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6 THE BEE: OMAHA, MONDAY. MAY 29, 1916. 1
J Rrinrrincr TTn PatViPr cwmbt mi ut turn.
:-: Drawn for The Bee by George McManus : .
s . ... s
1 . . r i sj
I - ' 11 If 111. -.v. II .jeta. a otMn II
i " '
Freddy Bruck Hurli Air-Tight Ball
While Hit Mates Rammer Home
5 to 3 Victory Behind Him.
With Freddy Hruck on the firing
line to nip any attempted hostile
charge! in the bud and the heavy
Kourke artillery on the job with ef
fective shelling, Pa Rourke'i de luxe
athletes wound up the long home
scries with a victory over Topeka
yesterday, S to 3. The victory made
it a clean sweep of the Topeka serir
of three games, and also made a total
of eiKht victories iiKaiimt four de
feats on the entire home series, which
is a pretty respectable average if any
body should inquire,
Jiruck hurled a neat game of ball
yesterday, and nary a one of the
Topek run were earned. Freddy wa
nicked for but five hits, and only in
one inning wai more than one hit
made, two were clouted in the sixth.
But the most noteworthy event of
the Sabbath matinee was the slug
ping ucrformancc of Cyrui Forsythe.
I or lo, these many daya Cyrus has
been in a terrible batting slump, lie
couldn't hit any kind of pitching.
Makes Perfect Average.
But yesterday Cyrus emerged from
the hluuip with a resoundnig thud.
Me slapped out two triples and a
single and a sacrifice in four trips to
the rubber for a perfect average.
Now that Cyrus is out of the slump,
look out.
Mr. Halt, the opposition hurler,
lost his tint game yesterday. Pre
viously Hall led the league with sit
titraiKlit victories. It took the
Kourke to land the K. O. punch on
.he record.
Cyme Triples Twice.
Omaha scored its first run in the
second on ForsytheV triple and
Burg's single, i'orsyth'e triple and
Kilduff's safety counted another run
n the fourth.
The game was brought home in the
eolith. Manager Marty opened the
stanza by drawing a walk. Miller
sacrificed and F.rnie Krueger combed
a double to right, scoring Krng. For
sythe beat out an infield hit, sending
Frnie to third. Kilduff also beat out
an infield safety and Krueger counted
and Forsythe galloped to third.
Burg's sacrifice fly counted Cyrus.
Shag Robbed of Two.
Hall was given great support by
his mate, but it wasn't enough. Shag
Thompson was the victim of foul
plot on the part of Kruger and
Tydeman, Both of these outfielders
snared blows off Thompson's bat
that should and would have been hits
under ordinary circumstances. Krug
er aUo robbed Smith of a bit, and
ii .oil win made a beautiful stop of a
drive by Burg,
The kourke go away today for a
long series on the road. They leave
(or 1 )e Moines at 6 o'clock this
morning. After tour games in the
Iowa capital they hike for Wichita,
and then pUy Denver, Topeka and
St. Joseph before returning home on
June ).
Willie Hoarc is
Flaying Bum Golf
This Year, Oh, Yes
Willie llre. professional t the
Country flub, (n caiinlislly IIVS gulf;
ti'ii?dl Willie has lwi bad some- I
li H'ri i( a reputation at sut tmjtiil
pUvrt, f
' Mm' the game this jear, Willit f" !
(jui-iud a luiious repmlcf seeking m. '
' Oh, nut tiniih. rriindrt lir
l.illt get iniliH ti'i't a" ttliilf, I. hi
Itattlll'tf, Slut wi'lkllirf llll,"
lUittit )i pished t! uute
10 ' ' ('i iititd ' t re p'i t e r ,
' i V enl r- ,,i t i tt 74 he it'll
i'jv " tnf ( ille
'"nfni.tif" hi I the ie;ir!er.
! -4) r.iiim iiv t uf l!t t!i i,t
, ... r
I I!) t tl. U i ?1, !.. ,J lil
.U'lM)fl S I tl.-'ili ill U; lllllf
U il if -itr r ni .i
''! H'S 1 I. " t '. ',-. r. Hi
!' " I i I W diie lii
i- .-!( t ?. 7 1 -m i'iiff iHatii a, 4
'1 "i ' f !' t' .l t
' " te a i.'ir m gu'ift.
If ., tit It ., t
" ''' !' "It-. nn!j
"'! ''' "4 .t'lf ! to.U l
!,, ;' "
,m I.J.I
I . , .. .sa .t t t'.t.a
. .i ,!.., i i . i , a .tin
' .-a at I ii, .
it-ni aa at
t . a . .. ta.
l ,.
I .4
4 I la.N..l ,
a I .
.. 4 .
. 5 ' . .( . . Hum ,
. . ,
V :
tlx '$f
A Clean Sweep
AM, K.
4 I
s s
4 a
..... 4
I Hmllli. If.
Itrua, Jli, , .
Mlllor, lb,
Kruufvr, r.
Inrayllic, rf,
HIMulf, aa.
Ilura, b. .
Ururfc, p. ,
so a
a n ii
All. R, II. O,
t 1 10
S I 1 t
...... 4 a
4 t
...... 4 9 a a
4 a
4 t 4
Agler, lt. . .
l,Mdttn, Sh.
I urliran, aa.
Krugar, at. .
Tyilrman, rf.
Itllinira, lb.
Hw'.taar. If, .
Slimroai, , .
Hall, p
t a
i a
a a
a i
.1 9
. I tt
o s
o a
a a
l a ;
(1). T
baa lillai Kruoaer, Aglvr, I nrhran, Krugir.
Hat-ririr liltal Millar, Kiir)lli. ,ixil
wln, itl, Nl.ilro baaaai Hmllli, Mlllxr. Kae
rlflr fly l Ilura. hlrimk null Hy Hrurk, 4 1
by 1111, 4. ItaaM on hallai Off hrurk, t
uf Hall, a. l-ft an baamii Omaha, Si To
plta. A, Tlma of aama, 1:4U. Implraai
kana and Ryan.
Lincoln, May 2H. Lincoln took the
last game of the Denver series, 7 to 6,
in a give and take battle, featured by
heavy stiiRguiH. Hits by Hituhnun,
Thomason and Williams with none
down in the ninth scored the winning
run. Score:
Millar, rf. .
htllhr. aa
!, (f
In, i. hor If,
,r. Ih ..
KKI.Illa, lb.
l,ft. t.
nit, m
rui.t. p ..
Ktniacr. ,
Tw'ala ..
14 II j
II o a n j
it i
t I
li it i i
'ril. If
II iv h Ik
1 h ;i. r
V miau.a, lb ,
1 . t, .T .fi t .
tl. h
. i
, 'i . . it a. ai-a -i fi.a . 4
lutlll I I I t "
l4 I
it ,i. ,1,4 ., i .. Yht b, it a
It", ,l i .,., Vm,. t !.
a a . . .. Mil a il'
t ., . I s.. - I-., W . ,i I'-'
. v .... . . . !-' !'
. i w . , . a,-1 ... a
V. '.i It i li... I,.'
.11. ) .-. ., fcai'a I I
i . . . . I it ' . I
. v-l H -H . t. - "I .
a-- ,. . - t-t-t I HI m
, . . . . .. . . . . 4 Hi, I-
. " I '1 t 1 (-,. ., M,,,1 I
,.. H . 1 t t ! - , t ,H II
i a t
I atkloa
thpf r (iM -.ti iii m l:.-!n
wii li rtiilimny 1 ha nil ltu
ea(Kile t'lii atl'i K;f K-l ilr
ttt M, t ia . 'H i Mil, aii,! 11 l
h,- I in (Nat tt,.v ha t I r hr-t U-
a hia lha rriiiil Utuli I rnl!
. ' n , u f ln,h i l i ii i n t
tMu i v( Hi l -l t"-'4-..,Uf
W it Hi i. t t if i l ii t'
n.l tf lii. Iaiii,( i airvM
ai. tui naUititi I;, at tl 1 h. .;..
!! U ( .r pid.litie-i b tti.l'"
( .i.i t ti .ii, ill, f !., , -i a 1 a 1 . I a. I
.1 ti,i iti' t!i. t - ii--. , i I m..,irt:,4
. ' i. ii. 'i i ' 4 i t-1 1' h ,
4l l,a-i . nl
W ' rara teas? vM 1
Indians Coma Rig-lit Back tt the
Wichita Team, Winning Fire
to Three.
Sioux City, la., May 2S.Sioux
City defeated Wichita in the final
game of the series todav by a core
of 5 to S. Gaskell held the visitor
to six hits, three of which came in
the opening frame and netted the
Wolves two runs, Scorer
Ko, If
Uini-M, ,
Harp. Ill, ,
H',r.fl. rf,
Hrlllnil, Jill,
JiH'kiinn, if,
AL.l.ln, lit.
Ory, v, , , , .
iMirhum, .
Klhri, p,
"... I
ah a, h.
i.'lllnn. ,
Conny, lb.
I.i.hjuni, rf.
('riniiolly, lb. .
Watmi, rt. ,
(illimiM, If. ,.
Ml. lb
roiiy, o. , , ,
0.ll, p. , .
toiala SO I 1 17 II t
H.u1 for nhrt)r In ninth,
Wl-hiin t I 0S a-
HIiiui City , . . I It 1 1 I
Left on SloJ City, I: first ban
on arrora: Wichita, I. BcrlfH:a hlta;
( iintify, l.ajaun, t'rnsby, Walaon, rlray,
Kapca. Two ha hll: Ollmnra, IJf-un,
t'roahy, l.ltai hi, Koi, llama run: Onnnlly.
HKiU-n baaa: t llahn. Iliu: Jff lurham,
I In all ami two-thirds liiiilns'i off V-
i In-arty, I In on and ona-tnira innins'.
rllrut'M oui : t'y uaaaan, a, run'ini,
Iurhm, I, Ma on ballas jff lurhm.
I; off Oakll, a Hit by jiliehd ball:
i.llachl. Tlino,, t'mulra: Mullan.
De Moine. May 28. St. Joseph
defeated Des Moine today, 8 to 7, in
a low eleven-inning game in which
twenty-aia player participated and
seventeerf base on ball were given.
O. William tied the score in the
eighth inning with a home run with
two on bases. Block' double, a ac
rifice and Butler's single icored the
winning run. Score:
9 r, tjunnrn.
All. B H.
SlcCaha, eh I I
(I. Wllllama. lb.
Jounlan. lb....
muck. ., lb....
Hulllvan. If
riutlar, aa
Klrkham, rf..,.
K.niina, lb
J. Wllllama, p..
rHron. p....
Hnvllk. p...
Hmmrs. P.
Kuaner, C,
Totals. . , .
...... S
AH. R. H
Hahn. rf . . .
lluniar, rf...
jonaa, lb.,..
Malnan, If.,,
Hrn, (
!lrlf.rt. lb.
Rwi.lilt, lb,.
Clalra, 3b...,
ktnack, p. . ,
'. 1 1 han. p..,
Thoutaa ...
4 I
Titlala IS
11 13 II I
Kniiml f.r Kcatma In aiabth
MhIp'1 f'r hmmttnta In alitltlb.
Ilattt fur tlllllaen In elavnlllh
Thnmaa ran fr hpahr In alavantb
Kt Ja.,h I I I I I t-J
I... M,.l.aa I 4 I t
llmna run' f. Wllllama Twa baa hli.
Jnutilaii, lllncli, l.i,,ii, Munlar. Joia ill,
Hiai.ii. Ma rifl, a hll Six , Jnur.Uii,
Hullivan (II. Hutier III. Clalra. rtm.n
!..... M.t'aba, Ituliar, Kitkham. ln .- M'i'aba, Hull.r, klrkham,
Kon. t".hr. l.all nn baar., Hi I' I'll,
It lira M,m, II Hiru. auls Hr Kmav,
4," t oiHtaa. I; by 1 1 n ttta, I, by a,,,,,,,,,,, i
li b l'allrn. J Itaaa nn ran
hlii.r. I. ptt iituuan. I, "it iinii I Una anil aail.a. runa nrf
k (. I bll ( runa II lht lniiln:
iiiii.n, I ho I Ihra lmili.a
H.i n I hue runa In f in' " ihli'l
mini.. i '" hue I "! i"
II,!.. .ml ti.,i llill la Ini.lii". t Hllilama.
3 tula mi nin " ! rti iMl.U in
la 'ff l' i " i I' a. r l'i '
,. .1 Hi.lJ l..l!. tt 11 I fH h ll.i.Hn
I ,.a. I t .ii nH I I J
,.. i.i.4i Tin I 11 I inl.ll. .
aint k - a iii
N'ew Voik. VI it
lit tlili inaitiaj
tv r Ira.liitg piuhei f tl' Ui I, 'jf
Ir ri e.ili l lii 1 ' n tim lh rim Yot if I'
t trUlul iSiir n iili4 It Hiiii!
M,.it .11 i ! I Vtlv l-e itk 1
UUfi hni.Ht r.t.'e h
iitv.H 'H '' mios. AU. ii
1 Ht
t .m ult an-! 1 . '
....!.! Ih l -I ) " l
Hie Vl!.l !i' Ui V I' ''
0 liii '! 't
a , .( t :.-n I)ih 1 "
,. I tt I' 'il ( I '4' ia-'W
I. t i IS .! .l'' i Ut!.a4
,,. .,, VI i t in 1. II ! '
tot Hum. ! " '
tiiti !- . i'ii im l Ip '
( l4'i.f tfs" a'' "',ii4 'iM.ti , m . a,
,'i !.. ) 1 " t Ut0JI N1I. i ii- -'
, . . , i..,,,iia-J,ii'l4t"l'.a'aiJlla 44 4
t;.l,..t 4U.I.-I ! I.; l.-.iKmo '''' !t.,. ,,. .,. V..a .
,l In 1 .1 ( !. f a ? a.
l' t $,
I 1 I Vl
Is i l
S.i . f r ,ti I
,f . l.ll.l ! .' !
a i -, t f !'
. .1 i. I l'i s
I t f ll't I
I !'
f .
r s l 1
t I : 4 i '
. . i.i,, 1
. 4
( ''W't
,, . I-.,,. ,
f, , lii, -I It !1
Directors Eat Up Managers in
Combat that Breaks All Records
Twenty-two of the mot marvelous
athlete the world ever saw or ever
will see, played a game of alleged
baseball Sunday morning at Rourke
park. To Messrs. Jake Isaacson and
Loui Cook, self-appointed manager
of the rival nine, muit go the credit
for the unparalleled miracle of a
tembling such a brilliant array of
talent at the same time. It was some
ball game, Five inning were played
and when it wat all over it was at
first thought it would be necessary
to call for the police pulmoter to re
suscitate tlie twenty-two desperate
and daring heroes,
The. combat wa between the board
of director of the Omaha Amateur
Dase Hall association and the man
ager of the Greater Omaha league.
The former won the game II to 9, ac
cording to the official scorer who
wa the only person present who
knew what was going on and he had
the time of his life to keep track,
Loui Cock, the vaquished pilot, de
clares he will protest the game on
the ground that he wa double
crossed. He came up In a pinch one
time and Joe Wavrin handed him a
left-handed bat and he struck out.
Oeorge Clark Pitches.
George Clark and Frank Suchy are
the lads who chucked the director
to a victory. Clark started the game
and pitched two innings, It was the
first time Clark had a nan in nis nana
since 1907. he says. He wa all in by
the time he had put on his luit, but
he hurled two round on his nerve
and whiffed five men. Suchy went
to the rescue and chucked the last
three spasms.
The slugging of Suchy, Quigtey
and Bob Kroll and the swell featur
ing of Jacoba featured for the direc
tor. Kroll made two hit, both in
pinches, and almost dropped dead
from urprise himself. Jacob, at
Coumbe loses His First Game
Season in Duel with
Chicago, May 28. Chicago hut out
Cleveland 2 to 0 in both game of a
double header here today. The first
was a pitchers' duel between Scott
and Coumbe in which the latter lost,
it being his first defeat of the season.
The local won by opportune hitting.
In the second game Morton' win
ning treak was broken. He had won
eight straight and his downfall was
the direct result of erratic support.
Faber was hi opponent and pitched
a masterly game.
The shutouts administered to the
visitors were the first they have re
ceived this season. Score first game:
All II 11 A IT
A 11 H 11 A E
Oranay If 4 I I
1 li' Ulna rf lilt
Knaialb 4 0 I
Mr.if I I I
llutll rf t S (
li.l,.il lb 1 11
ll,.,l.h I I
h a a I I
fN.iI.e I I I
rmmtt. 10
amuh I
1 !va vr..a I 1 1 I
Ki' III,. Jli 14 14
n us.ii it, tilt
i I ha in If III
I l., h.,f 111
I 04. Ii 1114
I lVI, SI l lilt
aHiull M I t
r..t tt ii ii
Tul.ia 14 4 14 It
rUltud ir t ii in da in Mnth
n.i.ianil a
l III. !! , . . 4
1 ii lhaaa Ml, n.-,ii haa
H.aiar. V.aa a.,rif', lla t i'tti,ii,
i ,.1'it a, i numaa 1.1,1,10 t, a, a IK
'witi..a lii Smi, .av I" N . Iaaaa wm
kana. 11ft I i..K I. t ...! I Una
a "4 . 4 i H '
tuna 1 fiabi i-,i ii. wf
wa ta ill Mna .,,ii4
H 111 1 . an t tfi,!iMv 1
an 4 ,.i..,. 1
S.l UN 1 1 tl 4 i f t
1 1 . ; t
tall 1 1 r
- t HI J I
U Hi
Wui. ii ai tii
t -i.i- ii ii-a4
Hla 1
4 11 IMM fc
I 4114
,,ia. il I '
t i
... 4 I I I
I i
If 4
a . , I
H 1 li ,
1,. Hi I
I 1
1 I 1
I I i
Hal . I
H 11(1,4 I
f I I
. 1 1 s i
a ( I 4 4
1 i 1
!.' a
1 4
t 1 1
a 4
II 4 111 I
t at H 114 14
ll Ivt W.. 1.
. la a i
4 4
1 h
4. Mit ' tt , 4 r a i'-,,a
aa .!.. 1 u aa . aa.., ,ta
I... a,,.,, i-.,,fc n- 1,,4. t t.
ti.aa.d 1 1 .11 444 .a . , i-u 1 -'4 t t
i ...... . ...4 4 . ... . ... .
n. ,4- l, .,... r , M, 4
.4,1 I 1 H.
I , 4 4 44, 444 .4
Mua tatta St.
1 1 a V
4 a 4 a
I. 4-4 "44 4 4
. 4. 4. a 1.4
44 .. (.1
,1,,.. 4 44,' !
44 . . Ik 14
! aa,aV,
short, made Pete Kilduff look like
a piker.
Loui Cook started the hurling for
the manager, but ducked to cover in
the first stanza. Loui looks tike a
pretzel in a uniform and pitches in
about the same style. Buck Caser
and Hull finished the job for Louis
and gave Cook a run for the honor
of the worst pitcher in the world.
It wa tunanimously agreed by
those who saw the combat that each
side had one regular ball player.
The directors had Frank Suchy and
the managers Johnny Dennison. It
was also agreed Jake Isaacson and
Louis Cook, the rival managers, were
the two rottenest players ever pas
timed on the Rourke lot.
As a result of the combat the man
agers must provide a feed for the
directors. Here is the box score of
the affair after the censor made it fit
for publication:
UIHITrTnua. MANAaKM AHHU.AU H j I IMnrsn.e 4 ( I 1
Bnyla.l.S I i J 1 IC'ay.i.p.S 4 11
hy,,p I I I I Wvrln,ib 4 ( I
UuKky.o ItH VOan'aon.aa 111?
Clark, p till Ork.p.rf.lf 116
Pacha, lb t t t
a I n (anit.lD sill
i OftoaknffTf i I
4 OBaon.rf.l i 5 i t III
Kroll, tt ISO
llornr.lf 110
lHalmas.lf 100
Jarofta.aa 110
I lHull.p
1 1
,rf I 0
Nalton.rf 1
1 0
Totals. .17 1S I
Totals. 14 II 1
I 7
( Oil 011
I I 1 0 I I
Horn runs Hornar. Thru baa hits Kam-
my. Two baa hlta: Cjuily, Ja,oba.
Mtnlan baaaa: Surhy. 4ul(lay, Moran, Cay,
Wavrin. Dnnln I, Hull. Hlta Off Clark,
4 In two Innlnta, off Kuthy, I In thra In
nine, off Cook, I In ona-lhtrit of an In
nins. off Caaay, S In two and Iwo-thlra In
ninga, off Hull, ( In two Innlnaa. Htruck
out: by Clark I, by Suchy I, by Cook 1,
hy Caaay 4, by Hull 1. B on balla: off
Clark I, off Hue hy 1, off Cook I, off Hull
1. Wild pltchaa: Clark, HUfhy, Cook.
Paaa4 balla: Wully I. Balks urhy.
Hit by pitch ball: by 'Cook. Boyl an4
Kroll, by Caaay. Hornar, I,ft on baaaa;
Mractor I, Manasars . Tim of fami
1 hour and 10 minutes. Umplrra: Butaj
and O' Brian.
h bam unstaady. and was touchad for a
double and two lnla. Bcor:
Bhnttan.lf 4 1 S I 0 4 0 S 4 0 S I I 0 0
OVaarh.lf I t I 0
IH'lman.rf 4 S I 1 4
nurna,lb 4 110 1110
0Stanaf,s 4 1110
1 bauaa.p I 0 0 I 0
0 Totals.. TITS IT 14 0
I'ratt.Jb .
Auatln lb
Total. .14 I 14 11 S
Itattad for Pratt In alchth.
Hattad for Hartlar In ninth,
llattad fur I'ark In ninth,
at, Loula.. 0 1 0 t 0 0 1
Detroit S 1 I 0 0 0 0 1
; I
Tro-ba hit: Bhotton, Stanata, (I),
Cohh, Millar, Johnton. Thra-to hlta:
Cobb. Blalar, Kallmann. Blolan ba: Vltt,
Cnhb, Barrlflc fll: Vaach, Maraan.
Touns. Haaaa on balla; Off Oroom, li off
Dauaa, 1; off Park, I. Hit and rnd
run: Off Oroom. 4 hit and 4 run In two
and on-thlrd Innlns: off Park. 4 klta and
I run In flv and two-third Innlns: off
Iaua, I hll and I run In nln Innlns.
Hit by pltchad ball: Hr Daua. Auatln.
Htruck out: Hy Oroom, I; by Park. 1) by
I'auaa, I. Vmplra Chill and Plnn.
Tiger. Coach Names
Assistants for the
Coming Season
New York, May 27. In naming
his siafT of assistant coaches for the
I'Mo lootball season, John tlarland
Hush of t'rinceton shows that he ha
.tiroriled bv his twe'v atio
2 i nation vtnh I'murton football, lie
ilhst selrtted what appears to be an
a! ideal combination of instruction in
j vanou department of play. First,
'there are Arthur lUurthenihal, who
m a teiitrr on thre I'rmceton elevens;
of re.ent ) ear, and H K. I rmkhnk. '
tenirr Uo ers agi on the h.,
miinii and Jertcrun eleven, t'ruik-
ihank i 11044 111 h 1 beit-l-'tiual
irimtiar), tnd 1 an li'l at
1 har fin ii iit of temer play tabid)
Huih wiadti Iii develop at I'rtnitton.
l 11, 1'iiin pail, w !in , p..! gratlu.
sie ai i'lii ii i (.fiiiinu t l i plav
i'i the t,i I'fttnt 1'iiiueli'ii uliiili.f
hfi "vrnunvilei " Iftlf .ii b ha
i.'.ii'. I'nit chi lh pit til I'nnvetnii
I'len, t'riwi i't lit It, I th Vivi-k-il'".
1 4 n I stiKll? jikn' k l"i
tniHiit A g irv, iharli tiling 4.i(
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Josh Billings Gets
Decision Over Bill
Josh Billings of the Cleveland In
dian. Is in had with Bill Donovan,
manager of the Yankees. When Um
pire Uiiinecn chased Pitcher Cald
well from one of the games in New
York Donovan walked out to insert a
few emphatic remark into the argu
ment, whereupon Billings yelled from
the Cleveland bench.
Enraged, Donovan turned to the
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TAon Dough 1SS9 and
haws a cast tent home
Indian dugout and yelled: "Who is
the man with o much mouth t"
Up Jumped Josh, who is not afraid
of anything that walks, and said:
"I am the man; what are you going
to do about it?"
"It's a long time since I've aeen
your name in the box score," retorted
"They don't need me when they are
playing a team like yours," was Josh's
answer. "Guess you are finding out
you can't buy a pennant, Bill."
The bell rang; Donovan retired to
his corner and the other Indians gave
osh the decision.
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