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    Tin; hit.: Omaha, wkpxkspay, may 10, loir..
Face of Primary Returns Shows
Only One District with Demo
crat Majority.
(Prom a Staff Correapondent.)
UNtYH.N, May .-(Kpeclal.)-Tbu!.
tlon cemplM by the atate canvlni(
beard on the vote caat In conrcreaotm
dlstrlcta preaent mum Intoreetlnjr figure
anl Indl'ate that tlira ia no good reason
why Nubraah ahoulil be represented In
congreaa by mora than one democrat. Tlia
figures ahow aa follow:
Tlvl, republican 12.B.'
Magnlrn, driinicrat ,,,, ),2M
AM 'any, di'itiocrut 2,444
Llvlngamn, democrat 't.'iM
iMiuiillcan vole, li.tVtt; d em or: rat, 9,W;
republican majority, x,u.
linker, republican
Mfirt-r, republican
llliw, republican .,
I.oiiai k, dunmcrat
tjiiliiliy, democrat ,,
Flab rt y, deinwra t ,
Af una ban, democrat . .,
Ilepiiubllran, 14, 0)7: democrat, 11,7.11; re
t' lliliinn III I'ltUy, !',!'.llt
i mm mmituct,
Znelow, republican, 3,2!1'
lt rmtr, republican li,ul;l
ft I "Midi, ilcmnct m I M, W2
lb-publican, ii.M'l; democrat, H,4'.'; dem
OcimI majority, I,IM,
flbiiiil, republlciui. , 10.791
Mlinun, republic an ,
hi'i rk, dmiiour t 10,4'i'j
Itetiubllcati. ;),6Z; democrat, UI.WJ, I b
publb an ma ferity, J,fiH,
i'll-TH MhTHICT.
Harton, republican ,,. 9.7IS
Aiulrewa, lepublliiin , 4.WJ
Hballenlifti'ger, democrat , ID, 445
"'rice, democrat ,, :l,72G; demoerat, K,U0; re
publican majority, J.llbfi,
In tlia ninth dlatrlct the democrat hav
bernine dlaeouragad In trying to defeat
Afoaea P, Klnkald and ao no ona cared to
oppose him for tli nomination. However,
241 democrat wrote In the name of 10, II.
McUermott of Kearney, but with no op
poult Inn 1,'ongreaaman Klnkald received
JH.-M voti .
Thla Indicate that the Ural, 8e ond,
Fourth, Fifth imd Hlxth district have
lepubllciin majorltli and ahould ele i te
publican coiigieanman, while but one dla
trlct, tha Third, bow a Kpublban
minority, and that ao amnll thai with a
randldat Ilka "William J', Warner that.
dUtrlrt ought to el''t a republican aa It
lined to do a few yeaia ago before pan
Mephena got tha eongrelonal Iniblt.
.. 7,710
.. ,'!!
,. 2.7.11
.. ,2::4
. . I.'id
. . 2,7til
Beatrice Woman
Loses Control of
Big Touring Auto
UKATIUCB, Neb., May -(Special. )
Mra. J, P. Maunders, wife of Mayor Kaun
deri, had a narrow escape from airloua
If not fatal Injury yesterday when alio
Inat control of lier touring ear on Court
street, Tha machine dashed Into tha
corner of the old Nebraska National bank
block at Fourth and Court street and
wa prevented from pitching over the
walk Into tha basement below by etrlk
Ing tha Iron railing near tha building.
Tha Impact burnt both front tlrea and
broke one fender, but Mra. Baundcr,
who fainted after tha accident, urn-aped
Hon Rldgely liaa been appointed ehiaf
of pollco of rickrell, nine mllea north of
Healrlce, where one aaloon la In operation.
Klnro Hcatrlco went dry recently tha town
haa been tho nirrca for the thirsty and
thoi who cannot afford an auto go on
the train, hire a team or walk. Ho fir
there haa been no dlaturbnncea of any
The body of thi lata Charlea Neld
hart, who dropped dead here Sunday aft
ernoon nt heart trouble, will be taken to
Itrownvllle, Neb,, for Interment tomorrow.
Mi. Neldhart wa one of ttie oldeat Ma
ona In the alale, having aerved the
Itrownvilln Indue aa wnrehlpful maater
thlrty-flva yema ago. lln leavea flv
daughtera, hlx wife having paaerd away
ycara ago.
John Kiahcler, for the laat few ea"f
a i-e.ldent of I'lllcr, died at that place
lerdy, aged 46 yeara. The
will ftoour Wedneaday form tha Oerman
Lutheran church, eight mllea aouth of
Wytnore, '
Columbus Knights
Re-Elect Officers
For Ensuing Year
KflKMONT, Nob., May .-(pee(al;
11 f,fflcra wllh the exception of Jamea
I.anljtan of CSreeley, who moved from
the Ute, were re-elected unanlmoualy
the annual convention of the Nebraaka
KnlKhte of Columhiia here thla after
noon. The officer! are; alate chaplain, flev, L.
A. bumph, Huttun; alate dT'Uty, le.o.
V, Corcoran, Vork; atate aneretary, rrunk
M. (.'olfer, Mct'ook; etate treaaurur,
'atrlck J. OlJlonncil, O'Neill; atate ad
vocate, Judge Harry, Wahoo; atoto
warden, William Heckenaleln, Alliance.
Alliance waa choaeif for the . meeting
place of the convention In ini7. During
the day a flood of telegrama waa received
at convention headquarter, from
men, Inviting the knlghta to cor to
Hint place next year,
I'clfgiitee from the twenty eight coun
cil, in the atate, in addition to VlaltW
brought the total number In attendan t
at the convention to ow 10). Hcrvicea
wire held In the afierr 'il Ht, Pat
i n k'a Catholic church, wharg th ttlgi
I!ev. John 'Jlhio, ... i . Incolri,
prealded. The conveiitlou aa brought
to a cloce thla evening with a banquet
and aoclal dunce.
Movement for New
Court House in Polk
OKCKOI.A, Neb., May 9.--(Kpclal.) - At
a (renting of Die Oaeeola Oommerclul iljb
held laat week, the mutter it a new court
lioimo Jn J'olk county waa taken up and
illatuaaetl at considerable length. Tin
lael. tvo yeaia there hua I cen much aentl
nieiit iminlfiNt In favor of tlie erection
of a new county building inoie In k;p1n
with the prexenl dny iie"d. Aa a reaull
of the Commercl il club'i enna deration of
the (to eel (oinin'l'ee aa apro'nte.d to
vldt the people, of the county u:,d aeor
a giuiturni to a petition, i-cuiic- iing the
board of county lommlHcloneie to make
a levy of court liotiao funda fr the com
ing five year, the amount lo be rl!!l
b'lng lioo.'.co, and the now building to
occupy the alte of I lie preaent atructure,
"which ha atood for nearly thlrty-flve
eara. Tha committee haa been at work
and ace meeting with the beat kind o'
em otirngcnieiit In every part of tho
county and from preaetit proapeela Ibo
necenanry nuniber of minma to the pHI
tlona will be aecured within a very ahori
time. Jt Kill lake 1,110 petitioner! to re
cure the iiecCKaary levy to ralne th"
North Platte Club
Has New Secretary
NORTH PLATTE, Neb., May J.-lHpe-clal.)
W. D. I'lalier, former aecretary
of the Alliance Commercial club and aec
retary of the Wealern Nchraalia Com
mercial club and of tha Stale Aaaocla
llon of Commercial Clnha, jeaterday took
up i t work aa lecretary of the North
Platte Chamber of Commerce. Hecretary
Mnher t already arranging for a vlalt
to North Platte by vailoua Coitimerclnl
cluba and Community cluba of aurround
Ing town and countlea and for the mark
ing of !.'0 inilca of road In the vicinity
of North Platte telling the dlitanc to
thla city.
Will Be Ready for it When it Comes
and Has Flans Matured for
(r'rom a Staff Correspondent )
LINCOLN, Mhy 9.- Special. Thc con
dlllona In Mexico and tho Information
contained In noon papcra that President
VVIIaon would call out tlui alate mllltlg
of three border etate to patrol the bor
der ha livened up llilnga conaldnrably
at National Ouard head'iuartera today.
The arrival yeaterdity of two ranao
finder, one each for tho two Ncbraalia
regiment. Indicate! there la a poaalblllty
lliat Inalead of going to Fort ll'thlnaon
for ummer maneuvera tho Nebraaka
(jiinrd may he aent to the aoulh ao aa to
be In closer communication with the bor
der, (Icneral Jiall la carrying out the army
idea of keeping riilct, but when ho n
tho paper! today the general evidenced
a keen Intereat and Indicated that order!
to move to the Mexican line would not
make him deef badly.
(icneral llnll la one of the recognised
efficient adjutant general of the Na
tional Ouard and tnd high with army
headumirter, and the "mother whi
didn't bring up their boy to be uddlera,"
aa well a thoae who did, may rent -!urert
that the boy who are under com
mand of (Jenernl Hall will bo taken
care of.
In connection wllh other arrangement,
fjeneral Hall l working on a plan to
equip a wlrele company of Hi guard.
He haa been fortunate In enllatlng the
aervlcea of a man who la n expert In
wlreleaa telegraphy and will be placed In
charge of tha work,
St. Louis Boosters
Visit Nebraska
COLI'.MHt'B, Neb,, May .-flpeclnl
Telegram. -Hlxty-flve Ht, Jxml bulnc
men and booalir arrlverl at Columbu
thla morning on a apemlal train at t
o'clock. They were accompanied hy
mllllory bond nnd are under the guid
ance of Secretary llobcrt lea of the Hiilc
Manager' league, They were greeted on
their arrival here by Mayor llothleltiu-r
and Secretary Ulekey of tha Columbu
Commercial club. They left here for
Lavld City and will atop at, Jlaatlng
Fnlrbury .era ,olea.
r.MP.BfnV. Neb., May 9.ifpeclnl.)
The Protestant chunhe of Knlrbury
have Joined In a twi weelu' levlnviil
campaign, alilch I being conducted at
the Priabytcrlun church by ir. P. L.
Hmjee. An exctilcnt choir furniahe
niualo bud aingltiB for the revival meet
liui. licit Wmlth, scleral fommn fr the
pock ialand, haa returned from ft buel
lie trip to Knimaa City, M. J. of'nant
lllled hi position temporarily.
Hoy Kerhnrt i in fiabclhii. Kan., at
the hcdalda of hi wife, who la In a
honpltal at that point. Mra. Lverhart
end urn! an operation last week.
Thomaa O'Connor of Rait Lake City,
I lull, haa taken a pctmlon In tlio Hock
lilBiid locomotive lmp at thi point,
lie auneed K. It. Miller.
Tho Harbin bank of till city haa
I en. he. I ita higli II l n I It a far a ilcpoit
ko, a ttu y amount to o. er ti aj. ThU
let lie flrat time in the history of the
larl'tna or nv oilur bank In thla
vicinity that the deposit have iracbed
thi fitini.
Cllli'Aiio, My i'hhag'i, tur-
lingtnn tj .In y rr.i'l today an
t. in. e,t an In re Irt for ail
tindi en Die m'.in aiiniuoiiiig fmu
I rent l 5' fn!t an h'or. tl l t
Mffi, a! of Pa r'4 ' IU t'l-a
In a vohinian lift ! tha men 1 u
ia. ili .lt' ba t. t May I
t'i t
Mr. J. II . VMI...
t.fN. mt , IUV :t t Tli
,t.' . I Wit. 1 II M lin .twd In
,,n i 'n.h bmjtUt twiid', I n I
I l, -t. ltntT .l In H-V Jl.l.
i, ouct j. In, (! tjiixal (! ii t4 Uii I
t'.'li l' t. at -. l- .
i i I t i il Mi -a
( tl. ! Iff I'-. ' I,
, tui 1tii H im, t'". a !"- tii,
t I'd. I .' g-4 A
ti.i lrvtht If II '
I II. .1 I ' . A -tl
. a ' c' I a T
, . t !.. in- ti-- , as 4 ! it
i . t ii t -1 SI
M A C tii m j '
il ta.n
.. l i f M i' ' i
. i I t I m I
A i I e in.K t if I ; .
, s . .( , I I .1 I ! ''i ' t
,i a it i v. i. 1
,,,,!,(..! ,1 . t (-.',, .
I I I -t I 1 - ' ' .
a I,
4Fi 1
I . lt
nKAVKl CITY, Neb., May O.-trtpcclal.l
The graduating exerclaea oflhe la of
l!i of the Heaver City High school -will
be held on May 19 In a large tent, which
hue been pitched on the campui, to !e
commodate the cluaa and the. graduatoi'
rclntlvea and frlenda. Tlie cla numbers
flfly-two, believed to bo the largest In
the tate graduating from echnol in
a town of only J.oO) Inlialiltaul. Ther
waa not a public! building In town of
sufficient alr-e lo furnlah acc.onimod.i
tlona. Tho following I tlie cImkh roll; John
Hill, liay Young, lioy Carter. Mr u'v.
nit, Leo WhIkdii, Kllen llonp, (loldle
Cook. Hoy C. Hiulth Nit lie Avar. Kern
Selbert. Lcnlln llolile, llaiil liillln, l-'nwn
I'. Uelr, Korreat ltuli, Aubrey Moore,
Id II I.. 'Union, l.uella M. Cook. Kin
melt Sheila, Lataa Wllliania, Wame
Hlcwn. Hula It. Crltaer, Iteuliih Hariiiun,
llniiey it. Hinltli. ttiaca V, Mulish, Kdgar
lOaekman, llrfioltl l oiwliind, Hudnlph
lledaev, I(iii II lleilgiK, i'arl K Hummel,
Klaie M. CuffcV, Kunlee V. Cult, William
Ii. llurilnon, I'aiui V.. Ilaiper, Maiicl .t.'i, tiladva I, ht"ne. Uarcta M Ay at a,
Muiiil Ci mker, t'lnii'ne Coffey, I'or
n it l.ronnt J, Iniillcv l.uttun, itrmik.
ale Crllarr. lAUlell.o (V.ftev, i-lllin tl
Harding. Murlmte K Ayiu. h llaiel
li llliliKi, M. lli lacbinelec, V rein
henifii l.i, hippie l naiiil'ci Mi
rritia Hiand lleinld lachmeler, I nc.
KlU ,N. Mm In. Ci.ilruiln ,M Laiikhilue.
'I'll eeriit and Imul front lef of tier
many amount (t aim it 4 .
NORTH PL ATT PI, Men,,' May -iCpeclal)
Harry Loggetf, a I'nioti Pa
cific awllchmen, waa the principal wlt
neaa for the alate Irt tlie preliminary
bearing In tlie Lincoln counly court Hint
resulted in hla wife, Mra. Vivian Dog-
gett, being bound over to the district,
court oil chergea of aaaault with Intent
to do great bodily harm. Hoggelt wa
brought to court from a hospital where
he wai recovering from two bullet
wound Inflicted by hlg wife. He tesll;
fled that Mra. Loggett had allot lilm
after they had had aomo conversation
concerning eparatlng and hi going to
Omaha to work. Mra. Hogget t did not
take the at nnd, hut had previously told
official and newspaper men that aha
had ahot her husband after he had told
her that he waa leaving to go to Omaha
lo live with another woman. Khe de
clared that ahe ahot hlin only after ho
had throvin a. number of dlahea and a
meat cleaver at her. Mr. Uoggett I at
liberty on S.i00 cash bond.
Oil Company Leases
Twenty Thousand
Acres at Table Rock
TAHLK U'ICK, Neb . May 9 - trfpcclnl.) ;
-During the IkmI ten day men have been
here trjlng to secure learn' on land In
tlie, vicinity of Tahiti 11m k. Three men
epieaent a coiiipam of Nehiaakn hind
luca men wlio have conceive! the Idea
lliat the Kiiiiiih oil vein extend to
Talio P.ok, ami tliilt beneath tho surface
these Vein tuny be tupped and flowing
wclla of great voluo struck. They arc
asking fur lease tut :0.t) acie of laud
In thla pi'lgiihoihiifMl, imd aeveral leasea
have already been granted. These lease
grant to tli' lcnec fur the role and only
purpose of mining and operating for oil
and gii ii, laying pipe line, building tank,
power atiitlona and atructurea thereon
to produce, sine nnd tako care of audi
product!, the leano to remain In force
for. a period of five erH, or n long aa
oil or gii or either nf them Is produced
on said land These men ecm to have
Information that give them f.tlth In tho
proposition, and they seem to have con
fidence enough In It to put their money
Into it If they can get the necessary sup
port from the land nwnrr of till
vicinity. i
Ottumwa Company
Encourages Men to
Join State Militia
OTTI'MWA, Irt , May 9 -The Imal Diiln
Manufacturing; company, a large hsy
lool concern, hua ahown it sympathy
for preparednesa by posting in Ha plant
a bullolln for tho employe which say
that preparednesa I hut Insurance
against mi unforeseen national crisis and
loea with lh following paragraph:
In order that our employe may feel
free to uli) In preparedness we will, until
further notice, pay full day rate, ten
hour per day, to employe! enll ted In
Urn National (iuard dining such time a
they may be reiiulred to attend the an
nual encampment or other military duty
lu tha atate.
New York City ha moie than
Chinese latindrle.
Hooa'a gariaparllla ii tb Medlols to
Take Makai Vura Blood.
Dry, moist, aly tetter, pimple, bolls,
and other eruptiona com fr in hum us,
jrthii may be ell In r Inherited, or ne
iulreit tluougn clorci'ttva ingesiiiin au.i
'Co treat tliene eiuptlon with drying
m'dlclne 1 rtnii'jerous,
Hood' I-'oriiiBillla, the old tellahlt
medicine, helps the system t(f db charge
the buriior and linprive the dlgcstioii
and aasiiiillntlon.
lirt Hood t aranparlllu from your dru ;
glat. Jt may i iiinrpieiii ly rell d upon
to do Hs work, It purlfle the blond,
lorn the stomach, and build up the
whole ayatem. It goe to the r iot of
dlacasea, and II beneficial results ero
pi-! mum tit. It seta thing! to ilglita n tlie
syaletii. Iteineniher to ask for llocda
Kircara'llln. heiauae nothing e'e neu
like It nod noihlng rhie can take la pi ice
Adv rtlaetnent.
Two Polk oiiuty I'loiieeea Dead.
OHCKOLA, Nob., May ii.-(Hpocln.)
During tha lat week two very prominent
old citizen of Oaccola and Polk county
have paed awny and been laid at fat
In the Oaccola cemetery. Thene are L. P.
Anderson, whose funeral wa held on
Hunday, and Nel Nelson, who wu fol
lowed to the cemetery Monday. Lach of
tlieae men came to Polk county in nn
rally day ninrf leave behind a larne num
ber of neighbor and friend who will
miss them and who are very ready to at
test to the uprlghtnesa and good citizen
ship of each of the two first a'ttl'r o.'
Polk county.
Constipation and Inilliieatluii.
"1 have used Chamberlain' Tablets
and must say they ere the best 1 have
ever used for constipation and Infixes
Hon. My wife also imed them for itull
geallon and they did her Komi." write
Kugene 8. Knight, Wilmington, N. .
Chamberlain' Table! are mild and gen
tle In their action. ihe them a trial,
You are certain tu he pleased with tlie
agreeable laxative effect which they pro
duce. Obtainable ever) where, Advertisement.
aiankrr-Ja to b.
Miss Ivna J in'" Im and .Mr Jniiii H'nii
k"f, ti'ilh of Otualia. er mnri le-l Mmi.
day motnlng at P'o'ilii kt y liov . Charlr
W, tlavbU. They eip ui cnuipnli! J by
Mi Ann ..unit and Mi Herman Muru-ll.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
oroves it 25c at all druggists.
A Mew Mom Our That Anyone Can U
Without DlKComrort or iog 01 Tim.
We hove a New .Method that cute Aalh
ma. ami we want you to try It at our ex
pense. No matter whether your ee la of
long ulaii'lliiK or recent development,
whether it I preaent R occealnnii I or
i-hrnnie Astlnna. voll ahollld end for
free trial of our method. No matter In
whnt climate you live, no matter what
your 8KB or occupation. If you ari- troubled
Willi natiiina, our memou anouia relieve
vim nriiiuiit 1 v.
So especially want to semi It to llm.e
apparently bop'-lesa cinns, where all form
nf inliiilera, ilnucne. opium prepa rni oois
funic, "patent smokes." etc., have fiilh d
We want lo show everyone at our own
cxm rise, that t i U new nieiuou I ilesigueii
li nut all dirt'l'Milt hreathiiiK. all wheex
Inn, and all tlmse ti-inlile paroxysm! at
nine and for all time.
TIiIk free ofler If too Impniiatil to neg
iect alnule day. W r't" now ami tlu n lie
gin tha method a' Hinl no iinnn y
Minl'ly mall coupon below. I'o It Tod
a, k'
4-J-, 'i ! 11
i ' fit
.. phi
K ' II
i ru.i: ahi iimx ihh iiiv
Kt:f)N"1 IKIl ASTHMA CO . Room If A,
Niagara and Hudson rU. Dutfalo,
N. V
.Send free trial of your method to.
P, E, 0. Sisterhood
of Iowa Gains Over
300 New Members
OTTl'AIWA, la.. May K.-Rifm e leaving
for Newton, la., to attend tho twenty
fourth annual meeting or the P. K. O.
HIMcihoid of Iowa, Miiy tl to II, Mr.
("UelU M, Porter, pi eslddit of the slater
hood, find tho order would bo able to
leport an Increase of between .100 nd
K) new member and four new chap!
The present membership of the P. K.
O. Slstci hooii approximately n,9.
Thero are ll! chapter In Iowa with. Chap
ter A, lucHlcd In Mt. Plraaant, where the
sterhudd wa orKiinlned January 3ti, WO,
Among tlioae expected at tho low
rand chapter convention la Mrs. Mary
Allen Htaffnrd, one of the original even
ulio orgnnlied the alalcrhond at lowii
Velcan college In Mt. Pleasant. Mr
Stafford reside at West Liberty, la.
Huiireine President Helen M. Irake of
Ileal rice, Neb.," will deliver an addrea
on Tueeday afternoon, Mr. Htafford,
ho la a past atate president, will apeak
on "Helpful Thought!" Wedneaday afternoon,
Every chapter In the tate la expected
to bo repreaenled by a delegate and many
visitor will attend from th various
chapter!. The repreaentatlnn waa cut
d"n two year ago from two to on del
egato per chapter. The pat preidenl
are rx-offlrlo delegate, The object of
n during tho number of delegate wa! to
make It possible for anms of the ina!ler
cltlea to entertain the grand chapter
it 4itr
Kteu before the beginning of the prea
ent war tlie population of (iermany In
l 1 iiilcd twice a many women a men.
He Wont Ad aerve liundrtda dally.
a Flavor
or is not tti
ordinary soda crackers.
Uneeda Biscuit are extraordinary soda
crackers and have a distinctive appetizing
Buy Uneeda Biscuit because they are
soda crackers with a flavor, but. above
all, buy them for their crisp goodness.
S cent$ everywhere
V'HU f'il
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The Big
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Jewelry at Very Special Prices
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Bracelet Watches
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prlea , . . .
Diamond Rings
risnulns diamond. beut 1-1 carat,
est In f.niy inountliif . tIC CA
127 00 value IW.aVI
in 00 values, l -l carat In r e AA
Tiftsny niountliif tpirf.WW
("leniilne Pure While tiUmonrt,
.ihl M I0H le 41100, at In Ilk
Tiffsny niounlliif, worth COT Crt
70, Hal prtee QI.HM
Ladies' Watches
1 air. lilaln mov.m.nt. auaeanteed
10-year ld lllled eaaa; open nr elniwd
eas; rsular 112 00 Asj aa
Holld Gold Tlrooehca,
namslad deaians.
3 00 le .1.t0 valuaa.
Sample lines of High-Orade Traveling Hags and Suit Cases. All
traveling bags are leather lined and have English sewed frames.
In black, brown and russett. Sizes IB. IS and 20 inches. These
goods are values np to $1,0.00. On sale Wednesday &A Q Q
$1.00 Fiber Suit Cases
About 200 Fiber and Matting Bags and Knit Cases, values
to $1.00. All in one lot Wednesday at OUC
A IMIU: of VELVET Ii like n
good wrttclt ilog. It vrl
comet frcn'ly thought! an icnrr
off unfrrii'Iy ottci.
Tluie I-. l i e einii , and .! H
Hat nne ti l. Ii f t rd nf III hr,i.,
m it tti'lt is In clit-nl e Ti. in
fi. tj till, a t .si,. .1 tu n n ar .i,wl. it. 'ii mi trim i di i
.ui,, ,. 1 1 l.i. . 1 11. .n h 'I. v 1 1
r i, .- .( t l 'i 'fii I ii-.'v
4. , I In I 1' I I ' I l'l ' "
( . .1 I ii I f I I nli I. . il . .
... .,,.. t, , t,i. -t " i"' I
. . . .l l I VI lllllr Ul " ' ' , ' I1 I i' 1 ii' 'i
a --.I 'it . 4 ' em' ii..."it
, . . tl - . . I. 1. . 1 -, . I ! '... '. 11 111 I tt -
..!., -I I t m I l .-
.. .l IX ll". I t' ! '
( . . ,. -I I'., . .n t i.,. i i 4 ,1
, ... i . -in ii t r 1 t . - i.t . t. ,
... t ' , '.. . 11, It .1 H'l ' '"' M " -
,. .. ,S ....... . i . . 1 '. i . . t - ' --
, . . If I I tl-t .1- 'I I'.' k l- : H"i. S
Ii '1- !t ' .t
, i , , I - I - ' - 1
i rt I il- II ' t ..... II It ' II -
'' . ' i I ' l ' I. t, - .t t I I .
I. .ii ... j I , I .. i !-.
. . i..- '
In the Art Embroidery Store
OW T8 THR TIM R to choose, an exceedingly pretty Lamp and pay fery little for It hern.
We hav lakon many or the beHt Lamp wts hara In afoek and reduced prices so
radically that everyone who haa Inn alighteat need will surely share In this sale.
Rotidolr Lamp, In rilrch Mahcigany, wired;
wllh ailk shade; In blue, pink, yel- f JZL
low and old roue; $3.00 value, at. tj 1 O
Mahncany Door Lamp, two light, with silk
poplin ahndn, trimmed with nolil gimp and
'rlnge; lli'itiu to $17 60 value,
Mahoftany I.ihrary I-anip, two llfrhi, pull
chain aoeket; also preaden Library Itntp,
&t to I0 .00 taluea, I f-
Vednedy -Jti I O
filbrsry Ijimps, In solid mahogany and hand
carved wood, finlahed In Roman fiold and
Italian flnlah, complete with silk shades; trim
med with braid; some, with frlngo; others with
taaaeia; valuea I10.0D to 115.00,
3enulne Imported Japanese. I.ampa, with shaded
two lights, In Japanese, risurea and vaaea;
fancy dexorated shade; also hand carved
bronxn Candleatlck' f.lS.Ot)
I45 00 vaiuea. at
We are (Imaha liru(liii.trttr fur the fsmiuit Kyer Silk
tiloves. For fit, wear and uslitt', Kaver gloves are tinmr
ihm.I. F.vrry air is guraiifee( by both the makers and
otirttelv c.
t'imii'le, froth at ne reny fi.r uarin weather wear.
All Me HI umi Hlnl ni i.rt Mv Ii-;, Imlll J.llllll Slid frttH'V,
Per Pair, 50c to $2.75
A Nw, I Ut ml Way
ttv Htuli Hairy taoMth
; i i ' . .' -t. t...s
? ... !-. I T, lilt. ? ! I" I U I' -til....
J I , .b . , , A' I t '!!
i I, , H il .. . i . Ir ' 1 ' .!.... . J
. X t L I' II ' t I ' I' S
': . m i ' i ' I i ti - ' I l-i 1 I I"
j ... i i. ' t . I .-. fi Kt 'I '
..... l t ,. . ' . ' I ll '. It ) .(.:.
,. ., ...... . - .
Rugs for All Rooms
ii)iifiler K n; are Vn.iwii t tie "(eiierl pur m ' ' rtiij,
t-'l f " r t.e in fiery tu in tli h"He. We offer an etn'rjv.
t ui) I nari'aiti tu mm a;rt.le. H-it 'luaity ntli .. .mi. In
A III' line f itttf rn. i:t!i!i f. if liv r.Mtin
.'. !tiU! ta-i t UltMi, at, , ,
Ii ii.-. I W .It'Mi U'lf, at" ')2 H-ig urntaUy
..t. f-f I't lit A!l f-.... iltrrnti. Al,,,,,.,
U ltaa ah itit luentv m ft 12 It ifelmr Ug.U J
li'tial W i!t. iuif. li s le ti rii on tnC
S i
!'.! it, l(. ta I re i( rarl
(!'. i S r.t'ifi.livy ,
Wall Paper
Three Specials
Orouptd In the ap.dal f.
Nrlnj f wall paper. ar M
kind, and tt9, auitahl
fee ')' ream. You can
iutitattial tun by tailing
aivint j f tsi ai.
A tkultt Ilele. M.m pf I,tH( f.
!"'. tl Sat 'he (t.-e.
in an-.i i-e;:ni(, (ultaata ( r
tr itfiHim n. ,r
f.nn iiii
ediie ! n, ..' j , , , ,
An eftfiM inlt t,i !.,t JMl. tl
l" p ' With eu' t it (H-ettttr l
tiU !, In tU.r ,,f (4I(t jf ertu
an( linn. ,,tnra pittr p,t$.
t'e rr ti !- n
tmA !tiKUi,
A Ur ilrt tn k't et'l
4 ii t Im I.. . i , i f .
llt ftii-ht. .1 i ,1 ,n, ft
d' t a I ' I 1 ,i i.
a; ftr k'!s I1'1" smiii t
H .nine- H'.im ii ; r itiat
k . )
.t tf a f. 't, ,