word" family shall Include
wife, dependent mothers, fathers and sis
ters as well as brothers under the ags of
14 years.
The provisions of Bertloti one hundred and
twelve of the national defense act of June
3d, one thousand nineteen hundred and six
teen, shall be applicable to any officer or
enlisted men drafted into the service of the1
United States pursuant ot section on ot
this Joint resolution.
Provided, that all persons so drafted shall
from the date of their draft stand dis
charged from the militia during the period
of their service unaer aaia arati.
Section . That whnn organ izatlona, th
members of whloh are drafted under ths
provisions of this resolution, do not con
stitute complete tactical units, the president
many, by oombfnftig such organisations, or
ganize battalions, regiments, brigades and
divisions, and may appont officers "for such
units from tha regulsr army, from the mem
bers of such organtzatlos from those duly
qualified and registered pursuant to section
twenty-three of the act of congress, ap
proved January 21, nineteen hundred and
three, or members of the officers' reserve
corps as provided in section thirty-eight
of ths national defense act of June 2d, nine
teen hundred and sixteen, officers with
r.nlr nnl ahnv that fit Colonel tO bS ap
pointed by the president by and with ths
advice and consent of the senate.
flection 4. That whenver In time of war
or public danger two or more officers of
the same grade are on duty In the same
field, department or common, or organisa
tions thereof, the president may assign the
command of the forces of such field, de
partment, or common, or of any organisation
thereof, without regard to seniority or rank
in the same grade. In the absonce of such
Mitnmnt by the president, officers of ths
same grade shall rank and have precedence
In tho following order with regard to date
of rank or commission ss between officers
of different classes, namely: First officers
of tho regular army and officers of the
murine corns detached with the army; sec
ond, officers of the drafted Into military
service of the United States. Provided that
nfif.r nf the regular army holding com
missions in forces drafted into the atervlce
of the United states snail ran ana nave
precendence under said commissions as If
they were commissioned in the regular
army; but the rank of officers of the regu
lar nrmv under their 1 mm missions In the
forces drafted into the setvlce of the United
States shall not ror tne purpose oi mis
article be held to anieaaie mumer or
Into the service of the United States.
established a' lecture course which
eventually brought about a chautau
qua. At the chautauqua in the sum
mer of 1914 the playground movement
got a start, and now Stella has an or
ganized playgrounds association, and
this association by donations from
citizens and from entertainments has
been able to buy considerable appar
atus for the playgrounds at the public
Sn Diego, Cal., June 24. Second
Clan Botswain' Mate I. M. Laugh
ter of the United States gunboat Ann
apolia, who was shot during a fight at
Mazatlan last Sunday with Carranza
aoldiers, died the following morning,
according to a radiogram received
"After careful experiment and
test., we have adopted Whit
Star Extra Quality Motor Oil her.
at the factory and for use and tale
at our branch houset, as beat
adapted for Ford ears.
(Signed) FORD MOTOR CO."
If White Star Extra Quality 03 is
flood enough to be used exclusively
us the Ford factories, branches
. and service stations, isn't it good
enough for you?
Omaha White Star Co.,
904 North 16th St
tSSSSSSM ss;s3SiS i
' - w ' ' i I
:v.YAYAV.V, ,
''""SWAM':: I
,'l ' v i
, V,Y.V.7.V1W . . .
lasts, . ,
twice as Ion
and Lubricates
twice as well
r.-.ent was offered it was adopted
As soon as the tinal vote on xnc -rtiei h. hold to antedate mualer or draft
mountains and lava flows black or which bear voicano, appear above
red, long since grown cold.
Looks to Future.
the surface of the sea. Volcanoes are
held to be the results ot convulsions
; ,h. nf the Atlsntla nf L, fh hn-aViniT SWJV of SOme DOftion
Plato, a history fabulous in its origins, of the earth's crust. Therefore, these
like the majority of histories, yet ex- islands seem indicative of a great up- .o-f ,nrl l,i1,l nrnhle in heaviil and the deOttlS which SUrrOUnd
its details and tragic termination, them are the resting place of earlier
This is all that antiquity teaches us, mountains, volcanic lava from some of
for the accounts of Theopompus and which has been dredged up. The en
Marcellus, much vaguer than that of tire eastern zone of the Atlantic bot
Plato, are interesting only from the torn, continues the author, is in move
impression that they leave us of the ment, forming an unstable zone on the
wide circulation of the legend among planet, and in such a zone great
the peoples along the Mediterranean cataclysms have occurred and may
shores. Down to very nearly our again occur at any moment,
own area, there was a general belief, ogy teach us the possibility, even
all about the Mediterranean, in the probability, of there once having been
ancient Atlantian invasion, which an Atlantis, but zoology shows a cer
was checked by the very sudden sub- tain continental origin of the present
mergence of the country from which fauna, or animal life, of the Atlantic
they came. . islands which still remains, as well
According to M. Termier, the study as the strange relationship and re
of the physical geography of the At- appearance of certain marine animals
lantic ocean tends to show us what and shells found only on these islands,
might well have been the base of this and indicating that they must once
great oceanic continent, the loftiest have been closely connected. M.
spires of which form the Azores. He Termier believes that Atlantis exist
looks forward to the day when the ed, that zoology and geology prove
charts of the Atlantic will be exact that a cataclysm, not unlike that men
and detailed, affording a closer study tioned by Plato, occurred, and that it
with this point in view. Geology also now remains for ethnography, an
indicates the possibility of there once thropology and oceanography to
having been a great table land sur- solve the problem as to whether men
mounted with volcanoes, in the east- lived at this time who could with
ern Atlantic where now Gough island, stand the great reaction and transmit
St. Helena, Ascension, Cape Verde the memory of it. Nowadays even
islands, the Canaries, Madeira, the the most modern sciences permit our
Azores and a few others, all of which belief in Plato's legend, and lead us
are either integrally or in the greater to look further into the great Atlantic
part formed of lava, and many of abyss for our lost continent.
Lexington, Ky., proposes to exhume
the bodies from its old cemeteries and
convert the land into public parks.
Tbta tMtttatkm to toe cnlr one
lm th oentral wait with separate
balltUBf rftoated to thatr OT.
amaU (romnds, yt ntlrvlr 4l
ttnet, as4 rendering it poaslkU to
claaslfy eaaes. Th one bnldtaf
heinf fitted for aa.4 orotad to th
trMtmtat ot n on -contagious and
son-mental dlaeaaaa, no other be
ing admitted; the other Rest Cot
tage being designed for and de
voted to the exolwH treatment
ot elot mental eaaa MVdilng
for a time watchful ear aad ipa
aUl netting.
I Jas.B.llaynes
I Omaha Nat
uaaa EV
Hop hop hopping on one leg will
never win the race to win, one
must run on two strong, swift legs
Twins one working when
the other isn't two legs exactly
alike, sharing the load and
giving the right balance to the
human mechanism these are
necessary for man's efficient
and speedy locomotion.
Twins six pairs now drive
the Packard car.
We have divided the six large
Packard cylinders into twelve
smaller ones thereby giving
the motive mechahism better
balance greater power and a
nimble smoothness that is the
result of minimized vibration.
The two blocks of small
cylinders impart greater power
and respond with greater
alacrity than did the larger
and heavier single block of
Now it's twelve against six
two for one six plus sue
The new type motor has
smoothed out the vibrations,
transferring them into applied
It's the greatest Packard
success time tested by six
thousand delighted users.
You'll want a Packard now
more than ever before. Prices,
$2750 $3150 and upward
f. o. b. Detroit. Orr Motor Sales
Company, 40th and Farnam
Ask the man who owns one