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Montague Tancock, With Other
Americans in Serbia, Saves
Hospital from Euin. (
How Montague Tar.ccek, son of
Dean James A. Tancock of Trinity
cathedra!, Omaha, saved the Ameri
can hospital at Skoplke, in Serbia,
from the devastating artillery fire of
the Bulgarians is told in an Asso
ciated Press dispatch sent out from
London by a correspondent there.
The firing had already commenced
when young Tancock, with two other
Americans, Logan Peters and a doc
tor named Osborne, hurried out in an
automobile and pleaded with the
enemy to spare the hospital.
Had Narrow Escapes.
"The firing came pretty close about
us before the United States flag we
had hoisted was seen," Tancock told
upon his arrival in London. "We had
any number of narrow escapes and
several times had to hunt cover. We
were agreeably surprised, however,
to find that the invading officers
were exceedingly courteous and will
ing to comply m every respect to our
requests. Though for five months
during the Bulgarian domination of
Serbia we were prisoners of war, we
have no complaint to make of our
All Arrive Safe in London.
Eight Americans who were prison-N
ers with Tancock arrived witn Laoy
Paget in London a week ago,
The party included three physi
cians, each of whom originally went
to the war zone to aid in the work of
the American sanitary commission
under the direction of Dr. Richard C.
Strong, Dr. A. F. Comeilius of I?e
rea, Ky.; Dr. E. D Forrest of Provi
dence, R. I., and Dr. R. V. Brokaw
of New York. Four members of the
original Columbia university relief
expediiion in the party, were; Mon
tague Tancock ci Omaha G. B. Lo
gan and Duce Peters of New York
and Webster W. Eaton of Columbia,
O. Also returning to London was
Miss Roberta Parsons, a nurse from
Lima, O., who left London with the
English unit last May.
Left Last February.
Tim Americans were finally allowed to
leave flknplke, February 17, after which
they nere hr.hl prisoners three weeks
longer at Sofia before being permitted
to depart for ICnglani by way of Itou
manla, Russia and Sweden. Miss I'ar
sona bad been 11! for three weeks before
the order of release for the party was
received and was removed the first
eighty miles of the Journey from flkoplke
on a atretcher In an ambulance. She In
tends to return to Serbia with the Kna
ilsh unit after a time.
"We were nursing the Serbian war v1o
llme and members of the civil population
In tho large honpltal of 750 beds main
tained by the' Berblan relief fund at
Bkoplke when the Bulgarians took the
place on October 22, lHst," said Miss Psr
aons. "The members of the large Turk
Isli population, on seeing that the Bul
garian! were coming In triumphantly,
took the guns of the Serbian wounded
and shot down Serbian soldiers. After
the Bulgarians took the town we con
tinued our work es prisoners, but about
he only difference waa that Instead of
treating only Serbians we turned our at
tention also to a large number of Bul
gars and Austrlana as well, the Bul
garians permitting u to continue our at
tention to the Serbians aa well.
Queen Visits Lady Paget.
"On the whole, we found that the Bul
larfans treated us with the greateat con
sideration, seeming to pay a great denl
of attention to English public opinion.
On being transferred to Hofla the queen
paid several visits to Lady Paget and In
quired ss to the welfare of ui at our ho
tl. We were given a special train that
took u right through Roumanla, and
Russia, to Stockholm."
Duce Peters of New York told how the
resources of the Columbia relief expedi
tion, Including their twonty-flve motor
ran, were promptly absorbed by the
Serbian army, the equipment coming aa
a Kreat boon to the hard-pressed vet
erans. The twenty-five Serbian Inter
preters sent by Prof. Pupln and the other
m-gn Miners of the expedition were
romptly drafted Into the army. The
action hart the eneci or nreaKing up tne
expedition, some seventeen membere
forthwith returning to New Tork In Sep.
temher, while the remainder sought other
Culls from the Wires
1 mnr rrt wor mii In Bntnn In
ronhTth-n wMln th tnv!tKtlnn of ihm n-
tl"1 arisen trust
Hit Rcrir CiniMi r''lv"1 thr frtnr1
In th l.onfl'.n Twr MnU nl in in
n u h h i ler lirlf h than fortnight aff
Th trirtl of WU !! rpM, th i:ntvf.wy
rf U lrnntn HMHiwtl!, OH rhst( of mur-
it'-Hng hi ftvit h"i MrUm t.nuihvr, will
h. nin lit W nuk'Han today.
t if 'pnrat Witlum rths-n of TmAp A
f njrinii h I'm' rlr. who wsi
bv Mi'iin rndn c ;. rhf Tii
t..f.Ur, burlxit In Nw orii lfh mill
Uiv frnrujrT .
h t frt T'Imo fMM o rvl
r of !o mk'1 ilhmfl, tHsiv
b Ult'-r, w h-"l l J'HJ IhtB M
fur 1 i tn M
i-it i f i ! f liliis ru'iui.i,.i f--r trr
.r.tM of hn Ai ii-f "f lllfs-f
f . m t f9 fr.f.F th Hos'i n 'J
A Miir r:n t fr ?1 t
I t on t f lh h h"t r F
t a, ni, rf tl!'I t t r hm '!nf
K tf ; w t- hr 1 ) Alrttilitlt 1 1
j t ,i , h i (.1 r . f ik ' .
foist ' d'l'ii tm fitrih fl !tl
r -ti r ?1 f-f h"-'s n) i'-vtt.
v, hi f i, ! '( u m t
U.4 It A(,tll.
A i tr ft I " ii t
' ' h tas ,.
U t f s H I . k,u . 1 ft I.- t r.
I ' ' - Hi f , '
t. , M 4 i .
' " w V - tt - t 1 t I t
. . Or - J
, 1
,: A
Montdgue A.Tancocl
Dictator of Food
New German Office
Berlin, May 15. The Koelnische
Zeitung announces the impending
appointment of a "food dictator" to
take charge of and control all mat
ters concerning food in the empire.
The newspaper says it is to be as
sumed that this new "food minister"
is to have absolute control of the
distributjrui and prices of all foods,
so as to equalize matters .and relieve
a situation by which at piesent the
large cities are suffering at the ex
pense of the country.
,IJ) ,,
Aeroplane Contest
New York, Mav 15. A trans
continental aeroplane competition
for which prizes amounting to $100,-
000 probably will be ottered, has
been decided upon by the Aero Club
of America, it was announced to
night. The plan, which has for its
object the development of aerial de
fense of the country, was suggested
by Ralph Pulitzer of this city, who
has donated a trophy for annual
The route for the transcontinental
flight and the date will be announced
Berlin, May lS.-fBy Wireless to Say-
vllle.) A statement tending to show that
certain activities of t lie Serbian major,
Tanknaslch, who hns been referred to as
the man who started the European war,
were known to the Serbian government,
waa given out today by the Overseas
News Agency. ,
After the assassination at Paravevo of
Archduke 1 FranHs Ferdinand and bis
wife, the princCKS of llohenberg, which
brought on the war, the Austrian gov
ernment formally charged Major Tan
kosslrh w'lth having supplied from the
Serbian arms factory the revolvers with
which the crime waa committed.
Many Allied Milps Ar ftiink.
Brlln, May 16. An official announ'-e
ment mads today says that during the
month vt April ninety-si nt'-nrhantmant of
226,00 torn have ben sunk by Oarrftan
and Auatro-Hunaarian suhmarlnpf or mliif-a.
School Children Promote Week of
Kindness to the Dumb
Clara B. Mason, prlnelral of Park
school. Is one of the foremost promoter
of "He Kind to Anlmala" week In Omaha.
In line with the recommendation of
.Superintendent Graff, In n circular to the
principals, Mtsa Maaon has arranged for
a program to be given at her school by
the eighth B clasa during the week. If
weather will permit, the exercises will
bo held in Henacom park on a day to be
announced, probably next Friday, The
program will be aa follows:
Pona. "Hand of Mercy Hymn "
"The Origin and Aim of Humane So
cieties," Mai'lin Hnntian.
"Why Humane Societies Are Necesaary
and flood, ' Marian Howe.
Group of oral short stories, Helen
Fowler and Kvelyn Hodgwlck
"Which Master Waa Kindest?" Irene
Song, "Old Dog Tray," the school
Faithfulness of Antnian," Heatrlce
Original story, "father Nature and Ills
Hublects," Mildred Hyrne.
Group of animal stories for very voung
children, Kern Goodwin end Mae Peterson.
Group of aongs, inn school.
Dramatisation of "Farmer Itrown and
the Hlrds." The cast ;
Reader Virginia l.eussler
Farmer Drown Ardeu Huelmli
Judge C'harlo Dundey
Atlomeva.Kldon I.angevln. Albert Jpfferia
Mierlff Edward McAdams
Clerk Delmer Eldredge
James Crow (tele Antlsdnl
Kingbird , Norman Carlln
Dove Irene Hlmpaon
Crane Marian Hannan
Hohin Iula Hlaplea
Oriole Karl Nielsen
Hani Swallow Karl Harlow
Chimney Swallow Mae Peterson
Catbird Josephine Mtuben
Woodpecker...., Ethel Oolacher
Wren '. Marguerite 1'rlon
Quail Marian Howe
Klttern Helen Fowler
Meadow Lark Marian Alleman
Hand Piper Will Undea
Hulcher Bird Mary Rampacek
Hong Sparrow ... Margaret Wltovskl
Blackbird Helen Tromas
Humming Hlrd Evel) 11 Hedgewh k
nlrkedee., Heal rice Gallow ay
Phoebe Ulllan Anderson
Eagle Kr-ni Goodwin
Owl Mildred Byrne
Bluebird H P. Mm
Turkey Kllsabeth Ackerman
German Soloist
Delights Turks
(1 'or respond en ee of The Associated Press )
HKHLIN, May liarlln papers devote
considerable space to the fact that Horr
Krlk riehwedea, a widely known German
opera singer, Is In Constsnllnople, where
he has been delighting the Turks with
sonie of the best known German eom
posltlona. Pesldea filling the opera housj
In fitamhoiil with crowds devoted to
I.enni svallo and Mascagnl, he has ap
peared before the sultan singing the
"Love Song' from Wagner'a Welkure,
snd several of Schumann's masterpieces.
'Watson Again Tops
The Cattle Market
A. C. Watson of Plainview, Neb.,
was on the South Side market with
a load of beef steers everaginB; 1,40.?
pounds, that sold at $9.f0, the ex
treme top of the year to date. This
is also tne highest priced bunch of
cattle ever sold in the month of May
on the Omaha market.
Constipation and Sli'k Headache.
Pr. Klng'a New Life Pills will relieve
you of both, clean out. the bowels' and
mske you feel fine. 25c. Bjr all drug
gists. Advertisement.
t ( ,,,.11 ,J
( ; " 1 h' -1 t , f
f f t - k kt
- : t 1. ( t 1 t f . 4
f M 1 4 '-- I , . ,-. $
i'1 t H I' - la
V1 r s .... I , I I . I
- .1 .--- -f4 r1- f'ft'a) I .s
' t" 4i 1 .-.,
- 4 -
s I t)
Via Rock Island Lines
(From Omaha Effective June 1st.)
Alexandria Bay. N. Y.. and return S1T.00 $10.50
Asbury Park, N. J., and return fls."r.SO $rJ.10
Atlantic City, N. J and return S57.30
Bangor. Me., and return S50.15 tn S17. 15
Bar Harbor. Me., and return S5S.UO " SSfif.t5
Boston. Mas.. and return 854.00 $02.10
Buffalo. N. Y and rfllurn $12.45 to $44.45
Burlington, Vt.. and return $5(MH $51.50
fhautauquit 1-akn points, N, Y., and return H 11.10
Toledo, O.. and return $.',5.10
fharlottetown, 1 K. 1 , and return $02.55 8KJ.20
Concord, N. II . and rtturn $51.20 u $55MO
Itotrolt, Mich, nnd return - $,'15.10
Kabvan. N II, Hnd return $52.25 $07'n
Hallfnx. N S , rtnd return 800.70 o H.'t. 10
Lake Placl I, N. Y., and r.-turn $10. Ill t $.O.0O
Mnneton, N H . and return $55, TO to $7,. 50
Montreal. Uue . and reltirn. $ 15.20 $55.55
New York, N V., ami return 855. SO to $50.10
did Orchard. Me, and return 8."2.0O " $0.'l. 1 1
Poriland. Me. nn.l return $52.!0 802. l.
PortsuKuith, N, tl , and return $,"l,(io 1" 8,,. 1
1-lrlnu. N . and return. .. , tl,05 " .Si: 1 ft
Ht N M , and return 855. 70 $71.15
St Ji.hns. N V ami return . $sO,05 IOl!."t5
.l.irm .i Springs. N V , and return 8 10.15 t" $52i05
Tornntn. tnt . 1 nt return, ... $ lO.ld tt 8 1 7. .
Yatlu'iii'h. Me, and return 852.IM1 t $0,'l!l5
Circuit Tours
Nw York set i.lin ., ... $5H,50 $02.10
up d. tecil.iti u I n'fulo or Mg,r KaiU. fther dlrei ti-.ii
l U ashl :ig ton. l. C
p ,t,.n Ma.s , en I fe..rn 857. Hl ' $00. 2d
Uli" '1: " ) Nt.iiif rl'. ' ber tf- t 14 SllMU
Fails an- ltts. Mm m I t.n. 84i.'S, IO ' 800.15
!!, it'.K-ri .n u Sugsi ltl sut ai.n. i.ihrt
N t t W at-."' gt. ! t
1 be ll Is l I'eltUl till I I. 11 a,fit to MhliN
r.tii' farr at atatUbl. it 1111 1 alirMlH I In mt
lui n .fftrrt.
t i. isii -if f)nl letris li'v'.t nf il ) f.i-j.i .!' it sU,
an) ff I 't 'el -f In l.rH 4:rfit-Mie
Chicngo Limited M 6:08 I. M. Daily
for furlhtr inttumition ei,fir or
i (Wl H ", .! . r !(el
I lili . I I eii.H.ii i U li Fl Ig
Border Country is
Full of Rumors
Of Many "Raids
Deining. N. M.. May 15. A re
port that the American border patrol
was fired on last night by Mexicans
operating in superior numbers south
of the line at Antelope Wells, and
that the Americans were obliKed to
back up, caused much excitement at
Hachita, N. M., today. Several fami
lies already have been brought in by
cattlemen. The report has not been
officially veri'ied.
K! Paso, Tex., Hay 15. Private
messages received here tonight from
Sierra Blunca, Tex., said that reports
had been received there that a force
of Mexicans were marching on the
town. Sierra Hlanca is about JlOO
miles east of F.I l'aso and approxi
mately thirty miles from the border.
No verification was obtainable.
Marathon, Tex,, May 15. An
other raid into American territory by
Mexican bandits waa made Friday
night at McKinney Springs ranch,
sixty-seven miles south of Marathon
and twenty-three miles north of Ho
(iullas along the Marathon-Bon,uillas
road, according to II. F.. Stafford, an
attorney of F.l Paso. Mr. Stafford ar
rived here late this evening from llo
quillas to which place he had accom
panied Major Langhorne last Satur
day as a guide. There was no shoot
ing, he said.
Mulligan Grooming
Central High Track
Men For Valley Meet
Having romped away with first honors
In the Nebraska slate meet at Lincoln,
Coach Mulligan is devoting his time
grooming his Central High athletes for
the Missouri valley meet, to he held at
Kansas City, May 27. The number of
men entered in this meet will depend
upon the number of men who the coaeh
believes will be able to plare In any
Omaha had an easier time taking first
honors In the state meet than many of
Ita aupportera antlelpated. The team was
supposed to hsve been weak In the
weight events and hurdles, but Crowley
serured second plae.e In the weights and
Raynolds a first and serond In hurdles,
so Mulligan Is considerably more cheer
ful than previously.
If Omaha ran maintain Its high stand
ard In the Missouri valley meet a team
may represent Omaha tn the annual In
terseholsstlc meet at Chicago during the
early part of June. If the high school
athletic authorities decide lo send a team
only three or four men will possibly bs
sent on account of the large epens.
Frank Hoxey, Wizard, Discovers
Pistols. Knives and Keys in
"Adequate's" Pockets.
Trank Hoxey is an enterprising sales
man, whisc line ronsistu principally of
disinfectants and germicides, which he
sella exclusively to Jails. l'or fifteen
years before entering the disinfectant
business, he was a prominent figure In
the sIsko world, as a magician and
slclght-of-hand performer. Omahana will
remember him by reason of his vaude
ville tours, and more recently, the sen
sational bits of entertainment he offered
during the convention of the National
Sheriffs' association here four years ago.
"Adequate'' is n little weasened Third
ward agubond negro, who at present la
sojourning for a "dniiblv-thlrty" In the
rourity Jail, having felt the combined
weight of justice as administered by
Magistrate Kosier end the patrolman on
the beat, both of whom reached the sim
ultaneous conclusion that It waa time
for "Adequate" to go to work or jail
Knler Mr. limey.
Hoiey appeared at the Jail to sell dis
infectants. "Adequate," now a trusty,
gave him only a passing glance.
Pretty soon Hoxey, to be a good fel
low with thn sheriff and deputise who
pass on the merits of his goods, com
menced lo enterlalu them wllh cards,
dice, coin and oihcr tricks of sorcery.
"Adequate" approached Just In time to
be vlctlmlr.ed.
"Now, Mr. Pherirf. this fellow here la
r ntemplatlng a Jail delivery!" suddenly
exclaimed Hoxey, seizing "Adequate."
"Go 'long, w'lte folks! to' awl's weak
in de held!"
Hoxey Jammed an empty hand Into
'Adequate s" bosom and came forlh with
a revolver He fished again and found
a bunch of jail keys. Once more and
he had a wicked clasp-knife. Another
giasp and he pulled a pistol out of the
now thoroughly frightened negro's waist
band. "Oh man dawd! Mletah Thill Do'n
put me In de da'k hole! Ah do'n know
wha dls y'er w'lte man got dam wep
plna. Ah nev'r have a rarah sence dat
time wld niggety Wllklns!" roared the
victim of the wlsard's wiles.
"Adeqiiale's" misery was so genuine
and pal hetlo the deputies didn't have
the heart to tease him further,
"All right." .Mrghane promised, "We'll
let you go this time, but rememlier, we've
got you spottsd es a had antor."
"Adequate" shuffled hurriedly away,
and when he got around the corner, com
menced to search himself vigorously, and
muttering perplexed exclamations.
Max Wicn, 1511 Nicholas street,
was arrested last night by Officers
Cunningham, Ham, Sutton ami I'n
ger of the Moral Squad and brought
i to the police station, charged with
running a disorderly nouse at tne
above number.
Mollie Franklin, Hattie Brewer,
Marie Bon V, en Dixon, Joe Morgan,
W. H. Gordon and Charles Smith
were arrested and held as inmates'of
the above house.
Kellef Kipeilltlon on I he War.
w York. May 15 Knuit Rssmus
sn. ths I'aulnh explorer. Is due tomorrow
with his ship, the Khi York, at Thule,
North Htsr hay, where Hr. Kdmund O
llnvey nf tha Anierli-nu Museum of Natural
illMtury. lea'ier of Ihs f 'rocker land relief
expedition, Is marooned with his eom
psnluna In the Ice, sceordlne to lettsra re
ceived hers front Knanuiflnen's wlfa.
jV. V11" 'T,i''1rtM W
c. $'&&?&P" W
l8riaoy an lot 1
me m
The receipt of the German reply to President Wilson's demand that Ger
many "immediately declare and effect an abandonment of its present methods
of submarine warfare against passenger and freight carrying vessels" has
aroused a storm of diverse opinion in this country. Many interpretations are
given by newspaper editors.
In THE LITERARY DIGEST for May 13, 1916. there is a complete pre
sentation of American newspaper opinion of every shade upon this very import
ant document, and it ranges all the way from the New York Herald's statements
that the answer is "insulting" and "dishonest, " and "its attempted cleverness
is mere chicanery to the opinion of the New York Evening Mail, which hails the
reply as "a great victory for President Wilson," and asserts thatthe answer
means that "every merchantman that sails the seas is now as safe as if the
submarine had never been invented. " ,
. Scores of representative papers, however, repudiate the idea that Germany
should bargain with the American Government over the destruction of Ameri
can lives.
"The Heaviest Blow So Far Struck Against England"
According to the Berlin Vossische Zeitung, Has Been the Fall of Kut, Which General
Townshend Was Compelled to Surrender to the Turks. This Article Covers in De
tail all Phasesof That Ill-starred Campaign. It if Accompanied by a Helpful Map
Labor Demanding War-Profits
The Republican Big Three
Why Verdun Docs Not Fall
Taming the Panama Slides
Cableway Over Niagara's Whirlpool
Shakespeare Jeopardized by the
A Briton's Declaration of Love
Prayers for the President
England's Way With Irish Rebels
Puzzling Out the Ford Vote
Simplifying the Commandments
The Blame for the Irish Revolt
Automobiles and Germans
The March of the BolUWeevil
Hate Songs in German Schools
Music Now Germany's Chief Solace
Too Many Country Churches
lV7icn You Argue in the Office
en the train, i t at the ilirmer taliln, al"iil tie (lay's liu
HrUit events the r. the Mrilrnn situation, ih ere.
tafe.ttiis Inane, the ritn'Ut t atiil'Htiin, or my n'tiT
t'l ((iiestinn !n fMriiri or itotiie!!, affairs, hi. Jtnl a
Oniti'Uh ir.nn ie.'de "f the ! I In i, l I -ft mir etall'l
I m ton tintratwm ttie ,!. e:li.iti.ii s Iti4l "i
r rr wtili lli "'li ('; in ant ! ! i!t
.. "( ere r. I... t 1 III! ! I t Mt K V I n i : I f'.t
lit it tni i!l flint a rerunl nf all tb tnlfl'-tnt enta In
e.i i lute uf Itilerrel. m will lie all tiiestlnii pre
.nt.' t Irmn all sl l' lliat mti iilff.riit le iiolnt Ul
e tffth oliar t. .m n will nra.l nf thn tiopular
. i , ium: I In i ll i .n.i.lrt. an, I aiming tit tartle, a II It
i r I in t!i iiiiirt.l frutiv iienaiienirte ( rm I) c-
ii.ii n h..i,r ''i ! rrai (ii k ith tUK iVty.U XUX
I'lutSI" mske nu el s t s an i t 1 1' ii'i ritniwrtajs
ll-i;l l t.4 tl.'ls'.r.
May 13th Numher-AII News-dealers Today, 10 Cents
ft 1 '
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