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Pittsburgh Takes Two Games from
St. Louis with Good
St.. Louis, May 28, Pittsburgh took
two games from St. Louis in the first
double header of the season here to
day at 4 to 0, and 4 to 1. In the first
frame St. Louis could do nothing with
Miller and Cooper, who held them to
4 hits, while Pittsburgh pounded
I?oak for 10.
In the second game the visitors
hatted Meadows out of the box in
the fourth after getting six hits in
cluding a double and a triple. This
game was called at the end of the
fifth to allow the players to catch a
train. Score first game:
I'lTTHHl'IlflH. ST. I.Ol'IR,
Allll.o.A.E. A11H.0.A.E
farcy, if 6 2 11 3 0 10 0
Jh' 6 110 3 O'l.onif 1 0 0 0 0
WiiKiinr.Kn 5 2 12 OWIII'ms.p 0 0 0 0 0
ll'i h'un.rt 4 14 0 lrnrhitn.M 4 12 10
sviiults.Jh 4 2 0 0 Olii.flchir.lf S 0 1 0 0
Hiirn-y,lf t 1 ii 1 Olli-l'l. 2b,r f 4 114 0
Knahi.,2li 4 0 12 OWIIaun.rf 1 0 0 0 0
A Wll'n.n 4 J J 2 0llutl..r,rf 1 0 0 0 0
K.MIIInrjj 8 0 0 3 Oirnntiy.Hb 4 0 0 9 1
L'tM.enr.p 1 0 0 0 MMIIIit.1.3 3 1 15 0 1
HnydiT.u 3 0 6 3 0
Toltli.,34 11 27 10 1 lioHk.p 2 0 0 3 0 1110 0
Total. .33 4 27 17
iimim ror umith in eighth.
rittHlmriili ..1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 14
m. i.i.uik ..ooooooooo oo
Two Iman ht: Hi-hiilta, J. Miller. Hlolon
: A. Wllwin, Juhiialon. Harrlfira hlt:
Harney, ('oopxr. Itoultln (ilaya: (ary to
.luhimtun. Jtttaia nn bulla; liff Miller, 2: off
1 ""li'T, 2: orf Dcihk, 1. lllta and ruriixil
runa: off Miller, 2 hlta, mi runs In four
1 1 1 ii 1 n km ; 1'if Iiohk, lOitlts, 2 ruin In i-lnlit
ImiliiKa; off ('onpiT, 3 lllta, nn runs in flva
InnliiKs; off Wlllliiina, 1 hit, no run In
on limine. HlrurU cjitt : riy iNiopar, 2, by
Dunk, 6, t;miln.: llyron and QulKltty.
J'lTTMItl'lt'lll. BT.'ia,
("arcy.rf 9 14 0 3 0 10 0
loll Ion, 111 3 0 6 0 Oi'orhan.iia 3 0 3 1 0
Waxnar.a 3 111 Ollln lmr.lf 2 12 0 1
II'. h nn, i f 2 1 1 0 fll.u...i f 3 13 10
H. hulin.31) 3 0 12 I) Wllaoii.rf 3 110 0
Hh 2 12 0 Oll'nxhy.ilb 3 112 0
knalii-,2h 0 0 1 0 0M 1 1 lor , I 0 2 0 6 0 0
llllimin. r 2 10 0 OSn y.l.T.o 2 0 2 2 0
Mamaux.p 2 2 0 0 OM'ilowa.p 110 10
Totula.,20 7 16 3 l Ml p 0 0 0 1 0
Mlutlor 1 0 0 0 0
Totula.,l 4 15 I 1
B'fonu nm: fur Btoela In fifth
T'lttabtirxh 0 0 1 t 4
HI. I.oula 0 0 0 1 0 1
Oama rullcn at unit of fifth Inning.
Two nun hlta: lllm.'hmitn. Thrua baaa
lilts: Olbsnn, Mi'ndowa. Htolen bases: Carwy
121. hiHTirico hlta : K i.a be. Uiiaoa on balls
off Maiiiaun, 1; M.mluwa, 2. lllta anil
inrni'il rum: Off .Mnimiutt, 4 hlta, 1 run In
flvt IiiiiIiikn; nff M'.mlowa, 6 hlta, 4 runa
In thrrnt and nna-thlnl imilntcn : off Hf fla,
1 hit, no run In mitt and two-thlrda Innlnvn.
Klruik nut: My Mnadowa, 2, Umiilri'S, Wuig
lny and llyrnn.
Hula Win In Knlly.
I'lnrlnnall, ., May 28. A ninth Inning
hHtttnir rully, loKidhir with Hitlnr'a arror,
fimblrd t'lni'lnnutj In win tha luat gunta of
tha aprli with ( hlraxo Intra today, 2 lo 2-
Tlm loi-itl tnaui arornd In lha flrat Inning;.
Nnla doubd, but- waa caught bet-wean
httttra whn t'ltaan grnuiidfid In ahort. Chaes
ilit-n alola atrond and arnred on Y Ingo'
alright, Nn mora runa war mada off Hca
tun until tha ninth. In that Inning Nrala
ami ( huan alngled and Wliigo reached flrat
mi Hat'T'a arror, filling tha bases. Urlfflth
niiii'd a abort fly to left for tha flrat
nut. Nfnlo waa caught at tha plata on
Mnllwlua Infleltl hit. Mitchell, who batted
fur lliTzug, then hit to left, C'rmao and
Wtnifo a' orlng.
Tha vlMttora inada nna In tha aaconit whan
Mitnn trliiled and arnred on Zimmerman'
alngle. Iioolan tripled In the eighth and
giorcd on H.-alona atngle. Hcore:
MnC'lhySb 3 1 2 2 0Ornvar.2b 4 0 12 0
0 0 O.Nuale.if 4 2 110
4 0 4 10 0 0
6 0 4 2 4 1 0
2 4 OO'flth.rf 1 0 3 0 0
Vliii'k.rf 4 2 0
4 1
Z'inati.3b 4 1
Htilcr, lb
I in nlmi.aa
1 t 0 lMoll' 4 11110
1 3 1 Ollornog.aa 8 0 4 3 0
1 1 6 ll.oihMi.2b 3 0 14 0
Hi'iiton.n 3 2 0 1 OHihulzp 2 0 0 2
Moanly.p 0 0 0 0 0
Totula.,33 102S 14 '('lark 1 0 0 0 0
illlcholl ,1 10 0 0
Totala..88"7 27 140
Two out whan winning run anored.
Itntti-d for Hrhtiltx In eighth.
Mattid for Tlerxng In ninth.
CblniK' 0 1 0 0 0 0 I
Clii'liuiBtt .100000000 t 3
Two Imaa hlta: Nnale. Thraa baaa hlta:
Maun, McCarthy, nnlan. Htolan baaaa:
ibaHC. HHli.r. Hncrlflca hit: Wllllama.
Unubla play: .Imninrman and Baler and
IIitok and Mnllwltii: llroh, I.oudan and
Mi.llwlt; Nualo and Wlngo. Jlaaia on ball!
nff Hiamii, 1. lllta and earned runa: Off
Minion, 7 lilla I run In eight and two-thlrda
in iilnua ; off achulta, t hlta, 3 runa In eight
Moarli ), 1 hit, no run In one Inning. Hit
by pitched bull: Ily Bchula (McCarthy).
Mt nn k out: Ily Beaton, 2; tihuli, 2. Umpire:
Kiglcr and liarrlaon.
Notes from Broken Bow.
Broken How, Neb. Mav 28. (Spe
cial.) While Ted Connolly, the 10-ycar-old
sou of Mr. and Mrs. Tom
Connelly of Ross valley, was riding a
horse to pasture after the cows, the
animal slopped into a hole and fell
on him. 'Hie boy's left leg was broken
at the thit?li and he was otherwise
badly bruised.
Frank Moody, a druggist of Ber
wyn, appeared before Judge Ford
in coimiy court and entered a plea
of guilty to chargeof selling liquor
without a license. He was fined $100
and costs, wliiilt he paid.
iTubernacle services that have been
conducted by F.vangrlist Kayburn for
a month past, closed last week. In
all there were about 125 converts.
Notes from Gage County.
Beatrice. Neb., May 28. (Special.)
- A il.i-.Mif six graduated at tUrue
Moil last evening. The address to
the class was delivered by Kev. D. J.
I ronin. The diplomas were pre
aftiied by Joseph MonlVlt, secretary
of the Hoard of Education.
The cornerstone of the new $.W
(Hi llatniver church, twelve miles
lnitthcast of Iteatrice, was laid this
utleniooii, May JH. he principal ad
drcoi ij: iv fti by liev. Mr. Ker.
tr,t-r o Mcrliiiif l;ev. J, H.
Krtnta, the pastor, had charge of
tlic rwti in-.
t Uitiur Mckinley Young of this
ntv a'id Mis lU-ll Kreter of
liith Hrir iiMitti.l here yesterday
t-y Jude WjiI-U-i..
Former TatU Kink Mtn Dtti.
H.k. Net., Mv ."
t'al t l.ctc S , t,.,.,,drnh. )!.
I-. '.it lioiit tiff i int. iln, Minn,,
4 f -u,-n- tl r -1 f ln..i t Ii
Grand Army Men
Draw Resolutions
For Preparedness
(From a Staff Correapondent.)
Lincoln, Neb., May 28. (Special.)
The committee appointed at the
state encampment of Grand Army
hejd at Lexington last week to pre
pare resolutions covering prepared
ness and endorsement of the national
guard as a means toward increasing
the efficiency of the defense of the
country, has finished its work and to
day the members, consisting of C. E.
Adams, J. S. Hoaglaud, O. II. Durand,
E. I'. Wetherly and E. N. Morse, re
ported to Adjutant General Trimble.
Among other things they commend
strongly the Lincoln Telephone com
pany for. its patriotic attitude in en
couraging its employes to attend mil
itary camps and in paying them their
salaries when in service at the state
encampments of the national guard
and urge them to enroll with the
Captain C. E. Adams of Superior,
who was appointed a special commit
tee to draw tin a memorial commem
orative to the memory of Major Gen
eral Grenvillc M. Dodge, who recently
died in Council Bluffs, has prepared
the same and submitted them to the
department commander.
Stranger Commits Suicide.
Table Rock, Neb., May 28. (Spe
rial.) A mysterious suicide occur
red northeast of here, a few miles
across the line in the corner of Ne
maha county, Wednesday night. A
man, giving the name of Walter
Hewitt, who had worked in that vi
cinity for the past few months
placed a rifle against his head, and
fired, the shot entering his temple.
He lived for a few hours only, but
failed to recover consciousness. He
left a note saying that he had done
wrong, but had forgiven everybody
and honed others would forgive him
Nothing is known of his friends or
former life or habitation.
Made Well by LydiaE. Pink,
ham's Vegetable Compound.
North Oxford, Mass. "I had lost
three children end I wai all run down
and so weak I could
not sleet) at night
My eyesight would
leave me and every
thing I ate upset
my stomach. I was
very nervous and if
I would start to
sweep I would have
to stop and lie down
before I could finish.
I was looking over
the paper one day
and read of a woman who felt as I did
and took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, so I took it too. Now I am
proud to tell you I am feeling1 fine and
have given birth to a boy baby. He is
my ' Pinkham ' baby. I keep a bottle
of Compound in my house always."
Mrs. Peter Marco, Box 54, North
Oxford, Mass.
Sleeplessness, Indigestion, weakness,
and nervousness are symptoms which
indicate a lowered vitality of the female
organism, and the tonic, strengthening
properties of the good old fashioned
roots and herbs, contained in Lydia h.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, are
just what is needed by every woman
who is in Mrs. Marco's condition.
For free advice In regard to
any annoying symptom write to
Lydia I.. Pinkham MedicinoCo.
(confidential). Lynn, Mass.
I -' e At 1 hi ol
It Gets to That Sore Spot
Like Magic.
A-a-h! That'i dellrloui relief for thona
ore muscles, thona atlff joints, that lam
Ml'KTF.ROI.K la a clean, whit olntm.nt,
mada with tha oil of mustard and othar
horn simple a. a
It does tha work of tha o)d-fahloned muj.
tard plaatrr, minua tha plaster and minus
tha hlistrrt
You simply rub M t'STKROI.R en tha spot
where the pain Is rub It In briskly and
tha pain ia gone.
No muaa, no bother. Just eomfnrtlni,
ao.thin relief- first a fentla ilow. then a
delishtfut aense of rootiiess. and beat nf all,
no blisters like the ulit-faahlonod mustard
plaster used to make.
There I nthin Ilk Ml'MTKHOlE fr
Sor Throats, tlrnrhitis. Tuntilitls, t'mup.
Stiff Nl, Asthma, Neurajm, Iteadarh.
C.riitln, t'leurisr, Hh.umatUm, Lumbago,
I'ains an4 Ah.s vt the Ma.-k or Joint.
!irin., s..r Mmrleo, Itrui.e., Chilblain.
r...l.. r.e ami t'l,. uf h Cheat nt
flea t-reiits t'ieumiia I.
At uur if,i.i, in J and I9e iaea.
n. ;- k.n'l.l aits tu 1 l.
! ' in f th aeRtiiit MI'.Hre.
tlitl .
a.s f.e
si. t ,ie !f,iti.,,,H
Id V.,,t,l,
1. I . . . t.,.,.t
-, ( t
....-' -i H t .f t 1 ! K k fi.uti
I i.i- ; .t : t l: t!it )t r l't, al t
.L I 11 t 1 I ' . l
i i-i viu1 I V- . . . t .i. I t 4
i! Hi,, 1 -r I 4 t 4 I'q' i:l 1 Ii III
t, ! i I t... M.nn,
Chill Sitnj: UarrtiJ,
, , k , Mf i v t ,--.t
1 i . ., -i I I im! Mav, ? i 4' 1 t
I I Vt I M: ,. (
U , . . f in. n i ' v I itM 1 this ;
' - - " i , i e'i F I i
I ) I U I ' !'- 0, t .. . t. ' -f- si ( bf j
I- I t ' I ' ' t- 1 1 I t' f 1
i . i r t I - .-. . 4 '. .Mlt k ..
t--t ; v. . i iwwkla tn-i t ttiaiatiwa
' v I i f thai I hn) :
b..i', n't t ,t-: 1 1 ar t '
f . ' -., n !..,.:
4 - -4 ' t that I h ! I n
-t 'ii.i,j t..r asifttt '
v f li V (ll , ii-j,-t -t,
tMi, N - vi .i -.M-.-l tr).'t, '
K.. . 'n.a ry lw.
fna fcjHiie l u.klAM t
ei... t Imu, Ul , t ;,4 im
bar. k .
i, a,.
Central Typewriter
Exchange, Inc.
I srasm t
" ! ' i-HiUs I Ml,
Elaborate Preparations Made For
the Observance of Memorial
Annual memorial celebrations in
honor of local members of I'liil Kear
ney post. Grand Army of the Repub
lic; Sparrish'War Veterans and Wom
an's Relief corps will open this morn
ing at the First Christian church at
Twenty-third and 1 streets with the
memorial address by Kev. John G.
Alher of the church, Major J. V.
Cress, local commandant of the vet
erans' post, will lead the soldiers into
the church shortly bft'nre 11 o'clock.
KnthusiAsm in the Decoration day
celebration is intense. Sons of vet
erans have gathered together a num
ber of automobiles and all of the
South Side public school children have
volunteered to furnish flowers for
decorating the graves of the dead.
A committee headed by the com
mandant will embark from the Cress
residence, 4427 South Twenty-third
street, Monday morning and make the
rounds of the different public schools
gathering the flowers, l-'lags will also
be represented among the school
Another delegation will meet at the
postoffice at Twenty-fifth and M
streets Tuesday afternoon at 1 :.W
o'clock and take the flowers and flags
in hand for distribution at the grave
yard. A memorial march will leave
the postoffice at this hour for the
Omaha municipal Auditorium at Fif
teenth and Howard streets. North
Side, w here a mass union service of all
war veterans and sons of Omaha will
be held under the supervision of the
uptown commander,
Young Laborer Hurt.
John Clark, young laborer living at
Thirty-fourth and W streets, South
Side, sustained concussion of the
brain last evening shortly before 9
o'clock when he was slugged by an
apparently unidentified person at the
corner of Twenty-sixth and Q streets,
lie was taken to the South Side hos
pital unconscious. Iiystanders say
that Frank Clark, a brother of the
young man, dealt the blow. The lat
ter was arrested later in the evening
by Sergeant James Sheahan and Oe
tectives Fleming and Sullivan and is
being held as a suspicious character
awaiting testimony of his brother.
The young man was reported to be
resting rasily at a late hour last eve
ning. Dr. i'.. F. Shauahan attended
Striking the pavement directly on
the top of his head, Charles Garnandt,
2.'54 South Twentieth street, sustain
ed severe scalp lacerations when he
fell from his wagon yesterday while
the team, which was frightened, was
running away at Twenty-first and
l'aul streets.
I.. H. Chainblain, 3532 South Twenty-fourth
street, found the man in
an unconscious state and brought
him to the police station where Dr.
Myers, police physician, attended his
injuries. He was then taken to his
home, his condition not being serious.
News Notes of Bridgeport.
Uridgeport, Neb., May 28. (Spe
cial.) One of Uridgcport's leading
business houses changed hands to
day when Lc Wane Bros., sold their
clothing stock to Chester Carter and
Fred Morris.
With 100 cases on the docket the
district court has been 1 in session
here this week. Holt of Bayard,
who was charged with cattle stealing,
and in whose prosecution the Stock
men's association took an activeapart,
was acquitted by the jury after a
hard-fought trial.
Bachman Loses Money.
Henry Bachman, teamster, 2534 Jef
ferson street, reported at the police
station last evening that $75 had been
stolen from his person while he was
drinking in a house on lower N street.
Detectives Sullivan and Fleming ar
rested Florence F.ldridge and Eliza
beth Dimond, both of Twenty-sixth
and T streets, as the "lifters." They
were charged with larceny from the
person. No money was forthcoming.
Bachman told the police that he had
just sold his team of horses and was
quite flush at the time.
"Now, who's right?"
What lusty, life-loving boy or girl ever grew up who
didn't say it hundreds of times? And swell with pride
when he or she was in the right.
And what parent ever lived who didn't glory in such
youngsters; when they knew they knew?
irlhur Brisbane, the high
est paid editor in the world,
with a salary of $34,000 a
year, says:
1t ii really a misfortune for
a family of children to grow
up without the Britannica.
"The reading of every serioua
book should be done with tha
Britannica at hand. To de
velop that habit in children
would be of the highest pea
time value to them."
Griffith Ofiden nils, editor
of The American Boy, writes:
The Britannica plays a large
and active part in our edi
torial reference library, for
every year thousands of our
boys ask us for information i
that the Britannica, if in their
homes, would furnish then
Immediately while their In- I
terest is at fever heat and,
of course, more fully than wa
can give it to them by letter.
Edward Bok, the editor of
The Ladies' Home Journal, the
most important woman's paper
published, writes concerning
the "Handy Volume" Issue:
"No one knows until he has
possessed a copy of this work
how often one refers to it
and how large a place it takes
in one's reading and refer
ence, and I am delighted to
think that this work is now
within the reach of thousands
of people to whom its pos
session has up to this titna
beea a dream."
What a handicap not to give every child your child
a chance to know I -
In after years, what will they say to you, think of
you, if you don't?
You may not be able to send them to college; but you
can give them the new Encyclopaedia Britannica.
Dr. Charles W. Eliot, pres
ident of Harvard University
from I860 to 1900, bought two
sets of the new Britannica as
soon as it came out He wrote
as follows:
who's right.
smarty ?
k0. "Now
a "fit i ! ill ifto'sT
'1 bought two copies for the
benefit of my two sets of
grandchildren. I find tha
work altogether admirablo
and my grandchildren, who
are at the most Inquisitive '
ages.areof the same opinion."
Dr. S. C Mitchell, president
of the College of Delaware,
"I do not know of a single
benefit to a home comparable
to this great set of books
a library within itself, com
pact and utilizable instantly.
No gift that a father can con
fer upon his children can ba
compared to the value ot
these books in thu home."
Miss Ellen C Lombard, of
the U. S. Bureau of Education,
writes as follows:
"I am referring renders con
stantly to the Iiritannica in
connection with the Reading
Courses recently issued by
the Bureau. For the homa
study of children and for
general information, it is an
encyclopaedia of unquestion
able merit. Every home in
the United States should be
provided with this complete
What Will Be Your Answer,
When Your Children Ask:
Why Didn't We Have The Britannica?
You can't say you didn't know about the most famous
book of reference in the world;
a library that the best informed, the moBt highly educated and the most
conspicuously successful people in every linn of work use diuly ; a m-t of
books that no library or university of any consciuunco would try to do
You can't plead Ignorance of a book that has been
famous for a century and a half, '
gathering authority and prestige with each of Its eleven editions. You
tnn't ovrrliKik a book invaluable that many peoplo have ei hoed the wonU
of Hon. Jimeph thoatc, "If I could havo but cmo book, it would bo thu
You can't say you can't afford The Encyclopaedia
Britannica now that you can buy it for $1.00 down and
$3.00 a month for n few months.
K.vcn hrn it rtt thr times as inm h it d-i today, it wm th t
inn-itnn nt tny ,nnly could mike, r"Mtn lrtuimu m lint Ml -n'iisii
t'.cm, but title an i profitahlo Investment that yaj U.iJy UiWikuJi ia
tin -rested ijvr ami opjKirtuuity,
You can't Imagine that your children aren't capable of
enjoying the Britannica.
IVrhaps you think your children are too young to enjoy tho nrltannira or
thiit there is nothing in it to amuse and Instrtu t children. Tho Hritnnnica
is exactly the book to interest an active-minded child, for ft contains tha
answers to tho innumerable questions that suwest themselves to his sharp
of its intelligence!.
ryes and ears. The more questions the child aks the more proof it given
It Is your duty to anNwpr these questions or show your
boy where to find the answers. ouldn't it be a relief to you to be able to put
your baud upon thoanswertoeverypujulingquestionyourchild profundi.?
Wouldn't you be glad to have your children self-reliant
and able lo hunt up the answers to such questions as
What makes it rain ? What Is the difference between a mushroom and a
toadstool llow fast can a starfmh rrawlf Where does the dew coma
front .' Where do corals get the material with which they build island
Was there ;v'r surh a thini' a a dodo U the livest auinul that
ever Jived mi therarthT llw deep can a diver orkf How are h'lit
bnuiei built W hit is ihe advsntai'o of automatic pistols over revolver ?
What cauatd tho ivihara l-rtr WIro dnl thu bills cwmo from?
( 1V wilt f wit am in ta tht te qurthn in the
tivk t (ii4 If vj (turc, i (iiujon.)
A Wonderful Bargain Soon Closed. Semi for this Handsome "Daddy, send for
Jrt Ion li th prw I vrtith I ttiii oic.f th rneirfoi-iirtb ItiiUiitn. awaa tu
h had ohsy in i etenni -i!;bri.,' t'nivsrvt) I . Ih re a;it(.l r
tils why many bom itmult) g'i witUxht it. .Sow t t i..u
V offer th 'diin tf Yobimo" iwin n v at one lUi d the rit-n 0 v.
f r H t iiihrh!4 I niu riit) I . ,u ami lotet .-u cvn- ., ik , u
ttr il Vi.Iwm", h rtve.olff siej-!.. ,!..! - tho I ., lit im.t m..Ury
a mania. lnt U- U t-i i u. W kn l' ! w-.a.-l . .i itmt;.-r i-l
I-"1'U ia e.i-t ! b 'icvo t sl e cuu' l ,f- r I . t iu .-i t
.tii.ii at h a i 'n a t I m au- h tere-s. lt. r i.-. v .y r r I t
tontimw t. . ,u mt fvr l?ua l i't tt.,. tUnfMi loAst
It,. a ufft 1 1
S H tti lvv.n y t in. I a ';U d." if u yu m
H1 tSo-ni tiri ti t' e f'( i li, i ..r.iii IN. t I. I i , I' . -r
WvWttl 111 )ia 1 tli'd if, f ,.f ri H ,.(, hjl V s. ll-i li i .h i t k - j
Sm, ti mf -t Ihe'H I . a., a ., ilfumt ,,-,.'.noii m. Hfnu.l - 4
U-J M J I 41 I a ) f..j '(.tii t ' . g L til st 1.
I'm o. m itl ttih a-lnaul df O n ef'i-e ihw if ).. n; U t utt i'it tl.; aw
" 1 1 f 4 jf VkIuhhI" ls.-m H !lvM jhtl i t ll'lllll,
T- War ka 1-rou.fM a fftt t, MJ nnf tf If 'i I f fs4
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