Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 11, 1916, Page 7, Image 7

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Got Worse. Affected Ears, Neck
and Face. Scratched Day and
Night. Terribly Disfigured.
"When four month old rojr boy differed
with bllater and a kind of araly twin on hu
head. I not omn aalve and ho dido I
eera to Improve bin got worw and hi ear,
nerk, and fare irn affected. He (rrati'brd
day and night the lu-hlng wan o Interne,
and wa had to keep hU hand pinned the'
whole time. Tbf akin u eore and n.
flamed, and he didn't have a hair on bl
head. It wa Jiwt a cap of ore eruption,
and hla fw waa terribly dlaflgured.
"He gut aii bad we lia lo knnp a rnaaU on
hla face. The trouble lasted for montha,
when- a lady (old my hiuhand about
Outlcura Snap and Ointment, and we got
them. The third day I noticed a big
Improvement and In two week my boy
wa healed. ' ntlgne,)) Mra. M. A. Thirl,
MH 6th M.. Milwaukee. Wla., Oct. 2ft. 1U1S.
Sample Each Free by Mall
With 32-p. Skin Hook on request. Ad
drew poet-eard "I D,p. T, Bom
loab" Hold throughout the world.
Sure Way to Get
Rid of Dandruff
Thar la one aura way tlmt never fall
to remove dandruff completely and that
la to rtlaaolve ll. Thla daatrny It en
tirely. Tn do thla, Juat get about four
nuiwa of plain, ordinary lUjtllil arvon;
apply It at night when retiring;; Ha
enough to molaten the ralp and rub It
In gently with the finger tlpa.
By momlng. innat If not all, of your
dandruff will be gone, and three or four
mora application will completely dla
aolvw and entirely dratroy every alngle
tgn and traoe of It, no matter hnw much
dandruff you may have.
Ton will find, too, that all Itr-hlng and
dlMKlrig of the aralp will atop Inatantly,
and your hair will he fluffy, luatrnij.
g-loaay, allky wid aoft, and look and feel
a hundred time better.
Toil ran get liquid arvon at. any drug
atora. It la Inexpenalve, and four ounce
la all you will need. Thla almple remedy
ha never been known to fall. Advertlae
ment. G
Heals Skin Diseases
It la unnereeeary for you to Buffer
with eczema, ringworm, ran In-a and aim
liar akin trouble. A III tic g'jiiio. gotten
nt any drug atom fur 2&c or J 1 .00 for
rtra 4erge Dot tin, and promptly ap
plied will tieURllv give tnatant relief
from Itching torture. If citrine ami
nnothen the akin and heal quickly and
effectively moat akin dlaviuien.
Xftno in a wonderful dlpp-aring'
Ihiuld and doe not amart the moat
dnll'-ate akin. It I not greaey, ta fawlly
applied and roala little. Ue.1 It today
and aave all further dlatrea.
Zeino, Cleveland.
Gray Hair Restored
to its Natural Color
In a fawappllcatlonatoluorltlnaldark.gloaay
ah fie, no matter how long It aa bean gray or '
faded, and dandruff rmu ad by I
Sit Ml Ae-no one will know yog art oalng
afto. Mo. II, all dealer or direct anon reealpl
price. Send lor booklet "Beautiful Hair."
Polio Hay Sneclalttea Company. Newark. N. J.
There Wat Nothing So Good
for Congestion and Colds
as Mustard.
But the olil-faahloned mueiard plueter
burned and Wintered while It actvd. You
rai now get the relief and help that
mtiatard plMtera gave, without the plaa
tar and without the bllater.
MrHTiKOl.K doe It. It la a (lean,
whlta ointment, made with nil of mus
tard. It I aclriillfleally prnpand. ao
that It work wonder, and yet doe not
bllater the Urnlereat akin.
Juat mge Ml'rlTKROUK In with
ha flngwr-tipa gently. See hnw rpiickly
1t brlnga relief how nwedlly the pain
d leap pear.
And there la nothing tiK MI'STKIt
fil.FJ for Sore Throat, Hrnm hit i, T'm
atlltta. Croup, Huff Net.. Asthma. Neu
ralgia, Headache, t 'oiigeetlmi, l'leiirley,
nnaumatlatn, I .nni ha (., 1'aln nnd A.-hee
nf Ilack or ,liint, Hr-rani. Mu.
ilea, limine", I'hllMelna, l-'ruan-,! Kfel,
'"clda "f t'heal nt ofen prevent
At nur dnikgiata iii I ei'il "' l-r.
and -e.i'ii lm'" h-i!l tl tv lor it Ji
lie a r g'l I he i'niit.e
Triti'l.t; :(! it ut whel
k Mr 1 he i '.niip.n ,
l in. ! I I t'UH
: rum
"Traaa'a tor lyorgif w4a."
Ufbtta tHxtvwa Rurreaa-Orandta
Dimoa Eagaaraaaant ftiaga. Cdkolm.
ava Keol Print I Now neaaon Praa
For ala St and City and i"m
i'orttragea. J, li. Dumont, Kecllne Uldg.
"Today Movl Program," claaalfted
ectlon tmlay It spp-aia in Tha Ha
hhal. Kind out what tha various
mivir.a pn lure. Iheatar offer,
Jamea Loaar4 Tln4 .laine. leonarJ
of 8lou fity wa fined m anil m
pcllr rourt for breaking a noltla un tli
lavement near Thirteenth nd IVmg'a
uaa Property Owner Mar) rrhaefr
l i.lng KHa and t'barlea U Hernpel,
oanera of reeldeni'e propert op I'a
elreet. nni, Thlrtj firt. for $iO..M) ite
cauae she allevra ahe fe'l from a poi li
.ml auHslneil painful inl':i-
Take Ottltea Orula M,,rtln ! . Se'
leek. I'lnienre iioulmaril, haii en-
Haled for the litiiena' rruiee of tlie navv
whlrh lKt from A usual 15 to September
U'. t'ltlKena nay tltelr ohu irMiiaporteiloit
exrnaea to and from !hr; aeahoard and
l liealdea
Awarded Small Tardltt A iur n
fe.leial rourt 'aritei leimlali W. liar
ltl a rei.ll. i f li egHlnet the "Mil" railroad for liijiirle Hiialain-d
while he wan dmullng .rmu a l.nrr at
HUiut ' 1 1 He t littnwd Hie tnjiirle ei
raunert tn a looae tirah lion. Hp rued
for im.i
U "ri-Tlla" ShtBglaa amnderianrta,
Berais Park Club
Will Have Lights
The fienila Park Dletrict lniproemenl
c lub WHiita what it wenta hen II want
It and, aa a rule, ll get what It nt
when ll want It, The club luat now i
fter an 'ornamental lighting ayatetn fur
an area to (Over approxlnately (he terrl
tory between Thlrty-lhlrd and Thirty
nliiih aireot, from Chiming to Hamilton
atet. Tlila propoalllon received henrty
I'lidiiradinent at a meeting of the clnlj
lant evening In the Franklin achool build
Inc. II. A. Thompaoi), J. W. Pariah, 0, V.
Wcat, 3, r Totter and Arthur Well are
mumbera nt a apeclal committee which
will arrange for plan and eatlmnlea for
the IlKhllng 5iem. Tha ulty engineering
department already ha al artel on the
tentative plan,
J. U. Ruahton wa re-elerted president,
J. W. Pariah wa eluded vice prealdmt
and M. K. laraon wilt continue to aerve
another year aei-retary-treaaurer.
R. B. Howell, general manger of the
municipal waier plant, fve a talk on
Ihe proreaea of pumpage and clarifica
tion. He outlined the Improve menta be
ing rnada at Ihe Walnut Hill reaervolr,
which will be parked. Wectrlcal centrif
ugal pump will ba Inatalled for uaa In
reitiforulng or taking tha place of the
I'opplcton avenue pump.
Western Passenger
Association is Upon
Very Thinnest Ice
(Fro'r) a Staff CurreRpomieint.)
WA MH I NtiTON , May l.- ( Hpera Tele
gram.) The petition filed yenterday by
K. J. McVann, manager nf the traffic
bureau of the Omr.ha f'cirliiierclal club
with the Interatnte Commeroe commla
alon, baking a upenlou of paoaenger
lnrtiH applying from Omaha, Kanan City
ind .St. Joeph to practiraliy every
deatlnatloi) In the eaat beyond the Mla
alaaippl, and Involving the tariff nf tha
Chicago, Ritrllngton Qulncy; Chicago
ilreat Wctern, Chicago, Milwaukee ft
St. rul; Chicago, Rock Island l'ailflc
and the Wabaah railway, I prolmbly
The petition for auapenalon, If gfantad,
would affect every pn(iaei)er fur from
ihe Miaaour! liver to the whole of the
I'nltcd Slate and Canada, Including rail
rate and eteamer rat-".
Owing to the fact that I he tariff In
question become effective May 15 and
(eaee to be effe. live Hrptcmb-!)' l. If
they were miepended, their entire uacful
ne would be deair.iyed. In view of thl
fact and of the enormoua expenae and
labor Involved in preparing Ihe tariff,
It eeam a good gueaa that the ronimin
alon will deny the aiiapcnalon HKkeil,
There la, however, another aide to thla
nueatloii In that a clear cae of dla
criminatlnn haa preaumably been nde
nd the roniinlaalon h acted favorably
In like caae In the paal on aimllar peti
tion. Much comment waa made today aa to
that portion of the Omaha pollilon rela
tive to th violation of the Sherman lw
by th Weati rn raaaenyer aesrn iatloti.
Whether thla aaaoolatlnn haa or haa not
violated the antl-trun: law, there exittt
a convlttlon, that It I ikuilng on thin
Ice, and unless (mine relief la fic or(l.d
Omaha apectlr ih,ii'vi mnv be filed
'trtfnii tf Id' .'in,, w ci ''rt
h th pi t fciin(i r pMiti to r their
tnwn ft iti't i it , hi in,, Ht
IliKht m HKitin r !. mi Hr mi) tn
noi for thr i flch(tion u .! ") ,,
rlv h iiutilc v J -Ur J
'oodioujih, J"ltii I ?i tin,
John (, l.ritl util Wrtwii i ft
KH w ' i .iihnitijtith t tli . li
t ,". im i'Hi 4 m iilui in w t f
ti tffifm i- Kitn i ii.t.v
.4,, v ; i t . t t t . h ,
a fait -.,- a lh, ( ; M ( t t (
r I ' i hid ? . i t ,
't !( tii( iii-i. i.i-in, mr
ffrt v) v? ; f ( hi 'kli L I a - 1 1
Jr !!' Ih I iH t ,. I. . ti. )i h 4
( th NI niM h ( .
it h -4'r .n r (r -.-j .-
j m : k.t I( gK 4 u ( i
- f " r- I
j u,4i -M- I a J t .
i- 1 ' h hi ft
WVm I h m i hkt Mtif
! - tt if. ! ' 1 ) t s M 4
ft I 4 f - ' - 1 4
-!, . t I a- lit f I-.-: . . : .
j ri ft-l I m i- ( h i'i. a
I I t i-a ft v.f k'ft
; i . 'it
'. II . t f il!'t' I ' fc I t -
- 0fc S - ft h ' i hft
4- ' 1 t : i i a, H ' M.4 ft I
I ft tft ' ft'l' t ! 'Mtif
An Irresistible Invitation
vvTi. you i jfX
i r ktii if d liimiin- -r "t . n .
French and German Forcei Fighting
to Northwest of Fortress Unable
to Make Headway.
The French and German force
fighting to the Northweaf of Verdun
apparently, for the moment at lea.',
are deadlocked, the German bring
unable to advance farther, and
French attcmpta to expfil the In
vader from captured ponitions being
unavailing. To the eaat and north
eaHt of Verdun, where, respectively,
violent Infantry attacks and bom
bardments have characterised the re
cent fighting, only Intermittent can
nonading is now going on.
Han Are libelled.
Tha Bhelllng by tha (Jeritian of th
Ruaalana at the Ikakull bridgehead on
the eaxtern battle line, which ha been
in pi ogre for many day, at 111 continue.
Tlmra haa been artillery activity on varl
oua other ector of the Rulan front,
but no Infantry maneuver of Importance
havo been reported.
Tha Ruaalana In Armenia, however,
have put down with heavy caultle a
tuhborn Tin klah attack, and aoutheaat
ward. In the region of Huah, driven th
Ottoman force from their defenee In a
mountain chain. In addition th Itua
Ian operating to the weatward from the
I'eraian frontier toward Hagilod, have
dlaiodged th Turk from fortified poa
tiou nd driven them farther weatward
The (iorUla bridgehead and the region
around Han Mtartlno In the Auatro-ltallan
theater have been heavily bombarded. At
Kan Martlno, Vienna aaaerla thai tlie
Italian auffered heavy loaaea through
the explnalon of an Auatrlmi tuiue Itoni
liardment have featured th fighting on
the other aectora of tliia front.
Diapatchea received In Pari finii)
Salonlkl are to the effect lhat there ha
been vigorou artillery activity on ih
Macedonian front. Reml-offli-lal dh;ea
from Berlin ay that the Turk r rap
Idly ronatriictlng a railroad through the
deaerf, preparatory to another adsanre
on Egypt.
Milng hla footing and ground beneath
the wheels of a moving freight, which
he attempted to board, t'harlcn R. Ba
ter, flit North Twenty-fifth avenue, a
leamfltti r, aa finally Injuied In ihe
railroad jard in Si, I ouii, dying shortly
afterward In a linapltal, '.-ordlng to dlr
pai"he lecelvrd In niiialm
Hier waa planning en K'lins In Clu
eago In "rrh nf e:nionint. A i-u-iet
Hint hi inother, Mr Mail I ai'ei ef
funahn. and W nlier 'owrll, n' th lm 1
:eninf.llei a' ithi'ir. be li'il!lt wai4
li ad" l.e'.ui- be ,l Tb. b.-il wl, pron.
'Iv n' bn.ui.hi l.t f"t the fufeia,
I he it It'l 111' ineilf
I ni - - win, wan 41 e.i oil 11 an
iImI Ii 11. M,..lli. a .il I.M. In ..the. a
' .inn ,.f li,,, n m! 'llii nitt ..f In
I' II'. lail.i in tas ai Ar l-iiie
,.i, , r e.,a,, r a ihi. !..!. fi . ..
. -' - .
are tractable
to delay
Stomach Bitters
O.MAI I A. TIUKSAY. MAY 11. liUii.
o 0 ')
n a a
" d
Regulars Victors in
Maryland Meeting
RAl.Tl'MOrtK. May 8-Thn fuction led
by former i'oeriinr P. I. ItolilahoroiiKli
wiia defeeted In tha republican atate con
vention het today and (lie four dclcgate
Ht large to the national convention al
ciilrago preeented by the regular or
giinUntloii were alerted. They are; Gen
eral I'cllx Angua, puhllalier of the Haiti
liiote American; A. O. Weller, defeated
rrpuliihon candidate for governor at th
Inat election; Walter H. Miller and Irr. J
Mrl'heraon Hcolt.
The Chicago (lrlenatoii la unlnelrtictrd,
although ome of the rtlalrlct delegate
me known (o have (trong llughea or
liuoaiMVlt lealllnga
I llult-bera un (.rill.
j l,l)M")N. .May 10. According, to iei
man,ieia. tiie head of the Herllil
polioe h ordeinl an Inveallgatlon of Ihe
I (hop and aim rooms at bit- hera to dla
j coverew heiher aupplle of mrt have
been com euled.
Unn4 t oaab Hemerfy.
Ur. Bell f'lne-Tar-lloney will ae
your 'cough, aoothe th raw apot and
prevent arrloue tuns alliuenl. r. All'
drugglat. Advert leement.
I.arkr I Bicker. (
Coarh ftllly Mulllvan of the lleiroll I
Tlifera nevr had a fliiner broken dining (
hla lung freer aa a big league i etcher j
WealiecmU), .Ma) 10,
i"iii kt,!.:.'
tn-M i! ! .
(, ' .
I . t .-
.,( nil I I ( '
John Sandusky, Steam Fitter. Who
, Was Burned by Steam a Swift
Plant, ii Dead.
I'l'Mralin fil burn.- aun .lined iA th
eitplneinn of a alram piie In the engine
room nt the hunt ,-ttllt A I 'u plnnl prll
' i', .liihu Sunilu.ikv. ".0 s ear-ulil uiiinMiiied
mramlitirr at Ihe (ilaiil. died elenliiv
nfiernoon hi the .Siiinh Klile huapltiil
where he un. renioied ltnmedlale: after
I the epliiamn r'mir othej. men weir
I rinhl within the fatal cloud of Hieniit
i that lued froin pipe All ttne
i aieaiufittei a Two of them are tin re
: reiving ait'-niluii at the hnpllal
! An lnii'et will he held Thnraila inoi n-
A Um& -w a;
Sjaa- s.'j' jj
Here's Your IDEAL House Dress
A I Ml I0SS llial i. Mylisli, nont, com fort ab If, pcrfrcl in fit, and pfonominal boyond ex
ticciiition. '
A iIi-okk thai, no matter what may b th unoxpector roquirr-mont of tho rao
nifiit, tho wparrr know? hor apnaranr' in beyond criticism.
A drc lhat has bciome the .standard home fjarb of thf moft discriminating
For Home and Porch Wear.
Are made from handsome, durable fabric?. They are dcpijfned in accordant
with the late fashioiiH, and the perfect fit the expert workmanship the unusual com
fort of these garments take them out of the class of ordinary house, dresses.
Von must see the MIN'A TAYLOR Dresses, to appreciate fully their eh arm and
desirability. We bin e your size and favorite color, at , prices ranging from,
$1 to $3.50
(Second Tloor.)
Store Hours 8:30 A. M. to
Burgess-Nash Gompany
'everybody's store"
Extra Special:
Your Choice Thursday, of Any
In Our Entire Second Floor Stock
Including Hats That Were $10, $15, $18, $20 and $25
; mm
i ii ,it,t i in I'M i m hi' n
, . . ..!',. Hi- .it n t thai 1 1
. 1. 1
There's Not a Single Hat Reserved
, j U H I t ii ! I ! 1 1 h - I I i .1 llil I I I 1 1 I i ! ! I i" ' tlli 'it
'. 1 . I ' i , l I I ' l! ' t ill It 1 ('! .1 ' i I 1 , i ' I U I' I'. If O-li itll
'Mi'i I flit
. I N fr
I. 1
I I ' 1
t .
1 '
a,.t jm I
Uut at 10 u'rliit K cmiilurird In I'murier
Mllia Croehj. The luneinl lll be held
Ihe name from the llnffmati iiiiiti-r-
! a kiiig .Impel hi the Nmili j-tde
Toil of li-t M.lf-n.
' tine inn natural Ire ' alole irniu a
tioxar ii!e-tr' ked in lite viritut of
Tn ent e entli unit atieele, annie time
eieicta lu'lwi to unit :t oclnik. 'I hie
ii the eliminate nf ' eport that la on
Hie captain' ile.k at the Konlb Mule al.
I luu.
iree (! Ihlrl U.illera.
To rl ilniiik and iilleiiii'l a Hlrep with
tvn riimpnnlnne on a i.chiiI hu "in unnie
pail nf the oily" coat A. K. liorhiien. Si
l.iiuiH. 1 1 iinel.'iit , $Hi mid hla union rani
te-uifilni; bid menilieriihip to Hie national
'ii aiinlr.Hilun nf iron win ker' yeeterilay.
Itorhilen iiild ihe IvhI pollre of the
"loin.!) ' e he relied It and added that
he ill. In I llilnk imi'li of Smith Side
All former rerrrfla In aheap and lamb
prlcea at ihe flimth Omaha market were
r,? . A1
urgess-Nash CbfiPAiaY:
vjirooY Tern"
6 P. M. Saturdays 9 P. M.
i !. vn . 1 1 . An ui in I'm 'I Imr-ii
(t I'm h' I'll ,t ll.i'liiiii nf tlir til
Mud "
Sport Hat
Sitnill y in. ')
i ., (.. 'I'-tiit.! t.
V ,! I . ' ' . . (I ' , i : . I l i
i li-ttiij f
ilit ui. An ui ti i wi fni 'l lmiMi.n nf titMiit lv
eh.'Hti'ie.l i i i .-1 1 Kllnk Hclinoul o
llrllrt; lu.-ireu-d -Jl f'Wi .0, Clghlllg ai
Hrnme nf Ki pmind". and wliirh lunngh
llie hislir.ii price ever paid hi ibv Soul;
Onliih.l nuiiket. the lot ai-llini; for i'l '.'
Iwr iKiudiedweiMht. Thia ia J.' rent. pe
lilllllll rllH rl lit lllnlier thllli ihe fi-IBI"
irrniil pi Ire oTt ewei, wbirh wa et ih
ll.ih.-il In Alay nf lit:,,
latlc (tl faal.
The l,.iiiee' Alii anriel (id Ihe i'eniin
I tuei lirniitmjia I innal rhiin h wiil nie-i a
the rhurrt). T ent i -f if t-i end Al lreta
rhiuxliiy nflei riiMiri at 'J o ro.'k.
.1 K. fllvnn. tlJl Aouih Seventeenii
liee!, rep.trla the Inea o'' a and WH'i I
aloleii from hie inniu lnl i-veniu :.i
I'leim rrt I tune are un.lrr may for I lie im
pair of the South Hlile tail. Veatenhi
morning the irin wiminw taken fiimi In
wall h .Hid Junea end Hennir Thunm.
two prlaonera who eaniped iail Htiiihi:
a found hidden In one rot iwr nf.iii
"bull pen." The aouth wall will he n
cnnlai in led w ith relnforred rom rete
He Went Ada eerve hundred dil
rhrme IVxilaa 187.
intitirtl i ri-o
I I it 1 1 "ill ill
' Kiltill'l'' ll'!
I'.t-.ii.i tl.f
i!l I !i ! '. .'.'
at i -
it TMt run lion or notm v