Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 23, 1916, Page 7, Image 7

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    THE BEE: OMAHA, TUESDAY, MAY 23, 1916.
BAD BREATH ! brief city news
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablet Get
t th fan an A Rimnvt if
Dr. Edward' Ollv Tablet, Ihe eubatl
tute for calomel, art irently on the bowel
and pmltleely do the work.
I'eopla afflicted with had breath find
quirk relief through Dr. Erfwarda' Olive
Tthlet. The pleaeant, nunar-mated tab
let are taken for bad breath by all who
know thm.
Dr. Kdwarria' Olive Tablet art fontly
but firmly on the bowele and Ileer, Umu
latinit them to natural ertiun, elearina. Ih
blond and gently purifying the entire y
tem. They do that whlrh danrernu rnlnmel
doe without any of the had after effect.
All the benefita of natty, eick'Ki'njf, Brio
ln r l artira are derived from Dr. Klwarda'
Olive Tall,.' without ajriplnv, pain or die-
("ealil.! el fart of any kind.
Dr. V M Ldwerda ilitenviirea1 the form
,ila after teventean yeara of iiraaeiea amoiitf
patient afflirted with bowel and liver rum
.llnt with the attendant bad breath.
Dr. KdwaroV Olive Tableta ar purely a
vatfe'able rompnund miaed with olive oilt
ynu will know them by their nlrve eulor.
Take one or two every nl"ht for a week
and note the effect, lea and ina per ho.
All druagieta.
The Olive Tablet Company, Coltjmliiia, O.
- HOW? TAKE S. S. S.
Fifty Years' Use Proves S. S. S.
Will Relieve Stubborn Cases.
Yon have noticed th little fettering
pimple on the faee and body (welling of
th gland aoreneie In thelea and arm
muifllrt. The ara the tymptomi of
Prrofule. Ynu may have torn of theiie
aymptoma, potihly the taint of Hcrnfula
infection, nut In either rax it i a danger
etit rondltlon. Your blood I Inferted, lm
run and you ran never hope to gain per
fect health until the Impurltie are waehed
fn,m Ih ytem. If ynu feel hdly all th
tlm you mutt erav hralth. If you want
to feel renewed plrlt, Ih glow of perfect
health, bright eye, t1r, the know,
lerlge that you are well, you ran du o,
('leant your blood by taking H H. S. I'or
fifty rear it baa been the etandard tilmul
Uilfler. it rellevei the trouble by rwnriui lah
lug the blood, renewing It tlrrngth and
Humiliating the flow, an that the blond re
gain! It lott vitality, end throwa off Ih
poinnn. Even lung trending ntaee retpond,
lint you mutt lite H. H. 8. Tl It for all
bl'.od Infer tion. (Jet it at your druggitt
If you need tpeelal edvlre write the Cwlfl
fperiflr Co., Atlanta, tin.
Evrrj unfiime-nf for awlllng good
makea Ifex-ir flt If tt rrhn th
right rwraon. T1i war to tnaMr
It count la to advert! In T.VJi
"Toerntend'a fur Snorting Onode."
Lighting Ftituree Huraeae-Urendnn
Diamond l.ngagement King -K'lhnlm.
Mat Hoot I'rint II Now Betion Pra
Property Cared For To rent property, ire
J. H. I'uniont, Kaelino bulliling.
Huetler to MeetThe k t.r-fl.n
duelling ritih It milking reervttnn at
the beetle hotel for a nieeiini lliut hotel
Friday noon.
"Tnday'e Mori I'rogram," rlawiflad ?
tlun today. It appear In The ft earlu
lively. Clnd out what th vrlou moving
picture lhtr offer.
Kile for ttankropli y llaman W rope,
ikhi fiodge airnet, automobile ealceman and
maihlnlat, filed a petition In hanaruplry,
Llabllltloa, II lie, aetata, Mil.
tn Oleoma I'mtrt l.eulte ttiea Henry
Knuhn fur dtvorre, charging cruelty Mar
garet aue Oeorg Wllllaina, charging cru
elty Anna aue Kmll fluher for dlvnrre,
charging cruelly.
Negro la Cut II. dreenwey, colored. JH
North Thirteenth treet, wa btdly etit In
an argument with two contptnlona at
Ninth and t'tvanport atreel Twenty
eight att it I-h were taken In th wound by
Dr. O. Myere
Andiron, fire Hrreene r)undarliid'
Hold Court In l.lnoolii Jnteph W.
Wondrnugh, H i'. llo(, Thorn J Flynn
nd K. J. guinley went to Lincoln to hold
federal court lliere fur two week. They
are Judge, i lark, marahal and d'puiy mar
ah!, reaper-lively,
Dog In He Mint Mrt K Ketlerer. 1124
North HKleenth atroel. i-harged wllh keep
ing a vliloue ilnt, agreed In police rouft to
have th" aiilrnal thoi, Th dog bit IJ yer.
uld Maigurnl Mel'lwiii, 3120 North Hlateeiilli
trael, on Ihe left forearm.
floee to Nell Crop Dr. (', H heprd hat
on to Allierla, Miltleii nurlhweal, to look
after Ihe marketing of hie leal yr crop
bf wlitat, I lia doi tur own a large Hart
of Canadian land on whlrh there I a len-
nl. I p to data, owing to th enngettad
rondltlon of Ilia lallroede and Ihe elevalnrt,
It hat In-" ii Inipnaallile lo all tlie grein.
Can "'! Tile" hiilngli'a. rliinderland l
l?rv, I'.lwtii L. il-.iuf, I). D., 'I'h J).,
I will rlrhvrr ffitnac of IWflity-ailt
1't turrti in Plymouth CongrrKatiorul
t liiin li, Imiiiiici a n d Kighfrf nih
lrftt, brKiiiniiig Sunday and con
tiruiiiiK rath ilny at J o'clock and 8
o't lot k i. in,
llii tmirar !) recently hren
Kivni in Aurora, ( runout, Lincoln
and l'airhiiry, altrai tiiiu tgpaciiy
crowHn in fiich our of those pUif,
lr, Hoii'if luia lirrn riiKaK'H t' re
turn si") flrlivrr llif course in two
oilier limct in Lincoln. All the
Omaha churches have hern invited to
federate in the movement here.
Whataver may your nd, B
Wa,nt Ad will gat tt for you.
Number of Prominent Politicians
Suggested at Possible Suc
cessors to John Drexel.
The vacancy in the city council
caused by the death of John C,
Drexel already has ataried consider
ahle osip regarding lm aiicceiior.
Among thone who have been men
tioned are V. J. Martin, former trea
urer of the South Side; Thomas Hoc
tor, former mayor of the South Side;
James B. Watkins, George Parks,
Perry Wheeler, Dr. Knsor, "Doc"
Tanner, Thomas McGovern, Harry J.
Harkett and John A. Rine.
There is a feeling that the vacancy
should he filled by a South Side man,
and yet this in not declared as settled.
Make Themselves Known.
Some of the candidates for the va
cancy have heen niakin; themselves
known and friend have been active
in hrhalf of their candidates.
The six commissioners who will
decide on the person to rill the unex
pired term are equally divided as to
partinan politics, so that it would be
a deadlock if party lines were drawn.
1 here is no mistaking ihe fact that
the South Siders will make a strong
demand for representation on the
city commission and this' expression
will he nude on Wednesday or
Thiiraday after the funeral.
If is helieved by some that a demo
crat will be selected, because ( om
missioner Drexel was a democrat,
lint inasmuch as the commissioners
were not elected on a partisan basis
party line may not be followed in
this instance.
There is everv belief that the com
missioners will not have much
trouble finding a man who will be
willing to sacrifice his personal inter
ests lor this city job at $4,500 a year,
Mayor Dahlman will be home
Thursday from Kentucky and then
the council will begin to consider the
matter of a successor to- the late
If as great enthusiasm is evinced
over the "civilian eruise" in other
part of this home of the brave and
land of the free as in Omaha it will he
a civilian cruise without any civilians.
Word has been received at the local
recruiting offire that the Virginia,
Kearsarge, Rhode Island, Maine, Ken
lucky, Alabama and Louisiana are the
shins to be used in the eruise. They
will sail from various Atlantic ports.
The Old Age Sign
Double Crossed
Don't let gray hair make you look year
older than you are, for It I now an ay
natter to tint gray, faded or blearhed hair
In a harmlet way. 'Ihe new rrenraiiim.
"Brownatone," la proving to potmUr that
thnuaanda of people of refinement and many
leading halr-dreaaer are now ualng thit
wonderful produrt earlualvely.
"Iliovnatone" meete every demaul and
fulfill vry tel required of It. and U
aimple to ute tht no prvlou ixpertrnea it
nere,ry. Comet reiy for ue--,io m
ing and la entirely free from lead, ulphur.
allver, tine, mercury, aniline, roal-lar pro
durt or their dertvativea. There it no
danger of Irritation or a pnlaonrd tralp
when you ute "Hrownatone,' brrt u tt it
guaranteed bermleea.
frodurea th molt beautiful ah. let (rnm
IlKht golden lo the deepett brown or blark.
Will not rub or waah off and rannot be
detected. Moat all leading druggiet every
where now tell "Flmwtiainii" In two eiivt.
26c and f 1 .00, and in two rotor on to
produce "golden or medium bruwn," Ihe
ulher "dark brown or black."
(let m 2 tit bottle from your dealer today,
or If you prefer, a aaniple bottle with in
teracting book will be mailed on receipt
of 10c to help pay poatag and iiarkm
rhargea. If aent lo th manufacturer-!, He
Kenton Fharmaral Co., S2 I'lke Mt Cov
ington, Ky.
Mold and guaranteed In Omaha by Sher
man A McCnnnell finig Co. tloree, and
other leading dralert,
g tunm I r gftaT
4 ,
I e-.e I
S J JL J F iT m F
... J..L . mMle"'llll 1 " 1 '" 1 ' " 11 '" "
Will the President Submarine
Victory Bring Peace to
Stricken Europe?
A great diplomatic victory for President Wilson is what the Kolnische Voiles
zeituno, Cologne organ of the powerful Center Power of Germany, sees in our
State Department's latest note to Berlin, and our acceptance of the Imperial Gov
ernment s compliance with our demands, and our rejection of every suggestion
of a condition attached to this compliance. Since this acceptance calls for no for
mal answer from Germany, special interest attaches to the comment of German
papers and to the tone of the press dispatches from the German capital.
In the LITERARY DIGEST for May 20th. all shades of public opinion in
Germany are represented by extracts from leading German newspapers and cor
respondents. Among other articles of widespread current interest are:
War With Germany Predicted
Thin Article? Prcent Statement from Several Military and Government Authorities on the Allied Side
in Which They Assert America Will Find Itaelf at War with Germany Before She Know It
Behind the Scenes in Stricken Belgium
Feeling Europe's Pulse of Peace
Trying to Upset the Pork Barrel
The Wittenberg Camp Charges
Preparing for Preparedness by
Girls' School or Boys
The Return of the Middle Ages
Why the Drama Decays
The Lay Warning to the Ministry
Preaching Through the Telephone
What to Do With Mexico
Uncle Sam to Carry the Mortgage
Holland's Attack of Nerves
The Successful Engineer
Catching Cold
Democratizing Shakespeare
Neglected American Literature
A New Memorial Day
Suspicion Sundering the Churches
An Unusually Interesting Collection of Illustrations, All Particularly Timely
when the citizen body U not thoroughly fa
miliar with the national busincua it hoult
control. THK UTKKAKY DlCiKST U th
one tk'pt'ndablt' mrtlium through which the
luiny man may p:t a complete undrrMtamiinn
of the problem! hi country must fuce and
nv Thi indispensable weekly gives a sur
vey, concise but comprehensive, of all the
world' events of consequence, showing
through quoted editorials the public opinion
in nil parts of our own country a.n well as
abroad. In return for a couple of hours'
reading weekly, it will keep you well in
formed on all the news which tt is the duty
and desire of everv citizen to understand,
May 20th Number AH Newi-dealen Today, 10 Ccnls
I'amriu Nv StanrUni tKthMry MV NORK
T TT. .
lit! V M
H1NK A W MN .S COMPVNY PuMu!,., of the
-mil Him Mtait ii mil iniiaiaTiTamri ii tiHuiir n niiii munraniiT
Gossips Still Pick
New Officials for
The Union Pacific
Notwithstanding the retirement of
.he president and the general man
ager of the Union Pacific. A. L. Moh
ler and Oiarle Ware, business is
moving along as usual. Both of the
officials are hrniK flooded with tet
ters and telegrams, the senders ex
pressing regrets that the men re
going to quit the systfm with which
they have heen identified so long.
The gossips keep on tilling the po
sitions of president and general man
ager, hut no intimation of the lucky
individuals comes from New York or
the local headquarters.
Messrs Calvin, Winchell and Park
are heing touted for president, with
Superintendent Jeffers becoming a
favorite for general manager.
fHatreaatna f eugti C ureil.
Ir Km-' N 01'nrv net onlv afftpa
yeur rnueh. hill harrtrna veur fj'alam
Blnl I'oiiit, kllla Iho icrina All iiruiale
Eczema Is Conquered
Greety aalve and ointment, thould sol
be applied If reod eler kln It wanUel.
From any itnjKit for He or 11.00 fo
itra Urire aiie, (et a bottle of urns.
When applied a directed, It effectively re
move eeiema, quickly t.op Itchlrif, and
heala tkin trouble!, alto aorta, burnt.
nundt and chafing. It aanetratee, eleantei
and aoothea. Zemo I dependable and lne.
pentlve. Try It. w hellev nothing you
have ever uaed ia a affective and ilafy
Ing. 7emn, Cleveland.
lmM f f.Y.-HAf il.-.W.lri' n l.nn.Bfl- in.,,,,,, I Jfe"'"'
. . . . The Submarine fj
fir n it c
Was Doomed!
The inruoh of water, raging through
the open hatch, wa rapidly filling the
tubiea boat! The level alreadr was
riling to their waitt lines. Hope,
maddened bv the heloleit attitude or
the inventor, seized him roughly
viciouly. It teemed only a miracle
could ave them 1 1
o' i la
tut-; im
Will Revolutionize
Naval Warfare!
The Film Novel of the Hour!
Presented by American Film Company, Inc.
Thousands were astounded by
this screen triumph yesterday. Great
throngs of people realized the significance of the
wonderful American submarine invention -idea which will
enable a subsea boat to remain under water indefinitely. They saw an ac
tual U. S. submarine loaned by the navy department plunge beneath the sea with its
crew saw the test of the great devicesaw the spy smash it and doom all to destruction!
See "The Secret of the Submarine"
today. This remarkable innovation in motion pic
tures will bo shown at another list of theatres. Be amazed by the 'secret'
the possession of which would enable the U. S. lo dominate the seas of the entire
world! Sec the furious undersea struggle. See the great acting of popular Tom Chatter
ton - and find yourself held a willing captive by the stunning beauty of Juanita Hansen
the film favorite. These daring co-stara head a great company of well-known actors
who arouse your unbounded enthusiasm in some of the greatest scenes ever shown in
motion pictures Intense Dramatic Situations Big Subsea Conflicts Remarkable Ad
ventures An International Intrigue A Double Mystery A Clobc-Girdling Chase!
Go today-lecl the stupendous power
of this mighty film production. It is different from
anything you've ever seen in motion pictures. Chapter One shown this
week is a startling succession of tremendous surprises and climates! A new chanter
is shown each week for fifteen weeks in all. Ktaj the remarkable novcliation of "The
Sten t af the Submarine" by the famous war correspondent, V Alexander Powell. This
(real tloi y I nuw iuliig In thl Oe w H'if. n4 " I Ii btxitl of lb bubmtrlaa" totlay.
See "The Secret of the Submarine" at These Theatres:
f amatk, Omaha, Neb, Weletlt , Mar 3I
Otamantl, OintKi, Neli, tuai.4, June) K,, t Mailt,, Mer Zlk
HiHM, Omaha, f fUat, Slay Ji.lh
fr.Keiam, i.iu (tie, !, VSediianl, M Jlt OmaKa, U.nid, Jua (K
M. .(,., OiiiaKa, SalnrJa, Juna lOiS.
Inial, Oixaha, Sunalay, Jim lllk.
t nmel, SKatUn, NeW, Wedaetetar. Jitia lSlK.
Slat.U, Aurara, Neh., MaaJf, Juat ISlV.
Star, U Ne.ll, Neh, Maa4, Juaa llK.
Ur nd the Story in the
MH Wre aieaVwraey (A 4eer, J.e) Cti.r. . mJ 'r.a 4 leeaS SS ArVltf
attVa(MMaama .tiSae W tn iar t)e( Mut iteel lik4.
-a!Viiil JUtJ