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12 TirK REK: OMAHA. SATURDAY, MAY 20, 1916.
Bringing Up Father
Copyright. 191. Intcrn'l News 8erIc
Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
r a. .
1 H.JKS - i BELIEVE!! i I I
' Mf NAME tt MR. p' ffl I ,
f COME 3A)N- , S
nwo 1
tlajn Makes Combat Impossible and
Pa Rourkc Preparri to Write
Diplomatic Note,
After struggling with no success
for four day tlic wrll known weather
prognostirator finally landed
knock-out punch yesterday Mn 'I put
1 tic complete kibosh on llie combat
scheduled between Omaha and St.
Joseph. As a result J'a. Hoiirkc has
about decided to compose a diplo
matic noti to 1 he government of
these I'nited Stair rccjuc Ming that
the nrwly accepted term "meteoro
logists" lie retired to the storehouse
and the old reliable "forecaster" re
suscitated as the weather man is Ret
ting too' chesty over his new and
high brow title. 'I he lady hugs who
were cheated out of a free fray, it is
expected, will join in the protest.
Kourke and Krug were tjuiy dis
appointed over the postponement.
Manager Marty had a hunch ladies'
day would kill the jinx which ha
been pursuing our athletes, lie was
figuring on a flying, start to a clean
sweep of the series which would
make the position of the Kourke in
the percentage column look much
more formidable.
Hbwever, il it doesn't rain and the
Rourkc can win the -two remaining
games of the fericn from the Drum
mers everything will be lovely. Hut
if the I)ruinnTS should win both
fray it would be a very 'different
story. Foe the Drummers would pass
the Rourkc. lint llii.-f is an evil
thought and Marty say there is no
chance for any such thing to happen.
OToole to Work Sunday.
Marty OToole will make hi debut
to Omaha fans Sunday. As Omaha it
largely a Sunday base ball town
Rourkc "decided to work Marty on
that day so the largest possible num
ber of fans could see him. OToole
will be opposed, Jack Holland an
nounces, by Roy Patterson, famous
old veteran of the Chicago White
Sox and Holland's best, brt in theT
box at the present writing. OToole
and Patterson, if they ate in form,
should put up a nifty battle.
OToole is anxious to get going.
Marty declares he still has a lot of
stuff, that he's a long way from being
a dead-one. lie has shown a lot of
stuff in practice and it is no wild
and dreamy prediction to venture
that his entiling to the Western
league bodes no good for sluggers
of the loop.
At the game today the hustling
crew of Ale Sar-IVn will be guests
of Frank Judsoii. About forty-five of
Samson's hustlers will be in the
pally and I'a Rourka has given them
them box seats. The game today will
tart at .1:15 as will the one Sunday,
Otto Merz will probably work today.
Ilattlnf at Jonre, Mnaeer unit Matin rig
urea l-ariely In hrorlni.
Dee M'llnrs, Is., May 1, Tb hulling of
Jotire, Mneaer mid llehn tttrtorrA largely
In Uea Mnlns' ( In J victory nvrr Tpk
lnrt- .(riiien hit fi'ly four llm, li
ffif tfnuhlri. MMr wilt effrllv In ull
t'tit fin Inning, tvhrn two tit'ff sna two
,snis fnrr4 In k run. Topk's othr
morn Itio relt n( n rrr. Hrort:
AM. n It, i) A r,
.,, t 5 ID 0 1
...4 n l l ! t
. . , 6 0 I ) I 0
Agler. lb
( o,-hrnn. r. .
Oo'xfrtln. itu
Tvd.nin, rf. .
Knnr. i f .
l,mtltM,Mn, 2ll
N hwiui-r, If
M'iir'p, i'. , . .
I.i.riti'n. p, ..
Wnl, P. ....
I .unbert ...
Tot a Is
i 2 I 24
llhn, rf 4 I 2 S
Huiilfr. rf I 1 a 0 0
Jnn Ih 4 4 I 0 n
Vlonn, If I 1
Hpahr, r 4 7 I 0
Itnrtfnrd. . 4 0 6 I 1
Kwnldt, Kb J 1 I 'i
( Uln, Sb, ,., 4 1 t ft CI
Mur, p, 4 I A I l
Tolsla 34 " t ST 1
Balled for I.arasn In vatnh.
Half"! tor Weat In ninth.
Tnpka ... 1 " I'
lira MAlnn ,.001ai f
Two-baa" hits: .tnna (1), llahn. Htnlrn
bam-a: l.allliii"r, "In Ira. IWI on l,ara:
Tnurka, l'i; lira M,,lna, 1. Htriirk nut:
Hv Muaarr, 7; by t.araon, 4; by Wt, I
Kirat luiais nn Imlla: 'ff Muaarr, 4; rf
l.arami. 'I, lllla: "ff t.ararn, 6 runa, 9
blia In all Innlnia: off W rai nn runa. I hit
In to lnnlnaa Tltna: 2 hnuia. linplrra.
llyan and Kuna.
Itrnrrr Iiaea Flrat liamii in fiaira by
Nrnr of Kour to Two.
Blous niy. !., May 1 Mrti" hnms run
In th alghth, wllh two rnn on baai and
thi ror tlrd, gava Hbmx City tha opening
gam wllh Dmivar hoi today by a arora of
4 to !. Hcor;
AH. D. It. . A K.
Kp.nrar, rl 4 1 I
Urd. !b 411
KHIrhrr, a j J '
nakra, rf ' ? '
H.H. hrr. If 4 I I 1 J
livrr. Sb i 4 2 1 1
uLa.u. . i a i n (i
Hhralnk. c' 4 l 11 I
King. I- ' t J. J. J. 2
Totals 4 2 Tl) 34 I
A II. K. It. C. A. K
Callahan, aa
fnnnry, 2b ...... ,
l.rbMina, rf . . . . . ,
I'nnni'llr, b
Wa lacii. rf ...... .
llllmurr. If
u.i. Ih
I l.lh.iln. 2
(ltk, p '
Total. 2 -
nanver nnnonssi tJ
u, ,miv (IIDOOIIOJ h
I l.rft nil bnara; Slum t'llv. 7; 1rnvi.r. J
Harrtflrr hit: t'i,irir. Twti ba,i hit.
Iliakra tloma runa. Mr! . Hut' '! rtlnb n I
I '
hanra: ilinimll, t.lvliiKatnll. Hhlalda. Hpm
i nr Mtrm k mil; Mv I irk, : hv Klna. II.
Ilaara mi hall". Ilff Clark, I; "ff KlnK.
raai. ball: Ingntnil. Wild plli'h: KlnK
Time: i :4. I'lnplri a; Andorwm and l'n-
1 U.i.
Phils File Answer
to the Balf cds' Suit
Philadelphia, May IH The Phila
delphia base baH club of the National
league today filed it answer in the
United Mate district court here to
the unit brought by the Baltimore
club of the Federal league to recover
$VIMJ,000 damages for the alleged vio
lation of the Sherman anti-trust law.
The answer of the Philadelphia
cluh denies generally and specifically
some of the charges in the plaintiff
bill; denies knowledge of the others
and demands that the Baltimorerdul)
submit proper proof of them.
Gibbons Outfights
Lewis' of England
New York, May IS. --Mike Gibbons
of St. Paul outfought Ted (Kid)
Lewi of Kngland in a ten-round box
ing bout here tonight. Lewis weighed
H.I pounds and tiihoon I5.'ji. It
was a hard fight all the way, both
men being at their best, but invari
ably Gibbons was the aggressor. His
left jabs and hook went home with
telling effect.
K. Sciple, the state champion, still
holds the lead with seven series won
and none lost in the individual tour
ney. He had no trouble taking four
out of six ganus from Goff last night.
Toman also won his match with
Youscm, fopr out of six games.
Conrad and Huntington and Stunz
and Sciple Sunday night.
Last night's scores:
HVIplo ISO 19? us :i is 21 41 1 so
(Ictr 1M 1S 214 HI 224 177 lifts
Viiuaatu Il 2"4 ll 171 IflJ 1 77 109
Toman I9 171 US 207 510 1121096
It was the story of the young
against the old when Hilly Owens de
feated Jess Reynolds last night in the
citv pocket billiard tournament, KK)
to '81.
Harry Shepard plays Abe Chapman
tonight at Holmes' billiard parlors.
Cork, May 19. Premier Asquith's
conference with the Irish leader her;
lasted two hours this afternoon. He
left Cork tonight.
Indians Capture Second Battle from
Washington by Seven to
( One Score.
Washington, May 19, Cleveland
today took the second game of the
series from Washington, 7 to 1. The
visitor did all their scoring while
batting Bochling and Shaw out of the
box and were licld safe by Dumont
during the last four innings. Morton
pitched good ball for Cleveland
(t.KVri.ANrt. WAKHINtiTON.
A 14 H tlA E A B H.O.A F).
OaSry.lf 2 1 0 0M'gan.2b 4 0 0 4 0
p'krr.rf 6 12 0 aC'iatrr.ah 4 111
ll'ilb.rf 2 2 2 0 ll.Vtllan.rf 4 0 0 0 0
(iandtl.lh 2 2 10 0 OH rf 4 100
Kow'd.2b 1 2 3 2 12 0 0
W'ha'a.aa 10 17 OHhanka.lf 4 12 0 1
ri'Nall.n 3 0 2 1 OManrv.i: 10 4 10
Morton. p 4 0 0 1 noh'iy.aa 4 10 2 1
Uhllhg.p 110 2 0
Totals. . 12 I 27 11 OShaw.p 0 0 0 0 0
I'u'nnt.p 1 0 0 0 1
Mamaaon 110 0 0
Williams 1000
Totala.M- 27 1 4
nattad for Hanry In fifth.
a Hat tad for Dumont In ninth.
Clavrland 0 1024090 0 7
Washington 0 0 0 0 0,0 0 0 1 1
Two-baaa hit: Oamill, ftlolan baaa:
flandll. Hai'rlfba hit: Oanilll. rioubla
playa: Boahllng to .fudga to Hanry, Sic
Hrld to llf-nry to .ludga to Hanry. Hamba.
ganna to Howard to Oandll. Raara on
balls: Orf rinrhllng. 1; off Hhaw. 2; off
rmmont, 1; off Morton, 2. Hits and
earnrd rtina: Off Horhllng, 4 hlta, 4 runa
In four Innlnga (nona out In fifth); off
Shaw, no hlia, no runa In two-lhlrda Inning
Itwd on hs !; off luimnnl, 1 hit, no runs
In four and ona thlrd Innlnga; off Morton.
hlta, I run In nln- Innlnga. Htrurk nut:
fcy Hoahllng, I: by Morton, S; by Iminunt,
. Uniplraa: ci'Louahlln and C hllL
Play to a Tie.
7aw Tnrk, May I. Naw York and Po
trolt playrd a arnaatlonnl alxtaan-lnnlng tlr.
gam hra today, 2 to 2. Tha gaina was
faturd by the ramarkabla flrldlng frata
of both trama. r.arly In tha gaina tha lo
rala hit. t'ovalrakla hard and ha waa aavrd
rapratrdly by tha aplandld fielding of Vlit,
Hnah and Toung Aftrr Nw York tied tha
aroro In tha ninth Inning Covalrackls did
not prrtnlt a hit In tha n"l aavrn Innlnga
and allowed only Iwo runners to rearh first
ullnp pltrhd eight Innlnga for Naw
York and hla own wild throw waa reapon
albla for Detrnlt'a two runs In tha flrat in
ning Hhawkey took Cullop'a place In tha
ninth and ylnlded only three hlta In eight
Innlnga and raretved wonderful support
from New Ynrk'a auballtutea, Mullen and
ltounft, and from Magre. Hrnra:
AB H.O.A B. AB. H.O.A E. ..7 1 S OOU'ley, rf.S 110 0
Vltl.Sh ...S 0 1 4 OMagea.rf 1 8 0 0
C.ihb.if ., 2 7 I 0((eon.2b ,5170
Vearh.lf .. 2 4 1 OHnkar.lh 8 120
11 Tn.rf ...S I 4 0oone.3b 2 0 110 .410 Opipp.lh ..2 0 12 0 0
Ynu'g.ib . 1 7 UliWn.lh .1 0 10 0 0
Ht'aga.n ..4 0 7 4 Sp'k'h.aa .41221
l H er.r, ..1 0 OHIah.lf .. 0 1 0 0
Co kle.p . 1 0 1 OW'tera.o .0241
C'ford ..0 0 0 0 Ol'ullnp.p .2 0 0 1 1
Hper.rf .1 0 0 0 O'B'man .1 0 0 0 0
Kaagtl .1 0 0 0 OHhkey.p .2 0 0 4 0
("dwell .0000
Tntala.d 41 24 l'N'ker ..11000
Totala 47 43 2.3 1
nailed for Cullop In eljhlh.
Itan for Baker In ninth
Baited for Hipp In ninth.
Prtroll 2 0 0 0 0 (1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2
N T 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2
Two-haae'htt: Cobb, Three-base hit:
Vrarh. Slolen baae; Plpp HaTlflre flya:
Plpp. Perklnpaugh. Double plava: Young
lo Burns; Vltt to Young to Murna; liedron
to t'lpp; noon to (ledron to Mullln. Klrat
bnaa on errors: Now York. I: Detroit, 2,
Rases on balls; off Cullop, 2; off Fhaw
key, 2; off Coveleakle, 6. Hlta and earned
runa: Off Cullop. hlta, no runa In eight
Innlnga; off Hhawkey, hlH. no runa In
eight Innlnga; off Coveleakle, hlta, 2 runa
In alatoen Innlnga. lilt by plt'hed ball:
Parklnpaugh by Coveleakle. Strurk out: By
Cullop. 8; by Hhawkey. 6; by Covelaakla, 7.
Wild pltrhea: Cullop, Coveleakle. Umpires;
Uwena and Connolly.
( lilrago !ea to Marks.
Philadelphia, May 1 Philadelphia de
feated Chbago, 1 to 0. In eleven Innlnga to
day. It waa a pltrhlng duel from aiart to
flnlah, Htrunk, who rerelved a baae on
balls at the start of tha eleventh Inning
went lo aerond on Mrlnnla' aarrlflre and
arored on Pliks' alngle, after I.ajole had
purposely been given a baae on balls With
runners on aerond and flrat and two out
In tha eleventh. Mrlnnla, who had the
rerord number of twenty put oula here Ihla
season, made a wonderful one-hand ratrh
of'a liner. rJcore:
Murphv.rf 8 0 10 oWUtaa 4 2 0 1
Srhalk.r t 0 8 (Htrunk. rf 4 2 10 0
KC'Ha.2h 4 14 4 IMr.Me.lB 1 20 1 0
JC' 4 0 18 2 0I.aJol2b 3 100
Jarkaon.lf 2 0 0 OWalah rf 0 1 0 0
Felarh.rf 8 0 3 0 OPIrk.Sb 3 101
l.lrbold.rf 10 10 OSIell'ar.lf 8 0 10 0
Weaver.aa 4 0 4 1 liMeyer.c 8 110
Mr.M'lln.ab 3 0 12 OBuah.p 4 0 14 1
Clrotlep 2 0 0 7 0
Fournler 1 0 0 0 0 Totals .32 8 22 21 2
Totala. . S12 1 1
Baited for relerh In eighth
Two out w-hen wining run acored.
Chlrago 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Philadelphia 0 0000000 11
stolen baaea : J. Colltna. .larkenn. tSarrl
fire his: Clrotta 21, Mrlnnla (2), Stall,
baiter. Double, playa: MrMlllen to J. Col
lins to Colllna to Srhelk, Clrotta to Hrhelk
lo 3. Colllna, Plrk to Meyera to Mrlnnla.
Bases on errors: Chlrago, 8; Philadelphia,
1. Basra on balls: Off Clrotta. t; oft
Buah, 4. Hits and earned runa: Off
Clrotta, I hlta. 1 run In n and two-thirds
Innings. Htrurk out: By Clcotte. 2; hy
Buah, 7. Umpires: Evans and Hlldebrano.
Browns Beat Red His.
Boston, May 1 The HI.. I.niila Amerl.
rana defeated Boston today, outplaying tha
Fted Boa front etarl for flnlah, ft o 1.
-.n .rti,i Boston to four hlta, three of
whl'h were made by Hoblluel. Tha
viaiiora iiunrh,! hlta off Leonard and
Shore, who pltrhed In the final Inning, had
nothing thot waa puzsllng. Tha Ht. Louis
outfield played brilliantly and he Inner dr.
fenaa was noi far behind In em-eiionre,
ln errota bring raruhablu. Hrore:
. All II.O A. K. All ti n A f,
.lohn n.aa
Slaler. lb
fruit 2b
Viler. rf
A uef I ii , 1 1i
Hartley, c
3 1
3 1
4 2
2 I
2 4
0 2
2 4
0 3
Ollooper.rf 3
l.Tttnvrlri.RS 2
1 Hob'
0 Walki r.i f
1 l.ewla.lf
tl Harry, 2b
Oi ' riHti.i!
l.ronard.D 2
Totala. 3 11 27 It 3Shore.p 0
H'rikaen I
lluth 1
Nhorten 1
Csdy 1
0 o i
3 10 1
0 2 1
- Totala. ,21 4 27 14 2
Bated for Janvrn n elsth.
Batted for farrlgsn In seventh.
Batted for Phore In ninth
St. Louis 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 I I
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
Two-baae hits: Auattn. Oroom, Johnaon,
Thomaa. Holm -: Pratt, Walker,
firooni, Oarrlner. fiarrlflre hit: Miller.
Sarrrflre fly; Pratt. Double play: Austin
lo Pratt to Hlaler. !naea on errors: Ht
Louis, 2; Boaion, 3. UaKea on holla: off
Oroom, 2. Hits and earned runa: Off
Leonard, H Hit, 3 runs In eight Innlnga: off
Shore, 2 hits. 2 runa In one Inning. Hit hy
pltrhed hall: By Ireonard. HnrMy. Htrurk
out: Bv Oroom, 4: hy Leonard, 5; by Shore,
1. Umpires: Pineen and Nallln.
Amerlran Association.
At Minneapolis R.H.B.
St. Paul 0 01000000 I 4 0
Minneapolis ....OOO0240O t 0
Balerlea: St. Paul. Lelfl-ld, Slapnlka,
t'pham. Nlehauas and Land; Mlnneapolla,
Tingling ad Owena.
At Milwaukee R. H E.
Kanaaa City... .3 0 3 0 0 J I 4 114 14
Milwaukee ...,30100000 1 7
aBatterlea: Kansas City. Crutrher and
Crlap, Kerry; Milwaukee., Young and Mayer.
Hill Visit Husa Campa.
Petrograd, May 1. (.Via London.) The
Russian government haa accorded the
Amerlran emhaaay tha privilege of appoint
ing five delegetee to vlalt military ran
rentrailon campa In Buaala. One man win
be aaalgned to earn, of the five big ronren
Iratlon rrntere, Irkulak, Omak, C'renburg,
Vladivostok and Klov.
California la about to undertake th fliat
thorough survey of the mineral resources
of Death valley. '
FORDS never leave the road or
Turn Turtle, if equipped with Worm
Steering Gear. Standard Foundry
puts them on for Twelve Dollars.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Washington, May 19. -- (Special
Telegram.) The death of Colonel
William H, Michael, which occurred
vesterday at his residence, 2542 Thir
teenth street Northwest, dose a use
ful and distinguished career. Colonel
Michael was born at Marysville. ().,
July 14, 1845, removing to Iowa with
his parents in 1850. He secured his
education in the common schools and
the University of Iowa, leaving the
university in September, 1861, at the
age of 16, to enlist in Company B,
Eleventh Iowa infaitrj.
He was with the ( rocker brigade
at the battle of Sliiloh, and was so
severely. wounded that he was honor
ably dist barged from the service.
I'pon recovery from hi wounds he
again enlisted in the service a a com
missioned officer in the navy, serving
until the close of the war with the
Mississippi river squadron under Ad
miral Porter, and wa honorably
discharged from the navy with the
thanks of the department in 1866.
Colonel Michael was active in the
political affairs of Nebraska and a
close friend of the late Senator
Charles F. Manderson. Upon the
death of Major Ben Perley Poore,
Cclonel Michael was appointed clerk
of printing records in the United
States senate. He edited the congres
sional directory, and messages and
documents of congress under the di
rection of the joint committee on
printing of the two house of con
gress, and in addition compiled and
edited the history of the declaration
of independence, the tariff law of"
the United State from 1778 to 1897,
the law relating to the navy and
marine corps, and a history of the
Department of State.
Want Ada never shirk their work they
will get results If anything will.
...... i yfjmmmmmWfMott
ajtJBariarnM.J i-aiia. j
iFmMmMMvmmmwmmMe' mew!
Has Made a Busy Week
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.in ii w h n suit l ie vnlu" in tin ir 'Inlin e Fut Mfit, ThU
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.i . I i . 1 1 1 1 i.f t . m:u VI I. m tl. i .ttt, -rn ii
fH'Hl H I U il 1I tli-iXt' lll I 1II' 1' ,H'H'il Ii! I Ii-
'.! I 4iu i t!i t'lV mm It ?ts''t, irtl-i ' ! ' ' l-aM.'t Hl'.l
,i, .iti .,( iii .l (tit.. I wtt'i t vtia titiv l' iff I i! iit 1 Mt
t fM-!it.n t i.n a. lit
' I trrt iit ' Piltt,li l ! ' "it .tC'tltt Itlttett
itir vsnt t tiih'K '
220 South fifteenth aStrrct
Nets tMtl,l llntM M l ' IV -K i...n, ,... ;h .t .!.
j ' 11 as: f V .n i, , na.,;k,ii..i4-k.
V' . .mm V
jar I ak 1
. i ' I ll
7 , c t
M. E. BLAIR. Mr..
1202I LfAsftmerth St.. Ontaha. If I. Don,!!
t Amlly IrftdeStippllfst by Carl I iirtlt. 716 So. Uih Si.,
Dnishit, Nr b.