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Bee Publishing Company, Proprietor.
d at Omaha poatofflco aa eecond-neaa matter.
By carrier By mall
pur uionib (r vr,
am) Sunday Sac Ja.ud
without Hunday 4iv .u0
ig KH i Buml 40o. . ( 00
iK witbout feunday 2nc,,,, 400
y Hi-e only 20c 2 00
and hunoay Nee, thiea yearg In alvance, 110.00.
loin.e ot change of addicae or li ragulanty in
y lo Omaha Hoe, Circulation I'eiiarlment.
hy draft. express 01 postal order. Only two
lamps tecelved 111 payment of small : oulit.
ml clinks, except on (unaiia and eastern ti
t. It'll accepted .
.alia TI10 pee Huiltllrig.
jili Omaha ;2HX N ireef.
null Hiuff-14 Norm Main street,
(i-nln T.'.'l Utile HutMIti 11
iruK'i MX Peoples OKU liiilldlng.
w I oi k Koom llo. ins Fifth evenu.
Louis 601 New Hank of Cotiuoeri ft,
Kliiiamn 72S Fourteenth atreet, N. W,
a rommttnP aiiiui rrliiim to tiw and edl
matter to Omaha Mee, Mltorlal f ( mnt.
U'ltll, t I fCL NATION,
108 Daily-Sunday 52,223
aht Williams, el : culm Ion manager of Tlia lie
lui. a company, licmg duly aorn, asyg that tlia
iiviiIjIiiiii for ilia mouth of April, luib, urn
Jelly nml iii.lU riumiay.
Ivvv'l'iNT vYILiJamm, Circulation Manager,
eel bed Ui my pienaou, and aworo lo uefoe m
1 day or May, IW.
HUULHX iJCJa'TUK, NoUry Public,
a;rljr leaving tlui til temporarily
tiW have J lie Jims wailed to iln:w. Ad
a will (mi Uimitffc often u rwjucaUMj.
aratbon vrf properly mm kg tbe Mart of
scoud Villlata Marathon,
iouh your t'nde Samuel h. trouble
away, ti 1 out for more, Tba Can trust
lie canned, '
U now up to John V. Kennedy to plant four
iff on til building, and overcome tbe
Dilal bunting handicap.
una more bomb plotters have been con
I in New York, Federal court Juries are
en for American neutrality,
I granting to note that th local carpen
have com to a wage agreement with the,
log contractor. It augirra well for Indus-ji-uce
in Oiuatia.
usala's Invasion of Asiatic Turkey already
re extended than any former lnvaalon, ex
og tbe high tide of H28, wbicb reached
n t. And the end la nt In algbt.
Vniemberiog tbat the last trial here re
1 in conviction, It remalna to be seen
her a train robber farea betler with a
nlng Jury than with a Nebraska Jury,
1 the Meantime, that dangerous Dodge
t grade croaelng remalna without any cer
y of being remedied tble aeaaon. Wbat
tie ilty autborltlea going to do about 117
urewarned li forearmed. The ale lion of
;rfiienrd boxing referee for doorkeeper of
it. Jyouli convention Inaurea expert inter
llon of ring rulea for acrappera attempting
ak lo.
be quc-ation of ratea to private eonaumera
l trie light la entirely rfletlnct from the
tion of additional atreet lamp, but the
4 aeeni to have been ao croaaed In tba coun
'a to have become ahort-clrcutted.
r. . '. . ..
'ow that he la foot free, former Minister
van tihonld put the defenelve Atlantic be
n MiiHclf and Dublin caatle. Ueildea, the
a of a prealdentlal campaign requlrea every
crving democrat" In the home trenchea.
f the Interchange of diplomatic note con
ca long enough, their aupcrfluoue verbiage
lm dropped ut and tht'He commitnlcatlona
hhilnk In ti conajatent with the tiee of
! the words needed to convey the meaning.
Tin! Iicudr atatea are to furninb the flret
,"f iiillititt dft -n MKairmt Mexican raldera.
prlvllego liHK long been aought, but hitherto
d, lle.itcd lot nl hcniiment nu doubt will
viKor and vigilaine (o the cltlien eoldiery
ifDItillLK Iheil' ullollcl ItlhKH.
The Kiiantnty fund will b. called on to meet
Mltoin' (litinm aKMitiKt another fulled Ne
ku bank. That In what the fund la for, but
a bank itlj a capital of 2i,00(l, aKaltiKt
rh 121 ,t"o of "liilln payable," nun heen jter-
d lu av iiniulitle, doen not tuuke a good
xlng fr any of Dome ronrerntnt.
T he linn h brialiled (hemli'hl kiilmlitute for
iline diheutried '- invented by Unila Knrivht
bun pun bau'd by the Mmiin Muniiiuna
muuion fur f I ,tHiiiiMti iN,h and fjalty,
inintn of nianding tuve rliliiuied the claim
tetttitng power frtim water ad rhemiceU,
Hie lait f the ptin lunfl K'ttn ti aliaw tha
hilt lii!lti may li,) in irmilli blllirit.)
it.., lo an axe of M iteval. innU If la
innf:,II!iie Hmt . beinintry Mmuld latitti h a
! at Ut oil t ii x
Thirty Years Ago
This Dviy in Omaha
; i
-iente tfm rilt - '.
t .1, i... ..i
,, -i . (...- ,t-.. ),
- . t ,i, t
.i i i ii'
' '" t- ly !"! r ft I t I
'''' vt . -i, ,.!,( i (n nt- -' mf
S t t V I., Ml fc - . k a , I , g
n e. . - I i il i ', t I p h a V,;
!- " ! ' '' ' . ""' m Ht at
t . .. - I . - ,it.,-,
', n t ..X i- I ( 1.,,,., m . ,,
' ' 1 l. - V- - I t l. , A f. .U .
'1 , ( i I - I - I ...
Armory Question Becomes Acute.
Order from the War department at Wash
Licton relative to the care of public property en
tmeted to the National Guard bringit tho armory
qneatlon to an acute triage In Omaha, Tbe bat
talion of NebraHka National Guard, quartered
bere, must look for eultable accommodatlona
that It may comply with the requlrementa of the
War department. Juat where tbe etate'a aol
dure will find nuartera doea not ao much mat
ter aa doen the fact that they will be required
to pay a rental far in exceoa of the amount al
lowed by the Mate, and this mean that the
deficit uiuht be made up by the officer and men
of the neveral compantea, Mow much longer Is
Nebraska going to aak He young men to aerve
In the National Guard and pay for the privilege
of doing ao? If we are to depend on the Guarr
lo nupplenient (he army In event national de
fnn requlrea It, and for a training achool
vherein young men may be taught niethlng
of the modem alienee of aoldierina, we ought
to give (he otganUatlon at leant comfortable
(,iiarlere and aafe accommodation for houaing
it property, which la really the property of tbe
1'iople. Common juatlce aa well aa common
aenae demand thla much.
Congressional Prospects in Nebraska,
The return of the primary vote on congre
aional nomination for the aeveral Nebraska
dlatrlct, no matter from what anttle they may
be lead, encourage tbe belief that our delega
tion In eongrona will be preponderantly, If not
wholly, republican.
In the r'lrt dlatrlct Congreaaman Rcavl ha
over 3,000 more vole In the primary than all
three cornpetitora for, the democratic nomina
tion. In thla Hecorid dlairlct the republican nomi
nee, Judge liHker, hna 1,500 more voten than
the democratic nominee, Congreanman Mibeck,
and the total republican vole la nearly U.iO'l
greater than the total democratic vote.
In the Third dlatrlct, for aoine time aeem
Jngly hopelcattly democratic, I'ongrenaman
Hiepben i renominated without, oppoaltlon,
with a margin of only 1.100 more vote than
pclled by the two republican aeplrant, and
William P, Warner, nominated to run agalnat
him, 1 cloaer to the goal than any republican
I, a been In ten yeiira.
In tbe Fourth district Congreaaman til'm n ,
after dividing with another republican eom
pi'tltor, la at ill by hlmaelf ahead of the demo
crat who wlil be pitted agaloKt him in the elec
tion. In the Fifth dlatrlct, though the balance I
more prcarloua, yet ex-Corigreiamiin lftrtou,
renominated on the republican ticket, la lea
(Ian 1,000 behind Congreaaman Shallcohergcr,
renominated on the democratic ticket, and Ibe
tolal republican vote la 1,300- more than the
total democratic vote,
Finally, In the blf Sixth. "I'ncle Moae" Kin
V.ald la ao well entrenched that the democrat!
did not have the temerity even to file a candi
date, and he would have no oppoaltlon now ex
cept for the aavlng clauae of a few wrltten-ln
Summarizing the alluation, then, tbe three
prcaent republican member of congre are" all
practically aaaured of re-election, barring un
foreaeen development, while the three demo
cratic congrcaamen each have real fight on
their handu, with conduaive evidence that tbey
are already allpplng.
Hay, Kitchin and the Country.
,Tbe devotion of Meaara. Hay and Kitchin,
democratic houae leader, to their Ideal I al
moHt aubllme, but It amai k more of tbe duality
tbat led to the adoption of tbe donkey a the
)mhol of their party. Tbey have determined
that th country ahall go defenaeleaa, rather
than abate one Jot of their profeaaed belief In
uipreparednea. Condition on the Mexican
border, where Funalon aenda woid In reply to
tbe apppl of threatened citleen of the Cnlted
State, "I have no troop t" end you," and
where the prealdent baa called out the National
C.uard of three atntea lo auaplement our minia
ture army, teache them nothing. Heaa from
the prealdent and from other Influential cltlien
arc impotent to move thene follower of Aryan,
v ho have accepted hla utterance a Ibe Inapira
tion of prophecy. They are wedded to the doc
tilne of locking the atable after the horae la
atolen, and are Impervtoua, even to the leaaona
of experience. The country haa already paid u
hluh price for Indulging in audi Me('xmanebip,
and will very likely pay atlll more.
Working Over the Creed.
The Metbodlat general conference, now In
aeanlon at Saratoga Bpringa, la doing anmetalng
tiextdea elect hiahopa, although that in Itacif la
tonaiderabla of a rhore. (ne of lha crmintttteea
of th conference haa auhnittted aomn propoaal
lor change in the rreed of the church tbat are
aweeplng In thrlr nature, It i proponed to
give over the tenet of original am, to knoik the
il. v II out of the confvaatoa and to otherwlao
alter tbe dogma that haa peraiated nince the da) a
of John Wesley, and mm h of it for, a atlll longer
time. In plain wot da, the Methodlat Fpl'copal
church piopouc to aMgn ttaclf with man'i
piorirt'it. cpilitual a weil aa intellectual.
Our i lm ild fiMtliear took more than
hi.iurtii t -1 1 x; It t In liiiMiiitilng penalliea la b 'la
lied on trail humanly in tbe woild In tome
llur loan loade U Im lulled wl'lt (tlie pualalt
ii . at for tnid4tdi that now looked upon a
im iw (..,. .uliii.'s, or itii no'. and it i not
n nveUabl that the l it xtm would be l
wu'it than Ilia creatuia when II ram lo, out prnaliie Thuffi'ie. rtlMna It
tt iU'ltir-1 i'h mith cnndlan telMhulloit at
an a in fi sti t t Imagiiiatiwii vonld auppl). .
.! i ileal of thH h ii(-. llitiHiiij lha
m i , 'i of hmiiI In Ilia t tiln:a tt
(i.i, It ha If hi gifn if(!.iii toiiiase l a
liuon Ui II." nut niton ,,.lj hf In hi Viiion,
, ii. an i e ilun til ' '
hlhlu. ul ha . i i tr.,ili
U; aw thftl-l a'Md U ! t Uki. and
tt 1 1 !' I toiifiit'li at tun n,i it, lug
n'ltit Icr ul ot l'.Xiea luva, tallitt ha Ur
i.h I v l v- atiiifi t .(;!, I,,' lunv
III ica'l-l .-.1 a.! IN I'ul.'ia r r !
lta (( i!,..i fixi ;ivi J 1 ',i'i' il a nil 1( I 4
M an t ' l 1f in( , i . . , i, t-4
ifn I 1 1 t . i I I . . i , n o
t ,,U : 1. I i ttlirl irli li,iiji
,ft-U H,l ; ' t 'll ' I I I V H , i)
' l'tl. Iff - t.i :.,m i.ii,
ui: t ). a at II a rai
Can Odors Travel by Wire?
y Oarratt T. Barrlaa.
I AM In receipt of a curioua letter, leading to inter-eating-
reNertlona. Tba writer ink: "la II poinllil
for odora to travel over telephon wlrea? Th
othfr day I waa cooking 'apple bnttur," which haa a
rathtr atrong odor. After It had leen cooking fo'
aoina lime a friend called me ui. and after a few
mlnulea' convf raatlon Mhe aatd: What are you cook
In that atnella ao good?' I axked liar If ahe really
could amell It and aha aaitj ahe could. We are all
very much puaxled about 1t."
The firnt Inipulna la to aamiuie thai Imaglnnlloii,
awakened by amne aecldental aiiaacnllon or co'n' I
dence, wn at th bail of Hi phenomenon. Accord -lug
to all ai'lentlfic llghta. that aeenta to be the onlv
explanation, And yet acUm'e la a very fragiwntarv
thing, and aome of It moat extraordinary dlcoverli-
have grown nut of olmecdllona which ware at fret
relvrted ax llluaory or absurd, 'idora and the a"n
of airicll which enable ua to perceive them are very
alcana: phe.nomana.
It la aanumed that odor a -e due to th enianat'oo
of volallla particle from Hie auhnlaiicra that give
rlaa to them, liut thi-ae aiipnoud partlclea are no
inlnut that thay (annot !) a"H with nilcronropci.
and cannot h felt except, by tin- nerve aaaorlaled
with lha aena of eme.ll.
"A faw centlgrama of numk plaied on a arnallli
aale," xaya Atklriaon' Ireatlaa on perfume, "cm
for yeara fill a laiga hall with thHr chararterlatlo
odor without ahowlng an appreciable loaa of weigh,
and aUII parUciea mut aeparata from tba muak ani
beenma avnly dlffuad through the air of Ibe hiiH
lie.aua tha odor la perceptible through every pa t
of It,"
Cm cannot hlp wondering whether It may not l
a, vibratory radiation of aome kind, Innicad of a vola
llla oinanatlon, that ffla lha nervea of eniell, aa
raya of light affe't thoae of vlxlon. And If that lu
tha roal baula of odor, then a relationship with elc
tthlly la at ow-a enlabllahcd and th acnue of amell
falla into areord with other ana, am-h a lbt and
hearing, which through vibratory ImpuftW, There
la on reaxnn why any kind of vibration might n'l le
tranaformed and reproduced on the telephonic ptin.
Tba Idea that odor may b a vibratory phenomenon
underlie th theory of Pleaa that perfumea ar
auxieptlbl ,( helng arranged on a harmoiilc al",
hating th conipaaa of a piano, and that different
acenta when treated aa tonea, may tie combined (mo
chorda, Ilk muairal aounda. Ry mixing aromatic
auhetuneea In accordance with hla atnunud prlnipl
of odorlferoua harmony Tie thought he could dem
onatrate lha correi tneaa of hla view. Hut It wouW rn
iiile an education of tha aenae of unicll Id enable iicut
peraon to percelva harmony of that kind.
And yet, Juat aa a bed of flower affeda ua dlifcr
ently, aeeordlng to lha arrangement of Ua colora, ai
might not a aklllful selection or bloaaoma wilh te
gaid lo Ihelr aeveral odor a produce a pleating, or un
plraalng, effect upon the aena of amell?
Tha fact la that lha human rue la Jul a lug In
fant, and haa not yet half learned Ibe uae ot tha
powera of Ita own aenae. W llow ouraelvea Id be
deceived by thoae aenaea all tba time. W hava un
flouhtd!y got aenaea which ara almost unrecognliwd.
for Intltnatkma of their axlatenca aometlniea com to
aji n strange and larlling waya, but Ilka bable
a shrink away, afraid of tha novelty or elae stu
pidly pay no attention.
There la a whola world of discovery walling for Ita
I'olumhua In thl very flaid of odora. W have hardly
louuhad Ha outskirts. Wa ar atlll In tha al.ige of
or wonder about It. Take tho effect of varloua
eoente and perfumea upon th nerve (nd thrmigh tha
nerve upon the brain. Why do aome exceedingly
savory fonde loss their tost it the organ af amell is
How do blind parsons recognise Individual by their
particular odor? How doeg the dog follow a pe U
acent through a labyrinth of other odora? The fact
that water will wash away a trail seems to favor
the theory that odor la due to an emanation of ma
terial partlclea, hot perhaps It only dissipate the ra
diation, or turn them away, aa transparent aul
stances Ilka glass devlatea rays of light.
Just aa certain mualcal aounda awakes In the lis
tener tba most profound mental emotions, aome etlr
rlng him to Intense activity and some lulling him into
dreaming mood, or giving wlnga to hla Imagination,
ao particular perfumea react upon tha mind and bring
their goad and their vision. :
Twice Told Tales
A Itemed y for Hores.
The mayor of a western town hit upon a novel
erhctn to rid himself of g bore who had pealered him
for enm time.
The mayor' doorkeeper ws a good naliired. oblig
ing chap, and be could never find It In hla heart to
turn the bore away. Just aa ante aa the mayor was
lit, the bore waa certain to be admitted. One day the
mayor determined to end th persecution, Kn he said
to hla doorkeeper:
"Henry, do you know why hmllh continues to coma
her ao regularly?"
"No, air; 1 can't aay that i do."
"Wall. Henry, I don't mind telling you In confi
dent e that he a after your Job."
"from that day," aaya Ih mavor, "1 saw no mote
'ha bore,"
An officer attached t th White House tells n
story of a small boy whmn President Wllaon encoun
tered at Hlaunton, Pa.
The president waa speaking to a crowd from thj
steps of a seminary for girl. The boy puthed and
hocd his wy through the crowd until be found him.
aelf SHiiaiely in front of the preMdrnt. whereupon he
shouted etrltedly:
"Where la II? Where a II?"
Mr, Wllaon stopped hi speech and said go.ij
waturedi : "Well, mv hoy, 1 suppose am II'"
At this the yeunanter fsce nanumed a look of dm
gnat , "Oh," he said, In a lower lone, "I thought 't
waa a dog fiht,"Nw Vorh Time.
rrnprrtt pwaUtir).
'finne'" ahnuted the wll,tl tsilted IndiMdual.
wattng hi arms in the middle f the street A r J
gstheeed nutekH .
iine" Untie"' he shrieked an end yl asm.
W hst a the matter? I'aehier rlid with )ue
mnnri ' '
' W ife run sway" a i Old '
' N, n. ne' Kui it a gwiie'
rtf ,.n e. l.ri.l il,. ir hteatS n. thei,
ast.i a en " W hl a i uir "
Tie rtcltrd ni i...l , . an.- ,.i,hi, , ,n,i
' Udtcimi tnsa a r, pvy !. i. iia it Mil hi, a
'4 l"ie Is giiln tail tea, . tw
rniuTit r td New, nk,it f n,,. j,,
aba.-ld tali I a ffih y if I, if iiiu oiv c wiui
ffm, IX - "
Tt.en an t ftCty i in. i, rit,,l hi ii' .,
ti-.m bn i ih tsan t h,e It .glt l"pi ai g i,
nr..,, t I n -, a ein
People ami Events
A la t'se Xe ti. waa -. X f., .
saatw la tw.-xs ... i ., . i t ai I I artwd 14- I 4 l iV-a k--m !
aj f t-4 etc ! v X a as X -i
I e M Xa - l. at t it is, Xr at,
net ud asJa t
V f VI i. .. e a .1- , . i.t,.,,,.,
u,., ele a I fw V i . tii,a
,,M the t ! el i ' it i
. li ( .i i 'ftii ( i .... f, ,
. I
;t,g M
l.ool. More to the Future.
OMAHA. Msy S.-To the Editor of The
Bee; Granting what I firmly believe to
be the truth, I. e, that our present
achool board I composed of loyal mid
public spirited cltiens who arc working
wlfhoiit fecompenfe for the general goon,
I wish to enter a mild proltHt, or rather
make a few stiKgcutioni, calling atten
tion to the fnct that cfitiiln change
mitde in some of our school buildings,
and other change contemplated, will nut,
in the long run, miikc for economy or
ene if aduiiiilKtintion,
The time hss como foe Ihe adoption
of a consistent policy for the permanent
Iwlteiment of our school buildings and
grounds, a policy which, though It entail
tin Increased expense just st prexrnt, will
ultimately give us a well balanced, ade
quate; and sightly collection of achool
properties, adapted to our needs and ca
psble of further expansion froit time to
instead of allnjing old building and
erecting makeshift additions, why should
rl not le passible for tho board to ciiilre
well locMled real esiote, hulld for pcr
msnence, grouping wherever iioaalble?
In acquiring Hie real estate noceesary,
the board is safe from being asked
exorbitant price, a tbe law In Oils
atate grant lite school district the right
of eminent domain where the owner Is
arbitrary, and should any owner of
property needed foe tha public good, re
fuel) to sell, or hold out for moro Hum
such property Is worth, their land may
be taken front thetu by due process of
Isw, upon tbe payment of a fair price.
The present school hoard la composed
of membera who have made g autre lu
civil Ufa; men of keen business Judg
ment, men of high honor. Jt hex the
support of Ihe great majority of rltuena,
and I believe g comprehensive plan of
adding to our achool facilities will find
a hearty endorsement genorally,
rfrae and Xon-aoffrage Contrast.
OMAHA, Neb,, My To th Editor
of The Hee: An artlol entitled "What
Women Have Hona with tha Vote" ap
peared la your paper recently that waa
full of inlstatemsnta. To begin with the
wriler said Colorado hag had woman
suffrage twenty year and California on
yee, whereas 1'olorado had had euffrag
twenty three year and California
adopted It IJclober, lU, nearly five year
.Mention waa mad of a Hat of law
"molhered" by ih women of California.
Aa a euually Impressive list haa been
"fathered" by men In alatee whet wometf
do not vote, California ha no advantage
ever these other slates, No mention wa
made aa to hew badly th California
la we ar enforced, Th rd light abate
mnt law, fee Inetanre, copied from the
Iowa law fput In tha etaluta book by
men) ha bean flagrantly viola Ud for
montha and the condition in a FVan
rlec.o hava become ao bad that a report
ett th eubjeet Issued last fall by th
Ameriian Social Hygiene association and
printed In th "Congregattonallat" laat
rlsplemher, presents an appalling picture.
It aaya that tha law ara absolutely un
enforced and that Ban Franclro ha be
come a pieces, for denlxen of th under
world. A th aegregatod vice dlatrlct
are closed In Nebreeka, WIconln, Mae
aachuaetta, Minnesota and other male
auffrag Mate, th Inmate flock to Den
ver n1 flan Franelaco, where in exchange
for their voleg the police glv them pro
tection. Dr. Helen Bumner, hareelf a
auffrsglst, admlta that tha vot of the
women la considered a perquisite ef the
party In power.
Suffrsglst constantly tell ua of Cali
fornla'a eight-hour law for women, giving
the Impression that It la due to woman
suffrage. This eight-hour law waa paaaed
before women had voted, and tha law
doea not apply to the cannerlea, In which
g great majority of tha working women
r emploed. There are no reatrlctlon
aa to the hour women can wotk In Ore
gon. California and Waanlngton.
Another atalement that "Kvery one of
tli equal suffrage atatea haa compulsory
education lawa." Thia may he true, but
they are not enforced in th equal auf
frase states. Aa a matter of fsct every
state In the union, north of the Maeon
and I'lxon line, haa there law. Kvery
year In Colorado S.nnrt little children
I. m seen aeven and fifteen ar worked
from twelve to thirteen hour a day in
the beet flelda. Thf ha been going on
for years in direct violation of the Colo
rado compulsory education law, aa well
as the child labor law, and Ihe voting
women do nothing about it. The labor
performed hy these children la very
heaty and a holly unaulted to their age.
An article tn the "Buney" lof which
Jane Addsms Is one of the editors) of
March tlh. IMH. rtrerribee the enndltiona
of the i hlld laborer and give many
phoios of fbem. Itcnvee permits boa
of any age and girls of ten years of age
tn mango In atreet trades.
.The K'lual t .uardlnhlp law was
adopted In New York several years
before Colorado or any other equal sitf
ftage state adopted It.
In regard to (Inure, tbe .. n-lttiore are
"vioh worne In Ihe woman suffrage
late than anywhere elae In me
roimtiv. IMehep Mnrehiad of t'allforiiln
leklng ieienil at Trinity t'horth.
New Vork I'll), said that Colorado, Ctl
Ifornte Montana and Washington were
the wiiel nffenileta in this wvaut. lo
thee atatea ene niamaae In fne teauit
In tiii,r. In te rest of the uie nniv
we In tweHe All ef the -tale
n'lian e-.f "i ae ela" n. In-1 .p
v lht a i f ih rtiiUliea in cif han-s-
an I rrf.u n atei y Inninn tuna ott the
t'a if ie e al ai the ( m,i rn f d i or.r t
pare ii i
Ttl ae .,.tir HiaSUig eel,.,!! Wis!
u l g.i li t, i p,.lni, 1 lie solo, ii
nt n l-i . ' e ' i. 'i -t a i a i U'i ' w. i
o- Tae ie,,it i a etit ntteiu. ef the
f I 9 uf i ll 10 t U .!!! Sit, i t I
m Ism llw aecaiiiifg nt. t l.t. wg-a
al h I !' ii t.f', i i Heiiioa
a ef ! f I he if i w (
i tuna a -i l ixm a'i i:i--.. i i u. , .,
I,, f I,- a i m - , ,i i r n
i a "-.t a i. at ( h-o al t
l ) - I' ''I- t (HI ),("
exuv i svitrti
H vt. on v.n iVji I i
W mi aa tiiaga
Tirs on HOMti Tones
f" l i t At I . M I'll
V It mitl t r a.,, f H.i,
(si i.i ... a fc-l ef iih -
a m-m- hiii-ii
, H 4 iii i . , . ,t aj.t.t
t 4 I h i t a ha ;
a i a- i' - a i' i n ani
""ilU'liI it ,1 I.,' ,'f-i,( ,i' i,i,t,fci
a a i in o ei , .
t i .i , it f-iti l n , 4
I i - I . .. m . I i i i - a
! I ,i.i,-. . I ,
vm am i i ml Cf w . - Iff
I t ,' is ti1!ati
"Mrs. Crnsstix, ma sayx can she borrow
aome flour till tomorrow?"
"No, tell her she can I barrow anything
from this hotmo but trouble, hut we've
got lot to spare of that" Halt Immv
A recent story about Lord Kitchener 1
that fter he had examined the work of
certain recruit ' somewhere in Enelsnd"
he remarked lo ih officer: "Thoae
trenches of your shouldn't keeri out the
Valval Ion Army."-Boston Globe.
"A pievlnu witness testified that the
man vanished as completely as if the
Vrti-th hsd opened and ( wallowed bitn up,"
'More so, your honor, llo tanlslaod nr
complelelv as If he had run over siune
l.odv with hla car." F'uck.
MAM, HE SATS HE .Wtt. 1e
rwRicfrit-refuse Him! fern
Four vea?.s vw. can fwss him
aaik A WVT?. fir'LL joim
is it vour autfrW
"Tltal waa s remarkable ide of con
It aula the animal painter had in his
latest xoo picture,"
"What was It .
"He painted a laughing hvern standing
under a weeping willow."- -Unit Imot c
Ann i lean.
"I put through a big financial ileal hint
week,' remarked Mr. Iiuiiin Slax.
"1 thought you said you were going
on a pleasure trip."
"t'ottld there be iitiy pleasure greater
than putting through a big flnanclul
deal?" Wasltlnglon Htar.
Kerv'anl The landlady mid she would
lllie to have the room rent when Its I
Ilonmer-Tetl her not tn worry: that'i
wlu-n she'll get H.-l'lilladelphla rteenrd-
"I never lone my temper," remarked
Menator iSorghum,
Vet thre must he thlnva that make
yon Innlfnaiit."
'(if i'oure. But a stale of Indignation
Is too likely lo make a man think he is
Impressive when he ) oniy amusing,"
S anhingion Star.
"People are said to follow the '.Ine of
least rertt.-Uimrc','' hrgnn .Stella.
"That (luixn't apply to klseing. de
clared Vanessa. "The men like for you to
put up a small bluff."-J-auiaville Courier
Journal. Jackie Come, Norah, and play with ua
Were playing soldiers,
Nnnih (sbarplyi O wan now snd don I
be botherln' me. I ain't tio soldier.
Jackie No. but you're a Ited Croat
nurse. Boston Transcript.
"A man Is as big us the terms In which
he ordinarily think," remarked tho wise
"Tbls la dreadful!" exclalmul Mia
Cayenne. "My father la a . etiliat and Is
accustomed to getting his Ideas with a
ml croaco pe." W u sh I n gt on Star.
t.oulse Drlscoll In New Tork Time,
Hold fast to your dreams:
Pain wait you.
And rare and fear are near!
Tbey are very near!
Tuere is death, too
liesth comes to every dream and death
Will come to you.
Within iouY heart
Keep one still, secret spot
Where di'euin ins i, go,
And, aheUcrrd ho,
Mnv thrive and grow
Whero doulit arid fear are not
ni. keep a place apart
Within your heart
for dreams to go!
Think sillt of lovely things that are
not true.
Let wimIi and inugle work at will In
He sometime blind to sorrow make
Koruet the calm Unit Ilea
In disllluslond eyoa,
Thougli we all know that we mut f.lo,
Vet you and I
May walk like gods and he
Kvcn now st home In immortality.
We know so manv ugly thing
Im-clfa anl wrongs and quarreling,
We know, alas! we know
Hnw swiftly go
The color In ihe meat,
The bloom upon tbe flower.
The bloom iiuott tho hreaat
And vnulh's blind h'i ir.
rii. keep within your liexit
A . place ana it
Where little dresma miy go,
yiav thrive and crow,
iloid ffst your dream!
i-cua firw
A Hint to Mothers
of Growing Children
A Mild Laxative at Regular
Intervals Will Prevent
A vital point upon which all
achoola of medicine accm to agree la
tbat normal regularity of the bowel
la an (nw-nlial to good health. The
Importance of thia Ih impressed par
ticularly on moihera of growing
A very valuable remedy that ehould
be kept in every home for uae aa
occasion arlaea la Dr. (.'aid well'
Kyrup J'cpstln, a compound of simple
laxative hcrba that haa been pre
scribed by I)r. W. B. Caldwell, ui
Monticcllo, 111., for more tbau twenty-'
five years, aud which ran now be
obtained in any well stocked drug
atore for fifty cent a bottle.
In a recent letter to Or, Caldwell,
Mrs. H. C Turner. 44 Main St.,
Buffalo, N. Y.. aaya: "I bought a
bottle of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Hep
sin for my baby, Roland Iee Turner,
and find it works Just like you
said it would. It it fine for tbe
stomach and bowels."
f. f
V 7"" ' T!Saaw
, v - ,1
'' ' v ' - 1
(l j ' ' ;' " ' " '' ''' ' 1 "-'
A bottle of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin should be In every home. A
trial bottle, free of charge, can tie
obtained by writing to Dr. W. B.
Caldwell, 4 54 Warthington Bt., Mon
ticcllo, III.
For Breakfast Foods x
There's nothing more appetizing than cereals fil
hot or cold served with
Staurilizexl Unawcetcmwd '
Cottage Milk cornea from healthy cowl and It con
densed tn our t policial y clean ractonea. it l
th licheat milk with nothing taken out but
water and nothing added. It Ixiti
For purltv, f reahnra. flavor and economy.
cottage tviiiK launrxccueo. cseii wner-
ever you have been using bottle creaia
w, ,.... w.ii,i,ii,, -
In Two Sice ,
S and lO CENTS l'
At Ad Goo4 Umalmrt
ri dented in our t policial y clean ractonea. it l -Jfi z-sr fe-LrNMI
JT jut. , , r )
r r y . "jf iui
W I . aw ww M "s'flaW!."
.-jjr rr.K,- z.k eh.wz.tic snm' .-2 T 1 r i r- y , M , iii ii i i i n ii il i i mm xj
I The Indian Land Schooling Car
is now in Onuilia tit'ui..ntnttiiitr th I'MTKl) STATES
(iOVKJi'X.MKNT'S ofiVrinK tr Intiimi Un.U iu Stnith-
I ' 1 1 1 1 ' r 1 1 ikllilllitllH,
tm l,.nt' il; pi ili-iro of M'li'Ctitipt vtnir nwn trnrt
nf liiii.l. I,ritf 11(1)21' frmii $ jht ncrt up. KKS1IK.VF.
I.iitfl i I.Httif.l in ti tin nf tli. FAMorx OKlv.
ihjma nu, i5i;i;r. mi, i.k.asi: wii.i, pay hhs
ttii i u tiiii-i'i rt'ivin rN'ri.n sm.
( iiU m tin- mr iKtw un ('. i, W, l . Tih.I at 1ith
it in) I ,'ii tiw I'tth !ii I-, kI'f frt'tn !' it, lit, tn I v, v..
No CharRe for AtJraisiion. INFORMATION FREE.
Persistence is the cardinal vir
tue in advertising; no matter
how ood advertising maybe
in other respects, it must he
run frequently and constant
ly to he really successful.
'! S t
' l I. I I.
,, .