Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 19, 1916, Page 5, Image 5

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People Notice It. Drive Them
Off With Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets.
A pimply fc will not ambsrasa ynu
pinrh tongr If you t a patkaaa of Tir.
Rdnarda' Oltva Tshlets. Tha skin should
h-Kln tfl rlfar after you hava takan tha
tablets a few nights.
Clrans tha blood, tha bowel and tha
liver with ollva Tablts.
Iir. Edwards' Ollva Tablets ara tha stir
cesaful substitute for calomel there's
never any sickness or paltt after taking
Dr. Edwards' Ollva Tableta do thst
whlrh calomel does, and Just as effect
ively, but their action Is (entle and safe
Instead of aevera and Irritating.
No one who takes Ollva Tablets Is ever
rursed with "a dark brown taste," a bad
breath, a dull, list less, "no good" feeling-,
constipation, torpid liver, bad disposition
or pimply fare.
Tr. Kdwards' Ollva Tablets sra a purely
vetffttsble compound mixed with olive oil;
you wllll know, them by their ollva color.
Dr. Edwards spent years among pa
tlenta afflicted with liver and bowel com
plaints, and Olive Tableta are tha Im
mensely effective result.
Take one or two nightly for a week.
how much better you feel and look,
llo and 16c per box. All druggists.
The Ollva Tsblat Compsny, Columbus, O
I D?T(? Javana
for routvxe
smoking is a
"Itehl hearted
(Tfavana filUd.)
atothenberr at Behloss, Distributors,
Kansas City, Missouri.
Omaha, Branch, 1715 Douglas Btrast.
A reliable. .
a mm m m
safe skin treatment
You need never hesitate to use
Resinfil Ointment and Resinol Soap
in ilie treatment of severe or simple
skin-troubles. There is nothing in
them to injure the tenderest surface,
ig a doctor's prescription which, for
over twenty years, Ikis hern con
stantly used by other physicians for
eczema and other itching, burning,
unir;ht1y skin affections.
They prescribe Kesinnl, knowing
that its remarkable Soothing, lira ling
action is due to inprediems go gen
tle and harmless as to be suited
even to a baby's delicate skin.
AM rirngtiitt ,' Kinn e.nep end Finol
Ointntent. For trial mi ol mi h, write to ltpt.
Jl K. Kttm..t, lUliumne, Mil.
Teeth Made White and
Glistening In a Jiffy
I Vt ime e Jurists I
Sly s i.ew sni afrov rtrii.. t-f-
-. t, a ".. l- s -' citter
, , ,ts n H- t. !h. en rt. 'h "s
4hi y ,1i,.'fl..iil(.i.i titt..p', In ;utl
i i.t...i I! it .-Li. n. miii; '
i tuii il i.-iu wua -f, "t tit1''! ) - ii
r -.1. en ! . . ., s - i i- . '
t. I" ! .ii'. - t I e r. t I.
' f t Is M l !
. -ele-l ) M d s I ..-. I I . r.,
i t""""t ! I'm 1 !,'t 11,1 'f."l. 4 i l
&- I '- I f : . , f ,
. a . ,'" f t .- . i . , h
. e fc . t i i ... .(.'.' -
. ': e".i c, ih.. f..,)
t !
r- ei-
titt s -
ie ih i ,. , .
" - w K . i ...
e t ' '"
, a
' i ' I . ' .1 . .
i i ' a i - ' , '',
in I
F i
rrrTrrTi'iii i iiniinm rmi mn Ft
: S
: i
"Townsend's for Sporting: Goods."
Light Ing riltnres HuSfssOranden.
lilamond Engagement Kings Kdholm.
Hbt Root Print It Now Peacon Praaa
For Sale. i'Jm and ner rent city and
farm mortgages
J. It. Diimont, Keellns
Peterson Fined O. 0. Peterson, 713 North
Sixteenth street, was fined U and costs tn
police court for keeping a disorderly house.
"Today's Movia Program," classified sec
tlon today. It appears In Tha Bee exclualv
aly. rind out what tho varloua moving pic
ture theaters offer.
I-ahe.T and Hrlde Return Petertlve Den
ial J. Lahay of the Omaha police depart
ment, and his bride, who i Mies Louise
I'rbach, have returned to Omaha to sot up
.Andirons, Fire Screens Sunderland a
Buffets Incorporate Incorporation
tides have been filed with the county clerk
by S. it. and F. P. Buffet, who propose
to stsrt a genersl grocery and meet busi
ness. They are capitalised at IIO.OOO.
Ready for Remodeling Plans for remod
eling the city hall are ready for advertlalng
of bids for tha work. It Is estimated tha
coat will ba 126,000, on the basis that the
city will buy heat for the city hall from
an outalde plant.
Tsa "Tes-Tlle" Shingles Sunderland
Many Pay Their
Last Respects to
William A, De Bord
Funeral services for William A. De
Bord were held from the family resi
dence, 3520 Woolworth avenue, at 2
o'clock yesterday, with interment
in Forest lawn cemetery. The at
tendance at the funeral was larce,
there being a Rreat number of friends,
neighbors, attorneys and Masons
present. The parlor in which the cas
ket reposed was a mass of flowers.
There were two large set pieces, one
sent by the members of the Omaha
Bar association and the other by the
At the home the funeral services
for Mr, Deliord were conducted by
Rev. Charles E. Cobbey, pastor of the
First Christian church. For many
years Mr. DeBord had been an active
member of this church. A solo was
supk by Mrs. C, ). Picket. At the
cemetery the services were in charge
of the Masons, James I?. Cain, jr.,
past gran'l master, officiating.
More than 200 Masons were pres
ent at the funeral. Most of them
accompanied the body to the grave,
Among them were a number of prom
inent Masons from out of the city,
including S. M. Whiting of Lincoln,
Thomas M. Davis of Beaver City and
James K. Cain, sr., of Falls City, all
past grand masters. Robert E. French
of Kearney, grand custodian, was un
able to be present, but he wired a
message of condolence to the family.
Accompanying the body to the
cemetery, besides t)ie Master Masons,
were large delegations of Knights
The pall bearers were:
.Tudge Troup Judge Oay
James II Taylor J 61 White
Thomas Davie Ed. P. Smith.
All the pall bearers were from
Omaha, with the exception of Mr.
Davis of Beaver City, All were long
time and intimate friends of Mr. De
C, R, Sherman Buys
Store Frontage on
West Farnam Street
A string of lots has just been pur
chased by Charles R. Sherman of
Ware Hall, facing Farnam street and
extending between Thirty-fifth ave
nue and Thirty-sixth street, on the
north side of Farnam.
The deal involves in the neighbor
hood of $45,000.
Mr. Sherman intends to build a row
of one-story stores along the whole
front, which is 222 feet. Architect
Raapke has been employed to draw
the plans and the work is to start as
soon as the plans are completed and
the contract can be awarded.
Mr. Sherman said that the Sher-man-McConncll
drug stores are even
tually to use one of the store build
ings for another drug store.
Counsman Objects
To Being the Goat
County Assessor Harry G. Couns
man is complaining against being
made the "gnat" for all the hundreds
of protests against increased real es
tate and personal taxation.
On account of increased cost of
operation the school funds had to he
supplemented by a boost in taxes of
25 nulls and the increase in city
maintenance cost required another
boost of 50,8 mills, making the total
increase about i per cent more than
a year ago.
"hvcrybody is complaining when
they pay their taxes ami the treas
urer sends them to me," protests
Mr, Counsman. "1 don't have any
thing to do with il. Wait until next
month when they pay their real es
tate taxes. Then you'll hrar a ftrst
i lass, 42 t ciHiinctcr how! Irom the
Uaets 1 he ,U per utit in
crease t applied llirre, too, and
there'll br )int i many kiiks. Any
u'll llliult ,t4iliet high taxes should
!r in it- to iie irfaMoer, nut to the
Unit : i: 1, t.'l.t'l W In. I "I I I
..( 1 i i'ti ' ' !.! ! I t w r S
v r .t U t'.i. ! V Hi' . ,
lf. r 'r i ' c int i t
4,'c,i"' I'n Modem VS tnii-if it
"I Suit i .. n o llit'l . I in (its
;Uv.' ,! ' !."r-1 t'rr jou'ent !
' 'a 4 ,' t' J' V , ith ';:'(' HI
at ' l'- - ' '
. t I '. 1 r . i r ' e '' 1 4
! ! I !' , W4M. ...'' 4 'I '
i,k , t ' ,.',,,' If il V, ' ' - t I ? !
' !l a''!4 a a ' !'. j
ti !'' I'.' I e.(4f fl ( !
Marcella Barrett, Enroute to Dance
at Ralston, Asks for Ride Which
Troves Fatal.
An inquest over the body of Miss
Marcella Barrett, 2516 M street, .10
years, a waitress, who died at the
South Side hospital following an
automobile accident on Sixtieth
street, between L and Q streets,
Wednesday night, will be held at the
Larkin undertaking parlors, South
Side, at 10;.10 o'clock Saturday morn
ing. The accident occurred, according
to Sheriff Charles Hutton of Sarpy
county, who was driving the car,
when one of the rear wheels broke
and the machine turned turtle.
In the car at the time were Miss
Barrett, a friend, Miss Lydia Wilkin
son; the sheriff and E. A. Rulf of
According to the report made to
the South Side police, the two
women, who were on their way to a
dance at Ralston, were waitng for a
trolley car at Twenty-sixth and Q
streets when the Sarpy county sher
iff came along in his car.
One of the women recognized the
occupants and asked for a ride. They
were in the tonneau when the ma
chine, said to have been going about
fifteen miles an hour, reached the
scene of the accident.
Three Boys Born;
Mother Dies After
The Operation
Following a Caesarean operation
performed when three boys were
horn to her, Mrs. Herman Richter,
wife of a Murray (Neb.) farmer, died
at St. Joseph's hospital. The babies
will live, according to reports from
the hospital. s
Mrs. Richler was seized with con
vulsions at her home Tuesday morn
ing and upon advice of physicians
was .brought to Omaha. Local sur
geons decided that an operation was
imperative. The operation, which
was the first of its kind in this city
when three children were born alive,
was performed by Dr. A. L. Der
mody and Dr. C. C. Allison.
She regained consciousness long
enough to be told of the arrival of
three sons. Her husband and
mother, Mrs. Walker, were
with her at the end.
Mrp. Richter was 23 years old.
Col Cunningham and
Mrs. C. RGurin Wed
Claude C. Cunningham, aged 74,
president of the Flconomic league,
president of the Omaha Philoso
phical society and formerly of the
Jacksonian club, is a bridegroom. He
obtained a marriage license at the
court house and Wednesday after
noon was united in marriage to Mrs.
Christina Paul Gunn, aged 54, of F lor
ence. She is the sister of John Paul,
former banker at Florence.
Rev. John B. Butler, pastor of the
United Presbyterian church, per
formed the ceremony at the. home of
A. 11. Chisholm, in Florence.
The marriage is the culmination of
a romance growing out of the death
of Mr. Cunningham's son, who died
recently as the result of injuries re
ceived in a foot ball game. Mrs. Gunn
took care of him during the illness
and her tender care won the love of
Colonel Cunningham.
Mr. Cunningham was a captain in
the confederate army and served all
through the civil war, having joined
when he was but TO years old.
fl. V. Morrow and Lvman O. Fe.--
ley, two of Colonel Cunningham's
closest friends, acted as witnesses to
the ceremony.
J he couple will reside at the Holly
wood apartments.
For this dlar-ane you will find Chamber
lains folic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Rem
edy unsurpassed. One ,,r two doses of It
are nearly alweya sufficient to check the
attack. It Is not disagreeable to take. This
remedy contains no AMrtnircnt snd for tlist
ri-aon leaves ihe bowels In a natural condi
tion. ibtainalile everywhere. Advertise
8y w will both look and feel
clean, tweet and fresh
and avoid Illness,
(Nhiif! V f ietf hkN of ! ritlA rapir
t' fin fit huniftittt v Th tt r f .
irtamttittlttfi lht i i nrfy to Mnt
i Inm? Man l th tlrlinii m
m t-f Ih hjniin ll t it ih
v whan risri nn irv(
b. am itnl fmiili lrA .1
ft I 4 ' - ft iS f'ti 1 ftittpftiiig ai.4
V Ht 'tlKi U th ft U.J Cf I h lilf 14 J .4l
E-( -f hh is i f- esc
f At f f tt tt
., J , ta.,4n h v, , , . i ft a
f m Ih i '- ml
tk , . - '
'; ! (HI' ' - ':' stt F '.!
4i t 1 Pflf i ii i )nt .
, i t, - , i i fr w . I
n i. r , il ft M H i k : i
' ft I h.U ,f V (' a
- .-r . t4j ft, a i g . r
i ' (f 1 i 1 - i t .
ftl . 'r MM, 1 (!'.
Hi t
f w nM.i't k-Ml'M' 'ft
fe ftMi r ft ' t I Airft 4r i
. ' f t , - - ' d
i -4 -t I- 4-4 l ft! tl
i v " 4 ' 4
I ft 4-ft ,
s , i- vft ' '4 4 4' t 1
Thurnilay, May IS, llt.
Friday Will Be a Day of True Economy In The Big
LOKH'S a budget of timely specials in meivliaridie that
every instance there is a marked saving.
Children' Hose 15c
Children'R ribbed black cotton
hone, seamless, all nizpn up to
10. Splendid wear resisting bono
for children, Friday at 2 pairs
r25t.r.!,er 15C
Women's 50c Hose 35c.
A selection of women's smnple
hosaof good quality cotton or lisle,
full fashioned, specially priced at
S pairs for if 1.00 or OC-
per pair JJ
BurfasaHaih Co. Baiamant.
Underwear 10c
Odds and ends of women's and
children's underwear couslntlng
mostly of vests and pants, 1 A
including values to 25c, at 1 vC
Union Suits 35c
Women's union sulls In regular or
extra sixes made of white cotton,
low neck and sleeveless style, lace
bottom, Friday 3 for or
Sl.OO or each OOC
Boys' Union Suits 25c
Boys ribbed balbrlgRan cotton un
ion suits, high neck, short sleeves
snd knee length, sUes to Of.
34, very special nt. . . . . , sfaOC
Burg-aaa-irash Co. Baiamant.
$1.25 Corsets 79c
An out-of-the-ordlnary cornet spe
cial for Friday, (iood comfortablo
snd stylish models, well made, in
sizes to fit the average fig- rf Q
ures. regular $1.25 values, f JC
Corsets to $6.00 at $1.39
A broken 'assortment of high
priced corsets, corsets that have
been used as agents' samples and
as display models, including cor
sets formerly priced to f OQ
6.00, Friday, at J 1 OU
Brassieres at 25c
Women's brassieres with embroid
ery V shaped neck and bark. Mado
of good quality muslin, well
shaped, special, 0n
at, each aCiOU
Biu-gan-Waab Co. Bmnunt.
Notion Specials
."cissors and shears, all sizes,
VZUc pair.
100-yard spool silk thread 5c.
Darning cotton, 3 spools for 5c.
Hair Barretts, each 5c.
Dust caps, w,h10r.
Fsilk flnlBh crochet co7tonTsp. He
Cotton tape, bolt lc.
Bias tape, bolt 4c.
Inside skirt belting, yard Be.
Machine thread, spool 2c.
500-yard spool basting thread Jc
rM"'iTTrndeiii"2M cj
Needle books, large size, 10c.
Hooks and eyes, 1 card lc
Large bottls machine oil 5c,
Dressing combs, each 5c.
Hair nets with elastic, 5 for tOc
Waterproof baby Til hs, each UH7
BonThair pins, box 5c.
Safety pins, 2 cards for 5c.
Burg-eaa-Naah Co. Baaemant.
75c Chiffons 25c
FVlk chiffons, 40-lnches wide,
gray, green, brown, lavender and
red, also mercerized nets, 4 0
inches wide, dark shades, nf
were to 75c, at, yard .... sVJC
Embroideries 5c
Swiss and nainsook embroidered
edges and insertions, also colored
embroideries from 2 to 4 (
Inches wide, yard 3C
Flouncings 10c
Swiss and nainsook embroidered
flouncings, also corset cover em
broideries 18 Inches wide, JQ
Embroideries 7y2c
Swiss embroidery with Venice lnce
edges, corset embroidery edges,
from 2 to 4 Inches wide, "T 1
yard "2"C
AUovers at 25c
Allover embroidery 1 1 Inches
wide, fine swl embroidery floun
cing, 2 Inches lde, or.
yard a&OC
Barf asa-Wash Co. Basamsal.
Bed Spreads 89c
Hemmed r rochet bed prd tn
the Urge, (limbic lieil H, good
rtght, easily Uunderr-d, aiirlrd
Marselllea patterns, t-'rl QQ
Ia. earb . 07 C
Barf Ba Ca Baaamaal.
Men's Pants $1.00
Men's partii, i'ida if 'd at nr. I)
matrUl tn i!itaiHl I rd n,
alia 3J to 4i, at'l'M J 1 if
di'l !ica at V aVU
Boyt' $1 00 ranU 40c
!, fcn'i arrl."c'r pants
. f ti,rati! n a'rr;al l ' lrr
a.- I'1 " ,iQs
, hulmi valtira t.i I ' Ul.
$1 50 Wh Suits 40c
U,,.ts sh ;la in pot.
n.1,1'! .) U'aan lra. tl . S
, t v . t ail I nl "ft Si' I' l
' r..rl, , t " I ' V, JQg
$1.00 WaiU Suiti J3o
It t s H ' II I r i I
frtv.l.Jl u ; a $ i ' to
i i " ' . 23c
.V'V Blouse tc
!'. l f! l t ,
' s s 1 ' St,
t .ii. ! i c!v.-. n I
1 1 1 1 a I W 1 C
;Store Open 8:30 A. M. to 6:00
urgess-Nash Gompamy
"everybody store'
You'Il Agree These Are Rare Values
Women's Summer Dresses
They are
in ine new
green, copennagen,
lavender, white and
black, a guarantee
of satisfaction with
earn skirt at ..... .
Remnants of 25c to 75c WASH
GQ k jtojYarBs in Piece, 95c
HHHH-ts indcoil a rpmarkobTe wflli ko1h voluo, otio.
largo counter piled IiirIi with finn wash fabrics, in
lonfrths of 2V3 to 6 yards, voiles, tissues,
fiC? ginghams, ratines, etc., in figured, striped
PViday, per remnant, 95c.
Burraas-Nash Oo. Baaamant.
Just Note This ,
"$1.00, "That Were PriceTar$5.00
YOU will be pun'riser when you see t
ivlmf t1 Ofl will Vinv in fho wnv nf
.. ...... ..... ... j - m
a retty trimmed hnt here Friday, t
The hats" are all late c,rentiona, in large
or small shapes, in milan-hemp or
Iiserw braids, blnck and
med with flowers, fancy feath
ers and ribbon bows, were $5.00
Friday, nt
Bunrass-JTaah Co. Baaamant.
Children's Wash
teed Colors. Ten Styles at 69c
EVFItV one new and made in a variety of pretty little
styles for nges 6 to 14 years, ginghams, chambrays,
percales nnd madras, ten different styles,
a&t guaranteed fast color, extreme values,
Friday, at 69c.
Burgaas.if aah Oo Baaamant.
E x t r a Spec i a 1 ! Women's $5.00
PUMPS" and OXFORDS, Friday, $1.98
"XXTlIEN you take into consideration the time of
aoles with leather Louis
heels. Shoes that have
been transferred from
Dm Swronrl 11 r. nil
hIzi's regulur
ues. choice
Woiiien's Tan Itiurln. dull calf and patent bonis, were ! OQ
$ and 15.00. at ; V
M is,.' ankle utrap. pump". H'cs H ' ' 5? 1 .(.". t t OQ
mt.f 1 1 '-j In 2,
WEAR ami WASH, Friday
MMrlt i'!iiiil s!uH !
it! .( f.-r f rl'U i"l l M
!.tt.. Mti i lh btl f ti'ti Kri.ta s,-i"ilt In Ihu
tnt s .ft i"iUr iin Ihrve
t ; fi.ild n., ,. a'.' h tl''.
i. ti i .! as i ii.' a it it ' r p
Hit i- I Ini t.
"int 'I " i . 1 its 1 1-f p i s i.
tMl't .t ttt fit. lt!t
.l..n a'. 1 "'" ' I'iut
a!ti.'.H-r 1 1.. ;.!. If tl.ta f.
a ,n 1 1'iaal !;, h:rl t t
11-4 i . t , .. t l j s i .
i X t rtl tttlla, !.
V it wi it t ' ; -, tt.r I'ni't n,
f. t tl i! sj ? W t'u ' ' ' I ' J ?'.'!, "(U.
a l. tit.ttia, Htitrla IV ai. .,
, ... I. t, lS S. l:4 .liftl'i" t.f t US ,H
"I "ll
ilrttg Mt I si.trsw etf. .III.
, ,- 'S t- tA' .,.,.. , ' r . " '
irrii'h I ' , r a l ' ' I
.! a (V. .!
P. M.-Saturdays Till 9:00 P.
will appeal to you regardless
ABEAl'TIr'Ulj new selection of women's
summer dresses, mado In a variety of
pretty ways from organdies, batistes, voiles
and rice cloth in striped, figured, chocks and
combinations. We consider them unusual
values at $5.05.
Burraas-Haah Co. Saasmant.
Petticoats That Look Like
Silk, Feel Like Silk, But
BETTER, at $1.00
the new Boston silk petticoats, mads
run nare siyips, m navy, diii roar,
styles, in navy, old rose,
Burgais.Va.ih Co Basamant.
colors, trim-
Dresses in Guaran
' tho year and that you have the entire low ahoo
seaHon before you, you cannot help but realizo the
extreme importance of thla offering. Included are
piilnnt colt, dull calf pumps and oxfords, light welt
.In H Ml m m
f.uo val- aaX O
Women's dull leather and white 10
canvas pumps, were $4.00, at J)OaHO
Women' pearl amy and champagne col
ored kid pumps, new models, jJO OC
were $3.u(, at, pitlr J.aOJj
Women's dull calf ami patent cult shoo,
button ami luce, were H.5, fan
at, pair J)aCaOl
If A J J
Cn sssinsnt.
hr I
r' :
4 I i . n
.ar tMt
i;f t
V .
ill if
I'honn 1). 137.
of the weather conditions. In
Bed Spreads $1.39
Snow white bed spreads, scalloped
with cut corners, in the large bed
size, assorted patterns, a splendid
wearing spread, spe- t j OQ
cial, at J1 aOil
Table Cloths $1.29
Table cloths, 72-ln. by 2-yd. size,
good weight, closely woven with &
permanent mercerised finish, hem
med and laundered ready for use.
A splendid service J JQ
cloth, Friday at . , . . J
Napkins, Dozen, 98c
Mercerized napkins, 20x20 Inch
site, good weight and permanent
finish, assorted patterns, hemmed
and laundered ready for use, apa
clally priced, at, QQ
dorm tOC
urjaaa-iraahCoH aaamant.
75c Cretonnes 25c
Yards and yards of French cre
tonnes, variety of tub fast, pretty
floral designs, In lengths of 1 to
10 yards to a piece, formerly
priced to 7 Re, Friday, nr
at, yard OC
35c Scrims 15c
Geneva scrim and voile, ribbon
edge In white, cream and ecru
with pretty colored borders, some
have slight Imperfections, f r
values to 36c, at, yard .. IOC
45c Marquisette 19c
Two-ply mercerised marquisette,
ribbon edge In white, Ivory and
ecru with pretty floral borders,
some slightly Imperfect, y Q
values to 4 Sr., Friday, yard laVC
urgaaa-Wash Co. asaman.
Bungalow Aprons 50c
Cool, comfortable and neat bun
galow aprons of cadet, navy, black
and white, figured percalea, tape
bound, cut full and long. C
A splendid value at .... OUC
Muslin Gowns 25c
Women's muslin gowns, made slip
over style, finished with ribbon,
run beading, special for or
Friday, choke sbOC
Btirfa-Haah Co aaamant,
25c Organdies 10c
Excellent quality white French
organdie 30 Inches wide, very de
sirable for dainty dresses, -l f
at, yard IUC
35c Ginghams 19c
Part silk checked and striped tis
sue ginghams and 36-Inch wash
silks in plain shades, regu- irt
lar 36c kind, at, yard .. latC
Chambray Ginghams Sy2c
Striped-checked and plain colored
chambray ginghams, warranted
fast colors, on sale Frl- n 1
day, at, yard OjC
Unbleached Sheeting Ql2o
Good grade 39-inch wide un
bleached sheeting and 36-lnch.
bleached muslin, soft finish, de
sirable lengths, on sale, r 1
at, yard D'2'C
25c Suitings 9c
Waist and dress length of various
grades of linen finished and mer
cerized suiting poplin, repps and
oxford weaves, mostly dark shades
values up to 25c yard, nl
sale price JgC
25c Batescrepe 12 y2c
Batescrepe will give satisfaction,
for making strong serviceable,
children's playclothes, the colored
stripes, checks, plaid and plain,
shades are all warranted to be
fast colors, 26c value, 1 Q 1
at, yard IZC
Wash Fabrics 6y2c
A great assorted lot of all kinds,
fancy printed and woven wash
fabrics 27 to 36 Inches wide, the
sale price Is less than one- r 1
half actual value, yard O2C
25c Curtain Scrim 10c
Fancy bordered curtain acrim and
ribbon edge etamlne, all are S6
Inches wide, lengths suitable for
window curtains, 25c val- f
ues on aale, at, yard .... IUC
Fancy Percales 5c
Itriunaiila of 3tl Inch fmify figured.
tsr;iy percuh, amoakcag apron
checked gingham ami fancy prints,
title they last, t.n bargain
.ii.tif. r, yard ...OC
titgaaa-iraali Cn aaanal.
Window Screens 19c
Ail joatalile i tinl.s screen, hard
wti'iil tram. I Inches Q
high I n. tat. lit 1 JC
19c Sauce Pans 10c
Kii.r itirt iy tnamtk- lipi'M
ante iuu, Ps'iUr He f
'' . hii.. ....... 1 UC
Lawn Mowen $119
isirt lii,.ar, ,1 tUiia IB' Sj
hst, S tn , i Q
l'" '! for I i !., VW 1
$3 95 Dinrur Set St-05
i; c it.Hisf i, f..r i pas-.
iti. (i.nk iii tf'irliii. t!H
t'. vl JD
Dinner Set t 17 95
l ' l'l' d' ai lt(:
1 ti r'1 I M t.i,
i f f !I1 t.t. tl II
s! .a. I'J s i. J)5
$15 00 Dinner Jkt $HU5
l '' r il .. ax t ishi !
h-'fet wt itu. a.ij lUi,
!t., IliN tat C f f 1 1C
ft iv l at , ,, s 1 U JD
)vai W- ataaatsMsw.
?l sMaWeU 'Ssajtf i "
1 fl e f j t I t 4 4H.r H