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Omaha Girl to Be Bridesmaid at a
Wedding to Be Photographed
in Iowa.
'a short talk in presenting the diplo
jmas at the dose of the banquet.
I On the Calendar.
! Mrs. Koss H. Towle will give a
luncheon to eight guests Wednesday
afternoon at her homo for Miss
Elizabeth Congdon and her bridal
planned for Wednesday. Twenty
prizes will be awarded to the makers
of the highest scores. The club is
making preparations for over 250
When Ml other ways: fall, try a Bee
Vmit Ad.
some of the fifty mothers who responded Wednesday. Lower pair are the prize winners.
The South Side Progressive Card
club has postponed their party to
Friday evening. The affair was
k Ch
to Buy
a sice
One of the June weddings will be
a part of a real movie show. While
the affair will not be in Omaha, one
of the bridesmaids is an Omaha girl,
and the location is a little west of
midway between Chicago and Oma
ha. It's coming along soon to be
with us.
, Of course, a "society movie," com
. menced this week, pictures taken at
i J the home of Mrs. Charles Thomas
l Kountze and the Country club. But
V this is a scene for a regular film.
" They have been taking them in New
i York and Long Island for two years.
fovic men go to blue book affairs
"and take pictures to fit into their
a scenarios, "the real classy things,"
to use the terms of the operators.
It is a noticeable thing that "so
ciety scenes" screened of late do not
give clawhammer coats and soft hats
and all the familiar outfitting of the
earlier days of the film drama. True,
there seems some very raw acting
and'all that but perhaps they are
real "society" folks dressing the
Sloman-Feil Wedding. '
The marriage of Miss Anna Feil
and Mr. Hubert Edward Sloman was
.solemnized shortly after noon today
at the residence of the bride's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. N. I'. Feil. Rabbi
Frederick Cohn performed the cere
mony on the veranda, which was
banked with palms and ferns and
peonies in brilliant pinks and reds,
l or the entrance of the bridal party
Miss Marie Swanson, harpist, played
the Lohengrin wedding march, while
4 the marriage lines were read to the
soft strains of "The Angels' Seren
ade." Only relatives and very close
friends were present.
The bride is a granddaughter of
the late Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rose-
. water and a niece of Mr. Victor Rose-
water, editor of The flee.
Her bridal gown was of white gros
de londre, made bouffant effect and
trimmed with silk lavin lace. The
close fitting bodice and flowing cas
tle sleeves were of the same lavin
lace, which also formed' the lower
part of the . gown over which the
taffeta was draped, and the waist was
raught by a band of silver cloth.
With this was worn a short white
tulle veil in pleated frill style in the
back, bound to the hair with a silver
band, and finished with orange blos
soms, which were worn by the bride's
mother on her wedding day. Th
bridal bouquet was a shower of roses
and lilies of the valley.
There were no attendants.
Mrs. Feil, mother or the bride, wore
an attractive gown of Mrs. Ward
rose color in taffeta, trimmed with
Spanish lace. "
There were a 'number of out-of-town
guests at the wedding. From
Detroit, there was Mrs. Cora Sloman,
the bridegroom's mother, who was
gowned in black chiffon over taffeta,
the bodice and sleeves of beaded chif
fon, embroidered in gold and finished
with a white satin collar; his sister,
Miss Dorothy Sloman, who wore a
white silk voile frock with girdle of
pale blue; and Mrs. Jacob Brown,
whose gown was of black net and
taffeta. Mrs. Harold Feil of Cleve
land, who as Miss Nellie Elgutter,
was a bride of last year, wore her
wedding gown of white chiffon with
crystal trimmings.
Following the ceremony, a wedding
breakfast for thirty-five guests was
served. White peonies decorated the
bridal table, while masses of the same
flower were banked throughout the
rooms. Mrs. Ward roses and daisies
were used to ornament the smaller
tables at which the guests were
Later in the afternoon, the young
couple left for Colorado for a few
weeks' trip. The bride's eo-away
gown was of King's blue and black
striped satin, the skirt made short
and full with a band of blue at the
bottom, and the coot with a deep
sailor collar of blue and a black satin
helt. With this was worn a blue
Georgette crepe blouse, witlv ap
pliipied trimmings and a wide collar
and tulle sleeves, edged with black.
On their return, Mr. and Mrs. Slo
man will be at home with Mr. and
Mrv Feil.
Strawn-Kay Wedding.
Iir the fourth tune since New
Year', an employe of the Reaton
Drug company is to be married. I be
fourth limlr jn Mim F.diu Kay, daugh
ter ,.f Mr and Mr Henry Kay,
wlii.f Hiarri.iKc to (rank Strawn,
puii' in the t'filieti.i at the Konte-
ticlle. wiil uk phi.c Sunday at;
knunir Memorial church. The Rev. j
)!lv f r 1). lUl"l) Will tcd tV IU41-j
lifirn I he wiling niiple Mill .
"'' llieir hone) moon in oiorado.
At Happy Hollow' Club. j
! K I U' tiK 4 Iii'i.hfort
(hi, ,ffi"in"oii to twtiitv li m girf !
Mri V . t' A Uir i !'0,tf to htf i
ii .! !. I t H.oniiUc .In - I ,th
!. f- I
I ' f I ' i ' ' r , ; h : J : ! ' , 4
ii i .f'i .i.l , i t I -lit ( i i. r f I f I j
"Pinch the Cocoanutt Not the Fruit
is a Sign With a
t 4 i - I i t-'4i "
:' iMl tl. ' l , '" !'."
' I 1
' .... .
m r
jgftvutfiK' if rttf itn f
8- . 'is.
Left to Ttlfht Ormond
day afternoon. The arrangements are
in charge of Mrs. W. L. Selby.
Mrs. George W. Wickersham and
Mrs.vH. A. Hippie honored a visitor
this afternoon with a luncheon at
Happy Hollow. Mrs. Thomas Goss,
who is the guest of her sister, Mrs.
Charles Goss, was the recipient.
Those present were:
Thomas Onus, f'harla Ooa.
C. y. Wller, Oiorsa Plamar,
O. II, Monoid, Tttus Low.
Frank Noriun. K. A. Hennon,
Honor Bride-to-Be.
The Loyal Daughters' club of Ben
son gave a surprise shower on Mon
day evening in honor of Miss Ruby
Davey, whose marriage to Mr. Harry
Keed takes place in July. Those
present were;
M lnsa
I, oia Byara.
Krtllh Calvrl.
Irnna Moulthrnp,
ra Marahall,
Kinma fMlanl,
Trn Orau
J?tHl4 HolllR
M. Kroytr.
I.ottip ranllaon.
T-ulah Hyars,
Mary Roth.
firtrur!e Calvert,
Myrtl NmlAor,
Marv firka,
A n in, rninitr'll.
liuhy l.iuve,.
J I'ahfii.
Lambda Nu Dance.
The Lambda Nu club will give a
dance Friday evening at Harte's hall.
1 he atlair t in charge of:
MfRira Mara-
Norman l0. Arthur FllnvwaU.
Arthur Kiiiit, l'nll Klain.
At the Field Club.
Mr, , F. 'sniiih wt lioness at a
ki-nnii;tiii. followed by tea, at the
Field tluS thi atternuon for Mia
Harriet Met and 1 er bridal party.
unn(ue t entei piece, a irar'lfti hat,
titled Hith pink peonies and tied with
pink tu'li tteiiier, clevorated tl.
Mt) tiny I tmih hoiiiiei Mr
Il'ionn ,.l tlmn. jurt c Mr
t r,.p hll.tft. with lumhtoti at !
I irl ! i lub thi altt rnuttn. Meteor
.. 'f, ord the table.
M I I; t .ettii t a b'tj-
World of Meaning
If t i ' 9 it I ' ft
' '
' .. .. I ' i" n a Mi Kil-i ht ,
4,i. ,i. 'i ( .'v'4 ' '!
1 t . '' i i ' , .,... '
! : i I r i ' ' - 4 ' 4 ' . I 1 ' '
1 f ,"'!
i,!... I 7 -
jar? -
- XT ' t
Da ' -
' 1 it
. '
'Jff i - ..
I,oft to Rlfht, rtiick Row Mr. Brown-
ln, Mm. J. T. Oylor, n. uaorf Mia
loik, MIkh Murjr Mann, rront Row Mri.
Murrl Hihnelnkv. Mm. W. H. Urlphain,
Mr. C. W. ONll, Mm. K. Uoherly,
. ,,i i i inn ii mo
Browning. Eldon Clair Oyler.
luncheon to four tables this after
noon at the Field club. The decora
tions were peonies.
Mr. J. W. Towle will give a dinner
to eleven guests Saturday evening.
The first of the large affairs of the
season will be given Tuesday after
noon when Mrs. E. P. Boyer will be
hostess to fifty guests at luncheon.
Entertains at Dinner.
Mrs. Walter Dale entertains at din
ner this evening at her home for some
pupils and friends. A basket of Kil
larney roses will decorate the dinner
table, at which covers will be placed
William Hon.
Alb a P. Tedrow,
Martha Dale.
Km ma Ellaworth.
;rtrude Ellsworth,
binnia Kavan,
Oladya H. Chambers,
Loulae M'leae,
Pleasant Hnlyoks,
EITIe Oleland,
Natalie Dale.
At Carter Lake Club.
The Carter Lake Kensington club
will hold a business meeting at the
club house Friday aftem-v n at 2M i
o'clock to elect olficers and make j
plans for the season's activities.
Seniors Entertained.
Mis. Mary Fuller and Miss Reulah
Clarke were the hostesses of the dav
to the Hrownell Hall seniors. The af
fair was a luncheon at Happy Hol
low, chaperoned by Mi Kuphemia
J.hnn and Mit Lillian G-tluay. A
large basket of pink pennies decor
ated the table and the place card
were in buuquet.
Engagement Announced.
Mr. and Mr. Clinton L Tatterioii
announce the engagement (! their
daughter. Mi Abbte s 1'atterson, to
Mr. John J Miireman.
For Mis Congdon.
Mr Nathan Mernam gv a tyit h
tun, (allowed br S'.n lion briiliie, at the
i ountry chiH thu adernoon Mm
U,ML . 'it';.,
. '
i J -i i
Your Dcssnt far
Grape Nut Ice Cream
a autH'l MM lb ! Brl I K1 ! ; '.
f.i tat V NIS
IT pxt 9mm mr f "ir. in "o-r-i
C'.ianu (iMMW ln.S.a) a
M : .: "W sw fgW '
Elizabeth Congdon, a June bride.
White and pink peonies were com
bined in a fetching decoration
scheme. Those present were
M eadam 'a
Arthur Kann,
Walter Roberta,
John W. Rertlrk,
John ManMen,
Qmorit Johnaon,
Arthur Rimam
laa.a.0 Confftloni
Louis Clarke,
Ellaahe'h C'oni1nn,
Elizabeth I'avls,
Frances Naah,
Oeore Heillrk.
tenlae ltarkalnw,
Paul Oallaa-hnr,
Herbert Kronen of
Roaa Towle,
Nathan Merrlam,
Mildred Butler.
Mellon t'avlf
At the Country Club.
, Mri. Arthur J. Cooley will enter
tain nine guests at luncheon at the
Country club Friday.
Mrs. Arthur J. Cooley will enter
tain nine guests at luncheon at the
Country club Friday.
Miss Belle Dewey entertained at
luncheon at the Country club Wed
nesday for her mother, Mrs. C. H.
Dewey, who celebrated the fiftieth
anniversary of her arrival in Omaha.
The table was decorated with garden
flowers and covers were placed for:
MalamB Moadamea
a. A. Hoadand, E. II. Hprague,
E. Wakeley, J. W. Cianneii,
C. E. Tost, " W. Llnlnaer, '
J. j. Brown, Howard Hmlth.
Martha Heth. C. II. Dewey.
D. B. Bara-enl,
Mlaa Lewey.
Mrs. Warren M. Rogers gives an
informal dinner this evening at the
Country club to:
Meaars. and Meedamee
Arthur Crittenden . CJ. M. Wllhslm,
Smith. C. Will Hamilton,
Mrs. Lowrl Chllde.
Meaara. - Meeam
Clement Frank Burkley.
The Hoopeston guests, Mr. and
Mrs. Donald McFerrens, were enter
tained at the Country club at din
ner last evening by Mr. Ben Warren.
Those present were,:
Meaars. and Meadamea
Charles T. Kountae, Donald McFerren,
Charlee T. Btewart,
J. DaP. Rloharda,
Harold Frllchell,
Klliabeth Davis,
Daphne Petere,
Mildred Butler,
Lawrence Hrlnker.
Wlllard Butler,
J J. Heaa,
Ward M. Rttriess,
Fred Hamilton.
Mllora Davla.
Mary Uurkley.
Robert Connell,
J. T. Stewart, it.
At Seymour Lake Club.
The graduating exercise of the
c...,u n,, olio Imcniral will he criven
this year at Seymour Lake Country
club at a banquet, louowcn ny idn--iM
tUn reonlae Krilav dance to
morrow evening. Sixty-five plates
have been reserved for the hospital
affair. Mr. C. H. Waters, president
of the Hospital association, will make
Clocks Called for, Repair
ed and Delivered.
Phone Tyler ISBS-W and we will rail
for clock to be repaired. After they
are put. In firat-claa condition we de.
liver them.
Setting of a Clock
la a very Important matter, to get per-
fort time keepitif rreult. We are a!n
eapert watth makere. anfravers and
Christiansen & Zimmer,
401 Rot Bldf., 16th A Farnam.
Hay Fever Preparedness
It U viiaili important t.c milltmi. ( awf
f.r.f Ha irl'a'' fa'iii'f yt.ur
d'ti"t rtt.ia' ua tot a f
Nt I MNK.'" 1 Mar vr N !.
a aMip anrl tmrt lltiurtt'ii" lui
H Y r V I K ho? 1. 1 1,1
) Mr SAI al all I'i i ! "' n !
f-t Utrri wi'n !(- "f It 0"
Writ I'axnlV
The appointment of our house as General Distributors
and Jobbers by the Columbia Phonograph Company for
Iowa and Nebraska.
and the purchase of $300,000 worth of Phonographs
Records to be delivered during the next sixty days
made this the most favorable time in the history for
people in this community to buy pianos cheap. Over twenty-four thousand feet
of space is required to display this important purchase, and in order to make room
we will have to clear not less than three or four floors without delay.
Here is our predicamentRather than move from two to three hundred pianos now
on our floors to the store house in order to place the Grafonola stock, we have decided
to divide our profits with our customers and will sell regardless of cost and terms any in
slrument in this mammoth stock.
Beautiful New Pianos Regularly Priced at $300,
$400. $500
140, $157,
Standard pianos, including the highest grades usually priced at $450, $600, $700
and up are now offered and sold at $318, $347, $385 and up to the price of the Stein
way, the standard piano of the world, the only piano which admits of no reduction.
Come to our store tomorrow and see what a small amount of money will send a beautiful
piano or player piano to your home.
Here is where we shine A $10.00 bill will deliver a high-grade instrument to your
home $5.00 per month will complete payments. If inconvenient to make a first pay
ment down, call anyway and we will arrange terms to suit. Thirty days' free trial in your
home if desired.
In our Player Department you will find instruments to suit all pocketbooks at prices
ranging from $100 upward. '.
Do not delay, call at once, if you wish to obtain a bargain of a lifetime. Out-of
town customers should not fail to take advantage of the above special offerings. Write,
telephone Douglas 1623 or wire and we will send a complete list of the best bargains ever
offered. The Schmoller & Mueller Guarantee accompanies every instrument sold, and
our fifty-seven years' experience in the piano business is yours if you buy your piano
from us.
Schmoller Si
Largest Retailers of Pianos in the World.
1311-1313 Farnam St, Omaha, Neb.
Better still, look before you buy Big Can Baking Powders.
Look beyondUhe big bulk. Coasider the quality. Think of
what the can r6ntains of what it must contain to be sold
at so low a price.
Tlilnk of the uncertain leavening power. Think of the bke da failures.
Think of tbe double quantities often required to leaven Ukings.
And Romombor
that when these Cheap Towders 2. foods they sometimes leave the
bakings bleached and acid, or yellow and alkaline you don't get the sweet,
light and tender baking you should have.
And Don't Forgot
that big can powders are cheap in price because they are cheap in quality, that
they are often unreliable. Tbey are. made to nellj not to serve and satisfy 7
they are not economical, either to buy or use.
Then Memorize Thoso Facts
products . yKJr
r if
lw4stfwl p
" I iMmi
eMCtf l U4
niai, ft'ftan m4 "
kr , . -. ft.-.""' 1 1
V ) ft " i I I '
and Up Are Now Offered and Sold at
Mueller Piano Company
ore You
Calumet Baking Powder prevents failure and waste; it is absolutely pure
and absolutely dependable. .
Only the best of materials of tested strength are employed in the making of
Calumet. These Injfredients' are so perfectly proportioned that all Calumet
pwkinps come from the oven light, fluffy, evenly grained, beautifully rawed
anil absolutely wholesome. ' Go to your dealer and demand a ran of Calumet
be sure to get Calumo. Uwd in millions of homes recommended by the
best chefs, cooks and domestic science teachers,
Received highest awards World's Pure r'iod ExpoaiUon, Chicago; Taris,
Freuce, March 1013.
Package Foods
Don't Bo a Sl.ivo to Cooking
Foods, prepared in sanitary kitchens
by cuUnary rxjx rti, sp,,re
ViJ unuual lusur tr ftr
furin il nu1 WtuU
Il'f, !Unod
L- i. ' 1 4 .
1 I t t i Wk hs'l. und
f ! Cf
$&S)3 ond up
Established 1859.
Capital and Surplus, $1,000,000.
ymi kitchen nj pro
your They uwlud mjiny
Tonisu. Va) t.ujf. Lutvhwn
Chivkfti, iVtied Mesit sarul-
(ilhc - r Ituvt ai u'i w l.i aj.-rva K.t
ful. I Thai Arm.Hir i tu ta ra.
Mil s tht natvH.! lUvn (vffnilr,
For turnh, !! sucir, puh
vt sliin-vn ta,
I htftiuL
4 'ft ( ' I ' ' '
"A - - - '' : : 1 -i ' ' t , t .. I '
t. . 4 j ' l: t . ? - . S f . t i ' I g 1 4 f 4 ! I
Sail Itftiafta Mr,
lit a4 J.n .ft
W U : l..ft,
aft Q .
fai. ilmft.
" JUpp -fail mm wM4
. . ft ft .
S a lam
i ., !! ft ' l I ! f-'t ' ' il I ! I ' ; 4f.
1 , ,t. I'-f '..-. (!! ft a) 1