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6tte Encampment M&rki Fiftieth
Anniveriary of Founding of
th Grand Army.
DECATUR. Ill , May X.-Civti war t-
srana from all parts of the I7nlt AtaUts
r arriving her today to attand tht
oMcn Jubilaa anrampmant of tha III)
nola Granl Army of tha Republic, which
o-n bare tomorrow. Thla ancampmant
marks tha firtlath snnlvaraarr of tha
founding of tha Orand Army of tha H-
publlo and la partlcularl noteworthy ba
causa It la bain hald at tha place of
tha orsanlaatlon's birth.
All tha striata and building of
have bean dackavj with fla In honor of
tha vwtaraaa. In all. lO.Qffl Ultors ara
as per tad We In tha nait few day. Tha
faatiir of tha encampment will ba tha
grand parada, which will ba hald Wadna
day aftmon. Hundred of school chil
dren arid National Ouardaman will par
ticipate. Commander John M. dnydar.
I'at Commander W. O. Cochran, Past
Commander Rohart Mann Wood and
JTaat Woman Rallaf Corp Commander
In i. bander will praald at tha oajnp
flra. Charter Member Will Attend.
Many urvvlng mambara of Post No
1. which wa organlaed In Decatur on
AprU . im, will ba here to attend tha
encampment. Tha surviving mam liars
are: Jlanry Corman, Colorado Hprlng.
Colo.; A. M. Lapham, flprtngriald, Mo.;
D, A, Woodland, Areola, III.; p. R, W.
llama, Qulncy, 111,; Jamea V. Htaela, Rich
ard r. Jonaa. C. M. Imbodnn. W. K. Mar.
tin, r. L, flay. K. M. Baker, rrederlck
Hchwab, n. Jl, Johnson and T. J. Abel,
II of Peratur.
A handaorna broma tablet, will ba un
valltij by tha Women Relief Corp of
Illlnol only a fa feet dlntanl from tha
pot wbera Post No. 1 waa organised.
Ritual Printed at Decatur.
Major Benjamin T. Ittaphenaon of
Mprtrigfleld, III., I credit d with having
first conrelved tha plan and Inaugurated
tha work of tha Orand Army of the Be
publlo. Ha obtained for an assistant i.
W, Routh, alao of Bprlngflald, and the
two draw up a ritual, It waa than found
that not a alngle printer in Nprlngfleld
had been a soldier. Up;n Iteming that
two Decatur printer, I. N. C'oltrln and:
Joaeph Prior, had served In tha war,
they want to re,atur and had them at
the ritual Into type, In return for thla
co-operattnn It waa decided to found the
organisation In thl city. Tha building
In whlrh tha first moating wa held la
yet atandlng In rotur.
Following tha founding of Poet No.
at Decatur, poata were organised in near
ly avry city of prominence In the north
ern tier of states.
Would That Stop It from Striking?
Would Be the Big Loneri Interett
of Public Muit Be Tint
The newspapers of the east, in corn
mon with the newspaper of the west
and outh, are almot unanimoua in
the declaration that in aettling the
threatened railroad strike the inter
est of the public mut be the first
Here is what they say:
"The party most concerned in th is
issue is the public, for whose conven
ience the railroads exist" Boston
As every man, woman and child
would be inconvenienced by a strike,
all should do a little thinking.
Brllaire (O.) Democrat.
Divided Juries Valid
Only Two Contractor! on Big- Build
ing-a in Capital City
Council to Attend
The Drexel Funeral
I Today in a Body
I'anoearera hsve been selected as
follows for the funeral of J. C. Drexel
at 2 o'clock today from the residence,
lUfi south lentil street:
Dm a Nnyae, Arthur Mats,
Robert Koaenaarelf, Hmnry B Marin,
Thnmae A rrr, Kit Uranll. h
frank i. Murkier. fharlae II Wllhnell,
CI T. Urucker. Maury nailan.
Al Powell, Harry MrOae
Jemre (i, Martin, of rounrll FlIutTi,
Ju1i Arthur C. frank (Vllroi,
Wakalay, John I,, Kannadr,
The city council met to consider
the death flf Mr. Drexcl. Suitable
decoration of mourning was ordered
placed inside and outside of the city
lull. Until alter t lit luneral Die coun
cil will transact only imperative busi
ncss. The regular meeting Tursday
morning will be adjourned lo Wed
nesday morning. The commissioners
will attend the funeral in a body.
Mayor Dahlman will not be able
to return to Omaha from Krntuck
until Thursday, He wired to bis ol
fice and expressed regrets that he
could not be home for the funeral.
The city hall will be closed this
afternoon on account of the funeral
of Commissioner John C. Drexel.
C1reTi a i'aff CorvwpmiSant )
Lincoln, May 22. (Special.) At
the request of several persons inter
ested in the Allen rV Larned irrig.
tion ditch from Buffalo rreek to the
Kepuhltcan river near Matglrr, State
F.ngineer Johnson has appointed a
superintendent who will hereafter
oversee and regulate the distriction
of water therefrom. Complaint was
made that water was bring diverted
into another one on the opposite side
of the river by one of the owners.
The other owners objected
Says you really feel clean, sweet
end fresh Inside, and
m seldom ill.
It r- era tra,w4 U aaka ,. aula
a ' I -. tul fr'eaik a a ii,
Saa.a- a . tt m $M.f aat
aa a4 !. )i Sa.a a laal avviu
a,,pa lll, I
' '. - a -a ai '
ia. t l .t..t y.-ak.ta M. 1
t la tt4 W f.l .lJtM amt lkA
. .... . Ii., S 4.,r !
"'t fl ml Ut.ti.atiu a I MJi,.l '
4.. 4 ....fc4i tk.a
' v.a . l ,..i,.. ( t ,
I ; a a, .a-;
. a i Saa t. , .
a-11 a ' '-a a"a- .( . aa
t-tm -. a ' -. a a .
Ha, p .i .1 a a , nta i, ,m
k .. .- J a.'- . a ikm ...
' e t, 1 Il m aa K . a, aa
"a mm t, . a a .ia w.
11 mv aa-l It t 4 Saa tk
... fa it ia aaa aai
: ant 'a .a t a ., la taa
aavi-a. Waaaa tSa a a a-aa a-, a . aa
t ,.,.,., la. taa aat- a
at. aa .a ta Wa t.a
' M i i tt... .B.ta a e -a i.
' - - " a !' l f at
a a I a a,.a, awtf. ..i
' t - tha , a a. S t ..hi mi. a .
... . .-.i .1 1 , -at -a a -at aia t .
V-a .'aia.a ,.4 S..a
t ..a .-i ta ta a .a at t
-a a a 4., ta,,.a 4.4ata-aaut.
(Trem a laf Corraatinndant )
Lincoln, May 22. I Special.) De-
tween 60 Oand 700 common laborers,
employed on new buildings valued at
$i,XJJ,(iuo, under construction m Lin
coln and twenty-two different pav
ing contracts, were called out on a
strike today by union leaders as a re
sult of the refusal of the contractors
to grant a wage increase.
Only two contractors in Lincoln
engaged in the construction of the
larger buildings escaped.
The workmen on the new Terminal
building here were called out early
thi forenoon and picket were placed
around the building. The atriker car
ried banner inscribed: "This com
pany is unfair. Do not be a scab."
f'rarlically all of the police force
was stationed at the Terminal build
ing, but no violence was attempted.
The Bessey building, the Chemistry
ball, the horse bam at the state farm,
and several expensive flats in Lincoln
under construction are likely to be
affected by the strike.
The union men this noon refused an
offer for arbitration which was
brought in by their representatives,
but a meeting was called later.
Sioux City Bank'
Robbed by Masked
Bandit at Noon
Sioux City, la,, May 11, A
masked robber entered the Farmers'
ami Merchants' bank here at noon
today, forced the cashier at the point
of a gun to turn over from $800 to
$1,000 and then made his escape.
Washington, May 22. Juries of
less than the twelve men when re
quired by common law and verdicts
by less than the entire jury when
provided lor by state law are valid in
rases, even those arising under fed
eral law, the aupreme court held to
The decision upheld the Minnesota
act permitting five-sixths of a jury to
return a verdict after being out for
twelve hour and a Virginia statute
authorizing trials before seven jurors.
Hlnen'a Liniment Hllra I onfoatlon.
Aa oitn a yuu apply Hln.n. I.lnlmanl.
tho rona-oailaa 4laiaari end four pain la
nn. Hiidllr warmth I ranawad, Sr All
druavlat Atlvartlarmant
One Year Ago Today
in the War
Hair mad a formal riarUreUnn ef
arar ealnat Analrle.
All Itatllane Nelwawa aee of f and
I rr rallrd to arm.
Hrllloh eubmarine sank tara tornado
boat end two Sranaporta la iMrdanallee.
Auatiiana aaliad Irailln llaiiana In
Tra and Pel matte la be held a tana
ta 'a.
Vlxnna declared Ruaalan attack raat
ef atarnalMii and en upper Knrlatar re
pulard with hear? loaaoe.
"A univeral rilwy trike would
eue unthinkable hardship. " New
Republic, New York City.
"What would hanpen In the event
of a railroad strike would be dis
astrous beyond estimation." Lum
ber Trade Journal, New York.
"The expression, 'eight-hour and
'ten-hour,' in the railroad train serv
ice are technicalities referring solely
to the 'basis' of wages." Providence
(K. I.) Bulletin.
"There is more than an even
pert tnat sudnrn stsgnation ot
dustrv and bitter suffering are r
ahead of us." Detroit Free I'ress,
"In the present instance many of
the most influential labor leaders
have announced their intention to
make a finiab. fight." Bayonne (N,
).) Time.
"If the public favors wage increase
the public must get ready to pay un-
complalnly." Lowell (Mass.) Sun
other economic groups has progressed
to the point where it has become top
i i. a . i.j...,.:.. v....
York City.
"An eight-hour day is not asked or
wanted by the trainmen." Buffalo
"The question is not one of thorter
hours. That plea is hypocritical."
New York Journal of Commerce.
"The railroads would be 'between
the devil and the deep sea' every
thing going out, with not enough
corning in to meet the extra demand,
Williamsport (Pa.) Bulletin.
"The engineers and conductors
have been the big pigs at the trough
but they have the audacity to ask
for a 25 per cent increase. Journal
Iribune, Williamsburg, ra.
"The nublic has at least $3.1,379,-
080,772 at risk on the solvency of the
railroads. New York Sun.
The conclusion is as irresitible from
a reading of the eastern newspapers
as from a reading of the southern
and western newspapersthe public
will not stand for a railroaa strike
"Such a devaatating thing as the
threatened strike must not and can
not be permitted. New York
"The nublic pays for it all in the
end, whether it Is in the form of
higher rates or of deterioration in the
service." New York Commercial.
"With a commission having au
thority to hold rate down there
should also be a commission with
authority to check demand for higher
and higher, and still higher wages,
Buffalo Enquirer,
'Compulsion should not be neces
sary it a wage increase is oeserveri
ana it snoum not ue employer to
secure an undeserved increase."
The Annaliat, New York City,
This attitude ot org
way men, in defiance of decency and
in disregard of every general interest,
is sigtuiicant and ominous. Mew
York Sun.
"The average pay of all men in
tram crews is about $1,250 a year.
Men who receive such pay are not ob
ject of charity." New York Com
mercial. "The movement of building up a
labor aristocracy at the expense of
France Sends Fifty
Tons of War Relics
to New York Bazaar
New York, Msy 22 The unusual
sight of a foreign steamship coming
into port with its decks loaded with
boxes and cases containing aero
planes, hydro-aeroplanes, cannon and
other war appliances was witnessed
here today with the arrival of the
French line steamship Lafayette
from Bordeaux.
The war equipment listed on the
ship' manifests as weighing fifty
tons and having a value of fiOO.tXW,
belonging to the French government,
and the greater part of it booty cap
tures irom tne uermans. it nas neen
loaned by France to the exhibit com
mittee of a bazar, to be held next
month by friends of the entente pow
ers to raise funds for relief work
The exhibits were sent here in charge
Ot the Marquis of I'olignac,
Man and Boy Shot
At Christening Party
Rock Springs, Wyo., May 22.
(Special.) Paul C'leiichar is in the
state hospital here with a bullet in
his brain; P. Kranszki, aged 7 years,
has a serious wound through the
hips, and I'eter Rochi is in the county
jail at (ireen River as the result of an
affray at the Krantzki home near
Superior during a christening party,
Several of the guests at the party be
came intoxicated and a quarrel
Started between Clenchar and Rochi
in the back yard. Clenchar was shot
in the yard, but despite the fact that
the bullet entered his brain was able
to take refuge in the house, lie fled
Into a darkened room, In which the
Kranszki boy was sleeping. Rochi
followed and, attempting to again
shoot Clenchrr, sent a bullet through
the sleeping boy' hips. Clenchar is
not expeVtcd to recover,
District Court at Alma.
Alma. Neb., May 22. (Special.)
The equity term of district court con
vened Ihi morning with Judge Har
ry S. Dungan on the bench. There
are forty-five cases on the docket.
trrem a ataff Cerreapnndent )
Lincoln, May 22. (Special.) D.
H. (iriswold's nomination for state
senator on the republican ticket in
the Twenty-ighth district ia being
formally challenged by J. E. Porter,
who has filed Tiis aeeeotanee with
th secretary of state of the progres
sive party nomination in that dis
trict Porter has already instituted
a contest on the ground that votes
cast in Cherry county were illegal
and without these he had a twenty
eight majority over Griswold
Official notice has reached Seere.
tary of State Pool from the clerk of
I herry county that ballots there
v. ere not rotsted as the Isw required
snd that tiriswold's name appeared
Itrtt on all of them
irpana a Staff rrtaia1anl t
Lincoln. May 2'. (Specisl ) - Pen
lions vtith nearly fAisiO tianstur.t
aaking the sithimMton of the consti
tution! amendment for stste pro-uhii.-n.
were formally tiled h'i
evreify of Mate Petnl, todsv
Nebraska News
a-S I
iratn a Staff I .imrai.i.i
llaraa. Pit t .. iw,, a
tanittl Kail kaa M. , a
naaaaa i n la t-a,i(. it, 1,4.11,.
it tka.a a a ttati att w-- ,m a. a
twtit tn'a4 a at.i ai,. i
ahl.-i la a, tka nli.i tti. t
a.a-i imt a.. .i. Vi li, 1
at I . Ha t lha a lal ta ,
aa la lata at.t i,
1e ""ia ita Tauaa.-aa t..a, kaa
ll.k it t-a tka fiat -M.IW 1. i .
I'" ' 1 1 ,( at... 1 . ,, ...
rintlt tfca i.aaii a - r f-
"t' ' t ) . araaMtui u
a aa a r it tt t, ....
I l, a ta a tka lr,uiai. r .
t a
Tajiaa - e ft.a k .a I a...,l .
a ,. a.aa . t. . kj" ....
.HI -t aa -I k
- -....a ta ., 4. i4,v 1
a... wi . n. . 4 41 t
I--. aiv-.aiaHt aeta a.'a a eaaa.ia
I li at. .t-i au.l a al, kw.a ut
Saa . - a4 tl ta, ii. . !..,..
' M a I t. i w iva a a ..i
. .1 ,,i'',.hj aa..,a-:t a St a 1 1
1 t ! ' ika
l"t i.aaaH kaa e-a 14 1 a,....,
' ' '-' ....,. , . .1 lata ,M
"Ma -.a at aai-a i.d voa al
""a t"a taa.aa a a a.,
a.. 1 - a. kU, , . ,4 r.
irv n h afv
rublic U
tfth down I
The first tastr of AVir Poni Tixtitle rrvcnls th fart that somrthinj;
Althmrt amrthlng betterhn arrived for the breakfast table.
The jteoret in the flavor-a nelf-dovelopetl flavor of jnarly white
Indian corn not the flavor of cream and miar upon which other flakea
have to dfpond.
And nntieo, too, the apjv.iranep of AVir I'ml TMntift particularly
the tiny bubblr-urn th suriaoe of eaoh flake, Tht-i' buhhlH an u distin
t;ui)thim ffulure -prodmvd by the quick, intense heat of a new patented
proiYM tf manufacture.
Xtw lot Timlie !., not "chaff" or crumble in the package, and they
don't mil, dawn in cream like other flakes. They're more nuhtantial
and arc alt.v. thrr m rt atijfactory than any flake?, that have prrvt'ded
The prHf . in the eating have your jrnwr md ou a jnckage.
II "
ost i oasties
l Die Fasfaon Qnler ofBie ilidcIIeVeJ,----
The Vogue of the Separate Skirt
Attractive Styles and Values
Wash Skirts, Sports styles,
$30 to $9j50
Special, Golfine Skirts, $5,
$6 Jo, $8S5.
Silk Skirts, extra values, for
$11 J5, $15, $mo.
The Store for
New Tailored Blouse
Models with short
sleeves, $ZM and $3J0.
Other new styles,
$1M to $d0
(Second Floor.)
Via Rock Island Lines
(From Omaha-Effective June 1st.)
Alexandria Bay, N. Y and return
Aabury Park, N. J., and return. ,
Atlantic City, N. J., and return.
Bangor, Ma., and return.
Bar Harbor, M., and return, .........
Boston, Mass., and return.,.,
Buffalo, N. Y., and rturn...,
Burlington, Vt., and rturn
$15.00 ta S40.50
$."."s.80 to AM. 10
W5H.OO o
5 U0 to H'Z.1()
812. 1., to ft . 1.4".
850.IM) to H5i.RO
Hi I.
9(tz.rr, to h:i.2
851.20 to $.-. 1()
rhantauqua Jaak points, N, Y., and rot urn, . , ,
Toledo, o., and ret urn ............... ,
Charlottetown, P, E. I., and return
Concord, N. H., and return
Itatrolt, Mich., and return.......
f, ,,yn' a' "? Mturn Sf 52.25 to 07.3',
Halifax, N. 8 and return , WOO.70 to M3.10
Lake Placid, N. Y and return ttlfl.lft to am mi
Moncton, N. B,, and return SH55.70 to k?rK(
Montreal, Que., and return S-15.20 to gtKK
pvaa-.itr Tta.. II
5a.fM) to Ji,02.4.
5.VI.OO to JJ5O.10
'" 10 V.15
New York, N. Y and return,..
Old Orchard, Me., and return. .
Portland,1 Me., and return ,
Portsmouth, N. il., and return,,.......
Plctou, N. ., and return...
fit. John, N. B., and return. .
Ot. Johns, K. V., and return ......
Saratoga Springs, N. Y., and return
Toronto. Ont, and return
Yarmouth, Me., and return
55.70 to
80.05 to
M0.15 to
MO.IO to
taa.oo to
wti a a
Circuit Tours
New York and return 858.50 to 802.10
One direction via Buffalo or Niagara Falls, other direction
via Waahlngton, D. C.
Boston, Mass., and return 8.57.80 to 800 20
One direction via. Montreal, other direction via Niagara '
Falls and Albany.
Boston, Mass., and rrturn 803.40 to jjlflf) i
One direction via Niagara Talla and Albany, other direc
tion va New York and Washington, D. C.
Tho jihove la only a partial Bat of ICiutiorn polnfa to which
(txcnralon fares are aallabl, and nuuiy othor alt rani Circuit
Tours ar nffnrMt.
Tickets carry final return limit of sixty days from date of sale
and very liberal stop-overa In both directions. '
Chicago Limited at 6:08 P. M. Daily
For further information inquire of
rtlrtxtnn PaAaannrrr Agent
leCh-avnd Faitun fH. W, O. W. Bldg.
jWllti mm LJiJ.4iHalHlM,ii itiijiu MisaiwtlkaaWiM1 HWWlliW.IW.Hiw im IW JlllHiWIWIi), tlliilWiif.isjpsjsiass
aaiiaia , I
r'J1 ' ntusmiia-l m ii -nmmminn imu.!,,. 1r,,ii-iii,na1M,ilri,,aMWala..lrllili i,inin.-t1WM1ifir,.-l-ri.,i,i1.iiil-ll M , ,
You arriv
Chicago in
tht new
KM alii
Tho Groat Lnkcs and
AtlanticCoast Region
hat Innumerable ttraction to offer
tha vacationist.
June I to pt. 90
via th Chicago a North West n
Ry. to Chicago nn4 tholct of route.
thrtfrom to all imy)rtant point! tast,
nounrt Trip from Qmnhn
Detroit, Mich,
Button, Milt,
Ntw fork, N, Y,
Niagirg Fl!t. N. Y.
forarttvv, Ont.
Mintral. Qu.
ttlinlia City, M. L
Portland, Ma.
Maio, H. Y.
tt, ISt. favattsMa SpMia (.rlvUaaa
taiiaaS aini.alaa Mi Lai ltti (m,
II MS aatat.
t sMtuaa) S a
Chicago &
North Western Ry
pHM Mill rN, O A
iVU.Ia. 1 h'nam fav ln.'.t S,,a.
I'tt. It- a,a I a i
S34.60 19 69,10
85.80 la
42.43 b
40.10 ta
43.20 ta
G2.M t
41 43 ta
69. 10
a- -
a,, a-.