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    Till-: HKK: OMAHA. SATYR DAY, MAY 20, 1U16.
Visitors Drive Hendrix from Box in
First, but Find Vaughn
Less Easy.
Chicago, May 19. Smith's steadi
ness in tight places and splendid held
ing by his colleagues spoiled most of
l.hicago s scoring chances today and
Brooklyn won, 4 to 2. The visitors
drove Hendrix from the box in the
first, but had some difficulty with
Vaughn, who fanned cmht men
Flack's home run, following one of
Mann's four hits, accounted for the
tubs run. The victory left Brooklyn
alone in first place, bcore:
jiysrs.rr 1 1 o nMann.lf i 4 0 0
l' 4 o n l flHMark.rf
Htan'el.rf S SI S (HVU'ma.ef
Wheat, If S 3 8 0 Czim'n.Jb
Mowrey.h 2 111
luta'w.ib 4 i 4 lMe("y,2b
"Mm.ii 4 0 2 SArrlir,fi
Meyen.c 4 1 1 PMul'gti.a
Hmlth.p 4 10 On.'tirik.p
- V a u ' ii . p
Total. 14 S 17 II 0 Duolan
1 1
1 2
I) 0
0 1)
1 1
0 0
0 0
0 0
. 0
Tolal 23 10 27 12
nronklin 2 0 fl 10 0 fl 0 I -
Ihleago 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 :
Two-hase hlla: Myora, Mowrey, Cuthaw
Threehaaa tilla Wheat. Horn" rim; Klark
Haerlflra hlta: Mowrey (2). Klacli. Double.
tilay; futahaw In O'Mara. Kltat nn errnra
riff Mrmiklvrt, 1. paaes on ballal (Iff Htllllh
1; off Vaughn, 1. llila and earned run; (iff
Smith, 10 hlla. 2 nine In nine tiinlnga: off
llftirlk, 3 hlla, 1 run In one Inning. Hit by
iiltrho'l ball: .Immarman. Umltn struck:
nut: Hy flmlih, 6; by Vaughn, I. I'miilrea
oliay and l.aaon.
Herts Heat llnaton.
Cincinnati, O.. May 1. Clnclnnall an
neert another rlnaa Kama today, Hoaion
being on the losing end, 3 to 2. The lorala
began ecnrlng In lb" Dial, wlir.n (Inth
walked, but waa forced by Nealn.
flouliled and than Nettle aenred nn Chaae'a
mil and llerzng tallied nn Griffiths single.
Hoalnn Inada one In tho fnurlh on Kmiet
hy'a triple and Umllh'a sacrifice fly, They
tl"d It up In Ilia fifth, when Italian walked
and waa fcreed b yMaraiivllla, 1 ha latter,
he,wver, aeored on I'liHlne' triple, The In
eala won In th ninth. I'haa tripled and
Orirrilh and Kllllfer wara purpnaaiy pasaen
rilling Inn huM-a. Louden then rilod lo nil
Patrick, but Wlngij eored C'haaa, Krore;
0 Otlroh.Sb
1 0
Pagan, p
fi ONeale.ef
0 nlfarxng.aa
0 Ol'h",lb
o D'lrirr'ii.rr
4 OKIIfer.lf
0 ni.mid n.Jb
2 0 Ingn.c.
0 OHihulap
0 6
1 (
2 I)
0 I
0 I
' 7
0 0
1 1
1 J
2 ft
3 0
I 2
n o
Tntala SO 725 12 fl Tnlala JO I 2D 1 1 1
una out when winning run senrcd. t
rloelnrt 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 2
rinclnn.ll 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Two-base, hit: llerrog. Three haae hltg:
Knnetchy, Chaae, t'olllna. Htfilen baaea
flrlfflth 121. Knnrlrhy. Hairlflea fly
Hmlih. naaa nn balln: (iff llagan, b; off
H'htiU, . Hlta and earned runa: Off
ftagan, hlta and 3 ruua In nlnn Innlnea;
off Hchul)!, 7 hlta and 'I runa In nlna fn-
nlnira. Ktrw-k nut: Hy Italian. 3; hy Hhulz,
2, I.'niplrea: Klem and Kinalle.
Healejan Mlna Trnrh Meal.
Haatlnga. Neb., May IS (Hperlal Tele
gram.) Wealeyan won the eikhteenth an
liilat Intereolleglate field meet, which UHI
held In a. aieadv rain Ihla afternoon. lie
aplte lha aoft traek aouie good time waa
made and the atale record of 111 feet for
the dlarua throw waa broken twice, Imr
hafn nf Wealeyan eatahllahlng a new mark
of 119 faet, 2 Innhea, rrtl of Ilaatlnga he.
Ing four Inrhea behind him. The total
aenrea ware; Wealeyan, 61; Ilnatlnga, 41
Iioana, 37; Orand laland and York, k earh
Central rollegn alao conteated. There wcr
aeventy-acvpii eriirlee.
Standing of Teams
W.I.I'.t wi.rvt
Cleveland .21 9 ."no I.nulavllle ..17 10 Bin
Waahln'lnn 1 K 1 1 r'niumhua ..13 g.etj
New York.. 13 12 .k20 Mlnneapolla it l.lll
Hoaton . . . . 1 3 1 5 .44 Indlan'imllg 14 10 .f.l
Iietrolt . . . . 13 10 .44KToledn 1210. f,4S
Thlla 12 1 .429' Kan City. ..12 14 ,4h
Pt. hollla ..11 1 .407 1 Kt. I'aul ... l:i,4"9
Chicago ... 12 1 .4001 Milwaukee . 22 ,214
W.l.Pc W.L.Prt
W.t..Pct Prnnklyn .14 .i"9
T.lnnnln ..14 a . USD! Hoaion .,.13 10 .MB
Wichita ..IS .fins' Phlla phla 14 11 .600
Topeka. ..14 10 . SS3i ( 'hhago ...Hi 14 .M7
T. Mnlneal2 10 ,545'St. I.oiila .14 1 .41?
Kloux City 10 14 .417(New York. 11 13 .4fH
H. Jnaeph. 3 13 . 31 ( 'InHnnal .14 17 ,4S3
Denver ... SIS ..148 Pitlaburiih 12 17 .414
YaTda.v'e Reaulta.
Denver. 2; Hlnux Clly. 4.
St. .loaeph-Omaha. rain.
Tnpeka. 2; IJea Molnea, h.
WlrhltS-I.lmoln, rain,
ew Ynrk, 6; HI. Loula, 4.
Brooklyn, 4: Chicago, 2.
Hoaton. 2; Clnolnnall. 3
Indlanapolla, 2; Plllabiirgh. 4
St. I-Oula. fi; Hoaton, 1.
petrntt, 2; New York. 2. Bluteen Inning,
Chicago, 0; Philadelphia, 1.
Cleveland, 7; Washington, 1
St. Paul, 1; Mlnneapolla, II.
Kanaaa City. 4; Milwaukee, S,
fiamea Today.
Weatarn League Denver at Rioux City.
St. Joaoph at (miaha. Topeka Bt I it-a
Molnea. Wichita at Lincoln.
National League New York at HI, I.onla,
Ttronklvn at Chicago, Hoaion at Clnrlnnatl,
Philadelphia at Pitleliurgh
American League Ht. Loula at ncatou,
Detroit at New York. Chicago at Philadel
phia, Cleveland at Waahlugion.
An Agreeable CurprUe.
There are many who have no rellah for
their meala and who muat be very careful
a lo what they eat, that would he agreea
bly aurprtaed If they were to lake a few
dene of Chamberlain'! Tabletg Theae
tablata gtrengthen the ilomach and enable
It lo perform Ha dutlea naturally, lliin
dreda have teatifled In lha great benefit
they have derived from the uae of theae
taSIeie. They only mat a quarter, lib
talnable everyw here Advertleeinaitl ,
Caernowlla t nlvereliy Reopena,
fterlln, Ulay la (Hy Wlreteaa to a.
Mile I After being rb.aed for nearly iw9
yeara an acoiltit of the ftuaelan Invaalon.
the Aualrlali unlieitlty at i aernowiii, ibe
ratiltal of lluaowina, baa been re'Menad
1 he fighting (runt la only a aliurl dialetive
liom lha ritv
Washington Affairs
M iftf.iy 1 lr Kttrntit. sn
lfe(te4 t 1 t V ' ViH, ee
-rcf?i, hf-.yli( its i.v Ut ti-nta inm
HiH ttt ht iiMghf t... ,'4i h
ti U - t f tt i ,ti i r . , i
n ti ft4 i:i ,vi
M l-i-i U.. !
tlf.t II ( 'It a Lfl 4f .-.!,,,),, t
I'll' '4 I aJ HiJ tt h lll '
It N - (!, ! ' I I Ht
rfrll'M' r I I'- - i,l ,4 I
t h n f cm i'$ Hsi )
t H f ii ..4
Hii'i'1'' ' ' if i n,io i r f i ,.
4 ,. , t - ' - 1 . 4 i
i- . t ( i i U s .4 h i - i , i
f,3,. , i".-. Is:"-- sa i,(
f..". ' ;
., r 'i !
W-i Uie.. fe-, f, ,
I !'(. . f ,, K ... J. ,
, r
i -t tw t .., f , sj , i
h t
Notisof Strike
i .
From Our Near Neighbors
Mrs. Amy Calvert waa an Omaha visitor
Mrs. Adam waa an Omaha visitor
Mra. H. A. Ilanaen entortatned the Ladies'
ktmnlngton Weditt-aday.
Mra. .lames Walsh of Benaon vlalted her
slater, Mra. Charles Wltte and family.
Mr. and Mra. .1. A. (llbbona and Krneat
Schurman motored lo Omaha Thursday.
Tho oldeat daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
James Krye la quite ill with pneumonia.
Mra. .1. MoCnrmlck, Mra. Harry Clark and
Mlaa Ella Hanaeu were taken Into the Eaat
ern Htar lodge at Waterloo Wettneaday eve
ning. Springfield.
Edyth Tyo of Loulavllle vlalted friends
her Tueaday.
Mra. Will Htllta of Cody, Wyo., la visiting
at Mr. Willis Paltnga.
Frank Hcebe went to Atchlnaon leal rial
urday to attend the funeral of hta brother,
Mr. and Mra. Kred Barber nf Omaha
were the guesls of Mra, Hoy Whitney Ihla
Ainna Kateh returned Inat Saturday from
Oklahoma Clly and expciia lo make his
home here.
The Junior claaa In the high achonl gave
their claaa play at the opera houaa Thura
day evening.
Mr. and Mra K. " Wyknff of Omaha
have been vlattlng Mr. ami Mrs .1. C.
Oclb thla week.
Mia. E. O. Wllaon of Falle City, who haa
hern vlelllng her parenta. Mr. and Mra.
Addlemun, returned lo her home, lust
The Epworlh Icaiiiie elected the folllow
Ing nf flora for the coming year: John
Zeoriiill, president ; Leon Mtacy, Ellahelli
Davldann, Alice Elwcll and Wanda Heaack,
vice prealdenla; Eula Ha tea, secretary; John
Elwell, ireaaurer,
ford Hnlea vlalled hla parenta, Mr. and
Mra. 1.. A. Hnlea. ihc fore part of the week.
Mr. Halea haa been with lh Lincoln Trac
lion company for three ycara, and haa ac
cepted a place at Columtiua aa Hhlataiit an
perlnlendent of the electric light company.
Mlaa Nellie (Jrover la vlaltlng her alaier,
Mra. Leach.
The Itoynl Neighbor visited Irvlnglon
camp Thursday.
Ilev, Mr. Nuabaum la attending confer
ence at ( 'oluntliua.
Mlaa Dena I.ebbert la recovering froth an
operation for throat trouble.
The Royal Nelghbora will have a May fair
nd luncheon at ihelr hall. May 27.
O. W. Boeache, who waa Injured last
Thuraday, la now at an Omaha hospital.
Mra Wavland Welle Magee returned home
Thuradav after a vlalt Hh Omaha relative.
The iimaha Young Women chrlallan aa
aoclatlon will open Ita vacation home at
Hummerhlll farm nett week.
.Mra Chris Harkhiiu apent aeveral days
at the John Eggera home, near Elkhorn,
where a new daughter srrlved Tuesday.
Mlaa Beaale (Irau, who rloaed her term
nf achool In dlairlct 13 Krlday, return home
Halurday lo spend the Rummer vacation .
Joe Eoreman of Cedar Creek, Neb., vlalted
friends here bunday,
Mlaa llatlle Patifraon of David Clly I a
Kurel of Mrs, E. H. Mikeraon nd Mr. E.
(. Kaae this week.
Mlaaea Mlna Antladel, Hlella Hallenhach
and Kalherlne Dlnulgan of Omaha were
Bunday guoaia of Mlaa Edna Wllaon.
Rev. L A Thompson and family are mov
ing to Hamburg, la,, where Mr Thompson
will have charge of Ihe Preabyerlan church,
Arnold flrothe, th 13 yer-old eon of
Kmll Orolhe, died leaf Haturday sflernoon.
The funeral waa held Monday afternoon
from the Krieden Lutheran church.
The senior claaa play. "The Profesaor a
Mummy," waa splendidly given al the opera
house Friday night before a crowded bouae,
A eecond performance will be given tonight.
M,,n,mv end children of Bonne, la ,
who have been visiting Mrs. J. 8. Kennedy
for some time, leu tor iiom.
Th senior clasa of ll Have a pKn o at
Klng'a lake Thuraday afternoon or all the
liimhra of the class ami inoso who
them in the clasa play.
Itcv Ralph Iloiiaeman of ("man con
ducted the aervlcea at the Preabyi'rian
church Huuduy morning. Hla new member
were received llllo tne rniiriu.
The botany class, gccompanled by Miss
Cook Slid Miss HPwn, ane.n
afternoon gelling specimens n-ir em -
It also visited the weather experimental ela
The Valley Woman' club gv a Boon
Hhnwer Wednesday aiiernoon n,
of Mra, Kred Whltniore. r.ign.een o.-w
books and about io inr ."
library were received.
.uj mnnihlv meeting of the Mla-
elonary sw lety was hold Wedneaday after-
RhcunuttiMTi Hue to Bad Blood.
Thnukand have been male well. Peo
ple in tho poorest neaim, uinni'
from Hheiimatlsni, with whom pain
waa coiiHtmit. Who believed mat uicn
vitality va napped beyond repair. It
was proven to them that the fail of
their trouble was the blood; that Uric
Aeid, the iimst faithful ally of Hheu-
tnutlsm, hud gripped them, The poison
the blood had sapped Its strength.
The weakened Mood had .allowed pol-
Him and Impurities, to accumulate, and
all energy was Rone. They felt
poorly," were listless, pain w" ever
present, with poor digestion ano uy.
pcpsla. They ti led S. P. H. nature s
'loud tonic They gave lip drtiKS. Thla
(impound of natures remedies of root
and herbs did what drugs failed to do.
It literally washed the blood free from
poison, and with the flow of pure blood
eamn hack health, strength, vigor and
hnppltif . 'let rt. H. H. from your
driiKKlat. Insist upon H. S, H, If yourn
la lrg sianding rae, write for medl-
nl advh to Swift .speiirir Co, Atatili,
!a hut begin taking 8. 8. 8 at once.-
Room, With Rath,
$2.50 Per Dir Up.
Suite. $1.00 Prr Day Up.
' " J ' '"" '"' ; j I iW?VavttTa, toSi V aT1 pieces that are shown in illustration, t on- I 1 1
fmmmmmmmmtmmmmmm I Z-JZT'S 'J?? r rr " .i,ifriu the great advance m this miit. riMi lj
r Hotel ! A mMs - J
g I ., a". ..a k g, 1 iii - . ... yt-Ki m g 'ic 1 a !fjtet t r .- ia
Marie Antoinette feSl Mil! 111? i IfpTl Wm ll
;-v-v,;.r::-- , ., iv. i'v.::,'.-;' :.; ; ; fey. (y(BMzlr
...a. a'''t. '--( - ." ,,,., s. - . .1 I t--e-e j i 4- ,.-l''v"W 4.t i
,, i,. i i. i ,.,., ' - 1 t'.- ." - . ( " 1 "" ' 1 ' ' I . If".r i -' ' "" 5 1 " v 1
KKI Ii w Ft fil
.1 V.t Its
noon at the home of Mrs. A I Zwiebel. i
Mra. Monahan waa leader and lha subject
was "David Llvlngaton and Ills Work III
' .' ,
1 he regular meeting of the Valley Worn-
an a club waa h'id Kriday afternoon at the
home of Mra. Nellie Euuls. Mra. Holds-
worlh gaie a splendid paper. ' National
Sonic-" aiifl Mrs II t l-Vu-ii v "lwiu
lion '' trwa, I.egiala-
Mr. m r,..h. hi-.i ti, ii.. .
tertan church Haturday at 1 o'clock. Inter
ment will he made In the Marietta ceme
tery near Colon, Neb. Mrs. 1'reeha la aur
vlved by her husband, two sons. Irving and
Kred, and one daughter, Mrs. M. Moss.
Weeping Ms I sr.
Mrs Charlea Phllpot la vlaltlng relatives
at Coaad and Scott's Muff.
Andrew Olsen ahipped three cars of fat
cattle to the ofuaha market Tueaday.
Charlea Ward haa sold to Earl Qulnn hla
eighty acrea four miles west of Elmwood.
Mra. F. J. Barnea wn down from Omaha
thla week looking after some business mat
ter. C. E. Butler and Thoinaa Murtey at
tended the banker' convention at Beatrice
thla week,
David L. Ainick, a former reeldent nf thla
place, died Wednesday at hla home In
B pjatlggt-pa 4fV.xgi.irMJ lkliy,Wk-..,,J a
VmafmummmKmmmimmmmmamamammmmmii-nim-i i igaaaaaTJsgaaaaaaaasawssssMsa
I! KKD HOi 'KKIt Kxi-etletitIV
flnlalied In iiHtiiral or hnriinleaj
ini lull' s
iirnan, mjiihiiio. ri)r
Indonr or outdinr
Ki.i:t;..vr colunivi, itiM -kv-
nct:y as illustrated. Mahhlve fiaoir
fiinhed Koldeii; broad hack and roomy
went, upholstered lirBl'"rHiitee, span
Isii I m 1 1 h t )ti leallior. iNever
colli for less tlulii IK,. Oil
(Hir Haliiidav price, nnly , .
cm 1-sirt r-k tiai iitr ssvi m.i -
I Has M.ra ma,slve frame, which I,
mado entirely of sorted nolld oak. ,.'M
In the neWRHt mlsKion dern. Seat lW MhbWW
and bark are. upholstered mooth in g U J I
g ii b ran toed Imitation leather over '4-'SA&-ft,!iBSfVsr 1
full Bteel prlng conbtruet.on. Ba-ily MWi
operated and instantly changed from 'flJ',' 1 ipl 'fWi' 'w'iiifir' '"i I
a beautiful settee to a roomy, full jrXVV lKT ll
sized bed. Our low prlre, for Rat- f If WM Lf II
$16.75 3T
i tfnifi'in,! t--.. ( JtjigrfffN wwfrVi ir.iLIL
m i m i n in. w m rr.- i
1 1 'A fnli rS ll' . I XI centlonallv well made Containing- all tho I
a I ,! . - M " 1 JCmJ l KW -ill ri...l .1.1-. .. .1.. -....i B
fj Ix- ti ."j, LaJ '1 T-?m V W1,I value ever offered at this Mmr Our ape- I
I i 1 WuLW $6.25 1 1 n QVaP. ZD
i - ii-iri I :
I 3 ! ''" II F.f,f !' f ! B !H f 1 ' 1 1 ... I M
" I ' ! a III tt H IV V ...i .......a I ' Dlinnn Tiilnr 1nfln
l'laltamouth of pneumonia, at the age of 40
i'n ra.
Miss Nana Olsen waa an over Sunday vla
Itor with her alater. Carla. who la attend
Ing the atate university.
Mra. R. C. Ooddard and little aon of
Omaha are spending a couple of weeks with
her friend. .Miss Van Wle.
Mra. Mary C. Day arrived Friday morning
: from 'California for an extended V
her aon. Carl, and family.
Islt with
I Mr. II H. Wolcott and Miss Ann Hitch-
J man returned . Saturday evening from a
three months' vlalt In California,
... lrt v lohn II Currle nf Bradahaw
N,,r "? "r",,; '''1". i j L . , to'
' ur vlelllng at the home of Aire,
U'urrle a aunt . Mia .J . M . llutehlna.
Itev N. w. filch left Saturday morning
rnr Miirnrd, where he wl i hod a twenty.
The Danish women of tho town were en
tertained at the home of Mrs. John Do
mingo HAturday at an afternoon kenaington.
Mlaa Donna Straub waa visiting t Omaha
thla week.
Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Hawley were her
from Berlin Wednesday,
Mra. Kred Kuhnhenn left Thursday for
a few days' visit at Howard.
Mia Pearl Hharp entertained the ml
tonary kenaington Wedneaday evening.
Mr. M. O. Keedy haa returned front a
vlalt with re In lives at Kanaaa City.
Mr. Una Mohr and ailse Laura Wits
were Nebraska City vlaitora Thuraday.
E. T (learhart waa called to Eldorado,
la., ihla week by the Illness of his daugh.
Mlaa Ilattle P.oyer haa returned from
' : j
H A l 'Sri.MKI.V I 'KM ( i MOI ', TWO-INCH CON
Her) piiiimrled white nr Vernln Martin, Heavy
angle Iron wire fabric spring gnd a well made,
sanitary cotton t"p mattress, cover- fin jr
rd w ith durable licking;. Hperlgl prlre) J I U a I U
for tliifc plcrra. only
(rii-i'AKT. llavy Hteol fiamo luhliig.
Covered in durable waterproof craven
cite Large hood, storm front, heavy
ruliher tiro wheels flttcl ai ee
with mud Kuards. tiur low
1 '" " ,
r :, n ajf- iu-i ilvi. i wit.
three weoka' vlalt with relatives near tun
Mlaa Mary Stutt entcrlalned the Woman s
club at her home aouthwest of town on
Mrs, L. W. Kahsenstoek is spending the
week with her daughter. Mrs. Charles
Voodron at Council uiuffa.
Mra. P. A. Hanger entertained the
Ladle Aid society of the Congregational
church Thursday afternoon.
Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey.
Honey aoothea the Irritation, line Tar
cuta the phelgin, relieves congest Ion, soothes
the raw spots. 2&c. Ail druggists. Adv.
Angry Bull Attacks Farmer.
Shclton, Neb., May 1'). (Special.)
L. C. Buttcrsou, a pioneer settler
and large land owner, liviiiR in the
southwest corner of Hall county, was
attacked by a bull and knocked down
and but for the lin.ely arrival of Mrs.
r.uttrrson no doubt would have been
fatally injured. AhhotiKh dehorned,
the animal suddenly attacked iis
Find Mr. Groundhog.
Weeping Water, N'cb. 19 A genu
ine ground hoR was killed the first of
the week on the farm of M. liaik
htirst, northwest of town.
A H I, K F I II K It K K I)
Hi II I Kit lias delHi halile
niNlilnii sent, aupporie.l by
nlim coll springs. I 'pholster"!
In high Hmdo attiHcllve tap
estry, mumble for
sun rnoin or living;
I iKKKHKIt - Construct.v) entirely
of Aineiicaii iiiarler sawed Imi
tation "ah, liiilshe.1 gulden,
l-rench beveled plain mirror
nieHsiirea i'txso ins (11 Q C
Specially tpioteil for A I M M
tis Dirrr mmr
i i yv:' ti' i i i r ll
The Best Values and
Greatest Variety
Of the World's Finest
Ready-to-Wear Clothes at
$1222 $1522 $2022
An unrivalled exhibit of rllsilnrtlve si j lea if Miperh hnnd-tailored,
niaaler made gnnnenla In the new bolted or plnt h-lMK k. Young men'g
extreme models or niotleln for slout, tall, nhort or extra al7.e men
akeleUm or full lined.
We Present the World's Finest
Hand-Tailored Clothes
$22.50, $25.00,
Dashing atylea for young men
men of more advanced year.
Rain Coats and Slip-Ons
New Coats especially prepared
for atreet wear. A practical
light weight aprlng coat, dressy
and showerproof, self and vel
vet collar. I7 PA
Special, at V OU
Tan and oxford.
Regular tan style., $2.ft0, $t.RO
and $1.00. Gabardines, SIO.OO
Young Men's Suits at $15.00
Young men who want style quality and "pep" to their Spring
Bult and want the moat and best valuo in America for $15.00,
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amazing assortment of patterns and modds we have djl P f(
and that are specially priced at tJlliJ.Uv
Every irarment a fine hand produetlon of high grade) Tallor'a
Belted and llnrh Back Model; full Kngllsh pateh noeket style, semi
English and loose hack model, skeleton and full linen pencil point
eollara. aoft and flat roll front; 1, 2 and J hutton model; eheeks,
stripes, worsteds, flannela, aerges. ete,, etc. Without question tha
greatest showlrg In town and from tX to 15 saved If yoj buy
the ault here.
Boys' Clothes
BOTs' CLOTHES The sort you
that stands the wear and keeps their ahai. Smart atylea, especially
dealK'ied fur us aa bovs' elothes should ha
BOTS' DOtTBLB 8EHVICB SUIT, BpaolsUly Fried Made with two
pairs, full III. eil trousers, , . . i 13.85
Guaranteed fnhihs In popular mixture and pattern. In the new sport
coat or helled hark model S&.00
Many of the JVOo Style Have Kxtra Belts gnd Caps to Match.
BOYS' WASH SUIT All rolora and styles, from m to a years.
at 91.00 to (3.SO
BOYtV JlOaiFrilB Splendid values SOo
BOYS' FAST BLUB 8EBOE SUIT -Park navy blue serge.. In fin and
I'eavy weave. I hat M.I. strictly all Wool, and KUaraotaed color,
it S3 88, as.oo and 17.00
Men's Furnishing
HrTB I'lalr. and faney atilped
aiue I i f,n, pi Ic
HIBT - l ine madras and percales, laundeied ruff. In neat styles, 4Ss
RMIHTB Silk Tub Slilita, in aoft. I.lgh toned color. . . S3.SO to ,00
UlDtEWEA - K nit t'nlon. in soft cotton, knee, , and full length,
t l0, 1.50
DROISWlAI Mull and nalinook athletic garment, knee. length.
430, 75c, 11.00, 9..M
MOBI! -Silk plaited, a.'.c vatti. la
Ma Itotnan atrlpel crepe ahlrt ll.SO
Suits Me
Kuppenheimer and
Society Brand
Magnificent Creations
$30.00 to $40.00
and a revelation of smart styles for
Spring Trousers
An abundance of new patterns
to meet all the requirements ot
particular men. Kejular, me
dium and peg cut styles, at
two special prices
$3.50 and $5.00
Soma as low as SI .50, $2. S2.JW)
Others in qualities to Sfl.00
S7.50, flO.OO. 1
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