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The Bee Publishing Company, Proprietor.
hn tared at Omaha posloffic a aecond-cla mwtur.
Uy earlier By null
per monih pr year.
iially and Sunday fc I
l.mily without Sunday ........ , 4,i
Evening and Muiiduy 40c,.,,, 09
Evening without Sunday Jine 4 00
Sunday Be only :'0c J.09
bally and Sunday IW, three year in advance. $ 1 0 0)
Kend notice of cbangs of gddresa or Irregularity in
delivery to Omaha Hw, ClnuUtion Department,
Remit by draft, express or postal order. Only two
iniit stamp received in payment of mall account.
f'eronl checks, x )! on uinali and eastern eg
ihanK'. nt accepted.
Omaha The R Hulbllna.
moth uniaha N ireet.
Chimcll hniffa -14 Nor I hi Main atrart
Lincoln i2 l.lltl HolMlng
Oilrago 1 People Ua Hulldlng.
New York Hrwitn I Hi. 2f Fifth avenu.
ft. lyonln 603 New flank of Cmouu;ri t,
Washington 755 Fourteenth street, N, W.
ronrt khponhenck.
Address communication relating to news and edl
tnrlsl matter to Omaha Tlee, F.dltorlal I iar I me tit.
57,808 Daily-Sunday 52,223
fjwlght William, el filiation niriuge.r of Tli He
rublislurig company, being duly sworn, say that lb
let circulation for II, month of Apiil, ll"'i,
'.Mj dally and hl.ra, euii'lav.
inVIUHT W1LI.IA.UH, Circulation Mansgur.
feubscrll.nd tn rny pieseui; and wuru to befof m
thl J day of May, PI.
ilOUiiilT ULNTLJt, Notary i'ubllc,
KuljMrilwrg leaving Hie city- lciiiioiurl!y
should liMve J ho lli o mulli-il to (Iii iii, Atl
Uic Will bo changed a ofli ii u iTfiiet"il.
Summer' forward
backward, coring.
leap uNj feature a
"Mexican- Ford Ulo Grande," No, It ha no
reference to Henry Ford thl time.
Rlhlnj; pike slway nmke for pruUtlon.
Keep your feet warm and jour head cool!
If those Mexican bandit fan see no line
at the border, neither can our American troop.
Kmokfd (OKEl-i would muturlttlly aid dcni
orrt to triumiro me blaxlng force of rtpub
linn primary majority.
Another holy war la anaounced In Ufypt.
The native population grow too faut anyhow,
and nffdu lummary treatment.
Our famou annual ran-mkln itrorer'
and butcher' picnic ha ben fixed for June
22. Mr. Weather-Man will pleaHe take notice!
All the various aetlvlUo of the Welfare do
pir-tment are in brink demand except the free
employment bureau. Further romment un
, ueceasaryl
Omaha' niont preaalng need in the way of
(cbllc Improvement i at I if for a new Ifnlon
depot for the adequate accommodation of In
coming and outgoing traveler. '
Bmall favor thankfully received at the
POKtofflce. Vaatly locreaaed btielnen railed for
liberality, but the administration oeedl the
money to fatten payroll elm. v. here.
It l yet to be decided whether a name
'"written In" at the primary on the non-partlaan
judiciary ballot Is or I not entitled to a place
ea the official ballot for the election.
The proteat analnnt the needle cutting and
tUMructlon of pavement hold good for all
over Omaha a well a for the South Bide. A
little more precaution would aave the tax
payer a lot of money.
City official abould carefully weigh, the
consequence of abutting out middlemen. Tha
it bar nee of "good fellow" from official ealllng
lint would deprive the eommlsalonei of
their chief dnfenae againat pie counter gaa.
The municipal ownership propogandlot
feem to be In dimtKreeiiiettt its to whether
Omaha should take over tho as work or thtf
elertrli: lighting plant flrnt. PcmnUily they
might compromlae with one another by hitih
Ina the two together.
Some one trie to tell uh that, baned on ren
fus figure, there nre 3H4.00rt tiuatlfled vot(.r
In Nebnuka, The record alio that e never
lielled much over ;7S,'t0 vote and it would be
atretrhlng It mightily to make the eatlniate
tor next November 300.000.
Senator O'orman of New Yoik ha taken
btnmelf out of the race for re-rleetlon. Pri
vate bulne I the announced came for lb
ntor' 'enntlng from public life.
Hack of that lie the enator'a fre'iuent o'l"'
ution to the prenident puliclen, wliuh would
make a rampalgn for re-election well-nigh
hopcle at the atari
Thirty Years Ago
This Day in Omaha
! ku. li'- t'.4 l'ti tti tmin
l u lil ii t.' li'.oli li. hi. II.- i. .1,
at . t !. t ' I
. I ' II IC! .-I ll C M - . l I . , J, , , I
, '"'" '' f" " I ' " ' "tl.H
i .-.r i loi I ..--t 'v.,f-. J'. 1,. Ulil'U nu-
Hl UH I I KH t I I ' - i. 1 M I ...
I t'lSW'-t
Stf 1. t M I H i I I . V 1 .l.-i 4 .
' I ' t I "li i.'f- li.' - I VI .
T i it t . K-ia t. it . 1
''4 I f ':- ' . , u. . i'. ; , it i
H.,.J. I. I44 "lit t ,l.t I' .!
I'-fvl l. ..I. I i i- ' iv,..-n ... I J.1 I. V. t i
!. - lt W I. t-..i,.. J tt
M . ! i i t ' I
i. r i . ' ti f . ii i i.i t a ' a t 1 1
l !..-.. .... i(i.iH ti
tl 'lt !.. '!: , I . f . j( ( ,
I i I ' -' ii i -
1 I- 1(1 It- - l I t ,
J-f, ! f VI .. . 1 .,, .,!-..
,ri 'I I i . . i ; i n .
I ... t. . l-r i I ' I . t u i - . .
Time to Stop Temporizing.
The latent raid on Texas border towns by
Mexican bandit la an exhibition of the danger
continually present under exinting condition.
With no rei-!ionnlble authority anywhere In Mex
ico, eave In the amall are occupied by the
American troops, marauding band are both
numerous and desperate, Carranza' pretense
to government ba been thoroughly, expoed,
end the futility of hi effort dlopose of btm
even as an experiment. He ha proved weaker
even than wa thought, The question of the
political aspect of the mnrderou foray Into
the I'nited State doesn't much matter. We
have quite good reason for suspecting Car
ran.a of tacit consent to, If not complicity In,
(he movement , any one. yhe outstanding
fact are that Mexico ha no government, de
facto or otherwise, and that our relation with
it people cannot be maintained on friendly
fooling until peace along the border 1 assured.
Even the patient president should understand
tht the time for temporl(ng ha passed, and
that soiiin definite policy toward the trouble
some murderer and robber of Mexico should
In put. Into operation.
Income Tax on Foreigner.
American Investment banker have united
in a protest against the announced Intention of
tho government to collect Income tax on Amer
ican securities owned by foreigner. It I
uiged (hat this will affect the market abroad
for our securities by rendering them less at
tractive. Thl statement 1 true, but it doe
not make plain why the foreigner should be
exempt, from the tax, nor does any good reason
appear why extra inducement should be pre.
Mcnled to foreigner who are sought possible
Investor In our bond, stock or mortgages.
American securities have long been considered
a splendid Investment by the people of Europe,
and billions of dollars' worth sre now owned
there. Moreover, ss The Bee remarked some
month ago, Immense blocks of these securities
were purchased well below par and are now
selling t pr or well above, so that the holder
reaped a double profit on tho loan, (during In
our prosperity at lltt'e If any risk, The fact
that the British government agreed to accept
American securities at the market price In lieu
of gold on H own war loan Issue give a clue
to the standing of our credit, public and pri
vate, Many million of money are ent across
the ocesn each year to pay interest on these
securities, and out of this considerable reve
nue goe to the European government. Amer
ican securities sre quite likely to top the mar
ket for many year to come, and the foreign
owner I not entitled to speclul consideration.
He should pay hi share of the cost of keeping
up the government here.
Some Common-Sene Advice.
The experience of the long headed bulne
man I worth mora thsn the advice of the wise
acre theorist, so we print here some sober obser
vation made by our fellow townsman, W. W.
Bingham, who ha been, learning the vagarlc
of trade and Industry through more than a
third of a century of active business:
I'roapnci for a soixl crop ware never better
than now. HverytMng point to a prosperous year,
but there baa never linen a time In the history of
our emintry when Hie hualimas man should exercla
nmre rai ami judgment than now, Abnormal eon
rtllluna have rtiad a aharp advance In practically
all manufactured product. Price continue to
climb and speculation la ramiant on every side, A
cotiaervatlvo policy Insures aafldy. It'a a presiden
tial year also. Money uaually lightens up where
any doubt exleta as In a pnaalhlfl change tn the ad
ministration or in the policy of a new congreas. It's
belter to t) Safe than sorry. Nothing to worry
Shout, but knop the machine under control, '
' No fancy language Is used here, but there
Is a large kernel of homely truth which our
readers will do well to ponder over an' digest,
whether they like U or not.
Relies on Kaiser's Promises.
President Wilson signifies hi Intention of
allowing relation with Germany to rest on
pledges contained In the latest note from Ber
lin. In common with all Americans, he accepts
the promise of the kaiser at It face, and relies
upon him to make good. At the same time,
the president propose to take occasion to point
out that Germany cannot be permitted to dic
tate the relatione or policy of the United States
with any other tounliy, Neutrality would not
permit the pursuance of Hitch a course, even
should friendship or a desire lo please suggeKt
It. The I'nited Hlate Is pledged, and by Its
actions bus maintained that pleilKe, to defend
the rights of all neutrals, and the sharpnesa of
Its rontroery with Germany hss grown out of
this undertaking. Kncroachment by the allies
on neutral right have not been forRotten, al
though they have been in a coiihIiIpi able tnens
uie tivi -rshadowed by the German erlsl. If the
pew lie no. ui promise are lived up (o, we will
have more lime for dealing with (he Brlthh
(,tfenst. ,
Silver on the Upgrade.
I.t Wednesday slber was quoted en the
New VmW market t J i cent an ounce, the
ItiKhrnl ptice at wltlih the metal ba sold in
twenty four vests It upward turn ha been
tinted foi teveral mouth, and many ilealei
tilth! It ba not vet reached the lop nf it
I (huh f-rirl tcsiuint ie ascribed fin the
c .ii c I lm l,rl mul pi'iti4 (lealrpt, It
ir ii!iig of lie Mult n itilliet liom with It
tif it t.. t i i ' nt the mi('pl! baa twine 111 lecrM
irri tc.f ether tetoit in the !nra'. rl
tul ht mi tat in lii t'iU aitil (lie atlt Honi
b.r irrliii,t' d in d vtnet a itcalef deiiii.
tin i'l ti a 1.. ii ut v ii.fie! tioi tin b not
t i v t Ut j-.-.t eitoiisn et inleirti to tttkrn the
,i.Hv . i i . i i. . .. I it tiiirt ia on
irli . till if dtioan.l lu'ld tl will tttns
..t it ieiiti t HH lt M,tl weetrta
m j" t. t '! l't haa t l ! a-llt
t f H I' 1 l
ji,- t tii t.. Stfit,ia in nttV.t o
y , ., ('' -'IMi i ljm IN fiitti(Hl
and iBttli tc-et tuiti ,! itiiuintii S
(i(!,fi t t it- li.-l i'l f )t I.,, tn er tt4
,,i i..l '".'tii mm 'ititlte at tt'4 m
J. i . i'4 1
4t at t tut f-n' iiti- t-t it fit' turn ft tic tt
Vi .i ' t ' c. k n ; t.,. I it i'l tt ftt -...,
r riMi ' ' ' ' tt-t.(f M t m.., "t t'
;, , , , i.f II ! ' I . ii. tit .I, .(; l..i. it...
- ii i ii f I ... '... i tv i ' h M. it ,
: .- ' , . i. t i - ii i. n He '. h 1 1
Nebraska Press Comment
Aurora Republican: If railway tontmldaloner were
nninlnated under the old convention system It U Incon
ceivable that a candidate who could not command the
iupport of hla own county would he seriously consid
ered; If they wr appointed It Is scarcely probable
that any governor would care to eeaiime renponsibillry
for discharging a man of Henry riarkt' character
and qualification so lotjg as he could be Induced to
aarve, During Hie flist two or thiee year of ttg ex
istence, while the foundation wero being palh'titly
laid for defense of the freight, pasnenger and exprets
rate reduction laws paaaed by the legislature of 1M7,
th railway commission w persistently and sys
tematically harassed by newspaper that should have
been In better bunlnee. Although these attacks ha1 a
long sine beon silenced by the success thst crowned
th commission's efforts, few opportunities have been
hftglocted to reopen them along other line. If, as wa
uggeited by the Lincoln Journal In Its prematura poet
mortem, they had finally accomplished tdr purpose,
the people of Nebraska would be the losers and Henry
Clarke the gainer, personally, In the end. Appointed
originally, by (lovamor Hheldnn to fill a vacancy on
the newly created commission In 1907, Mr. Clarke threw
himself Into the work with all hi heart and soul, lie
had Just made a remarkablo record In the famous leg
Islatur of that year, being personally reeponslblH for
the tonnlnsl taxation and child labor laws, and hav
ing teken a full part In the support of all other pro
gressiva measures. Ill appointment wna onsolicitel
und unexpected, If ba twice since been elected with
out effort oh hi part. He ha conslsienlly adhered
to the old fashioned Idea that if his work wa (!
factory t would b endorsed: If not, he desired to bo
islleved. If ha earned recognition from hlrh author,
it y a one of the strongest railway commlsnloners In
the I'nited Hates. Personally he would have nothing
to fear from retirement; the future hold unlimited
possibilities for a man of hi capacity. It would b
Iriost deplorable, however, In the event of his defeat,
If pnper of the Lincoln .Journal' standard should
const rue the Incident a a rebuke to the commission
and a repudiation of the iplendld work It ha per.
formed, There will b little Incentive for eniHtnua
Hon of th effort which member and employe of
that body have put Into the public service If this !
to bo their reward.
Lincoln War: Another humiliation for Mr, Bryan.
The Omaha. He claim that his suggeton that
furmers b allowed to vote by mall was stolen from
The Bee.
Franklin New: If th primary vote Is any Indlc.
Hon th republican, party will hav a walk-away at
Hi fall electlona Th republican polled U.Ooo mor
vote et th primary than th democrat and stlb
some of th danioerat hav th nurv to aay that the
republican are responsible for th nomination of their
wet candidate for governor, Kjslth Neville. If the
republican could spare enough wet member to go
Into the detnocrtlo primary and nominate a wet
man by over 10,') majority and still have enough
vote to beat the democrat by pt.OOO, what may
we look for this fall 7
Orand Island Independent: How a farmer turned
the trick on a townsman wa told to The Independent
yesterday. Jt appear that a representative of tho
Htandard Oil comany, while traveling through the
country In a car, ran nut of gasoline. Ill only re
course was to apply at the nearest farm house, rind
when he did so the farmer admitted that h could
spar a half gallon of gasoline which wouhi bring
the stalled tourist to the nearest town, though the
supply wa limited and th demand Imperative, Tin
farmer charged the Htiimlnrd Oil man a half dollar
for the half gallon. Automobile men generally will
hop that the agent do not report th Proteus, and
It luccess to 30 Wall street, New York.
Lincoln Journal: Congratulation to th young peo
ple of Omaha who war married quietly In a country
town to avoid fusa and the strain Involved In a fash
ionable wedding. An old fashioned elopement may
not be a guarantee of happiness, but a wedding of
this kind hold out a good dual of hope In these days
of extravagance and social climbing.
Nellgh Eeader: Th defeat at the primaries of the
Rr.van faction of the democracy appear to have bean
complete, Th only en of hi favorite who may
have pulled through 1 Edgar Howard for lieutenant
governor. If the latter I nominated it I because
of hi own popularity among democrat and not on
account of the Bryan Influence. In spite of the re
pudiation of Bryan by hi own party In hi own
state It I announced he will be In attendance at
Hm national convention with a proxy and that he
has an ambition to writ tho national platform of hb
party. It waa.Juat because President Wilson and
hi frlond did not want Bryan to writ the plat
form that he wa left at home. With the divergence
of view of the two Mr, Wilson would cut a sorry
figure running for president on a platform writum
by W. J. Bryan.
People and Events
A jury of old boy t Orand Rapids, Mich., could
not tie convinced that a schoolboy , was much dam aged
by being whipped by hi teacher. Nevertheless,
they gave him a Verdict for t cents to buy turn.
Kvery chance th heartless girls get they rub hu
miliation Into more man. A flock of fifty Vassar
students, listening to court proceedings at Pnugh-kcf-pHlo,
on hearing a man testify that his wife wan
buna of the house let ge a burnt of applsuee that nuolo
the judge sit up and rap for order. Judicial dignity
ritx'un't gut a look In with feminism triumphant.
A thoroughly dry Georgia by law was launched
on Mt.y day No beverage, containing mote than one
half of I per cent of alcohol may be pianufai tilled or
linltl lieiicrfotth In the state, but the thlmlv with the
pi lie may liupnrt as nueli a two (piarts of Imtl
liuuor and forty-eight pint of btier a mouth. Th
import I'l'ivllcg Insure reuannahla modem! Ion of the
A complete al-room home, hnllt n the ftwle
chalet et)le, I perched on th roofsits of a twenty
one i..ry office builiHng on Vmlerllt avenue. New
York. The novel rldence Is owned ami occupied hv
Thomas llanllni. a dlstlogulihrd architect, and hi
family furnoirullng the intty itiie It an Italian Har
den, with diminutive tieea and xbrul-brry watae tut
ftitwrr td-i the setting, in tii' I, of a country
Mrs Hetty Oreen I t;i t topper pltvtl. )
i . mi l l.e rtKVt. fur one t. l.utt . ye o t i tnum
Uiirit .t tei" recent liiilipi-mmi wo it-i:ik!y b-in-bh'-.i
tr an cili' altttu el ,.u .hlv aa.l itie i-t t
if I .... t,,,,v , ,(- ii bit i 1 1 1 i; t ,.. I,, i ' tta
tt't li'f WI'ltM W'.tlitl li. I I'tV bttil M , l.. t l '
t of..l( ,l.ll t I III. . ,lf lh li'Blr, J.,., ,4
l't I t I
Twice Told Tales
I llht Mltlaae,
Nut I. t ii-t !.. a , :. , ' .. a)
.i i i.i a It t , li't I-1' ti-. '. if ..( i - I
a m -t -.1- -,-t. Iflw tttl ,- I'l l' te,,. I
., u i'M l'- I - t I .1. ... I. . I I, . t
i , I . - 4 I C . '. IS. I,1 '.a "i.'td I I , n '5! ,
lot ,t" ( l4 .! : 4 fit"" " I" I 4
t VI '..'' .,l"!t'l,-, I Vt,'M'l .lW-i.t .:t
Hi I- , it f 1.1 H tl -li l !., , I
11 t tl, l 1 I'l ' " 5 ' ' ' ' ' Hi '"-'It r
Itllt I 1
It 1 iHt't I ' ' t W I 1 .! : I '
I'M. I 'li, - v li i . ' --i i ' l '
I ht "" 'ii i " ! 'i I ' t 1
. af li lt if "! it) ii t 0, 4. i .
fit w4 I. . S t it 1 1 t, i r km ,
l-. ' -i t ' t et l, ,. ii . i l i
.t . - I tl l"ti ' i t 'I .-I In if..! , t
tt. .. I.t ! ,.! ' ..,.ft,i
Tariff and Seaar.
OMAHA, May 8. -To the Editor of
The Kee; The writer n0'08 a letter
in The Hce from the pen of Phil Kast
msn on the sugar Industry, and I want
to Indorse every word written by Mr.
Eastman and will add that, with practi
cally no tariff on sugar, w buy today
twelve pounds of sugar for JI, and wttti
republican protection on sugar I bought
twenty-two pounds. How do you Uk
democratic tariff and no money In tha
fnlted (Stales treasury? Must w stamp
the bill of lading and other papers to
keep up fho revenue? The. best time
In the fnlted titates were when we hsd
the highest protection under republican
administration. J. U. BI.ICl--lNa
I'lnlter of Disorder.
HOl'TH mVK, May S.-To the l"1 tir
of Th Bee! Th following secit circular
of "instruction" was sent out to W edi
tors by the Newspaper Kntet prise asao
clutlon of Cleveland, O., on April "Jl:
I ..OCA I, "WAIf IlfNCHK.-) I'OR N. K.
II wnulil be good stroke of "piepiir
dnes" If von would get advance dupe
on what vour community l doing to
proteit voiir railroads, waler works, elec
trie lluht plants, etu., from German agnts
and spees In chpc wsr breaks out, and get
up llluittratlon for tb sain. You could
sprina this done, niaklng a lig woop the
minute hostilities should be declared.
AIko get Interviews, to bold, from voir
msvor, chief of police arid other priml
nint officials on how they will cote wUh
riots, etc. lo nut run this story nnb's
war Is declared, but spring It uitlcklv in
such an event, a It will prove timol
Inasmuch a disorder. It Is fairly safe to
a.-winie, will start alnioat Immediately
nfier such un announci m-nt.
Another good article to run In case war
la declared la an Immnlnte compilation
of atatoments from all your prominent
Germans as to how they slund.
of course, these slorie are fur use only
In the event war Is declared., or some
Ihlnli tike It ensues, otherwise, "let well
enough" nlone Is right. . .
Cleveland, April 21, N, R. A.
The people ought to know shout thl.
JUS foutli Thirty-third Ktreel.
OMAHA, May l.-To the Kditor of Th
Bee: In your issue of Monday morning
I nolle a communication from "A Hea
then," opposing the proposed ordinance
taxing cats. This letter ws evidently
written by one of those "who see, but
do not observe." Passing over hi In
sinuation thst, est only sousll ahout tho
time the rooster crows, the Ico man yll
at the house, the "discordant robin ' twit
ters end the festive newsboy cite hla
morning paper and that, so far a hi
fifty year of "observation" goe, cat
do not eat birds, I want to Py atten
tion to the suggestion he makes thst to
oV-stroy csts would be to rob "poor chil
dren" of their amusement and to sgy that
this Is, tn my mind, the greatest reason
for regulating cat. Any physician whl
tell you that est re one of the moot
prolific, carriers of germs of ll kind.
Their fur I soft end clinging; they, by
choice, keep off the open street so far
a possible; they frequent nsrrow alley
and by-ways; they crawl under shed and
shacks; they visit garbage cans and other
repositories of filth; are readily admitted
to many homes, and arc petted and fon
dled by children regardless of any die
ease th children my have; then go inte
other homes and are taken up by the
children and fondled end kissed with
"all their Imperfections" on their coat,
t have no doubt that If the truth were
known the Isle scarlet fever epldem'o
hero was greatly spread by this mean.
In a similar epidemic In my old town
I wa positively instructed by my family
physician to keep my children away from
all cats, even our own, and all cat
wy from the children. HI advice wa
simply common sense and was appre
ciated and followed,
I am by no mean a cat hater, but
consider children, even If only "whis
tling newsboys," of much greater Impor
tance than cat and am for "safety first'
hi this respect,
I m in sympathy with the Audubon
society on the point of bird protection,
for with nearly a long an experience a
"Heathen" I can confidently answer hi
"do they" by transposing It to "they do."
and I venture thst If he give hla honest
observation he has een oats kill more
birds thsn mice, utiles ihls observation
was confined to the time of night when
mice and not birds were ahroad in the
land, and he wa seeking slumber, not
when cats caterwaul, but when robins,
ce men and newsboy were on their
Job and the "rosy morn stood tip toe on
the mountain tops." A. L, TIMBL1N.
Denial from Maxim.
7 -To ilui Krlllur of The Bee; In view
of the fact thai you published a pag
advertisement by Henry Ford. In which
I was persniially attacked and false accu
sal Inns were made against me. I trust, a
a mutter of Justice and fair play, that
you will allow nie an opportunity of re
plying. Henry V'ord charge that I wrote my.
book, "Defeiisele America," for th
purpose of fostering my munitions busl
nes, and thai "The Bsttle Cry for
Peace." founded on my book, wa
actually a Kiuttltinn selling schem. II
makes tb fullnwing rematlts about "The
Battle Cry of Peace, "
Hate ton teen that awful moving p .
Hue. 'The Hsille i iv ut I'faotif"
I i.l i .,ii ttlisKv wlih tt ti. at ml tn-inl.t
fur .,or ccuilri t ifrtv?
I iid leu know that tnhrts were hak
log l tin saute tune, I, .it Wlttl laiihtwr
at lutir feat, and ttitit lev titer the ft
ctailiac!t iciir frsr taught biln IhrmT
10, Hie ' ttifii lint tt,i rt tuM that lite
lv ws fililili'il ill Hl 'urt nf Itilit-
sen Vntilm' I lefelt.- If m Antt'itca '' 1 tttl
4 He Mttli'l In Hit l I t. He wa
lii.lilii -.nun In ill it ft mi mn In
tl I Ullif I.I ut St fit i e
V . VI' M.ll'tl it M Ictt'i V .t'ClMIt
li. Iits I4!n tu t t'iltc ini l i if t , i l
I t -HAtiK 4 It'll! i' l f"t In llllU
. , II ., I - I til t- !- ' !, I I ' Mil
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i,iii, , '. i in '? I lii it t . ti
1 I i l ,,,! It.'t In K m ti l';l a.
m i ii i i''i..i-t .i t ii ii. ii'ttuiti
I1 ,4 , t l . VI nit .. ... -t i-.l
! ,- d . tt I i t- 1 1 I I'-tl
t. -i l - i ,'",. i,i Cut ; ...r
t.tte t f Vi 1 1 - n
t i . , t-iil it. I
, 1 ' ', :-il 1 1 :I ut.
I" ,11
' It I
..' I'
whatsoever of fcecoftiing financially In
terested !n any munitions corporation.
The book wa written for and st the
request of the publisher.
'Th Battle Cry of Peace" was written
and most et the work done towards It
production before I hsd ever thought of
th Msxlm Munitions corporation or had
ever negotiated with or even met the
person who are mainly responsible for
bringing out that corporation. The
Maxim Munitions corporation was not or
ganized until August 25, HIS, nearly six
month after.
"The Battle Cry of Peace" was written
by J. tttuttrt Blackton, president of the
Vltagraph Company of America, t sent
him a copy of my book, with my com
pliments, and he Immediately conceived
the Idea of the motion picture, "The Bat
tle Cry of Peace." He wrote me. Bonding
me a check, ss an initial payment for
the privilege of plcturlxlng my book or
rounding his play upon my book, "De
fenselei'S America," and sent me a Con
tract to sign, under which I wss to
retelv g certain percentile of tho rroflls
he might make on Hie production. A
little Liter on he settled with me by a
cash payment in lieu of a royalty.
Commodore Blackton Is not Interested
In war munitions, and there was abso
lutely no connection between the produc
tion of that film and th piuiiltlons busi
ness. I grant that It Is possible Hint
Henry Kord may be amceie in hi en
deavor to deeat the armed preparation
of this country glnt war, lie may po
slhly aotually bollev thst If he were to
sueteeri It would Insure Ihe country
against war,
The mere fact that if he should suc
ceed It would absolutely Insure the com
ing war and would bring upon this coun
try a most frightful calamity, does not
Impeach his sincerity, but It most be
grunted also that even tf .ilncere the
result, of such a calamity would be no
Its an evil,
If he brings war up' n us, through his
Innocence gnd ignorance of ihe farts of
history, through his Innocence and Ig
norant' of the law that govern human
nature, through his Innoeenc and lgnor
anc of International relation, he Is Just
much responsible for the dlru results
of his Innocent Ignorance as '.hough it
were not innocent Ignorsnoe.
Mrs, X Is a great stickler for form
and ceremony. I understand.''
"Mercy, ves! Why that woman would
insist on dressing up to entertain an
idea. ""-Boston Transcript.
II had Just been accepted
"Does vour falher know I writ po
etry?'' he asked, anxiously.
"Not yet, dear," she replied. Ive torn
him all about vour drinking and your
gambling debts, but 1 couldn't tell him
everything at once," Life.
"1 have come," said the eld subscriber,
"to complain about your report of my
daughter' wedding."
"Wht was the matter with It? de
mantled th editor.
"Well, her name Is Gratia, but you
printed It 'Gratis.' "
"That's not so bad. She was given
away, wasn't she?" New York Time.
"You sked her father when he w In
a pleasant frame of mind, eh."
"Yea; it cost me g to get his mind in
that slate, hut after It wa accomplished
be was willing to give me the whole
family! "-Louisville Courier-Journal.
ewpop Well, my dear, did the photo,
rapher succeed In mskhig the baby look
pleasant? . , .
Mr. Newpop No; the baby succeeded
In tusking the photographer look un
pleasant. IndlanHpolls News.
Itlchard Burton, in New York Mall,
Women there ar on earth, most sweet
and high,
Who luse their own, and Walk bereft
and lonely, .. .
Loving that one lost heart until they dl,
Loving It only.
And o they never se beside them grow
Children, whoso coming Is like breath
of flowers:
Consoled by subtler loves th angel
Through childless hours.
Good deeds they do; they comfort and
they bless
Jn duties other put off till the mor
row: Their look Is balm, their touch Is tender
ness To all In sorrow.
Betimes the world smiles at them, ss
'twere shame.
This mslden guts, long after youth
departed ;
Rut In God' Book they hear another
"Th faithful-hearted."
Faithful In life, and faithful unlo death.
Htu h souls. In sooth, Illume with luster
Thst glimpsed, glad land wherein, Ihe
vision ealih,
i Kntih's wrongs Mie ended.
Which Do You Prefer?
It is important for reasons of health and
practical economy for every housekeeper
to ask herself this question:
" Do I prefer a pure baking powder like
Royal, made of cream of tartar derived from
grapes, or am I willing to use a baking
powder made of alum or phosphate, both
derived from mineral sources?"
The names of the ingredients printed
on the label show whether the kind you
are now using or any brand, new or old,
that may be offered is genuine cream
of tartar powder, or merely a phosphate
or alum compound.
Royal Baking Powder contains no alum
nor phosphate.
New York
That's the description of the JAP ROSE Bath. The rea
son Is that JAP KOSE represents the greatest skill in
soap-making; the farthest advance in the art of preparing
toilet soap.
Tho wonderful "Sunday Morning Bath"
make one "peculiarly dean"; a cleanliness known and
experienced, by millions of people who prefer it above
all oihoM. Try it tonight; know for yourself. 10c. at
leading Grocers and Uruisls.
Use but little-It'$ all lather
Feud ynur nm on p.ul for a lihi sample Ft?
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Snu .UtNhf fVmu
pii'i lJ f Hi tt " ' U '
.it rwM 4 tb k 1 httiists.
( taetnt 4tt Iwit
' f '! !'. I lMlill
. tl - .in. ... 1 ! a
. . t.t ,1 f e.
I i , , ' . ,1 i, L ' A, ,
j . i ; ' ' hv .;,.
I ', -- . ... " i',. . -,t, ... ".A.; '
Most Modrrn vr., C tntury Biewerv In the Wcit.
Family Tr.i iurpik4 bv VM, J KIT K II, Dutrtbulor.
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